PM Hailemariam Desalegn Leaves for Egypt


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12 Responses

  1. Zellalem says:

    Both Ethiopia and Egypt are ancient nations and the home of the oldest civilizations.

    However, both of them particularly Egypt were acting badly against each other at least for the past 100 years, Both of them particularly Egypt was the worse victim in Africa using her as proxy against the Africans particularly black Africans where Ethiopia was on top of the list.
    The west particularly England, USA and Israel (Jews) played very nasty and satanic roles using Egypt to affect Ethiopia and others in the horn of Africa. They are still donating Egypt billions every year in the name of Aid where the most part are the Military ones for decades. Their aim is not really to help Egypt confronting the real issues all Egyptians are facing but taking them away for the real issues and make them quarrel and fight against other African nations that are also in the desperate situation as Egypt does because of poverty, backwardness and under development.

    But there is a very big change on the air that is telling Ethiopia and Egypt are now coming back to the place and position they have to be and the world is expecting from them which are:
    1. Stopping from being manipulated and used as proxy by England, USA and Israel joint plan and agenda in Egypt and the rest of Africa as they are having and doing the rest of the world, too.
    2. No matter what differences are occurring between the two, they must not even think of solving those issues through third party mainly having the known enemies and trouble makers around in both nations or engaging in something negatively to hurt one another.
    3. Both nations particularly Egypt must understand and fully committed (because of Ethiopia has been always that way) knowing only friendly approach, open and frankly talk, discussion and peaceful solution are the only and best answers for the issues both of them are having between them.
    4. By now Egyptians should know that the Hedase Dam in Ethiopia will never hurt Egypt even for a second but it will benefit both of them including Sudan while harming no one. To be specific, Egypt and Sudan will benefit more from the dam than Ethiopia does because of Ethiopian will use less water for the sake of the dam. Because of it is on the boarder and Ethiopia has no irrigate able land after the dam, each and every water after the dam will go on its course towards Sudan and Egypt.
    5. Egypt and also Sudan need to support Ethiopia with her effort recovering the Highland from millennia old erosion and deforestation that would lead badly affecting the place with the lack of rain fall meaning the Nile could get dry naturally even within Ethiopia. Egyptians particularly the young generations are and must be different than the old ones. Those old ones were the main reasons for what happened in Ethiopia for years because of Egypt’s proxy war against Ethiopia and also direct involvement in international matters including at UN and IMF and WB that are too sick and will die soon after committing so many crimes against the poor people and weak nations.
    6. What Egypt must understand is that her past, present and particularly future troubles and difficulties will not come from the south or Africa in general but ME, Europe and North America. Be sure about that.
    7. Ethiopia is giving Egypt’s almost entire water consumption and usage for free for millenniums even during the time Egypt was too hostile and nasty against her that did lead Ethiopia towards lots of suffering and hardships for many years. Ethiopia will continue letting as much as more Nile water towards Egypt especially when it becomes clear Egypt is no longer acting as an Enemy but respectful, friendly, ally and an enemy against any enemy that is against Ethiopia.
    Egyptians need to free their mind for good about the Nile from fear that the water will be reduced let alone stopped but concentrate on other issues such as their future situation in the ME, Europe and N America. The dam in Ethiopia will increase the amount of water in Egypt while reducing if not totally eliminating those using the Nile to make the two nations quarrel and fight against each other for their secret agenda and plan they are having and doing for long times.
    Ethiopia and particularly Egypt must aware (because Ethiopia knows that) that there are evil forces out there doing secretly lots of satanic efforts to sabotage the good beginning of the long coming best relationship between Egypt and Ethiopia. They must not give any space and opportunity to become between them those evil forces to use their evil tactic including telling Egypt lies portraying the dam as if it will affect Egypt. Don’t be fooled and cheated thinking all of them will be happy witnessing the good relationship between Egypt and Ethiopia in the ways both of them will benefit from. There are forces looking to see Africa always in Chaos and misery targeting individuals and nations that are doing well, strong and solving the issues peacefully by themselves in the African ways.

    Egyptian youth must take the lead knowing Ethiopia will never ever affect Egypt through the Nile water as long as Egypt totally stops affecting Ethiopia in any form and instead becomes committed friend and ally working together for common good to both nations. President El SISI is a good leader and he has to stop Egypt being used by the English, USA and Israel to affect own people and the rest of Africa including Ethiopia. This is the 21-century and must be the century of Africa by the Africans for the Africans benefit.
    All Africans are humans even they are the oldest human beings and ancient civilized people. They must wake up and stop being manipulated, used and destroyed by none Africans that have been enslaved, colonized, humiliated, looted, exploited, undermined, destroyed and in general became the reason what Africa and Africans have been through at least the last 500 years.
    Don’t even think of solving any disagreement through conflict let alone engaging with it using imported foreign weapons cost lots of money in order to destroy each other. Egypt or Ethiopia will never solve their issues having against the other or get any benefit from if they get quarrel let alone fighting directly or indirectly using proxies as Egypt is known with throughout the years but the third parties that are trying to sabotage the relationship between the two using lies will benefit from.

    Leaders in both sides particularly in Egypt and those serving them must think always about the vast majority innocent citizens living in both nations. The people deserve peace, good relation, friendship, respect, understanding and working together for common benefit not conflicts and wars relaying on foreign weapons cost lots of money and let our own citizens killing against each other for nothing. Only peace, respect, being friendly, ally and working together will solve the Nile issue. Other than that, it will affect

  2. Zellalem says:

    …. it will affect….. everyone involved particularly Egypt which is the biggest recipient without adding any glass of water on the Nile river.

  3. erty says:

    Ethiopia is becoming a hub for airline service industry. While Ethiopia is becoming an air line service industry, Morocco is becoming a hub for aeronautic industry. Ethiopia has a good potential to become an aeronautic industry hub. If you look at the Ethiopian airline, it has good technicians. People come from different part of the region for training. This capacity can be used to attract airplane part manufacturers to the country. Ethiopia should start a college to train Aeronautics engineers, training air plane technician to become engineers. Metal engineering corporation, in cooperation with Ethiopian air line and Ethiopian air force can establish this program. The focus has to be besides overhauling air plane and get engineers to start designing and manufacturing jet engines and plane engines, Precision metalling, Plane electronics design, and navigation system design. If Ethiopia can train quality air plane technicians Ethiopia can take this to the next level to train Aeronautic engineers. Ethiopia should consider earnestly to attract plane part manufacturers using the Ethiopian air line credentials. Air space and aeronautic engineering college should be given a priority to stop foreign dependency on air service and military jet plane purchases. India, Pakistan, Germany, and other countries can be help out to establish this school. Especial Germany can be a good choice. Invest good money taking 300million dollar from the three institution, Ethiopia air line, Metal engineering corporation, and Ethiopian air force a million dollar each and some input from the federal government and the army this program can become a reality sooner than expect. Contacting the Germany cooperation agency to set up the school would be helpful

  4. Kemal says:

    HDM, his team and EPDRF are doing very good to keep the positive momentum the genius Meles ignited, but still the work will be tougher as Ethiopia progresses. Every one should support them, and together we can make the renaissance of our Ethiopia a reality!

  5. Zellalem says:

    Ethiopia and Egypt are now doing together the things matters only to them and benefiting both of them while eliminating the trouble makers against both of them; becoming in between and acting as if they are genuine, wishing the best and doing the right things which is the tactic they are using and playing for years in order to affect all of the victim nations and citizens worldwide.
    A tiny tiny far away Island nation like England and her associates really have no any reason and justification to become in between the two greatest and oldest nations like Ethiopia and Egypt to hurt them. Because this was the case in the past. The reason is simple which is both Ethiopia and Egypt were not looking at themselves and relaying on themselves which is the only best way and solution to both of them but a tiny little England outsmarted and outmaneuvered both of them for years including the Nile issues for her own advantage. The 1929 so call Nile treaty (in order to get more free/cheap cotton and sugar from Egypt) is one of the many examples how that little England is playing them/Africa by coming from faraway, of course only for her benefit, agenda and interest at the devastating expense of the locals creating divisions, mistrusts, quarrels, conflicts, wars, killing and destructions.
    However, this is and must be the end of those kind evil games against them by any third party especially those known with hate, racism, cruelty, occupation, looting, enslavement, mass destruction and crimes against humanity. Look the history of Africa, the Americans, Australia and so on what happened to the natives and their lands. Yet, they are not talking about those things but differently as if they are angles using their own medial none stop propaganda lies.

    RT, Young Turk, CCTV and other new media’s are the only media Channels the brave, well informed, wise and competent human being is relaying on.

    Stop watching, reading or listening the Anglo-American/Jews owned criminal media empires including BBC, Fox, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, IT, Sky, Guardian, Reuters, Mail, FT, LA Times, NW Times and so on. All of them are working for the same goal which is the Anglo-sextons and Jews agenda against the world including in the name of NWO which is the Neo cons and English establishment together with the right wing Jews evil policy and Neo Liberal which is the so called Liberal Jews leading destruction of humanity policy.
    These two are working together where Neo cons in the name of NWO/American/English establishment century that are invading nations the ways happening in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and so on while the Neo Liberals are causing troubles against the world in the name of color revolution. However, the two are working together for their own common agenda against the world.

    Therefore, don’t trust anything coming from these evils. The medias and so called journalists these evils are using are also criminals and evils totally part of the evil project against the world. Lets BBC, Fox, CNN and others go to hell. Stop watching these evil English establishment and Jews owned Medias intended to destroy the world.

    The free, well informed, wise, intelligent and the citizen of the world are watching the new and humanity Medias such as RT, Young Turk, CCTV and others. One hour spending on these Medias worth million times than spending valuable times on the Anglo-American/Jews Medias for years. The difference is like being with the truth, respect, happiness, independency and future on one side while being with the devils, evils, liars, manipulators, misinformers and in general with something very angry and evil has no value and respect towards humanity and the earth but war, killing and destruction for the sake of own benefit at the cost of humanity and earth.

    Watch RT, Young Turk, CCTV and so on. And the same times save your time, feeling, humanity and life by completely stopping having anything to do with the Anglo-American/Jews criminal medias and most importantly never ever trust what they are saying, writing or showing you by distorting the facts, pure lies or manipulating the videos through technology games.

  6. dude says:

    Now that the construction has stopped because of lack of money, it is about time that the woyane bring back all the money that they have been looting from our country. Did crime minister meles took 3 billion to his adwa grave? Woyane barking dog dawit kebede needs to tell us.

    • yegonchaw says:

      Are you mad and crazy as worst as to this level? From where did you get that idea when you decided to paint on the internet a lie like this? You must be fool of hate, lies, hopeless and given up in life.

      Dude= even this degrading name says the truth when you are.

      You said the typical Ethiopian worthless Diasporas none stop lies about Ethiopia behaving they are the worst enemies the country ever faces. You stupid did say about the construction of the dam being stopped because of the lack of money? This is a total lie. However, even this was the case, how come you become happy about it?
      This is a pure lie and cheap talk coming only from the worthless and hopeless evil Dergue creatures and their children sacked lots of innocent Ethiopians blood, caused destructions and crimes against humanity.

      Do you think you are really a human being having any humanity left in you? The dam is going to produce huge amount of electricity. Then the mass that has no power at all will get light and heat from. This is the benefit of the dam which is to the people.

      You worthless and valueless animals destitute and hopeless immigrants in abroad are nothing in Ethiopia. You will never ever touch the Ethiopian soil again.
      you are suffering from a day and night nightmare while praying to Satan asking to stop the construction of the dam or any progress in Ethiopia in a way your satanic dream would be achieved and get happiness from witnessing Ethiopia the way she was during that evil Dergue era you and you families were part of it.

      O, boy. What kind animals and hopeless creatures you little head and worthless parasite immigrant are. Do you think a joke like Tamagn, a devil like abebe gelaw, a man with no integrity, courage, commitment and trust like B. Nega and any one of them would have any place in Ethiopia ever? That will never happen even to their children that are the children of the Satans and cheap.

      The work on the dam is going on according to the plan. No one will stop that including the shortage of any foreign money. Ethiopia has her own money. 90% of all resources and elements necessary to the dam are from Ethiopia including labor force, building materials and engineers.

      You worthless blood sucker Dergue animal, just pray for Satan against Ethiopia. However, Satan is on you making you the way you are.

    • Visitor says:


      You are ” right” . This is how looks like the energy sector in Ethiopia today, tomorrow and in the future as you are thinking “everything is stopped and as a result the nation became dark, dry and empty”. Hahahahaha… You people are pathetic. Are you sure you are still a human being or …..?

      “Ethiopia Reviewing Energy Policy

      ADDIS ABABA, March 17 (BERNAMA-NNN-ENA) — The Ethiopian government is striving to provide affordable, reliable and secure energy for the society which it deems essential in building a modern economy, says Water, Irrigation and Energy Minister Alemayehu Tegenu.

      The energy sector in the country is currently experiencing rapid technological progress, something which had been difficult to consider in the country’s previous policies, he said at a workshop held here Monday to review progress in the revision of the national energy policy.

      “Today, we are dealing with technologies like modern bio-fuels, solar and wind power, smart grids, energy efficiency technologies and systems, which were too expensive to consider in our policies only a few years ago,” he explained.

      Energy will play an important role for realizing the country’s goal of becoming a middle-income country by 2025, he said.

      Alemayehu stated that in order to emphasize energy efficiency and conservation in both demand and supply, to be consistent with the national vision of building a middle-income country, the need to transform infrastructural integration with other sectors, the need to maximise indigenous market share in energy goods and services are among the rationales for revising energy policy.

      The senior energy analyst at the Ministry, Sahele Tamiru, said the revision of the energy policy is necessary to cope up with international energy developments by maximizing indigenous renewable energy resources.

      The energy sector has been developing not only at a global level but also at national level, the analyst said, adding that the energy policy revision should therefore be undertaken to fit with the global technologies.

      The revised energy policy would help the government to prepare projects and programs that can ensure sustainable energy development of the country.

      According to Sahele, different consultations had been held with regional representatives, university professionals, officials, stakeholders and national private companies working in the energy sector to collect inputs for the revision of the energy policy.

      The World Bank, the African Development Bank (AfDB), the African Union (AU) and the European Union (EU) as well as development partners from the United States, Japan, Germany, Britain and France took part in the half-day workshop”

  7. idris says:

    You are as dude as anything. useless rascal

  8. idris says:

    Egypt has for years the proxy war card. Using different groups such as shabeya as its agents. Egypt is responsible for land-locking Ethiopia by supporting separatist groups like shabeya and others. Egypt can not be a dependable partner for Ethiopia, because all the evils Ethiopia has passed through (and currently facing) are caused by Egypt.
    Shabeya could have been dismissed for good during the 1998-2000 war but, thanks to Eritrea sympathizers in Ethiopia, it is till disturbing our country. Time will tell every history.
    But Egypt the shabeya card, if it has to be genuine.

  9. idris says:

    —Egypt has to stop using the shabeya card, if —

  10. goraw says:

    yenesu yehuletum metet tenkola aynachewen awero
    yemayhone firma leke end wechale wele wenbedena
    west endanegeba morkorios yebarkut enji afzeze adenzeze
    tose endaymetaben.

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