Andy recognizing the full worth of Ethiopia’s development: An object lesson for Birhanu Nega


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44 Responses

  1. D says:

    Dawit, Zena tefa enda?

    • Tesfalehulum says:

      Embarasing photoshoping spread by the “yellow journalist” and weyane’s lie machine…..kkkkkkkk.

      It also reminds me the teen Biritu Jaleta vs the Facebook FM Tedros Adhanom….hahahahaha
      Just curiously, if the sun reflects on his forehead, how on the earth the shadow becomes headless ??…..the 5th grader weyane cadres never thought this fact when sticking Andargachew’s head on a dedebit cadre body. Oh, additionally the photoshopped head also bumps the road sign….kkkkkkkk…..hahahahaha…busted!….

      Ahun ye weyane hode ader cadrewoch baynoru bemen enesek neber??!

      By the way, seriously below the neck it looks TPLF’s chief vampire Sebheat Nega. Except the belly is a little undersized….kkkkkkk

      God bless Ethiopa!

    • muleta says:

      i don’t know where you two guys live..may be on mars…jupiter ?..wedinakfa you are so eritrean why don’t you care for your own people and your own rocky country…Ethiopia is the fastest grown african nation believe it or not…we building the largest dam in the world..the people love there government so much they so much they didn’t even vote one opposition to the parliament ..may be one…! that guy should be investigated ,how he got those vote and they should strip him and put him to jail…he is no good midget…just complain…complain…we building roads dams trains …you think any opposition is ready for that…noooooo sir…

  2. Ezu says:

    Really? you don’t recognize his agenda…..hahaha….dedeb tegre you should fight the tplf who betrayed and step on the blood of millions young tigrians to develop the haters state……by bleeding tigray people….

    • Tigraway says:

      Witless Donkey Amhara-Neftegna!!!
      You’re dying donkey, but to just tell you the fact that you’re gutless Donkey and rubbish suffering from inferiority and psychosis. I urge you to lick your butt if you can or hang yourself. Why you suffer this much animosity-kill yourself?

      • Jo says:

        Tigraway , you are not Tigrean. We Ethiopians respect each other. You are a cancer for both the Amhara & Tigrean people.

        • Tigraway says:

          I’m 24 karat pure gold Tigraway, I shouldn’t have tell you my identity. It’s my right to say whatever I want. It’s really ignorance to label someone by what he/she said . In the first place, who gave you the authority to label individuals ? I’m not racist like the Donkey Amhara-Neftegna, but I’m a proud Tigraway by Identity and Ethiopian by citizen. I’m telling you the truth, perhaps people like you who even so naive to discriminate b/n identity and citizenship don’t understand what I’m saying b/c they are blinded by former Neftegna -Amhara propaganda and false tales in which Ethiopia is identity not citizenship. Look at what he commented on Tigray people before you blindly jump to throw your malicious critic, okay. Anyhow, I didn’t insult any poor Amhara as people rather I’m telling the fact to those who are living in nostalgic love of their Donkey-Amhara-Neftegna regimes. If you don’t like it ,it’s up to you. I mean, it’s your right to buy or not; however, b/c you didn’t buy my comment doesn’t mean that it’s untrue, right?

      • Tesfalehulum says:


        How do you know Ezu is Amhara?…..your arrogance, ignorance and crime will dig your grave dipper and dipper each day. Thank you for relfleting in public weyane mercenaries and cadres mind setup!…Everyhing that your posting on the web will be a public record for years to come and it will haunt you down!

        God Bless Ethiopia!

        • Solomon says:

          Tesflhulm how do you now Tigreway is wayan.
          didn’t ever cross your mind any body can write as tigrawy.may be shabia may be Banda brhanu, may be you ,may be Banda shabia telalke esat to make wayan or the proud people of tigray look bad.

      • Beza says:

        Tugraway, you are Shabiya not Ethiopian get out of here. I don’t know any Ethiopian call AAmhara donkey. Eritreans are calling us donkey. Please go to your place.

        • Ermi says:

          Beza, you label everyone shabya, are there any Ethiopians left in the world, I mean, besides your likes, hod-ader Headless fifth graders?

          Peace to all but woyanes!


    • Solomon says:

      Banda’s Banda shabia wadi madihen barade essayas listro telalaki Tsfalhulm, first how are you,I thought you were gone to your beloved Banda country Eritrea.
      Now we Ethiopia knows people like you nafteng brain washed by Shaibis don’t wants to belive or hire any thing good about our beloved country Ethiopia because you are haters and filed with infrorirty and you consider less Ethiopian than Wayne, yes the Wayne the Axumawin the children of Queen of Shiba (saba)and king Solomon,the children of the really king Minlke of the first .not like the fuck king of showa with big ugly lips Minlke ll .
      Banda Minlke ll the only ethiopian king who sold Ethiopian land to white men in Ethiopian history.
      And Minlke is Banda tesflulme hero.
      unlike the father of Wayne the rally king of kings Yohans how died defanding

      • Solomon says:

        Defacing ethiopian.
        Tesflehulme what is sad is you so quick to belive or to repitt what Banda esayss shabia esat says and to use the( maslgne)news as facts and you have hard time to what Ethiopia say.
        tesflhulm who care you believe or not,people like don’t need Ethiopia any more your are a losser.

  3. Birru says:

    The problems with Dr./Denkkoro/Brhanu & his cos are they don’t care about others ‘s pains,because they put them selves in a comfortable Zone…$$$$$$$$,I am happy to see when poor Andy smiles at the heart of his country,rather than suffering in Harina eating Wedi Ackker.sorghum, corn…

  4. dagna says:

    It is only in Ethiopia one can betray his country, , work day and night with a dedicated and sworn enemy to destroy his country. When get caught just show his rat face then he will be awarded as a hero. This Asmara dog should be sent to a desert to collect salt. the only thing that is missing from this photo is his master Eritrea’s president Esaias Afewerki. No one will be surprised if Esaias is watching this photo taking ceremony from the sideline with TPLF members.

  5. fox tiger says:

    when he say anything bad about tplf he is a yellow journalist when he insult the true sons of ethiopia he is a good journalist this is how you evluate journalism.

  6. Sam says:

    This is journalism at its worst. The headline suggests there are Ethiopians who wish Ethiopia to develop, and other Ethiopians who do not. I am an Ethiopian, and I do not know a single Ethiopian who wish ill for Ethiopia. No two Ethiopians might agree how the country should develop. But both love their country. This website’s administration seemed to have bought the Ethiopian government made-believe.: there are Ethiopians who work tirelessly to pull her out of economic backwardness, and others who wish her bad, and even be terrorists who are poised to kill Ethiopians left and right to stall her moving forward. This is weird politics at best, and reactionary outlook at worst.

  7. Solomon says:

    Brhanu nega betrayed EHP betrayed Haylu shawl.
    He is hodam he eats 6 killo meat a day.he doesn’t care about poor Ethiopian. If he would care about poor Ethiopia he would stop his family from making money from selling poor Ethiopian women in semen hotel he and his father inrich themslfe from prastution.
    now he is selling the whole country to bands essayass.
    but essayass is not a joke he will kill wozero Brhanu nega wach give me one year.

  8. kebede says:

    Good job our government ….Of course it is a big lesson for Dedebe Brehanu Nega..
    anyway he will cry until the end of his life ..

  9. Abay says:

    Imagine what kind life he would have and the contribution he would deliver by now if he was not chosen the satanic path to cause troubles against the nation of 90 million hired/brainwashed by the Jews that are the creators of the neo Liberal economic system which is designed to achieve the colonization of weak and poor nations in the name of privatization and free trade?

    Imagine what kind family life he would have in Ethiopia or even in abroad right now if he was not sold-out himself for little money and will never be materialized and unrealistic lots of future empty promises by the imperialists and greedy so called companies and investors from New York, London and Washington? These evils are promising them in Ethiopia which is not their country but after getting her in their hand as private property with the Banda help that would make including the Banda have no rights and possibilities in their own country but working for the greedy and evils for the leftover benefits in order to keep alive and working for them.

    Imagine what kind situation would be in Ethiopia since long times ago, if some demons and backward citizens like him, BirrAhun, Joke Tamagn and the likes have not been born and instead the patriotic, hard working and peaceful Ethiopians were totally engaging with peace and unity on their country matters and affairs with no what so ever any foreign influence that is always using the Banda like this one to affect the nation for own benefit.

    Ethiopia has no problem with the size of the population but quality citizens meaning those doing the citizens jobs and being and absolute patriotic never ever trusting or allowing for anything bad foreigners to affect us coming in many forms and shapes using lots of misleading names pretending they are there to help us which are all total lies particularly those are Ashkenazi Jews or their evil solders and messengers coming in the country pretending for good reasons despite we are not asking them to be there the first place but themselves.

    They are coming in the country to work on and implement the Agendas and plans coming from New York, London and Washington by the same people that are controlling these two nations by having the nations wealth sources and political, educational, entertainment, institutional, organizational and social fabrics.

    They are totally controlling the entire society physically and mentally based on their own agenda and plan for huge benefit at the struggle and cost of the mass. This is what they are looking to implement in other nations like Ethiopia if they are allowed because of weak and corrupt leadership and ignorant citizens. But in Ethiopia, they will never ever succeed. When enough is enough, we know how capable we can become and what kind measures we are talking particularly when it comes to our country, people and their full rights.

    This little and sold out person, need to find himself and heal from the sickness he is suffering from. The Jews lead foreign attackers, obstacles and trouble makers coming in different shapes and forms using different kinds of names to hide their true identities will never ever get their ways in Ethiopia no matter how many Banda they are brainwashing and hiring. Ethiopia is the country of both Christians and Muslims and we will together fight them or anyone else that is looking to have its way in our country without us being totally in control and the first to benefit from.

    If he still has left some brain telling him to do the right things that would benefit him, his family and the country, he must denounce his action, ask forgiveness publicly and stay in Ethiopia participating with the nation building. Bring his family back home from that little England where there will be no future to any black person including his children.

  10. Bruk says:

    Bloomberg….. Is one of the many many Jewish owned media corporations? Its representative in Ethiopia is again and again spreading lies and misinformation about Ethiopia; the country he has nothing to do with but he is there for years by himself doing the same thing and no one stopped him yet and sent him back from where he came from.

    This is what his Jewish corporate media talking today about Ethiopia saying

    “Beneath is a computer-generated image of the $3.8 billion dam Ethiopia is building across the main tributary of the Nile River.”

    Is it $ 3.8 billion Dollar? If it was about something bad, believe me he would make it $13.8 Billion. Because we know from long and repeatedly experience how these evils are spreading bad and negative news and images about Ethiopia magnifying, repeating and even creating the none existence bad images and stories.
    This shit is doing such things repeatedly for years which is in line with His Jewish job activities against other nations.

    So, Ethiopians need to come together work for their country including protecting from foreign evils like this one who is there for bad and negatives activities, he is always painting dirty and dark about the country he has nothing to do with and no one asks him to be there but glad to see him disappear from our land.

  11. tiret says:

    For Andy and his family Sake I would love him to stay in ethiopia. As he would have end up dying in Eritrean soil or become with out eye or leg better for him in ethiopia. He already accomplished his mission collecting money to him and Birhanue familiy . they have collected and received enough money from extrim diaspora and shabia. The money is enough for there children future they wouldb’t have got that much if they got the power so it is easy money with out responsibility.

  12. Dan says:

    If this Photo is for really it shows double standard on the imprisonment. Everytime the court decide something the state goes contrary to it. The pardon of Kinjit Leaders, Pardon of Derge leaders etc and Now this, he is enjoying Addis while he is a prisoner. In that case same oppurtunity should be given to ZoneNineBloggers and all the rest of the Prisoners. Double standard is bad signature.

  13. Birru says:

    Be carfull,Habesha,try to learn from Libya,Syrian,Iraqis,once the land of hope and prosperity,now examples of Crimes,Exodus and in humanity,thanks for those western journalists who propagate about false dreams,demos….now the Burdon is on local’s shoulders,think twice pls those of you filled up with hate but pretending as if Pure,true Ethiopians.Ethiopia never has got children unlike this generation addicted of ME,ME,ME..

  14. Yikirbigne says:

    Thousands of The Ethiopian young currently are put in Awash Arba, Ethiopia concentration camp in worst conditions than the Non-Ethiopian refugees coming from outside Ethiopia because they lacked the ability to recognize the full worth of Ethiopia’s development. The Concentration camp in Awash Arba is geting full of young Ethiopians in an effort by the ruling junta to curb the recent unrest regarding the elections and the wealth inequality among different ethnicities within Ethiopia. Ethiopians travel around the world to almost every country on earth as a refugee to escape such inhumane acts that are perpetrated by the ruling junta. . Out of those that travel out of their country and made other countries their home 95% of the Ethiopians get a working and living status not as refugee within the first 10 years they went out of Ethiopia in a foreign land. When it comes to refugees that go into Ethiopia from other countries only less than 0.01% loose their refugee status and be able to wok and live freely in Ethiopia. The non-Ethiopian refugees get put in a camp and be fed United Nations food aid in Ethiopia until they decide to go to other countries while Ethiopian young get sexually , physically and mentally abused in the camps they are put in against their will.

    • Mohamed says:

      ባለፉት ሁለት ሳምንታት በውዴታና በግዴታ ከተለያዩ ክልሎች የተሰበሰቡ ወጣቶች አዋሽ አርባ አካባቢ በሚገኝ ካምፕ ውስጥ መታሰራቸውን አምለጠው የመጡ ወጣቶች ተናግረዋል።

      አንድ ስሙ እንዳይገለጽ የፈለገ ወጣት “በመጀመሪያ የወረዳው ባለስልጣናት ለስብሰባ ጠርተውን መንጃ ፈቃድና ልዩ ልዩ ስልጠና ስለምንሰጥ ከነገ ጀምሮ ተነሱ አሉን። እኔና 50 የምንሆን ጓደኞቼ በማግስቱ አዋሽ አርባ በሚባል ቦታ ተወሰድን። ከዚያ እንደደረስን ጸጉራችሁን ተላጩ ተባልን። 1 ኪሎ ሜትር ርቆ በሚገኝ ሌላ ካምፕ እንደምንወሰድ ተነገረን። እስር ቤት መሆኑን ያወቅነው በሁዋላ ነው። ከተለያዩ ክልሎች የተሰባሰቡ በብዙ ሺዎች የሚቆጠሩ ወጣቶች አሉ። ከካምፕ ለማምለጥ ሲሞክሩ ውሃ የወሰዳቸው ወጣቶች አሉ።

      ከእስረኞች መካከል ተማሪዎችም አሉበት” ብሎአል።

      ከምርጫው ጋር በተያያዘ ረብሻ ሊፈጥሩ ይችላሉ ተብለን መታሰራችንን ያወቅነው በሁዋላ ነው የሚለው ወጣቱ፣ ከአካባቢው ጠፍተው የሚመጡ ወጣቶችን ለማደን እንቅስቃሴ በመጀመሩ ለመደበቅ መገደዱን ገልጿል።

      በክልሎች ወጣቶች ለስልጠና በሚል ሰበብ የሚያዙ ሲሆን፣ በአዲስ አበባ ግን አብዛኞቹ ወጣቶች የተያዙት በሃይል ነው።

  15. demai says:

    every part of the body collect from different time and re-constracted
    and they put the back g round different picture.

    over neck from different picture ,the foot.
    if its real why there is no a single video that was very simple
    todays technoloy you can do what ever you want to do

    you can make him sit in the parlament simple.

  16. Be ewnetu says:

    I don’t care about X-EPRDF then X-SHAEBIA Andy. the one who was praised Isayas by amazing democracy in Eritrea, But But what I get tired is . of those Eritreans … when I go to Ethiopian websites they criticized EPRDF for the election instead of their dictater Shaebia. when I go to Addis they’re in the condominiums with full hate of the country. when I go to Ethiopian diaspora they’re crying for Ethiopians in Libya, Yemen or South Africa victims instead of Eritreans which is no one bring them back to Asmara as the same as the rejected 350 drown bodies. if I go to business area in Addis they controlled it more than Dengue Era because the economy adviser is Neway G.ab. /the elder brother of Tesfaye a lot Eritreans in power around the PM, but but what the worst is they making division between Ethiopians as an Ethiopian citizen while they benefited more than Ethiopians and other nation refugees. but the consequence of this insulting and hate will bring another “BADME” mission from all Ethiopians for sure…..

  17. Gedif says:

    Dear Editor,

    I am really surprised by all the analysis posted on Awramba and other Ethiopian media outlets after this picture was released on Ethiopia First. Andargachew is now on the hands of the Ethiopian Government and he does whatever the officials ask him to do. Whether he likes it or not, here we see him in front of the Camera on the Addis Adama expressway. That is all. However the diaspora fools don’t want to accept it because they want to see Andargachew locked in the prison or hospital just for the sake of their trash political agenda. The government on the other hand wants to show that he is in good hands. So we the people don’t need further analysis and mumbo jumbo behind this picture.

  18. Malta says:


  19. Observer says:

    ማንን ለማሳመን ነው ፣ኣረ አንደው አግዛብሄርን ባታውቁ ትንሽ አንኩዋን ለህሊናችሁ ተገዙ።
    ብአጃችሁ ላይ የወደቀን ሰው አንዲህ ኣርጎ መጫውት በሀገራችን ታሪክ ተሰምቶ ኣይታወቅም።
    ክቻይና የባህል ኣብዮት ወይስ ከሰሜን ኮሪያ የተቀዳ ይሆን፧ ኣስነዋሪ ኢሰባዊ ድርጊት።

    • Beza says:

      Observer, What you know is the corpse on the street so when you see picture like this will make you mad. He is well no one touched him, if you were the one who captured him, it would have been another story.

      • Observer says:

        አኔ የበለጠ ለማት ፣ዲሞክራሲ፣ነጻነት፣መልካም ኣስተዳድር ወዘተ ኣመጣለሁ ብሎ የሚዋጋ ነው።ታዲያ ያለፍላጎቱ ታግቶ በመጣቱ ፩፹ ዲግሪ ተቀይሮ ኣድናቂ ሆነ ሲባል ህልናዬ ሊቀበለው ባለመቻሉ ነው።
        ምህረት ተደርጎለት ከሆነ በይፋ ተገልጾ ከህብረተስቡ ጋር ይቀላቀል ያኔ የሚሰጥው ምስክርነት ማንንም ያሳምናል።ተረዱኝ ?
        Please act humanly and don’t blame others blindly ,and also please note you have no right to claim to be more Ethiopian than I am . I am a strong believer that our beloved country will be home of equal Ethiopians irrespective of racial or ethnic backgrounds.

      • Observer says:

        To further clarify my point , I am not denying the many efforts made to develop infrastructures in the country but want to focus the humanly treatment accorded to this person (POW).Ok?
        Don’t remind us of red terror or genocide…Odious!

  20. T.M. says:

    If this is true ,He is a lucky guy. Now he knows that he has more freedom in Ethiopia than some of the gang ridden cities of western countries.

  21. Sewit says:

    Why do Merara and his men fear the agreement? do they plan to flee to Sudan?

  22. Birru says:

    I think the problem is not about photo trick or camera trick The problem is asking are we ready to trust it or not (MIND SET UP!!!!) even If Andy turns up and says “I am Okay!” some of the guys including you would tell us another stories .. ie he says so so under gun, torture , medicine ( madenizezyya meselefilefiaaa..).In short even if Christ comes in person we are not interested to accept/believe Him . I am eager to see the time , when people become free from living with suspect ….!!!!

  23. mamusha says:

    This is too low. Too low!

  24. ashebir says:

    Is this guy still alive ? oh, what is government of Ethiopia doing?. Double standard is not fair andy should receive his death penalty. Recognizijg his evil dids by now I was expecting him to die, but now I am convinced that government bodies are corrupted as they could not implement the decision of court

  25. asfaw says:

    Very such divided ideas and comment, that will not bring to us and any better for that nation.

  26. Be aware says:

    M&G =Mad Gangsters, that are at war against Africa from the base in South Africa and against Ethiopia from the base in Kenya.
    1. Twitter activists freed from jail, but African governments are watching you; it’s ‘war’ in Ethiopia 18 may,
    2. 18 surprises from new global health data: Where rivals Ethiopia, Eritrea win and Mauritius, Botswana come last, 17 may.

    They are telling us there is war in Ethiopia where the Africans are watching while the war is waging by them against the country these fucken evil racists have nothing to do with. Is anyone out there has at list a small ball have a courage to deal with these rats that are declaring war against Ethiopia?

    Are Ethiopians and Eritreans rivals? No. they are the same people lived together for more than 3000 years recorded history. Yet, the white man came 100 years ago and divided them based on own agenda and today the Jewish medias including this one are telling us that we are Rivals.

    This is a new terrorist group in Africa merged from the two racists and evil groups namely Mail that was the Apartheid mouth shit against the natives while Guardian is serving the English establishment against the world.

    “Mail and Guardian Africa” is recently created to wage war on Africa as usual motivated by hate and race with goal to get their ways in Africa at the expense of the Natives. There is no doubt the Jewish from south Africa, England, France, Canada, USA and so on are now at war against Africa using their medias targeting first those in control, doing well and challenging and don’t allowing them as Ethiopia is.

    the question is what is Ethiopia going to do about it including working alone, with Kenya that is sheltering many many rats and racists that are there for so long only being against Africa and the region and working on the African levels where AU must have a law that would stop the Jewish owned South African and western so called medias causing so many troubles in Africa in order to achieve the agendas and goals they are having and we all know what they are.

    Death to the newly formed criminal media called mail & Guardian Africa (M&G) where none Africans are running the show against Africa from the base in South Africa and Kenya.

  27. Be aware says:

    Most of them are born there and have the citizenship rights. They speak the language. They do have the same faith. But they discriminate them on daily basis in the ways they badly affecting them with goals to destroy them for generations to come making them like some Ghetto blacks in USA and other places where these people are controlling and owning everything that generates money, wealth and power.

    They are intentionally disfranchise them from the development sectors with goal to keep them uneducated, financially weak, unwise to make a descent life and instead becomes part of the criminal environments where the drugs are and prison where the none blacks are benefiting from hugely including from drug trafficking and private prison systems.

    We are talking nobody else but about the Ashkenazi Jews. They are the ones targeting Ethiopia for more than 31 years spreading lies after lies and misinformation intentionally damaging the country image, undermining the citizens and are the main reasons to all damages Ethiopia has been through including the civil wars. The Jews from USA, UK, Canada, France and so on are always around Ethiopia taking the lead about the matters including in UN, EU and so on that are always designed to affect the country for the western agenda most of the times designed by them, too and the rest are agree or following because they don’t care about as long as they are getting benefit from.

    They are designing the situations to implement and participating with the process in many ways including through embassies, NGO, foundations, aid agencies, Charities, peace cors and so on using the so called western scholars, writers and Medias but almost all of them are coming from them including the so called journalists running the criminal corporate Medias.

    Among the Jewish owned evil medias is Reuters its owners is a Canadian Jewish Billionaire with 22 billion dollar, Bloomberg from USA with 15 billion, CNN, many TV stations in USA, UK, France, Canada, Australia and almost all news papers, financial papers and magazines in these nations are targeting Ethiopia for years damaging the country image and affecting in many other ways.

    Yet, they are pretending they are friends and allies thinking blacks are less than animals they can always cheat and destroy them as they started since slavery.

    yes, they are right. Creatures that are less than animals like semayawi party is their creation where the Jews media like Reuters is making propaganda for it as others are doing, too. Andargachew, so called journalists and bloggers and some others stupid are the servants for the Jews project in Ethiopia using them to achieve their goals which is owning the country in the form of investment targeting the financial sectors, banks, Insurances, telecom and so on knowing they can manipulate the whole issue in these sectors in order to loot the nation as they are doing all over the places they are present including in USA, UK, Canada, France, Australia and so on.

    The International Finance Corp. the World Bank’s private lending arm and private-equity funds are the greatest danger to any country future in they are allowed to be there for any reason including for s simple thing. These are the worst enemies the 21-centry is facing and must avoid them coming in the country in any form.
    The international community is suffering from the excess of money not shortage. There are lots of useful knowledge that are design to produce production which is a real economy. Western backs and other financial services are not creating economy but looting the nation without doing hard jobs but manipulating the system and committing financial terrorism. The sun rises in the east and coming towards the west where Ethiopia is the gate way to Africa. So, keep looking, watching, working and co operating with counties in the east like China and others based on respect, understanding, trust and win win approach for long term relationship particularly with China, Japan, Russia, Germany and others. .

    if you think you know them for real and what kind behavior they have towards black people including those are their citizens, speaking the language and have the same faith, then you must be a real Nigger and you have to wake up. They have no feeling towards any of you including your country but their project which is owning the nation and citizens as private property in the name of investment using like toilet produced money calling it hard currency because of its from them and treating the whole citizen like herd of animals allowed to live for only their benefit.

    TV report shows ‘quiet racism’ directed at Ethiopian-Israelis

    In Channel 2 investigation, dark-skinned citizens denied entry into clubs, refused work; ‘It hurts because we have no other country’

    As Ethiopian-Israelis took to the streets in Tel Aviv Monday evening to protest racism against them, a TV report sought to give a sense of the discrimination directed at members of the community.

    The first-person, candid camera-style dispatch contrasted the experiences of a light-skinned Israeli and an Ethiopian-Israeli in a number of parameters: applying for work, entering a nightclub and renting an apartment, in order to test the level of bias directed toward a regular Hebrew-speaking individual based on the color of his skin.

    Ethiopian Israelis and their supporters have staged demonstrations across the country in recent weeks, triggered by video footage released last month showing a policeman and a police volunteer assaulting Ethiopian-Israeli soldier Damas Pakada in Holon. Members of the community allege decades of institutional racism.
    In the first segment aired Monday, a white-skinned man is seen responding to an employment ad at a boutique Tel Aviv clothing store and applying for work. He is approached by a clerk who takes down his details and vows to remain in contact.
    Later, an Ethiopian-Israeli man enters the same store and repeats the request for employment, but is instead told that there are no job openings and that he should try his luck again tomorrow.
    In another scene, a white Channel 2 reporter applies for work at a well-known hotel. He is immediately offered a serving job on the bar.
    Later, an Ethiopian-Israeli approaches the hotel’s employment bureau and is told that serving jobs are unavailable. Instead he is offered blue-collar positions such as room-cleaning and sorting clothes in a warehouse.
    One Ethiopian-Israeli, Dese Kasa, recounted the quiet, hidden racism that he experiences as an adult on a daily basis.
    “When I was a kid, I was called a kushi; today, I’m no longer called a kushi but nobody is willing to employ me,” Kasa said, using a Hebrew slur for black people. “You see it in their eyes. I prefer that they call me a kushi rather than to receive their stares. Look at the kind of shop we’re in, do you think we have anything to do here?”
    In response, the clothing store and the hotel issued statements that they employ workers from a variety of backgrounds and in no way condone racism.
    Equipped with a hidden camera, another Ethiopian-Israeli man, Jeremy Artiah, formerly a police officer and soldier in an elite IDF unit, attempted to gain entry to a number of Tel Aviv nightclubs and bars.
    He was denied entry on seven out of eight occasions, even as others beside him were let in.
    “I’m still a second-class citizen, I can’t even get into a club. It’s a really difficult feeling. I don’t want to dream, but it hurts me to see these young kids who have no future, no hope,” Artiah said.
    In another scene, a white person looking to rent an apartment can be seen given a tour by a landlord who highlights his rental unit’s advantages.

    After words, when showing his flat to an Ethiopian-Israeli man, the same landlord only emphasizes its problems and drawbacks.

    “I can’t change my skin color. The fact that I’m dark-skinned isn’t a punishment, it’s pride — no one will take that from me. Maybe in the past I wanted to be white, but I was just a kid. I will do everything in my power to fight this [racism],” Artiah said. “It just hurts so much because we have no other country.”
    Private-equity funds are worst than any foreign invading force that is looking to destroy the nation including badly affecting the citizens. Don’t allow any private equity fund in the economy but investors that are engaging in the real economy which is production. Financial services are not producing anything that is part of the economic growth but engaging with harvesting from others efforts in the form of manipulation the system and committing different types of criminal activities including corrupting the officials or working together with them as criminals to share the stolen and looted money and resources. Western banks, Equity Funds and all financial institutions, insurances, Telecom and so on are the biggest dangers any nation that is looking have her own future must avoid them forever.

    Foreign investors must be allowed only in the production sectors as china is doing using her money, experts and technology working openly and generously in the line with the country policy and respecting the citizens alongside transferring the knowledge. Money is not anymore a problem to borrow with very less interest rate. So, don’t allow those using money as a weapon to get the country economy and consumers as private property as we are witnessing in USA, UK and so on where the few are controlling everything and the rest have to be treated by them like herd of animals.

    Don’t think they would be good to you when you know how racist, hateful, nasty and greedy they are against their own citizens in their own country. They will destroy you with no fear, feeling or respect for the sake of the benefit they are getting without doing any hard and real job and taking away everything worthy leaving the nation broken and the environment destroyed.

    Be always in total control about everything matter your country and citizens while continuing having the best relations with china and others that will be there including during bad times unlike the others that are most of the time the main causes of the problems. Money is not longer a problem in the 21-centry but the opportunities and possibilities to use the money. Therefore, Don’t allow any Anglo-American financial institutions to come in the form of investment in any financial or none production sectors to harvest the nations efforts because of they are printing money like toilet papers or having them looting the citizens without doing any proper job but engaging with criminal activities where banks are the best place for that.

  28. peterson says:

    If Tigre(Woyanes) are Gold; then Amharas are Diamond; Ethiopia=Amhara=Diamond; Then all ethiopian tribes are diamonds except Tigre (woyane). Stincking history can only be covered by metal gold. That is what you see in Black Americans and Tigres (Weyanes). Non-Tigre-Woyane Tigres are Ethiopians, they should not be considered as sub-humans and agents of the whiteman at all. Thanks

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