Virginia TV station Exposes the number of lies ESAT Journalists Speak per day


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34 Responses

  1. kumsa says:

    More Ethiopians watch ESAT than ever before and we Ethiopians are glad it’s working. ESAT has been a nightmare to Woyane than any other news outlet in the past couple of years. It’s driving them crazy. They might want to send fighter jets to USA, London or Amsterdam to destroy the satellites that transmit the potent news…I read recently they r thinking of sending dawit and berket to space to hunt these satellites…..kkkkkkk

    • dubale says:

      kumsa: Be honest who believes ‘news’ from ESAT? Watching ESAT does not necessarily mean people believe the fake news coming out of it. It has been proved again and time that ESAT actually ‘super fugera news’. Above all it is a mouth piece for rebel groups, so no body expects it to be fair. The Dergist never die…they will try any means. As you might aware Ginbot-7 is a local terrorist group according to the Ethiopian law. That means ESAT accociating itself with this group tarnishes its image for good. These days it is neutralized. They are not smart. They lie on a very obvious issues. Do you remeber last week’s ‘news’ on ESAT about Abid Mohamoud Omar(Somali president). ESAT said…”Abdi confronted by Ethiopians”…but actually there was only one hooligan Taxi driver..kkkkkk. However I must admit that ESAT are very good in photo shopping. Indeed very excellent. We have watched quite a lot photo-shopped images.

  2. Delila Reta says:

    These are Mengistus supporters. They are lire and killers if they get opportunity. They were telling to their audiences that Mesfin, you went to jail. These simple thing which can be found with your finger tip. They are dying to use FBI in their favor. I like the way you expose them Geta Yibarkih. They are defending their master Esaysas. When his Bisha gold mine was hit by gallant Ethiopian airforce, they said this is a lie. If it is a lie why Esayas didn’t produce the videos of the place. We saw the picture and let independent journalists report from the place. This is good for Ethiopia. Pound him as long as his followers don’t demonstrate on the street Of London and Washington. ESAT satellite was hit by the airforce, but it was by mistake. ESAT lie is very helpful for the regime for the people to realize their lie.

  3. TG TV, keep it up! ESAT is a propaganda machine of terrorist state Eritrea. On one hand they support armed terrorist in Somalia with Al shabab on the other hand they support propaganda terrorist group ESAT directed towards Ethiopia! Every one knows it! Do not blame the reporters, they are paid mercenaries doing their job like every mercenary.When the terror government in Eritrea will go, this sold outs will die out too.

  4. Hailu says:

    Some individuals like Abebe Gelaw,Tamagne live in US with out any job just by collecting money from hardworking confused diaspora

  5. Yitshak says:

    Ato Mesfin,

    God bless you for exposing those hooligan pseudo-journalists.

  6. Etetu says:

    What is the role of Journalists and Journalism? It is to find the truth, and inform the public. It should not be to just simply oppose, support, promote an agenda, or just simply embarrass some one. Unfortunately, there is no true journalism in Ethiopia. It is just propaganda, depending which side of the political divide the so called respective journalists are.

  7. Mihret says:

    Good job Ato Mesfin. I will respond to your call for financial assistance. Will deposit 50 cent in your account right away. I hope this unprofessional blabbering is not worth a penny 🙂 Again well done for the effort. You scored a big D-; which is better than an F. Even if I support our government, I do not like naked opportunism. I like genuine guys that make positive efforts than silly con men.

    • Wow says:

      You are supporter of the mad dog Issays and you are hired propagandas essat tv. why don’t you just go and save your cousins in Arab desert, please.

      You people need to grow up.

  8. Kebe says:

    Mesfin, Why don’t you find a job? There is enough opportunity in America. I will not give you a dime for this kind of shit!

  9. Be ewnetu says:

    I wonder everyday about ESAT and GIM 6+1 members… Abebe Gelebaw is writing to defend about Eritrean Bisha mine. still along side of Shaebia. how come Ethiopians listen who stand against his country? with Shaebia the enemy of Ethiopia and Ethiopians? when all Eritreans /include oppositions/ stand for their country but Esat and Gim 6+1 are happy of the death of Ethiopians in Somalia…. Sad about Eritrea? receiving money from Egypt. always complain of AID and LOAN for the nation include for Gibe lll dam……. am not full supporter of EPRDF. but I wonder in my life as an Ethiopian nationalist of those more than BANDA askeris…

    • Wow says:

      Most of these groups have no roll to play in Ethiopia’s economic/social development and they have roll to paly definitely in American society. They don’t belong nowhere. They are suffering from extreme poverty of thought and blinded from extreme greed. They are absolutely could careless for the people of Ethiopia. They never ever come up with any economic development plan or vision how to solve the economic poverty of Ethiopia. They created a job for themselves to dispatch false propaganda for Eritrea and Egypt. They do not even care for both governments who are financing them. It is just a job.

  10. Abay says:

    Good job brother keep up

  11. Samora says:

    Good Job TG TV!!! keep up the good work!!!
    We got ur back!!!

  12. Kahsay says:

    I agree with Mihiret. I like genuine people. One of the weakness of our government is gathering the worst people that have no moral values. I know Ato Mesfin Bezu who will do anything for money. He has messed up so many people including my best friend an a local church. Beware of this guy! Wey Mesfin Bezu…lemayakih taten…atamtata!

  13. alex says:

    This Mesfin Bezu is deranged. Can someone take him to hospital before he harms himself due to his bankruptcy? Miskin!

  14. Roman says:

    Hey Ato Mesfin, Why don’t you simply beg for money rather than wasting our time with old garbage? Very poor guy!

  15. Delila Reta says:

    Tewelde Beyene Gana new yemimeslew. Why is he looking nervous? He and his brother Lemagn Beyene are Eritreans. I think that’s why all they know is lie.

  16. Chuni says:

    TG keep going to give us true info

  17. Yared says:

    hahaha I have never seen a shit like Mesfin Bezu. Have you ever produced your own program? set your own agenda and produce your own program. asshole

  18. Legedadi says:

    Mesifin, you are ONE, but truly the voice of MANY silent in the diaspora!
    Keep cool as you are, and keep it up! Many will thank you!

  19. kumsa says:

    TG TV = Tigre TV….ETV, Awramba times, tigrai online, aigafirum all have lost credibility among Ethiopians. No one watches ETV(the newly named EBC). Every house hold I go to have INSTALLED ESAT. once u lose credibility it will be extra hard to gain it. your propogand has failed after 24 years of bullshit. u can not censor that more people watch ESAT than false news on government run or sponsored news outlets including websites.

  20. gual says:

    This is cheap! If mesfin bezu did not beg for money I would have given him some credit. You dont go this low for money.

  21. tigist says:

    Abe is the man that makes the TPLF burn and smoke. If you didn’t know, the case Abe took against hooligans in California and Atlanta is a public record.

  22. Meklit says:

    After watching this, the five thousand dollar question remains….What did Abebe Gelaw do with money collected from the public? Honesty is the basic of the basics in public life!

  23. Girmachew says:

    This MF Abebe Gelaw has to give my money back. This cheater has to pay for what he did. I realized that all ESAT members are cheaters. Thank you Mesfin.

  24. muchie says:

    Co-pilot Hailemedhin Abera, locked his colleague out of the cockpit and hijacked Ethiopian Airlines en route to Rome and forcibly landed in Geneva about a year ago. He further threatened the passengers in poor English to crash the plane.

    While this was a shocking history all over the world, the toxic Ethiopian Diaspora supported this crime and labeled the pilot “HERO” This time another Germanwings co-pilot intentionally crashed his plane and killed 150 passengers. I am wondering if those same people admire the German Co-pilot similarly.

  25. Samora says:

    Muchie, I was asking the same question. Don’t be surprised with their lack of politics & uncivilized mentalities.

  26. boy says:

    ESAT TV- AN eritrean sattlite TV that works and supports for the terrorists in Eritrea and SOMALIA

  27. Santi says:

    Esat, abebe gelawun tatbo emayak hulum kotetoch nachuw ! Eyekefelachu yeken jib aderegachachew wushetam

  28. Ewnetu says:

    Who lies SETEENGEDA Formula===>>> ETHIOPIAN TV > ESAT. Abate SETEENGEDA Factory in ETV? You guys live short period. You lie to get more money from EPRDF, But your own generation will blame you tomorrow for all you messed up the great Ethiopian for 24 years. Don’t forget still you carry death with you and you leaving anytime without money.

  29. Daniel says:

    GOD bless you

  30. Fiorina Worku says:

    You may have point or “truth” however the way you deliver them sucks! Man! you better get a better presenter or host for your show. you always sound some desperate preacher . Don’t fool your self man! get some one else who has TV personality for your own sack. The way you are doing it is extremely ugly and unprofessional. if you really want to have real impact on people you need some professionalism in your presentation and content as well which is resplendent.

  31. Fiorina Worku says:

    You may have point or “truth” however the way you deliver them sucks! Man! you better get a better presenter or host for your show. you always sound some desperate preacher . Don’t fool your self man! get some one else who has TV personality for your own sack. The way you are doing it is extremely ugly and unprofessional. if you really want to have real impact on people you need some professionalism in your presentation and content as well which is redundant.

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