Interesting Discussion Between Yared Tibebu and Assefa Chabo (Video)


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11 Responses

  1. Dany says:

    Very Interesting !
    Ato Assefa could share us a lot of things we do not know . Please let him share his perspective about Ethiopian revolution and the current situation .
    I look forward to see him in another round .
    Let us respect and learn from our elders ! I expect a book from him .
    Thank you !

  2. ronzalin says:

    Asafa Chabo is an opportunist man that wants to seem all neftenyas including woyanes By the way the colonizer military troops from India that fought for Britain in Kenya can we say India is the colonizer of Kenya?? I leave the answer for him. The same is true for Oromo’s who serve the minilik amhara colonizer in order to expand their territories to the southern nations.
    Most of the amhara journalists cheat them selves by blind folding their eyes to the facts on the ground. What ever it there is no more amhara dynasty nations will be from slavery yolk of Abyssinians. Thanks to Oromo marteriyas .

    • Dany says:

      Can you tell us as well under whose leadership the Oromos waged expansionist wars to the North from the South reaching as far as Gonder and beyond ?

    • amde says:

      Good job this is the systematic confusion that the abysinian neftanya journalists try to dare to the people and to propagate oromophobia.

    • Gemechu says:

      What are you blabbering about my friend.Do you that we Oromos once ruled Gondar.Why are you putting Yourself in the victum catagory?

      • Dany says:

        My compatriots, let us respect and listen to elders, read and expand our horizons and not be instruments for evil minded prostitute intellectuals.Let us avoid ignorance and hate .thanks

  3. Shalom says:

    OK, thank you Ato Asseffa.
    Very interesting.
    Now here is my opinion.
    – Yes, Oromo, like Amara, did atrocities on other Ethiopian ethnic groups.
    – Amhara, with the support of Oromo committed cruel slaughters on Oromo themselves.
    – Therefore, because of these and other atrocities, the peoples of Ethiopia have bitter resentments one another.
    – It is not bad to tell the truth about who does what.
    – The culprit should apologize and the aggrieved should forgive.
    – If anybody wants to commemorate their history, the bad and the good, it should be OK. These can include erection of a woman’s breast.
    – The youth should stop crying on a mixed tale of fabricated and true history.
    – Let the bygones be bygones. We may not forget all, but we can and should forgive.

  4. Sol says:

    Interesting topic, but I believe what is left is wrongs have been done to the nationalities of the country and it should be known, do you remember when bill Clinton apologize to what happen to the black community in the early 1900’s? That is what it need to be done and never repeat it again and also we have to go forward not backward like Jewhar Mohamed .

  5. Seventy three says:

    – The son of Ras Makonnen Woldemichael Gudessa(an Oromo from Gara Mulaata Harar) was born Tafari Makonnen on July 23, 1892, later Emperor Haile Selassie. When removed from power he ruled Ethiopia for 54 years and was 84 years old.
    – General Aman Michael Andom was ethnic Eritrean.
    – General Teferi Benti was ethnic Oromo.
    – Mengistu Hailemariam Wolde Ayana, was an ethnic Oromo and on his mother’s side ethnic Konso.
    – Melese Zenawi Asres was half Eritrean and half ethnic Tigre.
    – Hailemariam Desalegn is from the Wolayita ethnic group.
    All these leaders speak an Ethiopian language called Amharic as a working language and call themseleves Ethiopians. As long as a nation called Ethiopia exists, though it is no official language right now Amharic is going to be used in several regions of Ethiopia.
    An Eritrean friend of mine surprised me by telling me that there is a new discussion among the Eritreans to introduce the Amharic language in their schools in Eritrea, He kept on arguing that Ethiopia is going to be regional economic power and the language makes many Eritrean young people it easier for them to get jobs and integrate in the Ethiopian society. I am dumbfounded.

  6. Chala says:

    Yared Tibebu placed some emphasis on how his mother’s side Salalle Oromos live on lash farm, while his father side Amharas lived in tiney mosquito infested depression. I take it, the Oromos of Salalle might have driven his Amhara side to seek shalters to such unfitting corner! Yared, my Amhara cousin, com’on dude you missed the point. Of all Oromos Your uncles the brave Salalle Oromos were butchered when the Amharas came to sewa( shewa). Many survivors kicked out of their ancestorial Salalle, forced to disperse to Bale, Sidamo, Arsi, God knows where else? Here, I am disappointed in you who is shedding crocodile tears, after so much crimes on Oromos of Salalle! At least you as related to both Habesha line & Oromo side, should be fair to both. Oromos, have dispossesed their lands from Menelick to Haile Silassie, the now face another rounds of Genocides from Newly arriving Habeshis! Why not these influxes continue to sworm into Oromia with no end insight? Can you ask Asefa, can there be an end to this one direction migration that continue displaces the centeral & the southerners? Has anyone left down North? give us a break? Go back or don’t complain for we were here first.

  7. auraris Tasew says:

    The Selalies were Amara but forced to adopt Oromo language to escape the massacre of Amaras by the raiding Oromos. No time in history did Amaras cut breasts, genital. Anole is the work of Oromos who were the NefTegnas in Arsi and farther south

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