Africa’s Next Hegemon: Behind Ethiopia’s Power Plays


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5 Responses

  1. Lema says:


    All English Medias including BBC, Guardian and Reuters are evils working for the establishment with dream thinking one day they would become an empire again at least in Africa.
    What is the reason they are painting about these and other topics belong to other countries? What is the benefit they are getting, the secret plan they are having and the goals they are looking to achieve by doing so coming in the country doesn’t belong to them and paying the costs by themselves?
    It is the same with the NGOs, Charities and aid agencies where all of them are working together with these evil Medias as all of them are the mercenaries based on their national agenda and plan in other country, region or the continent itself. Of course there are the sold out and brainwashed collaborators at home in the name of working under foreign or domestic NGOs where all of them are under the foreign financial payrolls doing the jobs based on the foreign agenda in their own country.

    Yet, the stupid blacks are making journalism activities including through copy and paste from these foreign mercenaries about the topics belongs to them, not foreigners. These evil English establishment medias and criminal and spying journalists have the same goal that is their own agenda and plan in other country when you allow them and worse than that when you read, hear or spreading their dirty job about yourself through copy and paste easy jobs every one can do it.

    Always remember: The English foreign operating medias are worse than any mass destruction weapon and the so called the journalists are worse than any foreign enemy military force

  2. Kebena says:

    This writer presented a well researched document. Now that the whole world knows that we have a pro people government, it is time for the rest of black Africa to take notice. I want to see a copy cut situation. It should work for you !

  3. dude says:

    Ethiopia ‘s economy has been growing by over 7% since woyane assumed power? Dawit (the woyane barking dog ),please stop. The only thing that has been growing by over such a percentage is the woyane bellies and the number of citizen leaving the country because of woyane. When do you man up and report the crimes and atrocities that your Tigre brothers and sisters are perpetrating against all other ethiopian nationalities? When are you going to write an article On how many people woyane has incarcerated, tortured,murdered, made them leave their country and made them homeles? When? When? When? You do have an insider information I bet. I know you will never expose your criminal woyane boys and demand accountability. I know ethiopia is seeing a number of high rise building being built. But Who owns them? Your Tigre criminal brothers and sisters. Who Owens effort (?) ? Who owns Ethiopia ‘ s natural wealth such as gold mine? Be a champion! Report the goods and don’t ignore the bad. Don’t be afraid to tell the truth. Truth will always,always,always will set you free. And you will earn the respect of all your fellow Ethiopians for eternity. I hope you call yourself an ethiopian ( not a tigrean)at least not yet.

  4. Kifle says:

    Harry’s attempt is to carve a name for himself as “expert” or “specialist” on Africa. If he wrote what he wrote here in a British paper he will be taken for an idiot or perhaps as a lazy researcher. Unfortunately, no one is going to question him if he wrote whatever he wanted on Africa.

    Dawit of course will quote any article that supported his party. As an editor, Dawit has little to say on major issues of the day. First is fluency in the language. Second, he has already made up his mind and no amount of evidence would convince him that his party could do wrong.

  5. melekot mulugeta says:

    its obvious after some a while ethiopia supposed to integrate its strategy with the continental order in order to bring africans togther, new africa order is being implemnted from magrib countris down to sub saharn countries including south africa.’yes we can’ we proud to do so.

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