PM Hailemariam Briefs Journalists on Current political Events in Ethiopia


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9 Responses

  1. Zellalem says:

    This is one of the best media briefings coming from the very well educated, visionary, hard working, respectful towards Ethiopia and the citizens and Great PM of Ethiopia; Hilemariam Desalegn.

    However, one very important thing that needs very big attention between Egypt and Ethiopia is about Egypt having her own industrial zone in Ethiopia. This is a very big mistake must not happen the way an industrial zone becomes like a military, security and other dangers zone/base against Ethiopia within.
    Why is Egypt getting an Industrial zone when Ethiopia is getting nothing in Egypt including there is no a single Ethiopian investor there.
    The funny thing is that one of the Egyptian so called investor in Ethiopia was saying few days back about the Egyptian investors in Ethiopia creating jobs for Egyptians in Ethiopia. That means they are looking industrial zones in Ethiopia for cheap investment opportunities but hiring Egyptians bringing them in Ethiopia. He said currently Egyptians workers are 30% of his total work force in Ethiopia.
    The reason why Ethiopia needs investors is to create jobs for Ethiopians, to transfer knowledge and so on. But what is going on in Egyptians investors mind is that they are looking to invest in Ethiopia to create job opportunities only for Egyptians in Ethiopia.
    We also know what kind problems are causing when Arabs are coming in other countries. Look at Europe.
    Giving an industrial zone to Egyptian investors will serve them as a military, security and other crimes base against Ethiopia. They need to stay away and get the free water we are giving them. Allowing the Omans, Germans, Russians, Iranians, Algerians and the likes investors having an industrial zone along sides with China, Japan, Turkey and Korea worth million times than having any Egyptian investor in Ethiopia that is looking to hire Egyptians in Ethiopia. Keep this always in mind.

    • በለው ! says:

      Thanks! IS it win win situation? after the indusrial zone..self govern state!? our diversity should be for unity not partition.not cadras but professioals must stand for ethiopianas future genereation. wow, these crook will fool in all innocence ethiopianas!

  2. erty says:

    The idea of Egypt’s industrialize zone is premature. Sometimes Ethiopia needs to balance economic need and security. Egypt staying away from Ethiopia as much as possible is the best course for the time being. There are some factories that are owned by Egyptians. These business owners have a lot of Egyptian people employed compared to other factories owned by other countries. There is something cooking inside Egyptian owned factories. On the Ethiopian part however, Ethiopia should start commercialized large wheat farming just like the sugar factories that Ethiopia embarked on. Egypt and Algeria are one of the top wheat and wheat related products importers of the world. Ethiopia, I think, has comparative and absolute advantage in producing wheat over other wheat exporting countries. The conditions to embark on a large, mechanized commercial wheat production is very favorable. Ethiopia has locally manufactured or assembled tractors and other farming equipment, has abundant water sources, is working on to make fertilizers, cheap labor force there are huge fertile land siting idly. All these condition are in favor Ethiopia to be one of the top wheat producer and exporter. The only thing that is required for the Ethiopian government is to put it together. Don’t give this investment to other countries particularly to Egypt. If Ethiopia starts about ten wheat farming projects for export and local consumption Ethiopia can go from importer to exporter in short period of time. Particularly the Ethiopia Somali and the Shebelle river are the one that can yield the highest productivity in this regard. If you look at it there are a lot of North African countries that import wheat, the region is drought prone which international and relief agencies make them to buy local wheat for an emergency, besides Ethiopia’s dependence on imported wheat would go away saving foreign currency, the capacity of the country establishing the agro processing factories related to wheat increases. The potential is enormous for the wheat farming and wheat related industries. The shy is the limit in this business.

    • gebre says:

      Ended. The sky is the limit in all sectors to the future Ethiopia where agriculture is on the top.

      The things you mentioned are serious maters particularly Ethiopians always have to own the fundamental national wealth including their land where farmland must be under the government created capitalism style and owned huge commercial farms in order to transform the agriculture sector, create millions of jobs, produce cereals for domestic consumption as well as export. Only the fools are giving away the very important national wealth such as farmland, Banks, Telecom, transport Infrastructures, Insurances, Beer Breweries, super markets/food industry and so on to the profit hungry foreigners in the name leasing that is sometimes takes to 50 or 99 years, privatization or foreign investment.

      Ethiopia which is the best African nation for agriculture is allowing to grow anything can grow and be productive throughout the years thanks to the best weather and topography of the country having different types of weather patterns, sea levels where the highlands and mountains are playing big roles acting as natural air conditions and have thousands years farming experience by having tens of millions of farmers.
      Therefore Ethiopia needs no foreign farmers in any form including investment to own the nation farmland and hiring the farmers as daily laborers, but using foreign technology and skill with Government direct involvement with aim transforming the Ethiopian farmers to become the 21-century farmers by giving them the feeling of their own country farming ownership including by having the farming under the government capitalism stile commercial farming ownership. Because the Ethiopian government ownership means the people ownership which is the best system to benefit the whole society and guarantee the future of the country in many ways.

      Almost all African countries are importing their food including wheat, meat and so on. Nigeria imports 90% its food. It is the same to all the Sahel countries and even Angola and so on. Algeria is a huge market alongside with Nigeria, Mali, Niger, Chad, Libya and so on Ethiopia can export anything she produces including wheat, sugar (within a year) and so on.
      So, Egypt is not a strategy market in the long term for Ethiopia but a burden using Ethiopia for her own advantage that could not be what they are saying but not saying about till the times comes meaning they becomes the upper hand players and that will happen only when we allow them to get us by being within our country. Keep them away.
      Ethiopians must resist and stop the government willingness giving lots of space and freedom to Egypt in Ethiopia including allowing them own industrial zone with nothing practical Ethiopia gets in return. This must not happen. There are many useful and friendly nations looking to have including industrial zones in Ethiopia. So, why to Egypt? Is there something serious going on in the government head unable to see the things they must not cross and always keep it in check and away when it comes to any nation or individual that is not for the good will of the hosting nation and people. No industrial zone for Egypt at this time.

      It is nice that they are agreed about the Nile. It is also very important the two countries can work together in other situations and fields but must no happen Ethiopia allowing Egypt to have own industrial zone in Ethiopia. We know it brings nothing for Ethiopia but troubles one day could cause serious damages against the nation.
      No industrial zone is allowed to be owned by Egypt at this time. May be in the future after the confidence is built and Ethiopia becomes sure everything what is going on in the country gets under her control. Algeria has big potential to be the best ally and partner to Ethiopia than any nation from the North let alone Egypt.
      What they are doing is playing games and Ethiopia must know how to play and keep her house not to become a goal scorer defeated with many goals against zero that is what is Ethiopia is going to get from Egypt if she is not keeping them away but agree on the Nile and other issues by being them in their county and Ethiopians in Ethiopia. Don’t be fool. They are just playing games having agendas and plans pretending differently which is the tactic of the game they are playing.

      Ethiopia has more than enough foreign investors that are much safe, useful and are not big dangers to the country. Let Egypt stay away and work together about other issues concerning the two rather than giving them a free industrial zone to make them feel free and powerful doing anything they are having in mind against Ethiopia.
      Ethiopians must wake up and fiercely oppose it till it stops. If not, the government is making a very grave mistake with big consequences in the long run. If you bring them in, they will never fit in or go back but multiply like rats with goals one day to take over the country the way we know them how they are doing in Europe and elsewhere in the west. They will not respect us, our ways, our country, laws, traditions, culture and so on but bringing theirs with them which is a very bad thing to happen to any nation and the citizens

      • erty says:

        Egypt is not coming to Ethiopia to meet Ethiopia’s need. They are here rather to exploit what ever they can to secure water resources under the disguise of investment which Ethiopia tend to seek to alleviate poverty. You are right Gebre, egypt is a burden for Ethiopia at the moment. The burden comes with heavy weight which Ethiopia has to deal with it wisely.

  3. leul says:

    Brother you doing good and continue that

  4. Samora says:

    PM HD keep up the good work!!!

  5. Ahadu Woubshet says:

    Roads, buildings , bridges , dams , residential houses and so on are untimely falling apart in Ethiopia because uneducated fake engineers built them.

    6.3 Million Amara are Missing: An Analysis based on the 1994 and the 2007 Ethiopian Population Censuses March 23, 2015

    Worst forms of child labor is found in Ethiopia due to the fact fake and uneducated leaders of Ethiopia are taking advantage of the most vulnerable in the society..
    Worst Forms of Child Labor‡ Commercial sexual exploitation sometimes as a result of human trafficking (
    Used in the production of pornography*
    Domestic service, herding, street vending, and traditional weaving, sometimes as a result of human trafficking


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