Kenyan lawyer offers cows, goats, sheep to marry Malia Obama


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6 Responses

  1. Juma says:

    This is the true testimony how deep they can sink in, how backward they are, how low they can be and how different they are from us even those seem are educated, understanding the law, right from wrong and giving big values for Good manners including respecting another human being. But, they are not. How shameful and pathetic they are.
    The good news is that Nairobi is not closer to the Ethiopian boarder unlike the Tanzanians are facing these garbage and corrupted people. Ask the Tanzanians how they do feel about these people. There is no wonder why the vast majority Tanzanians do not want to have any economic and social ties with them including rejecting EAC.

  2. Bezihu says:

    I don’t even care why the so called lawyer aka backward cow head what has to say, but why people and medias be interested to air this stupid news! So, I wish people leave the president’s family alone.

  3. hhhmmm says:

    Please acknowledge your source, that is plagiarism, the news is not made by you.

    • alula says:

      @hmm, try to smell a coffee before saying something. It says By Todd Leopold (CNN). what does plagiarism got to do with this

  4. ethiio says:

    He is damn like woyane.

  5. Abe says:

    Dawit, why don’t try smale zenawi by give her AK 47 and some bullets as dowry? Or try both mum and daughter with extra hand gun? Azeb mesfin would like that for sure.

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