Ethiopia refuses to allow a delegation of parliamentarians to visit Andargachew Tsege


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25 Responses

  1. Gemechu says:

    Nothing New here.Britain is financing a brutal regime that is hell bent to destroy Ethiopia.Ethiopia’s enemies first and for most are the Amhara and Oromo elites and those who live for their bellys.TPLF is not as strong as People think but the likes of lole Hailemariam and the rest of tplf lackies.

    • Tesfalehulum says:

      well said Gemechu…TPLF survives because of its mercieneries, collaborators and slaves who sold their soul for physical comfort….especially the Amhara/Oromo elites and lifeless scums like Aba Dula and Alemneh Mekonnen.

      • Solomon says:

        Banda Tesflhulem ,you and Esat selling your soul to Banda Essayas Ertirea
        Even though I don’t think you have an ounce soul
        For you to be critical to any body ,you should stop think who you working for.
        Death to shabia kiteragna Banda Tesflhulem !
        Death to Essayass shabia Ethiopian enemies!.
        Long live all Ethiopian !

  2. Zellalem says:

    Who is Andy?

    It sounds pure an English man’s name. Really it has nothing to do with any Ethiopian or at that matter African, Asian and….. name. It is like the slave master has named the slave after him while treating him as an object has no feeling or anything else for his own but a private property to his mater as the English were accustomed for hundreds years during slavery and colonization.

    As far as so called PM concern, let ignore these retarded part of the establishment criminal cartels. They think the world is still in the slavery and colonization era when they were committing so many gruesome crimes against the world.
    England is an isolated tiny island country with 130.000KM2 territory size which is less than the Afar kilil in Ethiopia. The population in England is 55 million. Yet, they are coming to Ethiopia which is 9 times bigger than England with the population of 87 million and complaining Ethiopia has too much population.
    If Ethiopia would have the number of population based on the Little English according to her territory size and population living there, Ethiopia could have about 500 million. Yet, including the bastard Irish journalists are talking about us, not their trash and damaging weaknesses.

    UK has the second biggest number of parliamentarians in the world after China. A tiny country like UK has more than 830 members of parliament including the lords (the appointees most of the times are part of the establishment and greedy imperialists).

    So, these so called MP are jobless looking anything bad and negative to cause troubles and in the mean time to get noticed. The problems is that the expenses they are using to travel and accommodation as high class tourists will be added up and later on called aid given to Ethiopia. They are playing against us to this level thinking they are too smart and we as usual too dump and weak unable to expose and stop them.

    Bankruptcy to all the biased and liars English Medias and punishments to the criminal journalists including BBC, Reuters and Guardians.

    There is no the name called “Andy” in Ethiopia

    • Tesfalehulum says:


      You write “Who is Andy”…..and you continue, “It sounds pure an English man’s name. Really it has nothing to do with any Ethiopian or at that matter African, Asian and….. name. It is like the slave master has named the slave after him while treating him as an object…..”……kkkkkk…..
      some people call TPLF’s puppet Dawit Kebede as Dave……so, Dawit is a slave of coloniazers too??…..aye cadre……setasafer!!!……hahahahahaha

      For your question “who is Andy”……Andy is your nightmare and freedom fighter who inspires millions…..he left his family and all his comfort behind to fight injustice……as the name of you and your bosses go to the history trash bin, Andy’s name will shine in the heart and mind of patriotic Ethiopans for the generation to come!

  3. Gelawidios says:

    Right so! If those parliamentarian have no respect for the decisions of our parliamentarians, they should have no business in Ethiopia! Respect is a mutual act.

  4. teshome says:

    Recently, I had crowded and busy schedule, it is only once in a while I’m following the cyber politics of “the called dissidents”, these people are still refusing to mature, politically. One time the famous American diplomat, Mrs. Susan Rice told as ” the late PM Melse Zenawi, used to call them Idiots ” I resonate with him, they are collections stupids, well you can fix ignorance but what do you with stupidity, absolutely Zero.
    All of us knows very well that Ethiopian oppositions are for ever stagnating in hate politics, and Several incidents, we heard so much incredible and incomprehensive things about the toxic Diasporas, but the recent one had no match at all. I heard them calling Mr. Tsige as ” A British Mandela”. This is neither a cultural taboo nor a political insanity but rather a moral failing of regressed people. There is one thing true here, Anidargachew is a British, who striped off his Ethiopian Citizenship. I am very much glad that the South African Mandella, who created himself to offer the wealth of Wisdom for others, died without getting an ear full of this absurd comparison. Anedarachew was an ordinary man like every of us, How would one imagine for Mr. Tsige to get a spot light of the public and catches social media , with out the favor of the Ethiopia government who was an instrument for Anidargachew to generate wide attention among the public. I assume the price was worth paying, if Mr. Tsige’s intention also was as such.
    I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for British government and officials who are able to understand, Mr. Tsige’s crime as a treason, he openly incorporate with enemies of state and as such he should bear the full weight of the law. His wife, and his supporters, time and gain were telling us that When Mr. Tsige was surfaced in a video, he had no regrets. That is good for them, I think bad for him. Toxic diasporas are still playing a dirty political game, which Anidargachew was consumed with. ESAT ( The Amharic Eritrean TV), One of my dear friend call it as late night internate comedian poke fun, its ‘journalists’ recently went to Asmara with one had microphone and with other had a rifle. When they were back, they told us the military wing of the Ethiopian opposition is already in the last chapter and they strongly believe that if the Nazareth Jess, didn’t show up in the battle, Isayas Aforkie will serve them. Mr. Tsige had already delivered too much classified documents, we knew very well who is doing what and what is doing who.
    On the other had it was Sadly sad stories, many people also agree that few British parliament members had created convergence with HRW, Amnesty International, CPJ and the likes, in the terms of taking the role of ‘Ethiopian government dissidents’. It looks that they are in a political honeymoon but for sure it would be short lived. This isn’t a fiction, HRW was playing a dirty game in Ethiopian politics and the merge of these few British PM, a blessing disguise. I very glad that the Ethiopian government decline the their request to visit Andargachew. One thing is agreeable here, we will see this absurd interference in recurring basis, to create a mountain out a mole hill.
    But at the end of the day, none of them matters, we have already capture the snake and shark…..he is awaiting the death penalty.
    The British may call it, Mr. Tsige Death penalty a tragedy, Ethiopian will all it a necessity

  5. Beza says:

    What is wrong with these British parliamentarians, their constituencies are in England not in Ethiopia. They better stop to be the breed fertile land of Terrorists like Andargachew Tsige.

    This kind of attitude in their part was the cause for ISIS. They shouldn’t allow those criminals to be a terrorist by using their passport. He was caught, by using the passport of England, threatening the peace and stability of other friendly country. I hope England will not go to war with Ethiopia like they did in 1900 century, by getting mad for imprisonment of, their man Cameron because, Andargachew/Betnachew is not Cameron and the time is not 1900 century.

    • Tesfalehulum says:

      Beza (Hagos),

      As usual your comment has substance but a pile of trash…..what a filthy bitch……kkkkkkkk… stink the forum…..thumbs down

      • Beza says:

        Tsfa yeleleh Shimagle EPRP, you don’t have anything in your brain give except some bravado and insults. Why you are asking the the British government to ask the terrorist to be released? Having British will not give you immunity from the law. Elias Kilom the so called Journalist is not given immunity as he claims crime. So don’t worry as long as you are there you will contribute from your social security allowance kita Ras Shimagle.

  6. Amare Zemenu says:

    Who is in a better situation? Andargachew or Elias Kifle?

    God is always blessing Ethiopia no matter how the enemy is fierce, the damage is huge and seems looks like taking long. From where is Elias Kifle going to find to pay the fine imposed on him by the USA justice system amounting more than $400.000. This is the best reward he is getting for the crimes he has done against Ethiopia for decades.

    Long live the brave sons and daughters of Ethiopia. At the end they got him and the rest will follow including that nasty acting as if he is neutral but tirelessly serving the enemies including the foreigners spreading their damaging message against Ethiopia and its citizens in the copy and paste style.

    • Tesfalehulum says:

      Amare Zemenu ( Hagos)

      Why are you trying to smear Elias’s name and try to mislead readers with your twisted comment??…..besides, the article posted above is about Andy but you scribbled nonsense about Elias, your nightmare. Now, it becomes obvious that Elias becomes a lethal enemy for weyane and its collborators. He refused to bend over like weyane puppets for the sheik. Thank you Elias for being a man of integrity and being formidable while millions of dollar funneled to silence you.

      Ye Ethiopia amlak yebarkeh !!!

      Al Amoudi and gang try to buy “Justice” in Atlanta
      Elias Kifle, February 7, 2015

      Saudi billionaire Mohammed Al Amoudi and his junior partner Jemal Ahmed have filed three lawsuits against me in London and Atlanta through the notorious law firm DLA Piper over the past 4 years. I did not defend the London lawsuits because I believe the court had no jurisdiction over me. Al Amoudi was awarded over $500,000 in the London lawsuits. They could not enforce the judgment against me because they were barred from doing so by the Speech Act that was passed by U.S. Congress in 2010. In Atlanta, they used Jemal Ahmed’s former residency there some 20 years ago as a basis to claim jurisdiction and assigned 5 DLA Piper lawyers to come after me. The 5 DLA Piper lawyers and a team of private investigators threw every thing that have against me. They followed me around across the U.S. and harassed my parents. They have emptied their bag of tricks to get a default judgement, avoiding a jury trial. After filing the lawsuit, the lawyers requested that I reveal to them my sources in Ethiopia for my allegation of human trafficking and land grabbing against Al Amoudi and Jemal. When I refused to do that, they asked the court to enter a default judgement. I informed the court that my sources will face imminent danger if their identity is revealed to the two TPLF supporters and their lawyers. I also requested a hearing on the specific allegations I made regarding the dangers that my sources in Ethiopia are facing. The district court rejected my request for a hearing, denied my right to jury trial, and ordered me to hand over the names of my sources. Obviously I refused and a default judgement was entered against me, as strategized by DLA Piper. There was no way I would reveal my sources without a witness protection plan mandated by the court. Additionally, the judge, without holding any hearing on the veracity of my report, ordered me to post the following retraction. I have posted it here to avoid being held in contempt of court while my appeal is pending.

      The statements made regarding Jemal Ahmed in the article “Al Amoudi’s Human Trafficker in Ethiopia Identified,” originally published on March 29, 2012, are false and defamatory. I hereby retract my false and defamatory comments regarding Jemal Ahmed in this article.

      Al Amoudi and gang have so far wasted close to $1 million dollars to silence me. For the Atlanta lawsuit alone, they have spent $512,725 according to the affidavit they submitted to the court two days ago.

      Even though the default judgement against me is a disappointment — because I expected better from a U.S. court — I have no doubt that I will win in the long run. The U.S. justice system has multiple levels of review to ensure fair trial for all, not just for those who are willing to spend millions of dollars to buy “justice.”

      DLA Piper was able to corrupt the U.S. Congress by killing a human rights bill for Ethiopia. We will see if they can corrupt the U.S. justice system also. The battle has just started.

      • Beza says:

        Tesfa lehulum, what this rubbish Elias kiflom is talking about. This issue is not about the government it’s about 2 individuals he was defaming. So either he has to pay them the judgment money which was awarded to them or go to jail. Definitely he is the one who is misleading the public not Amare. You guys are denkoros.

  7. Solomon says:

    Banda yshabia Telalake Edargachw ,ones said ,he would through a dead males zenawi body from selase church .I would release him on the street of Gonder and see this Banda .
    Now I don’t went him to be treated bad like him would treat people .As any Ethiopian I want to see him in the court system.Charged with treason for working with Ethiopia enemy Banda Essayass.
    To the Britsh would they ask any persiner in gontanm prison to see.i don’t think so.
    Adargchew was in the Britsh food-stomp the they should know one less food stomp receiver.
    To t

  8. Beza says:

    Am are, you are right there are different groups who are waiting their fate. Elias got his. Gush Abera must sue Abe be Gelaw for fabricating the story about assassination plot at the same time his ESAT

  9. Etetu says:

    I suspect if the Ethiopian government releases him and deports him to his country -UK- the British would not allow him in or he would be put under MI6 surveillance system eternally.

  10. Tesfalehulum says:

    Andy’s struggle cause enshrine in the heart and mind of millions of Ethiopians…..We thank you Andy for inspriing millions and millions freedom fighters and for your sacrifice……

    God Bless Ethiopia!
    Doomsday is near for the minority fascist, woyane, and banda collborators!

    • Beza says:

      Tesfa yeleleh Shimagle EPRP, YOU JUST BARK EVERYWHERE like mad dog. You will die in agony doing what you are created for. Tesfa Bekele negn kevirgia eyalk ESAT lay medenfatih anso TIGRAY online layim komethin aye hut . Mechem tesfa yekorete sew kemechoh belay yemidergew silelele chuh. YeNursing home tewagi nehina yemitichilewn argehal. Kit a ras.

    • Solomon says:

      Bandas Banda Tesflhulem .
      How dare you call any body Banda ,even though you and Banda edargchew working for the Banda Essayas .
      Because you are Banda your hero is anther Banda (Edargachw )
      But he is not Ethiopian hero he is banda a traitor shabia Telalake .
      Banda Tesflhulem ,you always support Bandas like Minlek who worked for Italian and Tigray land Ethiopian to his master Italian and Djibouti to French .
      Banda Tesfayelelw ,you hate the really Ethiopian hero and king of kings Yohans and Alula .
      But we are tired of your hate naftnga politics .
      Death to shabia
      Death to shabia Telalake kiteragna Tesflhulem .
      God bless all Ethiopian

      • Tesfalehulum says:

        Readers can gauge easily TPLF merceneries and hode ader cadres caliber from Beza( Hagos) and solomon comments and thought process……the regime is full of lunatic garbages …..5th grader MORONS, purchased PhDs holders, and products of the stone factory, Civil Service College.

  11. Dagna says:

    What is the fuss this MP is making about.
    The Ayatolh of traitors and sold out enemy of Ethiopia Andargachew Fagie is guilty as charged and sentenced long time a go while he was dancing tango with his boss in eritrea celebration of the killing of Ethiopian solders . The Court that sentenced him to death was adjourned. “CASE CLOSED”
    Andargachew must do one thing, he must admit his crime officially and tell the British officials that he is in did a terrorist or was an enemy of Ethiopia who was a paid by arabs as a mercenary and took arms to destabilize Ethiopia, and save the British tax payers from wasting money and time on a dead case. –
    This Andargachew Fag who is serving the interests of Ethiopian enemy, who he sees the shabia leader Afewerki his patron saint, who swore to shoot and kill Ethiopian solders, who is sold out for Arabs and dedicated to do maximum damage to Ethiopian few existing or newer infrastructure and salivating to derail the countries development an enemy of Ethiopia by his own act no mater what.—-

    If this dickhead considers himself as British citizen and want to be treated as one, then he not only be charged and punished by the Ethiopian court he must also be charged by Scotland yard be brought to the court of her majesty as a potential enemy of the United kingdom as a foreign trained extremist. The UK tax payers mus not be subjected to care for their future enemy.—–

    (1) =If the UK government want to defend him then the Ethiopian government should take the case to United nation security council and demand the UK to explain why on earth they declare a clandestine war on a sovereign Ethiopia.——
    Off course the Brits do not want another nigger terrorist in their midst, but western politics is another mater as we witness from the United Stats act of harbouring hundreds of militant Ethiopian enemies like Eritrea’s brigade of Ginbot 7 and many others, to be used as an ace card just like made in USA Syrian opposition groups who’s aims are to level Syria to ashes.——–
    (2) If UK wants to have nothing with this primitive thug, he must take responsibility for all his crimes he committed to Ethiopia and its people by working for enemies of Ethiopia and do the right thing, admit that he is in did a traitor and ask mercy from the Ethiopian people.
    (3) For EPRDF be an Ethiopian , stand up for Ethiopia do not use thug traitor as a bargaining chip for your personal interest, keep the Ethiopian people interest ahead of your personal gain from this fiasco do not betray Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people like you have betrayed as by making our homeland Biblical Ethiopia land locked with no mandate and authority do do so.
    (4) Lift the death penalty off this crook he deserve to live and witness as Ethiopia prospers. Her Majesties government must use its diplomatic tie with Ethiopia by asking only to spare his life like the UK former prime minster Tony Blair failed attempt to save the life of Sadam Husien.
    I do not want to see you killed by murderers, you deserve to live and most of all for Your young children who deserves to visit you, make the right choice, admit your guilt. Get your sentence be reduced to life in prison with a possibility of parole depends how much of your confession is true to the Ethiopian people you hurt so much. I will painfully pull my hair from my head with a raged anger but I will Dam it forgive you. Be a proud Ethiopian than a hated second class British nigger.
    (5) The EPRDF government must abolish the death penalty and it must be, because the living has a second chance to make wrong to right, only a murderer seeks death sentence to the living.
    (6) You dirty traitor Yehuda Andargachew Tsige admit, admit, admit, and ask for mercy from the Ethiopian people.

    God bless Ethiopia and true Ethiopians

  12. Bethihu says:

    I just wonder why the any parliament member would want to visit a criminal who was cought while he was doing his criminal activities against Ethiopia and its people…
    So, the wold would like to win against evil or terrorism is to act honestly and to respect other’s right regardles how poor or rich that country… In my opinion, Ethiopia did the right thing to not allow visitors to teririst…

  13. Gardener says:

    I blame Ethiopian Gov’t for not apply the court’s decision…..execute him then it will be end of the story.

  14. ethiio says:

    Woyane refuses everything and everybody. it is just getting old and we are sick of it. They will lose the power or die one day but they need to think and care about their family. what happens after they lose the power? Do they think their family will have a normal life after that? give others a chance to lead the country 20+ years is a long time…..take a break !!!! what the the F****

  15. Atakilt dispatch says:

    It is time of celebration for most government officials to pay respect to the heroes not visit traitors right now. On the eve of the historical 40th Anniversary of Lekatit 11 the city of Mekelle was buzzing all day. On top of the hundreds of thousand residents who crowd the city every day the city was also warmed and graced by thousands of invited guest. Government officials and foreign dignitaries have been arriving all day.

    The city also saw a parade along the main city roads and in front of the martyr’s monument. The week-long bicycle tournament tour ended today.

    In the afternoon there was a procession to honor all those who died during the 17 year long armed struggle. The procession started in the old Royal House and ended in the newly designated martyr cemetery in the vast compound of the Martyr Monument.

    Ato Tewodros Hagos adviser to the president and leader of the organizing committee told Aigaforum a key part of the 40th Anniversary celebration is the formal burial ceremony for all Martyrs. The City of Mekelle was selected to honor a selected 40 former TPLF martyr representing all Martyrs in the presence of Federal officials. Ato Tewdros said similar ceremonies were held all over Tigrai and a special Martyr Cemetery was designated in every locality of Tigrai.

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