Kiros from 9th street wraps up efficient Ethiopia trip


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23 Responses

  1. Dude says:

    who is this tebtaba tigre? does he really live in America? somebody need to show him the way to adult school. I am so mad that he is referred to as an Ethiopian. if woyane is developing Ethiopia this much, why is he in the usa? he needs to go back to his woyane cave…

    • Solomon says:

      Dud this Tigrayn is your boss who thought you and your people Geeez ,gave you Christianity and Islam .
      Tigrayn the people started Abissinian (Ethiopia ) the people who has kings and queens before you (Dud)even had a launguge and culture.
      Tigrayn yes the first Ethiopian .
      Dud get lost Banda just like Minlke. .
      Dud shabia Telalake just like Tamage Bayen

    • Etetu says:

      If you are interested on history – Adwa’s celebration was in the past few weeks-: Tigray is the birthplace of Ras Alula. You now have a homeland called Ethiopia, because he defended (along his generation) his country from foreign invasion.

      It is a shame when individuals project their grievance over EPRDF, on the people of Tigrai. Yes, he is not fluent in Amharic…it is just because Amharic is not his mother tongue! The way dude’s attempt to speak English.

  2. Mekdes says:

    End ante yaltechemaleke, AMARA NEW.

  3. Dude says:

    Solomon you know how to run your mouth indeed. It is well known that all the woyane barking dogs are very loud when cornered. My comments were longer but ,Dawit the woyane dog ,decided to cut short my comment. You think tigers are my boss now? Just wait when we rise up soon. You are playing with sleeping lions. When awoken, you will take a bath in your own blood.Those days are approaching fast. Tigers are the first ethiopian? Please cut your barren land from Ethiopia and go away ! Go back to feasting on your ambeta! Down with Tigre and death to you all! You sons of a female dog.

    • Solomon says:

      I am not like you(Dude)stupid to insult Amara or Tigrayn Oromo afar or wallata because to me they all patriotic Ethiopian .
      But Dude ,you have very small half developed brain you can insult people .so the really Ethiopian Tigray have a name for people like you neftaga filled with so much hate Donkey(ahiya).
      Mr Dude ,you are a donkey half develop half human .
      For me I love all Ethiopian no matter Tigray ,Oromo wallata any Ethiopia .
      But all Ethiopian don’t like shabia Telalake and kahdi traitor Naftnga shabia Telalake . About blood you a looser you lost 24 years a go and it isn’t going to happen while you eating 7 -12 hamburg a day.
      God bless Ethiopian !

    • Beza says:

      Dude, if you are a lion put your name and address. Fesam, you are preaching your coward cry from outside. They chased your boss, Shabiya like a little baby. Not now with other nations and nationalities of Ethiopia. They have defeated the 2 n largest army in Africa, Derg. You must be out of your mind.

  4. wow says:

    dud ghetto,

    who gave you the right to define who is Ethiopian and who is not? No body. shut up at the same time you said blood bath well that would be put onto you. an evil sprint doesn’t win.

  5. Akalu says:

    we love you kiros. Have no words to explain

  6. Man of Ankober says:

    yeman lefdada tigre new demo yehe. Gidelem kelduben gizew ruk aydelem Ethiopiachen wede kedmo kibrwa timelesalech…enantem belesachun wedemeblat timelesalachu

    • Beza says:

      Yeankober sew endante balege aydelem. Chemlaka yehonk neger nek. It’s just fun like shemsu. Abe tokchawn Sima hidna. Atadamt yihenen Kita Ras injera fit.

    • idris says:

      Yekedmo kibrua Sitl, min maleth new? YeDERG or H/Se. KKKKK. During these regimes Ethiopia was in the dictionary of every evil.; was a country considered like HELL on Earth (like the current eritrea). So, You better talk the time of Axum.

  7. Martha says:

    Kiros my hero, you made my day
    Martha Kalayou
    Boston Massachusetts

  8. Dude says:

    Beza and wow, I have a word that will discribe you both, stupid agames!

    • Jo says:

      Dude, cool down. The agames are controlling both the north neighbor & the enternal enemy. We can’t help you, keep crying. LEHACHAM

    • wow says:

      dud ghetto

      an embodiment of ignorant. Agame, yes proud go now and cry coward. you are no much to Agame.

    • Beza says:

      Dude you must be stupid yourself. If you are a man why don’t you go? I think you smell Shabiya, because you like the word Agame. Kita Ras.

    • Solomon says:

      Dude (ahiya) Donkey.

      I don’t except any thing
      better form you Dude because you know you loosing in every issue in ower beautiful Ethiopian .
      Yes we all Ethiopian are agam . Including Beza and wow.
      But Dude you are nothing but ahiya(donkey ) looser Neftgna .you are probably a Banda hamassen use to sell your behind to Italian for left over spaghetti (food) just like you Banda grandfather Ertirea .

  9. Sami says:

    @Man of Ankober, this is a day dream. The Ethiopia that you claimed will never come again. Kiros berta.
    @editor Dawit, Kiros should be 2015’s person of the year.

  10. idris says:

    Dude is a shabeya Telalaki pretending like genuine Ethiopian. He could be one of those DC barking dogs. So, do not give him/herattention. just ignore this stupid banda.

  11. Medhanit says:

    Kiros is a nobody. If Kiros cares about children in Ethiopia he should talk about how many Ethiopian children are subjected to child labor, child prostitution , human trafficking And child pornography .Abebe Gellaw is a graduate of Addis Ababa University a well educated journalist. Professor Alemayehu Gebremariam is a well respected lawyer. Kirops is a barking dog trying to feed himself with leftover thrown his way from tedros amnd the child’s parents by barking allover Awramba. More than half of Ethiopian children ages 3 to 17 are going through child labor exploitation in 2015 highest percentage recorded ever in Ethiopia. While Tedros Adanhom children pay more than $30,000 dollars each to go to school in Addis Ababa ICS school.–ethiopia-struggles-to-help-its-5-5mn-child-laborers click on
    Worst Forms of Child Labor in a rise in Ethiopia Commercial sexual exploitation sometimes as a result of human trafficking (4, 21, 30, 33-35)

    Used in the production of pornography* (36)

    Domestic service, herding, street vending, and traditional weaving, sometimes as a result of human trafficking (13, 24, 36-40)

    *Evidence of this activity is limited and/or the extent of the problem

  12. dana says:

    The best thing happens to Ethiopian because of EPRDF .

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