Reflections on My Recent Visit to Ethiopia (Tibebe Solomon)


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29 Responses

  1. Tigraway says:

    What a disgusting writing !!!

    Having living in the US for quite long now but still poor in English and writing up. If I were you I would have used my time to educate myself and build a professional career. It sounds like you have been hiding yourself in parking attendance, warehouse and cap taxi jobs giving little attention to at least improve your language skill, and final able to visited over your home country just to brag on your poor relatives and neighborhood friends and acquaintances. That is what most diasporas do. They visit their country to show off and boast as if they are living in heaven on earth, but the reality is the opposite. They’re living in absolute ignorance and backwardness while they have the opportunity to grow and transform their traditional limitations. Is this not a virtual paradox? According to some studies revealed the fact that the majority of Ethiopians in diaspora earn low income as most of them are working in the low paying jobs. Annoyingly, when they get back to visit their family, they pretend as if they are affluents and fat cats have no any financial challenges and constraints. Just as if they are super rich and civilized, which usually irritate me.
    So, I’m not diaspora and I don’t have any complexities against diaspora fellow countrymen, but they should behave and act in a proper manner when they encounter with others who have never been abroad. I’m not blaming and pointing a finger at them, but telling you and your likes to be act like cool guys, and stop boasting and shaming on poor fellow Ethiopians.

    • Beza says:

      Tigraway, I don’t get what your motive is, after I read your wulgidgid English. You should be the last person, to criticize, and comment about others English.

      I don’t think you are in a position to do that. A person, who write cap instead of cab should be ashamed of himself, than criticizing some one.

      What you don’t understand is being in USA doesn’t make any body perfect in English. Americans, for that matter, they don’t give attention for your English as long as they understand you.

      How do you think all these professors and doctors teach in colleges including Birahun Negadew. They are not perfect in English.

      Even though, I agree with you, in the Diasporas behavior towards their fellow Ethiopians, when they go back home, your comment about his English was unnecessarily poorly aimed at him. We don’t have to be picky on everything. The guy witnessed the vibrant development of the country. Give constructive criticism if you really think for the future of Ethiopia. Don’t be like that old man Tesfa lehulum Tesfa bis fitur.

    • visitor says:

      You are stupid. English is not an Ethiopian, African or black people language. It is about the message and Ethiopia, not that far away none African language blacks have nothing to do with it.
      You must be a crazy one with empty head.

    • RasDashen says:

      Hahahahaha. @Tigraway. Seriously? You are looking down on this guy’s English? I have to admire your massive balls, though. If someone were to apply a red pen to your writing it would look like a bloody slaughterhouse. You butchered the English language, man. But again I admire your balls and ego. Keep it up, it might help you in some other fields, perhaps, to fake it until you make it.

    • bb says:

      @Tigraway, I don’t really understand your point! I can tell from your comment that you are one of a few individuals who happened to be jealous of diaspora. I guess can’t say any other than good luck in your daily prayers to be real which is to come to your dreams land to US then you will stop being jealous of diaspora.

  2. Be ewnetu says:

    EPRDF is the surely better government than before or current oppositions. But because of corruption, bad governance and inflation the next election might be loose if medrek is get better strategy.

  3. Bruk says:

    This is how things in the normal and competent society are working. Ethiopians must take full responsibilities about everything concerning the country and citizens. No foreign government, institution, organization including in the name of NGO, Charities, Think Tanks, peace core and so on have the right, desire, willingness or ability to do anything good and right for our country benefits. They are there, here and everywhere around Ethiopia acting as scavengers or hunters using our weaknesses, stupidity, ignorance, shortage, backwardness and so on as the best opportunities to be in the county or in abroad doing what they are doing for their evil and damaging plans and agendas they are secretly having against our country.

    Tibebe Solomon is a true Ethiopian doing the Ethiopian jobs as a citizen based on the Ethiopian benefits. He is a true example how others have to be including the Ethiopian so called journalists and scholars taking the nation media, journalism and writing works totally under the Ethiopians responsibilities while confronting the English speaking so called journalists from UK, USA, South Africa and so on that are waging media wars against our country for so long painting all lies and misleading stories that are their personal plans and agendas to be implemented in Ethiopia. They are working together with the so called aid agencies, NGO, Charities, UN, IMF or WB representatives, and so on that are in the country having own rules, laws and activities in Ethiopia parallel to the government giving the impression about the absent of the real government that is competent enough doing the jobs as a government.

    The so called the government seems is okay about it. The country is becoming a naked and exposed nation thanks to the very weak, incompetent and pathetic foreign ministry our country is having since the great Meles’s death. It behaves and doing the things giving the feelings as if it appointed by foreign powers to work for them as an agent implementing their plans and agendas in the country.

    The Ethiopian government and people are doing the best protecting the nation from the weak and backward terrorists using guns and solders. But they are allowing the very dangerous, evil and racist foreign terrorists against the nations that are engaging with propaganda wars spreading fictional stories with full of lies and misinformation including being in the country. The western/English speaking so called journalists from UK, USA, South Africa including in the name of Guardian & Mail and the likes are worst than any terrorist group including Al shebab or other terrorists. These foreign media and journalism terrorists are damaging our society for years without any confrontation from the public to stop them using anything necessary as it is happening against other terrorists.

    The Ethiopian government, people, Journalists if there is any who does concern about the country by doing the journalism work serving the nation, scholars and all the citizens need to be smart, wise and patriotic understanding the very greatest danger of the so called journalists from the west. They are there serving the secret agenda the USA, UK and others are having against Ethiopia understanding the people as blacks which are worthless deserve nothing including having own country for own benefits. They are secretly working the same way they were during the scramble of Africa using different weapons, methods and systems but for the same result which is they have to be in control in our own country as they were during the colonization era elsewhere.

    Ethiopia sending her troops in abroad in order to fight terrorism for the sake of the citizens and region is a joke while she is continuing allowing and tolerating the real and very dangerous foreign terrorists that are doing the terrorism job against the nations with propaganda wars spreading lies and misinformation based on their agenda and plan in our country. Ethiopians are also talking about repairing the country images (destroyed by these evils and racists have no what so ever respect towards black people) while still allowing them doing the same thing which is intentionally damaging the country image and undermining the citizens with goals to keep away good investors and tourists coming from the East.

    As long as they are not getting their ways, they will do everything to stop others to get benefits while delivering remarkable jobs as the Chinese and others are doing. When the countries are in their hands like Kenya is, they will say nothing bad or wrong about the country because of they are in control and the situation are perfect for them while very bad for the vast majority Kenyans. Kenya is serving them as the base for their plans and agenda they are having in the sub Saharan Africa. Kenya is serving them like the west coast of Africa was during the 300 years of black slavery era.

    As long as the so called Journalists and medias from England, USA… and Apartheid South Africa including in the name of Mail & Guardian are allowed doing the evil activities they are freely and happily busy with including being in the country working together with the so called NGOs, Charities and so on, Ethiopia and Ethiopians will never get their ways in their own country including peace, unity, prosperity and good life.

    Shame to the Ethiopian so called ambassadors that are just like that granting visas to bad foreigners including so called journalists and other dangerous foreign creatures to come in the country in order to affect the nation and society the ways they are doing for years without any problem but getting some cooperation from dump individuals. Ambassadors need to do the ambassadors jobs or they need to leave the nation very important office to those can do the jobs with highly patriotic and deep responsibility feelings

  4. Observer says:

    We all wish that our country ‘s name be equivalent to growth and development .
    A lot of laudable tasks have been performed but we should also consider how the country’s challenges are being addressed to so as to ensure sustainability.
    We have to examine not only on the surface but into it .
    -Corruptions have gone through the roofs,efforts are being done but not enough .
    -Pluralism gave way to absolutism
    -The political machinery is still maneuvered mainly by liberation front organization
    -Rule of law has been dashed, court orders are being reversed by low rank police officers and prison administration .
    -Unaccountable party organizations are prospering at the expense of the private sector
    -Appointment to public offices is not yet based on meritocracy,-Cronyism has gone beyond limits,
    and a number of others .
    Many of the points I raised are not new to Ethiopian public. Reporter Magazine has constantly reporting on the shortcoming with visible and concrete cases and examples but no one on the higher political echelon seems to take note however crucial it may be .
    The above mentioned problems are not impossible to be eradicated but needs a committed and focused new leadership.
    The old guards should be retired gracefully and the young cadres ie Hailemariam ,Redwan, Tewodros,Getachew …….and host of other second generation cadres should be given full power without a string.

  5. Brotherly says:

    I can appreciate the fact that English is not our mother tongue but I never expect anyone would dare publish such a poorly constructed “article” for public consumption..A badly written article does not only consume the writer’s precious time but it also but might not meet the intended target of informing the uninformed..The writer had options of either asking for help from a friend or just write in Amharic, Oromifa or Tigrigna whichever suits him better…honestly I can understand his good intention to inform but I think he underestimated the power of good presentation….

  6. Observer says:

    Please do not discourage people on their English .Better to comment on the content.Do you think Ethiopian schooling gives better mastery than this ? Haven’t you ever noticed a single sentence written in English without mistakes by a college graduate in Ethiopia? The disaster is for the whole country except for those privileged’s sons and daughters.

  7. Tibebe says:

    Please indicate the errors so that I can communicate with u very well as I am planning to say more on the rumer based politics of the Starbucks politics.

  8. visitor says:

    Tigraway from Dedebit, Brotherly with wrong name and other trashes;

    You are part of the doomed generation our country is facing. You are the human look like trash, dirt and wed that will continue behaving this way till your disappearance in vain. Because this is who you are, what you know and can do.

    Do you care about the kind of the car or the service you are getting from? English is like a second hand foreign car or any other imported product in Ethiopia we are using to transfer the messages in our ways for our benefits till we are self sufficient by ourselves or replacing it with other foreign languages like Mandarin, Russian or whatever language we want based on the benefit we are getting from the countries. What kind benefit is coming from that Tiny England for the last at least 70 years since when Ethiopians have started to use English replacing French that was a foreign language in use in Ethiopia until the English came in after the fascist defeat?

    What do you do in life? Being a life time nomad on Ethiopian blogs to behave the way you do is who you are and your daily life looks like treating it as a job. Who cares about the English language that is not Ethiopian, African or black people. What we care is about the message and Ethiopia. The Article is good enough transferring those messages and we love it because of its if from us about us in our way.

    We are looking other Ethiopians following Tibebe footsteps and continuing doing their country jobs as citizens taking full rights and responsibilities using any tool necessary like English in the Ethiopia way.

    We also are hoping soon Ethiopians will start using other foreign languages such as Mandarin which is a culture, science and philosophy by itself covering the Ethiopian stories for foreign consumers and vice versa. China and other East Asian nations are the future we have to look at always and do care about related to our foreign relations alongside with Russia and others.

    We are very much hoping the New Ethiopian ambassador to Russia is feeling the big responsibilities restoring the very, very, very important relationship between Ethiopia and Russia making the first move and doing unlimited efforts till the job is done the way it has to be. Having good relations with Russia is a must thing to do alongside with China and other Asian nations and the rest of the world that is useful, respectful, genuine and responsible.

    What Tibebe doing is what we have to do our things by ourselves being totally free from the evil foreign so called journalists and scholars (spays) mainly the English speaking that are painting anything they want about us for so long based on their own agenda and plan. They are the ones always busy damaging our country image and undermining us doing it as jobs with organized and preplanned manners. Being totally free from them is not only being mentally as well as physically free but also guarantee the future without them being around behaving the way they are doing for so long without any effort to stop them from our sides.

    Enough is enough with them including the apartheid children from South Africa that are getting active these days doing the same thing working together with their cousins(most of them are the Jews) from England, USA and so on.

  9. Gudu Kassa says:

    Dawit, look at your self in this video and compare where you’re now….you’re on the wrong side of history

    • Aman says:

      This is an Ethiopian blog from Ethiopia not an anti Ethiopian garbage called Ethiopianreview you are having a life time hell home in abroad and bringing a copy and paste thing like this one from that fake and badly failed by the psychopath running garbage so called blog.

  10. Dawit Gebre Medhin says:

    The TPLF guy was caught with 5 million pounds sterling at the London Gatwick airport.
    the most surprising thing is his response to the question
    he replies . the judge replied don’t you have bank in the country ?? what a shame these uncivilized greedy butchers are doing on us…

    • Beza says:

      Dawit Gebremdhin, Where did u get the information? From ESAT? The news is decimated by ESAT to make it suitable with the interview of the stowaway Ethiopian Airlines Employee, saying that he has seen the Money stashed by the Ethiopians when he was temporary porter.

      Do you think if they know a person who was caught in money laundering they wouldn’t release his name? Their fabricated lie if it was true we would have seen it on BBC and CNN. DON’T ECHO ESAT’S FABRICATED LIE IN HERE YOU MORON. TELL TO THE MORON PEOPLE YOU ARE ASSOCIATED WITH. The Ethiopian government is not stupid as you think. The news was definitely t o make suitable with the person who stewed away Airlines Employee.

    • Dera Dawit Gebre Medhin , your comment is absolutely wrong. Either you are denying the fact on the ground or you are a great fun of Shabya ! Below is the truth at London Gatwick airport . Next time please learn to get facts from the house mouth .
      enjoy the show .

      • Beza says:

        Ethiopian this week, thank u for telling this morons of welfare addicts lie on their face. They are doing this for their ignorant criminals not for true Ethioians. They are helped by the Shabiya so what do you expect from them? Thank u again for being true Ethiopian.

  11. Sol says:

    I was please to hear some positive feedback and the reality in Ethiopia from you, but some of the comments you getting are not from Ethiopians , to let you know the truth, they are from the enemies of Ethiopians and awkward opposition wantbies to mention one Tigraway, he is not Tigrian or Ethiopian. May God bless our country.

  12. Semhal M.Z. says:

    Meles Zenawi Foundation is on the move!

    Please get involved with the Meles Zenawi Foundation .

    At least 200 delegates from African governments and different institutions met in Kigali on Friday for a high level symposium on democratisation that was held under the auspices of Meles Zenawi Foundation and African Development Bank.

    The Meles Zenawi Foundation was established in memory of the former Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, who is credited for turning Ethiopia from a country ravaged by hunger and starvation, to the fastest growing country in Africa, currently.
    Addressing the meeting, President Paul Kagame said that this was the time for African countries to stop being students and a place where experiments are made and lessons on democratization are taught with no graduation.
    “African intellectuals, think tanks and others must be fearless in articulating our stories and our aspirations for the future… it is not about scoring debate points. It is about the reality that everyone’s well-being depends on working together,” said the President.
    The symposium which is the first of its kind was inspired by Zenawi the late Ethiopian Prime Minister’s commitment to the state’s prominent role in building robust accountable institutions and facilitating rapid sustainable development, the symposium aims to foster rigorous intellectual debate on issues related to development.
    The symposium featured a panel discussion held under the theme “The State and Africa’s Transformation” composed of Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn of Ethiopia, President Paul Kagame and Ghanaian Vice-President, Kwesi Amissah-Arthur.
    Deliberations from the symposium will be submitted to the African Union, with the expectation that these will feed into the main AU development strategy, Agenda 2063.
    The idea of the symposium was conceived by the AfDB and MZF as a platform for intense deliberations and deep analyses of development issues geared towards policy change.

  13. Sam says:

    I read Tibebe’s observation with interest. He seems as apolitical, just pure nationalist. I like that. He is overjoyed, it seems, of what he has seen in Ethiopia. But caution is warranted here. He wrote ” One more century behind the American and European counter parts. It might take two or more years for the current transformation to complete.” Well, we need more than that. What Tibebe has observed was what the government engineered development created. But there is always a limit what the government could do. I am very much optimistic of the future of my country — always want to be — if the progress made was done by individuals Ethiopians. How many Ethiopian capitalists are there to create jobs while making money for themselves? Not that money. Of those Ethiopians who invested in Ethiopian economy how many of them chose the manufacturing sector? Very few, if indeed there are. The government sponsored development could run out of gas. As the Chinese seems to run out of new ideas right now. Government could build railways, condos, roads and so on. But the real question is how many Ethiopians could afford to buy condos with the money that they make. Not many. Many Ethiopians who visit Ethiopia could pass a judgment on the government’s performance by citing the roads and buildings built. That is misleading. The real telling how the country is performing economically should be the very lives of Ethiopians. How many Ethiopians right now are struggling to stay alive? Well, I do not think Tibebe has an answer for that. He was not looking for it. I mentioned China above on purpose. China has built roads and buildings by multitude. To do so they had able work force and the resources. China has eight times more steel than the United States has. To do the construction having abundant steel is helping. But how many new built apartments are occupied? Not that money. On some areas even ten percent of apartments built were not occupied. Is it a wise investment? You could be the judge. The Ethiopian government as happy it is to look the bright side of China’s economy development should be eager as well to learn from china’s shortcomings.

  14. Guest says:

    The number of journalists killed between 1992-2015

    Iraq (167) Syria (83) Algeria (60) Israel (16) Egypt (11) Lebanon (9) Libya (8) Yemen (8)…. Iran (4) Bahrain (3)

    Russia (56) Turkey (20) Bosnia and Herzegovina (19) Tajikistan (17) Ukraine (11) France (8) Georgia (8) Azerbaijan (5) Croatia (3) Belarus (2) Republic of Serbia (2) England (1)

    Colombia (46) Mexico (34) Brazil (33) Peru (8) Guatemala (6) Haiti (5) Honduras (5) Paraguay (5) Venezuela (5) Dominican Republic (3) El Salvador (3) Argentina (2) Bolivia (2) Ecuador (2) Nicaragua (2)

    Pakistan (56) India (35) Afghanistan (27) Sri Lanka (19) Bangladesh (18) Nepal (8)

    Somalia (57) Rwanda (17) Sierra Leone (16) Angola (10) Nigeria (10) South Sudan (6) Democratic Republic of the Congo (5) South Africa (4) Ivory Coast (3) Burundi (2) Eritrea (2) Kenya (2) Mali (2) Uganda (2) Burkina Faso (1) Cameroon (1) Central African Republic (1) Ethiopia (1) Gambia (1) Guinea (1) Madagascar (1) Mozambique (1) Republic of Congo (1) Sudan (1) United Republic of Tanzania (1) Zimbabwe (1)

    Philippines (77) Indonesia (10)Thailand (10) Cambodia (9) Myanmar (4) China (2) East Timor (2) Japan (1)

    United States of America (5) Canada (2)

    *Are you still continuing being stupid and ignorant believing, trusting, accepting or allowing the Zionist/Jews lead and controlled USA, UK, France and so on so called the west playing you games till you become nobody but being the victim of the evil and devastating plans and agendas they are having against our society and the nation while the whole world knows the Jews lead and controlled west is destroying the whole world for the sake of money, wealth, power and domination?

    The Jews controlled western media and the evil journalists are continuing spreading lies after lies including the journalism issues in Ethiopia while they and their so called allies are killing more journalists while in Ethiopia only one journalist had died but they are calling it has been killed. Are they saying anything about the journalists situation in Israel which is a tiny nation but killed more journalists than anybody else as their own figure states here? They are criticizing Iran, China and so on while USA has killed more journalists than them.

    However, not the herd look like citizens to blame but the Jews that are controlling the nation’s foreign policies, internal matters, institutions, organizations, money, finance, banking, media, justice system and so on are treading against the world in the name of USA, UK, France and so on.

    Look at the refuge crisis in Europe and elsewhere. Who is to blame? Who is causing the wars making the people to feel including in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and so on? Europe is suffering with causes created by them in the ME, Africa, Asia and in Europe itself.

    Accusing Ethiopia as if she is a bad place for journalists is a lie and pure propaganda as they are doing with others things accusing nations with fabricated lies and attacking with propaganda wars if they are not accepting and surrendering to them including Zimbabwe despite only one journalist was killed there for the last 23 years.

    The vast majorities if not all the so called western medias, Journalists, film makers, writers and so on that are keeping coming in our country from UK, USA, France and so on are the Jews. They are the ones behind USAID, OXFAM, western NGOs, UN, EU, IMF, WB, Charities and so on very busy implementing the Evil foreign agendas and plans on us the Jews Think Thanks, lobbyists(the world organized criminals on earth spreading corruptions and crimes all over the world targeting governments, elected officials and so on) and other open and secret organizations from USA, UK, France and so on are looking implementing on us with goals to decide our fates in the future including in our own country.

    The colonizer Children from South Africa and other English colonized nations including Kenya are working with them having Kenya their base to affect this part of Africa where Ethiopia is their main target because of we are not still exposed openly to our people the evil nature of the Jews when they are coming around. They destroyed Europe/white people culturally, morally, religiously and so on before they did to the ME and North Africa.

    They are now concentrating against the rest of Africa which is they are busy with silently. Stop them before it is too late. Having them around for anything is worse than committing a nationwide suicide mission with agreement which is dying with dignity instead of giving in to any dirty shit and evil coming from them. They are coming in the name of journalism, media, writers, authors, actors, film makers, aid agencies, investors and so on behaving friendly and innocent which is their known tactic to do their evil jobs against the nation(s) they have nothing to do with.

    Judge by yourself which country and government is/are bad for journalists reading the fact finding figures coming from them.

  15. Gidey says:

    Here we go coaches and women athlets yes give and take
    Corruption start from top if the bloggers allowed to voice what public need
    The Will not be anger at all i do’nt know why some employers
    The tend to demand sex for offering Jobs While the not good looking girl
    With qualification rejected the preaty with less education offered a job

    If you have the money you can merried not one even ten if you can
    The fact the Matter is even you can not satisfay one women enough to be honest.
    If you are rich man no problem but in the administration let the well qualified do the job .
    This days if you treat women well there are plenty of them but not substitut
    For a job get out and pic some Where at night club Quick one .

    The problem is ageing makes people can’t pic a girl much younger than them
    Even if you can you can’t keep up with the new commers
    You job is declinning same time You’r energy while your wife get nothing late night

    And You’r merraige collaps
    If you are Young this girls one day Will take revange wemenizers
    Have short life .

    One country stand on its feet becouse of there are few people have strong Will
    To their family value.

  16. Dawit Gebre Medhin says:

    Ethiopian week and Beza,

    i was surprised to hear that you do not buy the news. that is ok , but how did you believe the news posted by the same the so called journalist Dawit the picture was taken from the crashed Ethiopian helicopter in Somalia ….how about this .waiting your feed back

  17. Dawit Gebre Medhin says:

    come on why do you cut out the main message from my reply .

    this is not professional

  18. tefera says:

    u know it make me surprise still you are not lesson people felling or any opinion it doesnt matter the languge the matter is his opinon or what his comment you all rushed to attack his word of languge or his grammer if you are realy you belive in democracy you have to lesson as well other opponent oppinion do not be arrogant or iggnorant i think he is writing what he seen on his eyes it is a fact entirely his wright to say what ever he want

  19. lulit says:

    Ere bakachiw…Please refrain from writing anything in English. You have no shame? Have u been here that long & sadly have not even picked up correct Grammer just by the mere fact that you are surrounded by an English speaking population. Mindin niw yihe hulu grammatical error. I prefer to have read all this in Amharic Go back and get some English lessons then & only then can you make bold statements that actually make sense. I’ve been here close to 20 years & I speak much better Amharic than any one of you here who pretend to know what you’re talking about. I like the person who made the comment about people who boast they’re from the US, & live celebrity lives. Listen your fellow Ethiopians are no fools when it comes down to Diaspora’s…they can sniff you from a distance. Just be real, just be authentic, show your real self & by doing so you will exude a natural inner confidence, that will show without much effort, & that is a magnet to those you truly want to impress…Stay humble please.

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