Ethiopia’s Largest Hydro Plant to Produce Electricity This Year


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4 Responses

  1. Ermi says:

    “if annual rains sufficiently fill its reservoir”.

    The business of selling hope made it as a news. Nothing woyane made benefited Ethiopian people yet. Tekeze produced no power after its completion several years ago.

    Peace to all but woyanes!


  2. Ayer Tena says:

    The delay was too long. Anyway hope it will start as scheduled to produce the much needed electricity.

    But the most current issue is not this, but the GERD. Egypt is doing every stunt and show to come out with win-lose agreement with Ethiopia, where Ethiopia will gain nothing but lose! Egypt are holding a big economic conference to show how connected they are with the arab money and the west which is eager to have a slice in the arab donated money, if it comes at all. Ethiopia should not be impressed by the oil dollars they are swinging. We have much to offer. Our water is the most expensive commodity in the barren region. Let’s see if they can survive even a day without the water let alone build
    fancy cities in the cloud. Egypt is planning to build the biggest man made sea with our water, while we are dying because of lack of irrigation and electricity. Egypt has already with lake Nasar one of the biggest man made sea in the world, and now they tell us to reduce the size of our dame!!!!!! All the conference show off Egypt displayed lately is just a try to intimidate Ethiopia! It is not our business if they build 10 or 100 cities in the desert from oil. That doesn’t keep us from dying and live in stoneage if we do not concentrate on what we can do in our own capacity. What counts is the brick we build in our house not the skyline of the others!

  3. birru says:

    No more buying candles…,sorry for those greedy merchants who become billionaires at the expense of the needy

  4. Be ewnetu says:

    This is bad news for these opposing the Gibe lll dam,
    the foolish community /GIM 6+1/ members was opposing IMF and WB against funding the dam in DC and London 3 yrs ago and was stop the project for more than a year. they stand always against the nation development, and also still opposing the GERD alongside Egypt and Shaebya….. history will stand against them….

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