Ethiopia: Football Federation rewards players


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5 Responses

  1. muleta says:

    ሃበሻውን ሲያይ ደሙ ከሚፈላ
    አትዮፕያዉን ሲያይ ኣይኑ ከሚቀላ
    ኣንድ ነን ይለናል ከ ጣልያን ዲቃላ
    እኛ ንጹህ ኣፍሪካ አነሱ ኣረብ ናቸው
    ለመቶ ኣመታት የጨፈሩባቸው
    እንግሊዝ ጣላያን ኣሽተው የገዙኣችው
    ወንድሜ ስትለው ኣይደለሁ ከሚለው
    ውስጡ በጥላቻ በቂም ለተሞላው
    መጣ ቀረ ሄደ ባፋንኩሎ በለው
    ኣሰብ ባህሩ ነው ኣህዮች ኩራታቸው
    ሲንጋፖር ነበረ ዕቅዱ ህልማቸው
    ግመል ኣጠጡበት ብለን ተውንልናቸው
    ጊዜውን ጠብቆ ይመጣል ኣሰብም
    ዕስከዛ ይቀመጥ ፡ይገደብ ኣባይም
    ነጻነቱን መርጧል፡ይልቀቅ አትዮፕያንም

  2. sam says:

    Rewarding the Team is good but
    1 = it is too early
    2 = Rewarding players by dividing them is a bad idea because of it creates animosity among the players, since it is a team sport what ever the reward might be shared among all equally otherwise you create a team that is not cooperative to work together … The federation should seek advise from the team psychologist .

    • bb says:

      I agree with you Sam! it is a good idea rewarding the same amount of money for all instead of giving different amount.

  3. Ermi says:

    Lol. $500? Really? Omg what are we turning into if we call this NEWS? Shame on you Awramba for reporting it.

    Peace to all but woyanes!


    • Beza says:

      Ermi it is way better than your country Artera. Why Don t worry about your people who are serving the defunct regime for free. This is incentive not salary. Their salary is in hundreds of thousands dollar. Ethiopia has a breeze after you guys break away. But the bad thing is u couldn’t make the country like Singapore like u claimed to be. What are you doing here why don’t you go your Eritrean website. We gave millions to our heroes. Do u have anything to give? Kita Ras Shabiya. Go our federation you did good.

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