Why The Economist want to meddle too low in Ethiopian domestic politics


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31 Responses

  1. Alemayehu Shiferaw Gebreab from Obis trading Addis Ababa says:


    CNN recently reported how Ethiopian government is feeding India in the article titled
    ” The African country helping India feed 1.2 billion people ”

    Philipinnes is in line since Ethiopian Airlines start to fly to Manila . Philipines people will be happy to be fed by Ethiopia too. The Philipines economist are in an effort to contact Ethiopia’s government investement ministry to get as much land as they can for cheap .

  2. Be ewnetu says:

    It’s not surprise. Ethiopia has experienced for many years, remember Gibe lll. how the media was criticized for Birds-Safety than humans benefits. the Gambela agriculture investment called it as a “Land-grab” the our own territories. but they never mention of the Land-grab of whole Africa by European colonization, they never announces the first class world heritage of the Axum mysterious obslike and Lalibela rock-crafted Churches,but for Great-wall and Pyramids which is nothing wonder just building, while some of them killing thousands by bombing other countries they criticized Ethiopia for single jailed person.. while they spent billions of dollars for terrorists and choes still defying the Anti-terrorist law in Ethiopia in the name of ” HUMAN RIGHT”….. anyway the bias article and news is not only for Ethiopia. also for whole world which is not friendly with the media. so y u wonder????

  3. Bisrat Daba says:

    As always, woyane is in denial. The World knows the truth about what is going on in Ethiopia. It is just a matter of time that the thugs controlling everything will harvest the fruit of their greediness.

    99% the army generals are from one ethnic group. 100% of the security apparatus is controlled by one ethnic group. More than 50% of the economy is controlled by EFFORT which belongs to Tigray according to Sebhat Nega. The list keeps going. This is not only unfair but also very dangerous. But unfortunately, woyane is in denial; they think this will keep going forever. There will be a time that these non-sense and greediness will come to an end. I hope there will be a soft landing, but I think the culmination of woyane’s greed will be very ugly. I am afraid it will cost the Ethiopian people a lot unless woyane comes to its senses sooner than later.

    • Alex Tegegn says:

      Bisrat Daba, Abebe Gelebaw You are really trying hard to defame this government by any means. The registered economic growth, by your little head had no place. But the reality on the ground proves that to the contrary. Every body knows the newspapers like the Economist, the Guardian and so on will get information from the so called journalists like you. They are serving their corporate interest by the name of free media. They are against the hydro electric power of Gilgal gibe by the name of human rights. But the real cause is the Brits they have big vegetable and fruit plantation, which exports fresh veg to England. This plantation is owned by British company and it is located nearby lake Turkana. That’s the main reason for their objection of the project. To do their dirty job there are dogs like you to do the job. Why they worry about the telecom and banking, if they really want to lift the country from deep poverty. Those Giant corporations are in need of market to be controlled by them and grab the country resources. So shut the Hell up u stinky Gondere. EPRDF IS THE ONE LEAD ING THIS GREAT COUNTRY NOT WOYANE. YOU DIDN’T CREATE NEWS RECENTLY TO BE ON THE SPOTLIGHT. ARE YOU WAITING UNTIL ST GABRIEL TELL U. ESAT IS NOT HAPPEN TO BE HAPPY BY THE OUT COME OF THE ELECTION.

      • bisrat daba says:

        Alex Tegegn,

        Are you really serious to claim that EPRDF is the one leading the country? You must be joking!!! In fact, there are a bunch of morons surrounding woyane, but all the decisions are being made by woyane. You know this deep inside, but you prefer to deny. Denial may work for a certain period of time, but it can not be effective forever; remember the key word her is FOREVER. You also mentioned about the economic miracle, whose economy are you talking about; woyane’s economy or ordinary Ethiopian’s economy? Why don’t you tell me about the cost of living? Isn’t the economy growing miraculously supposed to produce more food to eat, more water to drink, more electricity to consume? For sure, there are roads, buildings and other infrastructures financed by aid and debt, but what purpose are they going to serve if ordinary people are suffering? Of course, they are very useful to to keep EFFORT’s business going. Of course, they are being instrumental to rob the people of Ethiopia. By the way, woyane has been a conduit between donors and these aid-financed infrastructures. Pick one of these projects and check how it is financed and who does the work…aid/loan from China and the work has been done China. You don’t see the role of woyane, but these infrastructures are being used as a means of deceit and survival for woyane. When people talk about human rights and freedom, you guys talk about economy. It used to be democracy that woyane was talking about day and night to deceive the world. After the slogan of democracy has terribly failed since 2005 election, now is the time for economy being used to deceive the world. If you truly believe that the people are beneficiary of your “economic miracle”, why don’t you set them free? why do you need to incarcerate journalists, bloggers and political leaders? I know that you will say ‘they are terrorists’, but their only crime is being courageous enough to express their different views which woyane doesn’t like. Anyways, the issue is not about stuff, it is about human dignity. We need freedom, justice, equality and citizenship.

        Finally, you still believe that I am Abebe Gelaw; I wish I was. I wish I was the one protesting against the late dictator Meles Zenawi. If you remember, I advised you to chanage course on nazret.com, but it looks like you are still stuck. May God help you!

        • kind says:

          bisirat deba i think you don’t know what really democracy is even don’t you know about other endowments like EFFORT why you keep silent about them? you know why you are not caring about democracy or any other economic progress of the country rather who is ruling and who is on the power. and you are denying that all Ethiopian has a chair on the parliament through their representative never ever before even though there are some obstacles which could be solved through trickle down.

          • bisrat daba says:


            One of the pillars of democracy is “majority rule and minority right”. It is quite the opposite in Ethiopia of yours; minority rule and majority oppression. That is why woyane’s slogan of democracy has terribly failed. I know that a bunch of self-serving people coming from all corners of Ethiopia are in the so called Parliament, but the Parliament has no teeth to bite. Those folks are there to approve whatever agenda woyane has. If this is representative democracy for you, good luck with your denial. Finally, about EFFORT – an organized corruption machinery which has been robbing the people. Yes, I know that there are other associations in the name of Oromo, Amhara, etc. They are created for the purpose of camouflaging EFFORT. They are often used to counter arguments against EFFORT – that is what you just did. The reality is that they are nowhere near to EFFORT in terms of number of companies, capital size, employment opportunity and diversity. I invite you to read this research paper (http://www.institutions-africa.org/filestream/20110822-appp-rr02-rethinking-business-politics-in-ethiopia-by-sarah-vaughan-mesfin-gebremichael-august-2011). I am not endorsing the paper, however, it has a lot of good information about the endowments. Here is what it says on page 56: “4 Other endowments and endowment-linked companies
            Whilst this study does not explore in detail the three other regional endowment funds which
            own businesses in Amhara (The Amhara National Regional Rehabilitation and Development
            Fund, known as Endeavour or Tiret), Oromia (Tumsa Endowment Foundation for the
            Development of Oromia) and the SNNPRS (Wendo),53 they operate along similar
            organisational lines to EFFORT, albeit (with the exception of Tumsa’s very large trade and
            export activities) on a significantly smaller scale. Tiret and its companies, for instance, employ
            only 2,800 staff (interview), as compared with the more than 14,000 permanent employees or
            34,000 contract staff of EFFORT and its companies. Although all three run a number of
            lucrative trading and transport businesses, none of them plays as important a relative
            economic or social role in their respective region as EFFORT does in Tigray, and only Tiret
            seems to have significant investment in manufacturing plant. “

  4. Daniel Essex says:

    Well, in that case, The Economist reporter responsible for that story should stand trial in a court of proper jurisdiction in Ethiopia for acts of terrorism and The Economist should be barred from circulation in Ethiopia.

  5. Observer says:

    ‘ካማኝ የነገረኝ ‘ እንዲሉ ነገሩን ከማናፈስ ሌላ ጽሁፉ የፈየደው ነገር የለም..
    ባለንበት የስልጣኔ ዘመን መረጃ ተደብቆ አይቆይም.ማንም ሀገር ለሜድያ ትችት የተጋለጠ ነው .
    በተለይም እንደ ኢኮኖሚስት ያሉ ታዋቂ መጽሄቶችን በሀገር ውስጥ እንደለመድነው የገሌ ፓርቲ ደጋፊ, የገሌ ጉዋደኛ ,የሻቢያ …ወዘተ ወኪል ብሎ ለመፈረጅ መሞከር አላዋቂነትን በአደባባይ ማሳወቅ ነው.
    ይልቅስ ‘መሪዎቻችን’ ሙገሳን ለ ETV ትተው የተጠቀሱትን ነጥቦች ችላ ሳይሉ በሚኒስትሮች ምክር ቤትም ሆነ በፓርቲ ስብሰባ ተወያይቶ አስቸኩዋይ እርምት እርምጃ መውሰድ ነው.ለ press ትልቅ ዋጋ እንስጥ !የስህተት ሁነኛ መስተዋት ነውና!

  6. Observer says:

    በነገራችን መጽሄቱ በዚሁ ቅጽ ስለ ኢትዮጵይ ብቻ ሳይሆን ስለ ግብጽ,ደቡብ አፍሪካ,ቦትስዋና,ናይጄሪያ ,ስለ አፍሪካ ኢኔርጂ አትቶአል .
    እኛን ለይቶ ብቻ ትኩረት የሰጠበት ሁኔታ አይደለም. መቼም ስለሌላው ህገር የጻፈውም በ’OLF’,G7…sympathizers ተገፋፍቶ አይመስለኝም .

  7. Zellalem says:

    The economist is one of the main financial, economical, political and social terrorists its root started ways back since slavery, colonization, cold war and till today. It is the oldest terrorist group the English establishment is using as weapon of mass destruction against the world making that Little England establishment from the North corner of Europe able to destroy the world and cause so many sufferings for more than 500 years.

    Refer the Rothschild family (Jews from Germany where the 5 sons went to five nations which is to France, England, Austria, Italy and the one remained in Germany. Then the five managed to make Europe fight against each other for centuries while they were creating hostilities among Europeans within and between nations with lies and propaganda games of the times and financing all the wars and conflicts being in all sides. They were the main players during slavery, the occupation of new continents with crimes against humanity including The Americans and Australia natives and latter on colonization in Africa and Asia.

    They were the main players during the cold war era and they are still with us today doing the same thing but nothing is happening against them at least stopping the Jew lead Anglo-Saxons evil corporate medias and the racists and criminal journalists coming in our country by themselves just for bad and negative reasons against us. It is worse than allowing an enemy foreign force to invade, humiliate and destroy us. Because these evils are doing corporate media wars against the whole nation for decades coming in the country freely, stays in our hotels acting as Gods, reaching any place they wants, meeting any stupid person they are looking, the stupid and ignorant people including shameful so called politicians and scholars are giving anything they want which is free raw materials to use it against all Ethiopians using their liar, biased and greedy corporate medias that are worse than the weapons of mass destructions.

    As long as the government, so called scholars, journalists and the people are not totally rejecting and stopping the western corporate medias and criminal journalists that are by enlarge owned by the Jews and Anglo- Saxons and the journalists are also by far the Jews from England, USA, France, Australia and Canada, be sure, these evils will continue affecting us in many ways worse than what they are doing so far till they get control us and own our country as private property using junk money in the name of privatization, Globalization and free trade all is created by them for their own benefit at the expense of the rest. Reuters, Bloomberg, Guardian, BBC, Wall Street Journal and many more that are currently in Ethiopia and owned and run by the Jews lead Anglo-Saxons are doing just for that long term agenda and plan in our country.

    They have no what so ever respect towards us because of we are allowing them freely, openly and happily to interfere in our internal matters and affect us in many ways for so long being also in the country. Stop trusting them for anything and being friendly towards them but treat them as the worst enemies and criminals having very nasty and evil long term agendas and plans against us in our nation with goals to get the nation as private property in the name of privatization buying the it with nothing but using the toilet look like money calling it hard currency they are accumulating through criminal activities using banks, insurances, telecom businesses, stock exchanges, and other financial criminal activities that are allowing them to cheat the world through lies, manipulations and propaganda without doing any real job that is creating values and economical activities.

    Services are the main sectors they are looking and using to loot the citizens without doing any real job. Ethiopia needs no one from abroad as an investor or whatever name it is having in the service sectors but manufacturing that is creating jobs, wealth and developing the economy while transferring new knowledge to the citizens. No need having any foreign investment in the service sectors. Never ever allow any foreign financial sector/service including Private equity fund investment in the country.

    This is not the way to create the real and stable economy and getting new knowledge but handing over the nation to those having junk money and this way they will benefit in the form of shares, profits or interest not because of they are working but their junk money is working for them in other countries which is the worst thing can do any nation against own citizens and the future of the nation for the sake of the evil foreign criminals that are committing crimes in the name of Globalization, investment, privatization and free trade while doing nothing practical but collecting huge profits through criminal activities.

    the economist is the judo-English establishment alliance responsible for crimes against humanity and nature in many ways. It is a mass destruction weapon the Judo-English establishments are using against the weak, poor and world in general for their own private benefit and advantage with no respect or remorse what is happening against the world and nature because of them. ISIS, Al Qaida, Boko haram, Al Shabab and all other terrorist groups created by them are less criminals than the economist and its look likes from London and New York mostly owned and operated by the Jewish and Anglo-Saxons greedy and racists imperialists and criminal journalists.

    Just few facts among the many about the economist:

    The Economist is an English-language weekly newspaper owned by the Economist Group and edited in offices in London. The Economist Newspaper Limited, trading as The Economist Group, is a multinational media company headquartered in London, United Kingdom which specializes in international business and world affairs information. Its principal activities are magazines, newspapers, conferences and market intelligence.

    The Economist Group is 50% owned by Pearson PLC via The Financial Times Limited. The bulk of the remaining shares are held by individual shareholders including the Cadbury, Rothschild, Schroder, Agnelli and other family interests as well as a number of staff and former staff shareholders. The Economist Group operates as a separate and independent business.

    Pearson PLC is a British multinational publishing and education company headquartered in London. It is the largest education company and the largest book publisher in the world.
    Pearson holds 47% in Penguin Random House, the world’s largest consumer book publisher, and 50% stake in the Economist Group, the publishing group which specialises in international business.
    Pearson has a primary listing on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. It has a secondary listing on the New York Stock Exchange in the form of American Depository Receipts.

    * The Cadbury family is a prominent British family of industrialists descending from Richard Tapper Cadbury

    *House of Rothschild” redirects here. For the film, see The House of Rothschild. For other uses, see Rothschild
    The Rothschild family is a family descending from Mayer Amschel Rothschild, a court Jew to the German Landgraves of Hesse-Kassel, in the Free City of Frankfurt, who established his banking business in the 1760s.[1] Unlike most previous court Jews, Rothschild managed to bequeath his wealth, and established an international banking family through his five sons.[2]

    Five lines of the Austrian branch of the family have been elevated to Austrian nobility, being given five hereditary titles of Barons of the Habsburg Empire by Emperor Francis II in 1816. Another line, of the British branch of the family, was elevated by Queen Victoria, who granted the family two hereditary titles of Baronet (1847)[3] and Baron (1885).[4]

    During the 19th century, when it was at its height, the Rothschild family is believed by some to have possessed the largest private fortune in the world, as well as the largest private fortune in modern world history.

    *Schroders plc is a British multinational asset management company, founded in 1804. The company employs over 3,500 people worldwide across 37 offices in 27 different countries around Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East. Headquartered in the City of London, it is traded on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. Schroders has two share classes: voting shares (SDR.L) and non-voting shares (SDRC.L).Schroders bears the name of the Schröder family, a prominent Hanseatic family of Hamburg with branches in other countries.

    *Exor S.p.A. (stylized EXOR) is an Italian-based investment company controlled by the Agnelli family (24th in the 2013 Fortune Global 500 list). The firm dates back to 1927 when Giovanni Agnelli formed Istituto Finanziario Italiano (IFI) to manage his investments in Fiat, Cinzano and other companies, as well as his interests in the village of Sestriere. Exor is the controlling shareholder of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, CNH Industrial (formed by the merger of Fiat Industrial and CNH) and of Cushman & Wakefield (the world’s largest privately held real estate services company). Shares in the company are listed on the Borsa Italiana and are a constituent of the FTSE MIB index.

    * other family interests as well as a number of staff and former staff shareholders.

    • John says:

      Well,Mr Zelealem copied and pasted what is largely available on google,you even recommended a film titled the house of Rosechield for us to see.Let me recomend you another documentary that focuses on them.Money Masters.Mr Zelealem,you also wrote an article about the election on Nzret.com in which you simplified everything into black,white and grey.
      In conclusion,if those people and institution are againest the Ethiopian Government,even the US and Britain can not save it.

  8. merdasa says:

    What a lot of non sense you can read on this website. It is just a big garbage bin. Isn’t it Dawit? and you are in the middle of it.

  9. YonasS says:

    I only keep Ethiopia First!
    By the way I found the article below interesting….What are we doing? Are we simply consuming Information or cultivating Knowledge? Read it please…

    Good day nice posts and comments are coming….let everyone take it higher… no hidden agenda, no divide&rule no mind corruption no governor or opposition siding when it comes to OUR COUNTRY….ETHIOPIA

  10. hagos says:

    is a lie tigres are not in control?
    is a lie security official are a law to themselves?
    so The economist is G7 or shabia..arrest them and take them to maekelawi

  11. Bruk says:

    Just put aside what they are saying and ask why they are saying about those things in the “article” they have nothing to do with it? Ask also why the Jews and their allies with ….; the Anglo -Saxons including from England, USA, Canada and Australia are allowed to create hostilities and divisions including among the citizens living the same country with goal to cause so many problems and setbacks against all of them through wars including civil wars?

    These two are the main reasons why there are so many hostilities and conflicts all over the world they have started doing so since slavery. The Jews were the biggest and main slave traders and ship owners. Slave trade was the first multi-national trade that followed with Sugar, cotton, and tobacco trades produced by African slaves.

    Why is the Scramble of Africa was designed, talked, agreed and signed in Berlin despite Modern Germany was a young nation during that time created in 1877? Why is Germany became the cause of the two world wars and other conflicts within 50 years of her existence but became the most peaceful, prosperous and generous nation since 1945 which is for 70 years? The answer is clear and known.

    The point is that there is no what so ever benefit Ethiopia is getting from by having around or allowing the Jews-and Anglo Saxon corporate medias and their so called journalists being in the country, write, film or talk about the matters they have nothing to do with but trying to hijack and shit the nation towards their disaster goals they are having in mind and working for it silently pretending as if they are innocent and friendly.

    The western corporate Medias including the economist and one of the many its criminal media daughters FT (financial Times) do having nothing to offer and contribute to any nation in the 21-century where each nation has her own media services and journalists that are the owner of the stories. . They are worse than the very well organized and merciless foreign terrorists always looking to collect huge profits at the very expense of others. Creating divisions, quarrels, conflicts and wars among the citizens are some the top of their agendas and they are good at doing so for centuries. This is what they are trying to do here, too. They are evils and demons have no any normal human values and norms but are acting as monsters and creatures from somewhere against the earth and humanity.

    Stop them. They have nothing to offer and contribute but they are there for bad and negatives reasons against us. The world is suffering from the excess of news, knowledge and money not shortages as it was the case in the past. They are no longer doing the journalism jobs in any form but pure criminal activities in the name of journalism. The western type of media and journalism is officially announced dead since the turn of the century. And it is dead forever. But they don’t get it or they know it but they don’t have other choices to make a lavish living or weapons to affect other nations with lies, fictional stories, none stop propaganda, being biased and subjective in order to cause troubles against others for their agenda and benefit in other countries at the expense of the citizens.
    Let’s clean them from our country. They are very bad and negatives, be always sure about it. They need to find real jobs in their own place rather than engaging with Gossips and propaganda lies about the nations and people they have nothing to do with and are not part of them.

  12. Bisrat Daba says:

    Zelalem and Bruk (may be the same guy),

    What are you talking about? You are trying to put label on everyone telling the truth about the ugliness of woyane’s greediness such as 100% election victory, 100% security and military control, etc. The Amhara and Oromia Development Associations were able to install tens of grinding mills in the regions while EFFORT was able to establish multi-billion manufacturing plants. This unbalanced achievement shows the unfairness of the system unless woyane claims that the other people are morons so that they couldn’t do like the EFFORT folks did. So many unfairness, but you guys are in denial. If Ethiopians tell the truth, it is because they are G7, OLF, extremists, Amhara chauvinists, etc. If other people speak out, it is because they are Jews, neo-liberals, etc. Label, label, label… Stop the non-sense, accept the truth and try to change course. Otherwise, things will be ugly. Remember, Gaddafi used to say my people love me while they were almost at his back yard to kill him.

  13. Sam says:

    The Economist is one of the best magazine I enjoy reading. That does not mean I agree with everything the magazine put in print. When I do disagree however I do not cry foul as the writer of the above article did. In writing about the magazine, he was all over the place. He praised the magazine of being best, and blamed it at the same time for having “naïve European views, ” whatever that means. I read the article the Economist put out as the writer did. Unlike him I found it to be objective and informative. The editors of the Economist believe in free market economy. It is within that prism they write every article. The writer of the above article seemed to ridicule the free market economy though he chose the new acceptable code for doing so. But I wonder if he is against the vey principle the magazine editors believe in why he wastes his time reading the magazine to begin with? Only could he answer.

  14. Kebede Kassa says:

    Frankly speaking, I read the magazine’s article only after I read this immediate response. Here, I remember an Ethiopian saying ‘eshohin be esoh’ to mean the right way to defeat someone is to use his own words. That is how E. Dawud has used to uncover the fallacies of the Magazine. But , not only Financial Times, its sister media, to my surprise, the Economist it self was witnessing Ethiopia’s remarkable growth. i remember, a piece posted on it entitled, ‘Doing it my way’ which compares Ethiopia and Kenya, as representing the East and the West model, respectively. the article can be accessed via this link, http://www.economist.com/news/special-report/21572379-ideological-competition-between-two-diametrically-opposed-economic-models-doing-it-my. Despite the ideological differences, the writer’s conclusion was Ethiopia is far better than Kenya. Of course, the Economist has wrote different articles blaming Ethiopia for means it follows, but it has no mouth to open criticizing the end. Yes it has wrote about Andargachew Tsige and many more so called activists and bloggers. It has preached Ethiopia should follow their line. But we are doing our business the way we think appropriate and that is bearing its fruit.

  15. Abay says:

    You are worthless retarded Bastard. If you have at least a working small part of brain, you would know the true nature of these racists and greedy imperialists’ behavior towards any African country and black people including in their own country. Do you think they do care or worry about what is going on in Ethiopia for the sake of the people? Hell NOOOO.

    what is making them mad and savage is that the situations in Ethiopia is getting better and better every day instead of from bad to worse giving them the jobs is done feeling and the free visa with ticket to come in acting as if they are all that and do the same things as they are know with from our losses and suffering in our own country happening in the ways look like we are affecting against each other while they are the known and very experienced fire starters and inflaming it as bad and long as possible among the citizens they are the known racists, slave masters and colonizers against them because of their skin color.

    Before coming to Africa and acting as if they do care about the people there, they need to those things in England, USA and other places towards the blacks there. It doesn’t matter you are educated, competent, well mannered and so on, you are always black as everybody else based on their definition and understand about black people they have been telling the world wrongly for centuries. Even you becomes a target till you lose your education, experience, energy, hope, mind and ways but instead you become like under their authority always dependent on them they can do anything bad they want against you where the so called the law is there to believe and accept their lies designed to affect you while rejecting your truth and innocent.

    You are sounding as a shabia Eritrean or a little Ethiopian. But where are you? How looks like your life? Why is becoming this way? Is this because of your fault or it is your skin color and background? USA is number one in the world with the number of prisoners which is more than 3 million. England is number one in Europe with the number of prisoners? Do you know who is inside and why? Look the job, income, housing and other situations there and understand how looks like the situation with blacks.

    yet, the English(not UK) and USA Jewish lead governments are sending their citizens in Africa in the name of medias, journalists, so called NGOs, Charities, aid agencies, foundations, peace core, religion and so on pretending for good reasons while the whole world knows how they are treating blacks/Africans in their countries. Do you think the above mentioned corporate companies, organizations, institutions and so on are in Ethiopia for the Ethiopian people benefit? No. it is for their own agenda and plan where the two Governments are directly participating treating it as policies designed from the highest levels including Think tanks and education and other institutions and organizations how to affect us for their benefit. The worst thing they hate to see is peace and unity among the citizens, visionary leaders, self confidence citizens, hard working people, stable and useful institutions and sustainable development. They are doing what they are doing to stop the solid foundation of peaceful, united and strong society and stable institutions and well designed development activities with fair wealth sharing in the country.

    The questions is why and who are they none stop on us coming from far away by themselves from different directions with different forms and shapes for the same reason which is against our own ways in our country we are doing for our own benefit instead of looking at themselves and addressing the horrible and an acceptable issues happening there including the black community they are affecting in many ways including relaying on their racist cops killings and corporate prison systems? Thanks to the citizens 21-century journalism and modern media systems, the world is watching with anger and disbelieve everything what is going on there they cannot deny or lie about anymore.

    If we have problems, this has to be our matters, not them. 16% New York City residents are living from food banks while the richest individuals in the world are living there; making billions in the Wall Street criminal trade and financial activities. Look at Detroit, Baltimore and other USA cities. They look like abandoned and worse than war ravaged cities in Syria, Iraq, Gaza, Yemen and so on. The most funny and worst thing is that those foreigners from far away against Ethiopia including the corporate Medias and others mentioned above are coming from New York, Washington and London.

    We are saying to them that we are not like the rest of Africa you are created in your way few decades ago after centuries of slavery and colonization on them. We are ancient, proud, wise, patriotic, heroic, justice, righteous, and beautiful people always have own government style administration which is thousands years older than them, own African/Ethiopian languages, creating, owning and using the only black people African born alphabet and thousands years old education and writing systems.
    We also are telling them, don’t even try to undermine us in our own country and interfere in own internal matters. We are also telling them, don’t be full thinking you know the Ethiopians but in reality you know nothing about them when the real time and situations come when somebody crosses the lines. We are also telling them stop intentionally damaging the country image and undermining the ancient people because of it is no longer working for them and we also don’t care about it but telling us how demons, evils and hostile they are that is making us to take the real measures against them, meaning please don’t come in our beloved Ethiopia with your sick mentality, inhuman behaviors and evil agenda.

    Naturally Rich Ethiopia needs them to stay away and leave her alone to make her things the best ways by herself while working with other useful and trustworthy nations that are plenty these days. Mountains are the air natural conditions and nature balancing particularly when they are in the Tropic. More than 73% the entire African mountains and highlands are in Ethiopia. As a result Ethiopia is rich with abandoned fresh water, fertile soil, best weather throughout the year and beautiful landscape. As a result, Ethiopia is also the best place to work, get results and have a good life.
    The 21-century Ethiopians know that. As a result, they don’t trust or relay in any English-USA lead western well thought and designed plan to make them dependent on the so called aid and whatever name they are having with goal to keep them weak, poor and ignorant. Ethiopians know, developing the agriculture sector parallel with the manufacturing that is leading towards industrialization is the only way they are having and they are the ones making it happen working with other useful, trust worthy and respectful nations like China, Russia, Japan, Korea, India, Germany, Italy and so on.

    That is why we are saying to the outsider enemies, don’t make us busy protecting ourselves from you including responding to you lies, propaganda wars and so on designed to affect us for your evil agenda. We also are saying them if you leave us alone and mind your own business, we have no reason to have any mistrust or quarrel with you. We are also saying them to stop interfering in our personal matters pretending they do care about some Ethiopians (which is their dividing, make quarrel and fighting against each other known behavior knowing this is the best way to destroy a nation and affect all the citizens from all sides) than the Ethiopians do within themselves by themselves together with their government. We are also telling them we know how blacks are treated and living in your country and as a result don’t pretend in Africa as if you do care about the Africans that have nothing to do with you while Blacks in your country have lots in common with you including equal citizenship rights. We also are telling them, the 21-century Ethiopia and Ethiopians are not the same you have played and destroyed them in the 19 and 20 century that affected them in many ways for so long including blocking them for their millennia old sea coast ownerships and rights.

    Whether we have internal problems or not, it is not for sure, the English and USA concerns before looking at themselves, accepting the wrong and bad treatments they are having against the blacks there and make it right and working. Anything bad they are doing or they are in the country coming by themselves pretending they are there for good reasons, it is all designed carefully for bad reasons to affect us in many ways that would lead to keep us poor, weak, under developed and of course relaying on them for survival while they get all the rights on us and our country as private property they can do anything they want as they were doing during slavery and colonization.

    But, in Ethiopia as usual, they will never ever succeed to get their ways as they wish. They need to stay away from Ethiopia if they don’t know their place, position and right there and respect it and instead they can go to other African nations they are created by them 5 decades ago based on their benefit at the huge expense of the Africans in their own countries and continent.

    We Ethiopians may looks like poor materially which is a temporary human made things and will be solved soon using our God gifted Ethiopia multi dimensional natural wealth including abandoned fresh water, best weather, fertile soil, best location and hard working and determine citizens of 90 million. But naturally we have been always the proud, heroic, civilized and confident people no one have had managed to exercise its inhuman behavior on us including discriminations. Ethiopians have nothing in them to make them feel discriminated, undermined, less than others or whatever bad behavior anyone is trying to exercise on us.

  16. Abay says:

    That was directed to the little head Hagos and those foreigners mentioned in the comment that are totally responsible about the things in our country including in this article from the economists as we all know all of them are working together from different angles and directions with different names but for the same outcomes based on their own plan and agenda in our own country which is funny and pathetic this kind behavior is still allowed to exist and function on its way as if we are in the last 4 and 5 centuries they are created the situations to be only for their benefits at the huge expense of the rest of the world.

  17. Abel says:

    Dear writer,

    I think you know the fact in Ethiopia unless you are from the Tigray fascist group who owns the country by gun. I think all fact the Economist wrote are factual! It is true, Ethiopia economy is controlled by Tigray fascist through Party owned corporation (EFFORT). “For a time being”, the Tigray fascist war lords (TPLF) controlled the country using brutal tactics. All military leadership and security apparatus are controlled by the individual hand picked from Tigray, part of the war lords.

    It is about time for the citizen to reclaim their dignity, who cares about your economic performance that benefit the few Tigray feudal. Majority of the citizens never even get enough daily bread. Just open your heart and see around yourself before you put your in factual allegation about conspicuous information that most of us know. Who will belief your allegation and jargon except the Tigray Ethno-fascist group that enslaved 100 million people through gun! I hope the jargon you wrote doesn’t make sense to most of us who know the reality going inside the country. It is about time for us, the citizen, to abolish the Tigray fascism. No one in the planet controlled the citizen forever, at the end of the day, ordinary citizen will win.

    Down with Tigray fascism, and Tigray war lords!

  18. bisrat daba says:

    Dawit gosegnaw,

    Why didn’t you post my second comment? Scared of the truth?


  19. agazit woman says:

    Ethiopia is going to listen it’s own military members rather than outsiders when it comes to the country’s finance. We need a strong military to keep this development and transformation safe. More budget for us Military members is a must to insure protection and safety. All of Ethiopia need to pay the brave Tigrayan military of Ethiopia the top salary . We deserve more than any doctor or more than the civilian civil engineer Prime Minster Hailemariam Desalegn himself .If we Tigrean military members are supposed to secure the rail line , the airline , the Nile dam and so on to say the least we need to feel appreciated.

    After we currently heard the outrageous proposals we are expressing our disgust in all avenues.

    The proposed $10.6 billion budget, 22.6 per cent has been set aside for recurrent expenditure and 37.4 per cent is for capital expenses.

    The country has set aside a chunk of the budget money for sectors such as manufacturing, export and urban development, with the intention of transforming the economy in a sustainable manner .

    We Tigrayans have decided to stop sacrificing our braves for Ethiopia’s cheap reward. We are contemplating to go on strike unless the budget proposal is reviewed. Between May 24, 2015 and June 5, 2015, The Ethiopian paramilitary militia known as the Liyu Police crossed the border between the Galgaduud Region of Somalia and the Somali Eastern region in Ethiopia. We deserve better compensation for what we continue to do . During this period, hundreds of the Liyu Police guerrillas raided 18 villages at the border and demanded unconditional levy, bribery money and vehicles since the Ethiopian government is not providing us with what we deserve.. The villagers refused to comply.

    • Beza says:

      Are you really Ethiopian? I agree with you Ethiopia needs strong military but do you think are they only tigreans in the military? When I see the comments like you it makes me sick. I am sure you are not Ethiopian from Tigray. You might be one of the Shabiya stooges meddling in Ethiopians business, on every Ethiopian websites. Scumbag Eritrean get lost from hear and comment on Dehai.

      • agazit woman says:

        In Ethiopia Out of total 64 Generals, 51 Generals are Tigrayans.
        The 13 Non-Tigrayan Genrals are very unfit to protect one city let alone the whole country. They are put there for political reasons only, not because they are really decision making Generals.

        10 out of 10 Highest ranking command chiefs and Heads of Main Departments Of Defense are Tigrayans.

        10 out of the 13 the academys are under Tigrayan Generals and even one Tigrayan colonel. . Tigrayans break all non-tigray military members from their old thinking in all thirteen military training academies so they think like Tigrayans or they will not graduate.

        All in all Ethiopians are at the bottom of Tigrayans feet. I say to all opposition do not dare try to break free or you will not even feel the mighty trampling of the Tigray people leveling you to the ground..

        • wow says:

          agazit woman,

          you are preaching here your old man’s message Isyas.. Dear, you have a bigger fish to fray.
          So what if most of them are Tigrayns.? They are keeping peace and development go side by side where in country that is known for ignorance, absolute poverty and ethnic bullying.

          and you are creating here a sense of emergency because your boss is ready to go to his final demise. so since you are going to hell you want to see the south to go with you.

          for your information no body is above Tigrayan and no body is below Tigrayan in todays Ethiopia.

          • Bisrat Daba says:


            So, you mean Tigrayans are the only ones who can be trusted to to keep peace and development. You mean the other folks are step children who are not trust worthy when it comes to military and intelligence positions. It is absolutely normal for you when folks representing a minority group (just 6%) control more than 90% of the military and intelligence positions. Deep inside, you know that this dominance is perpetrated to stay in power and control the economy. I have no words to explain this level of greediness and denial. Definitely, you are one of the thugs controlling all aspect of our lives and everything is perfectly fine for you. Of course, you are one of those causing the pain so you don’t understand how it feels when the majorities are excluded from playing a role in their own country. How do you understand exclusiveness? Would there be a better example of exclusiveness than what we have in Ethiopia. Exclusiveness doesn’t bother you at all when you say “what if most of they are Tigrayans”? Unbelievable!!! You are the ones who introduced ethnic politics in the country, but you have no shame when you control more than 90 % of top military, police and intelligence positions. Anyways, it is a matter of time; this doesn’t keep going forever. Believe it or not, it will stop at one point. But the sad part is that it will cost all of us very dearly. May God help you open your eyes, mind and heart and see the danger your greediness…this is what I can only say.

  20. hagos says:

    yes agazi woman
    we tigrayan will never tolerate hodam amaras and galas

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