Heineken Inaugurates New Brewery Plant in Ethiopia


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9 Responses

  1. Zellalem says:

    Is this for export? If yes, this is the best idea knowing neighboring nations like the two Sudanese, Somalia, Djibouti, Yemen, Saudi and as far as other Gulf nations to India and so on that are not allowing to have alcohol factories but like to drink it going to be the best markets for many years to come because the changes there are eminent and on the making.
    Ethiopia is the best place including for beer production knowing the country has all ingredients where water and barely are in abandoned along side with cheap energy, nice weather, best location and labor force.

    Are they buying domestic raw materials including barley and so on? If yes, it is the best.
    Are they paying the right price for the huge amount of water they are using, barely, energy, labor force, and so on? If it is yes, then it has to be the best investment for the Ethiopian side.

    Or are they there for different reasons and activities? Then…… I’m speechless

    • Tesfalehulum says:

      Weyane Keeps breeding alcoholic generation. Beer factories are built in faster pace than anything.

      The people need more beer ¡¡¡¡…….kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  2. Ayele says:

    The Azmari part is very good nice wow. Gin gin min ale enezih westoch leruk gize yemitekim neger biseru, leruk gize egnan yemigoda yilik? Mechem ayitewun, demo bezih metubin.

  3. Ayele says:

    Oh, nice video cut too.Good work.

  4. ethiio says:

    Beer is exactly what we need. Millions of people are dying NOT drinking beer!

  5. Asmamaw says:

    Dawit,thank you very much,I liked it very much.keep up the good work.

  6. mengesha baye says:

    I’m very proud of our investment policy it leads us to development.

  7. yohannes weldetsadik says:

    wow the proud of ethiopia

  8. Birara says:

    I’m very proud of our investment policy it leads us to development. Heineken is the 3rd world global Beer FM CG company in the world. please Go for ward to show Ethiopia is comfortable to investment.
    thank you
    Birara Hunyalew Yazie

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