Mekelle University Confers honorary Doctorate to Kiros Alemayehu and Sir. Bob Geldof (+Video)


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9 Responses

  1. Bruk says:

    Mekkele University honored Bob Geldof? What for? Is this real?

    What a joke and trash situation is happening here. Is that because of the so called aid agencies from England and US are telling them to do while facilitating the event in the name of aid keeping in mind they are still using him for different but the same damaging reasons for their interest and agenda like they did in the 1984 horror film and exaggerated stories playing with real people for their racist and evil greedy agenda and interests in a black country they have no what so ever respect at all but these days they are feeling it is under their authorities and they can do anything they want including like this one?

    This is how a weak and corrupted nation behaves. Does really anyone know the hidden truth behind and what was all about the so called band Aid? Was that dance, song, none stop media propaganda coverage with horror film using living human beings justifying they don’t have any feeling at all towards them where BBC became the head of the satanic western propaganda medias and other satanic behaviors they did in the name of famine, to help the people? No. It was all about pure evil CIA and MI6 cold war politics with no respect towards the people because of they are blacks and who cares about them back then as it is the same today, too.

    When time after time he organized open field stage concerts for international Orients from the source of human evilness in London in the name of Ethiopia but always it was all about all black people to humiliate them as worst as possible internationally using any reason to do so, Black singers from England, Europe, USA, Caribbean, Africa including the famous Senegal singer Yusuf and other blacks were not allowed to be on the same stages where the whites were. When, they asked geldof about, he blatantly answered, saying “if Black singers are allowed on the same sage, we get very few white orients. That is why we keep them away and give them an isolated place to sing for the people are accepting them”. You can go to CNN, and many other channels and news papers archieves or ask the people including will Smith about it. This was happened many times. Ask how angry the Senegalese Singer was during that time.

    Look, the event was happening in the name of helping black people. Yet, those are in the event didn’t like the black singers to be on the sate despite they are the best singers, dancers and are using the none black language including in singing. Is this make any sense? Is really they do care about the people that are too far, weak, poor and have nothing in common with them while they hate/dislike blacks that are in their own country having lots of things in common including the same citizenship rights, speaking the same language and so on? What he is busy with all along is not what he is talking about but the wider and secret plan and agenda many of them are involved with behind him.

    Few weeks ago, he was giving like a state man interview for the WSJ/working together about how important is equity funds to Ethiopia. While everyone knows including Greek, how dangerous and disaster in any equity fund coming in any form from its headquarters in NY, London and so on but useful and practical knowledge that created the real economy and values. He is on the mission working with them right now to bring them to Ethiopia for the huge illegal harvest in the name of investment and privatization which is the 21-century colonization. Who knows the corrupted and ignorant so called leaders (not the PM) are working as agents for the bad and dangerous greedy foreign so called investors because of they have dirty cash in hands and dangerous and position brain in their head.

    Viva the great China, Russia, Japan, India, Italy, Korea and many more. Not those represented by this one making a life time carrier from the famine created by a civil war supported by England and USA for decades. Are they talking about this? No.

    Instead of exposing the truth what was all about behind that so called band aid, rewarding those were acting as if they were the selected and very much interested horror film actors playing the dirtiest and full of lies game for propaganda reasons (to discredit and humiliate the nation as worse as possible) with real people they don’t respect at all but are deeply rooted racists against them for centuries, is something no normal human being expects to happen in any normal society.

    What a shame and disaster we are facing with this…. because of so many… including the England and USA appointed and run foreign ministry.

    Black people are really less than any human being unable to do the right things for them. What kind brain do really they have? They do like to be treated like naturally born slaves and less than normal human beings and always following what the masters are telling them to do because of left over rewards they are getting them secretly in the form of corruption.

    What a joke. Not only the so called government officials those are responsible for but also the so called intellectuals and students in Mekkele University need to feel ashamed of themselves for making this kind historical mistake.

    • Tigraway says:

      What an asshole!!!
      What are you talking about? I would like to urge you to hang yourself and vanish from this planet than living with so much hate and animosity that you seem carry on your light weighted head against white people for trash reason. If I were you, I wouldn’t say a single such trash words that have no substance in them, but propagating trivial matter that doesn’t have any connection with this particular event; in fact, he was one of the brave expatriates who extend he hands unconditionally to helped our starved people during the worst disaster which many called at that time “the biblical famine” manifest on earth. While Dergs regime and its supporters denied the occurrence of that biblical famine, yet Sir Bob Geldof and his co-workers raised more than 100 million dollars from around the world and offered to our people who were prime victims of the disaster; consequently, 100 thousands of people, who were mostly children, mothers and elders, rescued as the result of band-aid which was mostly organized by Sir Bob Geldof and his friends.
      You must be either Derge member or sympathizer. How come a person assumed to be in his or her right mind has got a gut to critic such great man without substantive evidence, but boldly bogus fable, which doesn’t have any relation with core issue. After all, this great man of all time helped our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers during our bad ordeal; thus, he deserves great deal of rewards and recognitions, for what he did and doing currently. Even today, this great man is helping poor and disadvantaged fellow Ethiopians to attain school and start up self-employed job.
      Amazingly, you and like you who have never contributed anything to their countryman and woman, but they tend to critic helpful individuals like Gelgof with no shame. what a witless society and dreg of society. Shame on you and your likes, assholes!!

  2. Aman says:

    Sir Bob Geldoff is as simple as one of us and yet a savior of millions of us. In other words our Messiah!

    Long life to our hero and Messiah!

    • Juma says:

      How did he save you? During that Time USA was giving 1.5 billion every year to Sudan because of she was sheltering the anti Ethiopian elements. 2 billion was given to Egypt and 3 billion to Israel as it is going on till today. USA has lost more trillions in Iraq and in Afghanistan wars so far. It is giving every year a huge budget more than 5 billion to Afghanistan in the form of aid for more than a decade. Others including England did lost trillions in other nations in the form of aid including military operations since 9/11.

      Do you have any idea how much money was collected and given to the famine relief in Ethiopia that was collected in their names humiliating them as worst as possible? The total figure coming from them says 150 Million while the Ethiopian government got only 10 million which is much less than England is losing by using in the form of aid interfering in other nations affairs on daily basis.

      The question is instead of giving that 10 million dollar as an aid without song, dance and propaganda wars against Ethiopia, why they chose that direction and executed savagely and hatefully with no respect at all to the victims and the people in general?

      If it was about the famine, that has to be in keren and surrounding what is Tigry today. From where are those million people came from while only 18. 000 people in keren and less than 100.000 the surrounding area were living at the time? is that because of they are telling you about multiplying the figures when it is about bad and negative while deducting or denying if it is about the good and positive things?

      It was a maximum of 100 days famine. According to the Ethiopian and international red cross and eye witnesses, there were between 5-10 people were died as a result.

      That means, between 500-1000 people had been victim from that situation.

      What figure are they saying about for the last 30 years? From where did those figures came from while less than the total of 150.000 were living on the famine affected areas? Did the Ethiopia government, Scholars including from mekkele University, journalists and so on even tried to make a fact finding research in order to come up with the right figure rather than vomiting what foreigners are telling them a and honoring them for doing that?

      The problem is, there are human animals in Ethiopia still believing anything bad and negative they have been told by foreigners about them.

      You make no sense at all. But the result of stupidity and ignorance is making you behaving this way. You have no understanding about. Pathetic.

      it is the right thing to do asking again and again the questions especially when it is about something related to you until you get the right answers based on the realities and facts on the ground rather than believing anything foreigners are telling you about based on their own agenda and you continue talking about that as if it was true.

      Big shame and sad the same times you are still here.

      • Tigraway says:

        What an obscure liar!!!
        Please, stop spraying your stinky lies and bogus fables. What is your motivation that propel you to spit out a mouthful of lies? I don’t comprehend why are people like you very excited to propagate lies. Don’t you feel even a bit shame when you lie?
        Wow, shame on you. It would better that people like to vanish off from the face of the earth, and thus the world woul be better of without you guys.
        What a Big asshole!!!

      • Aman says:

        “Talk is cheap!” Thank you @Sol.

    • Agar says:

      You must be the subject (Mr. Geldof) himself or those sick that are this or that way part of the English establishment project.

      Sir means nothing but the old empire nothing title just to let know the world they are different with something good while in reality they were/are the most evil empire ever lived on earth.

      Messiah? Yes, Hitler was once called the greatest living Messiah because of the things he had done including creating the worst world war and caused the death of more than 26 million Russians while about 50 million wounded and tremendous destructions.

      Mekele University looks like the old people day care centre play ground from eastern London where those were part of the colonization and cold war are dreaming their horrible past against others including in Africa while telling their story to the young people in the form of teaching about it whishing the 21-century Tigry to become their colony and place for the sake of the new project they are having in mind in Ethiopia.

      These are bunch of criminals representing the establishment in Africa including during the colonization and cold war. yet, you are honoring them for that. In England they will be the few among the millions lonely and depressed old people. But in Tigry they are becoming teachers teaching the young people the same thing about English empire history and story in the 21-century IT and advanced technology and Society era.

      Ethiopian universities need none of these kinds but the Japanese, Chinese, Germans, Koreans, even Indians and the likes brave Engineers and scientists.

      • Aman says:

        Again talk is cheap! Thank you @sol for reminding me that adage!

        Let me remind you one Amharic proverb:

        “Sew malet sew malet sew yemihone new sew yetefa elet.”

        It could be that you were not at the receiving, (IF YOU WERE NOT PART OF THE CREATING) end of the calamities of the past regimes, including avoidable famines. If so, then, no wonder!

  3. Sol says:

    Why are you guys are talking about donating his time and money is enough to get him honored, also blaming someone for our bad management by the previous governments to suppress the people was the cause, let’s admit and take responsibility Bruk and juma, talking is cheap, but doing what is wright is hard for you.

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