AwrambaTimes Exclusive: Ginbot 20 and the secret behind EPRDF’s stunning victory, General Samora Speaks (Video)


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16 Responses

  1. Minyewab says:

    Still repeating the same old Woyane story? who do you think would be interested in this moron’s old story, except the likes of you?

  2. Be ewnetu says:

    Dear Dawit, to make your more great contribution for our beloved country try to make clear the audio sound of the web, it’s for the second time that I get difficulty to hear.
    anyway The TPLF elder rebels OLF and EPRP are totally down by weak political strategy and public interest base. Dergue and EPRP were the same coin . communists. but they fight each other. but the smart TPLF was co-ordinate by military with Shaebia to defeat the giant Dergue army, this is the good strategy of straggle for short cut the time and human life. Shaebia had lost his fighters triple than TPLF,

    OLF had more fault of political base. than Shaebia/Eritreans. in history, Oromians are came from out of Ethiopia five century ago. if so how can seek independency if the tribe is immigrant to Ethiopian 3000 yrs own land? with out regional autonomy criteria’s, no known boarder, different cultures and previous administrations,
    But TPLF had support of whole tigrean population, because of aim on the interest of the region. and was merciful on the captured soldiers , not cruel like Shaebians. so can defeat easily any battle, TPLF was not killing the defect and surrender soldiers, so for this military and political tactics is the best contribution of the leaders and fighters..Now they trying to bring back the ancient history of strong and civilized Ethiopia, up for Ethiopianism.
    GOD bless Ethiopia.

  3. gobena says:

    Dawit it looks like you have lost even a drop of truth, and justice………………………………in you shame

  4. Sam says:

    Is it a business of a general to talk about election? Should not be. The army and security supposed to be non-political. I have not read Ethiopian constitution, but I believe it affirms the former statement. The constitution was written when EPDRF was desperately seeking legitimacy from the West, so the constitution, I believe, to be liberal. If it is written today when the Chinese come to be the darling of the regime, the constitution might be totally different. Back to the general. What is he doing? Could he legally be a cadre-general? He sounds like it.. The more you read about this election, the more you believe the opposition parties’ characterization of EPDRF: a shining dictatorial regime which is dressed up in democratic cloth. If EPDRF in the future shreds its fake democratic cloth altogether and declares we no longer believe in democracy, I will not be surprised. It is China time, baby.

  5. Luigi says:

    Thank you so much awramba times for your effort and positive contribution to Ethiopia

  6. selamta says:

    my message to all opposition in one way or another the ruling party is gone win any way
    from start if there were no enough air time they could have just stay out of the contest from the election from the begining .

    leba kegeba dula mansta waga yelewem.
    bayhon washetom awo ashenefual belo be prepare for next election
    and fight fof corruption in comming parilament debat in well manered.
    thats what has to be done.

    we have to show and give this generation some kind of courage how to win while loosing the battel or not loosing the war but advancing in other direction.

    be the first to become the party of the people there is more election to come
    there million supporter of opposition party who needs your help from corruption
    so you are their voice show it in comming pareliament.

    ethiopia will change only through peacefull and understanding one another.

    for me the rulling party done well but corruption is my problem
    if they win well done next time if they wipeout corruption they might win also

    opposition please look for your weak side instead fo other side weaknines.

    leloch hageroch kegna men yimaralu

  7. Visitor says:

    Iran is an ancient country as Ethiopia is. Iran’s population is about 75 million while Ethiopia is 90 million. More than half of Iran territory is desert while Ethiopia has no desert. Ethiopia gets many times more rains than Iran per year.
    Turkey is not an ancient country as Ethiopia and Iran are but the result of the ottoman colonization since the 16 century and created in 1918 by Europeans with the name Turkey. Turkey territory is 2/3 of Ethiopia with 80 million populations.

    When we see between the three, Iran is as usual doing the best while Turkey is not bad but Ethiopia is doing very little comparing her potential to become richer, stronger and better than them.
    Iran is making own weapons including the very modern and sophisticated ones. Iran is not only self sufficient but is exporting weapons. Turkey is also producing some weapons. While Ethiopia is by far depending on imports which is very wrong and must be changed.

    Ethiopian military and scientists must give the highest priorities in order to develop and produce own military equipments and weapons as much as the nation is needed. They also must give the highest priority in cyber warfare where the west is shifting from the field into the web including attacking the nations’ securities, economic installations and creating conflicts among the citizens or between neighboring nations through cyber propaganda war bombardments.

    The Ethiopian military, scientists and government must have the new and modern strategy that would make Ethiopia able totally dependent on her own military capabilities including in the web. Working with China, Russia, Korea and others in this field is a must.

    The cold war stile gorilla fighting what Samora is talking about doesn’t exist in the 21-century anymore. That is history, only the old man can talk about it in order to teach or entertain the children. The gorilla war is no longer in the push relaying on mountains and forests but in the human made jungles as we see the wars in cities all over the Arab cities caused by the wahhabi terrorists supported by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other GCC oil and gas nations ruled by the absolute Dictatorial family line regimes.

    Ethiopia needs to develop her military capabilities the highest levels in all fronts by producing all the necessary equipments particularly those are easy to make but expensive to buy them including Tanks, modern weapons, Military vehicles, Drones, computer ware fares technologies and so on. Look at a very Tiny North Korea as an example and be many times better than them within few years which are very easy easy to achieve because of they are doing those things by themselves not help from God or whatever else.

    • Be ewnetu says:

      Mr Visitor, I think you didn’t visit the Military engineering factory in Debre zeit, Ethiopia is not developed as Iran or Turky, but, except fighter jets, the other drone, armor and weapons are manufactured in the factory, Temamen….

  8. Lama says:

    Once mengestu hilemaryam said” dear, ethiopians, either you like or not, tigrea people will rule you”. I am not a fan of mengestu, but we did fail ethiopia by letting these racist,inferior,and animals people to take over the power. Savageness is in their blood. If ethiopian knowns this, they prefer mengestu 100% than Woyanne. That way people said “don’t come back menge?”. In dereg time, at least the power share by all ethiopian including Tigray. Let’s be honest, these TPLF people think all ethiopian are fools. Military,economy,security,and key places of the country are domniated by Tigray people. Election win by 100%. Half of the country GPD control by one region people. On top of that they don’t want any one dare to speak. Every one is terrorist except their slaves. No freedom of press, every civic organisation is under their control,no independent court system, so is tplf any better of derge? Stop talk about election, it is a process of forcing poor people to chose between death or life. People chose to survive than killed. Gunlection.

    • yeah says:


      what an ignorant person you are “Savageness is in their blood” would that be the leader ship of the 100 years of hat mongers begot people like you who knows how to instil begot, bushing every one and any one. you are here to expose your ignorance for the world to see. what have you done to contribute to the country other than poverty, absolute ignorance, retardation and stupidity.

      should you want derg to come back from dead then let the dead people massacred in Gonder and Addisabeba come back and fight him. Good luck walking with your dead sprit.

  9. Abay says:

    Instead of doing the fairytales that seems happened 100 years ago knowing so many things have gone and countless things are happening for the last 25 years, why don’t you take the country security and diplomatic issues under the defense ministry because of the securities and some embassies mainly in London are not doing their jobs protection the country from the English establishment and Jews evil corporate media wars against Ethiopia run by the Anglo-Saxons and Jews for the sake of money, power and domination motivated by race?
    The English evil Medias and the criminal journalists are the worst enemies Ethiopia is facing them for decades. The English establishment and Jews owned evil corporate Medias and the criminal journalists are doing their satanic best intentionally damaging the country image including bringing the old stories created by them and constantly creating fictional stories in order to satisfy their suffering from hate against Ethiopia.

    We hope at last, Ethiopia may appointed a working and well informed Ethiopian embassy in Moscow, in Russia a country did lots of things to Ethiopia since the Adwa war and trained more than 24 thousands university students for free. Russia is the country Ethiopians are looking with free and happy feeling knowing they are from the paradise side unlike the English and USA that are run by the Jews and Anglo- sextons. We are hoping the new ambassador will make a new and workable restart and warming it up to bring it in to the highest level the relationship with Russia. Russia is as important as China is along side with other nations while avoiding the English and USA that are controlled by 1% of the population unacceptable and dangerous too much involvement in the country personal matters and affaires.

    The same times Ethiopia needs to deal with some her dysfunctional embassies including in London that is there to issue visas to anyone including the evil English journalists and agencies giving them permission to go there, reach any place they want, treating the rural as well as urban citizens as backward animals and the source of their stories and then they are spreading it as if all Ethiopia is that way.

    The Jews and English establishment owned evil corporate medias that are having with the combined of almost trillion dollar are in deep crisis. No one is sitting and waiting them for news anymore but news is everywhere reaching with accurately and on time without distorted, manipulated and poisoned by the Evil Jews and English establishments journalists that were engaged with the news this way for decades in order to maximize their profit and achieve the goals their backers are giving them to attack other nations with lies. They are in crisis they will never recover from. They know that. But as they are evils they will never give up easily but will continue behaving as usual savagely against the nations the English establishment and Jews run USA don’t like them because of they are refusing to kneel down and lost themselves for the sake of these evils affecting the world for centuries started from slavery, occupations and colonization.

    The Ethiopian military is doing its job perfectly but not the securities and foreign ministry where the embassies do belong including that in London. Why is Ethiopia and Ethiopians are allowing the English establishment-USA/Jewish (don’t forget Reuters is also owned by a Canadian Jewish billionaire) owned evil corporate medias in the country knowing they are there for bad and negative reasons against the country. BBC, Guardian and many many other evil English medias including newspapers, and the Jewish owned medias such as CNN, Reuters, Bloomberg, the economist(from England), FT, WSJ and many more are worse than any foreign military force against the nation. They are the media terrorists trained, always ready and wishing to affect the nations as worst and widespread as possible using the kind of weapons of mass destruction type of Medias.

    Take for instance the two Jewish Journalists in Ethiopia one from Bloomberg and the other from Reuters. These two foreigners are there for years but doing the same thing using different Medias both owned by the Jews. 4 months ago, one started to spread his lies including saying the Ethiopian population is 94 million adding 4 million just like that. . Then after a week, the other one came with another figure and said it is 95 million. Last week another one said it is 96 million. Within a week that was yesterday, the same Jews so called journalist from Bloomberg said it is 97 million.

    However, the true figure is about 90 million. You can understand from this behavior how dangerous and liars they are particularly talking about the issues there is no figure to verify when you know they are playing with actual figures. This shows they have no what so ever respect or fear towards the Ethiopian people but treating them like ants and termites playing on them with the number games.

    Waiting to find/see some courageous Ethiopians that would confront the English and Jews owned USA and other English speaking evil corporate Medias and criminal journalists. waiting to see free and clean Ethiopia from so called aid agencies, NGOs, Charities, foundations and so on from these two countries run by far by the Jewish working for the agenda of the corporations mostly owned by the Jewish and Anglo- sextons that are having their own agenda and plan against our population and are working for it till now with no confrontation coming from the people. Because the government is doing nothing to protect the people. Even there are mercenaries in Ethiopia from disbelievers USA and UK telling the orthodox Christians to abandon their own forefather own creations ancient religion and become part of the guy and Homo money minded Pentecost or whatever name they have.

    They are so coward, they even don’t say a word about anything bad they are doing against the Christians towards the Muslims, but they are targeting and badly affecting the sheep and dumb Ethiopian Christians who have no idea about the evil and money minded nature of these racist and evil creatures coming from England and USA. However, they coming to Ethiopia before doing anything else about the inhuman and worst treatments of millions of blacks in America? Millions of Americans most of them blacks are in jail while even the cops are killing them daily as if it is doing a shooting exercise on them.

    The point is that Ethiopia must stop the English establishment and Jews owned evil corporate Medias that are at war against Ethiopia trying to damage the country image on daily basis thinking this way they could damage the country relationship with other nations in a way that would lead with less foreign investment, tourism and affect the relationship. However, Ethiopia needs none of them. She must be feeling glad if the English (not Scottish and others) and corporate Jewish from USA and elsewhere leave her alone and stay away forever. They are the only problems and difficulties she is facing for decades including them being in the politics affecting her in many ways with cases reaching as far as to the UN.

    Ethiopia needs to intensify her relationship with useful and trustworthy nations like the great China, Russia, Japan, Korea, India, Germany, Italy, with the real French people and many other nations while avoiding and protecting herself from the Anglo-USA/Jewish difficulties and problems she is facing for decades. The Jew (not necessarily from Israel) will be the greatest fret and problems to Ethiopia in the future if they are allowed to get their ways in the country. So, Christian and Muslim Ethiopians must know that and have to do something about it before it is too late. Learn from history in Europe including Germany, Poland and Russia, how is their presence affecting the nations and citizens. Learn the 1920s Germany including in Berlin where all human values were gone that became one of the reasons why the Nazis were against them.

    Since the Second World War, Germany became safe, free, prosperous and itself with acceptable human norms and values. And on the other hand look at USA sever since the end of the Second World War. Who is responsible for? who is controlling Hollywood, media, entertainments and other criminal and inhuman activities that are becoming part of the society and they are looking other nations to accept them, too including the guy and lesbian things like imported pesticide products.

    Stop the English establishment evil media corporations and criminal Journalists most of them are the Jews. Stop the so called aid agencies, charities, NGO, foundations and so on coming from these two nations. Teach and aware the people about these very dangerous and long time enemies to confront them rather than being ignorant and friendly towards them while they are there for bad and negative reasons against Ethiopia purely for their own agenda and the agenda of those behind them. These people and corporations are evils have nothing to offer or deliver to Ethiopia but as usual affecting her in many ways, forms and shapes coming from all directions pretending they are peaceful, useful and innocent while they are full of demons and evils love to see the citizens suffer and destruction of the country.

    The Ethiopian securities need to learn from the military and must protect the nation from foreign enemies that are coming in the country including in the name of media and journalism. The Ethiopian foreign ministry must learn from defense ministry and must do its job or must leave the very important job to those can do it with the highest standards.

  10. Tatek says:

    Welcome to the land of Communist EPRDF where fear reigns over liberty, coercion reigns over persuasion, sword reigns over pen and loyalty to Communism and EPRDF reigns over competence, professionalism and National interest. Making a slightly biased and partisan political comment was more than enough a reason to warrant the resignation of a Military official in a democracy — but testament to the opposition’s inference that Ethiopia under the rule of Communist EPRDF is a totalitarian dictatorship ruled at gun point, the World has witnessed Chief of General Staff of the TPLF Defense Forces, General Samora Yenus, lecture senior party brass about the success of Communist EPRDF. History was crystal clear that the TPLF and its then jungle allies were far more beneficiaries of providence ( Dergu’s own political miscalculation in executing its top Generals following the unsuccessful coup attempt in 1989 and the West’s resolve and determination to get rid of Mengistu’s regime — including their success in convincing the Soviets to suspend Military and strategic Aid to Mengist’s forces) than any military patriotism and /or popularity of the TPLF and its then allies as distortingly portrayed by General Samora. The TPLF/EPRDF in this 24th Anniversary of their so called victory over the Dergue, have been attempting to spin the course of history by deliberately lying that EPRDF’s popularity and patriotism were the chief reasons why Ethiopia escaped the possible curse of disintegration. Nothing could be further from the truth. If the TPLF in its wildest dreams attempted to downplay the political euphoria of the time in ‘self-determination’ and even whispered, much less declared, that Eritrea wouldn’t be allowed to break up, or Oromia wouldn’t be allowed to separate, the EPLF and OLF would surely form an alliance and crush the TPLF like rats, and ultimately we wouldn’t have a country today. For that I thank God and both the Eritreans and the TPLF for choosing the course of cooperation rather than confrontation at the time —though I know that they all followed that route for their own political reasons rather than to save Ethiopia. Where is Mesfin Bezu and his partisan slogan, WHY LYING? If he indeed loved Ethiopia, history requires him to straighten records when they are bent not only by the inconvenient opposition, but also by his Communist allies at Arat kilo. Where is Awramba Times and its ‘We Value Impartiality’ slogan coming to Ethiopia’s Aid and telling its ‘Wedy’s’ to get out of a boat of fabricated nonsense? Having said these, it is also vital to see what Ethiopia has achieved in the last 24 years of EPRDF rule. As PM Hailemaraim had stated on his interview with al – Jazeera just days before the Election, the World understands that Ethiopia’s journey to democracy and transparency is a ‘house in the making’, to put in the PM’s own words. But 24 years down the Road, has anything been achieved? Rather than showing any progress in all fronts of Democratic journey, Ethiopia had descended to absolute dictatorship, massive corruption, authoritarianism, patronage, partisanship, Communism and one party rule. In the Economic front, the country became one of the Heavily – Indebted poor Country in the World with the National Debt standing at over Birr 300 Billion and counting; the nation earmarking 40% of its Annual Budget to servicing Foreign debt and receiving over 35% of its annual budget in Foreign budget – supplement non-stop. Massive growth in the size of the Federal Govt and massive regulation and Govt red tape have been significantly stifling national productivity, eliminating competition, discouraging investment and evading Ethiopians’ privacy in all aspects of their daily lives. Contrary to EPRDF claims and its Communist Media’s portrayals that a big Govt is an answer to all the problems the country faces, Ethiopians need to understand that a Govt that is too big to give them everything they wanted, if indeed possible, could also take away everything that they had.

    History will never forget that EPRDF is a Govt that used Ethiopia’s dark past and the gulf between our people for its own dirty political advantage with the full backing of its Communist Media, and it is so sad that contrary to what our forefathers left us as a binding legacy of unshakable bond of unity in any adversity that we faced as a nation — too often we seem to honor swagger and bluster and the wielders of force; too often we excuse those who are willing to build their own fortunes on the shattered dreams of others, but as Ethiopia keeps going down the drain, the regime and its Communist allies in the Media have every reason to dance so long as their interest is safe.

    • Abay says:

      You must be stupid and badly brainwashed making you thinking communism is bad if it was allowed to be implemented and worked based on its principles. However, the imperialists and capitalists that are less than 1% of the population in the west (USA, England and Israel) are controlling 80% of the wealth, 90% of power, 99% of corporate medias and 100% of financial sources and activities including the criminal banks, financial markets, organizations including WTO, institutions and so on, are always fight against any system that is working for the majority/humanity including communism.

      They are talking none stop about democracy. But they are against the citizens’ participation democratic process and development activities. They are using democracy to steal the people vote where very few are voting through lies and money. Then they continue doing as business as usual until the next term that is working against the citizens for the few benefits. Lobbying is the worst and highest level of corruption they are doing legally and openly in public. If anything is working for them, there is always nothing wrong with it. But if it is against their interest including in other countries, everything is bad, negative and wrong that must be destroyed and those behind it must be eliminated.

      How come any system or government be proud on itself while the nation wealth, power, media and so on is in the hands of the very few in the name of privatization? USA, Israel and England are number one, two and three in the entire world with inequality. Yet, they are preaching the rest mainly weak nations to accept their way of governors and systems.

      Yet, you worthless brainwashed ignorant animal are thinking communism that is meant to work and benefit the majority is bad if it was left alone by the Jewish lead imperialists and capitalists from USA and England.

      You can cry or paint the dirty shit you are getting constantly from them. But in Ethiopia you are nothing. Do you think the world is under one world order system or as they call it NWO where they are the leaders and beneficiaries while the rest of the world are just herd of animals under their private ownership? No. The world is shaping very naturally and decisively every day shifting towards the East and South where China, Russia and many other nations including those were considered as slaves and suffered under colonization are taking the lead. if you still are stupid and ignorant being the worst victim of their none stop propaganda telling you how they are strong, rich, doing well and everything with them is perfect while intentionally and continuously damaging other nations and undermining the citizens targeting those are doing well using their own corporate media, you need to know you are in hell till the rest of your worthless existence. .

      Communists are working for the majority. What about the Imperialists and capitalists you seem are a victim to their fictional stories, none stop lies and empty propaganda wars capable of doing anything bad and negative against others based on their private benefit? They are not producing and creating real wealth and economy but stealing billion from the hard working people through manipulation, distortion, whitewashing and other criminal activities engaging with banks, financial resources, and sources, corporate medias that are doing gossips and evil activities about others while making billions, and companies and other sectors that are not creating the real economy but the best place to spread corruption, lies, manipulation, cheating and stealing.

      EPRDF is neither communist, capitalist nor whatever name they are having but committed to benefit the people and country that are the worst and longest victims of the imperialists mainly from USA and England that are targeting them while treating the people like worthless have no rights even in their own country to make their things by themselves. They are there telling us how poor and weak we are, and how many problems we do face and they are there to solve those things. They are talking the same things for decades being there using the weaknesses and shortages as best opportunities to be there as long as it takes in order to implement their secretive damaging agenda on us.

      Do you think they really do care about us? No. Look how they are treating blacks there despite they are speaking the same language, they have the same citizenship right, and in general they have many things in common. But, they don’t see and accept them that way because of they are deeply racists against the blacks and greedy imperialists against all the citizens that are 99% of the population. . Don’t be stupid. When they want you to accept what they are telling you or follow them when they lead you is not about you always them.

      What they hate to see in Ethiopia the most is a strong, united, wise, determine and patriotic government, informed and well aware society and prosperity. If those things are happening the people would know them how evil and racist they are and exposing the reason they are there is not to help but for their own agenda and plan against the citizens using charities, NGO, Foundations, Peace core and so on pretending as if they are there to help.

      Witnessing Africa and black people in peace, unity, prosperity and progress is the last thing even they are thinking about to see happen. They think Africa belongs to them and the people are animals they can do anything they want against them the same way including we are witnessing at least the last 10-5 years targeting the Christians in the Highland in many ways.

      We know who are they? The English, English- sax tons from USA and … and of course the Jews from those nations seem they are always taking the lead about anything including in the name of UN (those females) when it comes to Ethiopia.

      You must be stupid. or else, you would know the real and very serious issues Ethiopia is facing which is not coming within but particularly from the above mentioned nations where those Ethnic groups are the main if not the only actors.

      The only answer and solution Ethiopia has is always relaying on herself and work hard in order to be free from any economic, political or security dependency on the above mentioned people. They are using those issues as best opportunities in order to continue treating us like herd of animals under their ownership to do anything bad and negative they want against us. This is what they are doing coming in the county by themselves in the name of Media, Journalists, Charities, NGO, Aid agencies, Foundations, peace core and so on.

      Ethiopia must well develop her agriculture sectors and other important sectors that are making the nation free from being dependent on the fierce enemies and racists that have no what so ever respect, feeling and values towards us but they are there for bad and negative reasons against us. In the 21-century, nations like Ethiopia must rely on themselves while working together with useful and trusted nations that are plenty these days.

      As long as England and USA under the Jewish leadership are continuing doing freely their involvement and interference directly and indirectly against Ethiopia, be sure, the situation will get from bad to worst that would lead to become a failed state. This is the last lot any nation gets in the end when it allows itself in to that situation instead of doing the rights things from the start and avoids them having any meaningful involvement in the country matters. This is the only solution to fight them back from the begging rather than acting as friends and allies allowing them to control the nation and society to the very details allowing them slowly but surely taking the nation to hell where in the end becoming the failed nation and society.

      Look how they are treating blacks in their own country that are having the same citizenship right, speaking the same language and having lots of things in common. So, do you think, they really do care about any Black Country and nation in Africa or elsewhere? If the Russians, Germans, Italians, real French people, and others are saying or doing, we can have the reason to believe them telling the truth and doing the right things. But not England and Jew lead USA. China, Russia, Japan, Korea, India and many nations are always there very visible, in front, capable, ready and willing to benefit us and it is going on very well for years and it must and will continue for decades getting better and better every time.

      Clean your mind and be a normal and capable at least a human being if it is difficult for you to be a good, wise and useful citizen. Mind you, Ethiopia has 90 million citizens and you are just one of them with equal rights if not less because of you are not there and also you are behaving very badly.

  11. Tatek says:

    ( It is to be noted that there will be NO further replies to this post!!)
    It appears that the above comment was directed at me, though it is apparent from the content that appears day in and day out in response to completely unrelated posts that the writer had some sort of anti-Semitic and anti-West sentiments that have come to cloud his personal face to a point of full blindness. He appears to praise Communism — which the world had long rejected and thrown to the ash heap of history. This person called me ‘worthless, brainwashed, ignorant animal’. I don’t know if such slurs in any way fit any semblance of human description, but the aim of the person writing it is clear that he was attempting to injure my personal feelings to his utmost trial. Let me reiterate that I wouldn’t allow this to happen one iota and this wouldn’t in any way describe me, and as such, had nothing to do with me as a person. In the contrary, the utterance only undresses the low personality, despicability, irrationality and low level status of this person in society, who doesn’t give a damn so long as his belly is full. Only complete losers who are at war with their inner self, with no human face and at war with the entire world and possibly with some sort of excruciating mental illness vomit such slurs in public. As I could see from his writing, which is the same content day in and day out no matter what the topic in question is, this person has allowed his blurred vision of the World to define his world affairs and his satanic pride in hallucinations and contempt for those who differ with him had long overcome his ability to tell right from wrong and fantasy from reality. In his world of day dreams and blurred reality, he appears to blurt that somehow if the West, led by the United States attempted to confront his Communist Masters, the Chinese would come to his Masters’ help. Good dream but fact is, though there is no denying that the Chinese are becoming a major power both economically and Militarily, the notion that China is currently strong enough to claim that it was the other big bull in a World of ‘two bulls in a single cow shed’ is a dream shared only by this complete schizophrenic loser. Yes, China has produced so many millionaires, perhaps billionaires in the last few decades and will continue to do so. But it is worth noting that China has still hundreds of millions of people who still live far below poverty line and it takes them several decades to uplift these people from where they are right now. On top of this, while Chinese produce several goods for cheap that appears appealing to Western markets, Chinese producers are not the consumers of their produce – this leaving China at the mercy of Western buyers for several decades to come. If the West for any reason decides to stop purchasing Chinese products, as has happened against Russia, the Chinese are toast — not to mention China’s inferior Military capability to confront the United States to be counted as a global super power any time soon. If the Chinese were indeed a Super power, where were they when US naval Air crafts were constantly flying deep into Chinese Airspace in the last few weeks defying Chinese radars? Why didn’t they come out and confront the other bull who was taking over their cow in their full sight? The other disturbing issue this Schizophrenic mentions in every post in this partisan media is his deep seated hatred for the Liberal media, Scholars, Entrepreneurs and successful institutions, on baseless premises that they stand for racism. This is also a ridiculous misrepresentation of facts. It is these same liberal institutions, and not Communist CCTV, EBC, Walta Information Center and other Communist mouthpieces that undressed the facts relating to the Rwandan genocide, the endemic and institutionalized rape and extermination in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the problems plaguing Somalia and the deadly Ebola outbreak in West Africa — when the African Union and African dictators, Ethiopia included, were accusing the West of the excesses of the Colonial era that had ended over 50 years ago in most African countries. If Africa is unhappy about Western way of life and doesn’t want any bilateral cooperation with the West, I don’t think that was loosening the ground under the feet of the West after all , mainly in light of the fact that Africa’s contribution to the global economy is still under 2%. But the reality is that that isn’t how the World system works in an era of increasing globalization where boundaries and protectionism are fast becoming irrelevant.

    As Schizophrenic as he is, I am not convinced this view belongs solely to this loser schizophrenic and insane Communist bastard as it is highly likely that this is the view of his Communist Masters at Arat kilo and that of its ‘Developmental Media’ — including Awramba Times. It is Communists’ culture to call the West Imperialist aggressors and profit seekers as the former cling to the fantasy of Communist triumph over democracy, but humanity’s march to freedom and democracy that left Marxist-Leninism on the ash heap of history continues to shine across the globe and those who still dream of stopping it using ‘internal prerogatives’ as a license to circumvent public will should take note that they will be confronted, apprehended and defeated.

  12. Genamo Beriso says:

    Mr Be Ewnetu!

    I think ur ideology is so dangerous for the unity of this country. I used to be political person but this days im reconsidering my position to defend the right of the people im concerned. You bring nothing but haterness among the people that is again dangerous. I have a feeling you dont know Oromo and the poltical dynamics on the ormo.
    who is Oromo? the peop;e represent 50% of the total puplation of the country. see u on the other front

  13. Genamo Beriso says:

    Mr Be Ewnetu!

    I think ur ideology is so dangerous for the unity of this country. I used to be political free person but this days im reconsidering my position to defend the right of the people im concerned. You bring nothing but haterness among the people that is again dangerous. I have a feeling you dont know Oromo and the poltical dynamics on the ormo.
    who is Oromo? the peop;e represent 50% of the total puplation of the country. see u on the other front

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