The Success story of Ethiopia’s ICT: Interview with Dr. Debretsion (Video)


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26 Responses

  1. OBJ says:

    Dawit, first I think you should fire your sound technician, if you have one. In any case it’s really a miracle how you guys managed to produce such a bad audio with any recording device on the market today. Even 100 years ago the sound oof Emperor Minilik recorded on a disk has better quality that this one.

    • Ermi says:

      Was he answering in Tigrigna?

      Peace to all but woyanes!

      • Solomon says:

        Ahiya Ermi did you know tigrign is the frist Ethiopian laungege .
        This is the prabelem with people like you how think Ethiopia is Amharic .
        Tigrign gave you Amharic .
        Tigray give you 95% Ethiopian history you are proud of .
        Neftgna have no histrionic foundation ..
        3000 years Ethiopian history is proud Tigray people history.
        The lie Banda Minlke history is a lie .because milke sold Tigray land now Ertirea to Italian and Djibouti to French .
        Ermi go be proud of Minlke history selling Ethiopian land to white men Italian .
        Tigrayn don’t talk they Chang a country for a better .
        During Neftgna Ethiopia were known for starvation of wollo and 77 starvation this is your history Banda Ermi .
        Now during weyan Ethiopia is known for the fastest growing economiy in Africa .

        • wasoo says:

          you are an idiot. nothing more to say to you except stupid.

        • Ermi says:

          Solomon, are you trying to say “yes, he was answering in tigrigna.”?

          Use short and clear answers to address a question, 5th grader.

          Peace to all but woyanes!


  2. Yoni says:

    Pic ….thousand words.

  3. hermi says:

    Sorry Dawit the audio is not clear. Maybe you are making a statement. What better way to discredit the progress of ICT than undermine the message of the boss of ICT himself? Maybe I am reading too much and this was innocent oversight..Anyway please pleas check the quality of your equipment and technology before you go to an interview, before start of interview and before you air it to the public-basic tenets of prudent journalist Thanks for the effort though. As for me I will do all I can to listen dark or light.

  4. elias says:

    Dawit, I’m sure by now you are aware of the poor audio quality of the interview. If I were you, I would have used at least two microphone at the same time.

  5. Abay says:


    You are doing a great job.

    Dr, Debretsion is doing a remarkable job keeping Ethio- telecom under the Ethiopian people ownership and doing everything possible to improve it service with own power working with friendly and competent people like china instead of handing over to the hungry to eat all as much and long as possible foreigners the nation very very useful development sector like this one not only financially but also securities in this very volatile time and region.
    Few examples:
    currently Ethio-telecom has more than 35 million prescribers. That means 35 million X 10 dollar each which is very cheap a month=350 million dollar a month. This means 4.2 billion dollar a year. Or 80 billion Birr which is not too far from the Money Ethiopia is using to build the Hedase dam.

    Within few years Ethio- telecom subscribers will reach at least 60 million. That means 60 x10=600 million a months. This means 7.2 billion dollar or more than 140 billion Birr a year. When you are adding the telephone card, calling costs, TV, Internet, and many other services, the money can reach more than 6 billion dollar a year this time and 12 billion dollar after sometimes.

    So, who is fool handing over this very important sector to the profit hungry and security risky foreigners in the name of privatization? It is the same with other sectors too such as Hydro energy, and and and bank which is the very important home to the nation’s economy and its existence souls, spirit and everything. The Ethiopian economy and development sectors including services must be always owned by Ethiopians including in the name of privatization, but not the neo Liberals from abroad that are having only one mind which is by any means to maximize profits and take the money out of the country while creating few rich and mass poor in the common country each and every one has equal rights and personal rewards and achievements based on playing free and fair games.

    Working and benefiting together with best nations like china and others is a must and has to continue as long as it takes. keep Ethiopia under the Ethiopians ownership at all levels instead of handing over the nation to bad foreigners easily in order to solve temporary and simple problems including creating jobs instead of taking time, mobilizing own people and resources creating own jobs under the Ethiopian ownerships for own benefits. Industrial zones are the best places working together with foreign investors, not handing over easily and the nation breweries or allowing bad companies like coca cola, Mu Donald, Wal-Mart or shark teeth and whales mouth foreign financial sectors.

    Ethio telecom is doing the best job for keeping itself under the Ethiopian ownership despite the service was bad for years but they never gave up. Instead they kept it under the nation ownership, worked hard and the foundation for best network system is already achieved. From now on it will get easier to improve the service. Others must learn from this. Privatizing the nation important sectors in the foreign hands must be seen as treason not as achievements and good government policies. Ethiopia belongs to all Ethiopians and they have to benefit from Ethiopia as others are doing in their own countries.

  6. Abay says:

    This is how the real Journalist is doing the journalism work serving his country no matter how the environment is not easy to facilitate the journalism work measuring with other nations’ journalism activities despite each and every nation has her own personal environment, tradition, culture and so on. Being a journalist is like being a solder always serving the nation interest paying lots of sacrifices where the main focus has to be protecting the nation from the information terrorism propaganda wars the west is waging against Ethiopia for decades.

    Not only a journalist that is on the front line serving the nation interests confronting with the truth and facts that are on the ground, but also any normal citizen would understand any negative and bad situation the country is facing would be solved only by its own citizens working together and the right ways.

    However, there are few worthless seems accidentally graduated from a kind of journalism school but have nothing in them anything from the journalism ethnics and competency. Not only they have no capacity to see, understand and inform the society about the issues matter the nation the right and best ways for better outcome, they even can’t see and understand what is good or bad for them. When they can’t function as journalists do because of they are dumb and weak thinking being a journalist means being like lawlessness, spreading hates, lies, misinforming the society they supposed to serve the right ways including protecting from dangers most of time coming from abroad, they are choosing to run away from the job and country itself. This by itself shows they have no commitment, love, respect and understanding for the job they are doing and the nation they are serving but all about themselves.

    They are ignorant and valueless thinking foreign powers would stand for them and make them able to affect their own country for foreign interests. They are so stupid and ignorant acting as poison trashes and stinky garbage in the country while as they are saying doing a kind of Journalism work but really has nothing to do with any journalism let alone having an adverb word before it professional journalism.
    When they forced to stop, instead of improving themselves, they run quickly and fast leaving the country illegally acting as criminals in order to reach abroad thinking their foreign backers would wait them with open arms and treat them like gold and diamond.

    The truth is, they even don’t recognize them anymore whether they had anything to do with them. Because foreign powers know, their era benefiting the foreign powers which is destabilizing Ethiopia is over when they left the country. And instead they would start searching, training and grooming others that are in the country and will continue working with them until they also run out of the country destroying their life forever as many of them are doing.

    Obama who is a Jew remote control and programmed Robot can have a meeting with one or few Ethiopian so called journalists for few minutes for the show because of his masters are telling him to do knowing that would benefit them destroying the Ethiopian journalists life giving them the impression the west is with them including when they left the country illegally because of they are committing crimes against the nation serving the foreign enemy agendas which is destabilizing the nation that would lead stopping the nation all out campaign and massive march against poverty and backwardness through development with hard and good work. .Because we know the Neo Liberal creators and owners that are the Jews are behind what is happening in Ethiopia coming in the country in the name of democracy, Open society, human right, Gilgel Gibe III, semayawi party, NGO, Charities, aids and their favorite and main weapons which are foreign medias and journalists.

    The point is that Dawit is doing the best journalism job which is the Ethiopians jobs is done by Ethiopians for Ethiopians benefit. Rome is not built in one day or year. Ethiopia is an ancient country has her own ways of administrations for thousands years before any western nation except Italy although Italy is in southern Europe. Ethiopia has her own ways of dealing with her situations based on the circumstances including resources and level of the society. So, no one has the right to criticize what Ethiopia is doing within or no one has the right to impose its will on us because of it good for him and bad for us.

    We cannot solve centuries old weaknesses and difficulties within few years. It takes a very long time to do that. However, we are on the right tracks knowing not only our problems but also the solutions as well. This is what matters and very important. The biggest job any doctor has to do is finding the sickness and implementing the right diagnose. This is what is going on in Ethiopia. Not only those responsible and educated but also all the citizens know perfectly what Ethiopia has to do or not to do and that will be always decided by the citizens themselves with peace, unity, hard work and being smart including how to use the resources.

    Ethiopians have shown not only themselves but also the whole world, how a nation can be able to achieve a continuous double digit economic growth including in this world economic crisis time without the nation having oil, gas or other important raw material for domestic use and export as well as many nation do. Because peace, unity, hard work and the citizens themselves are more than all raw materials in combined. There is no doubt in the near future Ethiopia will become one of the raw material exporters including gas and oil. But the God given Ethiopia must always relay on her people and the abandoned water wealth, fertile soil, best weather and her location. This is all what matters to Ethiopia now and in the future.

    The value of peace is more than anything else the country can achieve and benefit from. To keep that peace, Ethiopians need to be tough, determine, decisive and merciless against those trying to create problems among the society most of the time backed by foreign powers, groups or organizations that are getting angry because of jealousy Ethiopia is doing the best and her citizens are benefiting more than ever before and the best time has to come yet and it will as long as Ethiopians are continuing working together and destroying those are trying to affect the peaceful society in order to hurt all of the as we see in some nations because of foreign interference and domestic collaborators. .

    True Example;

    25 years ago when the young man was a 2 years old child, his father harvested 9 quintals of less quality wheat. Back then this was seen as the best achievement in the farming sectors. This year in December, 2014(2007 Ethiopian), the 27 years old son harvested 63 quintals from the same land his father was producing the maximum of 9 quintals. The quality of the wheat the son is producing is much more than the father did. The son is planning to maximize his harvest from the same land to 70 within two years and 90 with 10 years. This is the kind of society Ethiopia is having today relaying on hard work and being patriotic when it comes to Ethiopia which is the only home to all Ethiopians and must be protected from any danger within or coming from abroad which is most probably directly or indirectly.

    So, journalists like the great Dawit are part of the brave and hard working Ethiopian citizens. Those trash and ash running towards abroad complying against their own country that the situation is not good for them because of they are lazy, dumb and lawlessness, are not part of the Ethiopian society and they will not become either as long as they are coming back and act as normal and useful citizens. Relaying on the Jewish money in return selling themselves as slaves in order to implement foreign agenda to destroy our society will never be accepted.

    Ethiopia doesn’t need a neo Liberal agenda coming from abroad and imposed on her in order to benefit others. only home born and grown while working nicely system where the citizens understands and feels because of it belongs to them will be accepted, will work and making them working effectively and with efficiency for their benefit, not the foreigners one in their country in the name of privatization.

    Death To coca Cola multinational that is looking to build a factory in Bahri Dar with goal to destroy the lake and other water sources and the environment in general. What is the benefit Ethiopia is going to get by allowing a known health damaging, environmental enemy and profit hungry evil coca cola to build a factory in Bahir Dar instead of using the huge amount of water for own citizens coca cola is going to use without payment or very cheaply by purifying and bottling it in commercial ways. Because bottled water is million times healthier and environment friendly than any coca cola drink products. It is an evil company like mc Donald and western breweries designed to destroy the public health, exploiting the natives, over charged the consumers and no benefit at all for the country except damaging the environment, public health and exploiting resources including huge amount of water and labor for own profit.

    The Ethiopian journalists like dawit need to talk about these issues bringing topics matters the most particularly bad and dangerous multinationals like coca cola and mc Donald they have no what so ever benefit to the country knowing Ethiopia needs to develop her own drinks and food items thinking the long term solutions, public health, environment and the resources. Foreign brewers are not even using barely from Ethiopia but bringing from abroad while using huge amount of water, cheap energy and labor forces Ethiopia can benefit greatly if she own all her own breweries and other sectors while never allowing the health risky and environment unfriendly multinationals like mc Donald and coca cola.

  7. Borkena says:

    In the time when people are celebrating a press day all over world and your former colleagues languish behind woyanne’s concentration camp , you haven’t say a word about it rather you prefer to accuse them in front of your new darling Redwan’s and again now you come up with an interview with your fellow tigrean. I am sure by now you are aware of you are typical woyanne .No more masmesel .

  8. Gebez says:

    You do not show respect to us your followers? What voice quality is this?

  9. ethoash says:

    I am not sound technical but u r using two kind of microphone … the Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael microphone packing up microphone ambient noise… because they r to close to each other … u should invest on sound monitoring while u recording this way u can fix any problem u might have also make sure the wireless mic is not upside down and touching Dr cloth and picking up sound what ever the case this learning monument… one more thing Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael and u should set in same single setting this way all focus would be on the interview instead of our eyes wondering

  10. Abay says:

    We are hoping the Ethiopian government in the form of one time support or few terms subsidies, private companies and individuals would contribute whatever necessary is particularly financially in order the mentally competent, spiritually Goodness and psychologically stable, professionally complete(based on the Ethiopian ways not measuring with any other foreign nation or society), hard working and patriotic(don’t confuse with nationalists) Journalists like Dawit is to make them able to do the nation Journalism jobs which is the Ethiopian job the country needs it very badly informing the society about the issues and situations matter the nation by own citizens like Dawit is.

    Ethiopians need to stop reading, listening, or watching when the Jews lead western corporate medias and criminal journalists are telling or talking about them knowing they are the enemy number one against Ethiopia engaging for more than 30 years intentionally damaging the country image and undermining the citizens. These Jews lead western profit driven and money minded western corporate medias and almost all of them are the Jews so called journalists, particularly when it comes to Ethiopia, must be seen as enemy number one motivated by race hate and domination looking to implement the Jews creation western Neo liberal agenda through corruption, division, propaganda lies including undermining us and damaging the country image with goal to make us feel weak, poor, unable to do our things by ourselves, trying to make staying away the useful foreign importers, investors or tourists coming to Ethiopia or having anything to do with because of they are damaging the country image with something to be seen worthless, hated and avoided.

    Believe me, they are not doing by accident just like that but with big plan, study, advice and agenda very deep rooted coming from their evil blood lines being evil against other nations if that nation is not for their benefit at the cost of her own citizen.

    Modern Germany was created in 1877 after a long war. Within less than 8 years of its creation, the scrambled of Africa was planned, organized, agreed and signed in Berlin that was a new capital. Within less than 27 years of its creation, Germany started First World War. Within not more than 50 years after her creation, Germany started the Second World War. The devastating was huge from the scramble of Africa and the two world wars particularly Germany lost hugely.

    The question is why is Germany became the centre of 3 measure worst international events within 50 years despite the nation was new, less rich and strong than comparing with the Austro Hungarian empire till 1919, English empire and France? If it was the nature of the German people, why is not Germany became part of the western plot against the world for the last 70 years since the end of the Second World War let alone she becomes the main centre as she was at least three times before the Second World War? Back then Germany was not the most powerful nations even in Europe. But since the end of the Second World War she became the best place to be for her own citizens and the richest in Europe. So, why is Germany became the way she was before the end of the Second World War and the way she is after the Second World War?

    (By the way, the Ethiopian government must, must and must have good relation with Germany and work together with their engineers, Moths and Technical scholars and other academics that are the most professional, advanced, helpful, useful and hard working than those around us constantly behaving illegally and wrongly to get benefit from our cost. Germany believes and it’s in her nature to benefit together while creating profits from both sides. But others from the Jews created neo Liberals sides mostly from UK and USA are having principles and plan getting profits from the others’ losses and accumulating huge benefits through illegal and criminal ways including spreading corruptions in the ways making the officials working for foreign benefit against own nations huge costs and long term bad implications including in the investment contracts and privatization activities.

    Therefore, the Ethiopian government must be smart and openly and freely look towards Germany first, foremost and always when it comes having anything to do with the west. German technical knowledge, engineering benefits and the idea of having heavy industries must be the biggest priority Ethiopians have to concentrate on and acquire enough benefits in the next transformation period)

    Many Germans are blaming the reason why the first 50 years until the end of second world war the situation was bad in Germany. They are saying during this time, Germany was totally dominated, owned and run by the Jew that were few in numbers but had everything under their control using the systems they are known till today worldwide. Why is USA became the centre of creating all troubles, wars, coups, regime changes, cold wars, civil wars, and so many other disasters the world has been through since the Second World War? The answer is clear and known which is because of USA is totally dominated and run by the merciless private Banks, the propaganda soul and spirit wall street, full of lies and misinformation corporate medias, the cause of health and environment damages multinationals like coca cola, mc Donald, poison Monsanto and so on. Who owns them? The answer is known, as well. These people are responsible causing and benefiting from about everything what USA is doing including in abroad.

    So, Ethiopians must aware very seriously and be self reliance in all development activities matter the nation including creating and having competent and reliable Ethiopian Medias totally owned by Ethiopians and run by Ethiopians including journalists. Relaying on bad foreign powers, companies, individuals including on foreign Medias is the biggest mistake and wrong thing to do. They are liars and evils working for their neo Liberal agenda in other nations creating corruption among the officials to get someone working for their agenda allowing privatization illegally and wrongly, creating divisions among the society, inflaming the situation, making the nation feel weak, desperate and unable to stand for its own, internationally and repeatedly damaging the nation image with goal to stop others looking Ethiopia as useful nation and have economic relation that would affect their neo Liberal agenda designed only they have to own the nation and its mass consumers as private property treating them as herd of animals and Gorillas as they are the nastiest racists, liars and disrespectful of all.

    Don’t read, hear or watch the Jews owned full of lies and misinformation corporate medias and so called scholars but create, develop and use own coming from own journalists. To do that the Good and committed Journalists like Dawit must get supports in order to make them good enough becoming professional and competent journalists delivering important and useful news and stories that do matter the nation good with quality, variety and on time. When it happens, the quality of the coverage we are witnessing here will disappear. Or else, no one has the right to complain or criticize about the quality of the coverage without doing its part, supporting individual journalists like Dawit that are having huge potentials to become the top Ethiopian media owners and Journalists always siding with the people and working for the nation interest and future.

  11. MrX says:

    Yes, there is a tremendous development regarding ICT sector in Ethiopia that I witnesses with my naked eyes. The BIG BUT comes here, it neighbor helped the proliferation of the local companies nor increased the skills of the Ethiopians IT professionals. Most ICT infrastructures developments are given for the international companies draining our foreign currencies and denaying the oportunites for the local companies getting experiance . I know that there are relatively better skilled Ethiopians IT professionals at ENSA but nation wide, I doubt.
    My remarks: Give the big/small infrastructure ICT projects for the local ICT firms knowing their ineffectiveness and hire them experienced consultant so that they can do it better in a knowledge transferable way. Otherwise, the ICT development won’t sustain. Please take my critics in a positive and in a humble way.

    • Solomon says:

      Mr X ,I like you positive criticize let us work together to solve Ethiopian huge problems.
      Thank you!
      God bless Ethiopian with her all people!

  12. ashebir says:

    Thanks awramba times for your real ethical journalistic articles unlike the so called journalists who are obsessed with hate towards government or ethnic groups. Dave we ethiopians need you to be voice of voiceless indtead of being the mouth piece of western corporate medias.

  13. Abay says:

    We all know more than 90% western medias and 99% of their Journalists engaging with the all out wars against Ethiopia in many directions and ways for so long are the Jews from UK, USA, France, Australia, Canada and other western nations. The vast majority so called politicians, Scholars, Think Tanks, writers, Charities, NGOs, right groups, Foundations and so on that are continuously causing so many problems, obstacles and setbacks in the name of Ethiopia internationally as well in Ethiopia directly or indirectly are the Jews from the above mentioned nations particularly from USA and UK.

    Because of these people are from those nations, we, the victims are blaming UK, USA and others as the whole as if the 99% innocent citizens from there are part of the evil and demonic crimes these merciless and racist greedy people are doing against Ethiopia for so long including intentionally and continousely damaging the country image, undermining the people and interfering in the country matters pretending as if those things were/ are part of the USA, UK and others policies where including all the citizens are part of it.

    They are the only enemies and big obstacles we have today as it has been the case for decades. They are doing so mercilessely and hatefully while pretending as if they are friendly, respectful, genuine and so on which is the methods they are using to destroy other societies thinking we don’t know them who they are for real not only in Ethiopia but also all over the world including in the so called the Jewish nation.

    in order to know how they see and treat black people elsewhere , let judge them first how they are treating the Ethiopians in Israel that are born there, have the same citizenship rights, fulfilling their obligations as citizens, speaking their languages and are the real Semites than what the fake and converted Ashkenazi originally from central Asia and Europe are falsely claiming about.
    “The people behind the demonstrations are high school students and young people in their 20s and 30s, who were born in Israel. They grew up in the country’s most impoverished neighborhoods, in Ethiopian “ghettos” of sorts. They were forced into separate classes in school, and even when they served in the army, they were faced with institutional discrimination. The worst problem of all, however, is police violence directed against them.

    There is hardly a male in the Ethiopian community who has not experienced something like that.
    Israeli-Ethiopian policeman left the force after a female officer called him “Kush-Black”

    Yet although they make up such a small percentage(1.5%) of the total population, 52% of Ethiopian families and 65% of Ethiopian children live beneath the poverty line. According to the Israeli Association for Ethiopian Jewry, 30% of all minors serving time in prison are of Ethiopian origin.

    Netanyahu is expected to discover that the “representatives of the Ethiopian community” who were invited to meet with him actually do not represent those lost Ethiopian youths born in Israel, who have been abandoned for two decades already. During a significant part of that time, Netanyahu himself served in key positions such as finance minister and prime minister. He bears personal responsibility for the establishment collectively shutting its eyes to this seething pressure cooker. Furthermore, the young people leading these protests are not subject to the authority of the established Ethiopian leadership. In fact, many of them feel alienated.

    “They feel so alienated from the state that during the demonstration in Jerusalem, they waved Ethiopian flags.
    My generation still lives on stories of longing to reach the Holy Land. For me it was the fulfillment of a dream, which is why my identity is so obvious to me. While I confronted my own dilemmas over the years, the generation that was born in Israel is very confused. They are neither here nor there, so they get caught in a reality in which everything is black and white. The situation is so severe that they don’t even care if they die for the struggle. This generation is fighting and kicking, even against its own representatives.”
    “The first thing that needs to be done is to clear out all the Ethiopian ‘ghettos’ and rebuild them,” she said. “The second thing is to ensure that any project that separates young Ethiopians from the rest of the participants be revoked. I wish someone would explain to me why Ethiopians are recruited into the army separately, and why they are segregated in schools and preschools. It all starts with the fact that they are taught that there is black and then there is the white of the country’s native population. There have been programs and budgets for years, but nothing ever dealt with the root of the problem. It was more like taking a painkiller to clear your conscience. That’s how they lost an entire generation.”’

    Yet, these racists and enemy of black people/humanity are coming to Ethiopia including their evil Journalists, NGOs, right groups and so called investors to affect us as worse as possible as they have done internationally portraying us with all bad and negatives while pretending as if they are friends and allies do care about us. The best thing to do is dealing with them once and for all and that is let make them stay away and also never trust or give them any chance for anything.

    The Ethiopian Medias need to talk and write about the history of these people against us in order to make the people know them for real how false, wrong and dangerous they are. Ethiopians believe in Israel not in Judaism and Juwishness. Those saying are Jewish today around the world including in Israel more than 90% have nothing to do with the Semite race and 12 tribes of Israelis what the Bible is talking about. They are the converted in since the 8th century from central Asia and Europe, but they are not the Semite people have to do with Moss, Abraham, Dawit, Solomon, Jesus. And so on. They are not semite at all.

    Watch out their movement and presence in Ethiopia and beyond doing all those things as usual against Ethiopia. F*ck their so called western Charities, NGOs, Right groups, aid agencies, Foundations, Think tanks, scholars, writers, Journalists, medias, democracy, banks, wall street, Hollywood, all sorts of financial sectors, open society, secret society and so on that are created and running in large by the Jews in order to fulfill their Neo Liberal agenda and NWO(new world order) for their benefits against the whole world.
    Ethiopia is the main target they are working on since few years for teh sake of their over all project in Africa related to their neo liberal agenda colonizing the continent in the name of privatization and globalization that would lead to destroy nationhood and communities where the mass becomes like herd or animals allowed to live for teh sake of these few evils benefits. So, stop them and watch out always towards them.

  14. Dan says:

    Dear Admin, the quality of the audio is so bad that I had to quit listening. In any case it is irony to hail EthioTelecome as sucess when it is stealing money from poopr cirtizens. It is uuter failure,the famous slow or non-existence internet service, interrupted calls etc are example of its failure

  15. Samora says:

    Davi, I believe ur intention were to conduct the interview more casual than formal. Next time, pls don’t conduct an interview on Sofa. I was more focusing on his none verbal expression than his verbal expression. Plus the audio was bad. This’s the 1st time I have noticed audio issue on ur program. Have u changed a new camera man? Going forward, pls have plan A & B. Due to I was unable to hear clearly, I am unable to give my opinions at this time.

  16. hagazi alemu says:

    sewyew ejun siwerch engi yemgletse chilotaw alarekagn. Melesin yiteka neber yetebalew mnu lai new?

  17. ethoash says:

    I come back in hope of removing this video or improve the voice by using filter ….if verything fail I thought u would have post written transcript , because this interview was so important…in fact it would be historical recording…when our children ask why Ethiopia backward on internet…we show them this interview…the funny thing is this is how Ethiopian Tele sound …

    Anyhow u must call him back for short interview , just tell him the sound quality is like Tele he will understand..

    Now here my question….

    The number one beef of Ethio Tele is if foreign company come in they only interested in big city…they r not interested in remote area…okay why not give permit to remote area…let say afar area ethoash didn’t reach so give it to foreign company region by region

  18. dude says:

    Abay, what are you saying? Is that English? Or is it just a collection of all English words that you know? I tried to give you benefit of the doubt by reading through your entire post but could not comprehend what you were trying to say. You left me hunging baby. How about finding yourself a good grammar tutor before you post anything? Better yet, how about having someone proof read your posts before you burden us with this crap?

  19. Kaleabe Admassu says:

    The interview was more of a lecture. It was informative but Dr. Debresion’s analysis was a little disorganized. Dawit was suppose to take the lead in bringing questioner in order.
    What happened to you ” good & old ” interviewer Yared Tibebu ? Please get him aboard

  20. Daneila says:

    A Bist is a bist by any other name, even if you call him ‘Dr. Debre—‘. Our people of Gold, thanks I am not from Gold, but from Ethiopian=Amhara=Diamond and yet I don’t speak Amharic but Oromifa. How can you solve this puzzle, you bists Tigre Woyane??? Ethiopia is for ever, whether you accept it or not, Tribalists will die thier natural death, and don’t have history, Sorry Seyom, Sebhat,Abya, etc.

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