Fiche Chambalala colorfully celebrated in Hawassa


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11 Responses

  1. kitesa Tungamo says:

    i am happy for fiche chambalala recorded in UNESCO

  2. Sanbato says:

    When Did sidama’s fiche cambalaala celebration held in 2016?

  3. Abera Tadesse says:

    I am so happy for the inscription of Fiche Chambalala festival in UNESCO which is colourfull,lovely & inspiring celebration.I would like to thank all parners who played a great roll in this process.Next week we are going to celebret the festival


    i am happy for fiche cambalala new year recorded in UNISCO

  5. abebe lemma says:

    l am so happy for fiche cambalala new year recorded in UNISCO

  6. Abebe Argiso Adela says:

    I feel much more pleasure to record fiche chambalala in UNESCO. this is begins, we have a lot of heritages. “Ayiidde Cambalaalla? “

  7. ADDISU ALEMU says:

    I AM HAPPY SO MUCH………………………………

  8. Ayede sidamu mana aumihuni hwale 2009 marote diru sorote ayanira keruni Elishinone diru, Ayani kerunih, Atotunih, kayonihmite,hna Alagicho qelanih ?Alagichikeno Buximate yoritote konira losunih Fayimanih Ekone

  9. Manike alibi rore alagicho ekitinota gobateno duguguru miqicho Ekitinota buxima shorate Womukuni hloke qongiene gulupine olamo qelemona Maganuno kalanokena jawanito jawanito

  10. Sunkurta Digesa says:

    Fichee-cambalaalla is the most beautiful and attractive festival that I ever seen. For it we have to keep it for further in keeping its value and we have to act accordingly in the way that do not deteriorate its quality. All Sidama people including Youth should work for its success for future and should be away from bad conduct during festival celebration!

  11. mizan abeto says:

    iam so happy in anew sidama nations anew year .

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