Ethiopian Embassy in Yemen attacked while evacuating its citizens


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30 Responses

  1. Tesfalehulum says:

    The tile of the article, “Ethiopian Embassy in Yemen attacked while evacuating its citizens” is not only a hollow propaganda but also shows the regime and its mercenaries complete ignorance for the safety of Ethiopian citizens. TPLF endorse the Saudi led attack while tens of thousands Ethiopans are caught in cross fire and risks retribution on our citizens because of the regimes position. More than 100 thousand Ethiopian migrants are stranded in Yemen and weyane’s FM Tedros Adhanom is bragging on Facebook for evacuating 30 citizens to Djibouti. It’s embarasing for Awramba Times for reporting the bombing of the empty weyane embassy compound but disregard the attack in a refuge camp that left more than 45 Ethiopians dead. Ethiopains all over the world should raise their voice to attract global attention about the plight of Ethiopian migrants in Yemen and contribute whatever they afford through the Golbal Alliance.

    • Ermi says:

      The woyane and its mouthpieces are amazing liars. They never even once tell the tell the truth. NATURAL GAS, 20 Million, fake degrees, and now evacuation from Yemen. The only persons evacuated are the woyane diplomats and former president Sahle.

      Peace to all but woyanes and their trashy mouthpieces!


    • solomon says:

      Bandas banda Tezflhulem where did you get the information there are 100 thousend ethiopian in Yemen .
      Why dont worry about you boss banda essayass doing to your beloved ertirean , let us (ethiopian) worry about our beloved ethiopian.
      Were have you been for the last two weeks when the heroes ethiopian air force destroyed you banda boss back bone.
      I am sure you been waping essYass ass.

    • test says:

      U r Ethiopian government should have stood with extremist…by the way would u say the same things about GIMP anti Saudi demonstrations caused Ethiopian attack in Saudi….by the way u want to bring Arab revolution to Ethiopia what happened…I though Yemen was ur roll model

    • Be ewnetu says:

      Tesfabis Shaebia. y u iterfare always in our internal affairs? the consequences affect ur brothers indirectly ,,,

      • Tesfalehulum says:

        be weshetu…..echi shabia …Shabia metelewan netela zefen lemen be CD atlekuwatem?…kkkk….To remind you, it was your rooten boss, Meles KeZenawi, and now his shadow, HMD, openly begging Shabia for a negotiation…kkkkk…may be they skipped teaching you this at the Stone Factory, Civil Service College.

        By the way, the attack on weyane embassy is proved to be a lie. Except TPLF lie machines, no a single international media reported it. Pathological liars!

        Just curiously, why you never commented anything about the Yemen crisis??…..because you, like your bosses, care about power and looting than citiznes safety!

        God bless Ethiopia!

  2. minyilk says:

    It is encouraging to find a government, which makes an effort to save it’s citizens. It is bold and courageous stand In Ethiopian side. The commenters above must be Eres. This was for the first time in Ethiopian history. After the Ethiopian government rescued the Belgium tourists from Eritrea. That was the time the time the strength of Ethiopian government was seen. Good job.

  3. erty says:

    The report does not disclose who attacked the Embassy. Does anyone know? I read an article floating on Eritrean websites soliciting Ethiopian refuges to come down to Eritrea. In this websites the reaction is from people who seems to be an opposition group of the ruling party in Ethiopia. It seems unfortunate the crisis in Yemen is going to be used for recruiting military force for the opposition based in Eritrea. I personally knew refuges in Kenya, and in South Africa were targeted by the opposition based in Eritrea. Particularly those in desperate situation were targeted and their life was put in danger. The Eritrean government is maybe paying retribution, using people who are the right hand of the Eritrean government, to Ethiopian government for the embassy’s role in arresting the leader of the opposition, Andy. The Eritrean websites soliciting Ethiopian refuges to come to Eritrea and some diehard opponent of the Ethiopian government being the first to comment on a report posted on website that they have rarely visited before, makes me to be worry what the future of the Ethiopian refuges in Yemen is going to be. If we had a report not only what happened but who and when question were answered we would have full understanding of the whole story. for the time being I wish the best for all Ethiopians who are living in Yemen, Take care of each other.

  4. Lema says:

    It is a very complex situation since there are a lot of Ethiopian mostly unregistered and “illegal” in Yemen. But from this background and from the lessons of the evacuation of the Ethiopian citizens from the barbaric Saudis killings, the MFA should have started the action way earlier.

    But still hope no one get hurt and all be air lifted back to safety!

    For this kind of action Ethiopians in the Diaspora could contribute by donating if a bank account for such kind of emergency would be established and announced.

  5. erty says:

    It makes me sick to my stomach when Ethiopians in need of emergency are used for cheap political gains. We all remember well that, the opposition were in full swing to use the deportation of Ethiopians from Saudi Arabia for political gimmicks . These oppositions were magnifying the short coming and limitations of the Ethiopian government as negligence from the Ethiopian government where the government was trying to assist the returnees. Right now the Ethiopian government is trying to help Ethiopians living in Yemen. But, the government is facing a daunting task as the conflict rages on and sea and air transportations are becoming very limited for anyone trying to leave Yemen. The opposition is trying to spin the situation as if the Ethiopian government is neglecting the need of Ethiopians who are in Yemen. The situation is becoming very difficult not only for the Ethiopian government but also for other countries too, as every nation is trying to help its citizens caught up in the midst of the crossfire to leave Yemen. In the last 24 hours the Chinese navy assisted – Pakistan, Ethiopia, Singapore, Italy, Germany, Poland, Ireland, Britain, Canada, and Yemen citizens to leave Yemen. The number of countries that used the Chinese help indicates how difficult it has become for citizen of other countries to leave Yemen. please, don’t twist and turn the story of Ethiopians stranded in Yemen because of the conflict for cheap political advantage. when Ethiopians face a dire situation that requires consolidated effort from all parties to make sure they are safe be a part of it to help rather than trying to score cheap political points to advance political power.

    • Kebena says:

      Erty, other than your name which sounds like Eritrawi, which I sugest you change it to Ethiopiawi or at list to Ethio-Eritrean, your coment topps everybody else’s.

  6. ash says:

    I think u r miss reading the GIM7 camp. They r admitting Ethiopia become super power under Tplf …we could even send an army to protect our citizen…under only Tplf Ethiopian citizen getting government help during our dear father our blood would have been dog blood…

    My next point is Ethiopian government is not responsible for Ethiopian refugee…those refugee become a refugee to get the hell away Tplf why come back now? EEthiopian government doesn’t have any responsibly for Ethiopian refugee ….yes they might have moral obligation not responsibility..let allow refugee even legal Ethiopians u must register before hand ..
    As an American citizen if u co?e to Ethiopia u have to register ASAP ….ANOTHER thing I like to say is any Ethiopian who work in Arab country must pay some kind of emergency insurance per month this way anything happens the embassy have money to send u to Ethiopia ASAP.

  7. Ashan Gulite says:

    Few fellow Ethiopians are full of hate I feel sorry for them, because they are blinded by it they don’t see the great works that has been done and is being done. They just jump to spew their hateful message at every report that comes out, don’t they look like a cat waiting at a ready for a rat to come out of it’s hole? they take no time to verify, just spew hateful massage, hate must be a sickness that needs cure.

  8. sam says:

    The headline is misleading. “Ethiopian embassy in Yemen [was] attacked while evacuating its citizens” implies the attack was triggered because the Embassy was sending its citizens back home. I do not see the Yemenis have that strong love to Ethiopians who reside there. They attacked because in their confused state of mind everybody is an enemy. And an embassy is the best place to vent their frustration. I welcome the government effort to evacuate Ethiopian citizens. Leaving them there at the mercy of a mob who is totally in delusional state of mind would rather be unconscionable.

  9. Fulas says:

    Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!

    Bob Marley

  10. Fulas says:

    We have a choice about how we take what happens to us in our life and whether or not we allow it to turn us. We can become consumed by hate and darkness, or we’re able to regain our humanity somehow, or come to terms with things and learn something about ourselves.

  11. 21-century says:

    “Democratic saudi is bombing Yemen to restore democracy”.

    What is less reported in US mainstream media is that one group in Yemen seems to be making out quite well in the US-backed and Saudi-created chaos: al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Yes, al-Qaeda. The group that the US has been droning in Yemen since 2010. The drone strikes that set the population and especially various tribes like the Houthis against the US-accommodating Hadi. The Houthis who had been fighting al-Qaeda in Yemen before they started being bombed by Saudi Arabia. That al-Qaeda.

    A Thursday prison raid by al-Qaeda operatives in the port city of Mukalla freed one of their commanders, “emir” Khaled Batarfi. Barfi celebrated his freedom by taking up residence in the abandoned regional governor’s palace as Saudi planes continued to bomb al-Qaeda’s enemy in Yemen, the Houthis. Barfi even used the palace telephone apparently to issue orders to his minions. It must have been hard for him to believe his incredible good luck!

    The Saudis are said to have air-dropped weapons to supporters of ousted president, Mansur Hadi, in the battleground port city of Aden. How long before al-Qaeda shows up with these gifts from the Saudis by way of the US military-industrial complex?

    So why is the US backing the Saudi attack on its neighbor? It is complicated. According to US government logic, when Yanukovych was chased by a mob from his office in Ukraine, by leaving the country he lost legitimacy. In Yemen, on the other hand, when president Hadi was chased by a mob from his office he retained his legitimacy and Saudi airstrikes were approved and coordinated by the US to put him back in office.

    It had something to do with democracy, it was said. However, Hadi was “elected” after overthrowing his predecessor in a coup and standing for office as the only candidate on the ballot. Not surprisingly in the circumstance, he “won” more than 99 percent of the vote. Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was effusive in her praise, claiming the Soviet-style election and inauguration “were promising steps on the path toward a new, democratic chapter in Yemen’s history.”

    Yanukovych, in contrast, was elected in a contested election judged to be “free and fair” by international monitoring bodies.

    Watching State Department Spokesman Jen Psaki defend these double standards is one of those golden comedy moments that makes you laugh and then cry.

    So the US backs Saudi attacks on Yemen in the name of democracy even though neither country is remotely democratic, and even though none except al-Qaeda and the US military-industrial complex seems to be benefitting. Is this incompetence, arrogance, ignorance, or something darker?

  12. Aye Sew says:

    Is Saudi Arabia a democratic nation? Are other GCC nation’s democratic nations? What is USA and England are doing with them in Yemen in the name of democracy with the absolute dictators and worst human right violator Arab ruler? Is this for the sake of lucrative war business?

    These demons are the worst types of dictatorial rulers ever lived on earth. Yet, they are bombing Yemen in the name of democracy. This is how looks like the 21-century because of these demons ruling the nations under the family line brutal and dictatorial rules treating the nation as private property.
    Saudi Arabia is the source of all sorts of terrorism breeding the terrorists in the name of Madrassa all over the world including what is going on in Kenya is started 25 years ago in the wahabbi madrassa schools in Kenya financed by these dictatorial demons.

    Shut all so called Islamic schools financed by these evils knowing they are breeding terrorists and demons. Remember: they are not calling other Muslims such as Shias, Ismailia, Sufi, and other Islamic sects that are numbering in hundreds representing the majority of Muslims as Islam/Muslims but only the Wahabbism and its closest branch of Sunni Islam that is terrorizing the world creating terrorists like ISIS, Al Qaida, Al Nusra and so on. That is why they are fighting in Yemen the Houtis that are peaceful and right Muslims and are against ISIS, Al Qaida and any Islamic terrorist.

    The Saudis are the demonic type of human being ever lived on earth. They are the biggest dangers to humanity. All Saudis are not Arabs but Arabic speakers with more than 200 Ethnic groups/tribes and many clans living in Saudi Arabia. There are Bantu blacks, Sudanese Blacks, Habesha mixes, Arabs, Asians and the likes living in Saudi where wahabism is the rule of the nation.

    There is no doubt, the time will come soon to punish that desert family own curse land. Saudi Arabia is not a county but a tribal nation created in 1933 naming it after the person called Al Saud that became a king and his family is owning and ruling Saudi ever since under the English and USA protection from the Saudi citizens . It is the same with other Gulf nations, too.

    No wahhabi/Saudi financed so called Islamic school is needed. It is breeding terrorists and demons.

  13. Temam says:

    Saudi Arabia is the greatest danger the region including Africa is facing.

    Saudi Arabia bombed Houthi positions and threatens to start a ground invasion with the help of Egypt. Both of these countries are American client states and would not contemplate these actions without having a green light from Washington.

    In its zeal to have and maintain hegemony the United States resorts to brute force and supports others who do likewise. The result is dead bodies in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia and Yemen, but the decisions that lead to these crimes are endemic to American policies.

    America fights with al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria but against those same two groups in Iraq. In Yemen, it is fighting against those fighting these terrorists.

    Washington used jihadists in Libya to overthrow the Gaddafi government only to have those same groups kill the American ambassador. Now the U.S. is fighting the same people it supported there just a few years ago. America fights with al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria but against those same two groups in Iraq. Washington eventually chose to accept the overthrow of Mubarak in Egypt but now supports the restoration of a dictatorial regime with another leader. The United States calls the president of Sudan a war criminal but now fights on the same side in Yemen. When imperialism is the intention, events will never turn out as predicted.

    Most Americans know little or nothing about Yemen or Saudi Arabia, but still happily refer to themselves in the first person plural when speaking of their government. They ask, “What should ‘we’ do about Syria/Iraq/Yemen/Libya?”

    The examples of foolish decisions are endless. President Reagan made deals with Iran but then instigated an Iraqi attack on Iran. Later the U.S. attacked Iraq in two different wars. The destruction of that country led to a brutal sectarian war, and to the rise of the Houthis in Yemen.
    Yemen is now the epicenter of imperialism run amuck. The Saudis fear that the Shi’a Houthis will be supported by their rival Iran, which the United States now wants to come to terms with in nuclear energy negotiations. Saudi Arabia is therefore on the side of Israel in attempting to scuttle any agreement. There is still no honor among all the thieves.

  14. dude says:

    While evacuating the woyane agents perhaps. None woyane ethio are still dieing in that baren land. Death to woyane!

  15. Almaz says:

    I don’t understand why the gov wants to rescue these ethiopian most left to join Al qeda isis OLF in eritrea that was the andargachew recruiting camp

  16. Tatek says:

    It makes all of us as Ethiopians sick to our nerves when our fellow Ethiopians are caught in a deadly crossfire of the sort we witnessed in Yemen and found themselves between a rock and a hard place for something over which they had no control. From Kenya to Saudi Arabia, South Sudan and now Yemen, Ethiopians fell victim to deadly scenarios where the regime in all cases miserably failed them and sadly received more than a passing grade from the Ethiopian ‘Developmental Media’. Sickening and nerve-racking as the situation is, it is so sad and weird to hear regime proponents accuse the opposition or those concerned Ethiopians of playing a ‘political game’ with the lives of Ethiopians. These hell-bent individuals and/or groups try to justify the regime’s failure to rescue Ethiopians on ‘limited resources and options’ available to the Govt to do its job as it was required to do. While there is no denying that in today’s political warfare, complex issues are often oversimplified in the context of winners and losers, and portrayed in stark black-and-white terms—with the side that could most effectively manipulate the narrative prevailing and being lifted up as being in the offensive—at times regardless of any nuances and the larger underlying truth, the notion that the regime hasn’t failed Ethiopians in Yemen is a big lie that can’t be defended by any stretch of the imagination. Minister Tedros’ claims of having saved just 30 Ethiopians out of tens of thousands stranded in Yemen is a failure of gross proportions that unquestionably warrants nothing less than his own resignation—if indeed he is an Ethiopian Foreign Minister. It is the duty of this Minister, one of the very few that I still respect despite my rejection of his Govt’s Communist policies—to move heavens and earth to save these Ethiopians, and now that he failed them, there is no excuse for him not to pack and go. While persecuting and exiling the intelligentsia, the EPRDF regime was busy training thousands of propagandists to attempt to counter opposition media onslaught against its failed policies and trying to create a cult of personality and the culture of the ‘Big Lie’—the result of these being a society where rumor and conspiracy theories become the golden age of the information realm. The Govt’s convoluted theory that it was shorthanded, understaffed or didn’t know that this was coming in Yemen was not only something that doesn’t cut any ice, but it is a lame excuse that is way beyond the realm of reason. We all know that the EPRDF is a regime to which truth is so much secondary to political victory and obfuscation, distortion, secrecy and deceit were the cornerstones defining it. Furthermore, Ethiopians do not need any bold lecture to see that politics and public policy were very highly interwoven under the repressive regime of EPRDF.

    Sadly, what we see here is not any admittance of gross regime failure in Yemen but the regime’s cheap and reckless propaganda machine desperately attempting to spin, twist, and distort the facts on the ground by minimizing the extent of the crisis and trying to retell lies and distortions time and again such that the lines between fact and fiction become so blurred beyond recognition; and with all the questions of the deliberate deception concerning the crisis in Yemen keeping hovering because of the culture of lies and deception created by the EPRDF itself, both those countless Ethiopians and the truth remain would be victims finding themselves caught in the political crossfire.

  17. Wondinet says:

    It is not Ethiopia’s bussiness, the Gim7 told them to get out of the country, so let them be responible for their own stupid advice for their useless tugs. We have clear document for their agitation. Who cares they can die there? Shedy bla bla bla. All stupid brihanu negas dteam is always shady. He is stupid.

  18. Menilik Alemu Getahun says:

    The 30 so called evacuees Ethiopians were working as spies for the TPLF. Only those that were selling information on the activities of Ethiopians within Yemen to the Ethiopian embassy had the access to talk to the embassy while close to a million Ethiopian refugees that arrived in Yemen in the last 10 years are not even acknowledged of their existence by the embassy which is known to be the worst among all Ethiopian embassies throughout the world .

  19. axumawit says:

    This Yemen crisis is a challenge to the peace of the region including Ethiopia.It also open an opportunity in many ways.when Somalia descended in chaos,Ethiopia stood with the people of Somalia.In return,the two people enjoy the relationship over two decades.Today,Ethiopia is trusted friend of Somalia.Today,Ethiopia has a saying what goes on in the horn.Playing important role in Yemen crisis,will help Ethiopia put her influence and control on red sea region in the long run.Ethiopians must know Yemen issue is an Ethiopian issue.

  20. Temam says:

    This is wahabbism in Action.

    “The Saudi regime, a cash machine for terrorists, has ruled out any end to its airstrikes unless former appointed president Hadi is restored again to power.

    Lest we forget this is the same regime that has no national elections, no parties and no parliament, and still insists on restoration of democracy in Yemen. Saudi Arabia is rated as “not free” and has been given the lowest possible score in a January 2015 report by Freedom House, a nongovernmental organization that tracks human rights.
    In January, Human Rights Watch published a report stating that, “Saudi Arabia imprisons activists on broad, catch-all charges designed to criminalize peaceful dissent, such as breaking allegiance with the un-elected ruler or setting up an independent organization. In March, the Islamic Human Rights Commission reported there are some 30,000 political prisoners in Saudi Arabia, where they are publicly flogged, amputated and beheaded.
    Also according to Amnesty International, the rise in public beheadings and the practice of crucifixion, which refers to the court-ordered public display of the body after execution, along with the separated head if beheaded, is disturbing and condemnable. There were at least 79 such executions in 2014.
    Saudi Arabia – and its partners – have been financially and militarily supporting terrorism and the evolving Sunni insurgency for decades against Shias, Christians, Hindus and anyone is not accepting their barbaric wahabism which is an evil sect against the true Islam. They have intentionally bankrolled groups whose mission it is to wipe out the Shia communities, Christians, Jazidi, Kurds, Durze and other ethnic groups in the Middle East. These un-elected regimes first started with al-Qaeda and then bankrolled what became ISIL, al Nusra, They are the ones created and financing sunni islamic terrorism all over teh world including Taliban, Boko Haram, Al Shebab and otehrs. .
    So the Saudis are not in a position to dictate policy or be the teacher of democracy in Yemen. They don’t support the heart of evolving humanity and they are not a leader worthy of being followed. They seek authority so that they may impose their policy without limitation. Strange enough, they now want the people of Yemen to choose their dictator!.
    The international community has to reject the glorification of this immoral violence before it engulfs the entire region and before many more civilians die. The world must force the Saudis to stop their criminal aggression and accept an immediate ceasefire in battle-torn Yemen.

  21. megersa says:

    three of my brothers from Ethiopia are in Yemen prison .as I have got information others four Ethiopian prisoners who trying to escape from prison in Yemen are shooted by police yesterday.what will be the chance of more than 500 Ethiopia prisoners in Yemen.we need the participation of our government to return back this prisoner to Ethiopia.

  22. Ayeee says:

    “About 1 million Ethiopian migrants also live in Yemen, according to the IOM,”

    This is a lie intentionally done by Guardian which is an English establishment criminal media run the most part by Jews.

    Does Ethiopia has her own media and Ethiopian Journalists serving their nation with competent and integrity doing the nation journalism works including counter attacking and eliminating once and for all the tiny English criminal media establishment wars against Ethiopia conducted by evil and demon journalists most of them are Jews especially when it comes to Ethiopia?

    Shame on to the so called Ethiopian journalists that are unable to do the nation media jobs including counter attacking and stopping the evil western medias and journalists that are coming in the country for bad and negative purposes in order to damage the nation image and undermine the people with lies, misinformation, distorting facts and hiding the good and positive.

    Death to the English establishment Medias and criminal journalists that are waging media wars against Ethiopia for decades and the Jews are the leading forces in these medias.

  23. Ayeee says:

    Guardian Global development is supported by:
    Bill & Melinda Gate Foundation

    This criminal English establishment media run by criminals is supported by these people that have own secret mission in Africa where Ethiopia is their first and main target.

    Are there 1 million Ethiopian refuges currently in Yemen have no place to go and have no one to stand for them?

    Guradian is spreading this lies as the main news and best job for a day.


    By Mark Anderson
    April 10, 2015

    “Yemen conflict leaves nearby countries increasingly stretched as thousands flee

    As part of normal migration flows, tens of thousands of Ethiopian and Somali migrants travel across the Gulf of Aden to Yemen hoping to find better economic prospects in Saudi Arabia and freedom from persecution.

    With Yemen descending into full-blown civil conflict, the fate of nearly 250,000 refugees who have settled in the country – mainly from Somalia – hangs in the balance. About 1 million Ethiopian migrants also live in Yemen, according to the IOM, while UNHCR figures suggest that 330,000 Yemenis are internally displaced by previous waves of violence.

    Thousands of Ethiopians are currently believed to be stranded by the fighting in Yemen and in need of evacuation. IOM Ethiopia is working with the Ethiopian government and its offices in Yemen and Djibouti to evacuate the most vulnerable and provide post-arrival assistance,” the IOM said.”

  24. tuta says:

    really what is running ?
    who iz the responsible person

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