Dawit Kebede and Zerihun Teshome discuss about President Barack Obama’s visit to Ethiopia (Video)


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12 Responses

  1. Muktar says:

    Dawit tnx man

    • muleta says:

      ..sra fet neger neh malet enchilalen…who do you think reads your rambling…..?….you sound like you r a lil bit kuku….qeboricho ashit eski..it might help you..!!! make it short for next time buddy

  2. Bruk says:

    Dawit is doing the real Dawit’s job.

    Dawit is doing the real Dawit’s job. This has to be the beginning of the start for the long journey serving the nation communicating with the language they understand, ideas that are real, facts and working for the nation.

    A country like Ethiopia’s destiny has to be decided always dealing with the matters from inside out not otherwise. As she never been colonized and always has her own ways using her own systems, Ethiopia has to always concentrate within till the matters are getting perfect working and serving the nation. Ethiopia is one of the very few nations in the world always has been herself and created and ruled by her own citizens. All Africans are created decades ago by the outsiders came to enslave and colonize them. Almost All cities including capital cities almost in all African nations except Ethiopia are created and designed by colonizers including North Africa in the roman time and after that. But not Ethiopia. Addis Ababa is built by Ethiopians while many capitals in Africa are designed, created and built by colonizers thinking they would stay there forever.

    Ethiopia is the only African nation is not part of any group coming beyond Africa such as Commonwealth (neo English empire colonization), Francophone (French neo colonization), Arab League or Portuguese colonized nations. That is why we are saying all along Ethiopia needs to have close relationships with countries like hardworking and industrialized Germany and also Italy when it comes to Europe and most importantly continuing having good relation with china, Japan, Korea, …. In the east and starting a new and fresh relation with Russia which is a very important nation to Ethiopia including in the long run as china and others are.

    Ethiopia doesn’t need at all any foreign journalist particularly the English speaking once to talk anything about her knowing they know nothing about her but blatantly and their racist ego telling them to portray the nation as worst and often as possible in any time and situation they want. they have no what so ever respect towards us knowing we are treating them the way we do despite we know they are the ones behind the media wars against Ethiopia for decades. They are the ones intentionally damaging the country image and undermine the people for decades. Ethiopian Journalists like Dawit and others, experts, Scholars and the likes must serve the nation the best ways with the highest standards using their knowledge and experience, love, respect and patriotism.

    What matters is what is within Ethiopia which is the citizens. Talking to the citizens with goals to teach, explain and prepare them for nation building by competent Ethiopians is how things are working all over the developed and competent nations doing their matters by themselves talking to their own people based on what is in the country. Foreign Journalists have no what so ever leverage but they are there for bad reasons to affect the nation doing as jobs serving those sending them and most of the time we don’t know who are they and why.

    Concentrate at home and also have regular contacts with Diaspora Ethiopians some of them are very intelligent, experienced, love their country, respect their people and know more about foreign nations/politics, social and economic activities than those at home including scholars and politicians. Talk to the people this way regularly using the language that clean and clear in order to transfer the message fully and easily.

    What matters is what is within in the development sector. A country that is engaging with development activities for faire sharing the wealth has always good government policies and systems. Good government cares always for its people wellbeing not only materially but also safety, security and infection from bad and inhuman foreign behaviors we know them what are those infections are and who are those bringing them like importing products to infect and abuse our young people and children.

    EBC needs to change from its past media coverage and adapt the new one based on the situation and benefit of the people. Instead of any Hollywood or English film or whatever, documentary films and stories from china how they developed and about the challenges, failings and achievements they faced do benefit the people greatly.

    There are Ethiopians speaking mandarin and there are also Chinese speaking Amharic which is easy to translate anything important from China and vice versa. You can learn even from the geography channel covering the Chinese immense progress and achievements the way they are doing things which is million times useful and practical than watching any boring and propaganda film or whatever from English speaking west to brainwash the citizens and hijack them from their own goals.

    It is the same from Japan, Korea, Germany after Second World War, farming in Benelux and so on including industrialization. The people can learn lots from it.

    The Ethiopian Journalists and Medias contribution is huge if they are working up to their standards covering issues matter the most and bringing benefits. Concentrate within in order to deal what is coming in or going to the outside including the foreign policies and foreign trade issues. The government needs to invest more in the Ethiopian medias supporting Ethiopian journalists and make them good enough covering stories concentrating towards the East. Eastern nations are the Ethiopian best examples. Therefore, Ethiopian Medias and journalists need to upgrade themselves in order to become good enough as journalist worldwide particularly in the East.

    Journalists like Dawit must get all the necessary supports including financially knowing they are doing the journalism jobs serving their people. Birr may not be strong enough to improve someone’s life in abroad. But in Ethiopia it is like a hard currency and it also must be working with faster circulations among the citizens for active and progressive economical development using domestic produced products which is the key for development.

    The Ethiopian journalists need to feel deeply that is their own only jobs and main duties when foreigners are affecting their nation and citizens in the name of journalism. Ethiopian solders and forces are treating bad foreign forces as enemies against their nation and fighting it with no merci at all while always ready to die with heroism and pride for their people and nation. .
    We want to see our journalists and Medias serving their nation with this kind commitments, love, respect and patriotism protecting the nation from bad foreign Medias and journalists.

  3. bb says:

    Dear Dawit, thanks again for doing your job right.

  4. Be ewnetu says:

    DAWIT we really need the right FREE press media like ethiopian reporter newspaper. Thanks for your wonderful contribution for our country.

  5. Bruk says:

    Ethiopia needs herself knowing she has everything in the country that requires no foreign currency and human power but good policy, useful foreign knowledge, hard work; quality, quantity and variety domestic products with commercial principles, smart and patriotic consumers. The country has everything to be herself by herself relaying on her abandoned natural resources such as nice weather, abandoned fresh water, fertile Soil, vast agricultural land, nice landscape and location. What was and still is missing is that being unable/unknown how to use these natural resources for own benefits creating values in effective and efficient ways. Meaning the problems are the citizens unable to do the citizen’s jobs the right ways.

    Reclaiming the degraded million of hectares needs no a rocket science level of thinking, technology or efforts but just organizing the citizens and doing the jobs the right ways for short as well as long term benefits including for forestry(wood), bee keeping, grass for animal and so on. Ethiopia produces 50.000 tons (50 million KG) of Honey annually which is by far the biggest in Africa and 4th or 5th in the world. The country potential is up to 500.000 tons a year. This is not only helping for farming and plants with bee pollination but also with huge honey products that are for food including animal feeding, drink, Candle, bio fertilizer and so on.

    Ethiopia can produce 100s of millions of liter Tej every year in eth commercial way from Honey where all ingredients are available at home. Instead of buying foreign alcohols and drinks including soft drinks, Ethiopia can export drinks (alcoholic and none alcoholic) made of from Honey alongside the Honey itself. None alcoholic drink from Honey called Birz is many time healthier and easy to produce than any soft drink including coca cola, Pepsi and other foreign idea fabricated chemical health risky drinks. To have a huge Tej factory for commercial purposes needs no foreign currency and a kind of sophisticated foreign knowledge but the smart leaders, wise intellectuals, effective workers and patriotic consumers always choosing domestic products above any foreign one which is the key for development.

    As Dawit perfectly explained, the west needs Ethiopia not for the sake of Ethiopians but the unwise mass consumers. consumers that are not well informed about the products they are using concerning the health issues, national economic implications, jobs, incomes, environment and so on are like herds of animals easily to be manipulated to buy products that are not relevant, better than others, expensive and health risky.

    Blacks in the west are the most manipulated, brainwashed, victimized and indebted consumers easily and often targeted by the producers selling them including bad products with high price playing with their dumb head unable to see what is going on within the black communities that are more than 40 million only the African Americans but remained behind with everything good while front runners with everything bad.

    The west (USA and UK leading the pack) they can play the same games against blacks in Africa, too. I have no idea about other Africans. But they will never ever succeed in Ethiopia making the Ethiopians to be the way they are doing against black elsewhere. That will never happen no matter how hard and bad they try. They must not forget the reason why Ethiopia remained the only nation never be colonized by any foreign force is because of she refuses always to be the victim and play ground in her own territory. Instead she will continue dying with pride and heroism for her right as it was the case many times in eth past including at the world famous and historical Adwa.

    However Ethiopians are still buying depreciated foreign cars and other products rather than buying new cars or products produced in the country which is the only way creating jobs, building the industrialization process, saving foreign currency, improving the economy and protecting the environment. USA and others in the west are looking Ethiopia to loot/use its backward consumers that are choosing foreign products above the domestic ones which is a disaster for any country. Domestic consumers are the key for the nation development the same way the domestic products are. When the products get no consumers, then the company producing those products will be closed and the implication would be huge including jobless and affecting those have direct and indirect relations with the company.

    Therefore, creating a civilized, smart and patriotic domestic products consumer is a key the same way producing the products. The reason why food items in Ethiopia are getting expensive is because of they are not produced with enough quality, quantity and variety in the country that is having the best and vast agricultural land and environment in the whole of Africa. Ethiopian agricultural production is Number one in Africa(280 million Quintals=28 million Tones of grains and cereals in 2014, 308 million quintals is the expectation in 2015)) followed by South Africa (others are saying South Africa is number one and Ethiopia is two because of it produces lots of maize). Ethiopia has about 99 million cattle, sheep and goats which is by far the biggest in Africa. What is missing is as usual which is the citizens being unable to use the huge potentials unto their capabilities including producing and harvesting enough with qualities, quantities and variety with commercial thinking/principles.

    USA or whatever west needs Ethiopia for own benefits this has to be clear always. They are not like China and others engaging with infrastructure, buildings, useful factories including producing Tractors and combiners Ethiopia needs them the most. They are not looking to be part of the fundamental and basic economic infrastructure creation which is the very important first steps. But they are waiting on the watching post acting like vultures until others like china finishing doing those things including building roads, railways, telecom, homes, Stadiums, ports, storages and so on as far as to the Rural areas.

    They are waiting until the consumers are good enough to be manipulated and cheated to buy their products with high price for huge profits. They are just looking to take over the next phase of the country development with harvesting. Service sectors including banks where the money (nation economy heart and soul is), Financial activities, Telecom and so on are the best targets they are using them to loot the nation consumers without doing any meaningful and hard jobs but sitting at luxury offices, wearing suits with ties and playing market/consumer manipulating games using none stop market and consumer propagandas with lies after lies.

    What Ethiopia needs to do is concentrating at home using her own capacities with its full potential. food items in Ethiopia needs to be the cheapest knowing the country is the best place for agriculture and the vast majorities are engaging with farming. It is the same with drinks, cloth, shoes and others too.
    Therefore, instead of being the main targets for foreign products and bad investors, Ethiopians need to do their jobs at home creating own products and harvests for domestic consumers total satisfactions that are 90 millions.

    Ethiopia is in the best position to export her products to all neighboring nations behalf Kenya. Somalia will need lots of products from Ethiopia in the coming 20 and more years. It is the same in south and north Sudan, too. Eritrea will be the other one. That means the total of at least 150 million consumers that do need everything from food items to the high-tech products will be enough for Ethiopia for her export target for the next few years in addition to other nations in Africa, ME and Asia.

    As Dawit said, USA or whatever west is particularly England needs Ethiopia not for the Ethiopian benefits but them in many ways. So, instead of acting stupid about them being around, it is important to be human doing the modern human jobs standing for own rights and responsibilities for own benefits. The biggest problem for the west is the shortage of domestic consumers and fierce computation in foreign markets/consumers. They have no problem to produce anything but the shortage of consumers.

    Their consumers are becoming wise and intelligent rejecting using health risky and environmental damaging products. The number of people smoking in the west is getting fewer and fewer every year and soon no one will smoke at all. People are rejecting sugary and chemical products like coca cola, Pepsi, and other soft drinks including the children, bier and other alcohols. People are rejecting fatty foods, too.

    Therefore, those companies are now moving to other nations like Ethiopia looking consumers because of their consumers are rejecting their products for reasons. USA, UK and the likes are looking Ethiopia for these and other similar reasons, not really they do care about her. If they do care about anything, they need to do it first towards the blacks in USA, UK and so on that are in a desperate and inhuman situation rather than coming to the far away people they have nothing in common with including citizenships and acting as if they do care even sometimes more than their own government does which is the tactic of the game they are playing and good at for the time being until they get exposed.

    The fundamental point of the Russian development till these days was the national policy giving the biggest and first priority to electrify the country and economy producing 20.000MW in the 1920s. The fundamental point of the China development is the Cultural Revolution and having the culture of hard work, achieving remarkable results, being the responsible citizens, patriotic and smart consumers using domestic products. Korea development started from the rural population reclaiming the degraded lands and modernizing the farming sector.

    Faming including fish farming is not only feeding the population but also industry with raw materials for food processing and industry such as shoes and cloth factories. Japanese and Germans development after second WW was industrial based relaying on internal investment, knowledge, and workers. There are many examples how nations developed and most of them are by themselves, not with foreign investors and foreign indebted money.

    Ethiopia needs Ethiopia and Ethiopians for healthy, strong and sustainable long term development for the benefit of the people. Working with useful and reliable nations like china and others from the east is the key in the 21-century.

  6. Observer says:

    I am confused by the inconsistency of the political analyst talking about the complete victory of EPRDF and its allies. Indeed they won 100 % of all constituencies( not all citizens) eligible to vote .No blabbering.
    The question is not about all individual citizens electing one party ,this had never happened even in the ancient Greece or ancient Rome. This is not at all about democracy but of something else.Democracy is about options.
    The question might be rephrased as ” how come EPRDF and its allies managed to get the majority of the votes in all constituencies numbering several thousands.?”
    Some people got skeptical when some opposition figures like Dr. Merara Gudina ,Professor Beyene Petros and other veteran politicians who command the respect of their constituencies and capable of mobilizing sizable portion of the population lost the game .

    • bb says:

      Dear Observer, I advice you to listen it again so that you get what they said plus if you haven’t take any basic math class please do so

  7. Alex says:

    I don’t have words to describe how important this issue is, Thank you very much, we Ethiopians need this kind of intellectual ideas, please share this kind of information via Mass medias, we need our people think like this. Again Thank you very much!!!!

  8. Kifle says:

    In ideal world, such kind of issue would have been discussed by people with different point of view. This is just trash propaganda for tplf consumption.

    1) The 100% result is putting lipstick on pig and trying to deny its nature. However you want to try cover it up you are exposed. Period!

    2) Obama came to Ethiopia to address the African Union. Do not assume that his visit is an indication of your achievements. Once achievement measured by its people’s satisfaction with thier government not by its visitors. As long Addis is a capital city of Africa, you will see all kind of visitors.
    3) If you really listen to Obama’s speech closely, it should be a lesson for you tplf dictators.

    I always like to watched and listened to people like Dawit sympliy just for one reason. I just love to see how low people can go just to eat and drink. Yet, my question is whether cowards and bandas can sleep.

    Long live Ethiopia!

  9. billfree says:

    1.”democracy is not only a formal election .
    2.Ethiopia cannot achieve its dream by jailing its journalists.
    3.the idea of human right is not the idea of the western. It is the idea of human being.”(since eprdf failed to go along with human right I doubt that it is established by human beings)
    Even though proEPRDF journalists faced difficulty to understand this message Obama have stated it clearly.
    during the revolution of Egypt (which changed the regime of Mubarak )Hilary Clinton have stated that America is not the permanent ally of any one.so America’s relation with ETHIOPIA (not with woyane ) will continue even after we send back Woyane to its original place.

  10. Lemlem Wondimu says:


    Hello Dawit,

    Please published this on your website and forwarded to others media in Ethiopia, to show the real issue what is happening with the immigrants in the boarder between England and France. We see some immigrants or asylum seekers from Eritrea and some from Ethiopia.
    The video enlighten what the hoax fundamentalist diaspora telling through their outlets like ESAT and so forth.
    Published it on your website and forward to others online media in Ethiopia.
    Thanks in advance.


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