U.S. State Department issues Ethiopia Travel Alert


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9 Responses

  1. Almaz says:

    Probably a good thing. You don’t want these folks running around the country. Always remember ukraine & kenya

  2. hintsa says:

    No worries! Every thing will be smooth….

  3. Beza says:

    Be careful, the warning is serious for Ethiopians who got the citizenship and act like Americans with ETHIOPIAN ACCENT. If you don’t take this advice and act like Birhanu Negadew your fate will be the same. Good luck the terrorist Dimtsachin YISEMA.

    • Jonny says:

      Why you implied let’s our voice heard as terrorist? For you any one who protest peacefully are terrorist. Your clan shooting people in broad day light only for protesting is justifiable, use your brain brother. Don’t forget every dog has its day. Change is unavoidable. For better or worst.its better be good to each other’s and compassionate.

  4. hagos says:

    woyane woyane..where is Ms Wendy sherman? ..sorry she turned 360 degree and issued the unlawful detention of journalist and activities :).

  5. dude says:

    The u.s is trying to protect its citizens from dangers that might occur in ethiopia. Who On Earth Will protect The Ethiopian People From The WOYANE buchers? Woyane kills innocent ethiopian citizens and asks who may have done it. Oh, woyane, your days are indeed numbered. Rise up my people, get rid of this criminals, kill them, burn them, bury them alive, drag them in your city streets. You have done so to your foreign invaders before. This time is no different.

  6. Bruke says:

    Good advice.

    Not only the citizens but also the embassy with all its members must keep away from the election process or anything else related to it. The western Journalists mainly from UK and US also must aware that they have nothing to find there and they have nothing to offer or contribute. So, there is no reason them being there.

  7. ashebir says:

    Not only their citizens , i would be happy not to see their corporate medias. For others who are ready to bring unrest in ethiopia I can assure you all that you will not achieve. Once some body elect his or her candidate, it is advisable to wait and accept the result , because from experience most trouble arises from inability to accept others choices. Be it shabiya afliated oppositions or dimtsachin yisema, this applies for all . Peace to ethiopia and down to enemies

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