Elias Kifle of Ethiopian Review Slams Ginbot 7 for Claiming a False Victory over EPRDF (+Audio)


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33 Responses

  1. Mek1 says:

    Elias I want tell you a story, there were two friends as they were walking the saw from distance an animal moving and one said the animal is hawk and the other said it is a got, one suggested lets get closer and throw a stone and if it flies it is hawk if it did not fly it could be a got and they got closer at a throwing distance and they did throw a stone, gusse what? The animal fly, one might think the one who said a got might drop his bet, he did not, this is what he said weather it flies or not it is a got, your argument is exactly the same despite tones of prof there was engagement between G7 and Ethiopian army including Prime ministers threat you still saying there was nothing, do you even understand the symbolic importance of starting the first bullet as a new coalition ? It is a corner stone in history.

  2. Fisseha says:

    You are very neutral and professional, stand for the truth because truth will never hid

  3. John says:

    Elias Kifle with another wanna be activist Ana meal who are both irrelevant.If I do not lead the opposition I will work for TPLF is the motto.

  4. Bruk says:

    Yes, this is just one of the smallest visible crimes happening against the innocent and ignorant Ethiopian Youth taking them to Eritrea where the worst ever Ethiopian and Eritrean people life time Shifta enemy issayas is ruling while ruining everything. When any individual that is saying is an Ethiopian behaves as a friend and ally to the longest and worst terrorist group leader issayas, that individual must be seen as the dumbest and worst enemy to all Ethiopians. What Ethiopia has been through since 1974, is the result of the life time terrorist issayas crimes against the nation.

    As a little portion out of the whole issues and truth came out in public from England last week, under the English establishment leadership the west and together with the Arab league were fully supporting Issayas and other rebels to destabilize Ethiopia. When the Reagan of USA was busy to destabilize Afghanistan fighting communism in the name of protecting Sunni Islam in order to get human, financial, political and other supports from the Arabs/ Islamic world, the Known African colonizers and black people enemies from England under the evil Thatcher were none stop getting too much busy fully supporting the civil war in Ethiopia supporting the rebels where issayas was their main agent.

    When the shortage of food occurred in the conflict Zone in Korem and the surrounding after decades long civil war, that became the best weapon and main strategy front to destroy Ethiopia not only with civil wars but also with limitless none stop propaganda wars using famine as their best opportunity including to humiliate all black people with the pictures and stories they happily shown with song and dance and still are doing after 30 years. It is important to say that almost all troubles coming to Ethiopia from abroad since 1974 are directly and indirectly caused by the English Establishment and Jews joint venture organized crimes particularly those from USA, England, France, Canada and Australia.

    What we see since the 2005 election troubles coming from abroad against Ethiopia are directly or indirectly caused by the same people. USA and England are sheltering and supporting all elements that are making the living there by saying they are against the Ethiopian government despite the government is a development democratic government working for the benefit of the citizens instead of the few as its is going on in USA, UK and other western nations. The greedy racists and evil imperialists do hate the most to see happen in Ethiopia the citizens having peace, unity, hard working, development, prosperity and benefit to all the citizens.

    As Africa and black people were the only reasons for the beginning, flourishing and continuous of their ways of existence and luxury life, they would do anything possible or impossible to keep that 500 years old principle for ever by attacking any individual, group or government that is useful and doing the best for the people benefit and future of eth nation. Ethiopia is the one they are concentrating on including making anything possible to lose herself such as her African born language and the only Black people alphabet for use for thousands years. They are telling us to learn English which is not an African and black people language.

    When you see so called foreign guests on ESAT TV, almost all of them are from the Jewish communities. Herman Cohen (the worst Ethiopian enemy ever), his family members and others are on ESAT telling lies after lies while they are outlining their plan and agenda in Ethiopia. few days ago, 5 members of university so called scholars in USA (all of them are none Africans let alone any Ethiopian being among them), were giving a long hour lecture about Ethiopia, her future and what kind government must come there and what USA, England and others are doing and must do. Among the others what they were saying was using NGOs, Charities, Aid agencies, Foundations, organizations, Peace Core and journalists are the best strategy and weapons to shape the nation the way the US and west want.

    They even are making the plan how USA and UK must do preparing a new government in wait that would take Ethiopia one day when after 5, 10 or 15 years EPRDF is gone. They are working things are happening in Ethiopia this way having plan even for 15 years. Imagine what kind evil creatures and dangerous they are being this way about the nation and people they are too far away and they have nothing to do with.

    Instead of talking about black people in Africa, why don’t they do anything possible for millions of black people in USA and UK when millions are languishing in jail and are living the bottom of the bottoms in all levels because of the silent race war against them. How many black university students are there? How many black university teachers are there? why is not blacks are the visible part of the NGOs, aid agencies, Embassies, Charities, Foundations, Organizations, Journalists/corporate medias, peace core and so on when they are coming from USA and UK in to Africa? Is that because of they don’t trust them for fear they would expose their secret plan and damaging agenda in Africa/Ethiopia coming acting as innocents and trustworthy camouflaging behind those misleading names?
    So, any USA, UK and whatever foreign individual, group or government, need to do anything to solve the huge sufferings blacks people are at home before even thinking coming to Africa and acting as if they do care about the people there they have nothing in common with including citizenship.

    When you see them talking about the Ethiopia past, present and future, you think there is no a human being in Ethiopia function as a responsible and competent as a citizen but all of them are herd of animals happily to be treated like insects by the racists and evils from USA and UK in the name of…… The saddest thing is that these so called scholars are often coming to Ethiopia pretending they are there for different reasons, while they are doing the things they are having in mind to destroy Ethiopia including making a long plan as long as many decades in the future.

    They even warned Ethiopia not to invade Eritrea referring the current PM warning against Eritrea. You see, how closely they are following the Situation in Ethiopia on daily basis even Ethiopians don’t do for themselves in their own country.
    Youtube.com: “Policy Issues In Kenya and Ethiopia Ahead of President Obama’s Trip”
    Centre for Strategies and international studies.
    This is one of the many institutions and organizations in USA totally focusing on foreign nations mainly in Africa, Russia, china and ME. England also has the something, too. Other western nations also do have the same thing. However, all of them are working together when it comes attacking, affecting and destroying Africa, Russia, China, Iran and the ME against those are not slaves to Israel.

    The point is that Ginbot 7, ESAT and other terrorist groups are not the product of themselves but under the Anglo- American leadership the west is using them. During Dergue Era, they used the rebels to wage very long and nasty civil wars against Ethiopia saying dergue was bad for the country and people. But when the so called rebels took power under the English lead USA/Jews permission and became the best leaders Ethiopia ever had (which is against the principle the west had in mind all along), then they created other rebels and started to support them in order to topple the best government that is working for the citizen.

    What they are doing since 1974(officially), is not about the people and country benefit but against them. They don’t want to see an independent African nation economically, politically and socially but always weak, poor and dependent on them for everything including their existence. So called democracy doesn’t exist in USA or UK but corporatism and racism they have to always control the world using any legal or illegal means necessary where Africa is the main and first target.

    How do they do that? By creating divisions among the same people and spreading propaganda lies against the government and supporting the criminals like Ginbot 7, ESAT and others. IN USA are living all human races, religions, ethnic groups, cultures, Traditions and so on. It is the same in UK, too. They are demanding everyone speaking and using the English language including those are not from Europe. But in Africa/Ethiopia they are financing everyone to speak own language including those with very few numbers. In Australia, the natives are not allowed to speak their own languages numbering 375 the same way the Native Americans are not allowed.

    The reason why they are doing in Africa/Ethiopia is implementing one of their best strategies which is dividing and separating the people from one another in order to kill the unity and nationhood patriotism. Killing patriotism by dividing the nation under the name of Ethnicity and religion was an idea the first time started to appear in 1919 in Vienna. Austria. The man and his followers were the Jewish. This is what is going on in Africa/Ethiopia and the ME ever since. Dividing the people using anything possible in order to destroy the nationhood which is easy to occupy and control by them is on the making openly.

    The Ethiopian Medias and government must tell the young people that are taken to hell in Eritrea by the foreign mercenaries like Ginbot 7 and ESAT. Any Ethiopian that is thinking issays would do anything good for Ethiopia even by mistake must be dumb and lets him go there and die a slow death as all of them are since the last 10 years. Birhanu, Andagrachew and Bunch of Durge children from ESAT are criminals responsible for the suffering and death of young Ethiopians in the life time terrorist and Ethiopian enemy issayas hands.

    You must not forget even for a second about who is behind these or any other Ethiopian so called rebels living comfortably in abroad and getting support including from so called scholars and institutions such as universities, Think tanks and lobby groups where the vast majorities are the Jews and English.

    Andargachew was supporting the rebels during dengue Time. In 1991, during the conference in London between the rebels and dergue officials despite the decision was already made by the worst Ethiopia Enemy in the name of Herman Cohen( a Jew), Andargachew was the only and first to say the rebels must take Addis Ababa. He went back and became part of the Government. But when the English that were leading all the supports to the rebels for decades-since 1974, they told him to come back to England and become their agent to destabilize Ethiopia against the government they were supporting them as rebels for 17 years.

    It is not about Ethiopia but against all Ethiopians dividing and making them affecting each others as worse as possible and as long as it takes. Now, they are trying to free their terrorist agent against Ethiopia. Are we lived in the 17, 18 or ever 20 century; they were in control everything behaving as savages against humanity and nature? The government that is working for the citizens’ benefit is becoming their number one target and enemy. This is what is going on.

    Birhanu was first member of Meison, then EPRP, then EPRDF supporter, then Keste Demena, Then Kinijit, then Gonbot 7/Shabia’s criminal servant and then….? He is mentally sick no one trusts him for anything. But the best agent the west is always looking and using as savage animal against own kind for the benefit of those racists including towards him because of his nature he cannot do anything about.
    Remember: Mujahidin that created Al Qaida, Taliban, IS, Al Nusra and all Islamic terrorist group was created by them against other Muslims in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Palestine, Egypt(most founding members are Egyptians), Iraq and all over the places. Creating enemies among the same people based on religion including between Muslims and Christians and between the same races based on ethnicity are their main agenda and working plan they are up to including in Ethiopia. But in their country, they are racist against all of them making their lives in hell.

    However, this is the 21-century world. They even cannot win a war against Taliban in Afghanistan for 14 years that cost them trillions and thousands human lives so far.

    As long as the corporate western so called medias and the mercenaries so called Journalists and others that are camouflaging in the name of so called NGO’s, Aid agencies, Charities, foundations, Institutions, organization and peace core mainly from USA and UK are allowed in the country, be sure, our daily life and the long term destination journey is designed and operating in line with these merciless enemies working for the greedy imperialists and racists agendas and plan while pretending differently which is playing with the black people understanding and ability standing for own rights confronting the far away enemies like them till they disappeared from the country and people shoulders it has nothing to do with. Just avoid these merciless criminals from our country. They are worst than the so called missionaries that killed the African spirit and being, the colonial solders and mercenaries in combined.

    On one hand they are sheltering and supporting all sorts of so called rebel enemies against the nation. while on the other hand they are telling us they are fully committed supporting the nation which is the best tactic they are using to implement their agenda and plan sending their agents in the name of journalists, NGOs, agencies, Charities, organizations, volunteers, peace core and so on. Not they but we are the ones deciding everything when it comes to our country and people.

    So, avoid them completely knowing they are not there to help but harm as worst as possible and save the nation from being destroyed in the name of aid and whatever name they are having. No nation especially like the naturally rich Ethiopia becoming peaceful united and developed as long as the west (US and UK) are around in the name of their kinds of aid and whatever name they are having. Avoid them by confidently Relaying on yourself while having very close relationship with other useful nations based on respect, understanding and mutual benefits. China, Russia, Japan, Korea, India, Italy, Germany, Africa, Asia and many more are more than enough to work with and be ourselves developing in our ways for our all citizens’ benefits.

    Any nation that is approached by USA and UK in the name of aid and democracy treating the citizens as poor, weak, backward and making them disliking what they have for themselves, who they are and instead becomes the target of brainwashing and bad inhuman behaviors coming from abroad, the end result of that nation is always becoming a failed state after long and deep suffering. Don’t forget about that.

    But when we are talking about USA and UK or whatever west is, we are not talking about the mass victim citizens but the few that are controlling everything and we know them who are they, what are they doing and in which community do they belong. Ask yourself always about them and answer it by yourself, too as they are visible and everywhere to see and find them doing their nasty staffs including coming in the country.

    • Mek1 says:

      You must be kidding me! your masters are working hand in hand with the Anglo Americans they forget the country and they are working day and night to advance foreign agenda, 60% percent of the countries budget comes from them and it has been life support for the regime you are trying to defend , wake up !!! are you sleeping ? They are selling Ethiopian blood for a dollar, what a degrading act of the highest level !!! All these is done to please their Anglo American masters .

      • Bruk says:

        Forget about me or anybody else. But ask yourself. What makes you saying the things you are saying and what do you get for doing so including when you said “60% percent of the countries budget comes from them and it has been life support for the regime you are trying to defend”

        There is something very serious wrong going on with you people living in abroad. What do you get in return by engaging this way against Ethiopia with lies after lies thinking foreign powers would listen to you for doing that? Because they are always looking those affecting their own nation including by attacking the working and useful citizens like the current Ethiopian government is.

        However, forget about the government. But what is your relationship with the country when you are always trying to dark painting her with lies using the worst things possible. Are you saying 60% of the country budget coming from USA and England? Because we are talking about these two not others that are real and genuine nations. The biggest contributions to EU budget are Germany and France, not that tiny England when we are talking about EU.

        The countries that are giving to Ethiopia the best, meaningful and useful aid coming not only from their head but also heart in the west are countries like Germany, Italy and others; not England. If there is any meaningful aid coming from USA and England, it is always coming from the people not the few that are causing so many problems at home against own people and abroad in the name of aid.

        England and USA are using so called aid to implement their own agenda and plan in some one’s country they have nothing to do with. It is like your home is mine and you have to follow my order in exchange I give you something to keep you shut up and alive in order to play with your thinking making you unable to choose right from wrong and good from bad which is not relaying on the kinds of propaganda types aid coming from England and USA predominately run by the Jews from both nations.

        Again; the aid USA and England are talking about is coming from the people, not from the pocket of the few that are using aid to affect other nations. Israel is getting more than 3 billion Dollars every year from USA as Egypt does 1.5/2 billion every year for 36 years. A tiny nation like Jordan is getting 800 million dollar every year from USA.

        So, getting aid is not the Ethiopian thing but the aid Ethiopia is getting which is very little comparing with the population proportion but gets lots of propaganda publicities and they are using it to influence the nation’s internal matters. On the other hand they are not doing the same thing in other nations including Israel and Egypt despite they are giving them huge amounts for decades.

        This is what makes a difference and angry to those do love Ethiopia and respect the people witnessing the behaviors foreigners from these two nations are doing in the name of aid reaching as far as to the isolated areas affecting the ancient and innocent but still ignorant citizens unable to see how evil these foreigners are and stop them using anything necessary.

        Hiring for Knowledge transfer or working together for win win benefits with the German Engineers, Italian builders and those in the food industry and Farmers from Holland and so on are million times useful and the best solution than any aid coming from USA and England attached with millions types of damaging situations to implement on us by sending their well trained people for these purposes despite they have no idea about us but they are forcing to accept their plan and agenda on us treating as if we are their testing animals for their project in the whole of Africa and world they are having in mind.

        Those are coming in Ethiopia or using media and other channels affecting Ethiopia are predominately Jews from US, England, Canada, Australia and France. Why are they targeting Ethiopia is not only the question but also the answer because of many nations particularly those predominately Muslim countries are not allowed them even to be there for a while behaving the way they wanted. We are becoming the worst victims of our stupidity and cowardness. But until when…?

        The vast majority USA and UK citizens are very nice and innocent people but intentionally are kept in darkness treating them like huge herds of mass consuming animals for the few imperialists and greedy criminals benefit that are controlling everything worth money, power and influence

        • Mek1 says:

          If a person is sleeping he has a hope to wake up but if he is acting sleeping it is hard to wake him up, because he is doing it on purpose, the hole Europe dances to the U.S. Tunes using Britania as a DJ and the few people that you refer are the one running the show all over the world using regimes like the one you are defending, I call them fire throngs other nations use them to pick fire with out burning their hands, keep acting sleeping, there is no hope for people like you, educated idiots.

          • Mekdes says:

            You rascal idiot what bruk telling you right thing. Ethiopia 20 years ago and Ethiopia then is different, in every aspect. Thanks to EPRDF to keep people like Elias and Birahun Nega away from Ethiopians. That includes you. You have been talking same scenario for 24 years. You are the one who should wake up not Bruk.

  5. Dr. Berhanu Nega and other leaders of Patriotic Ginbot 7 organization are in Asmara to join the struggle –

    As you already know, our struggle has reached a crucial milestone in which our comrades have begun paying the ultimate sacrifice in battling the TPLF-led regime in Ethiopia.

    Armed struggle was never a method of struggle of our choice. The TPLF-regime has closed all peaceful avenues and has left us with the choice to become enslaved in our home land or to fight by any means necessary.

    Therefore, the man who Ethiopians have once peacefully elected as mayor of the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Dr. Berhanu Nega, chairman of Patriotic Ginbot 7, has joined his comrades in arms on the ground where the soldiers of Patriotic Ginbot 7 have begun waging the battle to free Ethiopia.

    As we have confidence in the victory of good over evil, we have no doubt that Dr. Berhanu Nega and other leaders of our organization will effectively lead our organization and our beloved people to freedom, justice and democracy!

    Victory to the Ethiopian people!
    Patriotic Ginbot

    • tt says:

      Dr, Birhanu is in Asmera…so min yitebes…I will be the one who fight agaist himthough i was the one with him ten years ago….His intention is not for the betterment of Ethiopia rather for distroying its bright future….I would be more than glad if he was cached like his master at Se’na or Asmara….and passed to Ethiopia governement…

    • Erty says:

      How long has been since Berhanu Nega has been the leader of Ginbot-7? for too long. Why he is travelling to Eritrea now? damage control. Ginbot-7 and the Eritrean regime will have a bitter divorce soon. Ginbot-7 is disintegrating fast. This organization has nothing to show to its supporters and the Eritrean government is in full control of Ginbot-7 and ESAT. I have never seen a sovereign nation giving full access its territory to a rebel group. Ginbot -7 wants to destroy woyane and the Eritrean government wants to do the same . Their similarity ends there. Ginbot-7 wants a unified strong Ethiopia while the Eritrean government wants weak a fragmented Ethiopia. Ginbot-7 and the Eritrean regime have similar goal of destroying Ethiopian government but they have asymmetric goal for the future of Ethiopia. Now, the Eritrean government has been looking for a strong alliance to attack Ethiopia since the Eritrean government can’t face the Ethiopian people and its army alone and win. The Eritrean government tried to form a coalition of forces outside Ethiopia who can engage to destroy Ethiopia with out that group of alliance participating in Ethiopia political process. That was the safest thing to do in order to set up an Ethiopian government on the image of Eritrean regime. Eritrea now is looking on to Ethiopia to set an insurgency inside Ethiopia. But this insurgency has to be a military force that can fight Ethiopia military forces to weaken the political will of Ethiopia. Eritrea, however, wants to weaken both the insurgency and the Ethiopian government at the same time by letting them fight each other so that at the end of the day the Eritrean army who is intact and in good standing gets and finish the job to set up an Ethiopian government in its image. This is why the Eritrean army is letting the rebel take the charge while Eritrea’s forces are providing support in the back ground with out shot at in the front. Basically this is the idea that was used to take badme, Undisputed territory of Ethiopia before 1998. There was no border dispute or territory dispute between Ethiopia and Eritrea but there was a political disagreement of economics in nature when Eritrea printed its own currency. Since Eritrea couldn’t get what it wanted Eritrea saw a gap in military power between Ethiopia and Eritrea and step in to Ethiopia territory with its tanks to force Ethiopia politically to yield for Eritrea. I always stand by my argument that badme is Ethiopia’s land. So, Eritrea and ginbot-7 are moving in opposite direction soon . It is just a matter of time. Another thing that is a sign of things to come for ginbot-7 and ESAT is that ESAT and Ginbot-7 started to attack other Ethiopian related on line medias, like Ethiopian Review, The Habash, Ethio Media and so on. I have been saying this for a while that ginbot-7 is a dictator. Now it is showing its true face. An organization that portraits itself as an advocate for democracy and human right wants all media out lets to be formed in its own image. Making thing on self image as if all are perfect and beautiful in Ginbot-7 and ESAT world. What a shame. Of course we know democracy and human right issues are most of the time raised in third world countries to bring states under the influence of the west.

      • wedinakfa says:

        Erty said

        “Of course we know democracy and human right issues are most of the time raised in third world countries to bring states under the influence of the west”

        Erty wake up and smell the coffee of Yirgachefe not the dunk smoke of Yirga Triangle.

  6. ethiio says:

    Elias Kifle is another Dawit ! Elias use to LOVE Eritrea and he even said president Esayas Afwerki is the man of the year and now he HATE Eritrea and the Esayas. completely the opposite but nothing has changed the same with Dawit. Dawit hated woyane for years and worked with ESAT and now he LOVES woyane with out any reasons. crazy people. As soon as Elias said something bad about G7, it become a breaking news for Dawit. My GOD!!! what is wrong with you people???

    • wedinakfa says:

      Dear ethiio, there is nothing wrong with these people perhaps your moral back ground is more of humanity than the two losers.

  7. ashebir says:

    The funniest people who made war as simple as eating burgers are the leaders of g7 and threir allies, i think isayas is lying to them about the power of EPRDF which he has tested about 15 years ago

  8. Sam says:

    Elias Kifle might have some sense left on him after all. The guy sells hearsay as if it is politics for long. His understanding of Ethiopian politics– and even American– is way below average. There is one consistency in his” politics”:he hates EPDRF with passion. That kept him in business so far. When Elias comes out to question the veracity of Ginbot 7 statement, I do not accept it at face value. Politics for Elias is personal. What his statement meant was he had a fallout with Ginbot 7. I do remember when he was cheerleading the president of Eritrea. All of a sudden he found him to be an incompetent politician. Why the change of heart? As I said politics is personal for Elias. To be honest to figure out the Ginbot 7 fiction, we do not need the help of Elias. We are doing fine by ourselves. Thank you very much.

  9. Be ewnetu says:

    The movement strategy from Shaebia based is the big foolishness with the hate propoganda on whole Tigreans,, and also supporting from Arab “Ethiopian enemy” wich is not accepted by real Ethiopians, any way Gim 6 plus 1 ESAT is already in sinking,
    Up for Ethiopianism
    God bless Ethiopia

  10. Peace says:

    Tek1, TPLF is the evil and enemy #1 of ethiopian and human beings 3% of population control 95% economy, military, power and 100% fake election
    Tel’s what do have before 1991?? ..at least Birhanu was rich before your TPLF won the lottery…lol keep stalling ppl land to your masters

  11. በለው ! says:

    …. የዲያስፖራው ምሁር ኤሊያስ ክፍሌ ምን አለ?
    …ድሮ ሻዕቢያን መደገፌና ኢሳያስ አፈወርቂን ታላቅ ሰው ማድረጌ ፣ወደዚያ ግቡ ብዬ ታጋይ ማስገደሌ ስሕተት ነበር አለ?… ከዚያስ ግንቦት ሰባትና ግንቦት ሃያ መካካል ገብቼ ትርፋማ አልሆንኩም፣ ይልና
    የውጭ( በአየር ላይ የሚንሳሰፈፍ የሚወራለት ግን የማይዳሰስ የማይጨበጥ… በሩቁ በመቆጣጠሪያ የሚዘወርና እንደ ድሮነር ከአሜሪካ የምንይልክን ቤተመንግስት የሚረከብ መንግስት ማቋቋም ጀምርኩ” አለና አሁንም አዋጪ ሆኖ አላገኘውም፡ ከዚያስ…
    ወያኔ/ህወአት/ኢህአዴግ ለኢትዮጵያውያን ተቃዋሚ በተከለከለ አዲስ አባባ ሜዳ ላይ የኢሳያስ አፈወርቂ ተቃዋሚዎች ማሳወቅም ማስፈቀድም ሳያስፈልጋቸው ማስጮህ ጀመረ፣ ከሁለተኛው የትራንስፎርሜሽን ዕቅድ ውስጥ” ለኤርትራ ለውጥ ይመጣል አሰብን እንጠቀማለን!” ተባለ ከውጊያው በኋላ ኤርትራ ወያኔ መር መንግስት ስትመሠርት ኤልያስ ክፍሌ፣ተስፋዬ ገብረእባብ አጋር ጓደኞቹ በህወአት የዲያስፖራውን ፖለቲካ ትኩሳት ለኪዎችና ሚስጥር አቀባዮች ተንታኝና በታኝ ስለኢትዮጵያ ሲሉና ለህወአት ሥልጣን በማስጠበቃቸው አሁን ኢህአዴግን የሚመሩትን ኤርትራውያንና ትውልደ ኤርትራውያን ጨምሮ አዲሲቷን ኤርትራ ለመምራት የሥልጣን እርክክብ አሥመራ ላይ ያደርጋሉ…ኦነግ፣ አብነግ፣ ግንቦት ሰባት፣ በኤርትራ በረሃ የገና ዳቦ ሆኑ ማለት ነው..ተስፋዬ ግበረእባብ አንዲ ፅጌን (ቱፋ) እንዳስበላው… ኤሊያስ ኤርትራ ላይ ከተስፋዬ ተደራድሮ ብርሃኑ ነጋ ያጨልመዋል። ከዚያማ ያለ አቻ ጋብቻ ማረኝ ኢህአዴግ ገንዘብ ላክልኝ እያሉ ሁሉም በተራ ማንም ሳይነካቸው በዳዊት ከበደ ግብዣ ቃል እያቀበሉ ወሬ እየተቀባበሉ ተሳስቼ ነው! ተጠራጥሬ! ኢህአዴግ የማይወደኝ የሚያስረኝ መስሎኝ ፈርቼ! ጨካኝና አሳሪ ገራፊ ብለውኝ ነው ይቀጥላል>>> ድሮም በመጯጯህ በጥሎ ማለፍ የተገነባው የዲያስፖራው አዋቂ አልባ ጭብጫቦ ሲበዛ ጆሮ ሲደነቁር ልብ ይደፈናል እንዲህም በወና ቤት መተማማት አለ… እንዲህ ዓይነት ሥልጣን ሽሚያና የጥቅም ሽኩቻ አዛኝ መስሎ ቀድሞ መጮህ ስልታዊ ማፈግፈግ ያለ ነው ግን የማይቀጥል መሆን አለበት።(የዓላማ ፅናት!)
    ** ከኢሳያስ መውደቅ በኋላ ኤሊያስ ክፍሌ ከሚቀጥለው የኤርትራ ዴሞክራሲያዊ መንግስት ጋር ለአርበኞች ግንባርና ለትህዴን ጦር ይጭናል ወይንስ የኤርትራ ተቃዋሚ (ትህዴን) ህወአትን ይተካል? ህወአትሻዕቢያን አብርሮና አማሮ ማን ሊያነግስ ይሆን? ትውልደ ኤርትራዊው አቦይ ብሔር ብሔረሰቦች ስብሃት ነጋ ምን አሉ?ኢዛና ዘ-አክሱም እንደዘገበው “የኤርትራ ሕዝብ ጤናማ ከሆነ ምሥራቅ አፍሪካን ይለውጣል! ይህ ሕዝብ ወደ ቀውስ ከገባ እንደ ሱማሊያና ደቡብ ሱዳን አደለም አካባቢውን ያናውጣል! ድንገት ኢሳያስ ከሄደ ኤርትራ ቀጥታ ወደ ቀውስ ትገባላች፡ የኤርትራ መንግስት ይወድቃል በአገሪቱ ቀውስ ይፈጠራል፡ በርካታ የውጭ ኀይሎች እጃቸውን የሚያስገቡበት አደገኛ ቀውስ። ኢትዮጵያ ይህንን በጥናት በማረጋጋጥ በኢሳያስ ወቅትና በድህረ ኢሳያስ አደገኛ ችግር እንዳይፈጠር እየሰራች ነው። ** ሰኔ 3/200ፓርላማ አባላት አደረጉት ንግግር።
    (ከዚህ ከህወአት ዋናው የፖለቲካው አቀንቃኝ፣ የሠላም ጠ/ሚኒስትርና የጦር አዛዥ መረዳት የሚቻለው ምንም ጦርነት የለም!! ከሠላማዊ ድርድር በቀር ኤርትራ ለበቀል በሯን ከከፈተች ብዙ ሰዎች አፋቸውን እንደከፈቱ ዝንብ ይገባባቸዋል….! ግንቦት፯፣ግንቦት ፳፣መስከረም ፪ ሻዕቢያ፣ ኦነግ፣ ኦብነግ፣ የወሬ ውሃ ካልሆነ ሁሉም የአንድ ጥርብ ኮብል እስቶን ናቸው።አይ ይህ የፈረደበት የዋህ ሞኝና ድሃ ህዝብ ዙሪያውን ይቀለድበታል!?

  12. Girma says:

    Birhanu, Birhanu, What a crap!

    Is he a USA citizen? Isn’t he on the terrorism list and found guilty by the court with death penalty? Why is he allowed to move to Eritrea for terrorism act by the US government? O sorry it is a Jew government where Obama is their remote control and programmed robot they brought him on power to work for them. His first trip was in the ME which is Egypt. Within 6 years, they managed to destroy the entire ME beyond recognition using Obama as their tool where the blame has to be on him while as usual they will be declare innocent and free from.

    The next stop is going to be Africa doing things in a hurry. Before he leave the office; he has to finish the jobs they have in mind for him from the start when they decided to bring him in the WH to work for their agenda in US and all over the world that is going on perfectly since day one according to their plan. The question is does even he knows about what is going on behind him this people are up to?

    Birhanu is in Eritrea to destabilize Ethiopia working with issayas while his rich families are continuing milking Ethiopia till this hour. Why?

    The question is who is behind this crap terrorist he will achieve nothing but will run away as usual back to USA(if issayas or others are not going to kill him knowing he is not a human being to trust and relay on but the worst enemy to the Habesha people)? There is no doubt the Institutions, organizations, NGO’s, Charities and other government and none government bodies From USA, UK and so on are behind this crap; starting from financing. And the vast majorities if not all of them are the Jews living in these countries.

    This is the way how things are started by them and the situation became the way it is in Ukraine with aim to destroy Russia looking to get and own the huge Russian resources and eliminate Russian fret including against the USD they are printing as private owned product like Toilet paper since 1913.

    The question is why is the Ethiopian government allowing this terrorist families still milking Ethiopia while their criminal son is affecting Ethiopia allying with foreign enemies including those all along known racists? Why is the Ethiopia government not supporting the red sea afar and others to topple Issayas who is the source of all troubles Ethiopia and Eritrea have been through for almost 50 years?

    Be sure; not necessarily the USA government but Individuals including the greedy imperialists from Wall Street, financial activities, companies and those holding all bank, telecom, money, wealth and influence activities are behind this terrorist. After all, USA and UK have privately owned different armies, securities, prisons and the likes businesses run by money minded evil individuals.

    The greedy imperialists that are looking to control the world in the name of privatization, Globalization, trade, investment, free media and democracy are capable of doing even worse than what Hitler did. They are the source of troubles coming from USA and UK for the last 70 years. The Jews that are having and controlling the agencies, organizations, institutions, Medias, Politics, IMF, WB, UN and the likes operating in the name of international are on the mission destroying this world for the sake of their greedy and inhuman agenda and plan. Countries like Ethiopia are their main targets because of they are allowed them to come in and be free doing what they are doing always with lies, misinformation, blackmailing and mischief approaches which is unlike they be able to do in many other nations.

    Wake up people and humanity in general all over the world. BRICS need to be very active, bold and inclusive in order to counter these evils before they are destroying everything affects everyone and nature in general. These are creatures don’t care about anything but satisfying their greedy life or prefer to die after destroying everything.

  13. Dawit Gebre Medhin says:

    Dawit and or Elias,

    the Ethiopian people has no time to waste . it is time to earn our liberty . you keep shouting soooo loud , but we will never give you ear …sorry for that

  14. Sol says:

    Bunch of fools and few constructive views, I just do not understand, Brihanu is a greedy one who cares where he is, do you think he will carry a pestol from now ? If you think good luck!!

  15. Observer says:

    Please sit for negotiation before any blood of compatriot is shed, initiative could be taken by Ginbot 7-Arbegnoch or EPRDF or both but I would prefer EPRDF takes the lead as responsible protector of its citizens.
    Religious leaders and Elders should also play a role as we cannot afford blood shed among brothers and sisters. We have had enough !!

    • Osayres says:

      Observer I saw your comment different taste than this
      Specially the kindness you have for Tigraen and the hate you for Amhar and Oromo but here you look as neutral as possible just to nurture Alis and his likes towards EPRDF

  16. Dd says:

    Dispora losers who have nothing better to do than make life difficult for the citizens back home. Berhanu mega is a rich kid who ain’t got nothing better to do. He can’t relate to the people back home, he has a huge thrust for power .who in their mind works with shabia to better Ethiopia

  17. foxtiger says:

    There is an ethiopian saying (aletegib bye setefa yaferal).this greedy tplf steal for the past 24 years stil they are not satsfied.tanks to genbot7 they will lose everything.

  18. Girma says:

    peaceful and united society, hard work on the progress and development directions based on own ways for own benefits are among the reasons why they are angry about and making them mad in a way they are trying anything and everything to discredit each and every good and positive thing Ethiopia has using their criminal corporate medias and institutions.

    The best game they are playing always against others including Blacks is dividing the citizens, making them quarrel and fight destroying each other while the best outcome has to be always based on the foreign enemies agenda and plan. Look how they managed to destroy forever the ME and even Ukraine dividing the citizens in the name of religion, Ethnicity and race.

    Before the conflict, there was no a single homeless person in Syria. Syria was one of the most peaceful, united, satisfied and happy society in the world. Today Syria is became a failed state. The country that had no a single homeless person is now more than 4 million of her citizens are became refuges in abroad while 8 millions are internal displaced.

    It is the same in Libya. Before the war, Libya was one of the stable and richest nations in the world. When Libyans getting married, they were getting 50.000 Dollar gifs from the state. When the child was born, parents were getting thousand dollars worth gifts. Each and every Libyan was having his own home with government support instead of renting.
    Ukraine was one of the richest nations during the soviet era. It was the centre of the heavy industry, modern technology, education and farming centre.
    Look at today Ukraine within a year. It is technically a bankrupt and failed state where the fascists and neo Nazis are in charge with USA and UK blessing. More than 1.3 million refugees are already fled to Russia. About 6.000 are dead so far.
    Other nations like Yemen, Iraq, Tunisia and even Egypt that were once very stable and peaceful nations are now in big, big troubles.

    Who is to blame for all these crimes? No one but the citizens of these nations allowed to be used by foreign enemies where few criminals like Birhanhu are working for them to destroy the nations pretending they are there for other reasons. Who is affecting these destroyed ME nations? All the citizens particularly those serving the foreign enemies such as free Syrian army, Al Qaida, IS, Al Nusra and many other groups supported by foreign power and we know who they are.


    The report highlights how Ethiopia has been transformed from a famine-afflicted country to a country self-sufficient in food. Barren lands have been turned into lush green farms, producing grains, vegetables and fruits. This has been achieved by constructing water storage facilities and an extensive irrigation system through hard work and dedication. Ethiopia has become a thriving economy with double-digit growth and is a model for other countries in the continent.

    Of course, this would not have been possible without an honest and inspiring leadership that has brought peace and prosperity to the nation. The Ethiopia story is a good lesson for us because we have fallen much behind other third world countries that 50 years ago were economically more backward than us.

    Huma Arif

    Karachi (Pakistan)


    this is what makes them mad and bad against Ethiopia. They want to stop development and good live there making the peaceful and united society working for development quarrelling, fighting and destroying against each other. Birhanu and his like enemies are there to serve them. The so called Journalists, zone 9(Soros projects), politicians like semayawi, some Domestic NGOs, Private medias and the likes are part of it.

    The solution is one and simple which is confronting and destroying any bad and negative situation coming from abroad against Ethiopia before it is getting any root. Attacking is the best defense. So, don’t wait to defend yourself by given them time till they get strength and roots and coming towards you for attack. This is not a personal or group matter but the national matter that requires quick and decisive response towards anyone that is engaging with criminal activities towards the nation of all.

    you have to be sure always; almost all Ethiopian bad situation are coming from abroad mainly USA and England where the Jews are taking the biggest portion of it started from coming up with damaging ideas, creating and organizing the criminals, making plans and programs, financing, propaganda wars as usual they are doing for decades and influence in USA, UK and other western governments, UN, IMF, WB, World trade so on. If they were not playing those roles, the sanctions imposed on many nations would never been happened. They are the fire starters and destroyers camouflaging behind innocent and ignorant individuals, groups and nations particularly in the west.

    it is important to work closely with western citizens including the black communities in USA and worldwide keeping them inform about the evil nature of their so called leaders and those few associating with in Africa mainly in Ethiopia. No matter what they say, Ethiopia was, is and always will be one of the few ancient nations and the symbol of Africa and all black people. So, the few bunches of greedy criminals from USA and UK must not and will not allow affecting Ethiopia again as they did in the past. This is a very different world where including the news are no longer totally monopolized by them/few criminals but the world.

    It is important to expose them with each and every bad move they are making against our people in our country. Ethiopian embassy in USA need to work doing the best contacts with innocent and useful USA citizens including the Black communities from the highest levels. It is more than enough affecting blacks beyond Africa. But no more in Africa.

  19. Samora says:

    It’s obvious that most opposition groups who live IN USA, don’t make that much money from working. Thank God to UBER took their job. Hodam taxi drivers on welfare & public assistance prog. They never paid enough taxes here in USA. Leba hula…..

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