Ethiopia: Government accuses Semayawi party of disturbing an anti-ISIL rally in Addis Ababa (+Video)


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52 Responses

  1. Ermi says:

    @Reduwan, didn’t you say the victims we’re not Ethiopians and you needed time to investigate? Did you perform DNA testing on the bodies Yet before blaming others for your insensitivity an inhuman deed. ….

    Btw, you should know your days are numbered. You will be hunted with dedebit terrorists. You will be held for the killing of amharas in guraferda in the south and so many other crimes.

    Peace to all but woyanes!


    • Jo says:

      Ermi Rabies

    • daniel abate says:

      Thanks Ermi. Afe kurit yibelilih!

    • welde says:

      why don’t you show your concern to your people who have been slaving and deprived of their dignity and deprived of their humanity held under the grip of a sell by date geriatric, Isayas Afewerke. You should direct your target at him, forget Ethiopia we are in a very capable hand. don’t pretend to care for Ethiopia. we can smell terrorist sympathisers from far. Please stop!!!

    • visitor says:


      You have nothing except hate! I think your father and uncles were dergue’s soldier killed by woyane. I wish you were also with them.

  2. Beza says:

    Well done.

  3. dan says:

    Put Them where they belong. Evolution is a slow process.

  4. erty says:

    It make sense Semayawi part being one of the agent of promoting clashes between demonstrator and policy. One of Ginbot -7 plan is, besides using military force, to promote civic disobedience and right in any possible situation inside Ethiopia. For this purpose, Ginbot-7 has to collaborate with Ethiopian parties that has been allowed to operate in Ethiopia. These two parties are Semayawi and Medrek. Even though Mederek is not that strong in forth coming in this issues, Semayawi is full of it. Since the party comes to exist it is the party that called for demonstrations so many times hoping that one of its attempt would be come so violent to the point where to change a government. Sometimes this party calls demonstration even before it gives the government a chance to answer some of the concerns it raised in the previous demonstration. of course the party was not interest in answer but trying to be an example of color revolution in Africa by throwing a government It has a lot of member who are ginbot-7 members in USA and Europe in Semayawi part When semawi part leaders come to USA they spend a lot of time with Ginbot-7 leaders. I think parties in Ethiopia who have a meeting with a foreign adversary or with some Ethiopian origin foreign based groups that rely on to change a government by power the Ethiopian election board should have a full authority to ban the part for such activities and the parliament should dissolve that parties legally. Semayawi part from its inception has been the product of the color revolution. Its main objective is to change the government through violence; to do so it is working with ginbot -7 . Recently SEMAY blog has come to existantance in the USA which they didn’t call it Semayawi to cover up its purpose and affliations.

    • welde says:

      why don’t you show your concern to your people who have been slaving and deprived of their dignity and deprived of their humanity held under the grip of a sell by date geriatric, Isayas Afewerke. You should direct your target at him, forget Ethiopia we are in a very capable hand. don’t pretend to care for Ethiopia. we can smell terrorist sympathisers from far. Please stop!!!

  5. Desperate?Me? says:

    First my condolence to victims families.Second,my question to all peace loving Ethiopians.One of the Eritrean man was in Israel.After deported,he went to Uganda and Rwanda.Then,he migrated to Libya may be via Sudan.How much traffickers might have charged him?Another victim paid $90,000 birr to these coyotes .Should the government take blame to these guys loss of life?I am here to open public discussion .

  6. ash says:

    very good . those people want isis to come to Ethiopia and kill people. we have to get rid of these idiots

  7. Birru says:

    We shouldn’t allow Cheap and broken politics at the expense of our dead brothers in Libya,S.Africa and Yemen.!!!!

  8. Abay says:

    The Government must stop dealing with very serious issues with accusation instead of taking appropriate measures on time acting as competent, determine, wise and strong government.

    This is not the first time but one of the many this foreign mercenary criminal Banda group is causing troubles in the country including during athletic events. This time has to be the very last one hoping the government is going to act as a responsible and patriotic one totally in charge on the national matters.

    What is the government waiting for to see happen other than what we and the world have witnessed this sold out foreign financed street gang group is doing against our nation. They have no what so ever respect towards the citizens and care about the nation but on the mission to full fill what their masters are telling them to do from New York, Washington and London to see our country in mess and stopping development happening in our ways for our benefit but must be them.

    We are asking the government again to finish once and for all this mercenary so called Semayawi party dark cloud and hate against our Ethiopia and the citizens. If not, it must leave office and a competent and patriotic government has to take the leadership position to do the right things serving the nation and citizens at all levels including protecting them from like these trash and worthless hooligans capable to cause damages against our country if we allow them to continue as they are doing for few years now.

    Does Ethiopia has a government doing the right things on time including protecting the citizens and their country from domestic and foreign enemies?

  9. Abay says:

    A thief can’t call another thief “thief” to criminalize him. But a thief I want to be like him, I want to become the best thief than he is. I ‘m a better thief than he is. I want to join him, I want to learn from him. and so on.

    Therefore, in order to hijack the people attention camouflaging itself in a political party by name but a real terrorist by actions which is Semayawi party can’t call IS or other terrorists “terrorists”. Instead it feels part of it ready to serve or learn from them.

    The answer is simple and one. That is clean from our country this foreign agent criminal gang dirty group financed by foreign enemies from New York, Washington and London.

  10. Bruk says:

    Breaking News:

    Miracle seems is happening during the time when Ethiopians are mourning their losses praying God to do something about it. .

    “Islamic state Baghdadi is severely injured in USA air strike some medias are reporting that he is dead”.

    If this good news is true, then we have to call it a Miracle happens in the name of Ethiopia and its slaughtered Children against the evil Wahabi killing Militia.

    Ethiopian victims are not the first but the recent victims of the wahabbi militias. USA, England, Japan, Egypt and others were victims of the atrocities this wahabbi militia was committing in the name of a wahabi God. USA, West, Iraq, Syria and others are trying for almost a year to kill this evil IS leader. But, till now they failed.

    However, when the time Ethiopians are mourning and telling their grievances to God for ultimate justice against the evil wahabbi Killer Militias, their cry and pray to God seem is heard right away and the head of the wahabbi terrorist is killed or badly injured which is better than them to see dead. Being killed is what they are looking for making them feeling as martyr and have the key entering in to paradise. But being badly injured is regarded as sin and punishment which is the best to see them suffering.

    If it is true, God is always with Ethiopia making miracle including punishing her enemies. I can say the Ethiopian God which is the God of all innocents and honest has to be the guidance and power taking USA force the right place and on time making to act the right ways to get the evil Wahabbi Arab Militia target.

  11. Dude says:

    Isis have killed our people, now seems to be time for woyane to kill sematawe party. Ethiopian people must stand together and get rid of the woyane thugs and butchers. Our people now can not mourn its dead because of woyane. When woyane criminal minister died of brain tumor, people were forced to publicly cry for the butcher, now we are told to sit back and take a beating from woyane thugs. This must end, woyane must be eliminated. Peopl must rise up!

  12. idris says:

    Semayawi = Gim-boat7 + ESAT

  13. ethoash says:

    I have message to Redwan

    first he is doing a greet job….

    second what we should do is train our police crowed control… even so the police doing a great job when they hit the protestor it look bad therefore the opposition use this imagine… for more war cry
    so the solution is very easy arrest the protestor and make them pay fine 1000 birr for distrabing the peace
    5000 birr for throwing stone,. 10,000 if they throwing it to ward police officer 20,000 birr if the stone hit the police officer if they loot burn or riot property damaged 100,000 birr any human died or hurt unlimited fine

    now to keep the peace police need camera every where … this camera must make out the face of the protester HD quality so mobile camera man and other camera must be installed every where and keep everyone at check any problem the video later examined and any crime committed will be dealt later

    metal barrier crowed control must be installed …id must be issued to everyone who want to take part in demonstration and based on this id one can be identified fast and released without wasting time and energy arresting them and take away man power form riot control

    simple id form is take the picture of protestor and released him fast and tell him to come to nears police station after demonstration with in 15 day if not is photo will be posted in wanted photo in newspaper and fine will be increased
    there must be zero tolerance for anyone who break the law

  14. Bruk says:

    Ethiopia has nothing to find in Libya. It must completely stop participating with anything directly or indirectly related to Libya which is becoming a never again come back country. Old Libya is gone forever.

    Instead Ethiopians have lots of jobs to do first at home which are cleaning the dirt, garbage, trash, poison and messenger Banda acting legally in the name of political party which is Semayawi dirty. 6 months ago, it was the African young people conference in DC under the Hussein Obama leadership in order to spread USA type Democracy in Africa that has to be in line with the neoliberal agenda. Semayawi dirty members and others that are operating against Ethiopia in secret but in line with Semayawi dirty also were there.

    So, what is going with on these days with these dirt and Banda mercenary Hooligans terrorism action is exactly what they have been told and still is telling them to do as they are doing everything for them from behind including financing and telling them what to do, when and how.
    Remember; the election they are waiting for so long, making lots of preparation and their masters are hoping for is less than a month away. What they are doing today is a warming up preparation and training for that. Therefore; instead of talking about foreign terrorists, it is the best thing to do first to eliminate domestic terrorists starting from semayawi color revolution dirty foreign representatives.

    So, Ethiopia has nothing to seek in Libya. The best response is stay away and don’t offer any help or assistance. Arabs and the west created the situation in Libya to become the way it is and let them deal with it while protecting our country from any fret coming from Libya or other directions. Just start with a domestic terrorist semayawi dirty now and then others and if all are gone, then in neighboring countries.

    If I’m a judge, I will sentence to Alem beqagn all the semayawi dirty foreign messenger members started from that little so called leader till no one is left . Because the evidence is there in front of the Ethiopian people and the world to punish them with the worst punishment any terrorist like them has to get.

  15. John says:

    I hear people say the government should take action against isis in Lybia.But how is that possible?Do they know the preparation needed for such undertaking?we do not have aircraft carier and a port not to mention the airforce is the worest in the countries history.Capable and experienced pilots were fired thanks to the ethnic arrangment and now any country can penetrate our air space.One more thing,how long can TPLF hold on to power using intimidation,brutality . A nd lie?

    • Ermi says:

      Woyane’s days are numbered. The people are fed up of the brutality of the agazi dedebit terrorists and the lies the Reduwan hod-aders are shoving down the Ethiopians’ earlobes -i.e. The vast natural gas discovery in arbaminch and so on. The xenophobic attacks against the amharas ethnic groups in Guraferda and other souther provinces are still ongoing by the woyane Isis group and its hod-ader cadres as well. Woyane is worse than the south African gangs and the Libyan Isis.

      Peace to all but woyanes!


    • Beza says:

      Are you talking about Teshome Tenkolu and the pilots who are living at the firifari of shabiya? We have great pilots who can defend it’s territory. The problem is where is Libya? My friend take the Geography class? I know you clueless Dimtsachin Yitsema Or Semayawi party KOMCHE. Libya is not bordering Ethiopia like Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan or Eritrea. So learn that first. You are trying to make the mighty army of Ethiopia down.

  16. Habtamu S says:

    Hi guys, I said it before a year or two. This Semayawi party is following a mixed way of opposition that, it registered legally by accepting Ethiopian constitution and other laws to be taken as peaceful opposition party. This helps the party to play on the right political filed, Ethiopia. But they know about the extremist diaspora that their assistance in cash can get only when the party follows some violence and disturbance method either on speech, interview or any demonstration. You know this bull party is like a highly skilled attacker that wants to goal any ball around him in football. Likewise, this bull party wants to use any demonstration or gathering of people to violence end. This is really comes from political weakens or ስንፈተ ፖለቲካ. Our brothers and sisters in this party, please think healthy, now a day’s peace and security of a country is not like a cap of a soccer that if you lost now you would get next. Thank you

  17. Visitor says:

    Prominent Yemeni politicians blasted Riyadh its plots to strengthen different terrorist groups in the region including Al Qaida and IS.
    Al Qaida, IS, Al Nusra and other terrorist groups are totally in Line with Wahabbism.

  18. Yimenu says:

    Ethiopians obviously identified that how semayawi party is as devilish as isis . Please my kind people( Ethiopians) wake up…

  19. Visitor says:

    8 Ethiopians are among the 30 martyrs. The rest are Eritreans.

    However, we all are one and the same. Issayas who is more than 51 years with terrorism would never ever divide Ethiopians and Eritreans with goal to destroy them separetly making them weak and desperate unable to defend their common Enemies. death to Issayas and his entire Shabia dogs.


    Facts from an Eye witness about what was happened.

    Isis: Eritrean teen migrant forced to witness Libya massacre – ‘I watched IS beheading Christians’

    A 16-year-old Eritrean migrant who escaped captivity under the Islamic State (Isis) in Libya has exclusively told that the jihadists forced him to watch the beheading and shooting of Eritrean and Ethiopian Christians.

    Nael Goitom, 16, fled IS captivity along with four other Eritreans minors on 7 April after the extremists decided to move their Libyan camp in the desert to hide from the fighting in the area.

    “We thought: it’s better to try to escape than to wait to be slaughtered by them,” he told They walked for four days before reaching a settled area and asking for help.

    Under more than a month of IS captivity, the Christian boys were forced to learn the Koran to become “Cubs of the Caliphate”. “They asked us ‘what do you choose, to be killed or to become Muslims?’ Of course we choose the latter. ‘We’ll fight for you’, we said,” Nael said.

    They made me watch everything,” Nael said. “After the kidnapping they put us in one big hole, Eritreans and Ethiopians.”

    “Then one day they came over and brought black clothes and asked 47 people to wear them. Then, they took them to the sea. They also carried 10 minors, I was among them. I saw when IS shot them dead. We kept screaming,” he continued.

    The jihadists reportedly did the same with the rest of the group – about 14 people – who were forced to wear orange jumpsuits. “We were forced to watch IS cut their heads,” Nael said.

    The boy was kidnapped on 3 March after he crossed Libya from Sudan along with other 61 Eritrean men, 10 Eritrean women and 8 Ethiopians. About 20 or 30 armed IS members stopped the Tripoli-bound caravan of migrants in the middle of the southern Libyan desert and they started asking religious questions.

    “They wanted to know who was Muslim among us. We Christians had crosses and pictures of Jesus, so we really couldn’t hide it,” he said.

    ‘I keep seeing people being slaughtered and shot one by one’

    Somalians were allowed to continue, while Eritreans and Ethiopians were driven to the IS camp in the desert. There were about 300-400 members of the jihadist group in the camp and for days the prisoners, who were tied and held in a large hole, were told that “the boss will come and decided our destiny”.

    Nael recognised three Eritreans fighting for IS. “We hoped they were going to help us, but instead they showed no emotions,” he said.

    After his escape, Nael and four other minors – Yohannes Mebrahtu, Thomas Ghiwet, Abraham Naizghi and Aman Shishay – walked for four days before running into a Sudanese man who drove them towards the Sahara where most of the refugees gather. Then, a smuggler got them into Tripoli, where Nael’s brother lives.

    Despite the lucky escape, Nael is still traumatised by the ordeal.

    “I’m starting to process it now. Until a few days ago it was just a matter of survival. Now I have a lot of nightmares, I keep seeing people being slaughtered and shot one by one,” he said.

  20. ትግስቱ says:

    It sad that we can’t be one on the subject that has to be united us . when every tragedy happen we get angry, we always go demonstrations , but when do we calm and fined out the causes and the root of the problems. it’s easy to point finger and blame each other. the point is unless we address the mean problem which is migration , better living standard , un employment , this will be a viscous circle that goes from one generation from other. we witness the same situation when our people brutally killed in Saudi. we did cosmetic change ; noting happen life look ok goes on with out looking it back and find out the real solution for the problem. some of you said there is a lot of job inside you might be write; but how about living standard. how money of you can afford to feed yourself and your family with that wage. the consumption is going up as well as the demand . is there enough supply? this not politics but simple 101 economics . instead of suppressing people voice it’s wise to listen peoples anger and demanded . instead of expecting what you want to hear open your ears to heir others.

  21. Visitor says:

    Death to the cheap, backward, worthless and hopeless Diasporas USA and UK are grooming and allowing them to behave the way they are against Ethiopia for decades with agenda to use them against Ethiopia playing a carrot and stick game in order to make Ethiopia lose herself for them with fear or bribe- spreading corruption on the land. But nothing will work in Ethiopia knowing our country is ours as others are having their country for them holding all wealth and economic sources and activities under their citizens’ ownership.

    Death to the semayawi party that is a childish group serving as foreign agent to destabilize the country because of Ethiopia is not following their neoliberal economic colonization policy to hand over the country to them.

    Death to the English and USA establishment/neoliberal medias that working to see chaos, war, killing, destruction and hate among the citizens. The evil journalists most of them are the English are trained to facilitate those satanic media agendas to be implemented through lies and propaganda in other nations.
    The only report Reuters had made about the demonstration was entirely filming and spreading all over about the semayawi party Hooligans disturbance against the mourners that are all Ethiopians. It was total disrespecting the nations ignoring what was happening but totally focusing on the criminals as if it was planned before hand to work together with them as BBC is doing many times for so long.
    yet, the satanic and worse than al Qaida and IS terrorists which are English medias including Reuters so called journalists and so on are still freely moving in the country. Just, avoid them forever. They are evil don’t deserve to be there and there is no reason them having there either.
    They are pure satanic and evil. They are coming by themselves having agendas to affect us with aim they would get benefit from. They are working for the neo liberal criminal agendas.

  22. Visitor says:

    They kidnapped them on 3 March after crossing Libya from Sudan along with 62 Eritrean men, 10 Eritrean women and 8 Ethiopians.

    30 innocents are killed. 4 Eritrean boys escaped. The question is where are the rest?

  23. welde says:

    why don’t you show your concern to your people who have been slaving and deprived of their dignity and deprived of their humanity held under the grip of a sell by date geriatric, Isayas Afewerke. You should direct your target at him, forget Ethiopia we are in a very capable hand. don’t pretend to care for Ethiopia. we can smell terrorist sympathisers from far. Please stop!!!

  24. axumawit says:

    On the situation of migrants in the Mediterranean Sea, I think the Mediterranean is a sea and not a cemetery.”
    ” Well, let me talk to you about the question on Libya. I will repeat what I said. Obviously all the countries in this region are countries that are interested in looking and finding – looking for and finding a solution barring none. We appreciate the work that certain countries are finally doing in the Mediterranean area, Northern Africa, starting by Egypt. So all the countries are part of this huge undertaking.”
    “We are feeling the pain for what happened at the University of Garissa in Kenya. But this regards Africa as a whole, as a continent.”
    ” But we will combine counterterrorism efforts in cooperation with Italy and other like-minded nations with a political effort. ”
    PM Matteo Renzi spoke to press during white house visit.
    Last year on October 3, more than 300 Eritreans drowned when their boat sank off the Italian island of Lampedusa as they were trying to make their way to Europe.
    ALJAZEERA 03 Oct 2014 13:46 GMT
    Oct 2013: More than 360 people, mostly Eritreans and Somalis, die as their boat sinks off Lampedusa.
    Sept 2014: At least 300 migrants drown off Malta when people smugglers ram a boat after its occupants refuse to move to a smaller one. Survivors said it was “mass murder”.
    Feb 2015: At least 300 migrants feared drowned as four dinghies get into trouble after leaving Libyan coast in bad weather.
    April 12, 2015: Some 400 migrants feared drowned after their vessel capsizes off Libya.
    April 19, 2015: About 650 migrants feared drowned as boat capsizes in Libyan waters south of Lampedusa.
    bbc 19 April 2015
    ” A team of Dutch and Swedish researchers released a report [text, press release] on Wednesday which concluded that senior military officers in Eritrea are kidnapping Eritrean children and smuggling them into Sudan. The report, entitled “The Human Trafficking Cycle: Sinai and Beyond,” was released and presented “
    ” Approximately 300,000 Eritrean refugees fled the country in 2012 alone, and the UN Refugee Agency estimates [UNHCR report] that between two and three thousand people attempt to escape every month, though the journey is often life-threatening.”
    JURIST:Thursday 5 December 2013 at 2:20
    PM Renzi of Italy thinks human trafficker king Isayass will help solve the problem Europe faces.Sir,the only way to avoid this European nightmare is get rid of this guy.

  25. fred says:

    i am an Ethiopian and i am very proud to be habesha. my history of citizenship has never been marred by allegations of being banda. i am not banda, i am an ethiopian. i love my people and the people are beautiful, they are not bandas. so in our history, fascist italy has killed 30 thousand people in addis in a one day. we still are being killed by every foreign elements and their stooges. the blame game is an old tactic to divert a particular situation. i guess people expected a nice comforting speech and concrete action from the ‘chosen’ gov’t , which is not lucky enough to adopt a different point of view from other opponents or any suggestion for that matter,instead, regards the tragedies in south Africa and Libya as a way of promoting its ‘ i am the best and the only solution to u problems’ method.

    ok. u have the right to say that. but let me, as a citizen of the most beautiful ethiopia, never conquered by any force, give u a suggestion that all these years things are going from bad to worse in every department. it is good u find out the problems. always blaming on something or someone doesn’t make oneself a perfect. no one is perfect. i am sure everyone will agree with this. i am sure u will agree that no one is perfect. please Admit that.
    second, Ethiopian people may be poor economically. but has a strong social fabrics which,even forces which tried to conquer it, admitted with a white handkerchieves in their hands, that it is one factor which tore them apart in their attempt to colonise my beautiful ethiopia. So respecting the people will bring big security and support as well as love from them. so please respect the people.

    third, live what u preach. Anyone who demand respect will be disgraced sooner or later.find a way to COMMAND a respect from the people who cook food for u, when they still get hungry, who make a way, when they still are in a hurry, who offer u water, when they don’t have anything to drink for themselves, who listen to u, even though they are far more smart than you, who taught you and your family abroad without the people consent, even if they know their own children can’t get that opportunities,who showed patience and tolerate u , when u showed arrogance and insulted the entire country with unbelievable impunity, who is quite when the whole country is considered as cowards and less smart.


    who offered you plenty of second chances, in anticipation that whatever is done in the past might be a wrong doing.
    pray and cry toward jesus christ or allah to guide them away from violence.

    what more can we Ethiopians do? we are very good people. we pray and give second chance. we are god fearing people. we are the best. we are freedom loving and we believe in justice, even, in our daily lives. use the second chances people gave you. apologise to people and abolish the system that is trying to divide the people. it will not divide it anyway.stop blaming on certain immaterial things whenever something happened. those people who believe these reasons are unfortunate enough to have the education and the ability to observe things. the gov’t must also observe that the supporters who use the internet didn’t develop the ability to win dialogue. they hurl insults and threats on people with different views. this is not good for the gov’t. because these people will only bring misery to itself and will not save it from any trouble that may occur. they just hate poverty and they fear that if this gov’t is not around, they will lose all the ‘good life’ they live. open ur eyes and ears.

    avoid threats, remember it works for few moments. we don’t want violence.

    practice and preach. make sure to show that you belong to and work for the people. not against it. this is for ur own security. don’t think that holding power is an eternal job. u r not God. don’t always believe people who always give you exaggerated comments and who tried to make u feel that u are god’s best friend. simply, u r not. don’t trust them. this is a quotation from one of the smartest people in the world; the ethiopian.

    be proud being an ethiopian. no one will respect u if u don’t have anything good to say to ur own country. if u think being italian is a source of pride, the people of italy will make u feel that u really are not italian. be an ethiopian and be happy. preach good deeds. don’t drive people and test their patience. it will not bring a happy response. this is my suggestion to u and ur followers. hope u will consider my points. if nothing is improved, the day will come when Ethiopians will prove to u that how smart, and powerful people they can be. may be not now. may be not today. someday things will fall suddenly and that will be the point of no return. please be brave and come back to the right way. do a favour for urself. Teach good deeds to ur followers, as country can not be led by ‘BALEGE’ . that’s why my ethiopia is greater that the country u worship. be an ethiopiqn not for money, to be happy and safe. Long live Ethiopia, the greatest country ever in the world!!

  26. Samora says:

    Put those uncivilized MF in prison.

  27. ትግስቱ says:

    For some of you if some one don’t support your narrow out look and your tonal vision you start calling names and tray to demonize others who don’t think like you. every Ethiopian fell sad and angry about our brothers. but to question the Couse is the first stipe to get an answer for the problem. unless you can think out side the box you can’t solve your problem. you cercal it around and you we be back to the same problem in another form. what amaze me the mostly is if any body ask legitimate question he will be labeled diaspora, not Ethiopian …. for me I don’t rely care about what you side because to be an Ethiopian don’t need a licenses from government or any body. by berth with out no authority I was given by heredity link or by Bing born on that geographical location. if you are genuinely concerned about our brothers how are slaughter like sheep with this devils . we both know that they are migrated for better life. underline a better life . what is it ? it simple . living standard , affordability of goods. … so on. this are basic human question to have vision for future. believe me I love my country like you do. we might differ in our ways but why don’t listen each other at list for common goal. democracy is not one way but applying different ideas for common good.

  28. Borkenawonzu says:

    The so called journalist where is your motto you value impartiality ?! Why don’t you include the response of semayawi instead of disseminating the woyanne propoganda .why don’t you challenge the redwan’s claim no protester was beaten by the police .

  29. Zellalem says:

    When you are feeling terrorized and behave that way because of the terrorist propaganda, you are doing exactly what they want you to do the first place. You must be clam, collective, verify the truth and act appropriate only when you know you will hurt them badly and your objectives will meet. Most of the time, all terrorists are spreading terrorism propaganda based on lies. They are not only evil killers but full of lies. They are inhuman don’t care what is wrong or right, true or falls, or bad or good.

    They are opportunist always looking weaknesses or the best ground where their terrorism propaganda is working for them. Meaning the people are accepting the terrorist fret or story and act that way. Never show any weakness, fear, reluctant, respect, understanding, forgiveness or anything that make you weak and the best target in their evil eyes and world of understanding humanity and God. As they are mass murderers where the vast majorities are innocents including this time, you must not hesitate even for a second before eliminating all of them with no rumors for these evil at all. They are pure evils have nothing to do with Good God but pure satanic and demonic became the greatest danger ever happened to humanity.

    Redwan is great. Ethiopia needs brave, wise, competent and determine citizen like him.

    The Ethiopian government was right from the start saying “among the victims are Ethiopians. But we are trying to verify the identity of all the victims”.
    However, in few hours later, they came up with the sad news saying” all the victims are Ethiopians”. But this was wrong but also a bad lie. Whether it is for bad or good reason, everything has to be based on the truth and facts on the ground.

    Among the 30 victims, Ethiopians could be the maximum of 8 while the rest are Eritreans. However, 4 or 5 Ethiopians are identified and that means 3 or 4 Ethiopians are still alive in the hands of the Wahabbi terrorists.

    On March 3, the wahabbi terrorists captured migrants after crossing boarder to Libya. They let go the Somali Migrants while abducting 80 Christians among them 72 Eritreans and 8 Ethiopians. 10 of them were Eritrean women.

    However, the terrorists know associating all the victims with Ethiopia will work the best propaganda terrorism instead of associating them with Eritrea as the majorities are. Propaganda terrorism is worse than the actual terrorism meaning the killing and destruction the wahabis are doing all over the world.

    Remember: Most of the wahabbi terrorist leaders and murderess are USA, UK, France, Australia, Belgium, Holland and the likes Citizens. They know how the west particularly USA and UK medias and politics are terrorizing the citizens and the world with calculated and well taught lies and misinformation. They also know propaganda terrorism based on lies works perfectly in the west including wall street financial market is trading with none stop up and down loss or gain activities every micro second based on none stop propaganda terrorism stories/lies about the economy, politics, weather and so on that are affecting the market and economy.

    Look how the election process in UK is going on. It is totally a propaganda terrorism election process against the citizens based on lies playing with their mind just the unelected to be elected not for the sake of the citizens but themselves and the few that are behind them with lots of cash. When the one say I will increase the money with this or that amount to benefit you, within a minute the other comes and declares he will do twice than the first one. Then the next one comes and declares through another propaganda terrorism saying the first two are bad but I’m the best and I will increase with unlimited amount.
    And it works when more than 7.5 million legible voters didn’t register even to vote in this year’s election. Out those registered could be only less than 50% cast their vote. That means only the few associated with the persons behind the party are going vote their men/women for own interest but not for the sake of the country and society as a whole. Yet, they are criticizing other nation’s political process and election, because they can do it but others can’t anything towards them. This is the kind of world we are living in because of them.
    You just wonder and think what kind society and leaders are over there hearing and witnessing how fake, liars, hateful, disrespectful to each other and the society they are and very dangerous not only their country but the whole world knowing what the English are doing reaching all over the world including in Ethiopia in the name of aid, NGO, Charities, media and so on to destroy us as they are destroying the vast majority of their own society in the class society. It is the same if not worse in USA, too. The one that is making the worst propaganda terrorism none stop and have lots of money becomes the leader or representative in the Senate, Congress and so on and stay there till he/she dies. Look at how old and warmongers are most of USA senate and congress members working for the wahabbi regimes and creating and supporting the wahabbi terrorists for decades.

    The point is that the wahabi terrorists in the IS, Al Qaida, Al Nusra, Al Shebab, Boko Haram and the rest are most of them from the west. They know how useful is spreading none stop propaganda terrorism based on lies. That is why they declared all victims are Ethiopians while out of 80 captives only 8 are Ethiopians.

    Because they know, their propaganda terrorism will work if the victims declare as Ethiopians than telling the truth saying the vast majorities are Eritreans. Because they also know Issayas which is the father of all terrorists would care nothing about its citizens knowing thousands are died all over the desert, sea and fields for the last 10 years leaving Eritrea and he doesn’t care.

    The Ethiopian government must keep the Ethiopian tradition and way of dealing about the situation matter to us in our ways. That means don’t take and adapt anything from or don’t accept the western type of propaganda terrorism approach causing emotional and psychological illness among the citizens despite it is total lies and nothing on the ground. But based on the wrong reaction, it can be created the best ground for the terrorists as the semayawi party was tried to use this opportunity to divide the society and make them quarrel and fight against each other which is the color revolution western doctrine in other nations while in their country they are quelling any demonstration with very big handed and decisive ways with a minute. .

    It is the same how the USA and UK propaganda terrorism is doing against Ethiopia acting as friends and advisors but spreading fear and trying to lose our ways saying you have to do this, if you don’t do that this will happen to you and so on. Their goal is just to get the nation under their authority and ownership including affecting our way of life, tradition, culture, language which is African and so on and imposing theirs acting as colonizers owning the nation economy and citizens as mass consumers through privatization Which is a neo liberal = neo colonization agenda.

    The government was right at first saying we are identified the identity of all the victims. But was not right saying all of them are Ethiopians while the vast majorities are not except only the minimum of four or maximum of 8 are Ethiopians.

    However, Ethiopians and Eritreans are the same people. They are having the same natural and human made thousands years old identities. But still there is issayas there and they are legally having Eritrean nationality. Eritrea is created by the English lead France and USA for the Arabs agenda in the region not only to hurt Ethiopia as bad as possible for long time including economically and politically but also to destroy Eritreans financing, politically and militarily supporting issayas after they created him in 1964 to counter ELF by UK Embassy in Addis Ababa. Read the article about it written by the person who was present during that time/day.

  30. Abay says:

    ሰማያዊ ፓርቲ ከደም ማፋሰስ ተግባሩ መቆጠብ አለበት
    ሰማያዊ ፓርቲ ለጥፋት ተልዕኮ የተመሰረተና የሚንቀሳቀስ እንጂ ሌላ አይደለም
    ሰማያዊ ፓርቲ ሀገርን አይወክልም
    ሰማያዊ ፓርቲ ህዝብ አይደግፈውም
    ሰማያዊ ፓርቲን በተመለከተ መንግስት የማያዳግም እርምጃ ይወስድ ዘንድ በጥብቅ እናሳስባለን
    These and other slogans with similar messages were seen at the Demonstration in Bahir Dar against the slaughtering of the citizens by the wahabi God worshipers’ merciless killer Militias. The reason why the people anger was by far towards the so called Semayawi party is not an accident but the whole nation know what is this foreign agent group is up to in Ethiopia. The people and the world have seen when members of these mercenary so called party members tried to hijack the situation when more than 100.000 saddened mourners demonstrated against the killing of Ethiopians by the wahabi God followers and merciless Killers in Libya.

    This was not an accident act but the main practice they are always doing in order to achieve their objectives which is making Ethiopia the way other nations have been through like Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine and many more. The neo Liberals from New York, Washington and London are targeting Ethiopia to make her losing herself if they don’t have her as private property treating the citizens like animals in their own country living only to consume and work for them while the huge profit has to leave the country and the environment has to be destroyed badly. Their agenda and activities are worse than slavery and colonization together.

    The Ethiopian people must listen the citizens and answer their worrisome and questions. The citizens are saying clearly and loudly for so long, the so called semayawi party is not a party to benefit the country but a foreign project to destroy the nation as worse as possible. We also have seen semayawi party members close relationship with the Saudi wasabi terrorist and extremist projects in Ethiopia. Among the others a lady called woyinshet(not sure her name), was many times in mosque spreading hateful documents against the government, motivating the believers to fight against the police and loot the city, they have been demonstrating together and burning the Ethiopian flag. When the wahabi terrorists massacred our innocent Citizens, semayawi party members came out in mass as if they were celebrating from the nation saddest event while attacking the mourners and tried to create conflicts and blood bad among the citizens.

    The question is for how long is the Government keeping quiet about. A tree becomes tree only when it gets leaves and branches. So, the government must understand this and deal with the leaves and branches the foreign agent so called semayawi party is using to create chaos in the country. Leave that little one alone and he is nothing but brainwashed animals seems is already given up in life but living to cause troubles against the nation. He must be stopped.

    We want to see more demonstrations all over the country against all bad apples and terrorists including semayawi party before the election. We want to see in Hawassa, Gonder, Mekkele, Dire dawa, Adama, Desse and other cities and towns coming out and unreservedly denounce all the terrorists and bad elements in the country before the election. The government must listen the people and take appropriate measures. Before thinking about the terrorists abroad, it is essential cleaning the nation from any terrorism tendency within.

  31. Bruk says:

    Extremist Muslim groups have given Islam a bad name worldwide.

    most of muslims are caught up in violent conflicts fuelled in equal parts by tribal loyalties, faith and ignorance. Shi’ite-Sunni rivalry is one fault line dividing the Muslim world. The second one is the tension between those aspiring to democracy, and the autocrats who oppress and misrule them.

    In the case of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, the emergence of oil as an essential source of energy a century or so ago has transformed their fortunes, and made them major global players. But this stroke of luck has done little to change their tribal attitudes or autocratic outlook.

    The oil embargo of 1973 caused a sudden spike in oil prices, and gave Saudi Arabia a huge cash injection that permitted it to finance the export of its literal, austere Wahabi version of Islam around the world. It has focused on madrassahs in the poorest Muslim and minority Muslims countries where children are made to memorise religious texts, but are taught little else.

    Wahabi influence and money has thus transformed the social and religious landscape across much of the Muslim world. This vision has fuelled extremism by excluding other, less-rigid interpretations of Islam, deeming followers of different sects non-believers.

    The normal trajectory from tribalism to liberal democracy passes via feudalism and industrialisation. But as the tribal societies mentioned here have very little agriculture, the feudal phase simply did not emerge. And although oil has transformed some of them into wealthy urbanised states, this change has not been accompanied by a change in social attitudes. Thus, while rich Saudis may drive expensive cars and live in lavish homes, most of them remain Bedouins at heart.

    This would be no bad thing had it not been for the fact that this adherence to a literalist belief system, and the conviction that anybody not sharing these views is somehow inferior, has major implications for the world. It is no coincidence that the majority of the 9/11 bombers were Saudis.

    While we find the self-styled Islamic State’s violence repugnant, we tend to forget that it mimics the Saudi penalties of beheading and flogging, as well as the repressive attitude towards women. Harsh geography combined with tribal laws often produces a cruel penal system as we have seen across the societies we have examined briefly here. The Taleban, Boko Haram, IS and al-Qaeda are not that far from Riyadh in the way they punish those deemed as having transgressed the rules.

    Through mindless terrorism, extremist Muslim groups today have given Islam a bad name across the world. Foreigners are unlikely to analyse the fault lines dividing the Muslim world in an effort to understand what lies behind the insanity gripping so many Muslims.

    And yet, by lumping the entire Islamic world into one monolithic whole, they overlook the underlying tensions and divisions. To this day, the West has refused to acknowledge the Saudi role in the export of the toxic ideas that have inspired two generations of terrorists.

    Until we can learn to distinguish between these different strands of Islam, we will not understand why and how our faith has been hijacked.

  32. Viva Redwan says:

    Thumps up minister Redwan. We love you

  33. sheger says:

    Once you left your country you allready as a dead person!!!
    killinig a dead person how they make them feel i do not know.

    any one some day in his or her life time will leave their country so any one can take advantage of you which you can never have control of it att all.

    what you gone say please do not kill me have mercy on me!
    thats natural .

    there are no arabs in america,?how about europe,
    china,russia,japan,if this country do the same no human race will left on the face of earth.

    and you will never compare it to what the terrore groups are doing cutting necks
    legs they will melt you before even you dead.

  34. Be ewnetu says:

    Semayawi party was shared Mors’s /half million dollar/ fund from Gim6-1 with the wahabian Ethiopian/IS/ muslims in June 2012 in Khartoum, stablished for color revolution by Birhanu Nega and IsayaAss hidden plan by young people. /Reuters in 2012/. so Semayawi party should punished as worst as MB of Egypt after the election. it’s dangerous party as I comment for more than a year, now reveals his hidden agenda to public. we need peace and prosperity. we /Ethiopians/ don’t want civil war as Libya nor Syria. the Extremists band Gim6+1 already having money from Qatar, Eritrea and Mursi to destabilize the country. we have to oppose them all Ethiopians not only the regime.
    death to bandists Al sisi saved Egypt by series action. then what happen of it after killed thousands to save millions citizens?

  35. sabright says:

    first let God welcome the victims in heaven and narrow our differences on earth.
    i.m very surprised . what can one expect from a goverment more than the et. goverment is doing. you may have problems but you can see physical change that express how these goverment is dedicated for personal comment for u guys better these goverment stays untill he finishes the dreams of making the better and greater ethiopia. i know nothing about these country politics just witnessing what i see.

  36. visitor says:

    Calm down and digest what was happened in Libya for real. It was not really happened what the terrorist have said for propaganda reasons and the world news is still vomiting lies about ever since it was announced believing the terrorists which is pathetic.

    The truth:

    By far the majorities killed in Libya are Eritreans not Ethiopians. However, it doesn’t make any difference but the truth must be told for the sake of the victims and their families particularly in Eritrea.

    Among the victims, Ethiopians could be the maximum of 8 while the rest are Eritreans.

    On March 3, the wahabi God terrorist Militias captured migrants after crossing Sudanese boarder to Libya. They let go the Somali Migrants while abducting 80 Christians among them 72 Eritreans and 8 Ethiopians. 10 of them were Eritrean women.

    However, the terrorists know associating all the victims with Ethiopia will work the best terrorism propaganda for them instead of Eritrea as the majorities are coming from.

    Does Ethiopia has her own working media serving the citizens telling them the truth/right things based on the nation interest and benefit including this time while defending the calculated lies, misinformation and black mailing against us by foreigners as usual using their evil medias from USA and UK?

  37. abebaech says:

    is not really true ..people are manifesting for those died and no one want to kille each others people loves each others people are tired of LIFE! people need freedom …at least to go out and tell what they fell if they dont like the goverment how he govern is their freedom! ethiopia there is no freedom we can see it how it the situation right now always around Federal POLICE why they are afraid? people must be free is their country is their land ..they did nt have even GUN OR KNIFE TO fight! so what is going on? why you dont leave people to cry and to shout and say Semayawi PARTY AND blabala IS NOT true at all…..already police are wanted to control all why? Ethiopian people if they dont like the governor let he change the life system of the people who are immigrant in all the world of poverty! shame on of Ethiopia…..

    • abebaech says:

      if they want problem they will taking arms! but no one seen with ARMS! BUT WE have seen police with Dula and gun shooting and kiking wounding people why????? the manifesters no one has gun or Dula or any matierial to fight sorry! let talk the reality the only thing they said that they are against but at least they dont have freedom in democratie country what they feel? are they in prison they cant talk in freedom like others EUROPEAN COUNTRY??? Freedom yelem…afena bicha .

  38. abebaech says:

    Deha behilmu kibe sitta yadiral hone iko zendiro….gimashu genzenbun yete endemiadergew tefitot enkilf atitual ….bizuhanu degmo beken 1 enkuan belto lemader techegirual….chigar ye hageru bahir wist semito le asawoch kursina misa hone! gimashu tebelashto kere beyemedaw yemora erat hone…gimashu 30 degmo ye ISIS kara bangetu arefe…zegnagn ! abetu neg bene new …gize bicha yedeha dem fesso aykerim Geta alena!

  39. Kedir says:

    Court ordered Ethio-Saudi billionaire to return fully $905.2 million he took in overpayment arising from tangled web of corruption with Tamrat Layne/Shadiya Naddim The Reporter, 29 Oct 2011.
    Till this date he only returned 1% of the amount resulting in mass budget defeceit within the 3rd world country…

    In 2000 the Supreme Court of Ethiopia had passed 18 years of sentence over Tamrat Layne after it found him guilty on three counts of corruption and abuse of power.
    Ethiopia freed Tamrat before completing his actual jail term because one-third of his actual sentence was lifted for showing good behaviors and regrets during his stay in prison, the ministry of justice said.
    Tamerat was accused of involvement in an illegal 16 million-dollar deal with a firm to export Ethiopian textile products.
    He was also accused of using his position to export 1,000 tonnes of state-owned coffee through a bogus firm and of using another company to obtain a tender for the supply of construction equipment worth 13 million dollars.
    While leaving the doors of the prison in Addis Ababa, Tamrat in black suit, shining with big smile shook the hands of prison authority’s securities and also waved his hands to supporters out side before he met families who were impatiently waiting to grab him home.

  40. Blue says:

    Mr. Redone, You are playing the same game as in 2005. Please don’t use the same system every time. There is milions of people aware of the system. “Yarada Lijoch Endalu Atawikim”. It is very clear that you always need to arrest some targeted member of opposition parties in all undemocratic election. Do you know you are the only “unbeated” political party wining all the election n Africa? What do you think that you lead the people for the last 25 years with out any support. I am sure if there was a democratic election in your house your family need to leave the house as soon as posible.

  41. wakjira says:

    what ever you guys say Nothing will happen to Ethiopia never mind what happen. except God orders something to happen Nothing will happen. Geta Eyesus እያለ. walegnoch/fitegnoch & fitegnoch walegnoch yihonalu. all ethiopians need to do is pray To God.

  42. wakjira says:

    Ethiopian yemitebk aytegnam ayankelafam

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