What Benefits did Ethiopia get from Obama’s recent visit (Video)


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15 Responses

  1. billfree says:

    dawit – are you the personal spokesperson of reduwan hussen?

    • Tesfalehulum says:

      Correction: He is part of Weyane’s propaganda machine.

    • muleta says:

      they say “for every strong man ,there is a strong woman behind him’..in this case ””for every strong siltea ,kambata,oromo,wolamo…….there is a very strong tigrea behind him…!!!! ”…..chikichikibooom boom

  2. Shanko says:

    @billfree, was ato Redwan talking about his personal life here?

    • Beza says:

      Shanko, min titebkaleh few diaspora followers of Birahun Negadew? For him/bilfree/ Redwan is nightmare? One opposition group politician can not seat and challenge him, as a politician. Good question, you asked him. May be he doesn’t understand English.

  3. dude says:

    Now wayne can kill as many ethiopians as it wishes. They killed their way to 100% election winning and now they can kill 100% the time to stay in power. Obama said that is APPROVED!

  4. Bruk says:

    One quality person is useful and important than millions that do look like herds of animals unable to know how things are within and beyond including the true evil nature of some foreigners in individual, groups and state levels. Hitler, Mussolini…. and even monster Mengistue are individuals caused so many hardships. The first two were against foreigners for the sake of their nations and people while our monster was against own people. But he was at least good enough to know the evil nature of those evil foreigners and protected the Citizens from being affected by them.

    As it was all along known and currently the document is revealed the tiny part of the whole truth how the evil and most racist PM Thatcher was behind the long and damaging civil war in Ethiopia and how they magnified and repeatedly and intentionally used famine and starvation as the biggest propaganda war mass destruction weapon against Ethiopia and black people in general because of their deep race hate and politics in the cold war.

    Redwan is one of the few most quality individual, gifted Politicians and true Ethiopians in today’s Ethiopia. He is young but full of knowledge about the situation within the country and beyond understanding the true evil nature of some foreigners that are affecting the country in many ways coming in the country as peaceful and useful persons camouflaging behind misleading names and behaviors.

    Ethiopians particularly those politicians, scholars, Journalists, intellectuals and the likes need to wake up, make their brain think and work the right ways rather than being like weak, incompetent, ignorant, backward, irresponsible and unable to do their own things by themselves.

    when important nations in Africa and particularly countries like Ethiopia, China, Iran, Russia and the likes that are ancient and have their own languages, alphabets, tradition, culture, values, norms, administrations based on own people benefits and so on allows the west (English-USA/Jewish lead) to dictate and play games on them, that has to be seen the worst suicide mission these nations are doing and the end of the long journey shaping their own destiny for millennia for own benefits and the collapsing of the society with no values, norms, prides, hope and future. Except Ethiopia, the above mentioned nations are fully and totally in control protecting themselves from any damaging and merciless organized attacks operating smoothly while pretending it is there to help but it is to destroy everything that is good and the people’s own creations, values, norms and so on.

    A God given nation like Ethiopia must rely on herself and mobilize the society creating own use values doing the human jobs/duties and shape its own destiny. Not the English propaganda type of aid they are using for their own secretive agenda and plan against the nation they have nothing to do with, but citizens are the only alternatives and decisive factors making their country to be the place of the 21-century for own citizens benefit with respect and dignity.

    All major Ethiopian conflicts and hardships in the past came from abroad. The so called Gran war which was the ottoman/Arab joint war came from abroad. Atse Theodros who is the father of modern Ethiopia was killed and the city burned down after every valuable thing was looted including very old and ancient treasures by foreigners (English). The great Adwa war was happened by foreigners. The Ethiopian civil war during the cold war was created and fully supported by foreigners particularly the English while USA was busy in Afghanistan, central and South America, Asia, Eastern Europe and so on.

    Ancient Ethiopia that was always known with sea coasts did lost her sea coast in 1993 by English lead USA and France where all three are ruled by the Jewish. Zionist Herman Cohens were/are one of the evils against Ethiopia including the loss of her sea coast creating Eritrean from nowhere to serve them as a fence blocking Ethiopia from the sea. Look at the eastern part of the Ethiopian map parallel to the sea and you will find the fence intentionally carted by them in order to block Ethiopia from the sea. Who are those responsible for this and why they did it?
    Today or in the future, the biggest fret and all sorts of problems against Ethiopia will come from abroad as usual from the so called west (England and USA leading the hateful and merciless racist and greedy packs).

    The answer is one, simple and easy to do so. That is never ever relay on or trusts them for anything. England that is 1/9 of Ethiopia never been, is not or will not be in the position to benefit Ethiopia but implementing her damaging secret agendas and plans on us thinking this way she can get some benefits from at the huge cost of the citizens that have nothing to do with that racist and criminal establishment. So called aid is serving them in many ways including doing propaganda wars telling how weak and poor we are and how they are important for us which is a total lie playing with the citizens mentality and understanding trying to make them unable to see and solve their own issues while exposing the foreign enemies damaging activities which are them.

    Look how Black life matters in USA in the privately owned money making USA jail corporations, the police are killing blacks daily and the killers are regarded as heroes by the racists and getting lots of money as rewards through donations for doing so. Do you think they do care about blacks in Africa including in Ethiopia while they are too racists and making the blacks life in hell in own countries?

    The solution is known, easy and simple which is protecting own nation and citizens from bad and dangerous foreign individuals, groups and states. Relay on own capacities and efforts in the country which is a God given with very the basic, fundamental and useful natural gifts such as nice weather throughout the year, abandoned fresh water, huge agricultural lands, fertile soil, best landscape and location which is on the middle of the earth where Asia and Africa meets.

    Working with all nations based on respect and benefit is how the 21-century world is working. Becoming allies, friends, trustworthy friends and long term mates while being closer and working together with useful and responsible nations like China, Japan, Russia, Korea, India, Germany, Italy and so on is a must. Avoiding the known obstacles, trouble makers, division and conflict creators, fire starters, war mongers and those are coming around having poison ideas in their head, weapons in their hands and hate in their heart must be totally avoided no matter how much propaganda they are spreading telling how important they are or making frets how dangerous they could get usually by dividing the same society and making them fighting against each other and destroy own nation that would affect only them, not the evil foreigners responsible for.

    Ethiopia must rely on herself in the great and god gifted country. Ethiopia is bigger than Germany, Italy, the entire British island including England, Scotland, Wales, North Ireland and Ireland, Benelux, Switzerland, Hungary, Check, Slovakia and so on in combined while her population is the same size with only Germany and Switzerland together. Ethiopia is not hot and desert or cold and snow but Highland, Green, fertile and nice place to work, live and make the best living.

    Therefore, as normal and competent human beings are doing, we have to stop looking towards others that are not coming to help but to stop us from being ourselves doing our things in our ways. We must totally relay on us and be determine to achieve anything that is achievable. Stop the English-USA (Jewish) so called Journalists, NGO’s, Organizations, Institutions, peace core (the old good one is gone), aid agencies and so on coming in individual or group forms camouflaging behind in these names serving those sending them and most of the time we don’t know who are those behind them and how bad and dangerous they are against us knowing how blacks are treated by them in USA, UK and elsewhere beyond Africa for generations till these days.

    Redwan is great. We wish to have more Ethiopians like him instead of bunch of sheep look likes sitting on the highest positions. Ethiopia needs to have a big and deep internal shakeups in the office of the foreign ministry including Embassies in the countries that need to have competent, wise, patriotic and hard working Ambassadors including in England knowing almost all bad things against Ethiopia are directly or indirectly coming from that Tiny like aid virus place, USA and other English speaking Immigrant creating nations. France is also there playing its part despite its concentration is in the Franco African nations.

    The Jews are in control in those nations and the foreign policy of these nations are conducted by them. Look at in Ethiopia and understand who are those in the country coming from these nations including in the name of media, journalism, NGO, Right groups (wrong groups), peace core and so on… is that really to help Ethiopia? First they have to do it in USA towards Blacks protecting them from the daily killings, imprisonment with millions and all sorts of sufferings making them living in Ghettoes look like the place of hell and war zones. However, the blacks are to blame putting themselves in those terrible and inhuman situations.

    Ethiopia must continue looking, watching, learning and feeling warm and light from the east where the sun is coming avoiding darkness towards the west and implementing the useful things based on her own situations and benefits. Eastern nations and people are closer to Ethiopians than anybody else. Learn their history when they come to other country. They are not trying to impose their things on others but adapting the host nations they are living in. USA, England and the likes are coming to Ethiopia to teach us English which is not even an African language let alone Ethiopian. They are coming to impose their things on us in our own country while when we go to their country they are telling/Forcing us to abandon ours and take theirs including their languages. Here, there and everywhere, they are acting as if they are superiors and everyone has to lost itself and become like their creating creature in order to serve their benefits.

    Don’t be stupid losing yourself thinking the English type of so called western aid will benefit you unless you are corrupted by them to serve them implementing their damaging agendas and plans on the innocent citizens. They are targeting the well organized and ancient formed groups or societies in order to affect the whole society as they are targeting the ancient Orthodox church knowing these church is very important to Ethiopia but is getting vulnerable easy to be destroyed by evil foreigners like them because of it allows them to penetrate in, with lies acting including as if they are Christians but in reality they are infidels and demons.

    England is on the top of the list with not having faiths among the western nations. More people are going to Mosque than to church in England that is ruled by the Jews holding all very important political positions and economic activities as it is the same in USA and France too. Who killed Jesus and why? Then you will know who is the ancient and true enemy of Christianity and Islam, too.
    However, in Ethiopia religion is a personal matter while the state-politics and the country are the common matters. But foreigners including the infidels and none believers were/still are trying to use religion as a problem in order to affect the country-all citizens. These greedy racists that are against all blacks are also trying to affect the same people creating reasons between them including based on ethnicity that are not to see at all or can be easily corrected by human.

    Their main aim is in these or that ways just to affect us badly creating any reason most of the time the none existences ones but the dumb blacks do not see that way and stop the wrong things they are doing because of none stop corruptions, manipulations and brainwashing by the enemies against all of them.

    Redwan is great.

    • Tesfalehulum says:

      Bruk, you concluded your lengthy nonsense, writing “Redwan is Great”….kkkkk…..mane neber cadre hode enji helina yelewm yalew?

  5. worku says:

    The west media which dominates the world would never report in a fair ways about Ethiopia and Africa, because they do not care and no one will challage them even when they abuse their dominance. Unless as Africans and Ethiopians develope strong media centers which produces our stories, we would be abused again and again

  6. Faruk says:

    One thing can be given credit to this goverment in one Way or another
    Getting the positive media coverage of our country it was impossible
    No Matter what .today its happen.

    And regarding to bring freedom of speach thats we are as if anti goverment
    But people are saying in the name of names people abusing the system
    If people not let the goverment know the buse Will Carrey on until it gets

    Ebc we have seen the documentery in america people showing their anger
    And you saying thats not the Way.

    If they write they Will be arrested if they talk they Will be kiked.
    We have seen it in ever part of ethiopia.

    Its the goverment teach how to demnstrate peacefully.
    If some is misbehave just one police enough to arrest.
    If there is resistance get two police without harming indiveduals.

    A singel women to be kiked no Way i can just Carrey Herry and put her in a van take her to Where ever is justice .you saying they are shouting in Dc .

    Am not supporting them the Way they are but looking both side there are no understanding att all.

    When is the last time police have good commnication in the street
    Only when there is attach

    The dog and police in ethiopia are the same you aproch them if looking for problem.
    In the west its just getting like high any problem no sir if u see dog oh how Nice dog just give him soft touch .

    Thats divid and rule hode ena jerba.

    Wesh sew kelemede no tru aydelem awre mehone alebet.
    Police kesew ketegbaba cheger yifetral.

    Emnet masader yemengest fanta new.

  7. Dawit Gebre Medhin says:

    Dear, Ato Dawit copy to Redwan

    I hope you both have attended the speech of Pr. Obama at the AU hall and hope you avoid saying EPDRF is the only party which can hold the country together and moving
    forward . cos this same word has been said over the last 24 years now . and proved EPDRF is not doing what it is supposed to do, except blaming the contenders ; neo- liberals ….terrorists ….etc but Mr. Obama has exposed your skeleton……now it is time to come to your scene and live the reality , otherwise change is on the way which can wipe you out

  8. mohammed says:

    There are some are not happy about the obama visit thats happened for the first american leader
    Queen Elisabeth she visited ethiopia THAT WAS THEN so these great country today showing the positive image of the country thats good news after all those years up and down.

    England this America that ,even japan after hiroshima life moved on
    veitenam after all that war today life moving on,
    all the colonial era is gone even in some way the american get into disagremen with engleish
    about colony in those years there was no a country affected by domination.
    thats gone .

    so any hate towards pointing countries it does not represent the view of ethiopians
    if you want send hate message weit until you become president adviser of ethiopia.
    thats shows how people are so frustrated obamas visit

    Today our country in a better position than ever to lead its own destiny.

  9. mohammed says:

    There are some are not happy about the obama visit thats happened for the first american leader
    Queen Elisabeth she visited ethiopia THAT WAS THEN so these great country today showing the positive image of the country thats good news after all those years up and down.

    England this America that ,even japan after hiroshima life moved on
    veitenam after all that war today life moving on,
    all the colonial era is gone even in some way the american get into disagremen with engleish
    about colony in those years there was no a country affected by domination.
    thats gone .

    so any hate towards pointing countries it does not represent the view of ethiopians
    if you want send hate message weit until you become president adviser of ethiopia which is not going to happen.
    thats shows how people are so frustrated obamas visit

    Today our country in a better position than ever to lead its own destiny.

  10. robel says:

    Redwan the charasmatic Minister.

  11. Munna says:

    He is the bes of all

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