Sibhat Nega: Israel Backed Hawzen Massacre (Video)


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17 Responses

  1. Gashaw says:

    It’s almost 30 years & they still talk about Dergue. Just in 2010 ETHIOPIAN airlines Flight 409 crashed into Mediteranean Sea killing all 90 people on board. A possible sabotage by One of the middle-eastern countries was well documented & yet the Ethiopian government kept silent. Take action on what’s current than talk about history and play blame game. Don’t play neat as You you’ve done your part.

    • derebew says:

      Why do you think it is wrong to talk about the massacre of 3000 people by the Derge? It is not a blame game it is about documenting and remembering the inhumane atrocities commited by the Derge. If you are a decendant or a member of the Derge I am sure you will feel, the lives of the 3000 people slaughterd is not worth mentioning. Otherwise you wouldn’t have taken the trouble to compare apples and oranges. How could you compare the EAL accident with the deliberate massacre of the thousands of Ethiopians?
      It is a duty of mindful Ethiopians to keep the memory of the atrocities regardless of wether it is 30 years or more than 70 years committed by the Derge or the Fascist Italy respectively. I have never heard or seen stupid comment like yours.
      When Ethiopians celebrate remembrance day, which is a crime committed by the Fascist Italy more than 70 years ago you think a massacre of 3000 people 30 years ago should be forgotten?
      Why then don’t you forget the mascara of Ethiopians by the fascist Italy because it is a more remote history? What is good for the Gander is good for the goose. Is it not?

  2. Be ewnetu says:

    They talk about buried dergue regime. The don’t want to mention about aider children the exist regime of Eritrea .both of them they speak Bademe is belongs to Eritrea , and underestimated the Axum kingdom, at this time they have good position by removing the real Ethiopians/Tigreans from TPLF offices for long time. by bring Eri-blood or wife the high position of the GVT. like Prsi. Girma. PM Hailemariam…… so they aren’t stand for Ethiopiian. interest, but it’s this kind of tricky politics will not make friendiship. they make foolish them selves.

  3. Proud of Tigray says:

    It is sad to see the TPLF leadership still discussing and wasting their time on the horrible regime of Mengistu. Millions of Ethiopian of all walks of life and NOT only TPLF fought that regime.

    The worst aspect of the last 23 years of TPLF rule is that they do NOT seem to have learned anything from the dergue. They are committing the same horrible crime against innocent Ethiopians, the prisons are filled with journalist and political prisoners, corruption is out of control, starvation is just around the corner, they have made our country landlocked, divided into ethnic reservations, etc. TPLF rule will certainly go down in history as one of the worst times of Ethiopian history. The brave sons and daughters of Tigray who paid the ultimate price with their life did not do so to see the current TPLF leaders become billionaires while the average person Tigray has not seen his life improve in the past 23 years. The hardcore Eritrean nationalist such as Sebhat Nega, Bereket Simon, Meles Zenawi, etc…. Have done horrible damage to the people of Tigray.

  4. visitor says:

    Blacks are ignorant and stupid. The enemy is outsmarting and destroying them for centuries including making them fight against each other for its benefit from both sides. Weather Israel is with Eritrea against Ethiopia or vice versa, it is not a true or genuine approach but 100% her own agenda against one of them or both. We know what Israel did against Ethiopia between 1974-1991 and the Jewish communities from NY, Washington, London and elsewhere that are controlling the world in all directions and forms including in the name of media, Charities, NGO, aid, right groups and so on.

    Back then Egypt, Sudan and other Arabs were their best friends when it comes against Ethiopia. Today ISIS, Al Qaida and other Islamic terrorist groups are supported by them and their best friend USA run by….
    Saudi, UAE, Jordan and others are closely working with Israel against other Arab nations including Syria. Hamas was created by Israel against PLO knowing it was getting strong to challenge Israel and must be weaken not eliminated making them fight against each other despite both of them were/are victims for the same reason.

  5. Tatek says:

    Boy, various contradictory stories surfaced about who did what in relation to that horrific massacre in our nation’s history. One was that Colonel Zenawi sent an emissary to the Degue Military Command in the area claiming that TPLF Central Committee figures would be staging a public meeting at the scene of the incident and the Dergue Air Force responded with a massive Air raid. Zenawi filmed the inferno and sent it to the International Community to successfully buy a desperately needed sympathy and support to the TPLF cause. Mr Zenawi denied this in the National Assembly saying,” we wouldn’t do this as we knew that we would die the next day the people of Tigray perished”. I frankly have no clue as to why this is surfacing now, but it seems to me it is more than painful to the families and relatives of those who perished to bring this up now. Israel has been both a close friend and a hectoring adversary of Ethiopia depending on the Foreign policy flavor of the moment, but the fact that the TPLF had been sleeping nonstop with Tel Aviv’s adversaries like Egypt, Katar, Sudan and Saudi Arabia might have forced the Israelis to lend a technical hand to the Dergue at the time. We all know that issues of longer term national importance have never been in the DNA of TPLF politicians, including old guard Sebhat Nega’s, and the party’s touchstone has been the short term dispensing of political patronage. This obviously runs counter the history of Israel to which National Security and nothing else really matters—as theirs is surely about a politics of existence. If bringing this up at this moment of commemorating the history of the TPLF and attempting to deflect blame is a well calculated gambit on the part of TPLF officials to avoid a possible jail for war crimes in relation to that massacre, blaming this on Israel might only help uncover a much needed evidence to prosecute them—the exact opposite of the intended outcome.
    Israel understands the TPLF lack leaders who were battle tested, possess nerves of steel and an indomitable will to win the hearts and minds of Ethiopians, not to mention a solid political base; and if Addis Ababa wanted to play a hard ball, Tel Aviv would be more than excited and capable of reciprocating the gesture by doing a very painful harm that the former would never forget forever.

  6. mizzer says:

    Aboy sebehat , amlak besetewo Keri edemey nisiha gebto tezegajeto endemetebek ahunim dibibikosh lay newot? Wey enga abeshoch eko sinibal egzio awetan malet bicha new.

  7. Shiromeda says:

    the most stupid and arrogant politician like Shibaht never sell any PR about the national interest and stability.. He is doing more damage on unity and Ethiopiansim in every moment he stages on than any politician from all corners of the country

  8. Edom says:

    Gash Sebeha Nega wushet beka!!!!

  9. Shiromeda says:

    I do not understand why a non political appointee person can talk uncensored about highly political polarizing statement which makes the country stability and integrity fragile. He always deliver this kind of statement freely at any big or small gathering or media outlets and nobody asked him.. The government sometimes is so serious and cruel to some of harmless bloggers while a person like Sebhat is sitting in their inner circle and make more damage. Before your clean your bedroom , you do not take the broom to your neighbor house.

  10. selam says:

    Sebhat nega is accusing the jews to cover him and his family from the horrific massacre

  11. mohammed says:

    what ever happen in the past the goverment in time is responsible for any thing that happened.from the 60 minsteras all in all until the last day.

    “An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.
    we not here which comes first the chicken or the egg.

    agerew menyilale?.. yabat eda leleji yebal neber dro bayat eda gebahu enema zendero
    yehe generation kefay lihone aychelem full stop!!!

    when you count if it was possible i could have count 1 then 3
    but mengestu has done a lots of damage that will never be replaced.

    today people who bring stabelity to the country we gone judge them for
    what happened in he past.

    if i will point my finger for what happened i will start from outside the country
    not inside ethiopia we all victum of our survival as a nation against the invaderes.

    if any one ask them yalzegachut hisab edetzegu enfelegalen yemilachew
    kale,specialy ke wech.

    me as an ethiopia i will reply leave these people alone yalcheresut ale
    meseretu ena gedegedaw alkual tarawe lay nachew give us a break.

    yalewen lemachenagef emaygelebetut dengye yelem.

    for every one sin every one responsible
    if he goes to hell or heaven.

    we have seen it what it means young in our country in
    those days are gone for good.“

    Peace is the only battle worth waging.we are doing that!

    for the opposition i love to see a bright opposition even ginbot 7
    if they can be one of the candidat.

    but one thing they must do is:—
    if they are not seeking to satisfy their thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred.then they can be!

    i do not know.


  12. Senay Kesete says:

    Awramba TImes please try to include some clarity in the video you post, we can barely hear Ato Sibhat Nega speak in the video.

  13. Gebre says:

    How come a gunship helicopters which their design allows them to look things very closely would come now and then for eight rounds to bomb innocent civilians and people gathered for exchanging goods in which it’s a market day.
    Ethiopian pilots were very well known that not in gunship helicopter even when they’re flying with the fighter jets, they known what type of group is there on the ground and when they know that the gathering or some kind of collected individuals, they changed their route and trash the bombs in non-inhabited areas and return to their base.
    Therefore, when it comes about this issue, how could this happen? unless there’s a cooperation between TPLF and Insiders of the Dergue. It should be well documented and investigated for a record so that anyone can learn out of it.

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