Ethiopia’s ruling party and its allies win a landslide victory on the eve of the nation’s victory day


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26 Responses

  1. visitor says:

    ታላቁን ውሳኔ የመጨረሻውን
    ህዝብ ወስኖታል በገፍ ሰጥቶ ድምፁን
    ሁሉም ወደ ስራ ወደ እየተግባሩ
    ይህ ነው የሀገር ጉዳይ የማደግ ምስጢሩ
    ወቀሳና ለቅሶ ስላለፈ ምርጫ
    ለማንም አይሆንም ከስልጣን ላይ መውጫ
    ተመራጭ ለመራጭ ሰሪ ነው አገልጋይ
    በአንዳንድ አስቸጋሪ ማንም አያይ ሰቃይ
    የህዝብ ድምፅ የሚንቅ፡ ምርጫን የማያከብር
    እጅ እግሩ ይተብተብ ፡ ይቀፍደድ ይታሰር፡፡

    Bravoooo. It is over. All Ethiopians are winners. The shining future is continuing shining getting brighter and brighter all over the land.

    Move on as quickly as possible towards the agriculture sector knowing it is a rainy season the nation’s next 12 months food and drink supply must be planted in the ways better harvests are going to be achieved.

    Because of the election, not only the government and experts but also the farmers’ attention was not totally focused on the agriculture sector. This is the time the government, experts and the farmers coming together as one determine and focused force , talking intensively and working together tirelessly for the next two and three months in order to do the farming jobs the best ways for the best outcome.

    if possible the PM Hailemariam, if not the Agriculture minister and experts involved with the farming sectors must come on TV as soon as possible or use other medias to reach the farmers in order to motivate and assuring them all supports including getting the best seeds and fertilizer on time. Ethiopian medias need to stop talking about the election that is already passed and instead they have to do their best by focusing on farmers and farming for the next two and three months.

  2. Abel says:

    No election in hegemonic state! no authoritarian state conduct fair/ free election, Ethiopia is not unique in that aspect. The Tigray fascist hegemony continues till we find a solution with gun. I don’t think the burden the citizens will sustain with the current statuesque. It is good TPLF hegemonic leaders won 100%, I thought it might fool as by giving some dedicated seat for slaves like EDPA and ERAPA ( TPLF cooked parties). I love they won 100% because I didn’t expect election from hegemonic state. Hegemonic state uses fake election to legitimize the dictatorship. The citizens knows, TPLF rule us with gun, the solution should come with gun. At least, anyone with thoughtful mind by now make his/her mind about that. NO MORE ELECTION!!!!

  3. mesfin says:

    it is time to join ginbot7
    this is an insult to the ethiopian people
    what a joke

  4. Bezihu says:

    Congrats to EPRDF!!

    That been said, with all the hard work to eradicate poverty and backwardness, coraption has been a main upstacle and the governmet needs to take a strong measures in the fighting against coraption….
    Honestly speaking, I support EPRDF, but I was hoping to see a sensible and competitive opposition party to win some seats in the parliament, but most of them are useles and I’m glad that the Ethiopian people perceived them as such…. I’m sure most get their advise from the diaspora – anti Ethiopia’s development idiots, and the Ethiopian preoe gave them a clear message they don’t deserve to get their vote….LOL. Let them get their vote from ESAT, the shabias Amharic media….

  5. Ethoash says:

    I don’t get it r u saying EPRDF win 100% set?

    Is this winner take all rule?

    Havering opposition is a good thing therefore I proposed two house upper house and lower house.

    The lower house EPRDF take all the set

    But the upper house must be given to all 52 party how lost election they get two set each, then we allocate set based on nine region ten each we have now 200 set. Then we give 80 ethnic group two set that will push the number to 360 now we need 100 set to fill we give this set depending on population Oromo take 40 Amhara take 20 and Tigray and Ogaden take 3 set each the rest divided the rest of ethnic.

    This way we have everyone represented..

    Otherwise TPLF keep on wining and it is not fun

  6. Birru says:

    Opposition parties should squashed them selves and make one strong party rather than being more mindertigna than EpRDF and waste our time money and spirit….tomorrow is another day!!!

  7. Borkenawonzu says:

    Congratulations Dawit ! Can you stop by to Kaliti on the way back from Hawassa and say hi to Eskinder

  8. John says:

    Congratulations EPRDF. You deserve another 5 years to uplift Ethiopia from deep poverty. Your determination is the cause for Ethiopia success. The opposition parties have no clear vision like some of their leaders like Yilikal. His party might have won in Dangla, nowhere else. He choose the path which doesn’t take him anywhere. Any person or opposition group siding with ERUTREA AND RELIGION FANATICS like DIMTSACHIN YISEMA AND Mahbere erkusan will not move an inch in modern Ethiopia.

    • muleta says:

      Why are we congratulating absolute dictatorship..? is not good for the future of that country …it has to start some where .They already half way there eko but they don’t trust no one they don’t want let it go…[ holding election-having the debate on tv-election board -federal system- so on and so on…]…they are right there…have some opposition in the parliament [for now 100] is good enough -they won’t do any harm but complain…at the same time kids will learn ,the people will get used to them…thats how democracy flourishes..little by little…there are millions of people who opposes this government..they need to be heard…if not now then when..?…..

  9. dude says:

    I hope land will slid from underneath woyane’s feet and kill them all. I will be on a stand by to dance on the grave! Death to woyane and their barking dogs!

  10. Sam says:

    The ruling party won “all of the national parliament seats.” That is what the above short statement states. Here is the problem. The Ethiopian government could not claim to be committed to democracy, and tell us as well Ethiopians voted 100 percent to the ruling party. It never happened in any democratic country, and Ethiopia could not be different. Despite what the EPDRF feels as the result of the election, this is a bad news for Ethiopia, and for EPDRF as well. I know the Ethiopian government believes the Singapore one party dominance while keeping the economy going will work in Ethiopia tol. I have my doubt. A reasonable doubt. In Singapore there are only three ethnic groups: the Chinese, the Indians, and Mayas. In Ethiopia very much more. The government claims economics play a big role in the election, not ethnicity. I do not buy it. In fact, I feel insulted when the government that believes in ethnic politics telling me that ethnic politics does not have a role in Ethiopian politics. What the election result telling me however is the opposition parties are telling the truth when they say this is a dictatorship in action dressed up in democratic cloth. I believe them more now than before I hear the election result. Do I believe the opposition political maturity is unquestionable? That has nothing to do with the issue I am talking about. Back to the Singapore example. Despite believing in one party dominance, the Singapore government has believed having at least a few opposition politicians in parliament in order to hear what other feels about the country’s economy and politics. And EPDRF became more Singapore in its politics than Singaporeans. That is a bad news no matter how you slice it.

    • Abel says:

      Sam, Ethiopia is under Tigray fascist hegemony. How do you expect election from hegemonic state? It is impossible to find such thing. The question now is how can we abolish this hegemonic dictatorship and transform the country to emerging democracy? It is obvious the country went from feudalism (Haile Sillassie)->military dictatorship (DERG)-> Hegemonic dictatorship (TPLF hegemony). A dictatorship is a dictatorship whether it is military or hegemonic one. No one expect fair election from TPLF fascist regime. I don’t think they have the capacity and acumen to think the way most of the citizen think. The problem, they are lavished with the wealth robed from the poor people. How can they do forgive that and abide for the rule of law? The only possible when the citizen enforces the rule of law….kill the thieves and anti-democratic TPLF fascist….the only solution!!!

  11. hagos says:

    am glad i dont live in that country

  12. Bruk says:

    The few questions that are arising this time are:

    1. The so called oppositions that are wrongly and foolishly were thinking that Ethiopian Diasporas would give them anything they want and making them able to get power by any means would continue the same way despite those Diasporas are worthless, ignorant, jobless, old, lazy and parasite in abroad where their everything lies from the start to finish with none stop shit talking doing as the only life and job they are having?
    2 Do these worthless Diasporas still thinking one day they would get what they are looking in Ethiopia by force or whatever silly means they are thinking? Them being relaying on Shabia/Issayas says everything how worthless, stupid and coward they are.
    3. The so called opposition parties are still thinking any foreign force would give them power in Ethiopia and relaying on them rather than the Ethiopian people while doing the right things?
    4. Is there still any foreign group or government out there is thinking they would impose their will on the Ethiopian people including a kind of Government working for them at the expense of the people using different kinds of tactics and methods including our weaknesses and shortages (that are temporary and would be solved by Ethiopians with hard and good work using the God given Ethiopian natural wealth including abandoned fresh water, fertile soil, nice weather throughout the year and her location) as an opportunities?

    None of the above situations will be allowed in the 21-century Ethiopia. There is no any hole to hide or room to feel at home to achieve own plan and agenda at the expense of the people in today’s Ethiopia. Those physically grown up while mentally they are primitive, ignorant and backward dragged to hell by criminal Diasporas like BirrAhun in Asmara, Kenya and so on are destroying their life forever listening and trusting the worthless that are in USA, UK and some other places sleeping all days and nights. Those In Asmara (silly terrorists)and Kenya (so called Journalists) must know that what they were hearing from abroad while they were in Ethiopia are not what the realities on the ground waiting them but the real hell you are entering to suffer and destroy yourself the rest of your life. When once you are out of the country and lose your power on yourself, you are nothing.

    Even Shabia doesn’t have a single tooth or a ball being like a half human as it is to face Ethiopia in the boarder for a minute let alone the worthless and backward terrorists issayas is trying to use them to affect Ethiopia reaching as far as to Addis Ababa. QQQQQQ. This has to be something they are wishing to happen. But the outcome will be achieved when they will disappear one by one in every direction while searching a kind of life that would be very hard to find it.

    Those innocents and silly Ethiopians dragged in to the terrorist camps in Eritrea must save their life by leaving the terrorist camps knowing they are there for nothing. No one would even challenge the Ethiopian force and would get its way in the country. That era is gone and will never ever come back. Instead they need to come back and be peaceful and productive citizens. Immigrating to other nations from Ethiopia is not the answer but working hard in Ethiopia where all the citizens’ jobs are yet have to be done with quality, variety, quantity and on time. Those believing and committed to improve their life through hard work, their place is nowhere but in Ethiopia.

    The so called Ethiopian journalists that are in Kenya are the worst victims of all. No one would hire them as journalists in abroad. In Ethiopia they might taught they are all that. But in abroad, they are the worst of all even in Kenya where their western masters are located and made them to leave their country with wrong and false promises. When once they left the country, something different and the never ever imagined situation is waiting them and this way their life is becoming over for good.

    Those Ethiopians that are relaying on foreign powers or worthless Diasporas to take power by force, through illegitimate election or other illegal means must understand that those things will not happen that way in Ethiopia even in a million year. Instead, they need to change from their wrong past and become productive citizens engaging with useful and helpful activities for their own sake.

    Those are relaying on Shabia need to save themselves before they ended up like many others did in the Shabia hands in Eritrea. No force would get it way in Ethiopia from Eritrea including shabia let alone the cheap and worthless terrorists shabia is trying to use them for many years to affect Ethiopia. Do really they think Shbaia/Issayas would do anything good for Ethiopia even a simple and single thing? He is the life time terrorist against Ethiopia affecting the nation for 45 years. He is the source of every difficulties and disasters Ethiopia has been through during those years. Yet, you empty head still are relaying on that isolated and powerless terrorist waiting to die while causing so many hardships against the Eritreans that are fleeing the country from all direction including in Ethiopia where more than 145.000 immigrants are living in refugee camps.

    • Jara says:

      We will see this you called worthless people can do to you? You remind me derg, that regime called you guys(woyanne) ya fiyale watate, but people turn their back on derg and lost the war even armed to its tooth. You will surprise with people power my friend. About the diaspora, they are the biggest source of hard currency in Ethiopia. Your so called development can not even produce half of the diaspora hard currency. The diaspora send 3.5 billions dollars of hard currency to ethiopia while the all ethiopian got less than 2 billions dollars from exporting its produce. Get your fact right, when the diaspora to come together, you never be on power for single day. The good thing is, most of the diaspora believe change will come through time but woyanne prove them wrong. Change is invadable. The question is, in what way? I think only in vilolecne way.

      • Bruk says:

        You must be a liar or one of them which is worthless.

        “The Diaspora send 3.5 billion dollars of hard currency to Ethiopia”

        let say your false figure is right. However, this comes not from the worthless Diasporas you are associated with but the hard working, Ethiopian lovers and those have life and future that are 99.9% of all Ethiopian Diasporas. It is all known that only less than o.1% of the worthless, hopeless, lazy, Banda and hopeless Diasporas are trying to cause troubles in Ethiopia while hiding in abroad and relaying on those see them as worthless and less than human motivated by many reasons including racism that treats blacks less than human and allows them with no right to be themselves and own anything for themselves.

        The problem is that you are still thinking the situation is the same during the time when that monster Mengistu was there behaving as a real monster killing machine while spending 98% of the nation budget for military use. During that monster Era, most Kifle hagers have one or two high schools. There were less than 100 high schools all over the country. The county was producing less than 300 MW electricity. The farmers were among the worst affected forcing them to give up their harvest including during the time when they had almost nothing to eat. Even some of them forced to sell their oxen and cows to pay the Monster for war he didn’t win.

        Ethiopians are today million times better, happier, confident, safe, peaceful, united and optimistic than they ever have been since long time. You have the natural right to dream or have a nightmare. However, your nightmare in Ethiopia is something has nothing to do with nature, facts, realities or whatever is true and right but a sickness in your head causing by a wrong signal and you are suffering from for long time.

        If you think this would give you anything in return, be a little guest and go ahead. But, the situation in Ethiopia and the future is totally beyond your understanding and reach. Do you really think the never ever trusted creature Birhanu that was once member of meison, then EPRP, then active participant in EPRDF that is why he went back to Ethiopia and got a high position in AA university, then Qeste Demena and then Qinijit. After Destroying Qinijit, he is now what-Gim Bot 7? Joke Tamagn or whatever the worthless that are living with Income support in Europe including those in ESAT from Amsterdam, are trash have no what so ever power to influence anything in Ethiopia . But, they are serving the people to wake up, know what is going on from abroad including who is behind them which the best thing Ethiopian can get in order to make them making the right choices internally as well as externally.

        One thing is Sure particularly USA and some EU nations including Holland and Scandinavians will be forced to choose between the worthless terrorists they are sheltering and supporting while they are parasite on them or the 90 million Ethiopian people that is marching on an all out development paths all towards all directions while having many useful and important nations as allies, trusted friends and long term strategy partners.
        However, England not UK will continue affecting Ethiopia using different tactics and methods coming from different angles and directions. It is difficult to convince them and have the right commitment but accepting that they are the once always will affect us including when they are pretending they are not. USA is different particularly when the English are not around including the criminal corporate Medias and so called journalists.

        • Ethoash says:


          I read all u long interesting article but u can’t convince me that Ethiopian people voted 100% for TPLF, even then we should not shut out the opposition totally because if we want development and democracy and slandered and mean machine then u need opposition..

          To tell the truth what we have is 3rd grade opposition…

          But we should work with what we have hence we should introduce upper house and lower house this way all the loser party can have two seat each in upper house and check the power of government.

          In exchange the opposition can’t not eat with two belawa

          Blue party can’t NATO with ESAT and Gim 7 and still want to enjoy what TpLf provide to them is a joke

          Also dr. Marara Can’t not speak in vide saying our freedom coming all kind of hidden message promoting OLF view and still want to place nice guy and share power it doesn’t work..

          If TPLf official went to America the blue party must denounce it…because they don’t want TPLf to do the same thing to them hence they should stand with Tplf or EPRDF or u stand with Gim 7 choice one

      • Ethoash says:


        What is the different between u and TPlF, they just declared 100% win

        Now u r saying the same thing u r saying 100%! Diaspora is with in what calculation r u figure out all those who send money in ur supporter…if u think 100% diaspora is with Gim 7 then tell me what is u differ from TPLF

  13. Bravo Ethiopia says:

    The most important thing that make me proud as an Ethiopian for this election process is, that Ethiopian didn’t beg either the Carter Center or the EU to observe the election. Ethiopians themselves are the ultimate judges! Those African brothers who have no second agenda to judge and manipulate the voices of Ethiopians are welcome and they were there!
    It’s a level of confidence in ourselves that bring us respect everywhere. This is the kind of confidence and trust in Ethiopians i expect in every move the government is making, in every relationship. Ethiopian’s do not deserver less. Bravo HMD bravo EPDRF! Well done!

  14. Bravo Ethiopia says:

    It was a big mistake Ethiopia has invited the EU and the Carter Centre to observer the election. Those groups are not honest and to be trusted. The EU observer group were the once who “declare” win for the opposition even before the voices were counted in the 2005, which resulted in the riots and loss of lives as a result. Ethiopia has learned out of that and kept those double standard, and from the outset very biased about Africa out of the equation. So we have a very calm and peaceful and mature election process, to the “surprise” of those racists! Africa should learn to keep those foreigner NGO etc out of their political system if they want to have peace and stability. Stirring in internal African matters is the official foreign policy of all western countries. That is why they spend money to keep radio and TV stations in our language to bombard us with propaganda and to cause chaos by manipulating information if necessary.

  15. Tasema says:

    100% win,you call this landslide? The land slide victory I known is between 57-65 or 68%. Can any one tell me that, have ever heard 100% win in election even in autocrat government? What a shame? You disgust me.100% win? Wow,dawit, you think God him self can win election 100%? This prove that birhanu nega statement. Now I start believe that ethiopia situation get worst day by day. This bullshit development is a big borrow of debt from all over world lenders. It is crazy to claim100% win in election.

  16. ethiio says:

    Now it is time to join G7. what a joke. what a f*** JOKE

  17. hagos says:

    woyane woyane woyane….more hate and anger produced after this so call election than anything. .hate and anger towards the puppets of TPLF.
    100% woyane generals and 100% woyane securities the rest ashiker..telalaki. asedabi..hodam..koshasha

    • Solomon says:

      Banda’s Banda hagos ,I rather be wayane Telalake than to be Banda shabia Telalake like you and Banda’s Banda Brhanu nega ,sisay agana all Banda Esat naftnga .
      Banda Minlke Children. Even though I disagree with wayane about there Ertirea police including Algerians agreement .
      Ethiopia her ports back by any means nessecesry .
      By the way if it wasn’t for Banda Minlke there wouldn’t been Ertirea .
      Banda Minlke sold Tigray land Ethiopia now Ertirea to Italian .i hope Banda hagos you know what Banda Minlke did to Tigray Ethiopia .

  18. Observer says:

    TPLF/EPRDF has regrettably forgone the golden opportunity of jointly working with oppositions so as to mitigate the ever looming of disasters the country is now facing . I am at loss to understand all seats of Addis Ababa were retained by TPLF/EPRDF despite the obvious and growing dissatisfaction among the youth witnessed not only by locals but also by the International community.
    I had hoped at least the second generation TPLF/EPRDFs ie Haile Mariam,Tedros Adhanom, Redwan Hussein and others could have altered this predicted course. Alas…
    The country is at a cross road now and TPLF is now daring to take all the blames by itself . The consequential damages are not limited to TPLF only but also to their cronies and people they claim to represent and Ethiopia at large .
    I wished TPLF/EPRDF could surrender power for democratically elected body preserving their honor and credit ,and setting exemplary deed not only for our country but also for Africa at large.
    This year election heralded the end of election joke and beginning of absolute totalitarianism.

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