Will Ethiopia’s teff be the next ‘super grain’?


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  1. foxtiger says:

    At this moment ethiopians are daying in yemen but you did not say anything in your website this shows that how you tplfs are the enemy of all ethiopians.

  2. Dawit Gebremedhin says:

    any lay man can perfectly see that you are for the TPLF and you never ever posted the wrong doings of the brutal mafia group .see the case of zone 9 bloggers the mafia said , but the witness were totally confused and the cannot tell anything but we have seen papers .
    should we let the mafia continue do the killing , grabbing of the land from Amhara ,the injustice and all the crimes it commits everyday….? no enough is enough

    • test says:


      If u say Tplf is mafia…..then why r u surprised when mafia do what mafia do…if u demand justice first u have to respect Tplf…if u call them mafIA then dont expected anything

    • yohannes says:

      DAR IT , You are not only ignorant but even Stupied First we need food and hard work. Ethiopians are better now than before, this makes very angry. I want food first and then the rest will follow.
      Are not Ethiopians every where in the world because of hunger or they have another reason. May be for you , you are in the civilised world to clean the dish and eat small bread.
      open your eyes and see, Ethiopia is running and you are so behind and you will dye so Stupied.

  3. Mesfin-Fafi says:

    If current trends of soil degradation continue in Africa, the continent might be able to feed just 25% of its population by 2025, according to UNITED NATION’S UNIVERSITY Ghana-based Institute for Natural Resources in Africa. That is why Ethiopia is trying to get foreign currency to help stop soil degradation by building the GERD dam . If soil degradation is not reversed Teff will be luxury for Ethiopians . GERD is vital for Teff production in the future.

    Starting from First half of 9th century until 1985 Ethiopia had experienced more than twenty five different famines. The highest number of famine in the whole world is recorded in Ethiopia. These villagers have not shared the burden of famine as most Northern Ethiopian villages did for centuries. That is why the indigenous villagers are forced to carry the burden same as the northern districts did throughout history..

    The Guardian reports that in 2007 approximately 40% of the world’s agricultural land is seriously As of late 2007, increased farming for use in along with world oil prices at nearly $100 a barrel,has pushed up the price of grain used to feed poultry and dairy cows and other cattle, causing higher prices of wheat (up 58%), soybean (up 32%), and maize (up 11%) over the year. In 2007 Food riots have taken place in many countries across the world but not in Ethiopia.

    An epidemic of stem rust, which is destructive to wheat and is caused by race Ug99, has in 2007 spread across Africa and into Asia.

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