UK Diplomatic Cable Hardly Proves Andargachew Engaged in Terrorist Training


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12 Responses

  1. Beza says:

    I think British government knows that, he was engaged, in terrorist act and gave go ahead to be dealt by Ethiopian government. The guy was engaged unequivocally, in terrorist act, by shuttling between Eritrea and England.

    He was recruiting, British people, to get engaged in the terror act in foreign countries. He was using British soil and passport, to wage a war in other country, in this case, Ethiopia. So he is definitely, involved in terrorist plot.

    The evidences are on every social media network, so what kind of evidence, they need more than that? They know that he is a terrorist. The reprieve lawyer, is paid individual so he will try to exonerate his client from crime by using the media outlets rather than court.

    Can he do that ? Hell No. There are paramount evidences from his speech that, he was evolved with the country which, was on economic embargo from the International community, Eritrea. The Ethiopian government has every right to protect it’s Citizens from any terrorist attacks. He will not be killed but, he will be caged for the rest of his life. On top of that, he just signed a paper to be British. He is British by Birth. So his 10 supporters, let them demonstrate in front of the Lord’s House, on downing St every single day, and get a picture under the slogan Of I am Andargachew. Why they don’t demonstrate, by this tenacity, for the Muslim leaders and ESKINDER NEGA. G7 netsa yawtaw.

    • Solomon says:

      Beza ,what do you expecte from Banda edargchew shabia Telalake (kiteragna).
      Just like his Banda grandfather Minlke will do any thing including selling his mother to shabia.
      Shabia the really Banda Essayas but Ethiopian bin laden Endargachew is Bands Banda .

  2. Zellalem says:

    The source of human evilness and the worse crimes against humanity in human history including the wiping out of 100s of millions of natives in the Americans, Australia, New Zealand, and the suffering, humiliation and mass destruction of cultures, languages, nature; the looting of treasuries and properties and in general each and every human cruelty and evilness for the last 500 years were by far created and conducted by the English.

    200 years ago, there was no a single English person in Australia. There were only native Australians that are blacks speaking 375 languages and exercising many well developed and manner cultures, traditions and customs. With in less than 100 years, thanks to that little England from far away, all is gone including the people, themselves. colonization, war, occupation, slavery, exploitation, environmental degradation and so on for the last 500 years is done with plan and agenda from London where the royal family/establishment along side with oxford and Cambridge universities are the evil/red skin Satan brains, and still they are working on those roles.

    The crimes and all evilness going on for the last 500 years in the Indian sub continent, Africa, Asia including Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand and the Middle East is the direct involvement of the English. All these evilness is done in the name of the royal families. Saudi Arabia as a nation never existed before the English came in and divided the region where they allied with one group against the other. The group they allied has won against the others which was the English policy dividing and make them finish off against each other for her agenda. As a result Al Saud who was just a shifta declared King by the English in order to serve their interest in the country and region as a whole acting not only as a foreign agent but also a fierce expansionist with the English weapon and military help.

    He managed to invade four regions/nations including one big region belongs to Yemen and eastern provinces where the oil is located and also Mecca and media. That is why the king death recently was looked like in England as if it was the death of the king of England when the Flag was lowered for three days, the nation was in mourning and the praising the King was getting from the English politicians and medias calling him a moderate, democrat, human right defender, wise, intelligent and blah blah.
    I’m saying nothing about the Saudi or its King but the nature of the English when they allowed coming in any nation and how they are playing the dirty games against eth nation and citizens.

    The point is that any nation particularly a country like Ethiopia that has own her everything and has a huge potential and certain outcome to prosper by herself, and has the way of Economical system and life by herself, must, must and must avoid the English interference in any way and for any time including when they are acting as if they are there only for good reason. What they are saying good in others nations is when that good is serving their interest and agenda in other nations.

    They are targeting Ethiopia for many reasons including they know Ethiopia is the only African nations doesn’t damaged by them and there is still many things to be damaged and destroyed as they did to hundreds of millions of natives worldwide not only wiping out the natives but also destroying their unique culture, tradition, language and everything they had that could be the best asset to the earth and humanity forever.

    When the English arrived in India, there were more than 80.000 Tigers. But within few years their arrival to colonize India, only few Tigers remained. They killed them as they did to all animals and destroyed the forest for Timber and plantations. It was the same if not worse in Africa, Australia, N. America, Asia and any place they were coming in preaching they are there for good reason which is the best tactic they are using to cheat the people taught take away the attention allowing them doing their evilness. .

    The point is that, they perfectly know to the very detail what this brainwashed and lost creature Andargachew was doing. we also know, they are supporting and putting others in the line for future attack against Ethiopia giving them shelter in England and financials and political supports including the evil English so called scholars and of course the securities and politicians alongside the English criminal medias and evil journalists.
    They think this way they could pressurize the Ethiopian government playing against them offering with hard and soft approach or carrot and stick mental sickness treatments in order to let them to destroy us and our country as they did against the rest of the world with happiness and got benefit from. We know, there are so called rebels getting supports in England with aim they will use them one day as they did against Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and so on using the natives from those nations.

    But Ethiopians are too different and much ancient and united people than any nation including that evil little England. England territory is less than the Afar Killil in Ethiopia. It is 130.00KM2 which is 1/9th of Ethiopia. How come a tiny nation like England from far away with very bad weather and isolated location managing to play the satanic roles against the world for so long?
    Recently one English so called female teachers announced that she is seeking money to go to Ethiopia to teach the Ethiopian children to learn English and make them pronounce it as it should be. She meant, it has to be the English way. Can you imagine what kind ignorant and evil they are. They are coming to impose their shit on us in our country. They are so dump unable to understand the reason why we are using English. It is just to get the knowledge and move on in our way to do our things and benefit, not to learn their none African/Ethiopian shit in Africa and Ethiopia. We are using their language like we do to other importing products, knowledge and articles including cars and so on. But, they don’t see it that way.

    As long as Ethiopia is not soon starting revaluating and making it right for the Ethiopian safety, guarantee and benefit the activities that tiny evil island is having in Ethiopia including in the name of poverty, aid, charities, NGO, media, Journalism, and so on, be sure, we are making the very grave mistakes. There is nothing but all bad, negative, obstacles and evilness coming from that evil island. Their so called aid is dirt, poison, and curse never ever contribute any progress in Ethiopia.

    Green, water rich, fertile and nice weather Ethiopia on the Middle of the best part of the earth needs nothing from that evil isolated island and her bad allies, but there are many useful and important nations in today’s world. Avoiding that little island and following each and every move she is making directly and indirectly against Ethiopia is the only answer we have to do as others nations are doing this way towards her. If you are looking a united and stable society, strong and faire economy and peace and bright future, you need to avoid that evil island completely. You cannot breed sheep and be the best shepherd as long as a merciless and killer wolf is still among the herds.

    They even are changing the name Andargachew to Andy which is taking his identity away from Ethiopia and making him English. This is what they are looking to do in Ethiopia in the future with everything we are and have; at least they are having it in their mind and on secret papers as an agenda. They are calling him the 21-century Mandela. qqqqqqq.
    We know they were calling and demonizing Nelson Mandela as a terrorist including the racist Tachear government and other English politicians, and Medias including BBC. But Changing Andargachew name to Andy and making him the 21-century Mandela is something no one expects even form them where there is nothing they can’t cross, come up or do not do against.

    Mandela was fighting to free his people from the evil racist and colonizers that were occupying the nation and killing the people as it was the case in Australia and No America, too. What is the role he playing their Andy in Ethiopia making him the 21-century Mandela? Are they denying or minimizing the evil nature of apartheid in south Africa Mandela was fighting and defeated thanks to the world including the normal citizens in England that are the worse victims to the establishment where the English medias, scholars, politicians and recently so called aid agencies, NGO, charities and so on are the core part of it?

    There is no Andy in Ethiopia. A real freedom fighter Like Mandela is regarded as a terrorist in England and its allies based on their interest, agenda and plant in those nations. Even Bin laden was during the Regan era a freedom fighter while during Bush became the worse terrorist. It is the same many other freedom fighters, too. The good news is that the world knows them. The sickness you know would not arm the sickness you don’t know. We have to deal with them based on these principles.

    We all are equal by nature. As we have no right in their country, they also must not have rights in our country. We have to allow and treat them in our country the way they are treating and allowing them in their country. This is the only way the 21-century humanity has to obey and accept. If they don’t like it, they can stay away. We are not inviting or asking them but they are coming by themselves acting as if they do care about us and they have power and will to help which is the oldest game they are playing but is already exposed and not longer working for them.

    • Mills says:

      On the balance, your writing is so narrow and that it has little meaning in modern times.
      Even according to the great Meles Zenawai, the current Ethiopian system, from scratch, is constructed using the English system and it’s almost a copy version, i remember he said ” we Ethiopians can not sincerely say we created this or that, because everything we have now is an imitation of the English system”

      Writing thoroughly of historical facts makes little sense in modern times, do you ever hear a politician arguing there case using something that happened 50 plus years ago ? i dont think so .

      My point in your writing not even once you appreciated the contribution of the English for development of Ethiopia, forget about the aid or the educational and health assistance, i am talking about Economic and peaceful development.

      In regards to Andy, we saw two sides of argument, both from British parliament members, this demonstrates what democracy is all about, the ability to propose a case against the initial hypothesis.

      To be frank, i only feel sorry for Andy’s family, besides that, i am against anyone who is attempting to disturb Ethiopian stability.

      • Zellalem says:

        ” My point in your writing not even once you appreciated the contribution of the English for development of Ethiopia, forget about the aid or the educational and health assistance, I am talking about Economic and peaceful development”

        Which development are you talking about? Are you saying “Peaceful development”? Which peace? Aren’t they the source of all conflicts Ethiopia has been through including between Ethiopia and Eritrea that are the same people but the English establishment was the one divided and make them enemy against each other?

        Look the Eastern part of the Ethiopian map. What is telling you? Ethiopia is intentionally blocked from the sea drawing a worthless stony piece of land as a fence parallel to the sea. Who is responsible for that? From the start till the English took the lead at UN permanent assembly voting in 1993 when Ethiopia lost the sea coast right from NW by … she had for millennia. England persuaded USA and France in order to get the majority with her agenda blocking Ethiopia from the sea that was the agreement she had with the Arabs with lucrative trade and oil agreement. China was fiercely opposed while Russia was abstained because of that time she was in a bad situation.

        If it was today, not only Russia but also USA and France would not go ahead with the English plan a nation we know is still the same as it was from the start. They are good at always causing problems among the citizens and nations instead of being part of the solution. It is like who they are and in their blood. however, we are not talking about vast majority ordinary citizens that are the worse victims to the establishments, but the evil establishment and its servants including the politicians, medias, journalists, aid agencies, NGO, scholars, Think thanks and so on.

        Can you mention any benefit that little Island contributed to Ethiopia without having her evil and damaging agenda attached with it? You can vomit what you are having in you, but the truth about that evil Island is all recorded for the last 500 years and is known all over the world.
        The aid and support or whatever Ethiopia is getting from EU, UN or anything Ethiopia is having with IMF and WB is by far given to that little island to take the lead for implementation. That is why you see them all over the world not only in their name but EU, UN and so on using it as if it belongs to them. because EU, UN and so on knows that little England has a very long nasty experience in Africa how to cheat them and making those so called aids resources not working for the Africans benefit but the agenda attached to those aids and whatever name they are giving.

        That little Island is the main if not the only reason why Africa including Ethiopia and the world is suffering for so long; till 1939 alone and after that together with USA . They are the one these days causing troubles all over the world working with USA; not the people but the criminals that are holding the nation power and the wealth.

        Some Little knowledge for you:

        In 1860s, England invaded Ethiopia using her slave Indian, Pakistani, Bangladesh and other Europeans solders along side with her own and Atse Theodros killed himself rather than surrendering to the enemies like them. They looted Mekdella till nothing valuable left before burning it down. It burnt for more than 3 weeks. They used hundreds of Asian Oliphant, mules and donkeys to transport the looted treasures including Gold, Tselats and more than 300 very old manuscripts written on Goat skin and some weight up to 25 kg each.
        They took the Kings Son name Alemayehu who was 7 years old as prisoners of war together with his young mothers called Mintwab. After long suffering in that racist 19 century little England, he died when he was 18 years old. About his mother where about no one knows. The reason why they took him as prisoner of war was because of they knew if they left him or his mother, the people would regroup and declare him King or his mother queen. What they are painting today about is a total lie and fabrication story saying “his father who was killed by the racist and fierce enemies told his son to go with them for better life”. This is what kind brain and soul do have even today your little England. of course, they are even praising how slavery, colonization and occupation was good for the world which is the game they are playing to deny and white painting the evil crimes they have committed against the world which is and always will be there and everyone knows about.

        They killed Atse Theodros because of he treated them as equal as he was and showed them the red line they must not cross in Ethiopia. Then, they declared Atse yohannes as king in order to use him for anything they wanted. When they wanted to use him and his people to fight the ottomans from North Africa started in matsawa that was the only place ottoman had occupied in the Ethiopian territory, he agreed for one reason. That was Matsawa had to return back to the rest of Bahire Negash (Eritrea since 1902), that was one of the provinces in Ethiopia. The English agreed and many Ethiopians killed in the fight to free matsawa.
        However, the evil English gave matsawa to Italy instead of giving back to Ethiopia as it was the agreement from the start and many Ethiopians have died for this reason. They got what they were looking and then as usual they denied, lied or did as they wished because of they were the only evil boss in the world during that era. Now you know when and how the Eritrea problem is started and still is going on. Italy is not the reason but the result the English was playing in the region with the interest conflict she had with France. Ethiopia has always good relation with France, Germany, Russia and Italy, never had with England. It started since the second WW. Back then Ethiopians were speaking French including the king, not English.
        They did many crimes against Ethiopia. In 1929, they handed over the Nile to Egypt with illegally signed document in order to get some rest in Egypt because of the people were fighting the English in order to be free from the English colonization. Creating Muslim brotherhood in 1928 in order to divide the Egyptians and made them fighting against each other was not enough.
        In 1935, the English government and establishment were showing the green light and white color to the fascist Italy for its occupation against Ethiopia. When Hitler and Mussolini became strong and decided to take over Europe and Africa, England decided to confront Italy in Ethiopia in order to protect her colony in Africa including Sudan, Kenya, Somaliland and all over Africa. Because it was clear that the Hitler and Mussolini agenda was taking the world under their ownership including Africa.

        The evil behavior and activities that little Island is doing against Ethiopia since 1974 is really evil and enormous the vast majority Ethiopians became victims and knows that to the very detail. They are the one playing big roles in the Ethiopian civil war. They are the one intentionally and with very well calculated and executed Media wars none stop damaging the country image and undermine the citizens.

        The English medias and other evil groups using different names over there are so sick and evil even don’t what us to develop by ourselves knowing they were/are the one influencing IMF and WB for loan back then. But this Time IMF or WB are no more relevant and they need to go hell.
        BBC, Guardian, Reuters and other evil English Medias, criminal journalists, so called aid agencies, NGO, Charities, Universities Think Thanks, some politicians and other establishment tools, are trying constantly to stop the Gilgel Gibe dam and other projects in the area. BBC started in 2009 and still is going on showing their none stop attacks coming up in different shapes and forms for the same agenda which is stopping development and creating problems all over the country.

        The point is that Ethiopia would be the better place even since Atse Theodros which 150 years ago if that evil Island was not there from the start and continued affecting the nation in many ways till today. Ethiopia will benefit hugely in many way if that little evil Island stays away and stop interfering in the nation matters. But they don’t stop because of this kind behavior is the only way how they were created and became the way they are. However, the 21-century humanity is too different than they are wishing to have for their own advantage as it has been the case for the last 500 years.

        Russia, Germany, France, Italy and others from Europe contributed practical development supports to Ethiopia; but not the English. Those nations are doing still today and Ethiopia needs to have a good policy making her able to work the best way with those nations but not the English. The whole world knows them to the very detail about who they are, what they do and for what reason when they come in other country. So, the argument between you and me here is nothing but the whole truth is known all over the world.

        So, good bye and good luck for whatever you are doing and thinking. Only the facts, truth and realities are the natural judges about the issues including what you are thinking about. .

        • Maal says:

          Zellalem, you are such an unemployed ,job less loser spending a lot of time copying this unrelated trash from a book with out even care to paraphrasing…the post was about an English individual but Ethiopian by origin who became a victim of the TPLF tyranny.(full stop) This guy was fighting to liberate the voice less ordinary fellow ethiopians not like
          you or the above commenter ,”Beza”, who barks day and night to defend this falling authoritarian regime.

          • Zellalem says:

            You are a stupid run away animal have no hope but acting as a trained dog and brainwashed slave kneeling down and crying towards your white masters( the English) to give you power in Ethiopia based on their agenda and you stupid are happy and hopeful being a foreign racist policy agent and slave to implement it.

            You stupid. Did my just writing look like I copied it? No. I spoken it just like that because of it is my history I do know to the very detail. If you want me to write it rather than spoken I will do it but not here. Here I’m just talking like I do on the street or…. The written version is already there and Read the books… if you have some brain you worthless and valueless bastard.

            Not only me but also millions know about it and soon the nation will start mourning and celebrating it the same time every year in order to remind the young generation and also always remembering that little Evil England crimes against our nation for more than 500 years.

            Whether you are an Ethiopian or someone else from.. Acting being the one is a question. However, fack you whatever and whoever you are. This is our darkest history and difficult time happening against us by the fierce racists and criminals from far away for more than 500 years including today. Andaergachew is one of the tools they are using.

            He is gone for good and will never see the sun again. Be sure about that. You also will never touch the Ethiopian soil and enjoy the best weather and sunshine again. Because of him many young men were killed, suffered lots, left their country and languishing in abroad because of he brainwashed them with lies while comfortably sitting in London and travelling as a tourist all over including USA and Eritrea.

      • Etetu says:

        I am no expert when it comes to history, hence as much as possible, I often choose to look at today with fresh eyes. But if one wants to talk of history: The British army has fought fascist Mussolini army along Ethiopians in the land of Ethiopia. I myself as in Ethiopian say thank you to the British soldiers and their families who fought along Ethiopians. That is also the reason why there is Churchill road, General Wingate secondary school, etc.

        If one honestly look into history: Every society has committed atrocity against others at one time or another. It is better to learn the lesson and move on rather than pointing finger at each other. The current generation can not be made accountable to the crime of the past.

  3. Bekele says:

    Those arrogant politicians didn’t know history and didn’t know Ethiopia. That is why they think Ethiopia is a banana state like the dozens of states they are playing around since centuries. Harbouring terrorists in their own countries and turning a blind eye on their activities is getting badly wrong these days even for their own security. At first they didn’t cared when jihadists went to Syria to kill people and cause havoc there in the name of whatever philosophy. Now these same people are returning back to the west and causing a huge security threat! Le ne bileh sima, ale yagere sew!

    • Maal says:

      Zellalem,why do you get so angry easily ? Actually neither i don’t have time for this downgraded street languages ,which you have learnt from your employer nor i don’t get paid for it like you do.I know you are under the payroll of this shame less,clueless,dictator regime and member of the TPLF social media squad. i am telling 100 % that time has come for the oppressed majority to be liberated from this Mafia Junta.

      P.S.-Z you will get fucked soon and prepare your self.

  4. Zellalem says:

    If you want to inform and know more, go to;

    Youtube: “Why They Hate Robert Mugabe”

    From GOKU92son

  5. mohammed.allim says:

    It is shame to compare Andargachew with Mandella, Mandella was not a terrorist while Andargachew is, Mandella was a pure South African who stand for his people and who pay his young age to his people while Andargachew is a bandda who is a merciner who care the bottom of Esayas and the enemy of Ethiopia and Ethiopians.
    Mandella was the real figheter living among his people representing the people poletical question and not to fill his belly sitting in the USA
    one can see a clear difference in their creature & Mandella cann’t be mention as Andargachew a man who is useless, firmless good for nothing messenger of the enemies and for sure he will have enough punshiment which will give lesson to other terrorist bandas like his fellowers Berhanu Nega etc who are the toilet cleaner of the white masters

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