Election 2015፡ Ethiopians Casting Their Votes for Their Chosen Electorate (Video)


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23 Responses

  1. Bruk says:

    Do they know that they don’t know anything about the true nature of the Ethiopian people?

    What a peaceful, confident, honest, determine, hard working, happy, hopeful and beautiful ancient people in a beautiful nation.

    let them say, write, film or whatever Satanic activities continuing doing the devils continuously and tirelessly intentionally damaging the country image and undermining the Ethiopian people they know nothing about and they have nothing to do with. But, the people know what is good or bad, right or wrong and positive or negative based the realities and facts on the ground.

    The turnout during the past UK election few weeks ago was 62% out of the registered voters… About 8 million eligible voters were not even registered. That means less than 50% the legible voters were casted their vote.
    In Ethiopia almost 99% the legible voters are registered to vote and right now we are witnessing the huge the turn out everyone patently waiting to cast his/her vote.

    Yet, in the end, they will continue declaring their democracy process, election, outcome and whatever is with them always better than ours. Look how things are happening in USA related to the election. Does any nation wants that kind situation happen to own country?

    Lets the Anglo-American/Jewish corporate Medias, criminal journalists, so called writers,, scholars, academics and anyone that is not invited to be there, go to hell. They are the greatest and dangerous enemies we are facing for so long.

  2. Alem says:

    Whatever some interest groups say, Ethiopia is demonstrating a powerful her own 3rd way which is defenatly working for Ethiopia may be also for some African countries! Latin Americans and Asians have already found their ways, it was only Africa which was under the grip of foreign ways. Now Ethiopia is showning the way! Bravo Ethiopia! You are powerful than those who want have you their ways.

  3. Lema says:

    What makes him special so that he jump the the line and cast his vote? It seems they drove him to the secret ballot with his latest land cruise. He pretend like ordinary citizen. No respect for others who line up for hours. I hate this kind of people lecture us about democracy while they don’t believe in it. This proves that ethiopia belong to a few elites.

    • Beza says:

      There is protocol every candidate will have privilege to do so. So take it easy. The senators and Congress men will be first to cast a ballot. You didn’t see Hailu Showel last time?

  4. ethoash says:

    our forefather were the last stand agonist colonization… today Ethiopia stand up to those Western observer and their observation day end after Ethiopian successful election … if the Western observer want to observe in Africa election then we African also should send our observer to observe EU election we should have equal power to call the election fair or not fair election.

    we Ethiopian we don’t forget what they did to us in Badme and 2005 election how on earth one of their observer sided with the opposition and no western observer said nothing what kind of observer they r ….so African observer are more then enough if cud and blue party want Western observer they can have them in Amhara region but they cant tell the oromo and the other ethnic groups to have western observer if the oromo said they don’t want them….

  5. ethoash says:

    my second point is we all notice how peaceful the election was now what we should be ready is for the result… if the result is what the opposition expected and want to demonstrate (cover name for riot and looting and revolution ) and demand removal of the government by force then we should be ready for them..

    here is what we should do demonstration is allowed but no running u have to walk… no running zero tolerance for running u run the risk of breaking the law if u run …

    second no throwing stone if u throw stone then the police and answer back with fire power… in self defence zero tolerance for anyone who throw stone.

    camera should be put in every corner and monitor if anyone break the rule then his will be hunted down

    no body have the right to cover his or her face if u do u breaking law, u can be arrested at the spot

    the police also must put crowd barriers at the miskeal squre…this way we form line the crowed goes only one way in one direction …. if they have open filed it is very difficult to control so just like Airline line up u put all the crowd barrier in line just like election line up u form lineup so the protester cant run in different direction… this way u control the crowd I hope u understand what I say …

    miskeal squre is an open filed where the protester run in deferent direction… what happened at every time we have protest at miskeal squre

  6. adamitulu says:

    Dear Editor,
    Thanks but those of us who live abroad abroad expect more exclusive coverage from Awramba times. ende! bedemb tenkesakesu enji

  7. Visitor says:

    The election is happening precisely within the known and best Ethiopians’ environment which is being civilized, peaceful, wise, patient and determine. Those casting their vote are returning back happily and optimistically to their daily life duties knowing their job is done brilliantly beyond their expectation and the next job lies on the national election board they are very much trusting and respecting. AU Election observers are also there

    እኔን የማውቅ እኔ ኑሮየ እንደ ቤቴ
    የሱን በኔ የሚል ይወገድ ከፊቴ
    እንኳን በማላውቀው የሚጫን በኔ ላይ
    በራሴም እየሆንሁ አልዳንሁም ከስቃይ
    የአንድ ሀገር መንግስት፡ ፖለቲካ አቅጫጫ
    በውጭ ሀይል ሲጠለፍ ህዝብ ነው የሚንጫጫ
    እኛን ለኛ ሳይሆን ሌላን ለኛ ማየት
    ራስን መሳት ነው ህዝብ፡ ሀገርን ማጣት

    ቀነሰ ጨመረ፡ ወፈረ ቀጠነ
    አቅም ተሟጠጠ ግቡ ተመጠነ
    የምን እጅ መስጠት ነው በራሰ ተስፋ መቁረጥ
    በእሳት ቀልጦ ቀልጦ ወርቅ የሚሆን ለጌጥ
    በራሳችን መንገድ በራሳችን አቅም
    ጠንክረን ከሰራን የሚያቅተን የለም
    ከእርዳታ የማያድን እርዳታ የሚሉት
    እኛ በኛ እንዳንችል ጦር ነው የጠመዱት፡፡

  8. Samora says:


    Do u know in western countries like USA, president, senators, high government officials don’t wait a line to vote? There re security protocols they have to follow. Do ur research before saying something.

  9. Samora says:

    No doubt that all opposition parties will loose! Have u guys watch the debates? The whole time complaining. I didn’t hear any alternative options for every EPDRF policy. There intellectual levels re so low.
    There ideology is driven by power hunger than to fight poverty.

  10. musa says:

    The origin of ISIS – Sayed Dr. Ammar Nakshawani

  11. Nate says:

    The point is, the current government won’t allow for any opposition whatsoever, well before the elections even take place. Sad situation, but who wants to go to jail for conspiring to “topple the government?”

  12. muleta says:

    celebrating absolute dictatorship won’t help the growth of democracy in Ethiopia!…as much as I hate every opposition perverts…woyanea should have a room for others for the sake of developing democracy ..Now what we are going to see in the next five years in the parliament is a scripted ,well versed theatrical exchange between the same .”.min litazez “…members whom will never have the guts to question and articulate there own thoughts and agenda but read what they were given to read…its a shame..

  13. Lijalem says:

    power seeking generation has blindly eyes except seat. I wish, we to foresee about growth, democracy, and human elements.

  14. Visitor says:

    Congratulation to all Ethiopians including the Awramba Times for its contribution and friends of Ethiopia for conducting a peaceful and successful election.

    45.000 polling stations had the average of 800 voters. Each polling station had the average of 6 observers. That means the total of 36.8 million voters and more than 260.000 observers together have conducted the most peaceful and successful election effectively not only in Africa but also beyond knowing in the west mainly those conducted good election that are in main Europe (Not UK and USA that are having the worst election process and system) the turnout is very low while in Ethiopia it is one of the highest in the world if not the highest.

    ምኞቴን በህልሜ ህልሜን በአይን አየሁት
    ምስጋና ለህዝቤ ከልብ ኮራሁበት
    ሳቅና ጨዋታ ደስታና ሆካታ
    የኛ ጉዳይ በኛ ተሰራ፡ ተፈታ

    በምርጫ ስም አመፅ፡ ረብሻና ውድመት
    ሊፈፅም አስቦ ሲዘጋጅ ለአመታት
    የውጭ ጋዜጠኛ እርዳታ ሰጭ ነን ባዮች
    ትልቅ ባለስልጣን እነአምባሳደሮች
    እንዲህ እንዲያ ሲሏቸው ሀገር እንዲያፈርሱ
    የማደግ ጉዟችን ሊቀጭ በጥንስሱ
    ዛቻው፡ እንግርግሪያው ያ ሁሉ ማስፈራት
    በራሳቸው ሀገር ሆነው እንደ አራዊት
    በሀገር ለመጫን የውጭን አጀንዳ
    በጥላቻ አብደው ሆነው በግልፅ ባንዳ
    ያ የሆኑት ሁሉ ዘመን ያስቆጠረ
    አንድ ጥፋት ሳያደርስ መና ሆኖ ቀረ

    ምኞቴን በህልሜ ህልሜን በአይን አየሁት
    ምስጋና ለህዝቤ ከልብ ኮራሁበት

    ምስጋና ለህዝቤ፡ ለመንግስት፡ ለሁሉም
    ምርጫው ተፈፀመ በመልካም በሰላም
    ሁሉም የኛ ጉዳይ የሚፈፀም በኛ
    ከሳሽም ተከሳሽ፡ መስካሪ፡ ታዛቢ እየሆን ዳኛ፡

    ተማረ አልተማረ፡ አወቀ አላወቀ
    ችሎታው በተግባር ታየ ተራቀቀ
    ጥቁር ከነጭ ቦታ ምን ጊዜም ነው ባሪያ
    ተላላኪ ኩሊ አገልጋይ መሳሪያ

    ታዲያ በኛ ቦታ ፈራጅ ማን ይሆናል
    እኛ ከሱ ሳንችል ከኛ እንዴት ይችላል
    የሰው አፈጣጠር እኩል በተፈጥሮ
    አንዱ በሌላው ላይ አይሆንም እሮሮ
    እኛ በሀገራችን እሱ በሀገሩ
    እኩል ነው መብታችን ግልፅ ነው ምስጢሩ
    አንድም የውጭ ሀይል ግለሰብ ወይ ቡድን
    በኛ ላይ አይሆንም እኛ በሱ ሳንሆን፡፡

  15. kena kebede says:

    Egziyabihier Ethiopian ybark.Amen.

  16. Hailemariam deselagn will be down and al bashir will sucessfull !!!!

  17. Bruk says:

    “For most Ethiopians, these elections are a non-event – the UK Guardian”

    For Most Ethiopians?

    This is one of the many lies the UK and USA corporate evil Medias are spreading about the best election in Ethiopian which is as usual disrespecting the people the way they are doing as a daily war for more than 30 years.
    Reuters, Guardian, Bloomberg and so many other money minded and profit hungry corporate Medias from UK and USA are the Anglo-Saxon- Jewish weapons they are using them against the nations and citizens those allowing them and they are making billions every year out of it.

    Why is Ethiopians still tolerating particularly the Evil English and USA so called journalists while they know everything about the demonic and evil nature of these criminals where the vast majorities are Jews from UK, USA, France, Canada and Australia? They are the worst enemies we are facing and they must be stopped once and for all.

    We need no one particularly them to talk about us. This is the 21-century in the digital era. we have own medias, journalists, intellectuals, writers, Think Tanks and whatever is necessary to do our jobs in our ways for us, not anybody else as these evils are doing for bad and negative reasons against us while making billions from it.

  18. Sam says:

    There are some who claim the result of the election is pretty clear before a single vote is cast.. They say the ruling party has worked hard to suffocate dissent for the last five years, so its winning by a landslide is a given. That may be true, but it should not be a reason not to have an election. I am glad Ethiopians have choice, no matter how restricted some believe it is, to voice their prefrences. True, the ruling party will win big, but not for the reason the government believes it is. The government’s claim that the country’s economy is advancing might be true, but the real question should be how many Ethiopians benefit from the economy miracle we keep hearing about? A very small fraction of Ethiopians. So if Ethiopians choose the ruling party to lead for the next five years, it is not because they believe the government’s policy is the remedy for the country’s political and economical ill. It is because they do not have trust the opposition parties to do better. It becomes tiresome after a while to blame the government for everything. It is as well required to restudy the political lines which the opposition parties are implementing. It does not matter how small the number of seats the opposition get in this election, the parties should stop whinnying about how the playing field is stacked against them. There are people who do believe that, and that includes me. But What set me apart from “blame the government” crowd is I believe it is not the government’s being nice or not that paves the way for a real multi-party democracy to flourish in Ethiopia. It is having opposition parties that are above slogan worshipping, and it is having political parties that believe Ethiopia’s existence far outlives any living politicians. That demands having a political policy not exclusively tailored for the next election.

  19. MATHS says:

    let edapa rull the country they have what it takes
    so weyan can learen alot.

    • muleta says:

      ayeeeee ante degmo…yemote zemed yelekim….you know how many votes EDEPA got in one constituent …8 vote ….only 8 vote…out of 6565 registered votes ….yaaaaks there ideology is not that far from EPRDF so they need to fold and become one with them…bezih girgir….Lidetu Ayalew..will get some type of ministerial or ambassador post….

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