[Must Watch] Top US officials bust some moves energetically to Tigrigna Music in the presence of Obama


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50 Responses


    • Asora says:

      Eritrea has 9 Ethnic groups. Whom are you refering?


        • Asora says:

          You stupid, old crazy.

          You are the one vomited saying “this is ERITRA DANCE”

          • Senay says:

            Get life you confused Italian slave. You idiot peoples are always jealous of Ethiopians!!!
            You always oppose Every Ethiopian government including Minilik, H/selassie, Derg and now EPRDF.

    • BrighT says:

      “Ertirea” is the only state in the world without any Language or dance or any culture of its own. Look, the so called “Eritrean” language all cultures are “Tigrirgna” which is the official language and the inheritance Tigray/Ethiopia! Actually Ertrea is baptized by Italy, and named like that to separate it from the mother land Tigray/Ethiopia. Then, they lost themselves for the last 100 years, and continuing like that!!! Its very SAD!!!!

    • Solomon says:

      Banda tesfaldatabrah , what is Ertirea Banda Italian ,
      There is no Ertirean dance .It is Tigray tigringa Tigrawiy and above all great Ethiopian .
      This is Ethiopian dance and music .the mother of all beautiful Ethiopian culture .
      Ertirea have no culture and language .every thing Banda Eritrean claim is belong to great people of Tigray Ethiopian.
      Mr tesfaldatabrah go and sell you ass to Italian just like your grandfather and your father.
      Dawite i don’t have if you edited so of my laungege in this only comment!
      God bless Ethiopia with her all people,Oromo Tigray Amara grage, walita every Ethiopian nationality.

    • bb says:

      Dear Tesfaldetabrha, I think your message is garbage! I believe you are so behind you need to read more history so that you don’t mixed Apple with Orange any way here is the truth tigriga is only spoken in Tigray and born in Tigray and I have no idea if there is eretiga in Eritrea you should ask your master president about it the reason that is the only thing you believe in.

    • Development says:

      Aka run away trenche Digger hamasenai. Do u know where is the majority tigrigna speakers. Your inferiority will hanged u soon… Obama already is gone soon we will burie you in sawa, as we buried u in your trenches in 1990-92… I pit u in your face and b…

  2. Bezihu says:

    I can’t wait to see Alemayoh Gebremariam make this one his weekly crying topic. …In addition, I can’t wait to see those toothless diaspora demonstrating and shouting stop dancing Tigrigna!!! Stop dancing Tigrigna!!! Oooooh…ohhhhhh!!ohhhj!! Stop dancing Tigrigna!!! Way….way….way….

  3. Observer says:

    ዛሬ በሀገራችን ጥቂቶች ከብረው በናጠጡበት፣ብዙሃኑ በኑሮ ውድነት በሚቆላበት ሀገር፣ተማሪዎች በረሀብ ክፍል ዉስጥ በሚወድቁበት , የጦርነት ከበሮ በሚጎሰምበት,…. ወዘተ መደነሱ ኣንሶ ዳንሳችንን አዩልን ብሎ በኣደባባይ መውጣት ሊያሳፍረን ,ሊያመን ይገባል።
    ሰውን ባታፍሩ ለዚህ ያበቃች ሁን አግዛብሄርን /ኣላህን ፍሩ።


    • Asora says:

      The problem is not you but the bloog owner making its own bloog(home) dirty and stinky allowing you to be here behaving the way you do.

    • erty says:

      You said, “Ethiopian dance called eskesta.” Any ethnic in Ethiopia can claim its own dance to be Ethiopia’s national dance. It is just a claim not agreed upon by concession. Most of the things in Ethiopia that are nationally proclaimed are not really that of national symbol of the general public. For example, the Ethiopian flag that is used by the current government, EPRDF, is not accepted by some Ethiopians as Ethiopian flag. The current Ethiopian flag is as good as any flag used in the past for me. A lot of Ethiopians are very prod of Ethiopian flag. Any kind of alterations to it is very sensitive. Therefore, some opposition groups used this issues to rally innocent people for their political agenda. Ethiopia’s flag has been changing all the time from one form of government to another. The first Ethiopian flag had the red on top, during HaileSelassie regime it had green, yellow, and red the emblem changed all the time, even tough the color green, yellow, and red stayed. When government changed in Ethiopia, the Ethiopian flag emblem changed all the time. My point is, when there is no rules and regulations set up to govern a certain situation, any choice we make or any changes we work on is based on personal preference. If some one comes and tells me the current Ethiopian flag is not the originally flag it just the person is trying to make a political issue out of the flag presented as Ethiopian flag now. I will ask any individual who argues that a given flag of his/her choosing is Ethiopian flag to provide me the basis for his argument. I hear citizens including journalist and politicians choose one flag from the other without worrying how we can have and sets the rules of having Ethiopian flag that is not going to changed by any institutions. To consider which flag is the right flag of Ethiopian people is just a mater of test because there is no law or rule which flag should be adopted as Ethiopian flag by public concession. If EPRDF losses an election, I am sure the new government will bring its own flag to reflect its political and economic policies. To you point, Eskesta being Ethiopian traditional national dance is not true. Ethiopia has so many ethnic groups but all of them would like to claim that position. For the time being tough, let us agree all Ethiopian ethnic groups dances are Ethiopian national dance .

    • Gebez says:

      One million Tugrigna speakers in Eritrea. Eight million Tigrigna speakers in Ethiopia. There is no such thing as ” an Eritrean dance”. There is only a TIGRIGNA dance and TIGRIGNA belongs to Tigrai. Now shut up slave!! Go and dance your slave masters, ITALIAN dance(looks like a gay dance actually).

    • Tigraway says:

      What a skanky Eritrean!!!
      Eritreans are brainwashed society as whole and thus they have no idea where they come from, and from such ignorance is every single disease of theirs such as inferiority based superiority complex spring from. When you encounter a brief instance to talk to Eritrean especially those who called themselves Tigrigna and taken Tigrigna language as an identity that you could observe conspicuously how blunt, backward and arrogant they are, and they can’t undertake a mature conversation or debate with Ethiopians because whatever they claim they know about themselves is totally absurd, bogus and fabricated anecdote of false story. Simply they are falsehood society and this guy is a showcase of who these people are. Because they have nothing to proud of and for this reason they are suffering from jealous of what’s happening in Tigray and Ethiopia. Eritreans, let alone to debate and argue with Tigreans in mature and civilized way they are very hostile and contempt among each other, so there is no reason for any Ethiopian or Tigrean to spend a fraction of second to help them in order to undergo some intellectual and constructive discourse. Unfortunately, they don’t have a gut and confident to undertake conversation or chat on civility.
      Anyways, they are losers, hopeless and thus there is no point giving psychotherapy to schizophrenia patient, but drug regimen. So, please refer this mentally deranged Eritrean to psyche care.

    • bb says:

      @Tesfalidet, Please post your garbage message at Meskeram not here.

  5. Bruk says:

    It is nice to see the ordinarily human being sides of these powerful politicians. Music makes human beings to be easy, simple, pure, clean, clear, united, happy and human soul. The 500 years old western political system has been the biggest enemy to humanity from its start turning these kind human beings to become the kind of politicians the ways we are witnessing in the political life of most politicians’ worldwide.

    The Ambassador is a good Eskista dancer. It is nice to see Suzan Rice and others smiling and happy. By the way most of them including Obama could be their first/new experience with this kind situation including spending (a) night(s) in the place like Addis Ababa that is located more than 2400 meter above the sea level.

  6. mohammed says:

    Its good to see dancing in ethiopian music at the
    end ebabe le ebabe yetyayale kablekab
    lebegom kehone lekumneger guday yeruk sew wedade nen engeda tekebay.(mahmode ahmed)
    lebego yargew.

  7. Dawit Gebre Medhin says:

    what is the news here ??? of course it is among the many color full dancing we have in Ethiopia , but
    the way you tried to emphasize is not either professional or ethical …anyways wiha biwektut enbochi aynet hone eko yante neger….May you come back to your sense

  8. dude says:

    Are they going to be at the funeral service when woyane goes underground too? I hope so. They better get ready as the day for that is getting closer by the day.

    • Solomon says:

      Dude get lost ,you Shabia telalaki bands banda.
      you are bands essays listro.like birr amtu brhanu .
      brhanu is essays listro.

  9. በለው ! says:

    *** ከሰማንያ በላይ ቋንቋና ባሕል ያላት ጥንታዊ የምርጥ ዘርና የሰው ልጅ መገኛ ኢትዮጵያ እዋይ! …. አይፈልጥኒ ፅቡቅ ” አለ ኦባማ
    <<<እኔ የምለው ትግሪኛ ጨፍረው ኤርትራውኛ ነው ከተባለ…ዶርዝኛ..ከንባትኛ.. አገውኛ ጨፍረው ቢሆን ጅቡቲኛ ሊሆን ነበር ማለት ነው? ። "ኦቦ ባራክ ሁሴን ኀይለመለስ የብሄሮችን ጭፈራ/ውዝዋዜ እገልፃለሁ ብለው ከመብዛቱ የተነሳ ተምታታባቸው አለ"
    እኛ የምንለው 'ብዝሃነታችን ውበታችን ሆኖ በእኩልነት በአንድነት ጥንካሬአችንም ከሌሎች ሀገራት የበላይንታችን ማረጋገጫ ነው። ከታላቅ ሀገር ኢትዮጵያ ወደ ገዢ ፓርቲ በጣም ዝቅ ያለ! ብዙ አስፎጋሪና አሰቃቂ የእንግዳ አቀባባል ቢሆንም … እንደአቅሚቲ ካስጨፈረና ካሳቀ እዚች ዳንስ ላይ አንድ ሁለት ጠሽ! ጠሽ! አጆሃ… ቢባል ይበልጥ አድናቆት አትርፎ ኢንቨስተር ይጎርፍ ነበር።

  10. Muchie says:

    የአማራ ገዢ መደቦችና ጠባቦች እጅግ አርገው የሚፈሩት ጉዳይ ቢኖር ትግራይና ኤርትራ አንድ የሚያረግ ነገር ነው። ስለዚህም አንዱን ማብለጥ ሌላውን ማሳነስ፣ ሆን ብሎ ለማሳሳትና ለማደናገር መሞከር እንደስልት ይጠቀሙበታል። “በሬ ከአራጁ ይውላል……….” እንዲሉ ትምክህተኞች፣ ሻእብያ በኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ ላይ ያደረሰው እልቂትና ውድመት አሁንም አልሞ የተነሳው ከፋፍሎ ይችን አገር የማጥፋት ሴራና እንቅስቃሴ ዘንግተው ከኤርትራ ሕዝብ ይልቅ ሀገር ከሃድዎቹ ድያስፖራዎች ለኢሳያስ አፈወርቂ አፈቀላጤና ጠበቃ ሆነው በየኢንተርኔቱ ሲዘላብዱ በየስደት ከተሞቻቸው ሲጮሁ ይታያሉ። አልያማ የግዕዝ፣ የቅኔ፣ የዜማና ሌሎችም ያልተበርዙና ያልተከልሱ ባህሎች መፍለቅያ የሆነችው ትግራይ እንክዋን ለራሷ ለሌሎችም ትተርፋለች፣ተርፋለችም።

  11. robel says:

    One of Ethiopia’s awesome Tigrigna music. Happy to see powerful people getting few minutes to relax and forget the burden of work for a minute.

    Thanks Dawit for the video. You saw the diaspora oppositions from inside and you witnessed first hand their arrogance and hatred.. Their hate is so deep they don’t even want to listen Tigrigna….i think this video is a headache for them

  12. Guest says:

    This is tasty, attractive and the right to do than watching some regional Ethiopian TVs.

    Every time you tune the so called Amara TV, you find the Ethiopian ambassador to England doing PR/propaganda jobs for England. It is like he is an English propaganda minister appointed for the Ethiopian highland in order to implement the English and.. Policies and agenda against the innocent and ignorant citizens silently going on for years. This is not happening by accident but very well organized matter agreed behind….

    Instead of having closer relation with Japan, China, Russia, Germany, Korea and others including in the media sector, the fat one is spreading propagandas making the highlands to fall in the English hands in order to continue the …. jobs. they are busy with for years targeting particularly that area. Because others will not allow them and also hot areas like lowlands are too hostile for them causing lots of sicknesses including skin cancers.

    That is why I’m not watching that hijacked TV channel but like this one.

  13. tk. says:

    Wowwowowwwwwww very interesting. It seems even US knows that what can kill the fundamentalist opposition group associated with old elite feudals. There is nothing will kill them rather than this as their prime Jealousy is hearing Or Watching Tigrays tremendous culture, Music, braveness, ancient civilization which was base not alone for Ethiopia but also for the whole world, place for St.Yared , Queen Sheba an so on.

  14. tk. says:

    Wowwowowwwwwww very interesting. It seems even US knows that what can kill the fundamentalist opposition group associated with old elite feudals. There is nothing will kill them rather than this as their prime Jealousy is hearing Or Watching Tigrays tremendous culture, Music, braveness, ancient civilization which was base not alone for Ethiopia but also for the whole world, place for St.Yared , Queen Sheba an so on.

    When you add this to their hatred, they are finished. They are small minded only campaigned by the failed people like Aregawi berhe & Gidey zeratsion. This all.

    But for the rest of Ethiopian people, it is very joyful & happiness when we see foreigners are respecting our proud culture no matter whether it is Tigrigna, Oromo, Amharic , Somali, Afar extra. This is healthy people thin kink. Cheers for US delegates.

  15. thomma says:

    The saddest thing is when pm melesse came to DC he anly gather Tigris in the room. Now when Obama was in Addis the music was strictly tigrigna. The big question is, Is tigri Ethiopian? Shame on Tigris !!

    • Solomon says:

      Yes tigrsy is were Ethiopia begin.
      tigrsy is the 3000 thousands years history,
      no tigrsy no Ethiopia histroy.
      the neftagn are so mad because for so long been lying about Ethiopia histroy that Ethiopia is Amara.
      but now the good Ethiopia people knows Ethiopia is very body tigrsy afAR oromo Amara wirage and all over 80 ethiopIan nationality.
      Tigray were there before Amara come to Ethiopia.

  16. Mek1 says:

    Tigray do not own Tigrigna, it was yesterday they were using Amharic to write letter to family members and the language they were using is distorted Amharic “NAGA” , “ABSHIKUNE”, if you are the owners of the language and culture, how come your news anchors are stragling to change their accent in to Eritrean Tigrigna? Come down from your high horses. Eritreans have been using the language on literatures and developed it added new vocabulary to it, I am sure the Italians did not do it.

  17. Solomon says:

    Mek1 ,what Ertirea
    Ertirea is a Banda
    We Tigray teach those Banda tigrnga .
    Alula and king Yohans teach them Tigray way the Italian came and sadamized them and turn them to women.
    Befor Alula thought them tigrnga most of them spoke kunamigna ,binamir andbinga.
    Now even most don’t speak pure tigrnga .thay speake broken tigrign mixing Italian and Arabic .

    • Mek1 says:

      The truth hurts I can feel your pain, your people were ashamed to use the language, tell me, what book was written in Tigray dialect? Look the Bible, it was translated over 100 years in tigrigna (Eritrean) and Amharic, you and your people were not part of it, about Italians sedomizing Eritreans, you are trying to write new history I will leave it to readers, if you have facts to disprove what I have written, mention it.

      • Rezin says:

        Who taught you Tigrigna? What is the meaning of the word Tigrigna? Long before the Italians came, the Tigrigna speaking people were one people. While Yohannes the 4th defeated all invading forces coming through Bahri Negassi and made sure that the defeated invading army washed their foot so that they do not take Ethiopian soil with them a coward king called minilik 2nd came and sold a big part of Tigrai to his Italian friends. You know what this coward minilik told the Italians “Yahannes the 4th is as much an enemy to me as he is to you”. Italians and minilik had the same enemy- Yohannes the 4th. Based on the promise he made to the Italians minilik gave them Bahri Negassi, the now Eritrea. Then Bahri Negassi was baptized as “Eritrea” by the then Italian prime minister (Crispi?). minilik’s strategy was clear- weakening the Tigreans by dividing them into two. That way minilik managed to stay in power until he died due to leprosy. My friend Mek1, do you know what the situation was in Eritrea 100 years back? What was happening to Eritreans 100 years back from now? Is there anything to boast about what was happening in Eritrea before 100 years?

        Do you know where the Bible was preached in Ethiopia for the first time? Do you know where Yeha and Axum are and their history? Do you know that the Axumites were minting gold coins to trade with other civilized people while most people in the world were doing nothing but gathering their daily food from trees? Do you know the Tigrean philosopher Zerea-Yakob (from Axum)? Do you know St. Yared the Ethiopian composer (from Axum)? If you go to Eritrean churches today wherever they are you will hear St. Yared’s work. The list can go on. A piece of word to you is you need to know that we have a shared history. Don’t put yourself into a cage created by minilik 2nd which is creating and maintaining conflict and animosity among Tigreans. If you do then you have perfectly fallen into minilik’s trap. Mek1, the history of the noble people of Tigrai is also your grandfathers’ history.

        Dear Mek1, you seem Eritrean from your writing. You know I sometimes wonder why some idiots call Eritreans as bandas. Eritrea was ruled by Italians is a fact. But that was not Eritreans’ choice. The truth is they were waiting for their Ethiopian brothers to come and help them free themselves from the Italian invaders. That didn’t happen simply because it was minilik’s design long before he became a king. The separation of Tigreans was imposed upon them by minilik. If there is anyone who should be called banda then the greatest of all bandas is minilik the 2nd who sold our people to Italy. It is unfair to blame Eritreans for falling into the hands of colonizers.

        Mek1, don’t hate your cousins to the south. For that matter don’t hate others as well. We need to help each other.

      • bb says:

        @Mek1, I guess you got this garbage information from your master the truth the matter is there is no such language Tigriga in Eritrea unless Ertiriga. Tigriga was born in Tigray period! Can you tell me any Eritrea over the age of 60 plus years who are Eritrean including your mad president Isias who is also from Tembin Tigray you name it your mad officials are all from Tigray. Let me tell you this who is ashamed of any language I guess no one specially a country with rich history like Ethiopia including Tigray people with beautiful history example never been colonized by any to tell you the truth may be you are ashamed of yourself because of your history that tell us that you were under your master Italian selling your identity that is the problem yesterday today hopefully not in the future.
        THANKS! I don’t wants to offend you by calling names, that is not who I am. I don’t call people BA…… even though they are because I was born and raised to respect every one no matter where they origin from guess what I am Ethiopian thus why.

  18. thomma says:

    Tplf knows that they are tigry. Not one day claim to be Ethiopian. Agame never was an Ethiopian anyways.

    • bb says:

      @Thomma, well usually I don’t respond for irrelevant messages but this time I have too because no matter where you are from by now you should know Ethiopian history unless a few individuals who are happened to be ignorant never learned African history in general just wasting time at coffee shops in the street of Washington dc otherwise ever one knows the history of Ethiopia including Tigray and so on please I advise you to post your garbage message at your website at Meskerem not in here. We Ethiopian not have time to read you garbage messages, we are busy bulding our country not fleeing Yemen.

  19. Laloo says:

    @ bb, it looks like I agree with thomma, then bb, I do not understand why TPLF was /is struggling for Tigrai liberation , Is Grater Tigrai is bull crap ,or what , why is TPLF is not changing its name to something more inclusive , are you kidding us or yourself ?

    Hey, one thing you need to look at is, why is Tigrains have their own community Centers around the world, North America , Europa even in Africa.

    Look at Tigiy websites like aigaforum, and Tigrai online and other , look at the ads about Tigrai community meeting , get together, all those stuff s…………what is that? What is Tigrai community imply to ?, Is Tigrai Community means Ethiopian Community ?
    is there any cause why Tigrain cannot join Ethiopian communities around the World, if they are true Ethiopian as you said

    If you are calling yourself Ethiopian be Ethiopian first ……then you are Ethiopian

    • bb says:

      @Laloo, one more thing if Tigray community can’t be Ethiopian who else can be? I am sorry incase i offended you but from our history we can observe that without Tigray region the name Ethiopia does not make sense, I will explain in the near future why if you are interested.

    • bb says:

      Thanks again Lalloo, here is the answers for your statement “why tigrians have their own community center around the world nothing America, Europe, Africa….?” Why not Laloo? is there any problems with that for you? If so you must be kidding me. I will try to answer why it is must to have and continue to have Tigray community or others who want to have it first, the kids who born abroad will learn the languge and culture that is one reason the important of having community and it is working in our community and is working in any other communities second as you know their is a lot of obstacles for those who new comers in us without having family and friends then this community will help them you name it there’s a lot of reasons having community is important. I am sure you know the important of having community but don’t forget that having said that the same time there are a lot of people who are jealous of what our community does and fabricated lies and will say to them good luck and I know they are not going to do anything other than suffering their own and to those who support our community will love to say thank you bu the way laloo before I concluded I want to ask you a question and that is why you are against of it? And do you know their is also Somali community, Oromo community, etc if so how you feel about those? Or are you only concerned about Tigray community? Weather those toxic diaspora like it or not Tigray community will continue to live forever this is must if they want they can have their own community . Thanks Laloo

  20. bb says:

    Dear Laloo, I thank you so much for you arrguments and will try to answer your questions as follows yes I support Tigray community and offcourcse any Ethnicity community in Ethiopia as you know Ethiopian has many ethnic groups and those groups has the right to have its own community under the name of Ethiopia and that makes us stronger only if we respect one another i don’t see anything wrong if we have community under different circumstances as long us under Ethiopian name yes Tigray community is Ethiopia and will continue to be. I guess you are missing the point of what Tigray community agenda is, to me all community you name it oromo, Amhara, afar, gambela, etc all these makes our beloved country Ethiopia stronger I don’t see any person from Tigray region claiming I am not Ethiopia there is no way will be. why? I believe without TIGRAY region the name Ethiopia will be Ethiopian the same with other regions too. I always believe one can agree or disagree with me in this matter this is my opinion and hope that you got my point.

    • Laloo says:

      Dear BB,

      I see that where your argument based and I respect that ….i do not have any problem with it.

      Even though you ditched many of my questions and you gave me only the question it has popular answer. I still expect you will answer some of the questions, especially Why is TPLF fail to change its name to more inclusive? Is building Greater Tigiry has been dropped Or still viable request for TPLF?

      Let me stick with your answer to one of my question, you said, “if Tigray community can’t be Ethiopian who else can be? I am sorry incase i offended you but from our history we can observe that without Tigray region the name Ethiopia does not make sense”

      To comment logically on your opinion even as you put, Ethiopia is still Ethiopia without Eritrean or Eretria. NO debate on this matter and you know better than me on the matter I believe, right?
      I do not think the Name Ethiopia isn’t in jeopardy as far as the South people willing to stay in Ethiopia.

      Bb, what I am seeing from your writing on this site and from your writing tone, it looks the Tigrains are in charge of Ethiopia again after 100 years, since they lost to Minilik. This is history and it repeats itself, as it is expected kind of taking, right?

      I do understand the history and to be honest with you bb, I do not get offended on what you said. Because it is dump so right and it is true. One thing I do not understand is, why in the hell that you are trying to be the champion of other Ethnic groups in Ethiopia. You said “ I guess you are missing the point of what Tigray community agenda is, to me all community you name it oromo, Amhara, afar, gambela, etc all these makes our beloved country Ethiopia stronger”

      This is very Ironic, it does not fit to the concept of NOW it is Tigrian time to lead Ethiopia and with the caveat “we will be stronger together kind of thing as if that the other, Oromo , afar, Sidama and Somali are equal beneficiary of today Ethiopia that is ruled by Tigrains.

      Check this from UNDP – Ethiopia HDR 2015 (Human Dev. Report)
      If you want to read: http://hdr.undp.org/sites/default/fi…thiopia-en.pdf

      Some highlights

      – Because of large population growth rate, even though the RATE of poverty has dropped, the absolute number of people living in poverty has stayed the same at 25 million the past 15 years.
      – Tigray has surpassed Dire Dawa, SNNP and Oromia in HDI to come in 3rd after Addis Ababa and Harar.
      – Along with Tigray, biggest improvement by Somali region. Least improved is Oromia, which is why it has dropped from 3rd to 8th (out of 11).
      – Poverty incidence in 2011: highest in Afar (36.1%), lowest Harar (11.1%), second lowest is Tigray.
      Severity of poverty has increased from 2.7% in 1999/2000 to 3.1% in 2010/11. “The severity of poverty measures inequality among the poor. The fact that inequality increased shows that the depth of poverty among the poor has increased over that period”

      Education: Ethiopia: Distribution of Regional Expected Years of Schooling (2012/13)

      Net Primary Net Lower Secondary Net Upper Secondary Expected years of
      Enrolment Rate Enrolment Rate Enrolment Rate Schooling

      Tigray 92.O 45.4 9.9 13.1
      Afar 41.5 2.5 1.2 3.7
      Amhara 91.7 19.4 5.6 9.9
      Oromiya 83.9 16.9 3.7 8.8

      Anyway , the Tigray region is producing the best future elites by just looking at Expected years in schooling.

      Here is the best article it will fit today date

      I personally, Laloo, this history will repeat in the future. I do not know when but it will

      This is a quote from The Guardian article: From the archive, 24 August 1974: Ethiopia’s fallen aristocrats.


      “These were once the high and mighty of Ethiopia – princes, imperial courtiers, provincial nobility, aristocratic landlords, blue-blooded ministers, and much decorated generals. They ruled entire provinces, owned enormous estates, and commanded private armies and could boast of belonging to royal families tracing their ancestry 2,000 years to the founding of the Ethiopian monarchy.
      Today they are the humbled captives of young and unknown military officers, members of a mysterious Armed Forces Committee that has set out to bring revolution to this ancient mountain kingdom of feudal lords and a once all-powerful Emperor.”

      The question that i will ask now ,bb: has the TPLF ever taken a lesson from past regimes whose fate was so tragic? Or, are they not aware that history can repeat itself in front of their own eyes?
      Let all who have ears listen; those who have eyes open and look around and those with cool mind stop and think sanely before it is too late.

      • bb says:

        Dear Laloo, let me answer your second question
        you said Ethiopia without Eritrea is still Ethiopia I completely agree with you that wasn’t the case the reason I said that is you said you agreed with Thommas statements ” Agama never been Ethiopia” then I said who else can be Ethiopian without Tigray? But what I was trying to say is that we all are Ethiopian wather we agreed or disagree in our political views.
        Thanks Laloo
        to be continued

  21. bb says:

    Thanks again Laloo, I am glad that we agreed with a few and will will continue to discuss with rest:
    1. Why is TPLF fail to change……
    TPLF never fail to be inclusive as you said from day one. TPLF made the country United by giving equal opportunity to all ethnic groups in terms of education, power sharing and so on not as you stated to be honest to find out this argument one has to be in the country otherwise we can’t see the truth. I completely disagree with your statement that the Tigray region are the most benficeries to be honest every region has it’s own budget and up to the admensteration to do the job well the same time it is true that some individuals who have hate towards the Tigray people exist in our planet and they fabricated lies after lies to weaken the people and offcourcse to get power unfortunately that system will never work today, tomorrow or in the future. Generally Laloo, the las twenty some years from day one some certain groups in diaspora used this story again and again about Tigray and I know that this came up from hate but will never be a solution for them.

    • axumawe says:

      What do you mean by inclusive, TPLF is for tigrians, you want to sell that to Ethiopia too…we have paid many sacrifice for ethiopia.. I think the problem with Ethiopia is there are few true Ethiopians in it and many parasites ..we need those parasites to be managed ..the worest thing is they don’t even know how lazy attitude they have towards their own people and nation..from day one, since fall of out greatest civilization..the dream of every tigrian is to reclaim that highday and the rest in the south they pretend to work for it only by standing in our way..let TPLF be..it is ours and we are proud of it. No one should come between people of tigray and its institutions. They complain about MIT…we gave it to them ..they even complained about circus tigray..we called it circus Ethiopia ..what is next haaaa..they always keeping dragging us to their level instead of working their asses of to come to our level..

    • Laloo says:

      Bb who posted on August 25, 2015 at 4:48 pm, I understand you comment and I do agree with point of view that Thommas was using derogatory word Agame, and I see that you comment was reactionary. I do not tolerate people who use derogatory word to make their point of view and I see these types of individuals are simply weak. Tigray sons and daughters are complete human beings as of any other people in Ethiopian. No worries we are equal!!! Whether you are gala , Agame , Qomata , poor , rich , you are still human beings.

      To the second bb who posted on August 25, 2015 at 4:34 pm, man, it looks like you are reading form the script without even fact finding. I used all the evidence I put forward to you from UNDP report, which has been done by professional as far as I know. You could have rebuttal point by point and show counter evidence to discredit my point, but you just went on complete accusations of diaspora rather than addressing the questions I raised with evidence, as I did. wow that looks to me a classical republican’s political campaign. After all, you guys[TPLF]s are leading Ethiopia and I expect by now , after 25+ years for you to rebuttal the evidence , even if you are a lower cadre. Good luck with this issue and thank you for replying to my post anyways, no further comment on this issue. Thank you

      On the side note, bb has multiple personality and I decided to address the two separate posting as it were written by two individuals.


  22. dagne.firaol says:

    this is one of our country lovely music if they dancing by amharic music or by other language what you would say?may be your answer nothing .my brothers and sisters it is the way we intredused our country not the way we introduced tigray music there fore please don’t give negative opinion

  23. Mamay Teklu says:

    Jegna Tigraway Balsere upzekon Teawatay up sahel Nakfa 3yeareand 9months Zhalewekum akemy selzablkum Eyu Betri woyane Tigrai Mahera yablan the Removal of Dictatorship Shabia is very soon for the innocent people of Eritrean is good there is no more living in Refugee Camps .

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