Diretube Announces Winners in 11 Distinguished Categories for 2006 E.C Diretube Awards


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7 Responses

  1. Hailu says:

    Nice choice especially Aster deserve

  2. Tazabi says:

    Without Teddy Afro,your credibility is in question mark.

  3. hagos says:

    about the dead ghost and evil man meles zenawi?

  4. Gebez says:

    Diretube is too little to give Awards to Mulatu Astatke!! ወይ ድፍረት!! እንተደልዮም ነቶም ጨማጭም ይሃቡዎም:: ክቡር ኣርቲስት ኣቶ ሙላቱ ኣስታጥቄ ሌላ ሽልማት ነው የሚመጥናቸው:: ድሬዎች ኣልቸኮሉም?

  5. Zellalem says:

    Each one of them deserves recognition and awards for their efforts and contribution. We wish them success and better job in 2007 fully committing with their jobs in the Ethiopian ways which is free from the influence of the evil western inhuman and damaging ideas, values, norms and so on they are trying to impose on us with aim to destroy ours that would lead to destroy Ethiopianism and Ethiopia itself in a way they (Anglo-American Ashkenazi Jewish agenda) could be full fill their secret agenda when they own/occupy the top/roof of Africa which is Ethiopia.

    The Ethiopian Medias are amateurs need to learn lots and do the media and journalism works accordingly using pure and clean language free from the evil English language poison. They must teach and cover stories in the Ethiopian ways that makes the citizens proud and love themselves rather than poisoning the country with none Ethiopian, African or black people anything particularly coming and orchestrated by the Anglo-American Ashkenazi Jewish secret agenda in Ethiopia.

    The racists and hateful greedy Anglo-American Ashkenazi Jewish run evil Medias, criminal journalists and anything related to these evil groups must be stopped in Ethiopia by Ethiopians including with the front participation of the Ethiopian Medias and journalists.

    If not, there is no need to have them for any reason. The society must be clean, clear, free and protected from racist and brutal foreign enemies that are coming in the country with many shapes and forms as we see them particularly from little England and USA where the Ashkenazi Jewish are the master minders and biggest portion of participants against Ethiopia for years including being in all English criminal medias such as BBC, Guardian, Reuters, FT and so on.

  6. Tafese says:

    Is Nestanet representing Aster Awoqe or she among the distinguised winners?

  7. Shiromeda says:

    pictures and the names list of award winning does not match. Not only quantity also quality

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