A thunderous Voice of a Unified Choice (Genenew Assefa)


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  1. Abay says:

    The best Article. . Ethiopians are taking their matters in their hands including in this way, too. Down to all bad and negative foreign so called journalists and scholars that are painting their shits for propaganda reasons with lies and misinformation about the country they have nothing to do with and they know nothing about. Big respect and admiration to Ato Genenew Assefa. This is how the real intellectuals doing their jobs and behave according to their standard.

    Singapore is not a country with villages, towns and cities, but a very small one city nation. However, a small country like Singapore became prosperous because of a determine and hard working developmental one party leadership government for decades. One president rule for more than 40 years made Singapore a prosper nation. Singapore is a multi race, religion and ethnic nation. But because of the hardliner wise and determine president and developmental single party government rule for decades, the country became a melted pot industrial nation. The west was calling him a dictator. But he didn’t care. What he was too much worry about and making him getting busy every day was the improvement of the daily life of his people and peace, unity, safety and stability of his country.

    It is the same with Malaysia where one PM did lead the nation for more than 21 years and one party for many decades rule transformed Malaysia from the badly looted and savagely exploited colonized nation to be one of the advanced nations in the region. Malaysia is a multi race, religion, Ethnic and culture nation as all the countries in the region are where Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand are in the front by having multi race, religion, Ethnic, culture and so on. Suharto of Indonesia was called a dictator but he transformed the nation to be in G20 by leading for decades as president.

    what the people of any country need first, foremost and always is having peace, unity, Jobs, getting the needs always with affordable price and with quality, quantity and variety. There is no doubt, EPRDF is the only alternative party guaranteeing the development of the nation based on the state Capitalism system where the result will be shared by the citizens from Top to down according to the efforts everyone is doing.

    Democracy, election, free media and whatever the west is talking about are not relevant in a country like Ethiopia she is already found her way after a very long suffering and is on the mission to achieve the nation goals working day and night together with the citizens. A society that is giving the first priority for peace and development with goal to benefit the citizens with fair economic and wealth distribution system is a democratic, elected, free and happy society.

    Indeed Ethiopia was needed a kind of democracy lest say before 2005 election. But since that election, the Government changed its policies and is ever since concentrating on peace and development delivering what the people needs and wants the most step by step starting from the fundamental ones that are people cannot live without them. Any African country that has a government fully engaging with development activities for the benefit of the needy citizens must be an elected government even the citizens didn’t vote for it. Because what matters is delivering what the people needs through mobilization and hard work.

    Ethiopians need urgently and always before anything else not only quality but also quantity with variety food at affordable price. They need better cloths, hoes and house. They need electricity, clean water, roads, better education, health care and so on.
    when a foreigners (that has always his own agenda and plan in other country) or worst than that a citizen talks about western democracy, election, rule of law, privatization, human right and so on that are designed to work against the citizens for the few benefits, must be an enemy. Those things are not even on the middle page of the book Ethiopians are looking to have them but on the last page while there are other fundamental needs and also necessities they are looking to get them first and always before anything else coming from abroad in the form of imposing on us. .

    Look at China. Was there any election? No. 1.4 billion People living together as one nation is a huge task by itself. Since 9/11, 2001, more than 900 million Chinese came out of poverty. On the other hand USA and the west situations became like the living hell to the citizens; only the few are becoming richer and richer while the mass is getting poorer and poorer. USA debt is now more than 18 trillion while a small country like England debt is 2.5 trillion. Who is going to pay this? The people, not the elite and those are acted democratically elected.

    Look at India. It has 1.2 billion people which is less than china. They are calling themselves the biggest democracy in the world. But we know how the election process is conducted in the name of democracy including in USA where money is buying the vote. Blackmailing, lies, false promises and none stop propaganda are the main tools to get the vote. More than half of Indians have no Toilet. Meaning more than 600 million which is bigger number that the total population in the Sub Saharan Africa with the same situation. It is the same with other situations, too. Why is that happen in India this way if democracy was the best while China is making the most remarkable things to her citizens no nation ever achieved within a very short period of time?

    Ethiopia needs to look at first and always herself everyday using the citizens daily life improvement and the country overall situation as big mirrors. China is the best example to look at and learn from. As long as the few are controlling the nation wealth in the form of privatization including prisons are privately owned in USA, UK and other nations, there is no democracy, election, free press, human right and whatever they are preaching in the country. Developmental democracy and social justice based on the state capitalism system combined with the citizens’ private ownership is the only way brave leaders in Ethiopia have to choose and the citizens have to follow.

    If the leaders and citizens are working together rejecting each and every bad foreign interference, Ethiopians will develop Ethiopia as a full grown and complete nation benefiting the citizens with fair distribution of the nation wealth based on everyone’s effort. Ethiopia is the best place for agriculture. Ethiopia is the best place for energy production. Ethiopia is the best place for manufacturing and industrial development thanks to her location can be easily reached from all directions.

    That means, we are the ones deciding our destinies, not any bad foreign import thing especially when it is coming in the form of idea where the western so called democracy and privatization are the worst to mention. Those things are not working for the citizens even in their own countries. However, they are forcing others to do the same thing against their citizens thinking this is the best way to bring them in other countries to do the worst thing than they are doing against their own citizens.

    We are not fool and ignorant anymore. We also are not alone, Lonely and weak anymore. This is the 21-century where very useful, trustworthy, strong and honest allies are everywhere and china and Russia are taking the undisputed leadership accepted by many

  2. Sam says:

    Genenew wrote ” witness how trust built over successive periods of tenure in office lent credibility to the incumbent’s campaign promise of five more years of continuous forward thrust beyond the next phase of growth and transformation.” Well, I have a different understanding of the election’s outcome. let us say the counting was done honestly. And EPDRF won as it claimed to have won. Does that mean the EPDRF earned the trust of Ethiopians? I am not sure about that. What I am very sure of is the opposition parties are fragmented and undisciplined. On the contrary, EPDRF is superior on discipline. And the members of the party still believe in the centralized command that served the party well so far. Most importantly, EPDRF more than any party in Ethiopian politics learned a lot from the 1997 election. They learned the majority of Ethiopians, especially the urban dwellers, were not embracing their politics as they believed to have been, so right away they formulated a plan to win over the confidence of those who wanted them out. What do the aging opposition party leaders did during that time? They kept tearing each other to shred. They started competing between themselves about the purity of their politics. Who says EPDRF is not the most lucky party the world has ever known? With an opponent so much in disarray, the EPDRF had a smooth sailing. Does EPDRF exploited, even encouraged to not have a viable opposition parties? My commonsense tells me yes. Not only commonsense the very words the EPDRF politicos have said over the years attest what I believe that commonsense tells me. Time and again the EPDRF politicos say Ethiopia should be governed by a single party until the people are ready for democracy. politicians who believe that Ethiopians are not ready for democracy could allow a free and fair election? You be the judge.

  3. welde says:

    Dear Genenew Assefa,

    Excellent analysis, I only hope the oppositions will read it and change their direction for the good of the country.
    They, above all, should stop manifesting the ‘uncle tom’ characteristics, its very disheartening and embarrassing to grown up men worshipping the white mans verdict as final. Looking at these people its hard to believe they are from the proud and independent country called Ethiopia

  4. John says:

    @Genenew, thumbs up for your excellent analysis.

  5. Asmamaw says:

    I like this guy, Genene, Please keep up informing us with your excellent writing skills

  6. Kahsay Berhe says:

    Genene, ejeh yibarek abo! you should also write on Newyork times and Washington post

  7. Messay says:

    Dear Genenew, thank you so much for your first-class piece. I understand your busy schedule but please continue publishing such extraordinary commentaries atleast once in a month.

  8. Tsegay hadush says:

    @Genenew, when I always read your articles, I feel a sense of strong pride for being part of your generatio, the generation that has a strong reading habits. I saw some of your materials on aigaforum but you disappeared for a while. My friends and I are your fans and nice to get your material here, on a website we regularly visit.

  9. Mame says:

    Genenew, It could be a bit difficult for you to remember, but we used to meet in Washington some 20 years ago and had an amazing debate every Fridays on our country’s fate. I stil remember and ofcourse admire your rational thinking and vision for the motherland you are serving now. I sametimes meet the then common friends (such as Sami, Yared) but I miss the then productive debates. Some of those friends are in a different political beliefs. Evethougn two decades have gone, we (ye sidet politikegnoch) are stil victims of our polarized politics. Anyways, you are lucky and I’m very happy to see your picture here on awramba times, and you stil look very young (agerbet menorn yemesele yelem)

  10. Dire says:

    Bro yes and bullet proof respect and appreciation is extended to you. To use New York’s rebels language. Home- you have to keep writing, writing and writing. In order to expose the North American abesha Contras. The neo contras such as comical Al, Dr General Tamagne, and Berehanu Chelema must be exposed not by barking like sea dogs but by telling the truth. It seems to me the era of bezas, bezebezas, and bezbazas is over. Hoops to know about these words you better ask your friend Haimanot. I state this because I know your friend is from Dire Dawa so do I. To give you a clue here is an example- of bezas .To the question of how are we going to contribute for the further democratization of Ethiopia ? The comical beza Al will give an answer which began by stating as follows. First we have to punish these “people” (remember this “people”is his coded language) because these are the once who illegally over throwen the democratically elected government of Haile Sellase. The bezebeza Dr General Tamane will add how he likes the Tigrean people and the bezbaza Dr Berhanu Chelema will Analise it as if he just come out from one of the most prestigious university in North America. And will tell you the “final solution” Denkem final solution it is the long time negative tradition which must be stoped.

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