Ethiopia: Electoral Board Bans a faction of UDJ led by Belay Fekadu


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31 Responses

  1. Borkena says:

    Congratulations Dawit !You and other yellow journalists works this to happen .No one expects anything different from the Woyanne -led electoral board and as they have been doing this for years ,they create cloned factions to attack the main oppositions.congradulations again !

    • Mekdes says:

      Borkena, what do you mean, Ashebir. Why you think Dawit contribute for the failure of UDJ. you should blame them for not following the instructions of the NEBE. In any democratic process, u should respect, the institution which is formed by the functional government.

      But what they were doing was wrong and to the contrary. Your outcry foul doesn’t hold water. And you have to come out the shadow and follow the path of democracy. Leba Hula. Antem sibseba bedimocraxy sim eyazegajeh genzebhin sebsib. Weregna.

  2. Nasim says:

    Sorry for their supports. Way to go UDJ. We as a people are lucky and should be happy that we have at least strong parties in EPDRF including TPLF. I hope this would be a lesson for UDJ and come out stronger. If they are dedicated and have understanding for the need of the people, they might have a chance, but still they have a long way to go.

  3. Tesfalehulum says:

    The so called weyanes’s Election Board led by the puppet OPDO Mergi Bekana, who is not better than the dogs he was treating, implemented the order given to him by his deputy weyane’s Addisu G/Egziabher. The splinter UDJ is molded and manufactured by weyane who is fearful of the increasingly popularity of UDJ among the public. This crimal act by the minority junta, TPLF, will strength the struggle for freedom and enforces the belief that change is enviable, either by popular revoluton or by armed struggle. This heinous crime against the natural right of citizens purported by the facist weyane proves there is no room left for peaceful struggle and gives a momentum for the newly formed alliance, Arbegnoch-Ginbot7 for Unity and Democracy Movement.
    Already high profile defectors are joining Arbegnoch -G7 in faster pace including the recent airmen from the Air Force.



    • Solomon says:

      Tesflhulem you are nothing but Bandas Banda shabia Telalake just like your banda grandfather naftnga bary Minlke.
      Get lost you are talking with the Childern of Alula who defeated Italian and kings of kings Yohans who died for Ethiopia unlike Banda Minlke who sold Ethiopian land to his master Italian and French .
      Banda Tesflhulem you are like Banda neftaga Minlke.

      • Tesfalehulum says:


        Aren’t you ashamed calling yourself the childern of Alula?…kkkkkkk….you’re one night accident at Dedebit brothel. You’re not the children of Alula but the shadow of the pseduo-visionary dead tyrant Meles KeZenawi. Don’t dig far more than 150 years back about the history that you don’t know, but just a couple of yours ago, your rooten boss kehadiw Meles handed over Assab for Eritrea leaving 90 million people land locked even though Ethiopia has internationally accepted right to retain the port. The Americans was ready to mediate about Assab and even Shabia was willing but your banda boss refused.
        Ternafih yegatehen becha ezih meteh atastawk……MORON!

        • Solomon says:

          About ertirea ,your Banda agley Minlke sold it to his master Italian on only Ertirea Banda Minlke sold Djibouti .
          Banda Tesflhulem how about that .i am sure you don’t want what your Banda Minlke did to Ethiopia and pure Ethiopian .

    • Beza says:

      Tesfa Bekele negn kevirginia eyalk denfa Shimagle EPRP. UDJ. IS GONE ALAS WHAT IS YOUR SAY? THEY CAN JOIN SEMAYAWI/ISLAMAWI party. If they want behave like your outdated style anarchism, Ethiopia hasn’t stomach to entertain that.

      • Tesfalehulum says:

        Beza (aka Hagos, hode aderu zerega banda),

        You arrogantly said, “UDJ is gone”… you think a party which has a base in the heart and mind of the oppressed people evaporates easily ??….do you think the fascist minority junta rules forever?….do you think you will be allowed to laugh by the pain and angusih of the oppressed forever?….your arrogance is your experess way ticket for your demise. Mark my word!

  4. Limatawi Artist says:

    Dawit Dedebit the title you posted is misleading and should be read instead “the Woyane Electoral board banned the legitimate UDJ party and gave recognition to the surrogate group constituted by TPLF mafias”. Mr. Dawit Abede the quest for democracy will not stop and the people of Ethiopia soon will become victories. The trash tactic played by the mafia regime cannot continue this way and no matter what they do soon woyane will become over. Dawit Abede start preparing where to hide, may be you can think of buying land in chine or else at dedebit chaka…. (Some parts of the comment harshely insulted Ethiopia and its people in general and is edited by admin)

  5. Ilula lemma says:

    This is what is expected. . The so called election board is part of TPLF that facilitates the field for TPLF to win the election. Here, I call all non TPLF Ethiopian parties to boycott the May election. The whole world knows about the fascist and undemocratic nature of TPLF. This is the end of the so called peaceful and democratic straggle in that country. TPLF need to take responsibly for the consequence created by there action
    Long live Ethiopia

  6. Delila Reta says:

    It is right decision taken by the Board. In the first place, they were not supposed to give them extention when they didn’t want to have a meeting. If they don’t obey their own bylaws, how they are going to lead a country? Maferiawoch. They are formed to hijack the party like their supporters do in Washington dc church hijackers. This is hooligan style.

  7. Ermi says:

    Great news. Now the opposition group is reduced to one, the blue party and its affiliates. No more divide and concur strategy. Now all UDJ supporters should rally behind Semayawi party. Woyane has made your life simpler by eliminating choises.

    Peace to all but Woyanes!


  8. Zellalem says:

    Dawit is doing realy The Dawit’s job.

    This is a very good and welcomed news telling how Ethiopians are in full control towards all the matters concerning their own country and people. Let’s clean the nation from the human dirt and wastes that are there only to cause troubles and destructions.

    Acting as political parties is one very easy thing. Doing a political party job is another thing.

    Not only the Ethiopian securities, Government or the well informed and intellectuals, but also lately even the common people know all about surrounding some so called opposition parties. It is not a secret but an open game the truth about so called Semayawi party. It is the Gorge Soros crimes against the world creation and agent with aim to destabilize Ethiopia in the form of color revolution allying with any group, party or individual that is facilitating them to cause unlimited destruction in Ethiopia. Look at Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan and many more destroyed by own citizens supported by powers and groups..

    Gorge Soros who is an Ashkenazi Jewish born in Hungary and changed his name because of the Nazi attack against his people identifying them including with their names, his crime agenda is present at least in 60 nations all of them are in Africa, Asia and eastern Europe. A Jew like him and his associates are financing the Neo Nazis and fascists in Ukraine and elsewhere in order to achieve their agenda in Russia and other nations. Look at Ukraine, today. One of the greatest nations became the bankrupted nation with no light at the end of the destruction and suffering road.

    Semayawi party is created and financed by him and other foreign enemies. Even the so called donor nations are behind it including USA and UK. But the brave Ethiopian government and people crashed the Soros and others enemies agenda to destroy Ethiopia creating the Semayawi party and its alliance with the wahabis as we knew what they were doing the two together in 2012 and 13. Including the so called Zone 9(which is Addis Ababa Branch) are totally and completely part of it doing the propaganda job while other on the street causing chaos and destruction. .
    Of course, they created al Qaida, ISIS, and other terrorists in order to use them against other nations including Libya and Syria.

    The thrown away dirty body part of UDJ was there to work together with the Color revolution foreign agent party called semayawi and any extremist that is capable to cause all sort of crimes in order to destabilize the county as we have seen in Ukraine, Syria, Libya and so on. Semayawi party leader, the thrown away UDJ members and semayawi party are too close and friendly to USA while too far and hostile towards Ethiopia.

    Things are now getting clean and clear. Lets the dirt be in the garbage and the real ones be part of the nation building.

    • Ilula lemma says:

      I recommend you to send your non-sense idea to reporter(TPLF garbage newspaper), Your idea all fabricated by you or been told to u by your dead boss MELES ZENAWI. From your long and never lasting argument I can imagine you how stup id and ass-hole you.

    • tsere weyane says:

      Mr cadre I agree with you Dawit is doing realy The weyane’s job. by the way i usually find it difficult to read most of your never ending comments don’t you have any thing else to do? you must be one of tarike bachiru tigrayan who turned to be a millionaire overnight to spend this much time writing garbage on weryane websites

  9. Barnabase Debalqie says:

    Sewe Mechem JELE Kalhone Hulegezie Enqefate Eyemetawe Dengaye Metagne Ayelem. Sejemere endiawe sejemere ere endiawe mejemeria sejemere…23 amete mullu yetagelute party ena 20 amete mulu begeletse sedegefe yeneberene media ashemagelugne belewe sehedu negeru yane newe yaleqew. Gena sayejemere melesune wetetune eyaweqene yayenewe tera ye quchera sefere film newe. Gene asazagnu enezehe “Teqawame” nene bayewoche be 23 amete mature kaladeregu they would rather work as ox for the farmer. Le geberiewe “bere” behonu yeshalale enje endiete ande sewe 23 years(23*12months*30days*24hours*60minutes*60seconds) Karta eyetechawete yebelale??? endiete ayeshashalem? The question might be related to IQ. Lelawe degmo the winner is also playing the same style and no change of tactic. For me both sides WODEQEWALE. Lene teyaqewe yemashenefe ena yalemashenefe aydelem. The question is who is a deserved leader for the country and people? The best answer is NONE. I swear to God either the opposition or the government doesn’t have a quality to lead this dynamic people at the same time this YEWAHE people. Endie huletum equally eyetejajalu eko andu leader andu opposition hunew noru eko… Really on top of this both sides are foolish. Lemen Ye weshete nurewe yeweshete aweretewe ye weshete aseworetewe yeweshete sewe black mail adergewe yenoralu? Dirty game newe politics sebale eko “Ye chenqelate Zeqetete ena Ye asetesasebe newere yemayaweqe politician, journalist, religious leader YEGAMABETE malete aydelem… Gazetegnochu MAMO QELUNE yemeselugnale. Politcians (both sides) Degmo TELEQE MAMO QELU. Ene Mechem yemeshalewe yememeselegne all the current journalists, politicians, ashokeshwakie, qebe tebashe bemulu, tesebesebo le ten years yegeberie BERE woyem YEGEBERIE ARASHE YEHUNU ena yebareru….ALL EPRDF+ALL OPPOSITION+ALL JOURNALISTS FROM ALL SIDES should be quarantined from talking, from suggesting, from leading, from any public service. Ayechaleme kalachehu ahune newe SUBAIE MEGEBATE Eslam Christian kemere…(As of me ALL EPRDF+ALL OPPOSITION+ALL JOURNALISTS FROM ALL SIDES have got mental illness, EBDOCHE, ere endiawem tewete ebde yeshalale lela negere felegu ena chemerubete…ene selechegne mereregne…selenesu masebe. Qoye Lemene retire ayadergume? Alebezam endie? Enkwane be 30 ametachewe tegele jemerewe…EPRDF segeba enwane yetewolde leje endezehe ayejajaleme. Endiete ande sewe be ande ayenete game be ande ayenete sewe(EPRDF+Journalists) le 23 amete YEMOGNALE? YEJAJALALE? YE SENETATEQALE? Either gamu alegebacheweme or they are not upto the standard to become real opposition. Lelawe degmo ashenafiewe(This time: EPRDF, Electoral board, EBC and FANA) ande ayenete GAME aydeberachewem endie 23 amete mulu? Sewe ande file le 23 amete yeselechale ayelum? Betesebe yelachewem mekarie? Ye mamo qelone film meserate mawerate mengere masetegabate eko either they are equally mamo qelu or they are addicted of creating lies, fabricating scenarios, fabricating shrewdness, fabricating narrowness. Another thing Endie Enezehe BE EDMIE teleqe yehonute EPRDF sewechese endewe le nefesachewe enkwane tenehe ayasebum? Ageretwane eko YEWESHETE empire, YELEBA Empire, YE HODAM Empire, YE AGOBEDAJE Empire, YE MESERE, YE ELEHEGNA, YE ENE KEMOTEKU SERDO AYEBEQELE BAYE Aderegwate ekoooo ere oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo YE SEWE YALEH YE ALAH YE EGZIER YALEHE ERE oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    • Visitor says:

      Are you Clinicaly crazy?

      Amharic has own geez alphabet which is african. English has a Latin one. Where are you? You must be really stupid and crazy. Do you understand what you are painting?

    • Ilula lemma says:

      @Barnabase Debalqie
      You are expected to write short and precious message that is eather in english or in Amharic Geez letter. Whom do think can read your long boring damn mess.

  10. Visitor says:

    Are you Clinicaly crazy?

    Amharic has own geez alphabet which is african. English has a Latin one. Where are you? You must be really stupid and crazy. Do you understand what you are painting?

  11. Degif says:

    Dear Editor,
    Basically I don’t like the election board to mingle in the internal affairs of the parties. However, realizing that the diaspora idiots and fools went far as to nominate Belay while Ato Gizachew was the chairman, I fully agree with the decision of the election board. Look how these ‘ento fento’ media outlets scream after the board’s decision. Whatever these losers touch will turn out to be zero. Go EPRDF Go!

  12. Dawit Gebremedhin says:

    Congrats TPLF . you have finally succeeded in silencing the decent and run against your self in the coming May election . But you can never ever silence the flame which is burning in the hearts and blood of the people seeking for democracy and justice . you have succeeded in closing the doors for peace full change of government by the people voting power and justified the cause for the armed struggle . ” yeckunu hizbe bisot yeweledew” will come after you soon and teach you the lessons you have failed to take over the last 24 years .

  13. Lula says:

    What election , there is one in Ethiopia it is jock ,i have great idea all Ethiopian woman say no to SEX then all Ethiopian men will thank like his Grandfather & Father then will be GEGNA ( like Menelik ) Fight Woyane send them where the came from to the forest,then we will talk about Election . Girls please say no to your men no SEX until we got back our Ethiopia & let we have clean beautiful Ethiopia back this is the only solution truest me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Solomon says:

      Lula Minlke isnot a hero or (gegna)Minlke is Banda ,he sold Ethiopian land and ports to his master Italian and French .
      Hero is Tigray people Alula who defeated the Italian .Hero is Yohans not minlek
      King of kings Yohans who died for his country Ethiopia ,before naftnga like you and Banda Tesflhulem has even a language and cutler.

    • Beza says:

      Tesfa yeleleh. Now you start, telling to girls not to have sex with EPRDF. EPRDF did not come to power to have sex you moron. Zukach this is not politics. This is how low you are. You are changing different name and commenting the same wudaki Shimagle. Love has no boundary if you think like a person. Shimagle astesasebhin leamaskemet yefelegkew. The splinter has got the opportunity to function as legal group. So they can run and win election period.

    • Beza says:

      Lula, you are Tesfa yeleleh. Now you start, telling to girls not to have sex with EPRDF. EPRDF did not come to power to have sex you moron. Zukach this is not politics. This is how low you are. You are changing different name and commenting the same wudaki Shimagle. Love has no boundary if you think like a person. Shimagle astesasebhin leamaskemet yefelegkew. The splinter has got the opportunity to function as legal group. So they can run and win election period.

  14. Tam says:

    dear awramba when oppsition leaders and member got beaten and arrested while protesting peacefully doesn’t worth for you to be reported on your website but you are number 1 to post news when they banned illegaly by your previous chasers and current lover …still you value immpartiality …lol please invite Eng.Yilkal and try to be fare but do not forget to press the record button as your twin brother Biruk Kebede did

    • tsere weyane says:

      lol: do not forget to press the record button as your twin brother Biruk Kebede did. I don’t think tagay dawit will feel comfortable to face engineer yilikal

  15. Lula says:

    Solomon, you see how you Tigray people don,t know history,Yohnas was the banda that is way most of the tigrays even do not mention his name, because they know the truth, i will assume you are one of the agamy the servant of Eritreans now eating meat & injera so you think you know history you know only killing Ethiopian people , we will send you soon where you come from ,for now kill , loot , eat while you have a chance & go to school may be it is not to late to know the truth about Ethiopian history Yohans kkkkkkkkkkkkk.

    • Solomon says:

      Why would even call the really king of king of Ethiopia who give his life for Ethiopia Banda .
      But Banda Minlke sold tigray land ethiopia now ertirea to his maste Italian and Djibouti to French .
      Banda Tesflhulem and lula to you every thing is upside down ,Ethiopian king who give his life for Ethiopia is Banda .And Banda minle who sold to a white men Italian and French a hero.
      I don’t except anything better form Banda Tesflhulem and Banda lula shabia Telalake wordetgne.
      Death to shabia and Telalakewch.

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