Ethiopia introduces new bill punishing human traffickers with Death Penalty


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6 Responses

  1. Observer says:

    የዘገዬ ቢሆንም አሰየው ይሚያሰኝ ነው። በሀግራችን ያለው ችግር ይህግ አጦት ሳይሆን መፈጸሙ ላይ ስለሆነ ልዩ ትኩረት ቢሰጠው መልካም ነው።

  2. Ahadu Woubshet says:

    More than 50 percent of the rice Saudi Star grows here in Ethiopia is exported, mainly to Saudi Arabia. The Ethiopian people have the right to be able to enjoy the fruit of their land even if it means to follow the fruit to whereever it is sent to as it is stated on Ethiopia Commodity Exchange’s policy’s where I served as Technical Advisor to Board of Directors & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Ethiopia Commodity Exchange.


  3. ethoash says:

    where is the hot news VOA MAN ATTACKED

  4. hermi says:

    500000bir is approximately 25,000 US not 7500 as stated. Unless the aim is to bellitle the seriousness of the penality and hence undermine the bill.

  5. Sam says:

    This is a complex issue. I am not one who says young people are leaving the country because of having limited or no opportunity at home so blaming the smugglers is a scapegoat. The former statement is partly true, not the latter. The human smugglers are indeed part of the problem. Making a quick cash no matter how the means seems a novel trend in Ethiopia.The smugglers as like those Ethiopians who become millionaires overnight by a “miracle” are greedy bunch. But a death penalty is a stretch. locking them up for life could do the trick. The best way to combat human trafficking however is waging to counteract the dissemination of misinformation those who already reached Europe sending back home. They did not start enjoying their paradise life on earth as soon as they set foot in Europe as they claim. It is way far from the truth. Most live in government handouts. Social mobility in Europe is very much restricted. A young African, with no knowledge of the language of the country he is adapting as new home, and with limited education to make it big in Europe is a dream. Only a dream. I know it is a difficult task because Ethiopians are brainwashed for long that their lives will be better off if they leave their country. I do not discount the monumental task the government is facing to inform Ethiopians otherwise. But if it succeeds it is more rewarding than passing a legislation to punish smugglers. While we are at it, it might not disappoint if the government of Ethiopia pays more attention to the real lives of the young people rather than counting how the economy is increasing in percent. To believe those two are fundamentally linked is totally wrong.

  6. foxtiger says:

    First of oll the trafficers are the woysnes so they deserive death penalty.

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