State Department: The statement expressed by Wendy Sherman was the official position of the United States (Video)


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17 Responses

  1. Beza says:

    Let the G7 members understand what this means for them. BirAhun was bashing the undersecretary Wendy sherman to boost his moral. But, mark my word he will pay the price for that like his friend And area chew Tsige.

    You can not wage war while u are living in USA and England. If they got evidence they will fry your skull.

    • ethoash says:

      Why not ask Dr. Birr himself a very simple question

      Do u have an army in Eritrea?
      Do u wage war to remove Ethiopian government. ?
      Do u personally contribute money to war effort?

      Now he can answer no to all the question and escape arrest fro American but how in hell he show his face to collect money for antiethiopia is beyond me

  2. Bruk says:

    USA is not the nation the Trash and chicken head look like Diasporas are thinking about. Many of the real USA politicians and citizens know how Ethiopia is important in Africa, the region and world at large as she is located in a naturally cursed look like desert Middle east and North Africa where the demons, barbaric and evils are living making the earth the place of hell in the name of so called religion.

    So, the chicken head and toothless big mouth bunch of Diasporas have no idea what is all about when it comes to the real politics even within Ethiopia let alone Ethiopia having international relations and positions.
    USA and Europe know Ethiopia is by far the only nation in Africa they do have many things in common and can work together if they stop interfering in the national matters and trying to impose their things on us which we will not accept anyone them because of that would make us lose ourselves and become like slaves have been through because of them.

    USA and the west also know Ethiopia has many friends and allies where China is on the top of the list and always will be for generations to come.

    Ethiopia needs to have good relations with countries like Germany while completely avoiding the English involvement in our country matters starting from the corporate English Medias and the criminal so called journalists. So called NGOs, right groups, Charities, foundations, aid agencies, corporate Medias, Banks and other financial institutions in UK and USA are the greatest fret and merciless evil powers Ethiopia has to avoid them. We know who owns and runs those evil and demonic companies, institutions and organizations. We also know how they are doing their evil crimes against the world in the form of privatization and market terrorism through economic propaganda using own medias including against their own citizens-the mass.
    USA or any western person have no any right, justification or anything to speak about democracy, election, human rights including the right of women and girls, free press and so on while their best friends and allies are the absolute dictators in the middle east they are sleeping with them for decades without mentioning those things using even with a single and simple word.

  3. Visitor says:

    Three Saudis beheaded in kingdom

    The three cases bring to 72 the number of death sentences carried out this year(in 4 months), compared with 87 for all of 2014,

    *Saudi lead wahhabi Arab nations are bombing Yemen indiscriminately daily for almost 40 days and nights. The country is already in the none return situations where all infrastructures, economic foundations, buildings, homes, bridges, dams and anything on the ground is destroyed. 26 million Yemeni’s are under siege no foreign aid is allowed, no food and drink is also allowed despite 90% Yemenis food supply is relaying on import. 26 million Yemenis are subjected to hunger and catastrophic sicknesses and death in front of the world including UN. But no one is even saying about it including the criminal corporate western Medias let alone stopping the aggressors.

    USA, UK and France are part of the Saudi aggression doing the logistic, satellite and even the fighting as the story is saying there are western pilots involved with the bombing using Saudi and other wahhabi Arabs western made planes.

    The point is USA and its tail elsewhere or horn in Africa which is UK have no any moral ground to talk about any human values or democratic process in any other country before looking themselves within and their relations with the Arab dictators that are causing so many problems including breeding and supporting the wahhabi Islamic terrorists. Why is USA number one in the world with the number of prisoners and UK is number one in Europe if really things are going well there? You know who owns those prisons and who is inside? Then you know the truth about them who really they are when it comes to Africa and black people.

    Each and every nation beyond Europe where USA and UK have been involved including acting as friends and allies as we see them in Ethiopia is always becomes a failed nation where corruption, drugs, crimes, prostitute, rape, Gay and lesbian endemics, Child Molestation, pedophile, big gap between the few have and the mass have not and so on always are taking places.

    The best answer is never ever trust them for anything. Never ever allow them for anything in the country matters including their profit driven corporate banks, insurances, financial sectors and so on, health risky and environmental enemy multi nationals such as coca cola, McDonald, food industries and alcohol brewers. Not having them around is the best to happen any developing nation like Ethiopia that has her own ways for thousands years older than any of them. They are masters destroying everything any nation has and imposing theirs on others most of the times look like not from normal society/human beings.

    Ethiopia needs herself more than anything else and Always needs to remain herself. Then there are good nations all over the world with very limited risks having them than having USA and UK around for anything. What the English empire has done against Ethiopia for more than 150 years since the death of Atse Theodros, creating a country called Eritrea to block Ethiopia from the sea and gave to Italy to rule her under its colony, illegally signing a document about the Nile with aim giving the Nile river right to Egypt, the role they played in the Ethiopian civil wars supporting EPLF and others, Intentionally damaging the country images for more than 30 years and illegally and intentionally blocking Ethiopia which is the ancient nation always bordering with sea and ocean coasts before eth scramble of Africa in 1885 are among the many crimes the English are doing intentionally and with very well calculated and taught measure to hurt Ethiopia economically as well as politically.

    That is why no one buys the when they are saying they are giving aid to Ethiopia for how long…???? Thinking we are like animals and gorillas we don’t understand or get them when they are doing anything they want against undermining our intelligences and abilities to be enough for ourselves in everything matter to us.

    USA without England in Africa is like a shark without the teeth. So, having these two in our country is nothing but they together planting different types of poison trees all over the country one day will get ripe creating environments forcing us to get feeding from with no return back.

    No one cares what USA says or not says as long as we are doing what we have to do as citizens together for our benefits without relying on any bad foreign nation aid or whatever game playing. They need to do something about the killings and imprisonments of blacks there.
    What they don’t like the most to see is wise, uncorrupted, self confident, competent and determine leaders with peaceful, united, hard working, self confidence, determine and hopeful society. Because these kind leaders leading these kind society would be totally in control where no one would play games against them in the name of aid, charities and so on using weaknesses and poverty as the best opportunities to be there in order to implement their agendas and plans on others and we know what they can do when they get those chances. Look the natives in the Americans, Australia and slave descendents and others in Africa because of colonization.

  4. AG7 says:

    By Washington Post Editorial Board

    ETHIOPIA’S ELECTIONS, scheduled for May 24, are shaping up to be anything but democratic. A country that has often been held up as a poster child for development has been stifling civic freedoms and systematically cracking down on independent journalism for several years.

    It was consequently startling to hear the State Department’s undersecretary of state for political affairs, Wendy Sherman, declare during a visit to Addis Ababa on April 16 that “Ethiopia is a democracy that is moving forward in an election that we expect to be free, fair and credible.” The ensuing backlash from Ethiopians and human rights advocates was deserved.

    Ms. Sherman’s lavish praise was particularly unjustified given Ethiopia’s record on press freedom: It has imprisoned 19 journalists, more than any other country in Africa. According to a new report by the Committee to Protect Journalists, the country ranks fourth on its list of the top 10 most censored countries in the world. At least 16 journalists have been forced into exile, and a number of independent publications have shut down due to official pressure.

    Last weekend marked one year since six bloggers were arrested and jailed without trial. The “Zone 9” bloggers, who used their online platforms to write about human rights and social justice and to agitate for a democracy in Ethi­o­pia, were charged with terrorism under the Anti-Terrorism Proclamation, which has been used to clamp down on numerous journalists critical of the regime. Today, the bloggers remain imprisoned, awaiting what will likely be a trial by farce.

    As for the elections, opposition parties say the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front , led by Hailemariam Desalegn, has undermined their efforts to register candidates for the May vote. Since last year, members of opposition parties and their supporters have been arrested and harassed. In March, the sole opposition leader in Parliament said he would not run for reelection due to state interference with his party’s affairs. The EPRDF, which has been in power since 1991, was reported to have won the last elections in 2010 with 99.6 percent of the vote.

    The State Department released a statement last week urging Ethiopia to release journalists who have been imprisoned for doing their jobs. But as the considerably more high-profile statement by Ms. Sherman indicated, the Obama administration has been reluctant to criticize what it regards as a key security ally in the Horn of Africa. A State Department spokeswoman confirmed this week that Ms. Sherman’s comments “fully reflect the U.S. government’s positions on these issues.”

    With its ancient culture, strategic location and population of 94 million, Ethi­o­pia is indeed key to the future of eastern Africa. But that does not justify make-believe statements or a go-softly approach that is not working. The United States should stop funneling millions of aid dollars to a regime that has continued to choke off the media, hamper the participation of opposition parties and silence its critics. If the election is not judged by independent observers to live up to Ms. Sherman’s billing, the administration should swallow her words — and change its approach.

    • Bruk says:

      Are you still relaying on their old and corporate medias watching their TV, listening their radios, reading their newspapers or magazines where Washington post is one of the many and believing them when they are telling fictional and misleading stories even about them let alone about you and your country they have nothing to do with?

      This is all about them while nothing about you they don’t care even for a second if your country and its citizens disappear from the surface of the earth within a second. Even some of them would like to see that thinking that would give them the best way of life and living as usual at the huge cost of others. .

      You must be an old and dumb failure with little experience and suffering from being stacking in the past while the time and the situations are here making him able to relay on himself for himself knowing hoe disrespectful, liars, manipulators, criminals and money minded are the Anglo-American by far Jews owned and run medias where the vast majority journalists are also Jews including in Ethiopia engaging the way we know them for the last 3 decades.

      No one cares anymore about the corporate western medias in the digital era where news are coming every second accurately and with the right approach directly from the owners of the news. The liars, misinforming, trouble makers, profit driven and money minded western Media’s era is over. They have been part of the injustice, crimes and all setbacks and difficulties many nations including Ethiopia has been through because of the west involvement. They were and still are working hand in hand with their government, imperialists, corporate, racists and criminals spreading all kinds of propaganda and misinformation to achieve the plan and agenda each of them has in other countries.

      On the other hand they are spreading lies after lies praising how the west is the best while none stop and limit trashing, tarnishing, undermining, causing troubles and so on in other countries where Ethiopia is the longest and worse victim of all. This is how look like the Jews corporate Medias for real including Washington post not the way you are thinking about and relaying on it.
      Get a brain, boy and act as human enough for himself doing his job by himself the way it benefits him and his country. Stop relaying on them for anything good but all bad, negative and wrong in your own country and about you they have nothing in common with and they don’t care about at all.

  5. Birru says:

    OMG, So what is the next campaign/Agendda for the toxic diaspora ??? are they going to have big Demo against Ms.Wendy,Mari Harf, Jhon Kerry… even Obama? surprisingly, DW ( Amharic service of German radio ) tries to spark dusts/Abuwwarraa masinesate ) Against Ms Wendy in the name of round table’s discussion , this Sunday ) Awayyee disporraaaaa!!!!

  6. Sam says:

    The Ethiopian government is clever enough to know America needs Ethiopia for security reason. The government milks that knowledge to its maximum benefit. Ginbot 7 is not a terrorist organization. The organization is led by individuals who practically run out of political strategy and tactics. To be honest, they are totally ignorant of the political situation in Ethiopia. To be honest, their bravado about liberating Ethiopia by armed struggle is laughable, if not sad. The US and Ethiopian government know this fact. But they milk it to their own individual interest in their own particular way. I give the gold, however, for this super manipulation for the Ethiopian government.

  7. Solomon says:

    I really miss Bandas banda birr ahun amtu(Banda Essayas’s Listro Brhanu naga I mean Banda’s Banda Tesflhulem .

  8. Erty says:

    The Ethiopian Embassy in D.C should follow this development very seriously. The embassy should provide the USA State Department that, Ginbot-7 having a military wing in Eritrea, Ginbot-7 raising funds in USA for its military wing in Eritrea contrary to USA law and using ESAT for propaganda to build moral of its military wing. In addition Ginbot-7 is collaboration with Eritrean government to streth thin the Ethiopian military in the north in order to limit Ethiopia’s military strength to fight Alshababi in Somalia.

  9. Bruk says:

    This is how USA looks like in Yemen in one day i.e. On May 3. Saudi is bombing Yemen with USA full support for 40 days. So, 40 days USA story related to the Yemeni suffering and destruction so far is huge and going to be a historical phenomenon even after the war is ended.
    Without USA full support and participation there would be no single bomb dropping on Yemen by the Wahhabi Arabs that are acting as if they are the kind of humans since the oil and gas is discovered despite the whole world knows what kind creatures they are.

    So, having USA around is getting much worse and long term devastation than not having them in any reason including their known vocabulary weapon “aid”. A lucky nation by having smart, wise, informed and determine leaders and hard working and patriotic citizens would never ever relay on the kind of aid or any support or promise coming from USA and UK but working together with countries like China, Russia, Germany and others that are plenty these days

    USA, UK, France and the likes are directly and indirectly controlled by the Jews in the name of privatization, education, politics and of course the evil medias. The western corporate Medias that are totally controlled and owned by the Jews are the ones at war against Ethiopia for years intentionally damaging the country image and undermining the citizens working together including with secret agents, aid agencies, NGO, Charities, business people, Scholars and so on. X prime Minister of Israel Arian Sharon once said, “We, the Jewish people do control the USA”.

    What the Ashkenazi Jews have done against Ethiopia for the last 30 years using their evil, racists, demonic and Satan Medias, Journalists, scholars, writers and so on is the worst thing to happen to any nation. They are the once causing division and hostilities between races in USA with aim they continue own USA for their own benefit while making others concentrating against each other despite the greatest and biggest Africa slave traders and ship owners were the Jews.

    Ethiopia having good relation with USA, UK, France, Canada or Australia is nothing but having the Jews around in mass to destroy our society in many ways and own the nation economy through corruption in the name of privatization and globalization making the society in their own country the way they are doing against the 99% US citizens mainly Blacks, Latinos and native Americans.
    Stop the US, UK, France, Canada and Australia evil Medias own and run by them and running by evil so called journalists belong to the same group of people including female so called journalists.
    Without USA and UK full support, this would never happen against the innocent Yemenni people within one day.

    May. 03, 2015

    -Washington Blocks Security Council Action on Vital Yemeni Humanitarian Needs

    -Saudi-led coalition using cluster bombs in Yemen: HRW

    -Rights group: Saudis used U.S.-supplied cluster bombs in Yemen
    -Yemen’s infrastructure collapse: UN
    -Chaos Is Descending on Saudi Politics
    -Saudis Are Fighting in Yemen Alongside Al-Qaeda against the Revolution
    -Saudi-US slaughter in Yemen shows truth of terror war
    -Yemeni Houthis call on U.N. to end Saudi strikes- statement
    -Security Council rejects Russia’s ‘humanitarian pause’ appeal
    -Yemen must choose defeat and submission or famine and destruction
    -Moscow holds Washington accountable for aggression on Yemen
    -Hundreds of Americans are trapped in Yemen because the US government refuses to rescue them because it’s ‘too risky’

  10. Visitor says:

    The murder of a veteran Kenyan editor is bringing to 68 the number of journalists killed in Africa in the past five years.

    68=the number of journalists killed in Africa since 2010.
    23=the number of journalists imprisoned in Eritrea none of whom has be tried in court or even charged a crimes. Eritrean population is less than 4.7 million.
    165=Number of African journalists who have been forced to exile since 2009
    50=Number of journalists from the horn of Africa in exile who are hosted in Kenya.

    How many Journalists are killed in Ethiopia for the last 5 years out of the 68 killed in Africa?
    The answer is none.
    How many Ethiopian journalists are happily and with lots of expectation running to Kenya where their Jew masters are having basses there for so long using different names and operating in many forms and shapes to destabilize the region particularly Ethiopia because of they want to get Ethiopia as private property in the name of Privatization through Neo Liberal economic system entirely designed by the Jews in order to control the whole world?
    G. Soros is among the many Jews totally committed to destroy the world mass through the Neo Liberal agenda. Look Ukraine. Ukraine is Purely destroyed by him and his people involvement in order to takeover the Ukraine economy and mass consumer started from banks, Insurances, and other financial sectors, media, Mining, telecom, energy and so on.

    Kenya is making a grave mistake continuing sheltering and facilitating different types of none African forces that are having pure anti African agenda and activities that look like worse than slavery and colonization in combined. It is happening by the same people her parents were totally responsible for the Africans tremendously continuing pains, massacre, destruction and total lost for the last 500 years.

    Kenya is killing her own journalists while inviting others to immigrate there and the real African enemies are waiting them in order to use them from abroad or neighboring country in order to to affect the country those primitive, backward and incompetent so called journalists or brainwashed animals that have no idea what kind racists, greedy imperialists and the enemy of Africa and black people are those forces behind the activities they are telling them to do anything worst possible against their own people and country in order to implement the real enemies agenda and plan in their own country.

    Neo Liberalism is worse than any -ism including wahhabism. It is corporatism, consumerism and individualism destroying the concept of society, human values and nations while the few that are designed this evil economic system would get all the benefits at the expense of the mass and that would lead to the destruction of humanity and ultimately the earth. Those evils don’t care about anything including themselves as long as they are in control and the benefit goes to them at the huge expense of the mass.

    Death to the Neo Liberalism. Fight it back always and with everything from the start and every day before it gets any root in the country and becomes the biggest destruction and humiliation force no one could challenge it while the benefit goes to abroad. The answer is never ever accept it as it is but have own way of system working first, for most and always for own people. We must have everything under our total control matters to the country while working closely and together with other useful nations based on respect, understanding, friendship, trust and win win approach.

  11. ashebir says:

    It is good for america to recognize gim 7 now as terrorist group but it is too late to do so, and I doubt it is genuine. For me this is usual tactic of neoliberals specially when they recognise that color revolution in Ethiopia is unrealistic. They recognized this when their recent plan of unrest in addiss by blue party fails.

  12. Samora says:

    She did’t say G7 is terroriest. She said USA didn’t have any evidence to classify G7 as terrorist. You can full yourself but not others. You can cry to US to save you. Your time is gone. Watch!

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