Ginbot 7 Man Arrested for Assaulting TV Show Presenter in Virginia (Video)


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78 Responses

  1. hagos says:

    mignot..woyane akatari hodal..amedaam tigre

    • Ermi says:

      So desperate for good news to the woyane cadres that manufacturing lie won’t be enough.

      Peace to all but woyanes!

      • Beza says:

        Shabiya, puppets like Ermi, are swarming all websites of Erhiopians. This is their tactic injecting some irrelevant issue and create distraction. Why don’t you worry about your Shabiya king Esayas. His radio ESAT was the one spreading wrong news about Mesfin Bezu being jailed by Arlington police. This is what your Radio was transmitting as breaking news. But Mesfin was not arrested. This Is on the record.

    • Jebllo from Dembia. says:

      You have dirty mind and narrow nationalist.You are not hagos ! It is good to say you are donkey.

      You pretend to assumilate ethinicity. Neftegna and Banda!!!! Yegulit Lege.

  2. belay akalu says:

    dawit i have never seen a stonehead nonsense element like you who is spreading a childish type tantrum as same as Mesfin Bezu who is another bonehead empty minded and stomach headed element who is screaming all over the planet. you both are simply worthless that dont deserve a descent response……instead if you both open your air filled mind …you would understand why weyane is committing enormous evil crimes against humanity….. son of a bitch!

    • Tagash says:

      you are one of a good example of what is wrong with the diaspora opposition in general and with G7 scumbags like you in particular. You know you ain’t getting no where. Dumb ass.
      Chirir, dibin bileh taregaleh and die bitter, useless scum
      Don’t believe it just watch!

    • Be ewnetu says:

      Stone heades are the Arab bitch’s and Shaebia’s tools like you “Doma hula” you sell your country for /dollar/cash to historical enemy of Ethiopia. time will come to hunt you where ever you are…… wait after the next election of …….. gima gim banda….

      • Tesfalehulum says:

        be weshetu,
        I thought woyane was the one licking Arbs boot in its entire history to dismantle Ethiopa… Not going far, your dead boss, Meles KeZenawi, was using Arbs passport to travel….go back and read Mr. Knuckle head cadre…kkkkkkkk….ahun endante aynetu dedeb ayeha bayfeter beman esek neber??….kkkkkkkk

  3. Tesfalehulum says:

    Aye Awrambatimes……hahahaha…..let me use a two instances of the regime brutality to show you how hollow your propaganda is……..why you never reported about Genet Mogus, a UDJ member who lost her fetus when harslhy beaten by TPLF police and plainclothe security even if she was telling them she is pregnant???…..or why you never reported about Sleshi Hagos whose arm shattered into three by the security forces brutal beating??……now you are the first one to report this TPLF’s puppet accusation……you really value impartality¡¡……..kkkkkkkkk

    God Bless Ethiopia!

    • yohanes IV says:

      you are Eritrean do not give suggestion and do not widespread.

    • yohanes IV says:

      .you are an Eritrean do not give suggestion and do not widespread haterad go out

      • Tesfalehulum says:

        Don’t call yourself Yohanes IV…you’re Meles KeZenaiw IV….you are the the shadow of the dead tyrant…..mehayem cadre!
        Eritreans are our brothers and sisters. We will re-establish our lasting brotherhood on the grave of weyane.

        Woyanes motto>>>>>>Buy one PhD ….get one free….kkkkk

    • Solomon says:

      Next will be Banda shabia Telalakewch wozero messye (wozero) Meselgn ,Banda sissay ,who work for shabia to spread lies about Ethiopia .this two people in love with Banda Essayass .
      Freedom of speech comes with responsibility you can’t defame people or a country without any facts .
      This Banda ,they want to talk but they don’t want to see anther people to respond in kind.
      What goes around alway comes around.
      Banda birr amtu nege say ,he couldn’t go to Ertirea because of a situation he couldn’t control .
      Watch soon he will be in jail.
      He couldn’t go to Ertirea because he need 21 kill row meat a day and poor Ertirea doesn’t have that kind of meat in a week for the whole country.

    • ash says:

      What was would be mother doing at UDJ? Another one give birth in jail..if would be mother does NT want be manhandled get the he’ll out of the kitchen….if u don’t care about our own baby then ….

      • Tesfalehulum says:


        As your name implies you’re an ash, amedam cadre!……your comment tells about your personality…’re devoid of humanity, a typical TPLF’s mercenary…..laughing at others pain and anguish….you’re digging your grave deeper!!

        • ash says:

          i know u dont have answer for me… so u r saying all UDJ have to do is send pregnant women, children and old people to remove TPLF Because according to u pregnant women, children and old people are untouchable so they can remove TPLF safely… I understand ur logic, u r demanding ur right to be respected to do MISCHIEVOUS revolution powered by pregnant women

          • Tesfalehulum says:

            answer for which question ?….don’t over inflate yourself…..your comment is childish and shows how low your thought process is. Let me educate you a little. 90% of UDJ members are the new generation….simply google and see videos and pictures of UDJ’s different events….Genet Mogus, who is a peaceful freedom figher, was also former UDJ council member and active freedom fighter…..that was why she participated. You also mentioned childern……can you provide a single evidence for that ?….you are pathological liar like your bosses. Actually, it is TPLF that recruit children to harass the opposition like they did on Arena Tigray party to stone and scold the party members. By the way, as you laugh on the suffering of patriotic Ethiopians like Genet Moges, know that you’re digging your grave deeper!

            God Bless Ethiopia!

          • ash says:

            dear Tesfalehulum

            All i am saying is UDJ should respect w/r Genet Mogus … At least she deserve Pregnancy and Parental Leave …. it is here RIGHT

    • Be ewnetu says:

      Tesfa yeleleh, stay away from Ethiopian affairs. you’re the most enemy, tools of Arabs, there will be retaliation once more after Eri-TPLF leaders removed……

      • Tesfalehulum says:

        be weshetu,
        I thought woyane was the one licking Arbs boot in its entire history to dismantle Ethiopa… Not going far, your dead boss, Meles KeZenawi, was using Arbs passport to travel….go back and read Mr. Knuckle head cadre…kkkkkkkk….ahun endante aynetu dedeb ayeha bayfeter beman esek neber??….kkkkkkkk

    • dagnew says:

      Le Amichewoch (ager alba , kertata ertrawuyan) bota yelenem.

  4. Nega Asefa says:

    Awramba 360 degree turn to the mafia group TPLF is amazing. Tomorrow, you will go…where?

  5. Geferssa says:

    These notorious gangsters have abused hundreds of citizens in the diaspora in the name of opposing the Ethiopian Government.
    We should say enough is enough and bring each and every one of them to court!
    When we let it go with one, they think we are afraid or cowards and will carry on attacking the democratic and basic human right and dignity of other citizens.
    We should say enough is enough and bring every bit of offence to justice like Mesfin Bezu did!!!

    Collect every evidence you have, (picture, video, witnesses) against them and consult a legal office in your community.
    No western democratic criminal code insults and physical and verbal personality attacks are simply crimes which would be persecuted. Ethiopian embassies should give a consulting service to the citizens who are abused by extremist anti-democratic elements.

    We should teach those anti-democracy forces a lesson wherever they are.

    Bravo Mesfin Bezu!

    Democracy begins by defending ones owns rights!

    • Tesfalehulum says:

      Geferssa (Hagos),
      You write….”Collect every evidence you have, (picture, video, witnesses) against them and consult a legal office in your community.”…..kkkkkk….I call your blah blah FUGERA of the year…kkkkkk….actually the reverse is true….that’s why your bosses hide like a rat whatever they come abroad……kkkkkk

    • Etetu says:

      Gobezu Mesfin

  6. amanuel haile says:

    Dawit Kebede is the editor of awramba times. He is only looking for faults of memebers rebels struggling against the worst regime mother earth had seen ever who resides in Ethiopia calling itself epdrf under tha controll of tf***’nplf. Dear Readers,For your information this guy had been awarded CPJ award pretending like a freedom fighter but unfortunately he recently known for his role as an undercover agent for tplf.

  7. idris says:

    GOOD job Mesfin. Just expose the toxic and haters. They have no real politics, but hate and toxicity.
    Thank you very much

  8. Hailu says:

    You make my day,Mesfin. God bless you

  9. Tazabi says:

    So what ? Who cares ? Very trivial !

  10. yohanes IV says:

    TG TV
    You are very nice and go ahead

  11. Birru says:

    OMG, when I read the title and look at the picture, I thought it was Brhanu Nega,who was thrown to behind bar for his recent war of words via ESAT against,EPRDF…any way sorry for this poor man whose fate before the court yet not known.

  12. Etetu says:

    Ya some individuals only assert their rights to oppose the people in power, and they forget the other person’s equal rights to support the people in power.

  13. SAMYOO says:


  14. Helen Seyoum says:

    The Ethiopian so called oppositions are currently angry because the TPLF 40 years anniversary celebration is once again uniting TPLF supporters .

    Presidents of Sudan , Ruwanda and Somalia , Prime Minsters Djibouti and Uganda came to Tigray for TPLF 40 years anniversary celebration which made those that oppose TPLF feel like they lost never to win against TPLF in anyway.


  15. kakaka says:

    are yihim ahun gazetegna yibalal ?
    he seems a Comedian !! hahahahaha yihe yegazetegninet ha hu betaaaaam gebtotal .lolz

  16. Ewunet says:

    Full of lies no one is arrested sham on you. Bothe of you are a big lier.

  17. Teklu says:

    Toxic Diaspora are mad,they think they are in power,they are still dergist.

  18. Shimels says:

    bravo Mesfin

  19. Mahmoud says:

    የሻዕብያና የግንቦት 7 ሽርክና አስመልክቶ የግንባሩ ሊ/መንበር ብርሃኑ ነጋ ከእውቁ የተቃዋሚዎች ልሣን ኢትዮሚድያ ጋር ባደረገው ቃለ መጠይቅ፣ ጋዜጠኛው ሻእብያ የኢትዮጵያ አንድነት አይደግፍም ለምሳሌ የደምሂት ሊ/መ የነበረው ፍስሐ በጠራራ ፀሐይ አሥመራ ውስጥ ተገድላል ይህንን እንዴት ታየዋለህ? ተብሎ ሲጠየቅ የሰጠው መልስ አስገራሚ ነበረ።

    “ያለህ መረጃ ትክክል አይደለም (ጋዜጠኛውን )፣ ፍስሐ የተገደለው በሻእብያ ሳይሆን በአንድ እብድ ሰው ነው” የሚል። ይታያችሁ በአስመራ ከተማ ውስጥ የታጠቀ እብድ አስቦና ሆነ ብሎ ፍስሃን ሲገድል!! ለካስ የሥልጣን ጥማት ከአገር ማሰደዱ አንሶ እንዲህም ያስዋሻል? ዶ/ሬ እንግዲህ እርሶም ሆነ ጀሌዎችዎ አሥመራ ስትሄዱ ከወያኔ ብቻ ሳይሆን ከእብድም መጠንቀቅ ነው። ግን እንዴት ይቻላል? ኢሳያስ ራሱም እኮ እብድ ነው አሉ።

  20. Samri says:

    Good job Mesfin Bezu. Terroristoch eskemialku dires tiglu yiketilal.

  21. Ethio77 says:

    EU increases assistance to Ethiopia to 1 bln Euros per year from 200 million per year!

    Thank you Germany, France, UK and Italy! Thank you EU!

    Gim7+ESAT+Shabia and all other enemies of Ethiopia, kill yourself!

  22. mesfin says:

    dawit kebede,
    tazazinaleh ante hodam sew.
    why don’t you report about the killings of oromos in ambo.
    the beating of pregnant member of andinet party in addis.
    landgrab in gambella.
    ethnic cleanings of amhara
    election rigging and 200 death by agazi in addis.
    corruption, apartheid,…………
    and u call urself a journalist.
    amed bila

  23. Desperate?Me? says:

    According to oxford dictionary a thug is a violent person, especially a criminal.

    synonyms: ruffian · hooligan · vandal · hoodlum · gangster · villain ·

  24. Tesfalehulum says:


    Would you provide us a link to prove your claim ???……kkkkk…..dummy cadre……by the way, EU declines even to finance to fake election of weyane…..every one knows Weyane = thief + pathological liar + racist !!

    • Ethio77 says:


      below the link for you:

      Instead of defaulting to insult, I am sure you could have used a split of the energy and time to type the words in Google to find the link. Is that too much asked?

      By the way everybody who do not share your opinion is not a cadre, whatever the word cadre means for you.
      I know that would shock you, so you would deny and give me another label. If that makes you life easier, so let it be.

      For me insulting someone I do not know or met, in a virtual anonymous forum doesn’t make sense.

      In general it seems to me, for some people in the diaspora who call themselves “opposition” also sometimes known as “toxic diaspora” a big challenge to tolerate other ideas and opinions that their own.
      That is the reason why I called these groups and their followers real enemies of Ethiopian’s democratic process and the people of Ethiopia at large.

      By the way, for the “street smart” insult graduate diaspora “opposition”, who call EU financial help to Ethiopia a “beggar money”, I say so let it be, as long as the money is saving lives and improving the lives of millions of people of my country!!
      The improvement of the lives of the Ethiopian people what matters for me at the first place!

      What these people and so called “activists” care most is only and only their own comfort, be it at the cost of millions dying in hunger! You can come to this sad conclusion when you see a bit of their life choices and true motivations. You can come to this conclusion also easily when you see that they do not care or honer when the lives of millions of poor improves, by whomever it might be facilitated.

      Sadly their political activism is motivated and geared only by the greed to secure advantage for themselves and may be few of their likes! “Democracy” or anything they shout are nice coverups. You will see that easily when you see their internal organisation structure. In reality, I believe these group of people are the most anti-democratic force ever, who would immediately bring a brutal cannibalistic system if they have the slightest chance to come near to power.

      Lastly for again for those of you who called the EU financial help to Ethiopia “beggar money” let me tell you one thing:
      EU countries are not fool at throwing this much of the tax money of their citizes away at a “begger”.
      They are giving Ethiopia this money because they know that Ethiopia is on the right track and in very short time would be able to contribute her share for stability and prosperity of the region and beyond, where everyone would profit.

      Considering Ethiopia’s potential and prospect to contribute to the economic development and stability of the region and beyond, 1 bl dollars is nothing! But still that is a good and wise investment from the EU countries!! It is the beginning! You have seen nothing yet!

      Tesfalehulum, you can believe in whatever you want, but I believe it’s Ethiopia’s time and Ethiopia is doing great!
      For this, i do not need to be a cadre, and I do not need your permission!

      • Yhannes says:

        RTIO 77. These people are Derg supporters, this means they are killers. They run to America and in that country they can countinue thier Mafia style life.
        these evile people are already now in America. Most of them they are Taxi drivers, they want to lead ethiopia these Taxi drivers. Ethiopia is behind due to these people, that is the work they have to do, Taxi Drivers, car parcking witching, and house cleaning.
        And I am sure , these people can not help ethiopia, but they can not even harm itbecause they are not cleaver.
        they will go to eritrea to beg money from Essaysa Afewerki the Arsb spy.

      • Tesfalehulum says:

        Ethio 77,

        The link you provide is from ENA, Ethiopian News Angency, TPLF’s lie machine… ayete meseker denbit alu…kkkkkk……setasaferu!

        You also write, “I KNOW FOR SURE THESE PEOPLE, WHO SOME ARE TAXI drivers in DC”…..let me educate you Mr. knuckle head cadre…..either you drive a cab or wash a dish, your income is earned by hard work…it does not come by looting from the poor’s mouth….secondly, to love you country income is not a requirement. What do you say about your bosses from top to bottom who are decorated by purchased masters and PhDs ???…..what do you say about your mafia bosses who becomes a multi millionaire in a few years ?….I know you’re blind to see all these because you’re part of the looting ring!

        • Solomon says:

          When you (bandas banda Tesflhulm)talk about corruption, Are you talking about you boss Essayass.
          Who has 699 million dollars in Swiss Bank.
          Go Bandas Banda Tesflhulem talk about your beloved Ertirea see what is hapning stashing millions by selling your people orgen in a black market .
          Ethiopia has only 2 million .
          Wayan is the least corrupted government in Africa and we as Ethiopian government since the really Ethiopian king of kings Yohans .

      • Samora says:

        That is Ethiopian news agency link who gona believe that? show if you have any independent news agency.

  25. Dawit Gebre Medhin says:

    Dawit …don’t you know that TPLF 40 yekum teskar new yawetaw…..cos it is this year it has to stay in power ….no more ….

  26. just_started says:

    now he is going to be somebodies bitch in the prison

  27. Shiromeda says:

    Mesfin is not a smart journalist but he has the right to say what ever he thinks right. It is one of the component of democracy or individual right . However, a group of people who lined up in diaspora politics may not understand the core principle of democracy and attacking individuals who have different opinion. For a politician, Bullying is a benign stage of dictatorship or fascism. Ethiopian politics and politicians are infected with the kind of communism style bullying & dictatorship viral. Let us take a moment to see and observe our image mirror and try to compare and contrast with our painting of the monkey image then we can able to see our differences.

  28. SAMYOO says:


    • Tesfalehulum says:


      You tried play smart and labeled be “childish” but you started your comment in a capital letter and concluded it all the way by a capital letter…lol……was that what you studied in the English 101 class at the stone factory, Civil Service College??….now, do you blame me for laughing at you guys…..kkkkkk…’re old trash bag…..MORON cadre!

  29. TPDM + G7 + Arbegnoch + ARDUF + South People = freedom
    the biggest freedom fighters cooperation.
    Woyane sleepless Night Let me assure you, we will be over whelmed by new freedom fighters, thanks for woyane who is contributing for that. the number of freedom fighters is exponentially growing as woyane keep harassing the Ethiopian people.Thanks woyane we would not achieved that with out your help.we are also predicting a mass exodus to Eritrea we are preparing for that.By the way those who are interesting join the Ethiopian freedom fighters you are well come.

  30. ashebir says:

    Thanks dave for your ethiopian and democratic reports, for me the desperate toxic oppositions in diaspora camp are acting like wild animal coz while being in democratic countries like USA, but having difficulty in understanding basic human rights is the worst ptoblem of learning any how dave please keep up teaching those undemocratic ignorant toxic oppostions cadres

  31. tsere weyane says:

    a time will come for us to capture this banda called mesfin hodu and put him in cage

  32. kumsa says:

    Dawit, I have read somewhere that u were somehow related to Banda Meles. Ur true colors are showing and have arisen as the Phoenix bird with your Eprdf wings. How much r they paying u? swinging from one end to the other…from award winning so called journalist to mouth piece of Wayne. we know people like u because u stink from head to toe.

  33. kassa Belete says:

    Hodam America eyenorek seledimocracy eyawek Ethiopiaweyanoch enedenenefeg setesera tenesh atasebem ? semaetatu yemotut enanetene lemanor neber?

  34. kassa Belete says:

    እነዛ ሁሉ ታጋዮች በትግል ያለቁት ዲሞክራሲን ለኢትዮጵያውያን ለማጎናፀፍ ነበር እንጂ እናንተንና መሰሎችህን ለዘመናት በስልጣን ላይ ለማኖርና አምባ ገነን ለማድረግ አልነበረም ለነገሩ ቀናችሁ እየደረሠ ስለሆነ ጣራችሁን አብዙ

  35. Anti-ye efugn Lijoch says:

    You nonsense! whatever you talk and write the camel will continue on traveling.

  36. SAMYOO says:


  37. Mohammed Abdella says:

    Ato Bezu,
    I am very pleased to know that you respect the law of the country where you live in. Furthermore the actions you have taken against the fellow Ethiopian who took the law in his hand is proper and correct. Therefore lawless Ethiopian is arrested for violating the law of the country. Like you said we all find out what the judge will decide in the near future. Your hard work will teach many other Ethiopians including myself to think twice before beating someone who has a different opinion than that of theirs. I am not a supporter nor opponent of the present government. Ethiopians who live in America demonstrate against the Ethiopian government is exercising their democratic rights. However going to the Ethiopian Embassy compound and bring down Ethiopian flag and throwing it is not only illegal but also undemocratic. I ask myself if ever this group of lawless people come to power what would be Ethiopia and Ethiopians look like?. Ato Bezu, I want to thank you for exposing the lawless Ethiopian and for teaching all Ethiopians including myself who watched your program by introducing democracy in practice. Reminding us to respect the law of the country no matter where one is. Many Ethiopians including myself talk a lot about democracy but we either do not know how it functions or know how it functions and yet do not want to live or both. Democracy is not a one way street. Just like the lawless Ethiopians who demonstrate against the Ethiopian government and there other other Ethiopians who support the Ethiopian government. This should not be a reason to fight with one another. We Ethiopians need to respect the opinion of others even when it is not to our liking. We need to watch how Democrats and Republicans in America fight with words and yet after business is over they get together and have tea or beer together. We need to learn from them, This is democracy. They respect one another. Finally I want to thank you for the outstanding job you have done. Please continue to do the excellent job. The truth will prevail.

  38. Samra says:

    That is Ethiopian News agency the big lier! who is gona believe your news? Show me the news in an independent news agecy.

  39. Selam says:

    Eat Egyptian’s and katar’s salery with all your freinds in the name of shabia ! Eritreans are dying when Issayas play with you ! None sens ! my country donky driver is more productif than Birehanu !

  40. Miky says:

    Fuck U all! write national thinking’s 4 future bright Ethiopia

  41. Tom says:

    Ante aheya Tigire… Menem alelehim ante Aram Tigire!!! Enath tebeda ante Tilam shutam demehen mafses neber ante hodam!!! Bedatam Tigire

  42. Abebe Boke says:

    The criminals become innocent and the innocent become criminal by the help of cover up which your criminal gangsters government’s heinous act. For the time being, you would be florishing but trust me, you and your killer government is done. You guys have no foundations in Ethiopia. For me, you are rootless. You can Robb us, but, expect justice will served sooner than later.

  43. Abebe Boke says:

    So, you think that he is aressted means for life in jail? It is not the unjustice law in Ethiopia, maximum of one month jail time, he will be out soon, history is always on his side.

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