Ethiopia 8th largest FDI Recipient in Africa


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4 Responses

  1. Observer says:

    Good News !
    Let us make constant improvements in our daily operations as there is always something to improve .Fight red tapes and corruption with serious determination.
    let us be more inclusive .That is the key to development of our beloved country .

  2. ethiio says:

    8th in FDI but we are on the bottom when it comes to Technology, Poverty and Famine. you call this development? WOW!

  3. bb says:

    Dear ethiio, do you mean there is no a better change in Ethiopia! you must be kidding me I assume you haven’t visit Ethiopia recently if not please go and check the real Ethiopia today not the old one.

  4. wubit says:

    We the Ethiopians are our own enemy finding fault in whats taking place in our country in all directions. There are a lots of good things taking place in our country at least appreciate it or find solutions to the problem would help. Otherwise you are not better than the enemies.

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