Ethiopians shocked by Islamic State killings


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35 Responses

  1. Ermi says:

    More shocking is the woyane’s response to the tragedy. Woyane is a tragedy by itself imposed On Ethiopia.

    Peace to all but woyanes!


    • Ashan Gulite says:

      You are one sick person, who doesn’t care about human tragedy , but using it to vent your hate, you may be one of the savages.

      • ilula lemma says:

        First ,I would like to express my condolences to the parents and relatives of the victim of innocent Ethiopians. This is an opportunity for the governing party TPLF(EPRDF) to get out of the shell and face the reality. let us work to get read of poverty. Media propaganda telling us lies every single day is not the answer,Job creation and equal opportunity in the country is the way out of poverty . I am much disappointed first TPLF(EPRDF) of denial of those killed are not Ethiopians when the pressure got high admitting. it is immoral and irresponsible. EPRDF still rely on power than getting heart and mind of Ethiopian citizen. My advice for TPLF(EPRDF) is make things strength or leave .

      • Beza says:

        A shan you should know him. He is an Eritrean.

        • ilula lemma says:

          @Beza what is wrong with U. now you start labeling people as Eritrea ,Ethiopia based on their comment. U damn ass, come to the point.

          • Beza says:


        • ilula lemma says:

          did your MOM teach you how to talk nice ,I do not think you know any other word than cursing(SEDEB) .What to expect from stupid WOYANE.

      • Ermi says:

        Here is the woyane response :

        Peace to all but the dedebit terrorist !


  2. True God is Good says:

    The reason why they are shocked is because of they don’t know how full of evil and demon wahabbism is.

  3. True God is Good says:

    What is the difference between Wahabbism which is the national religion of Saudi Arabia and GCC nations where all the Royal families are member of on one side and IS, Al Qaida and other terrorist groups?

    The only Difference is that Saudi Arabia and other Gulf nations national religion/culture which is wahabbism is the Mother of all terrorists groups Including Mujahidin in the 1980 In Afghanistan against the soviet, Then the Arab members of Mujahidin became al Qaida while others became Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Then The al Qaida became al Qaida in many regions including Al-Qaida in the Gulf, Maghreb and so on. Boko haram and Al Shebab are also the trash and dark low class part of al Qaida.

    Then with the help of USA and UK; IS, Al Nusra and other terrorists created from the al Qaida doctrine with 100% blessing and full support from the wahabbi Dictators in the Gulf including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and so on. Right now in Yemen they are fighting for al Qaida and IS against the houthis that are almost defeated all the terrorists created by the wahabbi Saudis.

    As long as USA and UK are in love with the mother of all wahabbi terrorists (including 9/11 terrorists) which is Saudi Arabia, be sure, the situation will get worse than better.

    The answer is Ethiopians including true Believer Muslims must come together and eliminate any Wahabbism tendency in the country and region. Wahabbism is not a religion but a cult created by a person called al wahabbi in the 18 century. This individual is from the Al Saud Ethnic group and they are using this barbaric Arab culture as a religion to rule Saudi Arabia and destroy the world.

    Arabs with this barbaric ideology must not allow in the country. This is one of the things Ethiopians including the true Muslims can do to Ethiopia, their religion and themselves. Arabs consider blacks Muslims as slaves till this days not real Muslims. You have to keep this in mind always. In Libya, Egypt and so on they are discriminating and killing Muslims living in these nations because of they are blacks.

    So, Ethiopians are the same people lived together before Christianity, Islam or any religion. So, barbaric religion like Wahabbism which is an Arab culture, must not allow reaching Ethiopia. No one benefit from it but all will lose. Arabs are good for killing, hate and destruction, nothing else. Look what they are doing in Yemen against other Muslims saying peaceful Shia is not Islam while barbaric wahabbism does. This is a lie and false world we are living because of these creatures.

  4. Abay says:

    A huge and nationwide demonstration and condemnation has to be the first step all Ethiopians can/have to do together.

    This is the time to be calm and brave taking appropriate measures that are bringing results. Shouting, name calling, individually acting will not help.


    1. Ethiopians all over the country including the true Islam believers must come in mass together the same day fiercely condemning this barbaric act. Cities in Ethiopia including Addis Ababa must see the biggest ever demonstration. The government must take the lead and invite diplomats to the demonstration to show them Ethiopians are not tolerating and accepting what the west is doing with the wahabbi Saudis and other Gulf nations that are breeding, brainwashing, financing and supporting military including in Yemen, Syria, Somalia and Libya the terrorists that are slaughtering Christians including Egyptians, Ethiopians, Kenyans, Nigerians, Iraqis, Syrians and westerners. USA and UK citizens are the first to be slaughtered in Iraq and Syria because of they were Christians.
    Yet, USA and UK are still behind those breeding and supporting these evil terrorists. USA citizen is participating in this killing while the English one was against the western Christians.
    Is Obama a president or a kind of remote control to those having him in their hand to use him for their agenda and plan including in the world for their own benefit?
    2. The 30 Christian victims must get a big remembrance location and statue in Mesqel square.
    3. The victims are Ethiopians and Eritreans both nations must come together in this very very dangerous time against both of them.
    4. The Ethiopian government must not have any involvement militarily in Libya which is a far away hostile desert but keeping the terrorists out of the country including the so called an Islamic charity from Birmingham in England that is many times has been in the news supporting Sunni radicalism and terrorism. But in Ethiopia it is doing its thing freely, Guess financed by whom?
    5. Ethiopia must play active role to Eliminate Al Shebab from Somalia working together with the Somali Government and people.
    6. be vigilant and keeps Ethiopia safe from the Arabs including wahabbi Yemenis that are coming in the country with the wahabbi ideology.
    7. If the Ethiopian Muslims are true believers of Good, they must stay free and clean far away from Wahabbism. This is not a religion of any kind but the Arab culture that was there even before Muhammad was born. Ethiopian Muslims need to distance and stay away from Arabs, if they want to keep Islam as a religion doing the right things or else, it will be infected by demons to do the evil things they are doing as part of their religion duties as they are saying happily about.
    8. The Ethiopian Christians need to wake up and be bold and determine confronting the devil against them if they really believing in God. They must stop being passive, forgiving and praying about. Instead they must know they are facing evil and demon which being passive, forgiving and praying about it while it is killing them is not a solution but what the barbaric wants and likes. Never show the devils and demons any weakness or reluctant to confront and eliminate it.
    9. The True believers from both sides mainly what Christians must understand is that only force and being more decisive and determine to eliminate it without feeling and hesitation is the only way defeating this evil ideology. Therefore, they must stop being passive and God’s children while they are facing demons and evils against them. They must fight it back being more hostile and powerful against it than the wahabbi doctrine is against the rest.

    *Ethiopians and Eritreans including true Muslims must come together for huge and nationwide demonstration Ethiopia never seen like this kind magnitude before in order to let the world know Enough is enough particularly the west and mainly USA and UK that are the guardians of the wahabbi Saudi and other Gulf nations for decades.
    The victims are Ethiopians and Eritreans. These ancient and beautiful the same people must come together and think together for their future. They are now becoming targets from all directions. No one will stand for them, but they have to do it together for survival reasons.
    The Ethiopian Muslims have nothing to do with this. However, there are some brainwashed among them by the wahabbis in the past and these Satan mercenaries must be eliminated before infecting others. True Islam as a God religion is no longer in the Arab desert. It is a barbaric Arab culture ruining all including true Islam. Therefore, all Ethiopians must fight this cult together which is dangerous to all of them.
    Always remember: Arabs see all black Muslims including Ethiopians not real Muslims but slaves forced to accept the masters’ culture, names and so on. Look the Black Muslims very bad treatments in Saudi, Yemen, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Morocco and so on. They are acting as if they do like black Muslims only when they want to use them spreading their cult using the blacks against their country and people.

  5. MOHAMMED says:


  6. Abay says:


    Ethiopia must play a smart and mature politics here.

    1. Don’t engage militarily in Libya in any form and case. You must not even thinking about let alone confronting militarily the wahabbi merciless terrorist groups that are fighting to die in order to get in paradise after killing innocents as much as possible in gruesome and cruel ways as they are beheading humans like Chicken in the name of their religion shouting and dancing from happiness about.
    The Ethiopian government must not participate with any military activities in Libya which is far away and deadly desert Ethiopian solders are not accustomed this kind hell place. Let them deal with each other and that would be a kind of revenge Ethiopia can do to the victims of the massacred by the wahabbi followers.

    These terrorists are from Europe and North America and Australia, too. The so called west along side with the wahabbi Gulf nations created this mess in Libya as they did and still doing in other nations, too. They used the terrorists to overthrow Gadaffi. Libya will never ever been the same again as a nation with the old boundary. That is gone forever.
    The Libya and other North African and ME situation will affect more Europe than Africa including Ethiopia as the refuge case is today. The terrorist will cross to Europe and will cause damages there. Ethiopia must stop her citizens going to Libya or any place where the monster wahabbis are. Those going there by themselves including paying huge money for human traffickers are responsible for their own action. Poor Ethiopians have no money to pay this kind huge money for traffickers/criminals.

    Therefore, lets Europe fight this fight. But don’t be stupid not thinking about it and be always ready to face it before it is too late. They will try to spread the terrorists in Africa for different reasons including keeping them away from Europe and destroying the black Africans for economic and political reasons. Never ever even think Europe would stand for the black Africans against the terrorists which it is created the first place exporting its citizens and standing together with the wahabbi nations in the Gulf. USA government to some extent and USA citizens in general might stand with the Christians but not the 1% that are controlling USA. They are warmongers will do anything to create divisions, hostilities and enemies in order to see chaos, killing and destruction in other countries which is good for their business and other interests.
    2. Ethiopia must concentrate at home and in the neighboring countries. To do that it is important expelling and stopping coming in the country the fanatic and extremist foreign wahabbis not only Arabs but also from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and so on. Islamic charities are not really charities but the way how the wahabbis and fanatics are spreading their damaging ideology in other countries.
    3. Hunt them like rats and punish them severely the human traffickers and their associates including family members. We know, the traffickers are Ethiopians including residing in Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Djibouti and in the Arab desert nations. These criminals must be hunted down and humiliate them in front of the Ethiopian people and confiscate everything they own including their family members property that are benefiting from this tragedy.
    4. Family members of the victims are also part of the crimes. They are paying 100s of thousands of Birr to go to Europe illegally. This is stupidity and backwardness. Europe is not the place to make even half of it. They are like animals have no idea where to go and way. Emigrating from Ethiopia to any other country this time must be for those dump and stupid have no idea what they are doing. Why don’t they use that money to create their own job in Ethiopia where all the jobs in Ethiopia are waiting to be done well and on time all over the country?
    5. The Ethiopian Medias, in schools, churches and the population at large must talk freely and openly about which is immigrating to other country is not the answer but going to hell were many of them are suffering and dying for years in the Arabs/wahhabis hands. The people must get information from the medias and others in order to stop them migrating to other countries with the animal look like knowledge and capacity but stay in the country and do the Ethiopian jobs that are plenty waiting for so long to be done.

    Again; Ethiopia must not engage with any military intervention or confrontation in Libya. It is far away and the very hostile desert to Ethiopians that are accustomed in nice weather and green fields. Don’t engage even as peace kippers or makers there under AU or UN. Libya is a gone forever case. Will never ever going to be the same again as it is the case with Iraq, Syria, Yemen and so on.

    Instead concentrate at home and the neighboring nations by having a strong and professional military and security force. Keep Ethiopia safe from the wahhabi invaders coming in the country in the name of this or that which is their tactics to be there for devil jobs they are having in them.

    The Safety and security of the nations and its citizens are before and always everything else. Therefore, those foreigners that are dangerous to our safety and security including in the long run, must stay away. This is what Ethiopia has to do always.
    Working closely with Algeria with important issues is essential, but not Libya. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE and others on one side and Turkey and tiny Qatar on the other are making the Libyan case as it is based on their own agenda and interest. Europe and USA are also there. So, Stay away and tell your people not to go there even passing through and other dangerous places in the desert.

  7. Tatek says:

    I never saw the fateful video showing the beheading and shooting of our Ethiopian heroes by Islamic State extremists and I will never do. When I first saw the news compiled by United Press International (UPI) floating on a big screen where I just wrapped up a three day long workshop in New York on Sunday evening, I was so shocked beyond what words could express that I had to just stand there sticking my eyes on the TV screen in front of me and summon my nerves to see if my sight was serving me well and what I was seeing was indeed correct, and it was. I was shocked and saddened beyond comprehension. Whatever their motives were, these extremists profess a reckless and savage ideology that innocent individuals could be wantonly sacrificed to serve a political vision or sheer hatred for humanity, and their barbaric acts plainly display their cold-blooded contempt for human life that doesn’t respect any borders. May the Almighty God give the family and loved ones of the victims the courage and the strength at these difficult times. The move by Ethiopia’s Communist Authorities in declaring three days of national mourning in respect of these Ethiopian heroes is so commendable, and as Ethiopians, we need to come together at these trying times in our nation’s history and relegate our partisan differences to the side in the interest of the bereaving families and the mourning nation. This is a wanton attack not just against Ethiopia and what it always stood for, but it’s a barbaric act committed against all of humanity that should be confronted, punished and defeated. It is understandable that there could be so many Ethiopians who might question, even oppose, any sort of retaliatory strike against these terrorists inside Libya on grounds that such a move may not be a cake-walk, but could be exponentially expensive—with serious consequences for the Ethiopian economy and could as well be bloody. But as John F. Kennedy plainly put it when confronted by a similar scourge in the form of Communism, ‘’ The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender or submission’’. And tonight, as we mourn our heroes who gave their lives for a just cause in Libya, as Ethiopians we need to ask ourselves the same question and answer it. If Ethiopian and perhaps world politicians were good at picking a lesson as they were so good at attacking or counter-attacking their opponents, they should actually grab a good lesson from these same terrorists that even after September 11, 2001, the terrorists showed the World of the synergy possible when Islamic Extremists of different stripes were united under a common banner. As we mourn these heroes, we remember that theirs was a story of a human journey meant to change their lives and possibly that of their loved ones through steel-strong and watertight courage and determination and to achieve these, they took a tough and a dangerous route. By their fateful journey, they fully defied fear and tested their character which they fully understood couldn’t be developed and upheld in ease and quiet; and as the famous saying nails it, our heroes knew that only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired and success achieved. And we say to them, yours were lives lived for a just cause and the price you paid would never be forgotten. Rest in peace our Heroes, we Love you For Ever!!!

  8. Hassu says:

    I would like to xpress my hearty grieve for those murdered families.
    Personally,I have denounced ISIS’s action,I think there r defaming Islamic religion,there is an ayah(verse) in our holy Qura’an stating that” there is no enforcing in islam,which means that u r not ordered some one who is not muslim to be converted into islam except by his will.Additionally,The Qura’an says that if they dont fight u dont fight them.
    Thera are hadith verses and Qura’an volumes stating more about this.
    Finally,I am sad to hear this news and wish aconsolation for their families.

  9. Hassu says:

    This is the result of the fucken&biased ruling party’s fruit.
    Here in Ethiopia…
    1 no job opportunity
    2 no freedom
    3 no equality
    What shall we do? whether we are killed or imprisoned the only option is migration.

  10. Zellalem says:

    The government can’t be the shepherd of the citizens that are not behaving as humans at least to some degrees which the citizens must take their own responsibilities before doing anything like this. They had to know first about the safety and security of the journey, places they are passing through and most importantly the place they are going to reach. Immigrating to Europe illegally is the worst Choice any human being can do since the turn of the century.
    Being none Sunni Muslim is the worse crimes in some countries in the Middle East and North Africa at this moment. However, in the near future, it will get worst in all nations in these regions. So, don’t even think to go there let alone looking to have a better life.

    These victims and others that are migrating illegally without having any knowledge about the journey having agreement with Human traffickers that are criminals are not poor citizens or illiterates from the remote areas.

    They are paying 100s of thousands of Birr to leave Ethiopia for other countries for better life for themselves without having any idea how bad, dangerous and myths is going to Europe, Middle East or other part of Africa.

    They went to Saudi Arabia illegally paying lots of money to the traffickers. When, they get in huge troubles, they are crying to be saved by the Ethiopian government they have left it abandoning the country instead of staying in the country and doing the jobs at home. It is the same in South Africa, too.

    There are people around the world migrating all over through human traffickers. But most of them they know what and how to do it being sure about their safety and securities. But the animal looks like Ethiopians are just paying lots of money to leave the country without having any knowledge about the dangers, troubles and setbacks in abroad. They are doing this illegally which is punishable and they have to face the consequences when they get in troubles.

    Remember: these people are not poor or illiterates but they have lots of money and they are taking these measures by themselves with wrong calculations because of they are dump, have no idea about the situation in Europe, ME or any place they are going there illegally. Europe is facing a very huge task to satisfy even its own citizens. Yet, these people are migrating there. When they are facing difficulties, they are crying or blaming the government they abandoned it illegally committing crimes like this.

    However, the Government is also to blame. It is putting our country security, sovereignty, safety and future in a great danger. It is allowing the criminals to traffic its citizens for so long. It is severely punishing the citizens only when they are opposing its authority. But it doesn’t care about the safety and the security of its citizens. Criminals are getting very law prison sentences. Arabs and other foreign fanatic Sunni/wahabi Muslims are invading Ethiopia with very damaging plan in their evil heart and head using petro trash dollar as if Ethiopia is for sale to the devils.

    The so called Ethiopian medias are trash and worthless. What is the reason they are there the first place? The Medias job has to be informing, teaching and talking to the citizens about the issues matters all including migration, human traffickers and the evil nature of the Arabs. . But, the situation like this including what is happening against Ethiopians in the Middle East is something they are not talking about or trying to deny the truth how the Arabs are evils and demons.
    The Ethiopian media is rotten, has no leverage at all for the public and nation good. They are worthless and garbage, The amateurs and worthless are occupying it in order to misinform the citizens and serving others that are against the citizens and country knowing they are making reclaims and stories about foreign NGOS, Diplomats and so on that are having own agenda in the country.

    Whether the victims are Ethiopians or Eritreans it doesn’t make any difference. They have been slaughtered because of they are Christians. We know, 8 from the ten identified victims are Eritreans born in Ethiopia. Others also could be by huge margin Eritreans. We also are hearing very bad news about the biggest ever ship tragedy in the Mediterranean few days ago saying the majorities could be Eritreans from the more than 800 victims. We also know, among the victims near to Greek, one is an Eritrean.

    The point here is not who is Eritrean or Ethiopia but they are all Ethiopians even today despite few individuals divided the nations trapped by foreign enemies against them including the Arabs that are affecting both of them badly for so long. The Ethiopian people including in Eritrea must wake up and join together in order to face their common enemy that is getting worse ahead than getting better. The Ethiopian government and Issayas who is a life time terrorist are not above the citizens.
    Therefore, the citizens must take the initiative and lead creating peace and unity together in order to guarantee our future together facing a huge cloud hanging on the region coming from the Arabs in the name of fanatic and radical religion believing in terror, killing, destruction, Chaos and hate.

  11. axumawit says:

    In Pakistan 107 school children were massacred by muslims.source:wikipedia. 230 bodies were discovered in Syria source:bbc,dec,17,2014.In Egypt 638 people were killed on aug.14,2013 source:wikipedia In Yemen,inside two mosques, 137 muslims were massacred on mar.20,2015 source:cnn “The Kano attack, which killed dozens of worshipers and injured scores more, is not the first aimed at a mosque or at an emir. Last year, at least 40 worshippers were shot dead at a mosque in Borno state, where Boko Haram is strongest. The group has also assassinated senior Muslim political and religious figures in northern Nigeria. “source:cnn “The countless civilians killed in Somalia were almost all Muslim (the country is almost exclusively Muslim) and the central leadership of al-Qaida scolded al-Shebab for slaughtering so many Muslims.”source:Times live,07,april,2015
    The forces who killed Ethiopians and Egyptian christians in Libya are also the enemy of muslims.We Ethiopians have experienced over four decades of political,economic,and social changes.This new challenge will open an opportunity to make our people across different religions more united.It is the responsibility of religious leaders to address the issue in a responsible manner and lead their followers.It is the job of the ruling party keep its citizens safe.
    Finally,to the families of those victims:your loss is Ethiopia`s loss.When you mourn,Ethiopia mourns.Your grief is Ethiopia`s grief.May god give you strength.

  12. axumawit says:

    Ever since Islamic fundamentalism become world wide problem,countries who do not respond to such attack tough way,it will be an every day life to suffer with atrocities of this magnitude.Some of the sad reasons are
    a.They don`t want to offend some groups.
    b.Tolerate the growth of extreme groups in order to fulfill bad habit.why do I say that?Because some governments want aid in the name of fighting Islamic Extremism.
    c.Some of defense budget goes to some generals` bank accounts.
    There fore
    1.The government of Kenya should take the national security issue its priority.It must demand the citizens,” Kenyan first,Muslim next”.
    2.For any country economic development,the neighboring country`s security is very important.There for Kenya,Ethiopia,and Somalia should take the fight as pres.Bush said to Al Shabab territory.They should conduct military exercise inside Somalia.
    3.The Ethiopian government should set up crisis task force which will respond in the horn of Africa to such atrocities.Some people may not like it.My answer to this people is from now on the horn of Africa issue must be an Ethiopian issue.
    Finally,we tell our Kenyan friends,when Kenya bleeds,Ethiopia bleeds too.Ethiopians Don`t allow that hero man,Jommo Kenyatta`s country descends in to chaos.

    04/03/15 @ 12:53
    It was my suggestion in this forum, to the Ethiopian govt.,in the aftermath of Kenya massacre.

    ” In the same session, the House also ratified another highly-regarded multi-lateral agreement, which is an agreement to establish the East African Standby Force-that further extends the mandate of Ethiopia’s National Defense force beyond its territorial horizon.

    The ratification will ensure Ethiopia’s and the region’s peace and security and reduce threats, according to a document attached with the draft law. After a short deliberation, the House endorsed the bill with an absolute majority vote.”
    The Reporter 04 APRIL 2015
    The vicious,barbaric,and inhuman killing in Libya remind us to keep the Ethiopian public safe,strong defense force is vital.Ethiopia has the willing,vested interest,and experience to fight forces like ISIS,AL-SHABAB,AL QAEDA,AL-HITAD,etc.Ethiopians will change this challenging time in to an opportunity,that is finishing the unfinished business.All Ethiopians from every walk of life,across different religion,region,and ideology will unite to stand up to this common enemy.
    For those of you who still try testing Ethiopia`s patience,we have one thing to say;ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    04/21/15 @ 20:37

  13. axumawit says:

    correction:my suggestion was in other forum.

  14. Abay says:

    Don’t allow the wahabbi barbaric agenda be implemented on us by acting the way the wahabbi barbaric killing militia likes the most. Don’t cry about or do something that is affecting the country. Demonstration has to be for the public and nation good, not for personal agenda and goal using this tragedy for own damaging plan.

    Be aware about the situation some anti Ethiopians are trying to harvest from this tragedy. Semayawi part that is a mercenary to destabilize Ethiopia in the name of color revolution was/.still is leading and relaying on the brainwashed Sunni extremists and monster wahabis Arab representative dark Negros.
    Girma and other so called oppositions are still criticizing the anti terrorism law.

    Their backers in aboard including that Joke Tamagn and his dogs that were/are in love with Egyptian wahabis in USA including travelling together from place to place where the Ethiopians are in order to stop the Hedase dam. Today, semayawi party and the joke Diasporas in USA are saying they are against the Killing of the Christians by the wahabbis they are in love with.

    Watch out the semayawi party and others including some foreigners that are acting as diplomats, tourists and so on but have plans for so long to destabilize the country. UK and USA Medias and Journalists are worse than what ISIS is doing. They are with the secret mission to affect the whole society being in the country by themselves. Keep very close eyes on them and don’t give them any chance. There is no doubt, they are seeing this moment the best harvesting time for them inflaming it by creating bad images and fabricated stories through lies.

    Allow the population to express in grieve, sadness and sorrow. It is getting to much where the population is thinking there is no a proper government that does care about them and most importantly about the country that looks like is for sell including to the demons and devils.

  15. Abay says:

    Can the worthless Ethiopian TV, radio, News papers and the likes at least this time able to do the media jobs which is serving the citizens?

    PM, Church leaders, Scholars, true Ethiopian oppositions and public figures must come out talking about the issues at least this time using the national media the right ways which is serving the nation.

    Stop crying about. This is what the wahabbi terrorists feel victorious and making them continues doing these crimes again and again. Instead the people must come together and show how determine, united and good enough are to confront and eliminate any wahabbi terrorist tendency in the country. Feeling sadness or Crying about is making us weak, stupid and unable to confront the situation the right ways.

    Therefore, the Ethiopian government where some members are rotten there being 25 years on power coming from nowhere, must take responsibilities what is going on in the country related to the wahabbi barbaric crimes against the innocent Christens.

    The government must allow the citizens to express their grievances that are getting too much including what is happening against Ethiopians including women in the wahabbi Arab desert nations for so long, and elsewhere where the government is too passive about unwillingness at least to stop them going there and having embassies doing the embassy jobs which is serving the nation and stand for the country interest.

  16. Visitor says:

    Just in;

    According to an NGO, the migrants did not get asylum seeker status in the third country and made their way north to Libya to try to reach Europe, after which they ended up in the hands of ISIS.

    Three Eritrean asylum-seekers who left Israel for a third country in the past year were among a group of Ethiopian Christians whom Islamic State beheaded or shot in a video it distributed this week, an Israeli NGO said Tuesday.

    According to the Hotline for Refugees and Migrants, one of the three men was identified by an Eritrean relative who works as a translator for the NGO, as well as by people who were jailed with him at the Holot detention facility in the South.

    Two other men in the video were identified by people who knew them in Holot and the NGO, but not by family, the organization added.
    organization added. It is also believe to be most of the victims are sadly Eritreans.

    What is the life time terrorist and enemy of the Eritrean and Ethiopian people Issayas saying about this and 100s victims from the ship tragedy few days ago?

  17. Visitor says:

    The Barbaric wahabi militia, IS, is playing the best politics and propaganda here. It knows no matter what happens to Eritreans, nothing will happen in Asmara including condemnation by another terrorist issayas.

    Within a week hundreds of Eritreans have been killed in the hands of Monster Sunnis including human traffickers from Libya, Tunisia and Egypt.
    Among the 800 ship disaster victims in the Mediterranean sea, believed to be the majorities are Eritreans. One Eritrean has died in the coast of Greek.
    Most of the martyred Christians in the evil and satanic hands of wahabi Militias are Eritreans. Only two of the Victims are identified as Ethiopians. The rest all of them could be Eritreans or the vast majorities.

    However, it doesn’t make any difference whether they are Eritreans or Ethiopians but they are always one and the same people. However, Eritreans must express their grievances about the death of thousands Eritreans for decades on the way reaching other countries as immigrants. Issayas is the worst terrorist and criminal working with the demonic wahabi cruel and evil Militias including supporting Al Shabab for years.

    This is the time to say enough is enough to the life time terrorist in Eritrea that is causing so many crimes and damages in Eritrea and Ethiopia.

  18. ethoash says:

    Facing the truth…how much responsibility do each mama have for Their kid life lose.

    1. When the kid run away didn’t report to the police.

    2. When the kid finally call home they didn’t report to police where about of the kids

    3. When the kid send money , they didn’t refused the blood money

    So how much respobsanlity do the mama have ….even some parent pay for human trafficker 90, I ask how much respobsanlity do the mama have…

    Okay the mama might say my kid didn’t tell me when he run away….I ive u that….now his young brothers and sister ddemonstrating on street…do this under age kids have father or mother why r they on street turning the mourning into political demonstrations turning demonstration in to revolution and uprising and looting an demanding the removal of TPLF….do u know if law and order break down u lose more kids as mother or father someone must control this kids…Don’t say I didn’t told u….government have right even to kill u to stop u breaking law and order…if we lost the law and order we have nothing it become animal kingdom that’s what happened Libya ….

  19. welaita says:

    Ermi you are Eritrean. Please leave us alon. This Islamic fanatics problem every where in world.

  20. Visitor says:

    An estimated 100,000 people took to the streets of the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, on Wednesday to protest against Islamic extremism, the Associated Press reported.

  21. Fiorina Worku says:

    Engaging military in Libiya for Ethiopia is truly dangerous and would be counter productive. Hope the Ethiopian Government would not consider that as an option as there are so many players behind this IS as Abey described it again and again and don’t forget there is also Israel’s role and manipulation of the West on this.

  22. adam says:

    and ayne yalew keafer aychawetem.
    bebezu cheger yetaterech hager nat

    first of the usa they destroy the dictaters and acountry left with out a leaders
    so the gap left for terrorist group the west number one to unit when they want

    the americans hisab eyaweraredu new sent tegedel ke speteber 11 gemro
    eskahun derese be iraq ,afganistan twin towers west ye meto amete yebet sera
    eyestuachew new,

    egan ebakachu atemoghu.

    beka hazen aznenal yetekerut bemn aynet wed hagerachew memlese yichlalu new.

    ethiopia west eytesera yalew teru neber gen mengest hezbun endetela eyaye
    yerasun telat eyafera new wede lebona memelese sigebaw.

    mestawet bet west hono sew dengay aywerewerem

    chegerachin beki new.

    ahun eyetebale yalew yihe new mengest democracy kalameta
    lek endezi aynet eytefetere elkit lemfeter kedada bankefte teru new,

    libya west yetekestew metenbey alchalachum
    ahunem home work eyesetun new,

    lemsrat enzegaje.

    let God be with us.

  23. Bruk says:

    Was and still is Semayawi party a political party in the minds of any Ethiopian except its mercenary worthless street children members? The Ethiopian people and the world have seen all today and from now on there mustn’t even the name Semayawi party to be heard anywhere on the Ethiopian soil.

    Those rejecting each and every mediation effort to solve hostilities among them, forgiving and forgetting happening between them, are making peace by themselves when one of them is died. There is always respect towards the dead and the mourners in the Ethiopian society.

    What we have seen these days with the selamawi so called party in Ethiopia in front of the Ethiopian people and the world, is beyond imagination and no one can even thinks off such thing could happen in Ethiopia by Ethiopians against the nation that is mourning the loss of her citizens by evil wahabis.

    This is exactly how the G. Soros color revolution, open society, secret society, article 19, all criminal Think tanks in USA and UK and so on are training , advising and supporting them through medias and NGO’s that are in the country for this purpose while pretending they are doing other things. They are opportunists always looking something that makes them able to create confusion, division, chaos, conflicts and failing society as it has happened in many nations including Ukraine.

    If the Ethiopian government allows anyone again in any place, reason or form using the name semayawi party and pretending it is there for the good of Ethiopia, that would be the biggest weakness again in the Government side when it comes to these foreign mercenary sold out with little money Banda groups.

    Put the rest of their existence in a painful place and let them work for their expense they are getting in jail.
    We also have seen the extremists with them as these two criminals are working together.

    It is unbelievable these groups able to behave that way with goal to cause as bad as possible crimes in the country and the government is still not eliminate them yesterday.
    This is one of the reasons we are saying the government is not protecting the citizens and the nation. Once and for all eliminate the so called semayawi part and the wahabbi extremists from their head and root digging them out from their hiding must be the government today priority before anything else

  24. M Hassen says:

    To my Countrymen,

    This action by these ruthless, twisted-minded evils and by whoever supports their ideals, for any cause or reason, to slaughter innocent lives which are at their mercy, is appalling and despicable. It defeats the sole purpose of the teachings of the religion to which they claim they have attested to. Quoting verses from the Quran randomly and concocting perverted conclusions not only vilifies the entire followers of the faith but also denigrates the image of the religion itself.

    I am a Muslim and I am ashamed and disgusted by these barbaric murders perpetrated in the name of Islam against the lives of helpless souls of my brothers and countrymen– only because they are Christians. The message is loud and clear – to cause a religious strife among peace-loving people.

    Ethiopians have a long-standing history of friendship and trust between Christians and Muslims alike and which all want to defend rightfully so . This perverted form of Islam, archaic and from the dark ages as it seems, has no place in our society.

    I call upon all Muslims to not only condemn this action but also to not participate in any activity that brings us together with anyone bent on extremist views directly or inadvertently. Such activities must even include the pilgrimage to Haj (Mecca).

  25. Sam says:

    Elias wrote ” the killings, which have shocked many in the predominantly Christian country” were condemned by important figures. His choice of word is unfortunate. Ethiopia is not a predominately Christian country. I cannot furnish the exact number, but I could say there are as many Moslems in Ethiopia as there are Christians. This might look a trivial issue for some, but I see it differently. This wrong assumption is what give some to claim Ethiopia is a Christian country. There are Christians in Ethiopia for sure, but there are Moslems and many other Ethiopians with different religions, –Ethiopians who have not embraced the two main religions. It is wise not to use that adverb when we are talking religions in Ethiopia.

  26. Fiorina Worku says:

    According to the national census conducted in 2007, over 32 million people or 43.5% were reported to be Ethiopian Orthodox Christians, over 25 million or 33.9% were reported to be Muslim, just under 14 million, or 18.6%, were Protestant, and just under two million or 2.6% adhered to traditional beliefs.
    Religion in Ethiopia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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