Hailemariam Desalegn talks to Aljazeera on democracy, human rights, press freedom and the future of his country (Video)


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20 Responses

  1. Adane says:

    Good one

  2. Beza says:

    What great interview. Now he stood and showed the true leaders attitude. He was so sharp in answering the question. Rome was not built in a day. So in Ethiopia, Democracy is intended the making.

    The amazing question of the journalist was “what terrorist threats you have in this country?” What kind of silly question is that? Neighboring Kenya is being attacked by terrorists day and night. The neighboring Somalia is being attacked, another terrorist state is on north Eritrea. So being in the middle of all these terrorist is enough reason to develop the anti terror law. That was the major fact for the country to make this big ECONOMIC GROWTH. THUMBS UP PM HAILEMARIAM DESALEGN. ETHIOPIANS ARE BLESSED TO HAVE SUCH GREAT LEADER.

    • ilula lemaa says:

      @ Beza
      here we go again, what are you talking about you dedeb Shimagle. This bull PM did not answer a single question complete, rather he was in denial and he is a liar. I really
      missed Meles Zenawi, even if he was a big liar he knew how to sugarcoat a lie, but this Dedeb PM does not get that training yet. I hope you TPLF cadres will address this issue on your next GIMGEMA.KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

      • Beza says:

        Tesfa bis shimagle EPRP why you change your name? Tesfa saynorh Tesfa lehulum bileh libih ket ale. I don’t hear you on ESAT any more. Tesfa Bekele negn eyalk jorowachininn sitasamim neber. Any way, Hailemariam is Ethiopian young hero not like you EPRP’S ECADEF PALTALK WEREGNOCH. He answered every question in a manner of statesman. Fenda engdih min yideregal. Kita Ras shimagle.

  3. Birru says:

    An eye opener interview and one of the best hard talk that HD has faced and responded…good job, HD

  4. Samora says:

    Good Job Prime Minister HD!!!

    We got ur back

    • ilula lemaa says:

      What other choice do you have, if you do not give a fake support , TPLF(WOYANE) will take away the left over loaf of bread they provide you. Samora ,you already sold your mind and you are senseless cadre. You are useless and dead person is better than you.

  5. Gebez says:

    It is not Hailemariam Desalegn. It is Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn. Come on guys!! A little bit respect.

    • ilula lemaa says:

      What about calling him a bull. He is just a messenger of TPLF who does not have his own idea.

      • Beza says:

        Tesfa bis shimaglew ante akeberkew alakeberkew min tichemraleh? Kegimash sew kibr aymetam. Kita ras weregna shimagle.

        • ilula lemaa says:

          WOW you have the latest TPLF curse word. Thanks for that I update the PM name as not complete bull but half (GIMASH) BULL. I hope you dear cadre will approve it. for that matter most TPLF cadres like you lost your mind and your IQ is equal to PIG.

  6. Visitor says:

    ውድ ጠቅላይ ሚኒሰቴር ክቡር ሀይለማርያም
    የሀገር ስጦታ ህያው ለዘላለም
    ህዝብህን አክባሪ ሀገርህን አፍቃሪ
    በእውቀት የተሞላህ በስራ ታታሪ
    በጀመርኸው ቀጥል ህዝብህ ይከተላል
    ሀገር በውጭ መንገድ ሲነዱት ይፈርሳል፡
    ሀገራችን የኛ ህዝባችንም የኛ
    የውጭ በኛ ጉዳት አይሆንም ጥቅመኛ
    ድሮም ሆነ አሁን የሆነ ዘረኛ
    የሚጠቅም ሲመስልም ጎጅ ነው በአንደኛ፡፡

    Martin Dennis is from BBC world service as almost all of the Al jazera employees from Top to down are from the English and USA media corporations which most of them are owned by the Jews and English establishment that is responsible for what have happened in the world for the last 500 years including slavery, colonization and occupations of the so called the New world.

    How look like in Qatar democracy, Election, rule of law, human right and all the things she is asking in Ethiopia?

    She is talking about Democracy in Ethiopia. Yet, the Media she is associating with is from Qatar. Is there any democracy in Qatar even by name? Is there election, human right including the right of women and minorities in Qatar? More than 1000 Indians have died so far in Qatar for the last two years while working as slaves building the world cup stadiums for 2022. Qatar is a tiny desert nation with less than 300.000 native citizens but causing so many problems all over the ME including Ethiopia hiring the mercenaries that are willing to do anything for gas money.

    Al jazera is not really form Qatar but the Anglo- Americans are having it. This is the tactic they are associating Al jazera with Qatar in order to affect the region pretending the media is coming from there as they are hiring blacks, working for them in Africa as martin Dennis is doing here.

    She and others are badly brainwashed and filled with the English establishment and Jews mentalities in order to use them in Africa or issues related to black people anywhere implying they are part of Africa or black people. However, it is a well known tactic they are using in USA and UK renting the black faces brainwashing and using them particularly black females; they don’t do with black men except very rarely when they get a coward and backward easily to be manipulated and brainwashed till he lose himself and becomes them from inside.

    Al jazera is not allowed in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria and many nations. Because they know it is the Anglo-American/Jewish media designed to cause troubles in the region including Ethiopia pretending it is from the area. All journalists, CEOs and others in al jazera are from the English-USA Medias such as BBC, CNN, ITV, SKY, channel 4 and many more.

    There is no reason and also have no capability a tiny nation Qatar with less than 300.000 native populations could have desire, time and reason to have a criminal media like al jazera. There is no doubt it is a well planned move by the Anglo-USA ….whatever they are using this media for their own agenda in the region and Africa as a whole.

    She is saying “many Ethiopians said to us” referring the backward, hopeless, worthless and destitute immigrants have nothing to do in life but the way they are known which is trash and garbage. They are already done. But these western have no other choices but still trying to use for their agenda in Ethiopia the depreciated and worthless Diasporas that will never ever get their way in Ethiopia in the 21-century where Ethiopia has many good, strong and useful friends and allies based on respect, understanding and friendship unlike what the Anglo-USA/Jews are.

    This is the 21-century where no one has the right to dictate any other nation like Ethiopia using silly things as weapons like Aid and whatever they are having designed to keep the nation weak, poor, backward and dependent on them treating them like they did with the slaves; owning them and their nation as private properties free to do anything bad against them.

    Ethiopians already do know that the western type of aid or whatever coming from them without we are asking and choosing the ones working for us, is the reason why they had been the way it was in the past. The answer is no one but themselves in their own country being the right citizens working hard and good in the naturally rich Ethiopia working together and having close relationship with great nations like China, Russia, Japan, Korea, Germany and others that are plenty these days and known with good.

    የኢትዮጰያ ህዝብ ወጣት ሽማግሌ
    ሀገር የጋራ ነች አበትል የግሌ
    ሀገር ስትጠቀም ሁሉም ይጠቀማል
    በጋራ እንነሳ እኛ እኛ እንባባል
    የኢሀአደግ መንግስት የለውም አማራጭ
    ለኛ አስቦ አይደለም አንታለል በነጭ
    በሰላም ተመርጦ ውጤቱ ሲታዎቅ
    በደስታ ይሞላ ሁሉም አብሮ ይሳቅ
    ሰላም በማደፍረስ፡ አመፅ በማስነሳት
    ራስን ስንጎዳ ጠላት አይደሰት:
    ስለሆነም ሁሉም ወደ ስራ በሰላም በፍቅር
    በራሳችን ጥረት ድህነት ይባረር::

  7. Be Aware says:

    This is how looks like the true color of the USA and UK lead west and its Dictatorial puppets in the Gulf including Qatar. They are creating, financing and supporting any death squad and terrorist group against the nation they don’t like because of its not submit under their authorities. In USA and UK are living all human races, religions, Ethnics, cultures, traditions and so on peacefully as citizens despite they are dividing them based on wealth, race, religion and so on.

    But they are creating divisions, hostilities and wars in other countries among the same race based on religion, Ethnicity and other reasons. They are also creating hostilities and wars in the name of democracy, rule of law, human rights and so on while the whole world knows they are the worst human right violators only the few that are part of the Corporate empires/financial terrorism are controlling everything including the wealth and power treating the citizens as herd of animals putting them in Ghettos, jail and so on with millions.

    Al jazera is part of the evil weapons the west is using to implement its will in other countries that are weak, ignorant and unable to fight them back from the beginning knowing any nation that has anything to do with USA, UK and Arabs will end in Chaos, destruction and become a failed state. The western corporate Medias and criminal journalists are working always for the sake of these crimes in other countries.


    “West’s death squad strategy: How and why ISIS & Al-Qaeda became ‘shock troops’ of global powers

    May 22, 2015. Friday’s ISIS suicide bombings in Yemen and Saudi Arabia – killing a total of at least 43 people – is yet more bitter fruit of the policy pursued by Britain, the US and France and their Gulf allies for the past eight years.

    This strategy – of fostering violently sectarian anti-Shiite militias in order to destroy Syria and isolate Iran – is itself but part of the West’s wider war against the entire global South by weakening any independent regional powers allied to the BRICs countries, and especially to Russia.

    The strategy was first revealed as far back as 2007 in Seymour Hersh’s article “The Redirection”, which revealed how Bush administration officials were working with the Saudis to channel billions of dollars to sectarian death squads whose role would be to “throw bombs… at Hezbollah, Moqtada al-Sadr, Iran and at the Syrians,” in the memorable words of one US official.

    More evidence of precisely how this strategy unfolded has since been revealed. Most recently, last Monday saw the release of hundreds of pages of formerly classified US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) documents following a two year court battle in the US.
    These documents showed that, far from being an unpredictable “bolt from the blue,” as the mainstream media tends to imply, the rise of ISIS was in fact both predicted and desired by the US and its allies as far back as 2012.
    The DIA report, which was widely circulated amongst the various US military and security agencies at the time, noted: “There is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in Eastern Syria, and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime which is considered the strategic depth of the Shia expansion (Iraq and Iran).” Elsewhere, the “supporting powers to the opposition” are defined as “Western countries, the Gulf states and Turkey”.
    In other words, a Salafist – that is militantly anti-Shia – “principality” was “exactly” what the West wanted as part of their war against not only Syria, but “Shia expansion” in Iraq as well. Indeed, it was specifically acknowledged that “ISI [the forerunner of ISIS] could also declare an Islamic state through its union with other terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria.”

    The precision of the declassified predictions is astounding. Not only was it predicted that the terrorist groups being supported by Washington and London in Syria would team up with those in Iraq to create an “Islamic State,” but the precise dimensions of this state were also spelt out: recognizing that “the Salafist[s], the Muslim Brotherhood, and AQI are the major forces driving the insurgency in Syria.” The report noted that the consequences of this for Iraq would be to “create the ideal atmosphere for AQI [Al Qaeda Iraq] to return to its old pockets in Mosul and Ramadi.”

    This is what they have in their pipe line to other nations in the 21-century while criticizing the nations when they have a law and fight the terrorists to eliminate them knowing they would destroy the nation which is in line with the UK-USA agendas are most of the times.

  8. wow says:

    It is very sad to watch how she conducted the interview. Her body language was ready to attack Leaning forward not sitting straight and her lips and her eyes with full hate and anger. She is not a journalist but a hired agent. She was very disrespectful.

    He did a good job despite her bad interview manner.

  9. ethoash says:

    If there is no democracy in Ethiopia how in hell the opposition exist

  10. Visitor says:

    This is one of the times the Ethiopian government, securities, police and if necessary the military are on the display all eyes on them with full confidence keeping law and order in the county in a way even a single incident is not allowed to happen against the peaceful citizens that are having lots of hope feeling the brightest future in their beloved Ethiopia. Not a single person or group of hooligans allowed causing any disturbance in the country where each and every citizen of 90 million people has the same right in the country.
    Therefore, the above mentioned organs must take any measure necessary if any disturbance is occurring using the election as an opportunity to cause troubles against the nation. In order to protect the nation and citizens the few trouble makers must be …….period. Violence benefits no one but badly harming the citizens and affecting the nation.

    Watch out the foreigners started from those pretending as Journalists while they are there acting as invading merciless and hateful foreign mercenaries. They are the enemies number one.

    ውድ ኢትዮጰያዊያን የጥንት፡ የጠዋቶች
    በመልካም ፡ በቅዱስ ቀዳም ታዋቂዎች
    በስራ፡ በድፍረት ገናና ጀግናዎች
    ከላይ ያለ አምላክ ጠባቂያችሁ ከታች
    እናንተ ለናንተ አምላክ ከናንተ ጋር
    በብዙ ስጦታ የሞላችሁ ፍቅር
    አሁንም እንደ ድሮ ብልጥ ሁኑ አዋቂ
    ወዳጅን ስትወዱ ጠላት አስጨናቂ

    በውጭ ጠላት መንገድ እንዳትገቡ ሲኦል
    አላማው ይህ ነው በሌላ ሲያስመስል
    የሱ ዲሞክራሲ ለሱም ህዝብ አይሰራም
    ውጤቱ በገሀድ ይታያል እስከ አለም
    ክብሩ የወደቀ ሰውነቱን ያጣ
    ከእንስሳት የባሰ ከዝንጀሮ ጦጣ
    እየተሳረረ ወንድ ከወንድ ሴት ከሴት
    እንደ እኔ የሚለን ግቡ ነው ለማጥፋት


    ከምርጫ ጀምሮ ሁሉም በራሳችን
    ብቸኛ መንገድ ነው አዋጪ ግባችን
    በሰላም በአንድነት በስራ በርትተን
    ከኛ ውጭ ለኛ ማን በምንም አይሆን
    በምርጫ ስም አመፅ፡ ረብሻ መከሰት
    ባሀሪ የኢትዮጰያ ሆኖ አያውቅም ከጥንት
    በሚያዋጣን መንገድ ለኛ በሚጠቅም
    ችግርን እየፈታን ምን ጊዜም ነን ሰላም፡፡

  11. Samora says:

    ESAT, BLUE party & other opposition parties should know that EPRDF will lead Ethiopia until 2025. Our goal is by 2025 to be a middle income country. We re making history & we will continue so.
    We already have picked our leaders from the young generation who will take for 2012 EC and ongoing.
    So Berhanu Ginbot 7 leader by 2025 will be in nursing home. Lol………

  12. Wakeni says:

    @Ilula, I think u r from Eritrea. Be reasinable, Respectful and Word Wise.Do not insult any body. Only share ur Perceptions. Talk Based on Knowledge. Then U can learn from Others as well u can teach others.

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