Ethiopian Air Force Jets Attack key targets Inside Eritrea, High ranking military officer confirmed


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170 Responses

  1. Samora says:

    Good Job EPDRF! I’m proud of U!

    • Alex says:

      Proud of what killing your Owen brothers . Come on man we use to be one ppl

      • wochu says:

        did you read the news correctly bro? they attacted military depots and the gold mining NOT killing a songle person

        • ab says:

          this is a joke, This is a big lie. Ethiopia can not even think of starting a war right now, they have to wait for the FBI or MI5 to even do any thing, That’s why they killed MELES, (RIP).

        • you says:

          I think there were different single humans were there around. but I didn’t expect from my government . this is not true

    • Solomon says:

      Samora ,I love this picture Banda Essayass on fire long over do .
      Where is Banda,s Banda Tesflhulem ,tesfa le Banda Essayass.
      Tesflhulem your dady Banda Essayass is on fire not mother Ethiopia.
      Tesflhulem you hope to see Ethiopia on fire that is not going to happen.
      Good bless Ethiopia!
      Death to shabia Ertirea people enemy !
      Death to Esat!

    • HH says:

      You are such an ignorant individual. What would you benefit from supporting killing and war. I hope you go to hell

    • Tesfalehulum says:

      Another big lie by the pathological liar, Weyane. ESAT’s “Ye Hasab Menged” program broadcasted on March 20 an article written by G/Tsadik Abera which exactly predicts a false propaganda campaign Weyane is preparing to allivate internal and external pressure.

      By the way, the news first reported by the known TPLF mouthpieces and propaganda machines, Awramba Times and Tigray Online. Weyane never produced a video or a picture evidence except one unidentified picture posted on pro-regime websites. Vancouver based Nevsun Resources Ltd. which operate the Bisha Mine in Eritrea says; the plant has been temporarily shut down due to a mechanical issue with the ball mill.
      The company never mentioned about air strike but further explains, the mine experienced an act of vandalism on March 20 during the nightshift in which minor damages were sustained to the base of the tailings thickener, resulting in the release of water into the plant area. The required repairs and cleanup from the incident were minor and are incorporated into the plant re-start later this week. Additional safeguards have been adopted to ensure site and personnel safety and security while the Eritrean and mine security forces undertake an investigation.
      It is envitalbe that Weyane entangled in another propaganda disaster after its foreging mister, Tedros Adhanom, caught red handed scamming non-existent 20 million dollar by hijacking the teen, Beritu Jaleta from Australia.

      The refime is under immense pressure, so we will hear more dramas in the coming days.

      Remember, Weyane = pathological liar + thief + racist !

      • yohnnes says:

        You yourself = pathological stupied +thief+ racist inculing ignorant

      • Beza says:

        Dedeb, Shimagle, EPRP, ESAT knows exactly your step dad was kicked that day. If they talk about that they are hash hashing the story before it is revealed to the public. Your ignorant supporters will think that the story was a lie. By the way, according to the history of EPRDF they will never boast like SHABIYA. When they kicked ALSHEBAB. They didn’t talk about themselves. When they kicked Shabiya from Badme they didn’t talk. But Shabiya said after three days black out of Media they said it’s “TACTICAL RETREAT” NOW THEY SAID “VANDALISM HAS OCCURED” DENE Z SHIMAGLE . YOU ARE SAYING SISAY AGAENA IS “FORTUNE TELLER” TRUST ME THERE WILL BE ANOTHER ONE UNTIL HE GIVE BACK THE HELICOPTER.

      • Mahmoud says:

        “የምጣዱ እያለ የእንቅቡ ተንጣንጣ። ” ይላል የአገሬ ሰው እንደዚህ አይነት ከሃዲና ዋሾ ሲገጥመው። ጀግናው አየር ኃይላችን ሰሞኑን በተመረጡ የሻዕብያ ኢላማዎች ላይ ባደረገው ጥቃት ከባለቤቱ ከኤርትራ ሕዝብ ይልቅ፣ አንዳንድ ኢትዮጵያዊ ተቃዋሚዎች ነን የሚሉት ላይ ብስጭትና ጭንቀት ፈጥራል። በአለማችን ያሉ መንግስታት በሙሉ ተቃዋሚ ፓርቲና ግለሰቦች አሏቸው። እንደኛ አይነቱ ሃገሩን የሚያዋርድና እኔ ከሞትኩ ሰርዶ አይብቀል በሚል ፈልጥ የተደረገውን፣ አልተደረገም። ያልተደረገውን ደግሞ ተድርግዋል የሚል ፍጡር ግን ከቶ የለም።

      • Ash says:

        Rather Z comment sounds more recist and rootless. But in my opinion, although strong military power is a requirement in the war ravaged horn of Africa, I don’t think war and unnecessary strike is the policy in Ethiopia. Otherwisr, the amazing development that we see today in Ethiopia can nologer continue. Our war and fight dominated history is stlll a living witness on its consquences of povertiy and weakness! This is time for collaboration , peace and development.

    • tiret says:


      Can you please get us a remix from ESAT journalist the last 5 years saying woyanne days are numbered.
      if you include lemagne bayene it will be the last 24 years

  2. idris says:

    Well done. Isayas deserves even more because (1) sponsoring esatTV, g7, demhit, al shebab, etc (2) for not becoming willing to return our Helicopter, (3) for intending to dismantle Ethiopia. Overall, shabeya and particularly isayas is a cancer for Ethiopia. Look, they fight for 30 years and we gave them their independence, but still we could not get peace. The only way out is to irradicate isayas and its followers and replace him with a peaceful government, one that believe in peaceful coexistence with Ethiopians. One that does not go for fake and fabricated history, one that believes in Ethiopian unity. One that does not think from Ethiopia’s disintegration

    • Weslataw says:

      Alright, don’t complain when Egypt and Sudan bombard your dam … Sooner or latter that will happen and we will see how your Russian MIG will combat their F-1 air force.

    • Weslataw says:

      Alright, don’t complain whhen Egypt and Sudan bombard your dam … Sooner or latter that will happen and we will see how your Russian MIG will combat their F-16* fighter aircrafts

      • Wow says:

        you have been conspiring with Egypt and others to do just what you said. but no mistake Egypt along with your barren land will be ashes to ashes.
        Ethiopia is not arming a terrorist camp to destroy Egypt. Ethiopia is working hard to destroy poverty that has crippled the country for Centuries. is that a crime? I wish all African’s follow and work toward development like Ethiopia. If the recent development news is correct then it is justified. It is your deeds you people.

    • MESFIN says:

      amara, ogaden and oromo are with isaias?
      who is going to fight for your tribal junta tplf?

      tplf is too weak to fight ur masters shaebia

    • muse says:

      First you did not give us our Freedom, we got it by ourselves. We sacrifice our brothers and sisters to defeat Ethiopia who was backed by soviet union of Russia.
      2nd if ethiopia want to go to war with Eritrea, it is a grave mistake, because for one the ruling party of Eritrea (shabia ) war is their expert and second they have armed everyone in Eritrea with gun. There are 1 million people with guns at least. So does Ethiopia want to go with Eritrea?
      By the way I am a strongly Against shaebia, we call them HIGDEF. We the people with clear mind think Shaebia stole our freedom and is enslaving our people.however we also see this nonsense Ethiopia regime is holding us hostage by not allowing the demarcation of border, this give Shaebia more time. Because they claim they are the only protector of Eritrea from Ethiopia. So we wonder is Ethiopia working with Shabia to prolong Eritrean suffering? I don’t really know the answer. But if they want peace ethiopia allow the border to be demarcated and take away shabia insensitive the stay in power. That is better than war. And you will see shaebia defeat by Eritrean people like the speed of bullet. And I can in sure you that the new generation of Eritrean is peace loving and who consider Ethiopians us our brothers and sisters that is connected by blood, after all we are all Hebesha.
      Pleas have a blessed day and have a nice Hebesha Coffee! !

      • Ashan Gulite says:

        I Guess when you give your precious life for your freedom, you did not have a plan how to enjoy it freely once you got it. Freedom is what freedom does, so was this kind of freedom you had in mind? this action by the patient Ethiopian government is long over due and deserving. well done.

      • mulgeta says:

        Come on people this Ethiopian action doesn’t help Eritrean people distrowing our resorcece am against higdef but I don’t thing this will help
        If Ethiopian wanna help eritreans they should alow the democratic of border.

      • Soph says:

        Well said Muse !!

      • TONA says:


      • Qelem says:

        Remember shabia has been backed by Iraq; Syria; Libya; Egypt; and other Arab countries in your straggle against Dergue and not Ethiopia. Dedeboch

      • Bright says:

        Muse, if u think u get ur freedom on ur own, ha ha ha, Why u then scold Ethiopian regime is prolonging ur suffering??!! U want us again to give u freedom from Isayas, and then, then, then, u will betray past. Nothing from person like you and from HIGDEF, but betrayal even from yourself.
        Long live to the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea!!!

    • Eritrawi says:

      How about you just shut the f*** up. Ethiopia DID NOT give independence to Eritrean. Eritreans kicked your donkoro ass, out of the land. Go and read some history before you say anything.

      • Limatawi Artist says:

        haha haha Ertrawi:

        Dingay ras? You guys want to live at the expense of Ethiopia, because they have nothing except stone and prostitutes. You dreamed to make Eritrea the Africa Singapore, and after 24 years of nonsense Eritrea become the Africa Haiti. Still they want to live as parasite, in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is far better than you in all aspects. Ahya hulu. I hate Eritrea and its leader Isaya because all are Kehadi aram .

    • Enjera says:

      Idris, who gave whom independence? Dud go take your medications and stop advocating aggression by way of bombing taking innocent lives and at the same time you claim to be a big fan of peace & unity. The worst form of hypocrisy. Think before you speak.

    • Daniel says:

      idris, you sick son of a bitch you can say whatever the fuck you want but don’t you dare say that Eritrea was given its independence. We fought hard for it and paid our blood to get it back from your greedy asses. And you trying to justify war does not make you a human being. What happens to Eritrea is non of your business focus on your own country.

  3. manna says:

    if that is true then i am going to revenge. kill a tigrean every day

  4. Wow says:

    The government of Ethiopia has been extremely kind to this old mad dog of the north. He has done under his capacity to the maximum possibility to destroy our country. Our Patience has been taken as a weakens but patience, perseverance is our way of life-wise people way of sorting and understanding but no mistake there is time to take action at the right time.
    I wish Africa can engage at full capacity to develop its economic development and seek a better way of live for the people of Africa. The people of the north fought to have their own country and they got it but they are running as fast as they can from her. They have been migrant of the world since the colonization era but no way near at the speed and rate of now when they have their own county. This is absurd. How can you have a country and pride when over whelming major of the people lives on somebody’s country
    Africa is the sad content on the face of the earth. Why so few wise people exist in that content?

    The unruly mad dog of the north deserves any way of punishment where it would cripple him for along time not just a short term.

  5. Samuel says:

    “What goes around Comes around”.Peace be the priority,but Let’s see what the teethless Lion will do..

  6. Dan says:

    What is the reseason for the attack? I hate to see Ethiopia being the bully here. Getting rid of a soverigne country’s president should not attract praise from the citizens [Ethiopians]. We should really pause and think what we are doing here. I hate Shabiya but that doesnt mean we have to go and bomb as we wish. Getting rid of Isayas is Eriterian job not Ethiopian.

  7. Zellalem says:

    Good job. When an abandoned and runaway child behaves the way Issayas is doing from isolation, he must be punished in order to make him know his place and position.

    This is what we are talking and has to be which is practical action. propaganda is not an Ethiopian way but the west that are liars, cheaters, misinforming, fact distorters, criminals, looters, slave traders, occupier, colonizers and with other countless none normal human behaviors.
    ESAT, Ash, Dirt or whatever name they have, all of them are nothing but the talking trash and shit groups have no what so ever leverage on the ground. They are what they are for 24 years behaving the same way while doing the same thing but zero results in Ethiopia; a country they are wishing her to see in chaos, destruction, killing, poverty, hunger, diseases and so on as they were accustomed and qualified doing so during their happy times in Ethiopia for years. Bunch of dergue criminals that are too old to be alive and their worthless children, relatives, associates and those animals like Tamagn know nothing and have no quality to do anything practical except full of talk as they were grown up this way during that evil dergue era when the vast majority Ethiopians were suffering because of these criminals.
    As far as Shabia concern, just keep the situation as it is. It is working the best for Ethiopia while we know how it is for Eritreans. However, it must not allow causing anything in anyway against Ethiopia. Issayas is hosting in one time more than 17 factions against Ethiopia, Djibouti, Sudan and Somalia. So far tens of different so called rebels have been created in Eritrea and many of them vanished without doing anything against the nations Shabia is trying to affect where 24/7/365 is Ethiopia in his mad and old head.

    Gaddafi and Mubarak were his masters using him to affect Ethiopia. Both of them are now in hell; the one under the ground while the other one is suffering above the ground. Bashir of Syria, Sadam in Iraq and Gulf nations were his masters for the same reason. All of them are in crisis and the worst yet has to come in the Gulf nations. Meaning the cloud of chaos, crisis, refuges, killing and destructions they have been caused against other nations are now hanging over on them like a huge cloud all over the territories.

    Being in love, relaying on and having a fake types of marriage with unnatural honeymoon relationship with Israel will not keep the dictators on power anymore. Egypt’s relationship with Israel is never been this way where Egypt is behaving like a trusted servant and self imposed slave towards Israel at the very existence cost of the millions of Palestinian people also will not last long but both of them know it is not for real but playing games between them being like cat and mouse till the one attacks the other. This time they may need each other helping one another for different interest each of them have. Israel might need Egypt in relation with the Palestine while who knows Egypt needs Israel for the issues she think is having with Ethiopia and we know what it is. However, we are ahead of any situation towards us knowing things can happen this way, too.

    The point is that Ethiopia has the perfect relationship with Sudan, Djibouti, Somaliland, Somalia and other neighbors. Ethiopia is the centre of the African unity, prosperity, security and togetherness. Therefore, she must behave and act up to her standard including dealing with Issayas. He is the only isolated, alone and lonely self imposed so called president for 23 years. We also are keeping our attention closely towards the Anglo-Saxons and USA/Zionist recent behavior towards Issayas. They know their Neo Cons NWO (new world order-one world under their leadership) agenda and neo Liberal economic colonization and political domination is failed in the world including in Africa where they had big plans and hopes and made lots of efforts to destroy first Ethiopia this way before reaching the rest using her as an example forgetting Ethiopia was/is the only African nation never been colonized by anyone in any form and she will never in the future by anyone including through the neo Liberal Economic colonization that sounds innocent but worse that the real colonization.

    If isayas is not keeping quiet, this is the perfect time to remove him by force. The nations that are using him as a little proxy terrorist against Ethiopia for the last 45 years are in turmoil. So, this is the time to eliminate him from the region working together with neighbors as all of them are victims of his atrocities as far as to Yemen.

    Eritreans are the worst victims to his crimes. Even the whole world that is giving them asylum knows about and also the neighbors that are sheltering hundreds of thousands Eritrean refuges including the massively continuing defecting solders. So, there is no bad feeling towards the people but Shabia. Even the Mediterranean Sea and Sahara desert including Sinai are crying for them for years.

    • Seltene Kidane says:

      Do you think to overthrow iseyas need to seek Weyne support? I don’t think you are Eritrean for you are happy bombardment of our people .Please this is not the way iseyas leave his power. First we need to agree each other. All parties are based on race, religions and provinces . Iseyas is by far better than them. From most worst is better than least worst. please don’t give such idiot comment that back weyane to play killing with our people. Enough is enough. A number of innocent people died from Eritrea and Ethiopia because of this two regimes(weyne and Shabia) . God will punish them one day. Weyne and Shabia are our enemy. we don’t back either of them.

  8. Merid Zeru says:

    Who is he the high ranking Ethiopian military officer that confirmed to Awramba Times??????

  9. Asmara Eritrea says:

    Terribly sad news and I hope no civilian from both sides were injured or killed.

    This should be the beginning of the end of Issayas’ brutal regime. If indeed the fire was the act of Ethiopian Air force, they should not stop at that and until the People’s Front for Dictatorship and Injustice (PFDI) is removed from power.

    Eritrea forever, death to dictatorship

  10. bereket says:

    oh it is ON now ! good for Genbot 7

  11. Ephrem Muhtsun says:

    war is never gone serve both Eritrean and Ethiopian people’s interest only the narrow minded and those hoe don’t give a damn about these both peoples. We have to respect our own people we have to fight for prosperity and dignity of our both nations

  12. John says:

    The timing of this act
    Of war is interesting ..Woyane attack eritrea 2 month before election .why ? This is tactic of diversion from its domestic /election problem . Woyane is trying to show being tough on Eritrea to win hearts of Amhara .

  13. kk says:

    wrong decision. for his action the Ethiopian government should expect the response and it will be bad

    • teda says:

      Who is taking “bekela”

      A week Eritrea army cannot think retaliation let alone to do it.

      Retaliation on Ethiopia is a red line Eritrea should not think. I repeat should not think.

  14. Asefa says:

    It is about time we attacked the brutal dictator issiaas. He has supported al-shabab in Somalia and Ethiopian opposition groups like ginbot 7 and olf. The EPRDF must send a strong message to issaiass that if he continues to meddle in Ethiopia political affairs either directly or indirectly he will face harsh consequences. We have allowed this belligerent dictator to exist for far too long and now we must finish him once and for all while he is weak and the people of Eritrea no longer support this brutal dictator. GOD BLESS ETHIOPIA AND THE EPRDF!

    • Sirgut says:

      Once and For All……sometimes when people write based on emotions…they forget the reality and they make a bad comment. Writing from a distance is not the same like experiencing the heat. The saint….doesn’t come yet in both sides. Only the devils ruling both sides. The ego they created in their system drives the innocent people of both sides to war. We should not give them the benefit of doubt as we all knew them already both EPRDF and HIGDEF leaders are the sneaks.

  15. Tomas says:

    Kill Isayas and his generals, leave our people and our factories and our kids who are service military by force alone. Otherwise we will again organize against you and will bring Ethiopia down. We are dealing with a dictator and thats enough pain for the people of Eritrea. We want to find a way to work with our brothers in Ethiopia. We don’t wish them any harm but they need to think twice before they attack and scare our people. Our ancestors who are dead and know the truth, to them we are or one people. If you going to attack Eritrea go after the demon Isayas, not our factories and our soldiers who are force to serve. You know the truth so do the right thing. He is the one organizing destabilize Ethiopia, like he is doing in Eritrea.

    • robel says:

      i like your idea bro any ways we don’t want any help which is aimin at our main factories other than the should attack at.

  16. Sam says:

    Now shabia maybe plane to destroy our dam

    • Ager says:

      You must be stupid.

      The dam is more than 1000km away from the place that dictator is hiding even if he trys. But he will not. or else that will be the end of his criminal era. 90 million Ethiopians will hunt him and associates down like rats not only in Eritrea but also all over the places they are hiding.

  17. Tsegamariam says:

    The thugs of Eritrea do not seem to understand governance means improving the livelihoods of those they govern, and not create havoc to neighbors by sponsoring terrorism and/or being terrorists and robbers themselves. No more handling of the thugs like civilized government.

    Targeted and surgical military attacks should be the norm for Ethiopia in dealing with the thugs of Eritrea when and where Ethiopia decides. The military mission should continue until Eritrea returns terrorists who are hiding there, expels others to third countries, and stops sponsoring terrorists/terrorism to destabilize all neighboring countries.

  18. lucas says:

    why lies over lies , it would be better if you people report true story . false news helps no one and it degrade your credibility. If you want propaganda news , you have another news you can count on.

  19. haylush says:

    iyyy lavyu ethiopia

  20. Mese says:

    If they have to fight they should fight and bring Ethiopia something. War has cost the winner should get something – status co could not hold after every round of war the winner should get something (land, port etc …). previously we fought, won, lost many of our boys and willingly restored everything as it was – what did we get? nothing. May be Ethiopia is the only country who win the war and leave everything as it was. For me if they go and occupy the Gold mine field it makes sense than just bombing. why we have to be fair – we have the military superiority, the superpowers are with us – so we should go and claim the port.

  21. Gebez says:

    Hmmmm, something is fishing. May be Weyane wants to throw Shabia to the dust bin of history. Ye Weyane tigist kaleke gud fela.

  22. desta says:

    last Friday almost at dawn there was a huge unusual sound heard and seen a high speed rocket above the town of adua

  23. Tutu says:

    Do you even know how lucky you are to just even call the name of ISAYAS?
    DO you know what ever Eritrea deserves, it will get it by it’s power not like you F Ethiopians by bagging others.
    Uneducated people like u thinks bombing Eritrea is ok, it wouldn’t affect us, but remember how many people are suffering from hunger in Ethiopia???? is that going to be a food for them???? Just know that no one gives Eritrea any thing WE fight fro 30 years and get our independence, we even help u to take out Derg if u are one of those F Agame. we thought you how to fight, wash, and to be your selves, but still depend in USA.
    We are self efficient people unlike u.
    you mention cancer, so accept you can’t fight it. It took us 30years & it won’t take us 3 seconds to find u,so watch you M.F.A mouth. we will never give you what you need, instead we will take more

    • erty says:

      Your god, Isayas, is a miracle worker. You seem possessed by his devil . Pray to him so that both of you can go to the same place; hell

  24. kiros says:

    Shaebia and TPLF are one and the same. The current TPLF leaders are the once who prevent Ethiopian forces from destroying Issayas Afeworki’s forces. Now, the only thing they fear is losing their power. That is the only reason for the bombardment.

  25. hahaha says:

    wayana are getting really desperate, have any of you agames googled the sudanese newspaper and lets just imagine it exists how come CNN the BBC or any other news outlet haven’t heard of this great raid by the kitfo air force beside your source and the mighty Sudanese press hahaha is it like story of the girl who won 20 million lol either way not long to go the ppl of ethiopia had enough of your rubbish and you are going to get back to cleaning houses and working in bars soon

  26. solomon says:

    you stupids. You do not know what is coming. you already forget the scars that war gave both sides. You wanted to waste a lot of precious lives, good luck. Hope you loose your brothers, sisters moms and kids from the war, so that you feel the pain that the moms, dads, kisds of the fallen ones have felt before.

  27. comaa says:

    Fuck you all of you weyane just give us
    Some times we will back to you! And you will pay that

  28. bada says:

    you dream on my edaga on the beach of the Red Sea.Lie in a daylight.Poor Woyane no one will get back if flies with Jets from Ethiopia.

  29. bada says:

    You are tryineg to say woyane’s Airforce is stable .You want to sell a propaganda that you know Nevsen anounced ,is repairing the Bisha mining site for two weeks.

  30. bada says:


  31. Mersa Abagetiye says:

    Well done, Ethiopian Air Force!!
    BTW, what did Isaias do recently?
    Keep up the momentum.

  32. Xrdxgfdxgfcxgvcx says:


  33. Be ewnetu says:

    Isaya ass. Not even one full month since “warring unity of Ethiopia” in ESAT interview, how about him self about Eritrea????? If no income there is no stable government. if no GVT no federal law specially for Eritrea, in bad governance, dismay nation and huge armed population like Libya. so unemployment rate will rise for ESAT and GIM6+1, and homeless rate will be high for OLF and ONLF in Asmara, the big exodus from Eritrea coming next year, UN must get ready to handle it…… Be ewnetu – the economist
    cc To Kiros. political satirist
    9 st. DC

  34. Michael Zerei says:


  35. Michael Zerei says:

    Hey Agame you wish. Your time is coming

  36. D says:

    If a full scale of war breaks out between those two governments, I can bet on it will be the end of shabia as we know it. The only thing I can recommend to et. Gov. is to plan exist strategy…

  37. beylul says:

    okk weyane is doing this to divert the ethiopians attention because the vote is very close now so all ethiopians wake up and dont let the stupid agames rule u for ever .God bless eritrea and ethiopi

    • Wow says:

      your filth old mad is in the verge of collapse although he has been doing a good job chasing you out of your barren land to the desert of arab’s to sell your organs. Do not worry about Woyane.

  38. Mese says:

    If they want to, how long will it take the Ethiopian army to conquer Asmara? In that case lets do it. It will be fun.

  39. yehh says:

    Good job. Kick isayas out of power. He should be given a lesson. But make sure civilians R not affected because they R our brothers eve though they messed up by choosing independence..poor singaporians hahaha

  40. Asefa says:

    If the Italian slaves try to invade Ethiopia they will be finished once and for all. This time issaiass will not be saved by the International community because they know he is supporting terrorist organizations in the Horn of Africa. It is better to attack eritreea now when the government is weak and people are fleeing the country at 6000 per month. Erirea has tried to destabilize Ethiopia for far too long and now we must destroy them. I hope issaiass burns in hell forever!

  41. Samora says:

    Don’t u ever…..ever underestimate the sons & daughters of Alula Abanega.
    From military analysts perspective, it’s the right decision to dismantled their only source of income.
    It’s remind me what president Obama has said about North Korea.
    “We will respond proportionally & in a place & time & in a manner that we choose”. That’s what EPRDF just did!
    For those of u talking about TPLF, I will say atawekunem. The source of self determination & fight for what’s right comes from TPLF.
    I’m very surprised how come ESAT hasn’t posted this news? Oh, maybe needs permission from Esayas. I thought ESAT is free press but u can’t even post a comments in every article they have posted bc they blocked it. Leftover from Derg Regime.

    • ab says:

      Zamora, come on.. Be truthful to yourself and real, Lie can not get you any where, but to drown you deep.
      Ethiopia can not raise a finger towards Eritrea.

  42. Gual Asmara says:

    Anybody that says anything negative about Eri is nothing but a B****
    We hate you guys so much! Most of you Amara’s are nothing but LAME!
    Keep talking like ya’ll saying yes what goes around comes right back! Karma is not a menu, you will be served what you deserve! You will never ever be Eri men because Eri men is manly men…, & you Amara men you guys don’t even wash your ass right! You guys walk around with a Shitt stuck on you BUTT!!!

  43. Seltene Kidane says:

    why why why? Ethiopian government attacked innocent people of Eritrea. I am so sad to hear that news. it is disguising and evil act of Ethiopian regime. I don’t care about Iseyas and general but I care for my people .please leave us alone. Stop getting jealous of Eritrean people. stop!

  44. wedi hager says:

    the Picture does not look Bisha or Mai Edaga and I guess it is fake picture

  45. Ager says:

    The destroyed targets are 150 KM away from Asmara which is almost the same distance between Addis Ababa and Debre Birhan. It was like the Ethiopia jets were in Asmara for fun but didn’t target the terrorist instead the resources he is using to prolong his dictatorial rule.

    Ethiopia destroyed the Eritrean gold mining that is the only source of the dictator’s foreign currency source ($300.000-400.000 per year) to prolong his dictatorial role in isolation and the suffering of the Eritrean people.

    It is 150 KM from Asmara which is less than 10 minutes flying. If he doesn’t stop his terrorist behavior against Ethiopia, the next stop will be Asmara where the dictator is hiding.

    Some stupid are saying he would attack Ethiopia. That will never happen. The day he is trying to attack Ethiopia directly rather than he trying with terrorists for more than 15 years and nothing is happen, that would be the end of his and his criminal Shabia, families and associates era.

  46. manna says:

    i will start by dedebit? what does it mean. DEDEB

  47. selam says:

    I am an eritrean. Brutality of shaebia is beyond compare.i sme times ask my self wht their ultimate objectives r.i believe there is no reason to feel sorry for the damage inflicted on shaebias’ s economic and military facilities. Coz the eritrean pple is merely spectator while the greedy isayas and his cronies where sharing the money frm bisha among them and stashed it to swiss and chinese banks.i expect more targetted actions sooner.

  48. bada says:

    you can sell your DONKORO OR TRASH news to your EMPTY MINDED FOLLEWERS.

  49. True says:

    Who took picture from ground? Ethiopia Air Force ?

  50. tsere weyane says:

    most of Ethiopian air force pilots already left the force the ones that remained are former mekele bajaj operators who are not capable of flying the machine appropriately let alone bombing mine inside Eritrea kkkk

  51. Zone 9 says:

    2015 Press Releases

    March 22, 2015

    Nevsun Provides Further Update on Operations

    Nevsun Resources Ltd. (TSX:NSU) (NYSE MKT: NSU) (Nevsun or the Company) reports that the repairs to the mechanical issue with the ball mill, previously reported on March 13, 2015, are ongoing and the Bisha plant remains on-track for re-start later this week. While there was an act of vandalism at the Bisha plant late last week, there was no significant impact to operations and no personnel were harmed.

    The equipment supplier Thyssen-Krupp AG, who had mobilized to site, have nearly completed replacement of the ball mill gear box bearings and re-installation of the gearbox is imminent. During the outage, some additional preventative plant maintenance that was scheduled for Q2 2015 was accelerated and ore mining was switched to waste mining to facilitate ongoing strip requirements.

    The Bisha Mine experienced an act of vandalism on March 20 during the nightshift in which minor damages were sustained to the base of the tailings thickener, resulting in the release of water into the plant area. The required repairs and cleanup from the incident were minor and are incorporated into the plant re-start later this week. Additional safeguards have been adopted to ensure site and personnel safety and security while the Eritrean and mine security forces undertake an investigation.

    About Nevsun Resources Ltd.
    Nevsun Resources Ltd. is a Vancouver-based mining company with an operating mine in Eritrea. Nevsun’s 60%-owned Bisha Mine ranks as one of the highest grade open pit copper mines in the world. Nevsun has a strong balance sheet and future cash flows to grow shareholder value through exploration at Bisha and acquisition of additional mining assets.

    Cliff T. Davis
    President & Chief Executive Officer

    For further information, Contact:
    Kin Communications
    Tel: 604 684 6730
    Toll free: 1 866 684 6730

  52. Hann says:

    If Eritreans are unable to get rid of the number one terrorist and robber baron in the Horn of Africa, who calls himself the “President” of Eritrea, Ethiopia has no choice other than pursuing a regime change in that nation.

    The whole region will not have peace, and sustainable economic development through foreign direct investment cannot be achieved, unless this mad dog is gone. How can a single person continue terrorizing the whole region for almost half a century?

    The democratization, peace, and stability of Eritrea is good for neighboring countries. But this cannot be achieved unless this satan is admonished and sent to hell.

  53. erty says:

    The following is a news release fro the company that own the mine. Read and wait for new news to develop. It seems there are conflicting stories. The company has admitted some damage but the mining is intact

    VANCOUVER, March 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ – Nevsun Resources Ltd. (NSU) (NYSE MKT:NSU) (Nevsun or the Company) reports that the repairs to the mechanical issue with the ball mill, previously reported on March 13, 2015, are ongoing and the Bisha plant remains on-track for re-start later this week. While there was an act of vandalism at the Bisha plant late last week, there was no significant impact to operations and no personnel were harmed.

    The equipment supplier Thyssen-Krupp AG, who had mobilized to site, have nearly completed replacement of the ball mill gear box bearings and re-installation of the gearbox is imminent. During the outage, some additional preventative plant maintenance that was scheduled for Q2 2015 was accelerated and ore mining was switched to waste mining to facilitate ongoing strip requirements.

    The Bisha Mine experienced an act of vandalism on March 20 during the nightshift in which minor damages were sustained to the base of the tailings thickener, resulting in the release of water into the plant area. The required repairs and cleanup from the incident were minor and are incorporated into the plant re-start later this week. Additional safeguards have been adopted to ensure site and personnel safety and security while the Eritrean and mine security forces undertake an investigation.

  54. solomon says:

    The fact of the matter is,Woyane is the United States sponsored terrorist regime which is destroying our country,I do not care if they go to war,Ethiopian people does not care me,Isayas is a better person for his country,at list he loves his is not my business to chritisize him if he is loved or not by his people.but,I know one thing for fact that he is not willing to sale out his country sovernity to out siders like Banda Woyanes. That is why he is hatred by the so called West,specialy United States.Woyane will not shoot one bullet towards Ertrea with out their masters(USA and great Briton) permmition.if there is going to be an other war,it should be a proxi war on Woyane’s part as usual.Ethiopian people should stay out of this.

    • ab says:

      Big talk.

    • Solomon says:

      Mr Solomon ,
      When you say Banda Essayass is better than any thing in this world .
      You loose the argument as soon as you open your muth. Because the world knows Banda Essayass is a killer .
      As Ethiopian I don’t wish any thing like Banda Essayass for our beloved Ethiopia.
      I personal perfer EPDF at list they put you in the court sistem .
      Not like Banda Essayass in a container for 15 years.

  55. Samora says:

    We don’t have a problem with Eritreans but we do have a problem with their regime leader Esayas. Don’t forget how Americans humiliated Saddam Hussein, pulled him from the bottom of hole. We will drag Easyas’s ass from Asmera, Cut his neck, peel his skull & display it to one of our museum.
    Through out our history, Ethiopia never lost a war.
    History will speak for itself.

  56. Neknik says:

    The worst dictator and warmonger of East Africa deserves to be punished for his nasty behaviour ,we do not have anything against eritrean people but the regime that funding and supporting against Ethiopia has to pay the price in the mean time eritrean people may get a chance to push Esayas off his seat and get thier freedom.

  57. ab says:

    guys it is a plain LIE. Ethiopia can not attack Eritrea, Peroid.

  58. ppp says:

    it is better think twice before you bring any news otherwise you will pay the price

  59. Samora says:

    The last time ESAT has posted any kind of news was on March 20. What’s going on ESAT? I’m very eager to hear that what kind of fabrications & excuses re u guys going to come up? Does ESAT work on weekends? Kkkk. I bet u it took ESAT & Ginbot 7 by surprise.
    Going forward, ESAT will change it strategy. The fabrication news will continue with plural format & Berhanu’s fantasy.
    Why don’t u ESAT & Ginbot 7 supporters go to Eritrea to rescue Esayas?
    Do u guys know the movie called 300? “There will be more blood”.

  60. Niko says:

    You mean the Bellarusian or Russisn mercenary pilots? Makes sense that Ethiopian pilots are still in training .

    Well, beseferut kuna mesefer aykerem,

    What if Eritrea also hires the mercenary pilots and with its SU-29, it can reach addis even Harar.
    Well, it will be wise to think twice before you. It is too late now and God forbid where those Su-29 show up?

  61. dagnew says:

    this is exactly what I was longing for..for a very very long time. Isayas knows only one word and that is FORCE. He has no any agenda than to distract Ethiopia.

    Eritreans, the time is over now. this time is the time of an eye for an eye. Ethiopians, especially, the tigrai people tolerated your egos for quite long time, hoping you will come to your sense sometime. but allas, no eritrean is willing to live peacefully with ethiopia. we all know now that even if you hate your isaias and his regime so much, you all are alike and are against anything ethiopian. we shall not work with him, we shall not work with you. you will reap what you sow!!

  62. kiros says:

    abet wushet!!!

  63. Warsay says:


  64. Meles Zenawe says:

    Bisha Mine in Eritrea Experienced Vandalism, Not Airstrike

  65. Belachew says:

    Please stop calling them brothers. They have been our enemies for centuries. They hate us. They always wish our demise & the destruction of our country. Their level of consciousness is calling the Amharas Adgi meaning ( Ahiya) & the Tigreans (Agame). That’s how ignorant they are. They respect the the Italians & the Arabs. That’s why they are tailors. That’s why their nickname is Banda.You can not trust these people. They were cancer to our country. Because they are gone we are prospering. Didn’t they say they are special breed of Africa? That they are Singapore. More similar punishment is what they deserve. Viva General Samora!!!!!!

  66. berber says:

    OH! My God
    This situation is out of reality I have my brother working there (in bisha) he told me ” until up-to now nothing happened Still we are working well but Wyanes are hopeless regime they don’t know about the world going forward instead of thinking and thinking about damaging peoples property be wise you are becoming a garbage please think wise for future Africa this is not the way how to deal with countries negotiation is the only solution first you need to go out from Badme first then we will have further peaceful environment and then we will end and forget this dirty game of hostility each other to be nice friends of neighbors in east Africa. To build of our country the internal situation is on belongs to Eritrea no one belongs to out side.

  67. Awaalom says:

    I don’t want to defend the brutality of the EPLF junta. They are despicable.But equally I don’t want to witness the adulteration of my sacred land by these lame, ruthless, good for nothing TPLF dingbats. What ever they are doing now, it is to change the subject on the ground and dream to win the coming elections by ‘buying’ the dismayed Ethiopian public. Thanks to ESAT, we have seen how high the sentiment of hate against the current regime has gone.Their own “cougars” are mutilating them on the ground.TPLF face it or die! And remember this is not 2005. Forget wining Eritrea, deal with your own cracked ass if you ever can. You thought these acts of ‘vandalism’ using airplanes high in the clouds will save your ‘komal’ neck ? Owww brother? Be men enough! You guys have a sorry ass that always beefs up in euphoria….learn from your damn mistakes! Each time you touch Eritrea the noose gets closer to your neck…..the ball never leaves your court! And if you are too worried on how to deal with our own bastard , we have our own ways and means. Imbecile, Bastardos!

  68. Mahmoud says:

    The silence of the ESAT, Ethiomedia, Ethiopian review and other toxic diaspora media out lets from reporting this strike once again proves who they are, for whom they are working. No surprise, as servants are always subject to their masters.
    How ever, this stricke is a legitmate action againest the dictator regime in Asmara as well as lesson to the traitors of Ethiopia.

  69. GIG says:

    This is great news but why they don’t target the dictator Isayas why Gold Mine. the earlier you kill him the better.

  70. zeritu says:

    I only red a couple of comments, i don’t need to go in to others. look guys, open your eyes 7 see, we are one people, we better set our destiny together, without that bloody war can you imagine where both countries would have been by now? I am a proud Ethiopian! i also LOVE Eritrea! my childhood dream was to visit Asmara, which i could not fulfil so far & I bet you know why, GOD bless our countries!

  71. amanuel says:

    Dream on

  72. Sema says:

    Ethiopia is hosting more than 130.000 Eritrean refuges. This number is growing massively every day. Ethiopia is also currently giving university education including master and PHD levels to more than 2000 Eritrean students. No one sees them they are from another country but Ethiopians living in their own country with their own people.

    The jobless Shabia diplomats that are having only two jobs and that are collecting money from Diaspora Eritreans including those living with income supports have to pay 2% of their income. The second important and daily job they are having as diplomats including the Ambassadors and consulates is spreading lies after lies about how issayas is a god Chosen one and how the situation and everything in Ethiopia is bad.
    The worthless and animal so called Ethiopian Diasporas are also working with them.

    However, in this free and worldwide many independent media era, the truth is Always there and no one denies that. Even the suffering and death of hundreds of thousands Eritrean refuges in the Arabs desert, Sinai by Arabs for organ harvesting, Mediterranean sea and Eritrea being on the top of the list with the number of refuges in the world based on the population proportion. 40.000 Eritrean refuges reached in EU nations only in 2014. This alone says everything what is going on in that small, barren and isolated Eritrea where 9 Ethnic groups are living with very nasty situation because of that hateful terrorist became a nasty dictator.

  73. Sema says:

    If Ethiopia wants, she can over run Eritrea from boarder to boarder within days or a week. The Eritrean afars are getting stronger. Kunamas are the worse victims in Eritrea. Tigres are not part of Shabia from the beginning. Sahos and others are also have no more reason to carry on with the dictator.

    But what Ethiopia worrying is what is going to happen after that dictator and his entire dogs are gone? The chance is not only being like Somalia which is a failed state but what we are witnessing in Syria, Libya and so on.
    One thing is for certain. The dictator has no reason, time, power and support to stay any longer having own life on the Eritrean people suffering.
    Fu*ck the Canadian and Australian companies.

    • Samoa says:

      Don’t say ‘Ethiopians’ because we real Ethiopians don’t wish bad things to happen to Eritrea and Eritreans. I know there are narrow minded inferior complex felt Woyanes in the north part of my country Ethiopia.

  74. dawit says:

    You are all backward assholes. You are just floating in the air interpreting the weyane dreams.

  75. Tadele says:

    The problem with A lot of ignorant Ethiopians are always they dream the destruction of Eritrea but the history tells the opposite. Eritrea the hard working people using their resources and being self-relianant are trying to change the way Africans live now. We want to be free political and economical y from all oppressors. The Ethiopians should learn from Eritrea to be independent from indrect colony of the west. The dependency to the west serves only Woyane junta who are terrorisiseing Ethiopian people. The bombing thing is dream. Woyane is not capable to attack Eritrea. Woyane too weak and dying by the day.

    • Samoa says:

      Please don’t say ‘ignorant Ethiopians’, most Ethiopians have good sprit to Eritrea. You can blame Woyane they are common enemies of Eritreans and Ethiopians.

  76. f says:

    sniffff agame wait for bamamamamabbbb

  77. Wonde says:

    This the time to wake up for the Eritrean people. To defeat the dictator president Esayas.

  78. Meklit says:

    BYE BYE Shabiya!!

  79. kumsa says:

    The final solution is to get rid of both dictators in Ethiopia and Eritrea. According to the Canadian company that partially owns the mine in Eritria, no major damage has occurred. CNN, BBC or any other foreign press has reported about it yet. Do the Ethiopian people trust awramba times or tigrai online for an accurate news…mmmm nope…..not at all. My people, please relax until the truth comes out.

  80. Long Live Weyanai says:

    Good Job Meles say ” we know how to create war.. and how to win..” weyane was before all fighter like Al shxxx, Al IslaXXX , ISXX. weyane is authentic.

    Ethiopia Tikdem

  81. addis says:

    It is not clear why Ethiopia took this action. Just days ago, the Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) released a video, above, showing rebel group(s) Arbegnoch-Ginbot7 successfully attacking and overrunning an Ethiopian regime military position in Tigray. The battle led to the rebels capturing members of the Ethiopian Defense Forces, dozens of light weapons, cash, communications equipment and military IDs of its enemy, according to Madote.

    The Bisha mine, according to, is 60-percent owned by Nevsun and 40 percent by the government of Eritrea.

  82. Aman says:

    This is the true color of Bisha Mine in Eritrea against the Eritrean people.

    “In November 2014, three former employees of the Bisha Mine filed a civil suit in British Columbia against Nevsun Resources for complicity in torture, forced labour, slavery, and crimes against humanity.

    Nevsun has previously received criticism for failing to exercise proper human rights due-diligence when engaging with a country where forced labour is allegedly practiced.

    A report released in January 2013 found that Nevsun Resources failed to take the risks of forced labour seriously and then struggled to address allegations of abuse connected to its company’s Bisha mine in Eritrea. Eritrea’s government maintains a “national service” program that conscripts Eritreans into prolonged and indefinite terms of forced labor, generally under abusive conditions. It is through this forced labor program that mining companies run the most direct risk of involvement in the Eritrean government’s human rights violations.”

  83. Belete says:

    As usual a LIE become a second nature of Awramba times and all Woyane supporting so called Medias. you guys are desperate to get any attention but the fact of the matter is you Woyane supporters are isolated from the rest of Ethiopians.

  84. Eyob Habte says:

    Weyane , as usual you are going to get the right response at the right time. Remember that we Eritreans never nil down.

  85. asay says:

    All comments are rubbish! it is sign of the time. Just pray. specially during lent we are not suppose to wish or write bad things.let there be peace on this earth. AMEN!

  86. Dembidolo says:

    To be honest I could care less who rules Eritrea it’s the choice of the people as to who rules them. The fact of the matter is Eritrea is and has been meddling in Ethiopian business for a while now. Eritrea thought they can be independent yet still rule Ethiopia and take all its resources and when that didn’t work it led to a bloody war. Now we see where Eritrea is and ironically they are helping all these terrorist groups that they faught to get rid off in power why? because Eritrea does not want to see a stable strong Ethiopia. As much as I consider Eritreans our brothers and sisters the feeling among many Eritreans is not the same. They see Ethiopians as enemy and sadly they will always see it that way . Long story short I support the action taken by Ethiopian government. Eritrea needs to return Ethiopias helicopter as well as stop supporting all these other groups. I can also understand why Eritreans like Isayas but they need to relise that he is isolating theirs country. War with Djibouti Ethiopia Yemen and Sudan all its Naighbors. That tells you enough about this regiom. The people fleeing by the thousand every month stories of torture embezled money by the government I mean the list goes on and on and by no means I am not saying problems does not exist in Ethiopia but compared to Eritrea it’s much better in my opinion. Anyways I can go on and on and on but the fact of the matter is Eritreans need to wake up and get rid of this regime. To all the ESAT and whatever supporters, it’s ok to be an opposition group but if it’s based on hate then that opposition group is just a terrorist because you are now not disliking an idea but hate among certain group or people which makes you a terrorist. At the end thou am all over the place with my comment I would like to wish peace to all the people in the horn and may God give the leaders wisdom to come to a table and work for mutual benefits.

  87. jara says:

    Weygud! According to Abebe Gellaw’s Facebook post, the picture you used had nothing to do with the so-called air raid. Apparently, it was photoshopped from a plane crash in Mogadishu. You guys have no shame in your dictionary! Amazing.

  88. Tebebu says:

    What a Lie!!!! it seems a poor propaganda and just show your loyalty to the so called ruling party, first of all do you know exactly the current capacity of the Ethiopian Air force? this days I do not think that there is no any Ethiopian Air force pilot who are capable to execute such mission my dearrrrrrrrr ,,, any ways its a nice dream,,

  89. Aman says:

    The slaves of Eritrea

    Canadian mining company Nevsun has been using forced labour to build a mine in Eritrea. How could something like that happen in the modern business world?

    The 150 kilometres that separate the Bisha mine from Eritrea’s capital take four hours to drive, lies amid an expansive desert of rolling, ochre-tinged sand and scrub.
    By the time construction commenced at Bisha in late 2008, forced labour was an inseparable feature of Eritrea’s economy. Nevsun appreciated this.

    Canadian officials knew, earlier than most, about allegations of forced labour at Bisha. This much is revealed in the more than 700 pages of government records Canadian Business obtained, covering 2008 through early 2013, using the federal government’s Access to Information Act. In an e-mail to colleagues in January 2012, reports about mining firms in Eritrea “being forced to use conscripts and prison labour matches what we are being told here.”

    According to a 2014 World Report9 on Eritrea, the country is one of the most closed in the world, and arbitrary detentions and severe restrictions on freedom of expression are the norm. Over 305,000 people 7% of the population have fled the country within the past 10 years, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees states, and according to the 2014 World Press Freedom Index10 put out by Reporters Without Borders, Eritrea beat out 179 countries, including North Korea, to come in last place in terms of press freedom.

    As is required in the country, Nevsun has partnered with the Eritrean government on Bisha — it owns a 60-percent stake in the mine, while Eritrean National Mining owns the remaining 40 percent.

    The statement of civil claim filed Thursday states that Nevsun engaged the Sege and Mereb construction companies, as well as the Eritrean military — all of which use conscripted labor from Eritrea’s indefinite military service program — for the construction of the mine.

    Between 2008 and 2012, over 1,000 Eritrean nationals were forced to work at the Bisha mine.
    Eritreans are losing everything while the company is getting everything from nothing by owning 60% of the mining while Eritreans get only 40% from their own resources in their own country working as slaves.

  90. ezana says:

    lenga ezenu ymimetaben chiger adigrat university lay enga selam new yimenfeligew teref lay new yalenew

    • Delila Reta says:

      Ezana, Genbo 7 nek meselegn. Ayzoh jegnochu endante aynet feri aygedlum. Adigrat aydelem Zalambesa ategeb aydersim. Weregna. Gembo 7 nek.

  91. Zellalem says:

    Eritrea is not a country but a tiny desert fence to block Ethiopia from the sea.

    Eritrea is not created to become a united, peaceful and prosperous independent country for her own sake but the evil English fence in order to block Ethiopia from the sea. Even the blind can see and the dumb can judge it why is Eritrea created from nowhere but just to block Ethiopia from the sea by the evil racists, hateful monsters, slave masters and colonizers committed so many crimes against humanity and nature for centuries.

    That tiny Island called England that was controlling the world with the satanic power and merciless devil behavior had no time to guard the tiny fence against Ethiopia that was/still is Eritrea but gave it to Italy to guard it. The same times that Evil Island wanted Italy to be ally with her in order to counter the challenge and conflict she had with France despite France and Italy are the same Latin people.

    So, Eritrea being a nation is against her own creation. It was created from nothing as fence by the English lied/cheated the agreement she had with Atse Yohannes in order to block Ethiopia from the sea. Eritrea has 1200KM sea coast that is parallel to Ethiopia. 375km is the coast of Rashida Ethnic group including Matsawa. 50Km is where the sahos are living. 800KM of which is look like a tiny road parallel to the sea and between Ethiopia is the main fence where the Afars are living. 70% of Afars are living in Ethiopia while 30% are in Eritrea alongside the 800KM Red sea coast including Asab.

    Africans are now starting solving the African issues created by the racist, slave traders and colonizer evils for their own benefit at the very huge cost of the Africans. The Africans are dealing with the continent issues created by none Africans without the involvements of any none African that is always complicating and stopping the process including the Nile.

    There is no doubt the Eritrean issue that is created by the none African evils to affect Ethiopia will be solved by Ethiopians and Eritreans themselves or by Africans together without having the evils around that are the only reason for this to begin with. There is no doubt soon Eritrea will be part of Ethiopia when she belongs after Shabia that is a proxy is vanished forever. There is no legal reason to stop it but natural reasons to unite them starting from Afar. Soon it will happen and but sure about that.

    The Tiny evil English and its Neo cons from USA(both are the same people- Ethnic English) that are few in numbers but badly terrorizing and hurting the nation while holding everything as private property and matter USA has with the power of imprisonment millions of blacks, Isolating and disfranchising them from the economy, politics and other citizens right, killing including by the police that is supposed to protect the citizens but serving the few interests; propaganda lies using own media, money and so on will not stop the Africans doing the African issues by themselves including Eritrea will be soon part of Ethiopia no matter what Issayas is thinking but soon the old man will die.

    It is very important to be totally free from any involvement and interference these two cancers are causing in other countries as they are doing in their own countries against own citizens particularly the mass poor and blacks. Yet, they have no shame when they are coming to other countries and acting as if they are all that and the rest have to listen, agree and follow them.

    They know it that 9/11 is changed everything they are having in the world based on lies, power and money. The 21-century is belongs to no one but to all on equal basis as all humans are created equally from nature. They including the Zionist(the main actors) treating the way the world is witnessing and watching with disbelieve against Obama who is elected twice by the people is becoming the biggest lesson about who they are and what kind creatures they are towards others based on race, wealth and power.

  92. Jon asmera says:

    This is not an act planed by the Ethiopian!!!!!! Ethiopians are pussies bitches lazy and dum., This was planed by the CIA. Their aim…. to creat distraction to eritrea… exploit its virgin mines…, and tern eritrea to iraq or libya or egypt…., if change is to come let it be by eritrean people… not foreign intervention…!!!!!!!

    • Great Ethiopia says:

      You must be a worthless and crazy Tigrigna has no what so ever attachment to Eritrea but act as a citizen in order to use the desperate and inhuman situations in Eritrea under the Tigrigna Shabia rule to get asylum in the west.

      Tigrignas like you are cancers not only to Ethiopia but also Eritrea and the region as a whole. You are number one in the world with the number of refuges/asylums based on the number of population proportion. Back then you accused Ethiopia to get asylum and sympathy in the west flooding in every direction like termites to immigrate there. Since the last 20 years, you are engaging with mass immigration flooding Eritrea but accusing Shabia that is a Tigrigna terrorist organization under Issayas that is on the top of Tigrigna crimes for more than 50 years since 1964.

      You crazy and lawless Tigrigna whatever you are thinking mad and bad about Ethiopia that is not going to change your desperate situation. You are the one flooding to Ethiopia with mass migration 140.000 so far. You are cancers to Ethiopia as your crazy and unreliable fathers were. Go to hell. Ethiopia is legally free and feel good ever since you sick Tigrigna officially and publicly deported to the worthless place called Eritrea. You were announcing for decades Eritrea as the Singapore of Africa but it becomes worse than even to be the North Korea of Africa.

      There is no doubt, you crazy Tigrigna is looking to move to Ethiopia or who knows you must be already there but you are known with back stabbing and being liars and unreliable. 8 other ethnic groups in Eritrea do hate you very much as many Ethiopian are but not other Eritrean Ethnic groups.
      You have no attachment to Eritrea but always relaying on foreign nations to be there as refuges and you feel at home anyplace you are as long as you get food and shelter like animals.

      F*ck you crazy Tigrigna Shabia, you are the very evil cancer to Ethiopia, Eritrea and the region as a whole for decades that will be over soon when Eritrea becomes the nation to all 9 Ethnic groups and issayas who is a satanic Tigrigna terrorist is gone and that will be soon.

  93. Freedom says:

    I hate Woyane & Shabia. They never let their own people leave in peace. Both are dictators.

  94. FreedomLOVE says:

    I hate Woyane & Shabia. They never let their own people leave in peace. Both are dictators.

  95. beltesfaye says:

    dears, when do you think these poverty hitted countries come out of war.i hope the morally corrupted “leaders” enjoy with the suffering of their poor people.

  96. muchie says:

    Co-pilot Hailemedhin Abera, locked his colleague out of the cockpit and hijacked Ethiopian Airlines en route to Rome and forcibly landed in Geneva a year ago. He further threatened the passengers to crash the plane.

    While this was a shocking history all over the world, the toxic Ethiopian Diaspora supported this crime and labeled the pilot “HERO” This time another Germanwings co-pilot intentionally crashed his plane and killed 150 passengers. I am wondering if those same people admire the German Co-pilot similarly.

  97. Samora says:

    Oh, someone used my name to defend ESAT. If u support ESAT & Ginbot 7, my name isn’t belong to u.
    Of course, ESAT is a fabrication machine like tabloids.
    I’m very proud of my people!!!

    • komche says:

      hope, they did not mention the 5th grade and bloody Samoera. They mey take the name from Samora Moisés Machel

  98. leul says:

    and we are proud of our leaders.
    so don’t let these terrorists on our great land!!!!

  99. Santi says:

    Muse, mesfin, … i feel bad for you guys u r not better that dedeb isayas ! Woyane doesn’t want to remove ur shabia cos you still don’t get ur lesson yichawetbachu ! You got your freedom ha ha if this is freedom u don’t know eritrea as a slave colony of etaly 30 years 20 England u were beter back then ! How can u defeat ethiopia ? Atafrum tarik litfetr timokraleh eziw ! Tplf gave you shade shimelwa camp mnamn eplf abarereh /sh atafrum ahun demo esayasin awuridulin litilu newu maferya more than 120,000 Eritrean in Ethiopia tagelu rasachu ur eplf besbsuwal ethiopia doesn’t need to fight with dead fish ! Lenegeru university zegto mehayim aregachu Lenegeru ! We defeated Ethiopia tilalachu don’t u read histry u just listen enezan derekoch semteh taweraleh

  100. Fili says:

    Did u see what my country men can do u poor eritrians? We will strik you down if we have to (again). Long live Ethiopia and its beloved citizens!

  101. Fili says:

    Ok. We Ethiopians are grater than u. Just admit that u r inferiour assholes (ertrians)

  102. Black Human says:

    I have never been as ashamed to be black as today, the moment I read all you people of Erietria and Ethiopia writing , no wonder we are still having all those people hungry. No wonder we are this miserable. No wonder we are dehumanizing ourselves and rusting our brains. Why don’t you stop making the western making fun of you. Why don’t you feed your relatives at least? why don’t you use your brain? why don’t you make your self useful? No country has get out of poverty by having ignorant people ,migrated to western , sitting the whole day on the internet, waiting for Americans or European social security support. Please sit down and think for few minutes in life. Take yourselves at least out of dependence. Do something meaningful and die as a human being!

  103. Fikre says:

    I’m Ethiopian (who knows may be i had Eritrean descent). I know this is a big big bullshit. Woyane can’t raise his finger on Eritrean people knowing how true Ethiopian people ‘ll react to that…. Probably some may say Ethiopia mistreated Eritrea, or some may say Eritrea betrays Ethiopia but no matter how we gave each other back one thing is for sure “We have the same fucken blood !!!” that we can’t change!!! And that a fucken half century old history !!!
    May be our bitch Gov’t think that we’ll buy this shit and be proud killing our blood will make it win the so called “Election ¡” Please !!! We know !! We know everything. We know that You (our Gov’t) burned down the whole elementary school and blame it on outside terrorists just to prove your propaganda. We know that this dam & dev’t thing is just a cover. we know how fast you’re sucking our blood. We also know that those of you parasites (ESAT, Ginbot 7, OLF, ONLF ETC…) on foreign land are not better than this. We know you’re far worse than this. And please don’t pretend that you gave a shit about us. We all know your 1st goal is to end our little sip of peace. We know you all are a piece of trash.

    Dear Dear Eritrean people please don’t buy any shit told by those blood sucking insects. I’m not wishing us to be one again .I know Land boarder is just a line. But our heart to be one. Whether we like it or not we both fetch from the same pot and its for a reason !!! We are families We can’t give each others back 4ever!
    I don’t know how soon but i hope there will come a time full of peace between us and we’ll hug each other.

    >> Until then Xo Xo Xo beloved Eritrean peops from your beloved Ethiopian bros and sises!!!

  104. shimeles says:

    would you please tell me the current status of both country

  105. umar gada says:

    I am very happy when I her about ethiopian election 2015!! Because whish for my country pace when country is pace every thing is done
    from u.s.a st Paul.minnesota

  106. Berhane Ghebremariam says:

    All the above comments are made by people who are born in the 70’s. You do not have any knowledge of Eritrea and Ethiopia. So please ask your fathers and/or grandfathers the history of
    both this nations. Otherwise what is bad for Eritrea will not be good for Ethiopia and what is bad
    for Ethiopia will not be good for Eritrea . They are the two side of a coin.

  107. Young brother says:

    God help Ethiopians to wake up from 50 year of a frightening nightmare of shabia , our hero his excellency President Issias Afewerki ( Wedi- Afom Jigna)Eritrea and its gallant warriors . It is his vision and his stand fast Tigrians and Ethiopians in general trying to understand and crying democracy, modernization in vain. for you are still not mature for it. Go on practice is my advise, thought I am very pessimistic to succeed, because it is a natural phenomenon and rule to follow the the steps, no short cut . You need to clean yourself from savagery mindset inherited from your forefathers. Think positively try hard to live with neighbors in peace. after all Eritreans and Ethiopians are one people, the difference is like big fool brother and a young wise but a victim of the first.

  108. eyasu says:

    I say best ethiopia

  109. Edossa Kenea says:

    /* “Rasinii mageliggellii bizuánii ibiretesebinii mageliggellii newuu!”
    A perfect an order a modern an international a standard a simple an integrate a democratic a freedom “THE CONSTITUTION OF THE FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA” an at a list an each an article an omniscient a snapshot an or exact a get a justice! “Antemii biloomii yeigii ulluu yebelayii!” We can continue with a patriot of the Ethiopia! A Dembi Dollo a man a quality is a revange of the democratic self determine of an UN an error of a Sayo! Welcome the UN! An universe a feed the at list an information goes to an idea a reflect! */

  110. Eritrean says:

    Eritrea , Eritreans and EPLF will live for Ever . those stupid people from the nasty TPLF who have strong ambition of Eritrea disapearance and in continous trick to weaken Eritrea , Your time is very near . We Eritreans arent damn as you dedeb Tplf and his fellowers , We have power , we have vission and we will do every thing belongs to you at the right time but we are bussy now.

  111. sisay says:

    I am federel polce in Ethiopia but I don’t leave in ethiopia don’t asked the reason b/s of I don’t like ethiopia government rule and regulation”””

  1. March 23, 2015

    […] Ethiopian Air Force Jets Attack key targets Inside Eritrea, High ranking military officer confirmed … […]

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