Launching event of Ambassador Helawi Yoseph’s ‘Tarik ena Tibeb’ book


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32 Responses

  1. Tesfalehulum says:

    “The ‘Amhara’ National Democratic Movement (ANDM) was found in November 1980 in Tigray, at a place known as Tekrarwuha. The mission of ANDM – It’s all about shutting down the ‘Amhara’ threat. ANDM was the favoured puppet organization. They leadership was made up of various ethnic groups, but ‘Amhara’! They were then and are now actually predominantly Woyyanes disguised as Amaras. They are all fake-fake-fake to the root third rated ‘Amharas’. Take for Example, Bereket Simon. He is a Shabbo-banda whose mother and father hail from Eritrea. Hilawi Yosef is either a Tigre or a Shabo-Banda like Bereket, but has no drop of ‘Amhara’ blood in him. Tefera Walwa is a Gimira. Well at least Gimira sounds like ‘Amhara’. The only ‘Amhara’ thing in Addisu Legesse is his name. He is an Oromo from Harar. Did you know who Tamirat Layne was before he became Tamirat Layne? His real name was Getachew Mamo Waqkenie. Go and figure out that. Tadesse Tinqishu, regardless of his beautiful name, is a Tigre? Is Kassu Ilalla sound ‘Amhara’? Give me a break! All the ethnic based organisations, except the TPLF were formed using the same formula. Their extensions in the Diaspora are called “development associations” followed by the appropriate suffixes. The “associations” are kind of support groups for the “forged” ethnic groups.”

    • Solomon says:

      Banda’s Banda Tesflhulem ,as always to you ever body isn’t Ethiopian .
      To you the only Ethiopian is Amara even Amare they have to be neftaga .
      Who the hall do you think you are to tell us who is Ethiopian and who isn’t .
      Banda Tsflehulem ,and this is the reason neftaga like you don’t have a lot of support in Ethiopia .
      You accuse you Tigrayn for ethice politics but you are so abbesses with with ethnicity .you don’t like Oromo ,afar,walta I don’t even think like you selfs .
      But you like to focus on Tigrayn because you know Tigrayn more advanced than you in every thing .
      Tigrayn are advanced in language cultur ,in history in every thing ,
      When you think about Tigrayn you flee inferior and you get scare.
      Tesflhulem to you only H/selass is Ethiopian ,and now you in love with Banda essayeaa the new Ethiopian to you.
      Get lost Banda .

      • Tesfalehulum says:


        Can you clarify more what do you mean by, “Tigrayn more advanced than you in every thing .”??……leave the trash talk you’re advanced with and answer my question. I am okay with the spelling and grammar blunder since I know you’re “genius¡¡” cadre like your bosses. By the way, have you ever seen me singling out any ethinic group?…NEVER….when the weyane mafia gang is denounced and criticized, you always connect it with ethnicity because you fell inesecured, infested with narrow tribalism and always try to hide behind the great people of Tgray. Weyane does not mean people of Tigray. If you do not believe me, ask your former bosses Asgede G/Selasie or Gebremedehn Araya or Gebru Asrat or the patriotic Ethiopan Abraha Desta!

  2. tsere weyane says:

    tegadalay dave; why r u interested to post this garbage written by a well known tplf servant, don’t you have any thing else to do what happen to the 20 million dollar story manufactured by your favourite foreign minister . it seems you ignored it so as not to displease your ruling family members

  3. selam says:

    Can some body please tell me why Sebhat nega and his followers are saying bad things about Hailemariam Desalegn, Bereket, and Azeb?

    • Solomon says:

      Banda shabia Selame why don’t you go wary about your littel country Ertirea that is in big trouble .
      A Banda country who selling your kidney in a black market .and your doctorate Banda Essayass is the richest leader in world by selling young Ertirea kidney and body parts .
      Banda Selame did you know the cheapest body in the world is Ertirea body parts even cheaper than chanies bady partes .
      Banda Selam go and prastiute like your forefathers Zewditu Araya and say Ankora.
      Go and prastiute to the Arbes just like Banda Essayass used to prastiute to Gadaff .
      And on more thing Banda Essayass will die just like Gadaff on street slap by kidrs bagging for his life.
      Dadeb Essayass .
      Death to shabia peace to Ethiopia and Ertirea people.

    • Gebrewahed says:

      @Selam, did aboy sibhat say anything wrong against those true sons and daughters of Ethiopia? What is your evidence for that? You are simply a day dreamer. By the way Aboy Sibhat was the one among those honorary guests at Ambassador Helawi yoseph’s book launch ceremony. Where the hell did you get this trash information? This is ESAT’s (Eritran Satellite Television ) day dream.

      • adane says:

        Congratulations ambassador Helawi and thank you Awramba times for covering this extraordinary event. bebotaw yetegegnehu yahel new yetesemagn. Dawit enkuanm wede agereh temelesk. You are becoming the first media outlet for those of us who live outside Ethiopia to get a first hand information about our motherland .

    • Mekdes says:

      Selam, yehametna yesim matfat zemecha yekinigit new enji yeEPRDF aydelem. Slezih zefenishin keyri. EPRDF will not be divided by this kind of rumors. They talk face to face like they did at the symposium.

      • Tesfalehulum says:


        Selam just asked a question….why don’t you address her concern than scribbling nonsense to intimidate her?…your tactic is futile, outdated, and proves how low and incompetent are weyane bitches like you….MORON!

        • Mekdes says:

          I don’t waste my time with the retarded person like you. I saw your ill fitted comments previously, but I want to tell you skunk dirty old man, you are such low class old man. Your time is up. I am not Tigre or old like you. I am Amara but the old men like you can not defeat those dedicated Tigre by the way you are campaigning against them. If you have brain which, work like a person, they are the one who died for Ethiopia while you ran out of the country to live peaceful life. You stay where you are and leave them alone you idiot. I am not a bitch you scumbag old man.

          • Tesfalehulum says:


            Menew bezu kebatersh??….mene yalebet zelaye aychelem alu….of course, you’re a known pseduo-Amhara like your bosses Bereket and Helawi… the way, who asked you about your ethnic background?….every time you are challenged, you stomp here and there trying to instigate narrow tribalism as a cover up of your filthy ethnc politics…….dummy trash bag….I ain’t touch you even with a long stick…STINKY BITCH!

          • በለው ! says:

            mekdes!? I am Amara but the old men like you can not defeat those dedicated Tigre by the way you are campaigning against them…ምነው የሸዋ ጋላ ነኝ አላልሽም ነበር? ጎንደሮች ይገንጠሉና ወላም እናግኝ አላልሻቸውም?እኛ ዌአኔን የምንደግፈው ኦሮምኛ ሁለተኛ ፌደራል ቋንቋ እንዲሆን መከላከያውንና ፖለቲካል ኢኮኖሚውን እነዲያጋራን ነው አላልሽም!? አቤት መቀሳፈት ይችን እንድትሳደቢ ሙሉ ይልፍ የሰጠሽን ዳዊት ከበደ ..ዴቭ..ዴቮ…ዶቭ”…those dedicated Tigre by the way you are campaigning against them.hey are the one who died for Ethiopia …የትግሬን ሕዝብ ማንም የነካው የለም..ጥላቻው ለኦነግና ኦብነግ ጥፋት በር ክፍቷል ለአማራ ህዝብ ስቃይና ዘር ማጥፋት አልታዋጋም! ብአዴን ሻእቢያህወአት አጋስስ አህያ እንጂ የአማራ ወካይ አደለም!!ሲፈናቀል ሲራብ ሲጠማ በመድሀኒት ሲመክንና ትውልድ ሲባክን እንዳይናገር ያፈነው ከንባታ፣ ሀሪሪ፣ከፋ፣ አገውና ኤርትራ የተውጣጡ አማራ መሰል አማሳዮች ናቸው ቆራጥና ሐቀኛውን ትግሬ ክቡር ገብረምድኸን ዓርዓያን ጠይቂው።ሞኝ ትግሬዎች በሞቱለት ብልጥ አስመሳይ ይመፃደቃሉ!? ‘አድርባይ’ አሉ ታጋይ አዜብ መስፍን ጎላ >>>>ይ

          • Mekdes says:


            you are good in remembering things. You must be out of your mind to think about telling me my ethnicity. I know myself and told you that time, you are calling us Yeshewa Gala. That’s true all the people who are keabay wedia is Gala for you. . Weregna Shumagle Gondere selehonk I don’t blame you. I remember this I told you this yane. Leyag legerag amara endet teneka eyalk Alemnew mekonenin sitikonen yenebere gize new. Oromo mehoon demo yemiysnewir Aydelem. Kefo mehonken new yemiyasayew.. For your information, the Oromos hate Denkoro and tsinfegna Amara like you than The Tigre. Dave gave you a chance to puke what ever you want on his website.

          • Mekdes says:


            You guys are born to lie so what you said was your dream. I don’t care if Oromigna becomes the first language if people want it. Language is not a barrier in modern Ethiopia. All Oromos know how to speak perfect Amharic better than you Gondere accent Amharic. So that is your dream. By injecting these kind of Ideas you are trying to create cracked in Ethiopian army. That is a dream which will never be realized.

          • በለው ! says:

            mekedes” I remember this I told you this yane. Leyag legerag amara endet teneka eyalk Alemnew mekonenin sitikonen yenebere gize new. አሃ ያን ግዜ የሸዋ ጋላ ሆነሽ አለምነው መኮንንን ደግፈሽ ስትተፊ ነበር? ዛሬ አማራ ሆንሽ ደሞ? Oromo mehoon demo yemiysnewir Aydelem. Kefo mehonken new yemiyasayew.. For your information, the Oromos hate Denkoro and tsinfegna Amara(የሸዋ ጋላንም ጨምሮ ነው?) like you than The Tigre.(አቦይ ፀሐዬንስ ትወጃቸዋላሽ? ኢንግሊዛዊቷ አማራ? አማርኛ ልትናገሪ አደለም ፃፍኩትን አታነቢም። ሰሞኑን ቂጣችሁን የወያኔ ጥይት አማረው መሰለኝ ታናፋላችሁ ፅንፈኛ! ትምክተኛ! ጨለምተኛ!ጠባብስ እናንተ እንዲህ መሐል ገብታችሁ የምታባዱ ፡፤ ኦሮሞ አይሰልጥን፣ መንገድ፣ ሀኪም ቤት፣ ገበያ፣ ንፁሕ ውሃ አያስፈልገውም ሥራ አይፈጠርለት፣መጓጓዣ አያስፈልገውም ከተማ አይስፋፋ ብሎ ንብረትና ሰው ማጥፋት አለ? ዩኒቨርሲቲ ማለት ሌላ ዩኒቨርስ መስሎሻል!!!ዕድሜ ለወያኔ እያልሽ እሰገድሽ የመለስን ሐውልት ቅቤ እየቀባሽ በሠላምና በደስታ ኑሪ።አራት ነጥብ።

          • Mekdes says:

            Ababa Belew, edme yemaysebrew bilginah geto weta. There are so many good words to use in this kind of discussion. Denbegna tifram yeEngineer Yilkal guadegna mehonwhenm asawek.

          • በለው ! says:

            mekdes says “There are so many good words to use in this kind of discussion.
            AND…Selam, yehametna yesim matfat zemecha yekinigit new enji yeEPRDF aydelem. Slezih zefenishin keyri
            AND..tesfalulum..I don’t waste my time with the retarded person like you. I saw your ill fitted comments previously, but I want to tell you skunk dirty old man, you are such low class old man. AND Belew!the people who are keabay wedia is Gala for you. . Weregna Shumagle Gondere selehonk I don’t blame you.mekedes “edme yemaysebrew bilginah geto weta.”የሸዋ ጋላ ነኝ ያልኩት”I remember this I told you this yane. Leyag legerag amara endet teneka eyalk Alemnew mekonenin sitikonen yenebere gize new.እና ታዲያ አለምነው መኮንን ያፈቀርሽው አማራ ሆነሽ ስለሰደበሽ ነው ወይንስ ኦነግ ሆነሽ አማራን ስለሰደበልሽ! አማራዊቷ የሰለጠነች የሸዋ ጋላ ድንቄም “ብዙ ጥሩ ቃላት ለውይይት መጠቀም ይቻል ነበር” አልቀረብሽም ዘረኛ! ጎጠኛ! ሲሉ ሰምታ ዶሮ ምረጡኝ አለች!!

  4. Zemenu Zemene says:

    This is pure love, commitment, life and Ethiopia. 99.9% Ethiopians are brave, useful, hard working, committed, smart, intelligent, wise, determine, patriotic and hopeful people.
    These are the true examples how do behave the true children of Ethiopia including in the political life. Millions of none stop
    none sense talks from hiding while living in abroad choosing own life is not how the things are going to be achieved and the struggle goes on despite Ethiopia doesn’t have even a slightest environment for a second to make a kind of struggle with talks and the way the worthless diasporas are doing but hard, good and smart work against poverty, backwardness and unity against the common foreign enemies that are coming in and around the country many shapes and forms using Satanic types of different tactics and techniques to achieve their agenda and interest at the expense of us including through the economic globalization not human except them using the economic colonization engaging in bad sectors such as including producing alcohols, cigarettes and night clubs.

    Ethiopia must always say “Viva to China, Japan, Russia, Korea, Iran, Turk, India, Germany, Italy, Africa and the likes. Stop the monopolization of the Ethiopian sectors by foreigners including brewery by one or two nations that are known with unfair trades, slavery and colonization with no what so ever respect, feeling and understanding towards black people and Africa.

    Ethiopian government must create a mechanism developing the thousands years Tradition of making Thella (Ethiopian traditional drink mainly in the highland) in to a new type of industrial sector where 100.000 s of Women and men can create a job directly while indirectly the barely, maize, gesho and other farmers also can benefit from. It is a big hope that the journalists like from awramba will give priority about this awakening the sleeping and lightening blinding government, citizens including business people attention in to it with aim Ethiopians have to make their own drinks in the form of Thella and Tej but using modern ways engaging the graduates with science, health and chemistry educations.

    in many European nations particularly central and eastern Europeans each village was making own beer and wine back then before the globalization and free trade came there and wiped them out of the market and many of them became jobless, and destitute including in Romania, Bulgaria, Check, Slovakia, Poland, Russia and so on. Drug, prostitution and crimes also came with it. But Ethiopia has everything domestically including barely, maize, clean water, gesho, Grape, honey and so on. If Thella and Tej start being produced in industrial levels where Ethiopians taking the full ownership, there is no doubt, lots of Ethiopians would create new jobs and the economy will grow and expand in many ways.

    There is no doubt Ethiopians will do that. It is about time. A big, Ancient, competent and complete nation like Ethiopia brewery sector must not be allowed totally being monopolized by two or few foreign nations that are having only one goal which is profit as much as possible at the cost of the nation economy and health.

    Those worthless in DC, London and elsewhere in Europe are really trash and valueless when you see these guys life history, commitment and love for Ethiopia. The trash even don’t know how to speak a clean and pure Amharic even the Bête Israeli including those born in Israel are speaking much better Amharic than the worthless.

    Is woizero Mulu Solomon invited there to witness how brave, patriotic, right and proud are Ethiopians being always Ethiopians particularly in Ethiopia behaving the Ethiopian ways using everything Ethiopia has created by Ethiopians some of them are thousands years old which are more than enough for us including writing and reading poetry in Amharic using Ethiopics? Ethiopia has thousands and thousands brave, skilful, smart and the best poetry writers and readers. It is our tradition. We are witnessing us this way in reality here in the video.

    By the way the two biggest Semitic languages which are Arabic and Amharic are the best languages in the world have the oldest and longest tradition for writing and art using own alphabets including for poetry and other writing activities.

    Thanks to awramba for bringing this story and video. The real and normal citizens are working and behaving this way while those are not are engaging with none stop none sense shouting to stop them. But that will never ever happen. Soon, they will be over without leaving any legacy.

  5. tiret says:


    Can you please get us the collection Video of ESAT news for the last 4 years saying woyanne days are numbered

    • Mekdes says:

      You will hear them until they die so let them sing the song. ESAT is the gathering of bunch of ignorant people. I will not be surprised if they say this in their daily pray. They Were Doing this for the last 24 years.

    • Solomon says:

      Esat is Ertirea’s Banda Essayass propaganda machination .
      Esat has colonized brain by Banda Essayass .
      Every body knows now about Esat they are Essayas barking dogs.
      Essayass pays ESAt from selling body part of poor .the rest of the money Banda Essayass stashes in Swiss bank.
      Ethiopia leaders have no money in Swiss banks like Banda Essayass Esat boss.
      God bless Ethiopian with all her people.
      Death to Esat shabia Telalake !
      Death Banda Essayass Ethiopia enemy!

  6. Zellalem says:


    What you see on the ESAT screen is all rubbish and bunch of backward creatures have no idea what is going on even within themselves. But the big question is who is behind these trashes and worthless trying to use them against own nation and people for its damaging and evil agenda against Ethiopia? Don’t think it is Shabia and nations from the ME that are suffering badly and are the worst victims of the same evil forces that are behind Ethiopia, too.
    Look at Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Yemen, Tunisia, Pakistan, Egypt and soon Jordan, Saudi and so on. Who is behind the killing and suffering of millions and destruction? They are doing everything to damage Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Bolivia, and so on.
    So, do you think those evil and racist forces would even take time and ask a question before committing the worst atrocities against blacks and Africa if/when they decide to do so? Look how blacks are living and getting treatments in their own country including in USA, England, Australia and so on where the Anglo-sextons and Jews are having power and controlling the wealth and medias.

    There is no doubt dirty and evil forces from USA, England and some nation in western Europe are behind ESAT and others with goal to stop development in Ethiopia; a country that is doing her thing by her choice based on her people benefits having good relation with useful, respectful, friendly and honest nations like China, Japan, Russia (must get more attention to make the relationship working in the higher and deeper levels), Korea, Turkey, India, Iran, Africa and other nations.

    Don’t blame the Obama administration that is no longer respected and accepted as a president by some USA citizens because of his skin color and efforts solving differences peacefully with negotiation. Obama is openly and officially rejected by some elected USA officials in the Senate and congress as president and commander in chief ever since an Israeli Premier refused to accept his white house authority and started to deal with the racists and evil USA citizens that are elected with less than 30% voting turn out.

    Yet, these evils most of them are the Anglo- saxons and Jews group are causing troubles and wars against the world in the name of democracy despite the world knows it is not about that but profit, power, domination and money. The racists and greedy like them (look at USA how they (FBI) are killing blacks on the streets and jailing them with more than 3 million and the jail system is running under huge corporate private company system listed in the stock market) are behind each and every evil force coming from abroad while trying to infiltrate at home, too.

    So called Semayawi party, some NGOs including domestic ones, medias, fake Journalists, targeting the Orthodox churches, spreading corruption and so on are part of their agenda to destabilize the country with aim to stop development and make the people die and suffer as we are witnessing in Syria, Libya, Iraq and so on because of them.

    There is no one but the Anglo-Saxon and Jews joint evil force is behind all evilness on earth. The so called ESAT foreign guests are the majority of them old Jews and their children talking about their evil agenda in Ethiopia. Watch almost 2 hours video USAID, Bill and Melinda gate foundation and the likes together with two evil Jews females and others from the Anglo Saxons were planning and preparing how to dismantle the Ethiopian church in order to destroy the social fabric that would lead to social chaos and crimes including using alcohol, drugs and so on thinking that would lead to destroy the family life meaning no marriage and having children.
    What they said and planned on the video(2014) was that in order to fulfill their evil agenda the Ethiopian Christians must not get children. To do that they have to target the priests with lies, manipulation and giving them money including to corrupt them and the church as well. The video they were making their own agenda and plan against us without us being there is there, you can watch it. But they didn’t say a word about the Muslims in Ethiopia knowing they will dismember them including because of the irreconcilable and deep rotted and millennia old hate the Muslims have against the Jews.

    Last week when the English owned brewery was inaugurated in Ethiopia in order to make drunk the Ethiopians that need the most adequate food, development and other useful things, the English journalists (spies) were writing lost of shit about telling how the beer industry must target the Christians to make them drink more than needed and ultimately became alcoholic. But they didn’t say a word about the Muslims.
    The point is that ESAT is a kind of trash and ash created by the racists and evil secretive forces from behind with aim to destabilize Ethiopia while pretending they are friends and allies. Who is behind VOA? Do you think the current USA government? No. Those controlling wall street, IMF, WB, Fox, CNN, NBC, ABC, BBC, and the likes are behind all evil medias run by the weak, stupid and sold out citizens against own nation and citizens most of them have no idea all about.

    Do you think Abebe Gelaw did what he did by himself including during insulting Meles Zenawi and Barack Obama being in the place that had to be the most protected and safest? The evil and racist foreign forces are behind while he was/is just an animal and object serving them against own people as the rest are.

    However, Ethiopia has millions of competent and wonderful citizens like we are watching in this video, too. So, let them trash and ash from abroad relaying on foreign enemies. But they will never ever get a single chance to affect the country. We know who is behind using them as remote control and what is their agenda and plan in Ethiopia if they allowed to do and behave in their ways.
    They will never ever get a space to put their dirty feet on teh Ethiopian soil or a whole to hide in order to get chances to affect us. We will clean them like ash and weds each and every time when they appear in our country. Giving them time and space is allowing them having an evil foundation and opportunities to build their evilness in order to cause an all out killing and destructions as we see in other nations. We must/will not give them a chance for anything bad against us. It is the only solution to confront them each and every time they are appearing rather than latter when they get space, power and strength in our own country using our own sold out, lost and ignorant citizens.

  7. Mekdes says:

    Zelalem, I respect your comment, but I differ from your assessment. USA and other western countries are not with them because they know these are bunch of ignorants. If you asked me who are behind them. I will tell you. No 1 Shabiyaa No 2 Egypt 3 Qatar. These are the countries behind them. Egypt and Qatar are not involved directly. But they are using Esaayas as a conduit. ESAT is their propaganda machine. The Eritrea n’s ladies are in a campaign by hunting to get married with young Ethiopia n’s and telling them to harass the Ethiopian officials. Did you see one of the dog who was barking on Somali region president? He thought the Ethiopia Somalis are scared of him. He chased him like a dog. These people they don’t know what they gonna get if they go to Ethiopia. All nations nationalities are with the government of Ethiopia. So your assessment is not right regarding the USA AND WESTERNS. DO YOU THINK THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT DOESN’T KNOW ABOUT THE CAPTURING OF ANDARGACHEW? THE GOVERNMENT OF YEMEN AT THAT TIME WAS GETTING HELP FROM WESTERNS SO YOU MUST BE NAIVE IF YOU THINK THEY DON’T KNOW.

  8. kumsa says:

    ESAT has been installed in majority of house holds in urban areas including in woyane houses. The mouth pies of Berket, ETV has lost its credibility and will never gain any unless u r ignorant woyane. ESAT has exposed EPRDF’ weaknesses and wrong doings. Berket can imprison journalists or shut down newspapers, intimidate the international press but could not stop ESAT. Dawit and awramba times has come back to join his Banda brothers and sisters for now. we will c which way he will swing when The Peopleof Ethiopia win defeat out “internal colonizers.” yane Zig Zag yelem.

  9. Zellalem says:


    I understand your opinion too. It is important to see the things/situations in many ways and from different angles.

    “USA and other western countries are not with them because they know these are bunch of ignorant”

    The ignorant are the best and preferable creatures they are always looking to have them around in order to brainwash and use them as animals for anything they want including against themselves.

    Not necessarily in the government level but there are evil, greedy and racist groups and individuals out there including from the politics, business including weapon industries, medias, so called right groups, secret agents and so on looking these kind ignorant and trashes to brainwash them like animals in the circus in order to destroy their own country with little leftover reward and false promises in their own country.

    The Afghans from Northern alliance were the reason why Afghanistan is invaded and is at war for more than 13 years. Iraqis in exile including Dr Ahmed chalabi, Dr Alawi and others including so called educated were the main reasons and became Banda alongside with the Kurds facilitated the destruction of Iraq. In Libya those regarded as terrorists and al Qaida members became their best friends and allies served them for the invasion and destruction of Libya. It is the same in each and every nation they are always looking the ignorant and stupid that are easily be manipulated and brainwashed to use them like animals, meaning you just tell them and they will always do it as they have be trained to behave that way.

    If you are well educated, you are committed to use your education only for the good causes, you are wise, brave, have integrity, self confidence, truthful, trustworthy, honest and genuine, believe me, you are enemy number one always trying their best to make you lose yourself thinking you are/or one day will be on their way let say you will stand for the truth and your people if/when they decide to do the things they are doing against other nations for their own interest.

    First they Admired and respected Meles. They are the main reason bringing TPLF on power after lots of supports during the civil war particularly the English. But when he started fully committing to do anything possible for his country and people, they also begun undermining him using different kinds of languages, accusations and so on directly using their evil journalists/spay agents and also indirectly using their so called NGOs, Charities, aid agencies and so on.

    Don’t limit their being only one or few categories or directions. Most of the time they are not the way you thinks of them. They are using anything and everything if they know that would make them achieve their agenda and goals.
    Learn from History what kind behavior they have, what they do and with whom they are taking sides in many other nations.

    Don’t forget; ESAT or whatever anti Ethiopian elements are living freely, comfortably and happily including getting income supports in England, USA, Canada, Australia and Europe. Do you know any terrorist western citizen in Ethiopia or elsewhere engaging with terrorist activities and all sorts of crimes against the west/ own country?

    If it was/is the case, they would come and crash all of them while badly affecting any nation hosting those kinds of terrorists. But, what they are doing towards other terrorists and groups that are against other countries including Ethiopia? They are just giving them free space, safe heaven, lots of supports including financial and political as we see some western racist individuals are lecturing them in public with goal to create conflicts in Ethiopia in the name of religion or Ethnicity despite in each western nation are living all human races, Ethnics, religions, cultures, traditions and so on together as the same citizen in one nation.

  10. Mesfin Wolde says:

    In life, Meles was terrorizing his people. His death was supposed to be a relief for millions of Ethiopians; however, as in his life in his death people are being told to go pretend and cry for him. How sad! he is not giving Ethiopians any peace even in his death. A couple were arrested on their wedding day for playing music. The idea being they are not mourning for dear leader. Such is Ethiopia today, people are saying they love their dear leader just to get a free soft drink or a cookie.
    The other sad aspect of his government is that instead of using this opportunity to unite the country and start a new beginning, they are openly saying they will continue his legacy of no toleration of any kind. Journalist are being arrested, citizens are being abducted , the killings continue in Gambela etc…. the usual! This feels like a country being lead by a mafia.

  11. Genamo Beriso Geda says:

    Dear friends,
    I am back after several months of disappearance from this site, I have observed several changes in social medias. some are pleasing while the others are disgusting. It has to be noted that last year the elites of Amhara and Oromo were insulting each other, this case was concluded. In the last few months, the Amhara elits started insulting Tigrean. In my view. The Tigrean are only active in this site, desperately unable to defend them selves …hence the case is still continued. Indeed, the zero sum politics started by Minilik still continued. Please learn tolerance! Some even proposing the divorce of Tigray from Ethiopia, it cotradct with the same elits reaction during the separation of Eritrea. If we really we have proved we can live without ertrea the credit should go to TPLF than desprately insulting them. True TPLF the most corrupted out of the four EPDRF coaltion and the most wealthiest having 60 comapny under the name EFFORT group. This can be the point of discussion but insulting Tigrea people is like puting finger on wound …… Remember now Ethiopia is built by the membership of 9 autonomous regions with the right to withdraw from federation (read the constitution n0 art. 39). If the parlama of the state of Tigrea 2/3 decided or the population of this regions decide what can you do? My advice for Amhara elites is please learn tolerance. Like a mad dog bitting all ethnic groups can be a solution for ur problem….

  12. kumsa says:

    Mr. Genamo, no ethnic group is a problem except woyane. Please notice…Woyane does not mean all tigre people. All nation nationality should fight a get rid off our “internal colonizers” These gangsters with no education have been the problem to all. Ethiopians have defended the motherland from foreign envadors in the past. It is time to unite and defeat woyane led by people from the Tigrai region.

  13. Nega Asefa says:

    Bereket Simon isn’t Ethiopian he is Eritrean and Shaebia’s implanted agent.

  14. A unique gift of God, Commitment, Determination and genreocity of our hero. It was better to teach the youngsters and the nation on your mold. You are my model

    Assem Tesfaw Ayelle

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