Awramba Times presents Short Documentary on TPLF 40th Anniversary


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19 Responses

  1. hermi says:

    Thanks Dawit. Fanuel’s assessment and analysis on various topics was very perceptive and intelligent. Great potential. Thanks again it was music to my ears and a booster to my soul. Recently the noise around the extreme Diaspora haters and lies was nauseating and unsettling. Eternal glory to our martyrs.

    • Tesfalehulum says:

      According to the former TPLF’s finance chief and patriotic Ethiopian Gebremedehn Araya,

      “From the very beginning, TPLF has utterly been undemocratic by its nature. I myself have been expressing in different media outlets that this mercenary group was and still is anti-Ethiopia and inhuman in general. Though the people of Ethiopia well know the nature of TPLF with regard to its nihilistic and destructive behavior, on my behalf, I would like to give some factual accounts as to how it has been trying to destroy the pillars of both religions based on its anti-religion policy.

      From the start of 1977, in its ‘Woyyin’(which means ‘revolt!’) bulletin, TPLF or the then TLF had a column known as ‘Christian Religion and the Amhara’ under which the following was repeatedly published in bold for years:- “Christian religion is the major instrument through which the Amhara regime sustains its ruling. Therefore, the target of our struggle, the Amhara regime, and its ruling tool, the Christian religion, should both be destroyed.” This bulletin was distributed among fighters and the common people to distract their attention from staunch Ethiopianness to the then fledgling anti-Ethiopianness. In its August 1977 edition, this bulletin added that not only the Amharas, but also the Amharic language should also be eradicated from the surface of the Earth along with the speakers.

      The high officials of TPLF who used to propagate poisonous anti-Ethiopia(n) and anti-religion stuffs from the Propaganda Bureau of this devilish group were Sebhat Nega, Abbay Tseahye, and Meles Zenawi. These three individuals in the higher hierarchy of TPLF have been known among the fighters, even among the people by and large, for the hatred-charged madness they exhibited towards the Amhara and for both the Christian and Islamic religions.

      The Public Relations Office of TPLF was also led by these same mad people. In September 1978, these individuals designed a new wave of campaign to be launched on the eradication of Orthodox Christianity in Tigray. To this end, they organized a seminar/workshop to sensitize their cadres who will have to carry out that destructive scheme…………..Let me list down those responsible individuals who exerted their maximum effort to destroy Ethiopia along with their pedigree. [‘traitor’ is meant to mean ‘banda/kehadi’ who serves the enemy, historically the Italian colonialism.]

      1. [the late] Meles Zenawi – himself traitor, his Eritrean parents as well traitors

      2. Sebhat Nega – his mother Eritrean traitor, his father Tigrian

      3. Abbay Tsehay – son of a traitor, Axum

      4. Seyoum Mesfin – son of a traitor, Eritrean

      5. Arkebe Ouqubai – son of traitor, Adwa

      6. Dr. Solomon Enquay – son of traitor, his father Eritrean

      7. Tsegay Berhe – son of traitor, Eritrean

      8. Tsadkan G/ Tinsay – son of traitor, Eritrean

      9. Tewodros Hagos – son of traitor, Eritrean

      10. Abbay Woldu – son of traitor, his father Eritrean

      11. Tewodros Adhanom (now Dr. and Minister of FA) – son of traitor, Eritrean”

      12. Debretsion G/Michael – son of traitor, was member of Eritrean suicidal mission

      13. Azeb Mesfin – brought up in Tsegede, Sudan and Eritrea, granddaughter of an Amhara traitor

      It is the irony of history that that all of the aforementioned ambassadors of the satanic mission to destroy Ethiopia are the children of traitors who served the Italian invaders back in the history of the country. Their parents helped those foreign invaders and caused the death of innocent citizens. Following the furrow of their parents’ bad history, these children of theirs are also causing the country to once again pass through a dirty tunnel of historical calamities as we all know today. The so called ANDM or OPDO or other similar satellite parties are creatures of TPLF which do not have their own existence; they are the results of the craftsmanship of TPLF designed in a bid to fool the fool when they crossed the territories of proper Tigray at around the closure of the resistance movement, sometime before they controlled Addis Ababa. These puppets are also criminals and will be responsible for what they are doing in collaborating TPLF to gallop the country.”

      • Beza says:

        Tesfa yeleleh shimagle EPRP Gebremedihin Tilaleh degmo. He is in nursing home like you. He doesn’t know what he is talking about. He was wanted by TPLF for taking the money of the poor fighters as far as the history of the person is telling us. He would be the last person to be called as a witness. Stop the joke and find somebody else, KITA RAS SHIMAGLE.

      • muchie says:

        ዳዊት፣ ምንም እንክዋን ዘመኑ የዴሞክራሲ ነው ቢባልም እንደተስፋሁን ነኝ ባዩ አይነት አሳዳጊ የበደሎውና የሸርሙጣ ልጅ መልክት ማስተናገድ በዴሞክራሲ መቀለድ ይመስለኛል።

        • sosa says:

          Tiru bilehal wedaje. Democracy balege ena wushetamoch balubet waga yelatim. Yebalegewoch metekemia hona new yemitikerew.

      • Solomon says:

        Bandas Banda Tsflehulem ,you forgat #14 you (tesflhulm)are ertirean you are so in love with Ertirea, why don’t move to Ertirea and live ander your beloved Banda Essayass.

      • Solomon says:

        Banda’s Banda Tesflhulem ,what is Ertirea slave name give to those people by your boss Italian and a traitor Minlke .banda Tesflhulem please tell us are they Kunama ,afar,binamir ,what they are you don’t even know what are you talking about. Banda Tesfalhulu you are just deeply in love with Banda Essayass .
        I have advice for you (Tesfalhulu )we pure Ethiopian will pay for your ticket so you can live happily after with Essayass in Asmera .

      • Be ewnetu says:

        U deny Ethiopian identity. and u all come back to destabilize the country by pretending as a Ethiopian, but u loose lot credibility, just wait for retaliation after EPRDF , or clean from Eri-TPLF leaders….., I think, for Ethiopia u r like immigrant Arabs to western. which is get difficulty to control the Terrorist activity, also Somalia’s in Kenya….hard to defend their country from Al shabab, so u will kick out soon. u r extremely enemy of the country. u r not peaceful people like other neighbor nations.

      • Alula says:

        አንተ ቡትቶ ተስፋ ቢስ አር-ተራዊ !

        ለመሆኑ በደህና ነው አንደዚህ አይነት ነጭ -ዝሆን አየሁ አይነት ወሸት በሀገር ሰላም የምትዘባርቀው ?
        እግዚአብሔር ይማርህ ከማለት ሌላ ምንም ማድረግ አይቻልም ;; እናንተ ከበሳ ኤርትራውያን መቼም ጥሩ ነገር ስታዩ አና ስትሰሙ የኛ ነው; አዚያ ነበርን ;ከፍተኛ አስተዋጽዖ አድርገናል .. ማለት ልማዳችሁ ነው !
        የተመቸው አህያ ወይም ወፍራም የሽንት ቤት ሰገራ አንኩዋን ስታዩ ኤርትራዊ ነው አንደምትሉ ይታወቃል ! በተቃራኒው ደግሞ ደሃ ; የተጎሳቆለ ገጠሬ ያልተመቸው ንጹህ አር-ተራዊ ስታዩ ደግሞ የኛ አይደልም ብላችሁ የራሳችሁን ወንድም አና ዜጋ ዜጋ መካድ አንደዚሁ የዘወትር ስራችሁ ነው – በዚህ ከቀጠልክ ደግሞ አድሜ ከሰጠን ነገ – ቅዱስ ያሬድ ; አሉላ አባ ነጋ ; አጼ ዮሐንስ ; ኪ ሮስ አለማየሁ ; ሃየሎም አርአያ ; ባሻይ አዋሎም ወልዱ ; ምሩጽ ይፍጠር ; ሼክ አል አሙዲን ; ራስ መንገሻ ኢያሱ በርሄ ውዘተ ደግሞ ሐማሴን አር-ተራውያን ነበሩ ማለትህ አይቀርም .::
        ለነገሩ በ አሁኑ ከበሳ አርትራ አና ትግራይ መሃከል የ ፓለቲካ አና በተወሰነ ደረጃ -በተለይ ከ 20 ዓመት በፊት -የ ማህበራዊ ልዩነት ካልሆነ በስተቀር ምንም ልዩነት አንደሌለ ይታወቃል ;; አንጋፋው የህዋሐት ታጋይ ስብሐት ነጋ በቅርቡ በ VOA ከበሳ ኤርተራ የትግራይ አውራጃ ነበር ብሎ ነግሮሃል ! የሆነ ሆኖ ኤርትራ ወይም ኢትዮጵያዊ መሆን የአጋጣሚ አና የምርጫ ጉዳይ ነው ! አንደዚያ ባይሆን ግማሽ የአስመራ ነዋሪ በተለይ ሐማሴን -ጸሎት አና የመሳሰሉት አካባቢዎ በሙሉ የሽሬ አና ተምቤን ተዋላጆች አይደሉም አሁን ኤርትራዊ የሚባሉት ?
        የኤርትራ ባለስልጣናት በሙሉ – ኢሳያስ አፎርቂ (ተምቤን ) – ሐጎስ ክሻ (ወድ መቀሌ ) ; የማነ ገብረ አብ; የማነ ገብረ መስቀል ; አና ሌሎቹም ብዙ ባለስልጣናት እና ጀነራሎች ከትግራይ አይደሉም ? ግን አንደዚያ ሆኖ የትኛው ኢትዮጵያዊ ነው – ሐቅነት አንኩዋን ቢኖረው – አነዚህ ስዎች ኢትዮጵያውያን ናችው ያለው ?

        እንደ አጋጣሚ ሆኖ ግን አንተ የዘረዘርካቸው ወያኔዎች በሙሉ ንጹህ ኢትዮጵያውያን የትግራይ ልጆች ናቸው ! ለትግራይ ሕዝብ ታግለው የትግራይን አና ኢትዮጵያን የቀድሞ ክብር መልሰው ከሁሉም በላይ ደግሞ ያንተን ትንሽዋን; ደሃዋን አና ካለ አቅሟ አየተነሳች የምትቧጨረውን አንበሳ ልሁን ባይ ድመት ኤርትራ ያዋረዱት ; የ ዓይናቸው ቀለም አላማረኝም ብሎ ቤተሰቦችን አና ዘመዶችህን ከኢትዮጵያ ያባረሩት አነዚህ ሰዎች አይደሉም አንዴ ? አሁንስ ሀገርህ ላይ ማአቀብ ያስጣሉት አና በከፋ ድህነት አንደትዘፈቅ ያደረጉት አነዚህ አንተ ኤርትራውያን ብለህ የሰደብካቸው ኢትዮጵያውያን ትግሬዎች አይደሉም ? የአርተራን ግማሽ ወረው 2 ሚሊዮን ሕዝብ አፈናቅለው አና አግረ መንገዳቸውን አፈራርሰው ; ባድመን ቀምተው በዓለም ፊት አዋርደው አንገትህን ያስደፉት ጀግኖች አርትራውያን ናቸው ? ለማንኛውም በግዜህ ቁም ነገር ስራበት አና ረሃብተኛ ስደተኛ ዘመዶችን እርዳበት .. ያንተ ያልሆነውን ነገር የኔ ነው ማለት አና ኢትዮጵያዊ ትግሬ ውን ሁሉ አርትራዊ ነው ማለት ምንም አይጠቅምህም .. አንደውም በራስህ ዘመዶች ተስፋ አንደቆረጥክ አና የበታችነት ስሜት አንደሚ ሰማህ ነው ከንቱ ተግባርህ የሚያሳየው ! ሰው ከሚሰማው ይልቅ የሚያየውን ነው የሚያምነው ! በመጨረሻ አንዴ ጥያቄ ራስህን ጠይቅ .. አነዚህ የኤርትራ ናቸው ብለህ የዘረዘርካቸው ወያኔዎች ለትግራይ -ኢትዮጵያ ምን ሰሩ ለኤርተራስ ምን አደረጉ ብለህ አራስህን ጠይቅ ! ያን ግዜ ትክክለኛ መልሱን ታገኛለህ -ግራ የገባህ ከበሳ -ትግሬ ነህ !ተስፋ ቢስ ወሸታም ኤርትራዊ !

        • Ermi says:

          They brought 20 million lies from Australia under the 14 year old Biratu. When you point your finger at others, don’t forget the rest of your fingers are pointing at yourself. Lena woyane hulu.

          Peace to all but woyanes!


  2. Gashaw says:

    Thank you so much Dawit! Keep up the great work!

  3. yohanes IV says:

    thank you Dawite

  4. Kelme Work says:

    Thank you David for your excellent and quality work.
    we love you!

  5. Almaz says:

    Thanks Awramba for bringing these celebration in amharic.most of Aiga forum post in tigrina I could not understand

  6. Zemenu Zemene says:

    TPLF is celebrating its 40 years existence under the shadow of Ethiopia is slowly but surely and successfully sinking under because of the Economic colonization by her choice despite she was the first nation never been colonization in Africa and the citizens paid lots of sacrifices for it.

    The same people those are known with colonization and slavery are successfully taking over the country in the name of investment and globalization where corrupting the hidden officials is making them able to do so. .

    Who owns as private property the Ethiopian beer breweries? What is the benefit the country is getting from when we know those merciless multinational breweries from England and Holland are buying the ingredients including barely from abroad despite Ethiopia is the best place growing any type of crop including barley.
    Beer consumes lots of water. Are they paying the right price for water? Are they paying good salary based on the huge profit they are collecting? Are they compensating the country for the cheap energy they are getting rather than corrupting the officials for best deals with aim eating the nation together with few local corrupts and dumb have no idea what is going on including in their own country because of some foreigners including like them ?
    Most importantly what is the government, Church and communities are doing in order to save the citizens particularly the Young generation from the coming national disasters planned by these brewers which is causing massive alcohol addictions and affecting the society very badly? In England, Holland and so on it is not allowed to make any beer and cigarette advertisement. But in Ethiopia, they are advertising very savagely including using our national icon name “Walia” with aim to sell as much as beer to nations which is identifying with walia.
    Ethiopians must own the nation wealth and financial sources, not handing over to the foreign enemies that are engaging with activities including producing alcohols in order to affect the society/young generation for their lucrative profit.
    It was thought the Habesha brewery that is on the making was Ethiopian owned. But it looks owned by another Dutch brewery called Bavaria as it is the case Heineken with other breweries.

    The Ethiopian government is getting rotten every day losing its mind and vision. Don’t handover the country and society to the profit addicted bad foreigners/known colonizers in the name of investment and privatization. Ethiopians must own, use and benefit Ethiopia by and within themselves, not the bad foreigners that has only one goal which is profit coming from nowhere but the society.

    The Ethiopian government must motivate the local/small breweries that are engaging making Tella(traditional drink which is better than beer in many ways) all over the country and also support the Ethiopian owned industrial level breweries using the local ingredients where the workers/managers are Ethiopians and the profit remains in the country and owned by Ethiopians. Ethiopians must use their own products creating/producing by themselves including beer.

    Globalization and bad foreign investment is worse than slavery and colonization which is happening by choice from the corrupted and dumb officials. But it wasn’t working to anyone except the Economic colonizers and it will not work except foreigners are looting the country and exploiting the citizens.

    You know why the so called oppositions and Diasporas are badly failed and worthless?
    Because instead of using the very essential and important issues to argue and expose the government bad doing including the handing over of breweries to foreigners and other bad issues in the name of privatization, they are crying all along woyane this and woyane that.

    But if they are starting to tell and teach the people about the very bad/damaging policies the government is doing particularly related to foreign investment like what is going on with the beer breweries that are producing alcohol to make the hungry and destitute people drunk and doing nothing instead of assisting them doing the things that benefits the citizens and guarantee the future of the country which is Ethiopia must owned by Ethiopians not bad foreigners coming in the country and we have to work and benefit them from our own resources and losses
    Look how foreigners including Ethiopians are living let’s say in England and Holland. They are the under bottom of the bottoms despite some of them are wise, hard working and well informed having second and more degree education levels.

    Don’t give Ethiopia and its citizens with the profit equipped shark teeth bad foreigners particularly in the sectors that are affecting the society including alcohol and cigarettes.
    Work with China, Japan(God bless them for creating the Rice research institution in Ethiopia and many many more supports including roads and Bridges along side with kaizen Philosophy), Russia, India, Iran, Turk, Africa and many more.

    • በለው ! says:

      **እውነት ብለሃል!ደጋፊው እና ተደጋፊው…. ተቃዋሚውም እና ተቋቋሚውም አፉን አሹሎ ስድብና ማሽቋለጥ እንጂ ሀገርና ሕዝን የሚጠቅም አንድም ነጥብ ያለው ነገር ይዞ ሐሳብ ሲሰጥ፣ ሲሟገት፣ ሲማማር፣ አይታይም! ዘመኑ ዘመመ በለው! (ያልታደለች ሀገር)

      • Mekdes says:

        Belew, well come back! !!! You make a point now, about the opposition. You see, now u became matured. You are coming out of thee darkness. Weyy Gize.

        • በለው ! says:

          “ዓይንሽ ወይም ጭንቅላትሽ በሙሉ ተንሸዋሯል ልበል? ወይንስ ጀዋሪ መሐመድና ተስፋዬ ግብረእባብ ሲነኩ ብቻ ያቀባዥርሽ ነበር ማለት ነው! ለየትኛው ብሔር ጎሳ ነገድ ፖለቲካ ፓርቲ ወይም ግለሰብ ደጋፊና ተደጋፊ ሆኜ በኢትዮጵያ እና በኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ላይ በጥቅማጥቅም በአነስተኛና ጥቃቅን እንደአንቺ በኢህአዴግ ጥላ ሥር የጎጥ የግል አጀንዳ መርዝ አልረጭም! የግለሰቡ አስተያት ግራም ቀኝም አመዛዝኖ በመሆኑ በአብዛኛው ሀሳብ እስማማለሁ ተለጣፊነት ተግባሬ አልነበረም! አደለም! አይሆንም! ተፎካካሪው ጎራ አጋጣሚውን ቢያገኝ ከኢህአዴግ (ከደርግ) የተሻለ ዜጋ እንዳለ ጥርጥር የለውም! አንዳርጋቸው በእሥር ላይ ሆኖ በኢቢ ኤስ ብቅ እያለ ኢህአዴግን በሐሳብ እየረዳ አደለምን? ዘይገርም አለ ያገሬ ሰው^^^

  7. Zemenu Zemene says:

    This is not the time to celebrate but become human in a way becoming able to understand the situation in order to protect the nation and its citizens from the foreign evilness the nation is facing in the name of investment, aid, NGO, Charities, media, democracy….

    Handing over the country in the name of foreign investment and trade to the known black slave traders, masters, colonizers, looters and in general evils is not making the county running well governed by itself for own benefit. These people have been there forty years ago in different era and circumstances. They are here today as leaders in a way they have no idea but handing over the country to bad foreign enemies that are very much known with hostilities, crimes and destruction against Africa and black people where Ethiopia is the worse victim particularly by the English.

    Stop listening them, stop reading anything coming from them including the English and USA newspapers and magazines. Stop watching BBC, Fox, CNN, ABC, CNBC, Sky, ITV and so on. They are criminal media cartels run by Criminal so called journalists serving/are part of the greedy and evil imperialists in eth west. Never ever trust them for anything. There is nothing in them that makes them doing anything good to others particularly to blacks. Look how they are treating blacks including those well educated in their own country.

    The best media channel is RT. Young Turk, CCTV and there are plenty others doing their jobs based on facts, truth, objectivity while exposing the evil and criminal nature of the Anglo-American media empire owned by the few satanic imperialists.

    Go to RT and watch: “Keiser report: UK’s crackhead economic policies (E726)”

    This will tell you among the others how looks like the English establishment, the economy which is based on fake and lies where the small nation like UK debt is 1.5 trillion pound or 2.4 trillion dollar and growing by a billion a day.

    yet, they are coming to Ethiopia telling how good they are and how they are capable to help which is the tactic to come in order to corrupt the officials, destroy the system and own the country with the kind of agenda they are having that is worse than they had during the slavery and colonization era.

    Don’t handover the country in the name of investment and trade to the known black people enemies and evils against Africa. slowly but surely Develop by yourself while working with other useful nations that are plenty these days started from china, Japan, Russia and so on. Don’t have anything to do with IMF (international monetary fraud) and WB (Whitewashing Bank).

    Watch RT, Young Turk and many other new media’s regularly while criminalize the western ones the world knows how bad, liars, biased, Fictional and evils are working only for the few imperialists agenda and benefit against the world.

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