Ethiopia should adopt a legislation that would ban disturbances on grieving mourners and memorial services


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45 Responses

  1. Lefebo says:

    What disterbance you are talking about, the British law is nothing to do what you trying to imply so Ethiopians are not happy with TPLF administration at all, they do not have a feeling of belonging to your government instead of pointing your finger on people , why do not you telling for your government to leave without bloodshed

    • Visitor says:


      Where are you? What are you doing in life except the way you are….?

      Is that you going to bring a bloodshed? What a wish you are looking to achieve and dream you are having.

      Do you, the few, immigrants have any brain left in you making you to see the realities and facts on the ground and telling you that you are nothing but the human trash and garbage through away and isolated?
      You are thinking the world is standing still in Ethiopia for the last 24 years just waiting you to make it working.

      Give me a break an old man but still a litle boy,

      Yes, there are weds in the farm, trash in the house including the luxury ones and even feces within our bodies. You worthless immigrants are like that to Ethiopia. And you know the answer and your place. Just like weds, Garbage and feces.

    • Ermi says:

      Dear Admin,

      I respectfully disagree with you on this point. First and for most, the British law you mentioned is about disturbance to the mourners. What you are talking about here is the mourners expressing their disgust to the woyane ISIS who caused the death of the Ethiopians in the hands of the libyan ISIS. In this case the mourners are those you are accusing of disturbing the mourners. So by any logic, one cannot be accused of disturbing ones self. In fact it is very usual for the mourner to accuse the demon who caused the grieve, in this case the woyane ISIS.

      In stead you should have asked the ethiopian people to ask the international community to help stop the brutal response to the peaceful mourners by the so called federal agazi skinny terrorists who were filmed beating women and children. There is no institution that is capable of reining on the dedebit terrorists, so the international community is one legitimate entity that needs to be notified. Beyond that the people must protect themselves by any means from violent dedbit woyane actions.

      peace to all but woyanes!


    • bb says:

      Dear sir/ madam, if you really need a change why don’t you try it yourself. It seems to me you are one of looser diaspora who are desperate.

  2. Bruk says:

    It is late but not too late.

    Ethiopia must adopt a strong legislation that would ban all disturbances in any public gathering. Disturbance by itself is a negative word which is doing illegal, bad or negative things against others.

    Therefore, it must be criminalized long times ago and particularly the Semayawi dirty Type of disturbance must be stopped with hard punishments during the time when it was started two years ago.

    • ilula lemma says:

      Million legislation does not stop public anger. The root Ethiopian and East African problem is WOYANE(TPLF) and it need to go. What we need is to adopt legislation to ban TPLF no to participate in Ethiopia politics for ever.

  3. Sam says:

    I disagree with the editor’s comparison that the disturbance in England during Thatcher’s burial ceremony with the demonstration that happened a few days ago in Ethiopia. In England the demonstrators should not pick up her “funeral ceremony” to denounce her policy which they to have believed a disaster to England. They could do that any given day. What was required of them was to let know they intend to hold a rally to authority. Their right to demonstrate would be respected. In Ethiopia it is a different story. The constitution says Ethiopians have the right to hold a demonstration, but the reality tells otherwise. Besides, in a country where demonstration against the government policy is practically non-existent, it is naïve to assume while 100,000 people gathered there should not be a dissent against government policy to be heard.

    • ethoash says:

      dear Sam,

      so u r saying I have a right to disturb your father or your mother or your sister burial ceremony .. as I see fit… is that what u r saying

    • ilula lemaa says:

      The Editor “Dawit” uses his muscle rather than his head to think so do you IDRIS . Dawit is illusional and out of touch from the reality. He is a mouth piece of TPLF(WOYANE) who laugh and get pleasure from death and misery of others.

  4. Visitor says:

    Dear awramba;

    This has no a direct link with the topic but all topics this week are related to the martyrs of our brothers.

    These are Eritrean criminal responsible for eth death of many Eritreans and few Ethiopia for years.

    Please use your power in order many people are get this list that would help to catch these criminals.

    -Medhanie Yehdego Mered, 34, born in Eritrea;
    -Ghermay Ermias, born in Ethiopia (since 1993 is an Eritrean national) and lives in Libya, already a fugitive following a previous order for custody;
    -Asghedom Ghermay , 40, said “Amice”, born in Eritrea and domiciled in Catania;
    -Matywos Melles , 48, was born in Asmara (Eritrea) and resident in Agrigento ;
    -Mulubrahan gurum, 41, born in Eritrea and domiciled at the CARA Mineo (Catania);
    -Andemeskel Yaried, 26, alias Wedi Keshi born in Eritrea and already domiciled at the CARA Mineo;
    -Netsereab Goitom , 36, born in Eritrea and domiciled at the CARA Mineo;
    -Habtom Teklehaimanot, 41, born in Eritrea, a resident of Foggia, but domiciled in Catania ;
    -Nahome Kerebel Gutama , 31, said “Nahom”, born in Eritrea, a resident of Lecce, but domiciled in Catania;
    -Afomia Eyasu , 34, born in Eritrea, a resident of Santa Elisabetta (Agrigento) and domiciled in Catania;
    -Provide Ibrahim Omer , 20, said “Munir”, born in Eritrea and domiciled in Catania;
    -Gebititoys Yonas, 27 years old, born in Eritrea and domiciled at the CARA Mineo;
    -Fitiwi Negash, 61, born in Eritrea and lives in Catania;
    -Tsegay Berih , 29, born in Erytheia and domiciled at the CARA Mineo;
    -Redae Yonas , 29, born in Dekamhare (Erytheia), already domiciled at the CARA Mineo;
    -Arouna Said Traore , 25, said “Rasta”, born Ivory Coast and lives in Catania; Mohammed -Elias , 47, was born in Ghana and is domiciled in Catania,
    -Ibrahima Diallo , 30, born in Guinea and lives in Catania;
    -Yirga Abrha , 24, born in Eritrea and domiciled in Bari;
    -Muktar Hussein, 23, was born in Eritrea and domiciled in Catania;
    -Andebrahan Tareke , 26, said “andat”, born in Ayekebetsu (Eritrea) and lives in Catania;
    -Efrem Amare , 22, born in Eritrea and domiciled in Milan;
    -Habte Madege Micheal , 34, said “Miky”, born in Eritrea and domiciled in Milan;
    -Mudeser Mahamed Omer, 20, was born in Eritrea, resident in Mascalucia (Catania) and domiciled in Milan.

  5. Mahlet says:

    Great suggestion Dawit. We need a legislation banning such disturbances we’ve witnessed few days ago. we need something equivalent to the US funeral bill signed by Obama few years a go.

  6. solo says:

    dawit great one,,,i absoluetly agree

  7. endelibu says:

    Dawit, you are really going low low and cheap.
    From cheap to cheap:

    Even it is shame to mention redawan as an evidence, he is a big rat who will be killed shortly arretested whne he finished the mission assigned

    He is cheap and idiot and of yours you too

    • Visitor says:

      It would be nice and useful if you go to school first in your old age to learn how to think and write rather than dirty painting no one understands for sure including yourself. You have no understanding in you.

      Millions of worthless like you cannot make or do what one Redwan can very easily, precisely, always and on time.

  8. Gedif says:

    Dear Dawit,

    I do absolutely agree with you that disturbing peaceful grieving mourners is not totally acceptable and I was so sad watching those people during the ceremony. I wish we had a peaceful event where our people expressed their deep sorrow for the martyrs beheaded in the name of Ethiopia and Christianity. The ceremony should have been a stage to show IS that we Ethiopians never kneel down to terrorists or enemy. However I was also sad by the words of the press release coming from Redwan Husien immediately after the massacre. Remember how the Jordanian king expressed his anger when is burned alive their pilot. I am sure EPRDF learned a good lesson from this big mistake.

  9. Yagersew says:

    Sure! That is right Mr .Dawit! ! We need to have such international legislations! Its a very good insight! and we as journalists should push to make this happen!

  10. yohanes IV says:

    I completely agree with you Dawit.

  11. Ato Belachew says:

    Even the animals can learn right from wrong, good from bad and true from false. All living things do afraid punishments and as the result always try their best not to get punishments again.

    But some Diasporas that are shrinking and squeezing every day to towards extinction which is an eminent and going to be the last solution concerning these kind worthless or sub humans that are cancers don’t know how to learn from mistakes including from those costing them lots of things among the others huge money they can’t pay because of they are the poorest and lowest categorized with the few living under the poverty line.

    The so called Ethiopianreview that had to be an Eritrean review till recently is making lots of mistakes again and again from its beginning. Although many of them see him as the perfect example of human failure and ignoring him as if he is not exist, some took him to court and the court punished him severely because of he is always lying, hateful, ignorant, angry, lonely have no one around and anti society. Among the others the judge imposed on him to pay 450.000 USD. This is an Equivalent of 9 million Birr. 9 million Birr in Ethiopia is like 9 million USD in USA. Meaning a lot of money to anyone associated to Ethiopia and wants to uses the money there.

    However this dump can’t learn from the mistakes that are biting him too hard and deep. He is continuing lying, blackmailing, accusing and none stop dirty painting about Ethiopia from far away he is still living because of he is only breathing.

    We know, only few worthless like him are visiting his worthless blog. 10 years ago, it was million times better than now. But today, he is alone but those few addicted with hate, lies and stupidity. He is not even welcome in Eritrea anymore despite back then he was acting as if issayas’s best friend. As he is doing to everyone, he accused issayas with many things including for the capturing of another terrorist in Yemen. Since then, shabia elements are looking to teach him lessons he will never forget.

    He is continuing dirty painting with full of lies on his ants and termites hole dead blog among the others:

    *The Ethiopian-Saudi billionaire Mohammed Al Amoudi funneled millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation to influence U.S. Government policy towards Ethiopia in favor of the ruling murderous junta.”

    Few months ago our beloved billionaire lawyers punished this stone head and empty mind to pay 450.000 Dollar because of his lies and false accusations. He is continuing lying again like this one, too. This time the Clintons’ lawyers will take him to hell which is one of USA notorious prisons.

    * Ethiopian ruling party TPLF member Ermias Ghermay identified as a human smuggling kingpin by Italian police .”
    However this is the man he is laying about.
    “Ghermay Ermias, born in Ethiopia (since 1993 is an Eritrean national) and lives in Libya,”

    The point is that these few worthless so called diasporas are now really up to who they are and they are getting too desperate, hopeless and valueless knowing they have nothing to influence in Ethiopia despite they have tried for more than 23 years . Instead they are almost becoming none existence even for their own sake.

    99.9% Diaspora Ethiopians are looking at them like trash and dangerous human things not allowed them to come closer or no one wants associate with them. For sure, there is no one in Ethiopia see them as humans but all of them are happy to see them suffering being far away and staying there forever. Because, they will never ever be allowed to touch the Ethiopian soil again even their dead body. There is no doubt about this.

  12. Adamu M. says:

    When I first saw the title of what you wrote, I thought you were joking. Later, you made it a point to support your argument by pulling strings out of unrelated cases in the UK and USA. Let me tell you how those cases are unrelated. Those bills ban grievance disturbances in honor of the deceased and mourners, which I think most of us agree with. The protest in Addis was a response to such a disturbance by the TPLF-led government. Officials showed disrespect to the deceased and all who were grieving by their inhumane, unEthiopian comments. That, being on top of the immense frustration the government has turned a deaf ear to, disappointed millions and consolidated the notion that all this migration and misery were deeply-rooted in the government’s haphazardly designed development policies. Then, the people took to the streets to express their anger against the government. The government wanted to use the opportunity to orchestrate some politics and called for the vigil, which wasn’t open to all. Well, the grieving crowed turned on the ridiculing, opportunist and suppressive government! If any bill is to be passed, then it should be one that bans the government from thrashing frustrated mourners! It wasn’t some people who protested, it was so many who chanted slogans against the TPLF-led government. You should have been faithful to your own eyes, instead of echoing what Redwan said. We all know why he said what he said, but did you have to base your opinion on his statement when you had far more reliable evidence all over the place?! Are you serious, is that all you can do, is that all you can travel, as a journalist, to do anything enlightening?! That’s embarrassing and I thing there is some thing very seriously wrong with you! You are either stretching yourself beyond what your faculty can bear to satisfy an ego or allegiance of loyalty with Redwan and his pack or you are missing the abc’s of journalism! In a country where most of what the government does is to tighten its grip on power and silence dissidence, are you suggesting another ambiguous, suppressive law be passed?! Are you living in this century or you are just a remnant from the old era where oppression, inequality, submissiveness and brutality are justified and unquestioned?! Why do you hate the poor people?! Do you want all this to remain as it is?! What do you offer to all those millions of people who go to sleep without food in their stomach?! This has been the same since ever! How on earth would people trade their lives for a probable glimpse of hope 24 years after TPLF-led EPRDF controlled power?! How many more years to wait?! Let me tell you one truth: you have sought refuge among those who your soul had once detested (well, before you gave up on your fight for human freedom and surrendered into captivity)! What is your heart saying to you?! Is your mind at peace with your belly?! Is your soul against the grudge you rose up with or you have muted her?! You need time with yourself! Get out of the commotion and listen to yourself please!

  13. robel says:

    Dawit, I agree with u , disturbing mourners is against the traditional consensus of Ethiopia, we need a law accordingly.

  14. robel says:

    For the abnormal red terror generals and their kids dancing political song in front of a grieving mother is normal. These criminals had been doing this to thousands in the 1970s. Its in their blood to enjoy others agony and suffering.Because they are abnormal!!!!!!!!

  15. bb says:

    First my condolences to the family who lost their loved ones and to my fellow citizens of Ethiopia. I completely agree with Mr. Dawit!

  16. Thomas says:

    Great sight Dave. We need same bill of USA that can put these criminals behind bars

  17. Tilahun says:

    Dawit has the right to forward any suggestion whatever he thinks to be useful for us. The problem in my view is, his suggestion (look I am not saying he is) misses the basic issue. At the moment I’ve not heard accusations of mourning disturbances from the direct victims’ families or relatives. On the contrary, they are proud of mourning with the whole country. Secondly, this suggestion will add legal mask to the already existing practice of intimidating for expressing dissatisfaction. Thirdly, and that is more important to think thoroughly about the grounds of migration en masse. Do we think that people will love to leave back their families, relatives, friends, memories, customs … and run away when they know that there is danger there?

  18. erty says:

    Ethiopia should ban demonstration in mourning places. Ethiopia also start persecuting for property damages, injuries, and, loss of life. If extra security is required the cost has to go to the party that is organizing the demonstration. We have seen demonstration after demonstration in the past years. There should be a cost associated to calling demonstrations because the city and the government have been burdened with the cost when some parties call demonstrations to see if they are lucky enough at least one of the demonstration to bring Arab spring results . Any part going out for demonstration should be accountable for any damages and any future permit requested has to based on past demonstration out comes.

  19. erty says:

    No demonstration on mourning places
    There should be charges brought against a party that organized a demonstration but did not control the crowd.
    If there property damage injury or death the party organized the demonstration should be accountable and there should be punitive for the damage.
    If a demonstration becomes violent any request permit should be denied for 2 years
    If a party calls for demonstration more than once in a year, the party should cover the cost of security for police and any personnel involved to keep the crowed in check.

  20. Gossay says:

    Mr. “Journalist ”
    What a complete ignorant and narrow minded are you?! You couldn’t even compare the objective reality, but simply give us “Ye’ Englise Temokero…” like your dead “visionary” leader. I can’t wait to read your next superfluous article.

  21. Zellalem Leyew says:

    There are hundreds of under ages in UK, USA, Australia, Canada and other so called democratic nations’ prisons or detention centers accused with terrorism offences including spreading messages on the internet. A 14 years old boy case was at court Friday in UK because of accusation with terrorism message on the internet in Australia. There are thousands stories particularly the USA and UK citizens are landed in jail, lost their jobs and got other punishments because of their inflammatory behavior on the social medias. Most of them are doing once and individually, not in organized manner or having well taught plans.

    However, what we are witnessing in the Ethiopian case for years now is that the few criminals doing terrorism activities openly and with organized manners. So called Zone 9 was a terrorist force created by foreign bodies training, financing and aiding them how to do the terrorism jobs with goal to terrorize the citizens and destabilize the nation. Semayawi so called party and some others in the opposition and Journalism name are also doing terrorism and inflammatory activities openly and also demanding the right to be allowed committing the crimes against the nation despite each and every citizen has equal right in Ethiopia and no one has the right to be above the law.

    When we are judging the Ethiopian anti terrorism law and the government taking measures against the terrorists and hateful criminal it is very simple and low level. On one side the government needs to be tough and quick against those taking the leadership position and having close contact with their foreign backers such as Semayawi so called party members. if you eliminate the main terrorists from the street, the animal herd or dogs pack look like followers will get no one to make them behave hostile against their own country because of they don’t know and understand how things are with the terrorists supported by foreigners from USA and UK to destabilize the country.

    It is important to keep in mind that those from USA and UK are not necessarily from the government side but securities, old politicians, and particularly the criminal type Business people using their evil medias where the English/Jews imperialists and Journalists are the players by far the majorities coming around by themselves acting as peaceful and normal human beings in order to do and get the plan and agenda they are having in our country which is we all know. What are those things?

    Disturbances against the Citizen are not organized and happening by the mass itself but those few are living and working for this purpose using the youth, desperate and vulnerable. In order to minimize and stop the kind of disturbance we are witnessing what the semayawi so called party is doing is simple which is all members of that foreign creation mercenary agents including the brainwashed mad cat and dog females must be cleaned from the public areas and places where the citizens need and deserve to live and work peacefully.

    On the other hand, the Ethiopian Medias need to act as the Medias of this time serving the nation with important issues instead of getting busy with trash and garbage stories most of the time talking about other nations beyond Africa. Instead they need to talk particularly on the radio; news papers and social Medias (need domestic social Medias while blocking the bad ones coming from abroad most of the time coming from the worthless and jobless Ethiopian immigrants working for foreign interests against the country they left her by their choice).

    The Ethiopian medias need to invite regularly competent, wise and well spoken guests to talk and teach about issues matter the nation including how bad and difficult is to migrate out of Ethiopia, how dangerous and bad is for the country causing disturbances and most importantly exposing publicly the crimes some groups are doing including semayawi so called party types, those in the name of journalism and the likes in order the people know the truth and fight them back. Without the people allowing them to be there and following them, they are nothing but the worthless foreign mercenaries with little cash reward with aim to destabilize the country and stop development that is benefiting the nation instead of those foreign criminals most of them are having criminal multinational business empires including medias.

    The Ethiopian government needs to have an aggressive law and quick responding working law enforcement habit in order to guarantee the orders among the citizens. The law is for the sake of the nation and always the vast majority is supporting and respecting it while the few that are having in mind to cause troubles oppose it because it will stop them. So, what is important is it protecting the citizens from the few criminals and dogs foreign agents most of the time they are relaying on foreign backers or taking responsibilities and stopping these criminals and brainwashed animals serving foreigners for few dollars? The few criminals must be stopped by any means. 99.9% of the citizens must be protected from the few mad and primitive dogs have no idea what they are doing and the long term implication in the country because of their action but trying every crime to make their foreign backers plan achieved and make them happy and prosper at our huge costs.

    Semayawi so called party is a criminal organization engaging with hate, disturbance and terrorism activities ever since it got ago ahead by foreign diplomats. There are still others operating secretly with the same line with the Semayawi terrorist groups are doing and they also must be exposed. Only toughness and decisiveness are becoming the only solution and act against them.

    Extremists in any form must be dealt with sooner rather than letting allowing them causing troubles and complicate the situation. The USA and UK new method is causing troubles using social Medias. They still think Egypt, Tunisia and others have been destroyed through Social Medias using their own citizens but with foreign money and know how to be efficient. That was Morsi and particularly EL Sisi hunted down all western members of Egypt’s disturbances and the cause of the chaos and destruction has been through. USA young citizens were participating directly among the crowd motivating the disturbances. Some of them were the sons, daughters and family members of politicians and business people. USA and UK Medias were playing very nasty games. Western NGOs, Charities and aid agencies were also part of it.

    However Egypt became free, relative stable and is planning her destiny by herself after expelling or imprisoning all foreign elements including Journalists, NGOs, Aid agencies and the likes. Till today, they are not welcome and they also know their place in today’s Egypt. This happen not through talk but taking decisive measures against them. Ethiopia also needs to have strong and determine leaders and forces taking decisive actions against anyone that is causing troubles and worse than that having missions against the people government and the nation.

    Use the Ethiopian medias particularly radios serving the nation interest. Expose publicly those are engaging against the nation interest. Take quick and appropriate measures against the criminals most of the time are backward and brainwashed foreign agents they even don’t know what they are doing and why? Don’t even think of what the foreign nations would think and what kind measure would they take when you are doing anything necessary to get law and order in your own country. If you do that, you are not a capable government or law enforcements but just taking the nation for an eminent near future disaster.

    You cannot be a government and competent nation if you are having even a simple and single taught what foreigners would think or do for your action in your own country for the sake of the citizens. You need to be full of self confidence, competent proud and relaying on your own people and those Good nations like China and many others are in these days all over the globe.
    Teach the youth and parents about the danger and very bad choice immigrating to Europe but work hard in own country to improve the situation and have a respectful and dignifying life. Immigrating to Europe is nothing else but destroying own life by own choice. It is no longer good enough even to own citizens. The Ethiopian medias need to talk about these and other issues inviting officials, scholars and those living or coming back home from abroad with lots of bad stories being in abroad as emigrants particularly in the 21-century. .

    Why is Al, jazera still in Ethiopia while it is not allowed in Arab countries including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Libya and so on? Do you know who runs Al jazera? They are English from top to down since the beginning. They are just hiring/using another brainwashed ugly black female face most probably from Kenya which is a corrupted nation by them and is hosting all anti African elements from UK and USA for so long.

    UK and USA Medias are more than 90% owned and run by the Jews so called Business people and Journalists as it is the same in other financial sources including banks and organizations there. Those causing troubles including in Ukraine in the name of the so called open democracy, Human right, earth matter, lots of NGOs, Thinks Tanks and so on are also run by them participating by billionaires acting as if the earth belongs to them and the society must be shaped based on their plan and agenda. G. Soros, R Murdoch and the likes are among them.

    There are lots of things to learn from Germany, some from France, Italy and other European nations but not from UK and USA. They are the trouble makers not necessarily in the government levels but those controlling those nations under the private ownership imperialism system. And you know who controls and owns these two nations. Not the citizens and politicians working together for the public good but the private corporate such as banks, wall streets, insurances, Holly wood, Medias multinationals and so on. And the whole world knows who owns and runs this massive wealth.

    They are looking to do the same thing in other countries in the name of the Neo liberal system where they would buy the nation under the privatization law everything the nation has to be in the few private hands and in the Ethiopian case that would be foreigners like them using different tactics and methods to get there. If they don’t get that nation under their ownership, that nation must be destroyed completely using against each other and then they would recreate a new nation under their ownership. This is the plan they are having and the activities they are doing to achieve those goals.

    Don’t blame the UK and USA citizens but the few that are controlling the people and everything those nations has affecting first and the most their own citizens while inflaming other nations which Ethiopia is also in their mind using her own citizens to achieve that.

    But we will die first rather than surrendering the nation to them in order to suffer and die for generations to come in our own country because of the few racist and foreign criminals/imperialists. They are the ones behind all illnesses in Ethiopia including semayawi so called party, Zone 9, other terrorists and the disturbances the destitute immigrants in abroad are doing in front of embassies and the white house crying like sick and hungry helpless and hopeless dogs.

    Stop the USA and UK criminal Medias created for business reasons working criminal activities against others. Stop and criminalize the nasty and evil Journalists running those Medias including al Jazera run by the English. Qatar with less 300.000 native citizens have no ability even to own and run a radio or local TV station alone no matter how much money is she getting from a gas sell. Al Jazera, Qatar airlines and o on are running by foreigners by far the English. And we know how the English are making their criminal Medias work against other nations if they are allowed and worse than that cooperating with them including giving interviews.

  22. Awraris says:

    Good idea

  23. ethoash says:

    Did this people understand government job number one is to protect law and order…without law we r an animal like Libya Isis, law and order different US from animal (even animal have their own law and order)
    Government have power and right to kill anyone to stop,breaking the law and order of the society …
    Even u sit “laksso” because we have a peaceful country…to have a peaceful country we have to protect the law and order… if not for the law Ethiopian government can kill all opposition party leaders no onewould ask them…that mean even for safety of party like former Cud and Gim7 party leader law and order protecting them…look what America did in Ferguson riot they send army with gun to shoot and kill they r not joking when it come to their law and order….otherwise why police have gun if they have no right to kill….mind use ur mind to understand what I am trying to say

  24. Gebez says:

    We need emergency laws in Ethiopia in case it is needed. Some nasty SOBs are trying to disrupt the public order. Ethiopia is not for sale.

  25. test says:

    Testing , testing

  26. Mare Biratu says:

    Ato Dawit,
    Please use your mind for innovative ideas that are constructive enough to be said! If you don’t have any, wait until you get one! You don’t have to keep your website updated with your opinion! Why don’t you come up with an idea that allows your fellow people to express their opinions freely? That is the least I expect from you! Analyze the cases; your point doesn’t hold much water! EPRDF has never refrained from beating citizens whether such a bill is there or not! Do you think these people need a bill? Do you think the absence of a bill restricts their aggression?! Who are you talking about? These are not acceptable to anybody, and you know that! Are you trying to buy favor from them?! They control all the media and don’t need a marginal sympathizer like you!
    Please get yourself another job; I think you’ve depleted your mind to the level you don’t make any more sense even to yourself!

    • Visitor says:

      You are really very very sick. You are a little sycophant thinking you are somebody even better than anybody else while in reality you are worthless and hopeless with no plan, future and life at all.

      Do you read and understand what you have been painted telling what to do or not to do to those brave, hard working and trying their outmost best for their people wellbeing Like Dawit is? You must be a stupid and ignorant creature suffering from anger because of you cannot do anything about the situation you are out of touch and have no any ability to face it the right ways.

      However, failed and very angry creatures like you being around the real Ethiopian blogs like Awramba is something can happen because of there is no such a pure clean and clear society anywhere. you are the outcast, trash and garbage part of our society just acting like dirt, smoke and stink do around us and we know who you are and how to deal with you that is just ignoring as if you are not exist which is a fact about you. You cannot be classified as a human being because of you are still breathing anger and hate with difficulty and abnormality.

      Before talking, criticizing or trying to advise others that are having their life and action under their own control and ownership, you have to do these and other things you are very much lacking to yourself. You will get some results only when you do that. Other than that, no one notice you even you are existing around us or elsewhere else. .

      Piss off; you are a backward trash punk.

      ራስህ እያረርህ በስጋና በነፍስ
      ያ ያ ያ ነው ብትለው ቅዱስ አይሆን ርኩስ
      የያዘህ በሽታ ከዚህ ያደረሰህ
      ክፍፃሜው ሳትደርስ በምንም አይለቅህ፡፡

  27. Be ewnetu says:

    It takes a long way to overcome the deep Ethiopian poverty, as we see in the last decade there is big development progress in the country, to improve this progress the regime must tackle the Arab and IssayaAss messengers activity by iron stick after the legislation, the US “democracy” for bulling time will solve it. nothing to do with those African terrorists as long as not affected the US interst. but save heaven and source of financial for domestic GIM6+1 /Semayawy party/ so EPRDF must punish it in day light, we don’t to see Ethiopians to be like Syria or Yemenis proxy war torn. specially Semayawi party funded from Qatar MB and Eritrea in directly must but should verify the honest people among them…….

  28. Visitor says:

    One brave and respected Ethiopian military veteran said few days ago on TV

    ” we were fighting our country enemies with very simple weapons, equipments, military outfits including walking bare feet, very limited food and water but with very high morals, victorious attitudes, determinations and readiness to scarify everything we have to our country and people including ourselves. This all comes because of love to our country, lots of care to our people and understanding what would happen if we lose the war and the enemies/foreigners comes in and take our country as their own private property. We were fighting and always defeating the enemy with its own weapons.
    However, the biggest enemy that caused us and our country difficulties and damages was not the real enemy that is known and we were always well prepared for to defeat it. But the Bandas within. That is why we were always making slogans saying before, during and after trainings and the battles
    ‘ጠላትማ ምን ጊዜም ጠላት ነው
    አስቀድሞ ማጥፋት ባንዳ የሆነን ነው
    በራሰ ሀገር መዠገር፣ ትኋንና ቅማል
    የሚበላ ጦር ሀይል መች ጠላት ይጥላል
    ምንም ሳይራሩለት፣ ምንም ሳያቅማሙ
    ጥርግርግ ማድረግ ነው ከነምናምኑ
    ሀገርን ለመጉዳት የሚያብር ከባዕዳ
    ህዝብ ይፋረደዋል ያያል ስቃይ፣ ፍዳ’

    and we were always merciless first against the Bandas within before facing the foreign enemies. That is why we were always victorious because of we were not giving even the slightest chance of environment for any tendency becoming a Banda let alone be a Banda serving foreign enemies in any form and kind while pretending is part of our people and nation.

    What we are witnessing today here with the terrorists within in the demonstrations against the wahahbi Islamic terrorists against our citizens is something I never even taught such thing could happen in Ethiopia in a day light in front of the nation. This must be something needs lots of time and efforts even to digest such things are happening.
    These are cheap and hopeless organized group youth Bandas working for foreign enemies with Chat/Qat, Hashish or Dollar exchange. You can see them by yourself how Brainwashed, damaged, valueless and dangerous they are and will be against our nation if we are not doing something serious against them as soon as possible to stop them once and for all. The Ethiopian securities and all forces and the people must be bold and decisive to eliminate these mercenaries from our country. They are not good to our nation. They have nothing to offer but with mission to destroy our nation being Bandas operating freely serving the enemies agenda and plan in our country.

    I didn’t expect I would live to these days to witness what I have witnessed when the damaged and valueless Youth Bandas are in the Middle of Addis Ababa doing their Banda activities disturbing the very sad moment the nation never been confronted this way. Are they Ethiopians or not? Do they have any feeling towards the citizens’ wellbeing? I don’t think so or I can say, they are enemies number one within. They have to be eliminated or else they would create bad environments in the country that would lead to very big damages. We know foreign powers are looking to stop us from developing if that development is not for their benefit. We also know there are enemies looking anything to stop us from developing with goal they would benefit from our weaknesses, suffering from poverty and dependency being like slaves and servants to survive the day in the national levels.
    The government must act quickly and decisively knowing the people are asking and behind any measure the government is taking.

    These Bandas are really very bad and dangerous mercenaries against our country. They are really on the mission to impalement something very damaging the known foreign powers have told and teach them what, how and when to do. Because they know stable and peaceful society, united citizens, having a government working for the people and independent/self-reliance country would not allow them to own that country and the society as cheap laborers and health risky products mass consumers for their huge profit in the form of Neo Liberalism policy and privatization law with Globalization principles which all of them are created by them to work for them all over the world. But they don’t allow others to do the same in their country but they are owning their nations wealth creating sources and sectors by themselves while looking to do the same thing in other nation at the huge cost of that nation.

    This is the 21-century Slavery and colonization implementing together in one shoot against the nations that had been with the same situations in the past done by the same people from UK and the extending UK Empire which is USA.

    Ethiopia must stop these brainwashed, damaged, dangerous, addicted, criminal, hopeless and with other bad behavior and nature Bandas with or without so called a law. Do we really any kind of law to deal with this Cheap worthless mercenaries?”

    hallo! Wake up.

  29. Dawit says:

    The problem with us Ethiopians is that we are not civilised when it comes to politics, we fault to differentiate between addressing short comings of the incumbent and looking at the reality straight. We tend to aggregate in extreme stance, we advocate the overthrow of a government by hook or crook just because we don’t agree with it. The more we follows this route the more the majority seems to refrain away from us. Just because we fool western journalists and western organisations [or at least they pretended to be fooled as long as we willingly advocated their hidden agenda]. Wake up people it is not a secret that all the governments in the world would have taken harsh measure [and we have seen them time and again, including US where Black life doesn’t seem to matter], if there had an opposition party who would rather take orders from embassies than listen to the cries of the people. Ethiopian opposition, including those in diaspora, think Ethiopia is Addis Ababa, when in reality it does not represent the 80% farmers and pastoralist . Am seek of pretend ‘activities’ and ‘fighters’.

  30. Belayy says:

    Negating and disrespecting our Government and the law enforcing institutes is one way the extremists left or right try to undermine us all! Ethiopia need to be stable to feed itself. Those fools who throw stone at the police must be brought to justice, one by one. Ethiopia is not a lawless country. We must know trying to destabilise our country will continue even after we reached a higher economic development state. There will be always forces who try to break our peace evenif we were rich and prosperous like Europe or America.

  31. Bruk says:

    90 million Ethiopians are massively and continuously demonstrating fiercely denouncing the slaughtering of our innocent Citizens by the evil and merciless wahhabi God Militia Killers. The Ethiopians common nature of thousands years of togetherness, tolerance, one nation and family spirit is all over the land as usual no one would come between the Ethiopian people be able to divide them in order to achieve its goal at the huge losses of the nation meaning all the citizens.

    Ethiopians are demonstrating all over the country not only to express their sadness but making sure that they are one and the same people having one common country and no one has the right to be above the law to cause troubles against the citizens in the common home which is Ethiopia. They also once more are expressing their readiness, willingness and determination as usual to crash any enemy against the country including within. They also know countries like Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia and even Iraq have been destroyed by own citizens. The citizens started those uprisings including through social medias and the fight with the west full support relaying on them to destroy own nation. when the disturbance changed to chaos, killing and destructions are taking roots, then the door is widely opened and the nation key is becoming in the foreigners hands to destroy those nations feeling powerful no one would challenge and stop them.

    Semayawi party in Ethiopia and some others operating individually and with groups in the name of opposition party, scholar, Journalism, NGO and so on are the grooming children and big hopes of the Neo Liberals to make Ethiopia surrender to the Jewish lead western Imperialism in the name of Privatization and Globalization or risk to become like The Arab nations and Ukraine are becoming because of them. But we Ethiopians will never become either of them but remain ourselves. Ethiopia became the only nation in Africa never been colonized is not because of Ethiopians were surrendering with fear or force but they are determine and fighting to death for their country, dignity and benefit in their own country against any force. We also know who those foreign forces are today. They are few in numbers but are evils playing with people’s mind using their own Medias and so called NGOs and right groups where all of them are their servants and members. All of them are working for one and the same agenda.

    Few UK and USA members of the citizens that are the imperialists where the Jews are on the top are causing troubles in Ethiopia since long time as they are doing to other nations, too. We all know that. Does the name Herman Cohen telling you something? Who won and run UK and USA corporate Medias that are at war against Ethiopia for more than 30 years intentionally damaging the country image and undermine the people? France Medias are also run by the same group of people. It is the same in Canada and Australia, too. Banks, wall street, sport clubs, Hollywood and almost all financial resources and media sources in these nations are in the few’ hands and the world know who they are. They are the ones causing troubles all over the world including Ethiopia.

    What the citizens are saying that foreign enemies will hurt us only when we are not in Ethiopia. They also would hurt us in Ethiopia only when we allow them directly by themselves or indirectly using our own citizens. If Ethiopians in Ethiopia are allowing foreign enemies to affect them within their own country, that would be the worst thing to happen to any nation and the citizens. Because, if we face difficulties in abroad because of we are not in our country that is our home, we come back to safety which is our country. But when we face the enemies in our own country, there is no place to go or reason to escape.

    That is why we are asking the government, to take all necessary measures to keep our nation safe from foreign enemies that are coming in many forms and shapes using different types of reasons sounding as if they are here to help us with their cost/losses which is a total lie and games they are playing. UK and USA Medias and so called journalists are the number one enemies we have to stop them. The so called NGO, aid agencies, Charities and so on from the west particularly UK and USA are not here for our sake but their own agenda and plan in our country. They are here for neo liberal imperialist agenda in Ethiopia that are by far the Jewish medias and Jew journalists from the west particularly UK are taking the lead.

    We are warning and also asking the government to be bold and decisive and also give the first priorities strengthening the security agencies, military and police and most importantly awakening the citizens about the dangers coming from abroad through foreign individuals including those look like innocents and friendly. The world and particularly the region is becoming the hot spots of the war clouds because of the Wahhabi God terrorists including Al Qaida, IS, Al Nusra and others created and supported by the west and Arab rulers that are created and guarded by the west, too.

    Therefore, Ethiopia needs first to clean all brainwashed human savages within started from the semayawi party that is created by the west mainly UK and USA. The so called Donor nations are created terrorists like this one in order to destabilize the country for the sake of their neo liberal agenda while they are preaching they are helping Ethiopia which is the known game they are playing. Laughing in front while backstabbing from the back is the ultimate goal they are always having and looking to achieve in other country.

    The government must deal today with the so called Semayawi party and all it’s addicted, junk and destitute followers they have no idea what they are doing and about the implications against their country. Look at today’s Syria, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, Yemen, Nigeria and so on and what kind nations they have been before the disturbance started by the few youth members inflamed by foreign powers well trained, supported and brainwashed young citizens using social media and violence uprisings. Those youth members/leaders most of them are dead including committing suicides, are in jail or few are becoming immigrants.

    No one would benefit from the western backing Neo liberals creating uprisings, chaos and destruction but the entire nation is losing. Therefore, don’t do that. Be smart and human doing the best things for your country and citizens you are part of it. Being black by itself is a crime if you are in their countries. Look how blacks are disfranchised from the economy and killed on daily basis by the police and are languishing in private corporate jail system with millions in their own countries such as USA.

    So, they telling you what to do in your country is not really they do care about any one you but implementing their own agenda using blacks as slaves serving them this time destroying their own country for the neo liberals agenda which is slavery and colonization together making working as one huge merciless weapon against the nation and citizens for huge profit. Slavery and colonization were conducted for pure economic reasons and profit.

    Therefore, this time they would do anything for the sake of those things knowing how money and material worshipers they are. Neo Liberalism is the way they are looking to achieve those goals peacefully or using any means of necessary including destroying the nations using own citizens as we are witnessing in some nations. They are creating terrorists, waging wars including using medias to achieve those goals. They are evil and don’t care about anything even the earth totally destroyed today if they are not getting the benefits at the cost of the mass. And the world knows who these people are.

  32. merdasa says:

    I don’t understand how your brilliant (rather moronic) mind depict those who were demonstrating against the government as people disturbing the grieving he mourners. Are you that much incapable of telling the obvious or has the government promised you something in return? Isn’t this the way all people who lack conscience do their business? Saying things that do not make sense just to please their masters? You are good example of them. Well done. Keep doing it until Woyane is in power. You must have thought of the scenario of what will happen to you when they have gone. Ethiopians in the West (America & Europe) know you very well by now. So, thinking to go to such countries will not give you peace of mind. You will be harassed and you will be a lonely depressed person who sold out his fellow citizens for his own gain. China might be the most likely place for someone like you and “BEN” of

  33. mohe says:

    ahun merabawian lerejem gize yakedut
    leke ende 1977 elkit lemfter ethiopia tornet west keto ke afrcaw endemitayew ke arebu lemankuer

    geram nefse kegn libya lemotute internation hege endemierbu teretre yelem .

    besebeb ethiopian wed torent keto
    yemwenjel tenkol new.

    ahun yedresew chekane bedel
    fetari tamerun saykoye yasaye.nal
    beselam nefesachewen marat eyalen
    eylemen wed lematu wed melkam
    demcracy megesgese .

    Yetorenet temat lalachew teyetem anakeblem egnam angebam

    Errrrrr belew tektlewal begna edget
    Yikatelu ahunem enlewtalen .

  34. mimi says:

    UK, again! what about uk? copy cats. u copy everything in the worst was possible like ‘constable’ in the police force, round abouts, etc kkk

  35. Zellalem says:

    What is going on here?

    One of the martyrs was earning between 7000-11.000 Birr a months working at the Ethiopian Electric Corporation. He took vacation from his job and sold himself to the human traffickers paying more than 100.000 birr. The other one was just recently graduated from the University. And he also sold himself to the human traffickers to take him away from his country that gave him education and made him able to grown up in order to happen what happened to them in Libya or against others all the way to hell which is immigrating to another country or continent in the 21-century.

    Do these people and the nation as a whole know immigration is not the answer but the desperate and hopeless move those their security and existence is no longer there and in any moment they would be killed, subjected to very nasty situations including torture, rape, imprisonment and so on are doing because of they have no choice. Does the nation know immigration in Europe is not the answer even for a single and simple question any black person has but hell losing everything including the knowledge someone has got from his own country, work experience, hope, future and life in general.

    Why the people don’t see and get this? Whose fault is this? Why is the Ethiopian medias, scholars, politicians and those in abroad and returnees particularly from Europe are not taking the situation seriously and telling the people the truth there facing immigrants and black immigrants are the worst of all because of their skin color and they don’t know how to organize themselves and be smart in order to make their life better. The system in Europe also targeting them first and always till they lose everything who they are, what they know, can and will but becoming totally nobody and under the mercy of others like during the slavery era.

    Don’t immigrate to Europe even if it is done legally through visa and permission reaching there with in few hours comfortable travel using direct flights feeling free having the right to be there. Illegal immigrant in Europe means invisible creatures in hell they will never ever achieve anything in Life. Europe is struggling to accommodate its own citizens. The economy and the system is rotten like we seen in UK they are declaring its existence loudly and repeatedly through none stop propaganda saying it is growing even better than others referring some facts while the real issues that are the people’s lives are worse than they were 2007.

    Rocket increasing the house price without doing any repair and improvement the house situation, stock exchange, services such as banks, insurances, and an economy that is totally dependent on consumerism using products unnecessarily and are imported from abroad like the UK is doing is not really an economy that has any future.
    However, a class society like UK and the neo Liberal economy like the whole of Europe is not working for the benefit of the citizens but the few that are holding the nation under private ownership and the society in the name of mass consumers and workers.

    Ethiopia is 3.5 times bigger than Germany, 4 times as Italy, 9 Times England or more than twice France. It is located in the middle of the earth where Africa, Middle East, Asia, and Europe can meet. It is the country does have the best weather and fertile soil than any African country. It is the country second to the D. Congo with water wealth and has the best landscape in the world containing 73% the entire African continent highlands. It is green and the best place to work and produce in the country throughout the year which is unlike in other nations that are cold with snow or hot and desert. Ethiopia is the country has 3 weather patterns at the same time namely with high, middle and law altitude making the nation able to produce anything can grow in any place on earth.

    So, what is the reason Ethiopians particularly those educated, young and healthy are immigrating to Europe even at that matter in any country while their own country is the best place to work, make money and have the best living conditions without confronted by issues and the weather as we seen elsewhere on daily basis.

    The youth, parents and all part of the society must wake up and act as human. Immigrating to another country from Ethiopia is not the answer but a suicide mission in different levels as worse as death or killings. Those are willing and able to work and looking to have the best living condition must not emigrate to any other country but stay at home and act as competent and responsible citizens. . Or else you will be died on the way to reach there. Even you reach there, you will not be accepted as refuge but forced to be an illegal in the countries you don’t know the language, have no one to relay on, have no money and your skin color will be your main enemy exposing you for countless hardships. Even if you are accepted as refuges however that will never happen because of Ethiopia is not a country her citizens are in danger but only the lazy and dumb are emigrating, your life will not be the way you had planned but you will be like a kind of animal living to consume while waiting to die with causes that are plenty and no one knows from which direction, when they are coming and who is responsible in order to clean you from the area like dirt treating you the lowest of the lower among the human society.

    Don’t immigrate to Europe even if you get a visa and permission to go there if you really looking to have a normal human being life and future. Going there illegally paying lots of money to the human smugglers is something only the dumb and those are committing suicides are doing. Europe is no longer the place to be there even as citizens particularly if you are black. You are educated, civilized, wise, competent, determine and in general a better and winner individual, it doesn’t matter if you are black. Your skin color dashed everything in and with you and you becomes less than human in all levels. All of them are associated with bad, negative and wrong things where there places are down there isolated and associated with the human garbage and trash sentenced to be dumped and thrown away.

    Don’t immigrate to Europe or any place but stay at home and work hard in order to build Ethiopia a country all the jobs are waiting to be done efficiently and effectively with quality, variety and on time.

  36. Dany says:

    Dawit ,
    Can you at the same time suggest the issue of a legislation that every Ethiopian should be guaranteed to have at least two meals a day .
    You were such a respectable journalist listed among the very few listed in the World ,I repeat in the World,who spoke their minds ,your offspring could be proud of of.
    Have you ever thought where you are now?

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