Bereket Simon Lays corner stone of CBE new headquarter (+Video)


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12 Responses

  1. Gashaw says:

    Why would the government wants to spend 166.5 million USD (nearly 3.5 billion Birr) for a construction of one building.

  2. D says:

    What CBE needs customer service training. You don’t let all employees taking coffee break or lunch break at the same time, while customers are waiting. That’s just a no no.

  3. Observer says:

    Congratulations ! It is one big step forward .Our country could be the financial hub of the region if the financial sectors are to be managed by professionals but not by cadres. Financial institutions as seen in the developed countries can make or break a country .
    The private banks also have to be encouraged . Incidentally Ethiopians by birth living abroad are not allowed to buy shares that could greatly alleviate the cash shortage of these banks .This has to be waived .

  4. Bruk says:

    The cause of the civil war in USA was nothing else but keeping slavery even after 300 years of suffering. Slavery, colonization, wars, invasions, occupations, western corporate Medias propaganda and so on are all about martial gains, power and being in control against others. And we also know who is known with these kind evil behaviors and activities at least for the last 500 years and who are the victims? This time also they are doing for the same reasons in the name of democracy, Globalization, free trade, free media, privatization and consumerism.

    *One of the many issues the racists and slave masters in the 1860s of America were saying as follows:

    “Our position is fully identified with the institution of slavery- the greatest material interest of the world. Its labor supplies the products which constitute by far the largest and most important portions of commerce on earth. These products are peculiar to the climate verging on the tropical regions, and by an imperious of nature, none but the black race can bear to exposure to the tropical sun. These products have become necessities of the world. And a blow at slavery is a blow to commerce and civilization. The American civil war in 1961…. Was all about keeping slavery and the south 15 states were fighting for it)” *

    Slavery is gone but there is always another advanced slavery going on which is using others for own benefits. The western so called democracy, propaganda economy, fraud system and policy is always relaying and working based on this kind principle and this time it is targeting banks, financial sectors, telecom, IT sectors, markets/consumers, energy and so on in other (weak, corrupted and ignorant) countries for its huge profit with no care at all what is happening in the people’s life including health issues because of using bad products and affected environment by them.

    They don’t care about human beings, values and nature in general but their profit. That is why people are calling them greedy evils have no empathy, morals, ethics and humanity in them but always being monster and evil liars, manipulators, criminals and with all bad behaviors they are known with affecting humanity and the earth very badly.

    Money is the soul of the Economy. Banks are like churches to the soul of the economy which is money. Bank workers are like religion officials serving the bank which is the church of the national economy where its souls always has to be kept clean, clear and in high standard serving the nation with the feeling of giving a kind of paradise life on their country (earth). The people/citizens are like worshipers looking always the bank to be the place of the cleanest and safest place where the smartest, hard working, responsible and the best individuals are working there. Above all the government policy and the country financial laws started from banks, ownership and the way it operates always must be based on the long term national interest.

    Ethiopia which is the only African nation that is not part of any other organization coming from beyond Africa (as the rest of Africans are including in the name of the English establishment common wealth -neo colonization, Franco phone and Arab league), needs to stand for herself the best ways by doing her things by herself as normal human beings are doing elsewhere including in Asia. Ethiopia as an ancient independent nation has always her own ways doing her things by herself based on her benefits.

    All African nations are created by the colonizers including their cities and systems. But not Ethiopia. Ethiopia is created and built by Ethiopians from the start. Therefore, our administration and economy including the banks and financial systems are Indigenous, Home born, growing and working with principles serving the nation being fully the property of the nation; not individuals let alone foreigners that would be the 21-century of colonizers allowed by the citizens’ choice which is the worst thing to happen to any society.

    The biggest mistake Ethiopia could make with very great long term consequences is going to be if the country loses the total control of each and every aspects and daily activities of her financial and bank sectors/economy activities-meaning loosing the nation and citizens to foreign powers profits being blind and stupid by the fraud western economic policy and development that is working only for the few at the huge loss of humanity and earth in general; soon will happen if something is not done about stopping them by rejecting their fraud economic policies and political system-so called democracy that is not working in their own country.

    The world needs first and for most not the political version of democracy where the corporate Medias and the imperialists are allowed to control the system for their benefits but the real democracy in the economy sectors and social affairs having equal rights to the citizens as equal member of the citizens by law including faire share form the nation wealth and development activities.

    The Ethiopian bank must be always in the Ethiopian people hands and ownerships. This is the national economy where everything and everyone matters to the nation is relaying on. Giving this away to be in foreign hands in the name of fraud western economic systems including in the name of privatization, investment or whatever name they are having for the same outcome is worse than giving the nation itself away to the worst enemies.

    Look at Greek. The oldest nation is Europe where European democracy and civilization born (bringing from Africa-Egypt colonizing for about 400 years) and spreads all over the continent that lead to the birth of the roman empire, too and it went back to Africa and brought the civilization to European colonizing for up to 900 years-England 400 years), existence is hanging on the balance because of the government didn’t handle well the nation bank sector and financial activities. IMF is once again managed to destroy another country this time a European which is not yet happened till this time.

    Ethiopia must not take lending from bad organizations and institutions like IMF and WB knowing their aim is to control the nation and affect the policy in line serving for the western agenda that would benefit only them. The 21-century economy and society is not fit to build the nation and function as a society through foreign lending currency but through hard work using useful foreign knowledge creating the real economy values and printing own currency based on the nation economy activities; keeping always in mind the effect of inflation or deflation.

    Ethiopia needs at least 15-20 years before allowing any foreign bank operating independently in the country. The Ethiopian banks and financial systems must be well equipped challenging and defeating the unhealthy competition they are getting not only in their own country but also abroad. China is allowing foreign banks since recently despite it is the second biggest economy with no foreign debt and having competent bank, finance and trade foundations and systems.

    Before allowing any foreign power in the Ethiopian very important and fundamental escorts started from bank, finance, telecom, energy (hydro), water, Insurance and so on, Ethiopians must be well developed and understand everything related to these sectors in order to compete and win the battle against the foreigners that are coming only for profit at any cost including bankrupting the nation and destroy the society before moving out of the country for another victim.

    The western system of banking, financial activities, stock exchanges, Globalization, investment, free trade and so on are fraud, deeply corrupted, criminals and very dangerous causing so many problems within and internationally. There is no doubt soon they will be replaced by other systems that are working better, benefiting the majorities and most importantly keeping guarantee the sustainability and continuities of the national economy which is unlike what we are witnessing right now including in Greek, Portugal, Cyprus, Italy and other nations in the EU.

    Imagine how it could be if it was in the weak Africa. The game could be over long times ago with no talk or discussion about the suffering of the citizens caused by bad government policies relaying on foreigners including taking bad loans as Greek was doing for so long having lavish lives and fake image buildings with foreign money including the 2004 Olympic games that is now taking them to be the first European nation down to hell.

    USD and Euro are just papers like Birr they are printing them like toilet papers. But when they are lending them to others, they becomes the most powerful weapons making others kneel down including the nations like Greek is doing right now. The only answer is don’t take loan easily even if they are begging or offering you with no interest which is unlike if you know you are not able to pay it back the way they want you to do so. If not, they will treat you and your nation worse than what is happening to Greek which is member of the EU and Euro zones. But you are not. And you know from the long history till these days their relation and behavior towards you. You have to keep yourself from any danger including taking bad loans from bad institutions, organizations or groups.

    Keep always the Ethiopian bank under the Ethiopian ownership making it working the best ways and highest standards based on the state capitalism system. The state capitalism system is the best system Ethiopia has to fully embrace and totally engages with. Learn more from china (past) and other nations. In 1988, Chinese foreign reserve was only 7 million dollar. The west did what it could to overtake the Chinese economy including the banks and financial sectors. The 1988 uprising against the state was part of it orchestrated from abroad. However, the smart and decisive Chinese government and wise people, have decided relaying only on themselves, trusted only on their ways of dealing with their situation and continued doing their things by themselves without relying on foreign loans or systems. They created their own money by producing lots of products with hard work that lead china to be what is today and will be tomorrow which is the biggest economy in the world.

    Look at today China. Chinese economy is the only biggest economy in human history created and developed fairly and domestically only by its people efforts with indigenous knowledge and hard work. Others economy is created with crimes, manipulations, lies, propaganda and lending with high interest and intentionally bankrupting the nations through bad economic advices affecting the political systems and social fabrics.

    Slavery, colonization, exploitation, looting, war and so on are the fundamental elements of the creation and continuity of the western economy and society in general. Europe is started to become the way it is since the 16 century because of 300 years of slavery, occupation of the Americans and Australia through crimes against humanity, colonization and all the crimes the world knows all about.
    So, be yourself. No one but you know yourself and what is better and working for you. The fundamental and very important sectors including bank, finance, telecom, IT, Energy (hydro), water supply and land always must remain in the people’s hands/ownership working based on the State capitalism system where the profit has to be shared nationally fairly and based on the efforts each and everyone is contributing creating the real economy activities through hard work in the production sectors creating the real economies/use values.

  5. Tarik says:

    AT thank you for updating us with quality news. A rare thing in Ethiopian diaspora media.

  6. Visitor says:

    ኢትዮጰያ፡ ቻይና ጥንታዊ ሁለቱ
    የጋራ ሥራቸው ገና ስንቱ፡ ስንቱ
    እርስ በእርስ መከባበር መጠቀም በጋራ
    በተግባር የሚታይ ሌላው ሺህ ሲያወራ

    የቻይና ግንኙነት ጥቅመቱ የበዛ
    ቀልድ በቁም ነገር እንዲያው የለም ዋዛ
    ሲያቀርቡት የሚቀርብ ሲያምኑት የሚታመን
    ባሀሪው ያልሆነ እንደ እነዚያ መሆን
    የሚጠቅመውን ሁሉ በመማር ከቻይና
    እኛም በእኛ ሥራ እንሁን ገናና:
    ሥራን አብሮ መስራት እያዩ በተግባር
    እውቀትን መቅሰም ነው ከምርጥ ተቋም፡ መምህር

    የማይጠቅም ትምህርት ዘመን ያለፈበት
    በእንደ ቻይና አይነቱ መተካት አለበት
    የሩቅ ምስራቅ ተቋም ነው የእውቀት መፍለቂያ
    ልጆቿን ታስተምር ጅል አትሁን ኢትዮጰያ፡
    ዘመኑ ያለፈ የእንግሊዝ ተቋማት
    ነፍሱ በጣር ላይ ነው ጨርሶ እስከሚሞት
    ዜጋን ከዚያ መላከ ወይም ራስ ማሰብ
    ዝንብ ሆኖ መምጣት ነው ሲያስመስሉ በንብ

    ኢትዮጰያ፡ ቻይና ጥንታዊ ሁለቱ
    የጋራ ሥራቸው ገና ስንቱ፡ ስንቱ
    እርስ በእርስ መከባበር መጠቀም በጋራ
    በተግባር የሚታይ ሌላው ሺህ ሲያወራ፡፡

    When dergue left Ethiopia, the Ethiopian bank and other sectors and institutions were technically none existence or bankrupted. The life of the citizens including the farmers was horrible. The biggest building in Ethiopia was with less than 12 floors built from very poor quality building materials and a backward design.
    The last 24 years and particularly the last 10 years changed Ethiopia from hell towards paradise thanks to the wise and brave leaders having the best foreign policies and relationships looking towards the east where the sun is rising and sunshine is shining everyday all the way on its daily journey towards Africa where Ethiopia is the main gate way.

    One of the biggest legacies and historical decisions Meles did was starting this kind relationship with China with long term goal and strategy benefits to both sides. And it is working perfectly. We, Ethiopians will never ever forget this remarkable relationship and soon we will pay back to the great people of china in kind and also with love and respect as we always are doing to any nation that is good and genuine to us; not playing games with dishonesty talks and back stabbings. And we know exactly who are those…… and how they are doing, for how long and the reason why.

  7. Abay says:

    The English establishment western economic system is going to die soon and buried forever. The idea of transforming the Agriculture society towards industrial and service was based on the 20 century or before that society/world, not from this time. The 21-century society and world are too different than before.

    In the past, almost all taught, technologies, systems and so on were coming from the very small part of earth i.e. western Europe/USA and the rest of the world had to accept and follow them. They were producing almost all existing industrial products and exporting them all over the world. They were producing almost all manufacturing products including the very simple ones such as blades, Soap, Toilet paper, paper and so on. But not anymore.

    The 21-century society/nations are going to produce each and every needed product by itself. International Import and export with industrial and manufacturing products will be reduced to almost zero; going to happen in small scales only between neighboring nations. Nations are going to produce own engines, machines, motors, equipments and almost everything they are going to need. Individuals are going to produce their own energies particularly from the sun and water in the tropic and wind.

    The reason why the English empire lead west economy and politics abandoned the agriculture sector for industry was because of cold Europe is not the best place for agriculture. It demands more efforts and more costs including energy costs doing agriculture in cold places like Europe and North America. There was also an international huge demand for industrial products and only the west was monopolizing these markets. Services were/are also needed to make going the industrial sectors where banks and the financial sectors were/still are playing very big and nasty roles.

    However, all these are going to change soon even without realizing about that by many. Agriculture that is producing basic needs and delivering fundamental benefits is going to play always big roles particularly in the national levels in the nations that are suitable for agriculture. Ethiopia is the best place having the best environment for agriculture sector. Being in the tropic is one important thing by itself. But having huge highlands, abandoned fresh water, mineral rich fertile soil and nice weather in the tropic like Ethiopia is more than anything any society can get as gifts from nature in order to use them the best ways.

    Therefore, Ethiopia must concentrate and always committed developing the agriculture sector knowing she is the best place for and it is also feeing not only humans and animals but also industries delivering raw materials including in the food, drink, clothing and housing sectors. Ethiopia will grow properly in all directions only when she is fully develop the agriculture sector and making the industry sector grow together with feeding and supporting each other. Industry without agriculture is not complete and competent while agriculture without industry remains primitive unable to feed even itself-the farmers.

    Stop reading let alone implementing the 18 and 19 century English empire lead Western Europe economic models and society in general. It was from the past based on the circumstances in the past and it is also based on their own situation, not us in the tropic and this time is also the 21-century. Meaning, the idea of replacing agriculture with industry is not going to work in the 21-century. Both have to feed each other and support one another in order to grow together for sustainability and continuity of the nation economy and wellbeing of society.

    Starting from the near future, agriculture products are going to take over the world import and export trades. Nations that are not suitable for agriculture are going to suffer a lot when their industrial products or raw materials such as oil and gas are becoming less and less wanted and relevant in the national levels in the countries that are currently importing them but soon they will make them at home and oil and gas will be replaced by clean energy from the sun, hydro and wind.

    Ato Bereket is right. Ethiopian small holder farmers are the basic and very important part of the Ethiopia development activities. In the future, the small holder farmers could become industrial oriented developed farmers. But farming in the best farming place Ethiopia will be always the best and fundamental development sector even when we think we are industrialized. We are living closer to the desert middle east and North Africa nations where the agriculture products are very much needed and always will. So, the agro-industrialization system in Ethiopia is essential rather than looking towards industry while leaving behind the agriculture sector.

    In the near future, almost each and every nation is going to produce its own industrial products. So, Ethiopia will stop importing cars, tractors, machines, equipments, home articles, computers, phones and so on. Because she is going to produce them at home. Making them is going to be very easy and economic preferable than importing. Other nations particularly the big ones are also going to do the same. That means the international demands towards industrial products is going to diminish in the ways that is going to lead the fall of price and export. That is also going to affect badly the nations/westerns that are engaging with export oriented industrial products. That also means service sectors are also going to be badly affected there as they are dependent on the real economy which is Agriculture and industry/manufacturing, building and so on with physical products and results.

    There are nations that are not even able to produce their own agriculture products need but importing them. However, Ethiopia is the best place to produce any agriculture product easily and with high quality on time thanks to the country different and best topographies and 365/6 days of good weather. Industry is essential including for the development of the agriculture sector. But the idea of industry oriented products for export will be gone soon.

    What Ethiopia has to do at this point is concentrating producing her industrial needs in order to be able to reduce and ultimately stop importing them. Then, if there is any chance, she might be able to export industrial/manufacturing products in the neighboring nations or Africa in general. But the idea of exporting industrial products internationally all over the world will be over soon from all over the world including from those so called industrial nations. When that eminent time comes, they will be the worst victims in many ways.

    So, in the Ethiopian case; the agriculture, industry/manufacturing/construction and bank/finance sectors must work together on equal basis knowing the one or the two cannot achieve what the three together can do remarkably. Shadowing or trying to minimize the very importunateness of the agriculture sector in Ethiopia for the sake of Industry and service is wrong, dangerous and unwise. The three must have the everlasting marriage/unity in diversity working together based on give and take relationship for the sake of a strong, fully formed and workable sustainable economy and balanced society.

  8. Concerned Ethiopian says:

    English and US corporate Medias and the criminal journalists (most of them are the Jews) are the greatest danger we are facing including they being in our country. Their main target is having Ethiopia in their ownerships in the name of privatization the nation bank system is their main target.

    Jorgic and Aaron Maasho, Edmund Blair and Anna Willard
    These four are the Ashkenazi Jewish imperialist representatives working for its known plan against the world including in Ethiopia. Playing its games freely in the country internal affairs including creating mistrusts, divisions, conflicts, war, destruction and chaos are what they are up to and we are witnessing in the Middle East. Taking the nation economy through privatization and private ownership by spreading corruption is what they are always doing throughout their history in any country. Because of that they are controlling each and every easily and illegally money making corporations and companies all over the world including USA and Canada as The Reuters media corporate(including Thompson Reuters and others) is belongs to a Canadian Jew billionaire Operation from its main base in London.

    These evils are in Ethiopia for years operating freely for the sake of their (Jews) agenda wishing to see Ethiopia in their hands in the name of privatization including the very important sectors such as banks, Insurances, IT, telecom and so on as they are doing in USA and elsewhere. . There are 16 different Ethiopian banks in the Ethiopian private hands. But this is not what they are looking but not Ethiopians in their own country, only they must get the ownership in the name of privatization with principles bad, greedy, racists and dangerous foreigners like them allowed taking the nations as private property and the citizens herd or consumer animals using junk money calling it hard currency.

    They are not engaging with investments that are playing meaningful roles in the real economic sectors such as construction, industry, manufacturing and so on. But looking the sectors they be able to collect the harvest created by the hard working people including what China is doing in the Construction, Telecom and other very important sectors that are creating the real economy.

    These mother fucker so called journalists are vomiting about Ethiopians complying the citizens are not having private properties including land and so on; forgetting the government is working for the citizens unlike in USA and any places they are in control. . In USA they and few others are controlling everything in the name of private property policy. But how many blacks do own banks, Insurances, land, companies, super markets, Telecom, Hospitals and so on in USA? None.

    They are the ones controlling everything there including the source of USD which is printed by private company owned by them since 1913. The USA government is not printing dollar under its authority and ownership but buying it from the private company like a toilet paper from the super market before using it as a hard currency all over the world. Find out who owns it and how it works. The mass in USA is totally controlled by the few that are controlling the USA to the very detail.

    Yet, in Ethiopia, they are acting as if they do care about the ordinary people while in USA they are the worst enemies against blacks and other minorities that are very poor. 50 million USA citizens are under the poverty lines. There are many million homeless in USA. More than 3 millions are in jail. They including the cops are killing the citizens just like that. Using the race differences/hate as motivation.

    However, these mother fuckers, are vomiting about us, they have nothing to do with and with god will soon they will be cleaned from our country knowing they are there doing very dangerous and nasty activities against our country which is what the Jews are doing in any country for the sake of wealth/money in the name of privatization.

    Read among the others these evil are doing while living in our country for years and no one is still stopped them including the hard way. We are saying them; we don’t need any western corporate media all of them are by far owned by the Jews and run by them and the English pretending they are journalists. They are the greatest danger we are facing now and will continue if we are not doing something serious to top them completely as many nations have done and became peaceful and themselves without having them around for anything. .
    We are defending ourselves and telling them stop because of they have nothing to do with and they are not well come because of they are……

    “By Drazen Jorgic and Aaron Maasho ADDIS ABABA, July 2 (Reuters):

    —-Ethiopia, a country that was ravaged by communist purges in the 1970s and famine in the 1980s.The economy may boast double-digit growth now, but average income per capita in the nation of 96 million people is still about $470 a year, below the Sub-Saharan African average.

    Foreigners are barred from owning property, banks, retail firms and some other industries, while telecoms is a state monopoly. Even Ethiopians can only have leasehold agreements, as all land is owned by the state.——

    Editing by Edmund Blair and Anna Willard”

  9. Concerned Ethiopian says:

    Why is the English and USA corporate Medias that are owned and running by far by the Jews are continuing spreading lies after lies about Ethiopia including intentionally putting the population figures too high adding 6 million just like that as if 6 million is nothing when it comes to them including during the Nazi era?

    Just simple question for quick and simple answer.

    Does Ethiopia have an Economic ministry? Does Ethiopia has her own journalists that are doing the nations journalism work including defending her from the evil foreign so called journalists mainly from England and USA by far are owned, controlled and run by the Jews?

    If yes, what are they saying about this pure propaganda lies coming from the Jews owned Reuters that is in the country for satanic reasons in Ethiopia which are known?
    Among the others they are vomiting painting lies and misinformation saying


    “The economy may boast double-digit growth now, but average income per capita in the nation of 96 million people is still about $470 a year, below the Sub-Saharan African average.”


    This is not an accident but a well taught dirty propaganda weapon they are intentionally spreading with lies about Ethiopia which is going on for years including from the base they are having in the country.

    -They are telling here that they are not accepting the economy is growing with double digits, no matter how Ethiopians are saying about it which is their own matter. Because they said “the economy may….”

    -As all Jews owned medias from the English speaking nations are doing working with so called different agencies and organizations in Ethiopia that are having very nasty and damaging secret agendas in the country targeting the population/women and children/ supported by the evils so called riches from USA, England and others; they are telling to listen and accept them about us while rejecting when we do tell them about ourselves. They are so ignorant and arrogant undermining us to this low level and we are still okay with it. Because we are allowing them going on for years and still they are in our country doing the same thing against us. We are stupid deserve to be treated that way by these evil greedy racists.

    We know our population is not even reached 90 million but 89.8…million since a month ago. Yet, they are spreading lies after lies for months using the English/US medias including Guardia and Bloomberg saying Ethiopian population is 96 million. Of course in their mind 6 million less or more, there is no difference. Because blacks nothing matter to them how many they are and they are suffering including because of them. But when it comes to them, 6 millions is….. We know the answer.

    The reason why they are putting the population figure so high is because of trying to get a number that is justifying their evil idea of Ethiopians are earning a less average income among the Africans as they are putting that way here.

    The other reason could be as they are so evil they are concentrating on the Ethiopian population for years including through UN, USAID, Bill and Melinda gate foundation and so on as those females Jews From USA and England are doing including targeting churches and priests in order to target the population and affect the religion fabric. There is a video showing when they were making the plans and agendas how to target Orthodox Church, priests and population in order to destroy the family life, social fabric and society as they are doing against all blacks in USA, UK and any place they are taking control.

    They are intentionally making the population figure higher thinking that would bring them possibilities to make them able to get their ways using dangerous substances we all know that is going on this way for years in the Ethiopian highland the same way what they did to the bête Israeli women and children without their knowledge. The truth is not coming out yet in Ethiopia, but it will, when the time comes.

    Ever since the US and UK Embassies in Addis are started running and controlled by them, Ethiopia has become the free riding zone to hell by the Jews mainly from USA, UK, and the west in general. They are all over the country in the name of media, Journalism, aid agencies, NGOs, Charities, Foundations, organization, right groups, peace core, volunteers, and so on while all of them do have the same agenda working together from all sides which is the best tactic and strategy they are doing and perfectly working for them so far because Ethiopia has no brave, wise and patriotic citizens to confront and stop them using anything necessary to stop them affecting us in our own country coming by themselves while pretending they are friendly, peaceful and they are there to help which is pure lie and satanic behavior. .

  10. Be ewnetu says:

    What’s the special for this new? It’s. Not big nor dynamic projections

  11. Abay says:

    Hoping our leaders including Ato Bereket and citizens among the others the Ethiopian bank officials would make big notes from this in order to learn, always being aware about and protect themselves keeping in mind something similar is not going to happen to them, too.

    “The Economist of London (June 20th–26th 2015 edition) ran a story on the near-collapse of the economy of Ghana.
    In that story, we are told that public debt could reach 70 percent of the GDP of Ghana before the end of this year. Because investors continue to shun its bonds, Ghana’s currency, the cedi, has lost over 99 percent of its value against the US dollar. Inflation is soaring high. Miseries are taking over the market-places.
    Ghana, which has borrowed from International Monetary Fund (IMF) more than 26 times since 1966 is turning, once again, to that financial institution which will only give another loan with all the conditionalities attached – condititionalities that will eventually erode the sovereignty of Ghana as a nation. That story could have been about most of the countries in sub-Saharan Africa.”

    (When oil was discovered in Ghana few years ago, the western corporate Medias and the brainwashed African and other Medias, Scholars, institutions, politicians and so on started describing Ghana the future Gulf nation of Africa. The celebration during the start of the drilling was so huge and is still in the memory of many. However, within less than two years, look at the situation in Ghana.

    Why is this happen to them despite they are now not importing oil but exporting and freely getting their oil consumption? The problem lays totally on the government very bad and immature policies surrendering the nation to foreign institutions, organization, companies and so on that are having only one goal which is by any means harvesting as much as lots of profits as it was the case during slavery and colonization, too. They don’t care about the people, nations or nature but their profit at any cost.

    That is why we Ethiopians are telling our leaders all along about the decisiveness of having own political system and economic policy working for own citizens benefit based on own realities and facts on the ground including the natural wealth such as huge Agriculture potential and huge needy domestic and regional consumers that would contribute the fundamental assistances and supports for the flourishing of the manufacturing and industrialization process in Ethiopia by Ethiopians while working together with useful and trustworthy nations like China and others.

    No nation is getting benefit by relaying on foreign debts and implementing foreign policies including economic policies and political system; the citizens don’t understand but imposed on them with huge long term consequences. It is better to remain poor and weak while doing our things by ourselves rather than forever surrendering and being trap under foreign power because of foreign debt that is always coming with lots of bad attachments.)

    “Why is it that when IMF and World Bank ask African countries to reform and adjust with a promise that they will attract Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) they usually end up handing over their economies to foreign investors, leaving millions of Africans in extreme poverty and the future of their countries in dire strait?

    Can the solutions the financial institutions of the world – IMF, World Bank and their allied agencies continue to offer Africa save it? In what ways have these solutions compounded its problems?
    The dangerous world of unequal exchange between the poor debtors in the developing world and their wealthy shylock creditors who always ask for a pound of flesh is tragically complex.
    …“Development aid does not help. What helps is economic freedom; Free from the World bank and IMF undemocratic and hostile nature political and economic policy influences against the poor nations for the sake of the Rich nations that are created and operating the IMF and WB ever since working only for their interest.

    IMF and World Bank for advising currency devaluation, downsizing, in the name of structural adjustment policies are detrimental to the poor countries and their people. The US has used the IMF and the World Bank to feather its own political nest as it meddles in the domestic affairs of other nations

    Presenting themselves as agents of modernity, both IMF and the World Bank’s experts have, one time or the other, drawn up development plans for many countries in sub-Saharan Africa. IMF and World Bank, with privatisation, foreign direct investments, and deregulations, have not solved Africa’s economic problems. Instead, the prescriptions have proved to be debt traps.

    Self-reliance, driven by the local economies of African countries, is central to this compelling, liberating social-economic strategy. It proposes what should be done to have food sufficiency, to have industries, to benefit more from the continent’s natural resources; what Africa should do to develop its human capital, science and technology, to develop its transport and communication systems, its trade and finance, its environment and energy.

  12. Abay says:

    “Ethiopia Should Leave Africa”

    Dear Awramba:

    There is a very well taught, studied, analyzed and written article with the title “Ethiopia Should Leave Africa” by a Dutch professor of International Relations at the University of A….. His name is Roel van der Veen.

    What he is saying about Ethiopia is in parallel to what we Ethiopians are saying repeatedly for years. That means even the open minded, wise, honest and free from any secret agenda foreigners like him do understand what is good or bad to Ethiopia and what she has to do or not for hoe own sake.

    Ethiopia should leave Africa means as an ancient and always independent nations this time too she must have her own policy and system working for her while always closely watching, to the very details, learning and exactly copying from abroad like China the things that are best enough working for her based on her internal and regional circumstances. As we are saying for years, Agriculture has to be always the fundamental and solid foundation for the Ethiopian present and future development serving the nation including in the manufacturing and industrialization process.

    The professor is talking about that knowing how Ethiopia is the best place for agriculture and how agriculture is important for the country internal consumption and export. As long as human life exists on earth it always needs to eat, drink and clothing.

    Holland is one of the first nations started with industrialization. When other nations like England abandoned agriculture, Holland remains developing her agriculture sector that is the top in today’s world. Ethiopian land mass territory is almost 40 times of Holland. It is a very low land nation with very bad weather similar to almost all central, western and northern European nations.

    However, Holland is one of the Top nations having the best agriculture sector including in the milk and meat cattle, Flower, fruit and vegetables. The country agriculture sector earns hundreds of billions of Euros every year from export despite the country has very limited land and bad weather. Ethiopia can learn a lot from and would always continue developing the agriculture sector parallel to the Industry. The two (agriculture and industry) are not enemies but the best friends and allies can grow together easily and quickly by helping each other.

    The evil western corporate medias that are working for the IMF and WB agenda including Reuters, Guardian, Bloomberg, CNN, BBC, FT, Economist and the rest of the criminal medias and Journalist from England and USA, need to feel ashamed for the pure propaganda media criminal jobs they are doing against Ethiopia for years including being in the country. Some so called scholars, think tanks and so on from these two courtiers are also sick and evil deserve no what so ever attention at all but protecting ourselves from the evil idea they are preaching against us to accept them by choice in order to affect us for sake of their agenda and plan against us interfering in our internal and external matters including in the political and economy system and also social fabrics.

    Therefore, these criminals all together need to fu-ck off from Ethiopia knowing there are other qualified and genuine writers and scholars like this professor when Ethiopia needs any foreigner to talk or write about her which is unlike but welcome when it comes by itself like this one.

    What do you think about positing the article on your blog hoping some officials can read it in order to be sure about the jobs they are doing and continue that way including looking towards the Far East in order to bring the best things to Ethiopia together with the sun…?

    I’m not saying that I do agree about everything what he is saying or everything he is saying is good for Ethiopia. But there are points that are defining exactly what Ethiopia is and what she has to do in the future. For instance Ethiopia is not a highly density nation like Rwanda is as he saying. However it doesn’t make any difference because of it is not relevant to us.

    Nigeria is 2/3 of Ethiopia but 170 million people while 95% Egyptians are living about 4.5% of the country territory which is the Nile valley. So, some points what he is saying are not relevant based on the population densities and … But Ethiopians are ancient, always independent and have their own ways for always and that makes Ethiopia different than the rest of Africa relating her with China, Japan and so on beyond Africa.

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