Ethiopian Airlines pilot found guilty of hijacking his plane


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13 Responses

  1. Zone 9 says:

    hahhahahaa realy is this a news Dawit ” banda ” from kangaro court

    • Tesfalehulum says:

      Zone 9…..let me share your lough about the kangaroo court…..kkkkkkkk….it’s just a joke as usual because Switzerland will never extradite him. Weyane is just trying to cover the injury inflicted by this young pilot who becomes a voice for the voiceless. By the way, there are evidences, even by the regime former officials, that woyane is filling the airleines with the regime loyalists especially from ethnic Tigray to tighten its grip on the cash cow, Ethiopian Airlines.

  2. Beza says:

    The journalist is giving the yellow journalism. W hat do you mean when you said “there were no details about his current where abouts” ? He is in Switzerland jail awaiting his trial. He is going to get 20 years minimum for hijacking the civilian Airlines? This is the law . Go and find out the truth. International law will not be changed for Ethiopia.

  3. Solomon says:

    Were is that Banda’s Banda Essayass’s Esat Rodio reporting on this craze misguided man .
    As Ethiopian I really feel sorry for his family but those people who destroying his life are still eating 8 hamburger in Dc.
    On day that Banda Essayass dog will end up in jail .
    Death to Banda’s Banda Essayass dog Telalake Brhanu birr amtu!

  4. dude says:

    It is time for all the woyane criminals to be sent to kality for hijacking ethiopia for the last 24 yrs. When will ethiopians rise up against these blood sucking, ambetta eating, primitive, degree buying and illiterate tigres ruining our country? Rise up ppl! I’m sure the woyane barking dog dawit kebede will post a photo of a dead Tigre on this site.

    • Solomon says:

      Dude ,you Banda shabia Telalake Neftgna who do you want? Do you want Banda Essayass.Go and bow down to shabia..
      We the really Ethiopian prefer wayan than Banda shabia Telalake Banda (Listro ) brri amtu.

    • Tigraway says:

      First and for most who is Ethiopian? Is Neftegna Ethiopia? Neftegan is all Ethiopians enemy, like it or not, this is true. You have to know this fact, OK. This days, all Ethiopian are very well acquainted who is Neftegna and its ideology. Those who organize in the fake name of Ethiopia while their mere intention is to grab political power and re-establish Amhara hegemony over other Ethiopia, this is never, never work any more , may be in your hallucination. You can’t fool even the Amhara which you claim to represent, let alone other Ethiopian who are aware of Neftegna tactics. We are very well cognizant who you are despite your attempt to evolve in different forms of political organization in the name of Ethiopians. Neftegna is easily identifiable when he/she try to open his/her mouth. The words and vocabs used by Neftegna are pretty conspicuous to any Ethiopian as result they can be easily recognized and spit out as worthless saliva. The present Ethiopia is too harsh to Neftegna and those who gather in Neftegna’s camp. This time, Ethiopians are authorized and secure their right to self-administer and independence in any aspect than ever before in their entire history and thus the environment is too desert to harbor Neftegna wish and fantasy. let alone other Ethiopians, even the present Amhara people will never give their ear to heed your rhetoric, as they are very much alert that your propaganda will never benefit them rather put them in danger from possible clash with other Ethiopians if they follow your ill advices. Therefore, you can dream your fantasy all day long , nobody will care about it, and till your date of death, but nothing will happen in Ethiopia than growing and transforming. Nobody will wake you up from your hallucination, you can live in your delusional state. However, this is the last date for Neftegna to bark because things are getting harder and harder and reach irreversible for Neftegna to survive.

  5. Beza says:

    ESAT was reporting that this criminal has got got asylum. What? They want some dull pilot to do the same thing and go to jail. Now they want their struggle for Hizbawi embitegninet. Their commander in chief ANDY was saying in Arlington Sheraton hotel their army is due to get into Addis within few weeks. But, what we saw after a few months, his a** was in jail after he was captured in Yemen.

  6. Tatek says:

    In a press conference he gave just following the hijacking of Ethiopian Airlines Flight destined to Rome, Italy, Govt Communications Affairs Minister, Redwan Hussein, said that the act committed by co-piolt, Hailemedin Tegegn, in hijacking his own plane and forcing it to land in Geneva was a serious crime punishable by up to 20 years in jail. One can’t help but just assume that at that point in time, there was not a single paper filed in a court of law—let alone presume what the sentence could be. Such is a case in today’s Ethiopia, which is a police state reminiscent to North Korea or the Former Soviet Union where guilt or innocence of private citizens is determined by those who wield the keys to the highest political office in the land or their cronies or perhaps their poodles like Minister Redwan— and not by an independent Judicial official who presides over such cases in an open court. In a world where there is the slimmest, if any, sympathy for any hijacking of whatever nature after the September 2001 Terrorist attacks on the United States, Mr Tegegn has already been guilty in the eyes of public opinion from the moment news of the so called hijacking hit the media screen, but public opinion doesn’t have any room in dictating the outcome of any trial in a court of law—where guilt or innocence is proven solely based on an evidence provided in an open court. A statement from the Swiss Prosecutor’s Office stated that Mr. Tegegn never denied diverting the plane from its intended destination (Rome) and taking it to Geneva where he intended to apply for a political asylum. And, furthermore, the accused made his intention very clear to Swiss Air Traffic Control Authorities by sending a coded signal that he was peacefully landing the plane in Geneva, and upon landing the plane, he surrendered to Swiss Authorities. This shifts the onus of proof back to the prosecution, and in any court, the prosecution has to prove, beyond any reasonable doubt, that Mr. Tegegn was not justified in forcing the plane to land in Geneva, given his circumstances, to apply for a political asylum. For me, no court presided by a judge with a human face and a human heart can sentence someone in such a scenario to a single day in prison—dismissing the facts that NO harm of any nature was suffered by the passengers and the plane, Ethiopia is a police state ruled by a kangaroo court and full of heavily militarized prisons full of political dissidents whose sole guilt is saying no to tyranny, marginalization, exclusion, patronage and inequality. No court who believes in a reasonable administration of justice can condemn someone by justifying they were unlikely to face a political persecution for reasons to do with their political beliefs, religious affiliation, or just refusing to be ‘Developmental’ in some way—in accordance with the regime’s standing policy of reshaping everyone in the country in its own image.

    The Swiss understand that when their Ethiopian counterparts jail a blogger, a teacher, an artist or a political activist for the sole crime of speaking freely, it goes far beyond a concern for humanity per se. For these acts transparently undress a nation that is afraid of truth and liberty and chose to live deep beneath the skin of deceit and falsehood; it dare not allow its people to enjoy the freedoms Swiss nationals often take for granted—and a nation that denies those freedoms to its own people will surely have few scruples to denying them to others—Mr. Tegegn included. And sadly, very sadly, the so called kangaroo court that issued this hefty sentence against Mr. Tegegn is just a typical organ of a regime whose totalitarian excesses is a direct result of the paranoid insecurity which flows from the lack of public consent to the regime itself; and if the sentence showed the Court’s rock-solid loyalty to an Empire reshaped and kept together by force at the very expense of urinating in the face of the administration of Justice whose duty belongs to this court, only time could tell if such acts could survive continued Ethiopian public resistance for liberty.

    • Beza says:

      Tatek, why don’t you send your letter to the Swiss court. He might get clemency, but I assure you, He will be sentenced to the minimum jail time for endangering his passengers he was rendered to give them good service. Whatever his motive is this is a crime. The terrorists are doing the same thing their ideas to be heard in the world. Your letter seems supporting terrorism.

      The law is made to discourage the people, who are going to do such crime in the name of their voices to be heard.

      This crazy guy might be your hero but not for those who were hijacked by this irresponsible person from Gojam. He will be sentenced for the well being of the world. Forget about those individuals who were on that flight. What do you think if you and your kids were there? Common sense.

  7. kumsa says:

    Ethiopian courts are tools used by woyane to silence the enemy by fabricating charges and imprisoning critical voices or an excellent place for a judge to become a millionaire in one case. The system is so corrupt, it will not change unless woyane itself is hijacked and put in prison. Awramba times has recently become the mouthpiece for these crooks who have become “internal colonizers” The pilot is currently in one of the freer countries in the world and will be welcomed as a hero when the Ethiopian people remove woyane from Ethiopia.

  8. Tatek says:

    Mrs. Beza,

    With due respect to you as one of the very few women who had the courage to discuss the daily realities of her country in a free media, at least within the restricted and distorted view of the EPRDF, I feel that it was high time that I saw your points one by one. Please take note that this reply to you on this issue is FINAL.

    – You mentioned that the safety of the passengers on that plane was endangered. I have no clue how you came to that distorted conclusion but the information the world received was the passengers on that plane never even knew the plane was diverted from Rome to Geneva until they came within very few minutes to landing; and according to a medical information obtained by the international press via Swiss’ Access to Information Act, all passengers were screened and released in very good spirits hours after the plane made a safe landing and Mr. Hailemedhin surrendered to Swiss Police.

    – It is your right and that of your EPRDF Masters to believe that this act of hijacking committed by Mr. Tegegn was a capital offense punishable by life in jail but it is only up to Swiss Judicial Authorities to reach a final verdict. From what I know, Switzerland being one of the prettiest democracies with the softest laws in Western Europe, it is highly unlikely for the Swiss Prosecution to be able to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that there was any slice of criminal intent on the part of Mr. Hailemedhin in harming the passengers, the plane or defiling Swiss Sovereignty—the only possible grounds that could help the prosecution to win any guilty verdict. That the court should hand a heavy verdict out in an attempt to stop any future acts like this is irrelevant in the eyes of the law as courts are Judicial institutions meant to administer Justice, uphold the rule of law and settle disputes; and not educational institutions where criminals or suspects are taught how to behave in society.

    – If supporting those who have the courage and the determination to call tyranny, marginalization and repression what they really are and fleeing from such scourges using whatever means available to them amounts to terrorism, I can only say that the world would have far more terrorists than non-terrorists and if you are telling me to retract my opinion for fear that I could be branded a terrorist, that is not going to happen for I am a free man who is determined to call an evil with its true name no matter what.

    – As to your claim that a law is made to discourage people from saying no to tyranny, oppression and Communism, that is true only in Ethiopia—and it is subject to repeal and total overhaul once your EPRDF and their entourage were deleted from public office and thrown in a dust bin of history.

    Much as I condemn Socialist vendetta against profits and free enterprise, I condemn EPRDF’s Communist and totalitarian vendetta against liberty, equality, inclusion and morality and if you and your masters are dying to stop me and others who have the gut to speak up against evil, I refuse to let you do that and be silenced and if you are a mistress, daughter or wife of one of the EPRDF heavyweights who is prepared to hang himself should the Swiss refuse to punish Mr. Tegegn as per his wishes, I can only ask you to do the only right thing: just hand him a rope.

  9. Beza says:

    Hi, TATEK, I read your senseless and belligerent comment with enthusiasm, because at least, it was written in good English. Though, it is way out from reality, in the perimeter of the law. It lacks logic in it.

    Law is law everywhere, whether in Switzerland or Bangladesh. As I say what ever the motive and grievance inside that person. If you do crime you pay the time. I admire, your respective way of expression which, was lacked by most in diaspora opposition groups. I expect that you are one of them but, yours is different even if the message of the hate and labeling is the same.

    Are you telling me this crazy guy will go free on the street of Geneva? If you think that there is no need to talk about the matter. The Minister you mentioned was right when he said that, the crime was serious internationally. I am sure you don’t dispute that. But we will see what happens in the future. For now, I can tell you that he will be locked up for long long time.

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