EBC Police Program Reveals New footage on Andargachew Tsege


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44 Responses

  1. Limatawi Artist says:

    Be kutitirh sir yalen sew le endezi aynetu werada propoganda metekem berasu woyane min yahil ye zekete ena yegema sirat mehonun yasayal

    • jo says:

      @L artist
      Aree bakih, tenagreh motehal. Yemezket melekiah yh new weis tenadeh?

      • fendata says:

        limatawi artist yemigeremewe neger weyane belehe metenekewe eje weset newe yalewe!!!yetenake…….. yasregezale ayedelem mibalewe.antem endaregezeg gebetonal lol

      • Tesfalehulum says:

        The video is embarrassingly edited, with a lot of cut and paste, by 5th grade mafia Weyane operatives. In many segments of the clip , his mouth movement never matches the audio.
        It shows the absolute failure of the regime to extract any information from him.
        The big picture the regime missed is, Andrgachew inspire many by his sacrifice!!!

        God bless Ethiopia!

        • Solomon says:

          Tesfyelew,You are Banda shabia prastiute .
          Just like your Banda hero stupid Minlke who sold Tigray land Ethiopian now Ertirea .
          Do you have even a sister .banda tesfalalew why do you call a laid (Baza)prastiute .I think you grow up around prastiute .
          Banda Tesflhulem I think you grow up with out a father..

          • Beza says:

            Solomon, I think this Limatawi Ar is that Tesfabis Shimagle EPRP. HE SMELLS LIKE IT. SO LOW PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS LOW. HE IS THE ONE WHO IS COMMENTING ON ESAT by the name of TESFA BEKELE negn keVirginia. He is in nursing home.

      • Limatawi Artist says:

        Anten yemiyanagrih yemitlekmew firfari endaykerbih new. Woyane gin yegema ena yebesebese anti ethiopia sirat lemehonu ante hodamum satiker tawkewaleh. Aagases

        Ene be nesanet new yemaweraw ante gin le hodih tegezteh new. Maferia. Wededkim telahim woyane ye bekete ye asame sibsib new

        • Beza says:

          Limatawi ar. What you guys don’t understand is the strength of this government. Thanks to EPRDF they have shown us that a person like this guy, who was preaching hate day and night, blubbering and spit dirt from his mouth. They make him behave, next will be Birhanu to be jailed like the gambians who were plotting coup in the country by thinking that they will be saved by USA. US HAS A LAW.

          • Tesfalehulum says:

            Beza (Hagos),
            You scribble nonsense defending the indefensible…does the mafia weyane knows law??….kkkkk….what a moron…you’re mentaly and physically corrupted weyane’s prostitute.

          • Limatawi Artist says:

            Kizenam degmo beza honesh metash. Asadagi yebedelesh medede anchi set sathogni setna wond huletunim nesh. Firfari sisetish wond firfari setafa degmo le shikela set yemthogni ye mekele shermuta nesh

          • Shimels says:

            limatawi yalewn ewnet lalemenager enkilf atiteh new mtadrew ahun ante lmatawi neh gmatawi .ante yebeketk

        • Beza says:

          Ante Balege yebalege mecheresha gondere. Bemejemeria fara alergic new beene eyita . Kesidbih endeteredahutm Tifram ena Fara neh. Agelaletsih hulu lemenagru bikefegnim Aram neh. Endante aynet Zebegna neberen Mola yemibal. Yantew Ager sew new yeGonder. Lik endantew yeTigre tilacha neberew. Lantem yemisetih Mikir Tilachawin bemetew endesew Asib. Betam yeMigermih Neger gin YeMola keld/YEZEBEGNACHIN keld/ Des bilegnim Yetigre tilachawn alwediletim neber. Considering that in mind I prefer Tigres than Gonderes. Because they are well behaved and men of their words. Look what Meles did putting Dam on Abay. For now this is enough for you Kita Ras. But I want to make clear that I am not Tigre if you think that way. But I agree with their policy to lift up the country. As a matter of fact they are not the only ones leading the country. Ethiopians are leading the country including the real Ethiopian GONDERES not like you. Change your name to other appropriate name, Limatawi doesn’t fit for your profile.

          • Tesfalehulum says:


            Ewwwww…..you stink the forum…..what a dirty little creature you’re…..kkkk….you are a typical example of how filty and low TPLF mercinaries and sympathizers are.

  2. Zellalem says:

    The wana be so called Ethiopian terrorists including those in the name of opposition (Semayawi party) are the Anglo-American projects against own country. The Islamic terrorists including IS and al Qaida were also the Anglo-American projects in order to use them against the Islamic and none Islamic third world nations. The antagonism between them started when the western created terrorists started to attack the creators where 9/11 is one of the many. Currently only 3% Egyptians approves USA and Egypt relation.

    Since last week there will be no any religion or none religion activity allowed in Egypt related to Israel including by its own embassy. Things are getting nasty everyday while they are targeting other nations like in eastern Europe and Africa where Ethiopia is their main target knowing she is getting useful and good nations as friends and allies including China, Russia, Japan, Korea, hoping soon Germany if the Ethiopian government is doing the smart and brave job thinking for long term result, Italy, France with limitation knowing who is controlling France’s politics, media, wealth and so on,

    England is in Africa in the name of Common wealth that is working only for her. France is also in Africa in eth name of Francophone. Germany has nobody in Africa as Ethiopia is also the only African nation is not part of any group beyond Africa including the Arab leagues. For these and other many reasons Ethiopia and Germany need to come closer and work together for common benefit. Ethiopia is 3 times bigger than Germany. Germany has technology and will while Ethiopia has resources, skill as well as cheap labor and market as far as many nations in Africa knowing Ethiopia has very good relation with all African nations. The Ethiopian government must give a special priority in order to create a win win long term relation with Germany and Russia, too. This is the best Economics, politics as well as social strategy need to be done without delay.

    Sadam Hussien, Mubarak, Bashir of Syria, Saleh of Yemen and lately Gadaffi of Libya were the western puppets and servants against own people. Yet, they crated al Qaida against communism, IS and other Islamic radicals against the Arab puppets they created and used them for decades.

    When the situation changed, they switched with in a day and started to dance around with the Muslim Brotherhood including in Egypt that was created by the English colonizer in Egypt in 1928 against the secular Egyptian King and people in order England to continue colonizing Egypt.

    It is a very sophisticated, well studied, planned and executed evil activities going on for centuries by the Anglo-American/Jewish projects. what is happening in Ethiopia since the Atse Theodros Era is maneuvered by these people and still is continuing using many names, forms and activities where aid, aid agencies, NGO, right groups are, Media, democracy and so on are the best tools to fulfill their evil plan and agenda in other countries. Our weaknesses, stupidity and ignorance are the best things they always like to see them like oceans all over the country. They are using poverty, diseases, education, democracy and in general our weaknesses to come in for their own agenda implementing against the poor, weak and ignorant people have no idea about the evil nature of these people and why they are there for real.

    The reason why Ethiopian terrorists are exposing their backers and regretting for their action when they caught is because of they know their evil and racist creators and backers are doing all these to hurt every Ethiopian including them. Look how they are living the so called journalists that are running to the English empire, Soros, Rockefeller and other evils headquarter which is Kenya.

    They are paying them money through so called NGOs, Aid agencies, Tourists, Journalists and the likes in exchange they have to create chaos and destruction in the country in the name of democracy, human right, election and whatever reason. Zone 9 which is the Addis Ababa branch cheap terrorists are part of the Soros agenda where the command centre is in Kenya. Semayawi and other so called opposition parties and some so called scholars, students and the likes are part of it, too.

    Remember: Israel created Hamas, England created Muslim brotherhood, USA and its allies created all Islamic terrorists including al Qaida, IS and so on. In Ethiopia they have tried to create different typed of terrorists with different names. They are still trying and we know that. According to their work, 8 Kilil regions are having 1-8 zones where Addis Ababa is zone 9 and Dire Dawa could be 10. So called Zone 9 is not just a zone with the number but part of the nationwide plan they are conducting from the command centre in Kenya and financial resources, agenda and all supports from NY, Washington and London.

    What the running stupid so called journalists don’t understand is that the Soros criminal agenda in Ethiopia will not even notice them when its plan is achieved or they exposed. When they know the agents against are not in the middle of the terrorist plot against own country, they will drop them immediately like depreciated and valueless goods. That is why those running to kenia so called journalists and oppositions thinking the promise given to them from the start will be there when they face difficulties are ended up in destitution, hopelessness and particularly their entire life as normal and productive human being is getting over.

    Ethiopians no matter who they are, they must not destroy their own life and future cheated by the Anglo-American/Ashkenazi Jewish agenda in Ethiopia for their own benefit at the limitless loss of all Ethiopians. Look Syria, Libya and so on. Who is behind all these? Who is the victim now? There are evil individuals and groups would love to see Ethiopia that way and we know they are working for that but they will never succeed knowing we are always the children of Adwa and the brother and sister of Belay Zelleke relaying on ourselves being full of confidence, brave and smart in today’s world.

    If it is about democracy, election, Human right including eth right of females and minorities and so on, how are those things look like in countries that are the USA, England and lately Israel best friends and allies including in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and so on? It is not about anything that benefits the people but their own agenda we are witnessing in Syria, Libya, Yemen and so on. So, never ever believe, trust, relay or allow them in our own country as they are doing the same thing in their own.

    If they want to have good relation with Ethiopia, they must stop interfering in the country matters and doing the bad and damaging things against the people including trying to impose their inhuman values and norms. When we go to their country, they are demanding us to be like them including learning their language. But they are coming to our country to impose their values and norms on us with aim destroying ours that are our identities and values making us as humans with own Ethiopian/African values and creations. Poverty, weaknesses, ignorance and trusting them are the best tools making them to do and behave the way we are facing them for years now.

  3. Lula says:

    He is true Ethiopian HERO.

    • Beza says:

      Do you know the difference between hero and coward. For me Andargachew is a coward. I came to this decision after I saw the video what he will do on Meles Corps. He said he will throw it on the street of Addis. This guy is coward like Mengistu. He will do that if he got a chance.

      • Ermi says:

        Meles’ corps is poisoning the soil , it should be thrown at shabia or at Asmera streets. Too poisonous for Ethiopian soil.

        Peace to all but woyanes!


        • Kebede says:

          Act like a human being…forget the dead body of PM Meles ,you wouldn’t even have the chance to get close to his grave…He was the most respected person of the generation…You guys always have big mouth withou doing a single thing in the ground …Long Live EPRDF….

          • Limatawi Artist says:

            Goitom ende Kebede

            Ato Kebede ( Goitom)

            Your respected Meles was a mother fucker. He never stood for Ethiopians fundamental interest. He gave assab to shabia and told to Eritreans this is your future gold mine,,,, who will forget this except hodams who has no clue what mother land mean.
            Meles was gim asama anti Ethiopia. It is a matter of time soon we will take out his body from the grave and give it to hyena

          • Beza says:

            Kebede, Kenezih yederg rizirazsoch min yitebekal. They are animals who kill defenseless and drug their corps on the ground like they did to General Demisie Bulto. The terrorists like Alshabab and alike did to the American and Ethiopian soldiers on the street of Mogadishu. These are cowards act. I have never seen EPRDF doing this coward act. But thanks god they are living in their dream laying on their nursing home bed. Tesfa yelelew eko Tesfa Bekele negn kevirginia eyale yemichohew shimagle eko new. Kaakaakaa

        • mamush says:

          My buddy Beza is right in her conclusion to differentiate between hero and coward. But you are coward .
          Man has to defend peace because God created to live in peace. In fact, struggle tactics and conception of heroism change overtime with situations and with the level of man’s understanding of the world.
          For instance, in olden days when there were no modern weapons, it was a heroic deed if one killed big animals like lion, tiger, rhino, and other furious animals and it was heroic accomplishment to protect women and children from the attack of dangerous animals. Their society also recognized them as heroes of their time. These days due to the availability of various types of modern weapons, killing wild animals doesn’t reward a hero title.
          These days, heroism is attained through education, research and intellectuality. Heroism is cultured manner, it is judged against civilization-civilization that liberates one’s own citizens from backwardness, poverty, disease, illiteracy etc. The hero is a one who would be able to lay a ground for social transformation and better life of a given society, a one who would be able to preserve assets and capital accumulated privately and jointly to contribute to the common good of society. Such a hero needs to be free. Wealth, knowledge, and wisdom together would safeguard freedom. True freedom emancipates the people from poverty, illiteracy, disease and all sorts of backwardness and from any kind of subjugation. A person who fights against all these evils is not only a hero of specific society but also a hero of the whole world. Cherishing one’s faith through freedom is also correct, valid and legitimate right of human being.

        • Beza says:

          Ermi, the Shabbyan Meles’ is one in a billion like, you can not find genius person in a millennium. He was a gift for Ethiopia. His legacy will remain in Ethiopia. His name will be attached with the name of River Abay. You will not eradicate Abay from Ethiopia n’s mind. Meles name will be mentioned by most Ethiopians excluding the Shabiyas like you and Tesfa yelelew Shimagle EPRP. KITA RAS Shabia.

          • Solomon says:

            Beza ,you are the best Banda Tesflhulem scare of you .
            Banda Tesflhulem grew up with out a father (sidde baglege).
            Beze keep going ,you should know when they can’t wine the argument they go to valfing and personal attack .
            They are Banda minlk Children what do you expect from Banda Esat and Banda manlike children .
            Banda Minlke who sold Tigray land Ethiopian now Ertirea to Italian and Djibouti to French .

  4. Ethiotimes says:

    This seems to be an invitation for Birhanu Nega. Mr. Nega, do not miss this one time chance – join your comrade in Addis!

    Let me summarise the main advantages for you

    1. The delicious original Guruage meal – for free!

    Oh… are you reading further? thought this would be a reason enough for you.
    Anyway, here the other advantages

    2. Walking around under the magical Ethiopian skies – priceless

    3. Good company – bye bye loneliness, hello happiness…

    4. Peace of mind – priceless, if you haven’t already lost the first

    Bonus: reduced health risk habits like alcohol drinking.

    Deal… ?

  5. Solomon says:

    Adargachw is calling the shengo leaders and shabia telalak Banda G7 Brhunu nega dedabe (stupid).
    Is call himself dedebe Banda after all he was working for shabia interest and we know Shabia interest is destroyed Ethiopian and very weak and unstable Ethiopian .
    When I say this ,i didnot like even wayan working with shabia ever 30 -40 years a go.

    • Beza says:

      Solomon you r right that’s why he changed his name to Limatawi Ar. I will get him where ever he goes yihe Tinbansa Shimagle EPRP.

  6. Obsaa says:

    Yih hulu were lalememot kehone mejemiriyawunu lemin letigil weta???Eske zare teyizo lealamawu betsinat qomo yemote amahara yelem. KeneBekele Gerbaa lib megizat neberebet.Tultulla!!!

    • dawit says:

      To Brother Obsaa and the rest of you, who are paid to write insult. We know this is your profession , since you don’t have any other qualification. You know this and everybody knows this.

      Everybody knows he is under torture when he said this.
      If he was afraid of death, he would be enjoying life with his family in London. Everybody knows this. You also know this.
      We pity people like you, who don’t have mind. You live for your belly.
      Do you still think you can divide Oromo and Amhara by praising Bekele Gerba and insulting Amhara. How much do they pay you for writing an insult?. Insulting Opposition, insulting Andargachew etc. 50 cents per line of insult?
      Everybody knows about this.
      Finally, I want to tell you what you already know:
      Berkele Gerba yegna, Andy yegna, Abraham Desta yegna, Merera yegna, Semayawi yegna, TPDM yegna, Andinet, Medrek, , Hulum yegna.

      Death to the Hodams,
      Death to those who write an insult for 50 cents.

      • Beza says:

        Dawit, endezihu yegna eyalk genzeb eyesebesebk nur. Ethiopia has buried your kind of yetimket zefagn. Tesfa bisna endante aynetochu edme likachihun 3 and 4 honachihu selamawiself mewtat new. What happened to the demonstration at the embassy of Ethiopia on 8th December has shown us the intolerance of the US government when the fire distinguished was sprayed to you when you’re trying to burn the constitution of Ethiopia. If it was not for MESFIN BEZU YouTube video, you would have been silent. Thanks for him we saw the video. Your shameless so called struggle will be mate by true Ethiopians. You were scared of the video when you were demonstrating there. We saw all of u SHIMAGLES spitting your dirty words. That’s all you can do. Wurgatoch.

        • dawit says:

          How much did they pay you for this piece of insult?
          Is it 50 cents per sentence?
          Since writing an insult is your bread and butter, you better do it with care. Your insult has so many mistakes.

          Beterefe, ahunim , TPDM yegna, Ginbot 7 yegna, EPPF yegna,
          Arena yegna, andinet yegna, hulum yegna!
          TPLF represents no one, except few kehadi weyanes and Hodam, Sedbo Ader like Beza and Obsaa.

          • Beza says:

            I was trying to tell you in polite way without insulting you. I am not that low but what I am telling u guys are expired. You are too old for my time. Yegna yegna eyalk mezfen gin genzeb lemaggnet slemiredah yemalet mebtih yetetebeke new. All I said was fire distinguisher was sprayed on you because of your misbehaving. The police will not tolerate any more. We will what’s gonna happen next time. I have enough money which I saved from you guys I have bought bond on Abay. So I don’t need money to say my mind.

          • Beza says:

            Dawit, I was trying to tell you in polite way without insulting you. I am not that low but what I am telling u guys are expired. You are too old for my time. Yegna yegna eyalk mezfen gin genzeb lemaggnet slemiredah yemalet mebtih yetetebeke new. All I said was fire distinguisher was sprayed on you because of your misbehaving. The police will not tolerate any more. We will what’s gonna happen next time. I have enough money which I saved from you guys I have bought bond on Abay. So I don’t need money to say my mind.

      • Beza says:

        Dear Dawit, I thank you for correcting me on the mistake I made. But, I also encourage you to correct the person on the demonstration in front of our Ethiopian Embassy in dc. The guy with the slogan “don’t intermediate politicians”. But, why you are repeating the word “this”? I counted 10 times the word “this”. What’s wrong with u Mr. Perfect? A person like you, should be the last creature to criticize the writing of others.

        By the way, I am not writing with spelling cow of the computer. Needless, to explain my educational background ground but, I will tell you that, I am not yeAbugida shifta like you. Yegna eyalk kezefenk beki new.

        • da says:

          Dear Sedbo Ader Beza,
          It doesn’t matter if we make mistakes, since it isn’t our ” Enjera”
          But for you, it is different.
          You are paid per sentence of insult.
          I wrote my advice, so that you won’t lose your insulting job.

          • Beza says:

            Dawit, da, kasu and lula these all names are yours. At least, I have some body to hire me for writing insults but u are learning your English by writing from your parking lot attendant job.

            That’s why I am telling you guys to stop your battle which you can’t win. Because, your job should be parking attendant and counting money for your masters not as a politician to lead a country. If you really want power go and fight like them instead of FUKERA and SHILELA on ESAT RADIO. BY THE WAY, THOSE BUMS in Washington, who tried to harass Honorable Redwan Hussien are on trial. The commonwealth of Virginia State is suing them not Redwan Hussien. You do crime you pay the time. I am sure you heard about it but you Don’t want to mention. Get good lawyer after he serve the prison time he might be deported his place, Gonder.

  7. Kassahun says:

    It is not difficult to take a human being keep him in isolation, starve him, deny him daylight and sleep and pump him with chemicals to make him confess to any and all crime. Cowards do that because they miscalculate the intelligence of the rest of us

  8. kasu says:

    yeh e hulu kids watch eyaregu new weyese k 5 sat buhala new yetayew,
    mastenkekia yelewm ende ere ljochu mabedachew new,

  9. zegabiw says:

    this is just fake first of if you interview him with out any white back ground like any normal studio you can interview him ,the sound is the first part dubbing new asmeselo yetekeda sew new.

    second its his speach but its not fully what he is trying to say,
    he is in terrore he is not comfurtable at all.

    this days if you interview some one by mobile its so clear than this even in a so dark place it will look perfect,

    if some one is on air from america the interval time between his speach and his mouth vibration thats even not that big.gap.

    with in one meter his action and the voice so big gap.

    all in all i gave you for your try 5 out of ten.not realy perfect i could have done it better.

    ingeneral that was not his speach.

    • dawit says:

      To; Sedbo Ader Axumite, Sedbo Ader Beza , Sedbo Ader Obsaa, Sedbo Ader Jo and the rest,
      I pity you; l am really sorry to see people like you, writing insult and lie to earn some coins.
      Everybody knows you are doing this to fill your belly.
      Nobody takes you seriously; it only shows how desperate and how low this government has gone.
      Your insult and your divide and rule tactics have been known very long time ago.
      The few TPLF Mafias do not represent anyone.
      We Ethiopians are one now.
      My Sedbo Ader country men, the TPLF Mafia have stolen enough to run and live somewhere in case of emergency( at least, this what they think); but you Sedbo Aderoch, you cannot escape, and the people know you.
      I am sure, you will cry ” leenjera biye ” ; but it would be too late.
      Long live our hero’s, Andy, Eskindir, Abraha, Andualem, Reeyot , Habtamu, yesemayawi lijoch, yeandinet lijoch, etc.
      My admiration to yetekeberu Asegde.

  10. axumawit says:

    We all are not AndargachewTsege.Why?Because:
    A.True leaders don`t ridicule other comrades under any circumstances.
    B.True leaders don`t degrade today`s youth as dollar chasers or unpatriotic.
    C.True leaders won`t be filled with fear,hopelessness,regrate and try to cover with arrogance or self aggrandizing.
    D.True leaders don`t criticize others for lack of transparency,while their failure is caused by it.
    Andy did not need go all through what we saw in the video to trash every person and party.Andy didn`t need to remind us the fight for democracy stops the day he was thrown to Kality.The only what we learned is all leaders don`t act the same during normal time and when things get rough.

  11. paulos anebo says:

    woyane besebso lemote medaresun yemysaye video enji ande glesben ketyaza behuala le mayreba ena yehizbun amelelkakte lemkyre yetakde yedkem video nw. ke telelyaye videoche laye beswure camera yetkdea ers bersu yemaygnagne negeger woyane gira sigbawu yazegajwu ento fento propoganda nw.
    seratu men yahele ferhate endadaerbte yemysaye enji menem yemaytkem telkasha vdieo mengist negen kemil and derjit yemaytbke tera ziggte nw
    woyanoche selachachun wordule yehen hizeb 24 amet mulu bezergnte ena ena bematalele enanete ena yenante agafariwoch agearchwun be hodachwu yeshetu agar derjte teblewu yetkmetu kehadiwoche nge betarik yemityku derjothce hun belachwu akakumacheu 80,000,000 hizbe laye kumar techawoctacheu. hizbu yemiblawuna ena yemiserawu ato gera begbawu seate enante gen mengist dehnten terte eyaderg nw telalachwu. woregnoche, woshetamoche ,leboce nacheu. leke endemeriachwu nefusn aymarewuna. agerituan korarso hizbuna zergnte astmero hede leba.
    lemangnawu ye ethiopia hizeb beahun seate leke meriachwo end mote enantenmem fertari endiketachwu teslot yezulae.

  12. mamusha says:

    Mot le weyane ena ginbot 7!

  13. dawit says:

    Dear Sedbo Ader Beza,
    Please insult us correctly, since it is your ” Enjera”.
    I didn’t want to correct you; but you are making the same mistake repeatedly.
    It is ” Fire Extinguisher”.
    You are writing ” Fire distinguisher”.
    So, Please correct your insult; so that they don’t fire you from your insulting job.

  14. Haylay says:

    I Love you guys keep your hard work don’t Listen those who don’t have respect.

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