Ethiopian GIBE III dam spurs debate


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  1. Joel Santana says:

    The analyst emphatically invoked ‘concern for social justice’ as a factor to be balanced in the construction of Gibe III Dam. But ‘social justice’ is an elusively broad term to reckon with. What ‘social justice’ is he talking about? The ‘social justice’ of the rural residents in the river’s basin or the ‘social justice’ of all Ethiopians? How is the interests of the locals going to be balanced with the overall interest of Ethiopians to pursue a path of national development by tapping into their God given resources including water? To say that ‘a concern for social justice’ is not well-considered is the most easiest thing to say if not accompanied with a specific recommendations on how the said concern would be taken into account. I wish the Oxford analyst also make his voice on various concerns of ‘social justice’ in the international economic order structurally skewed to advance the net gains of industrialized West at the expense of poor countries. Example: think for a while how the subsidies to farming in developed countries is killing the producers of agricultural goods in Africa and elsewhere because they can’t compete with inefficient farmers of Europe and America kept afloat in the market through subsidy. Withdraw the subsidy to farmers in rich countries and you will be surprised to see poor countries in Africa turning into bread baskets for the world.

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