Discussing the evolving threat of terrorism (Video)


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3 Responses

  1. Guest says:

    “The intelligence services of the US, Israel, Mossad, MI6 and certain regional states are making attempts to challenge the Islamic Republic’s security,”

    The above mentioned nations have been the source of divisions, conflicts, wars, death and destructions for the last 65 years all over the world including Ethiopia. The civil war in Ethiopia between the same Habesha people was created, financed and orchestrated by them in the name of Eritrea using so called rebels. All the terrorists in the name of Sunni Islam including al Qaida, ISIS, al Nusra, Boko Haram, Al shebbab, Taliban and many more are the result of these nations intentionally created by them for the sake of their agenda and plan in the region and world at large.

    So, the man talking about the 1972 so called terrorist attack in Germany is coming from his limited knowledge and foolishness unable to understand what is what and who is the root cause of terrorism, wars destruction and none stop conflicts in Africa and ME for the last 65 years. He and those responsible for the country security need to wake up and get some brain rather than acing as sheep and brainwashed creatures talking about something they are telling them without revealing the truth behind.

    Does he know the reason why the Jew/Zionist controlled and owned as private property USA and England are currently getting busy in Eritrea? The reason is not to help the suffering Eritreans but to worsen the existing problems in Eritrea and the region where Ethiopia is in their mind to be the first and worst target. On one hand they are looking to control the red sea while on the other hand they will continue dividing the same Habesha people in Ethiopia and Eritrea making them quarrel and fight which is their main weapon to destroy others for their own agenda and benefits.

    Always remember: The reason why Eritrea became so called Independent and Ethiopia has lost her millennia old sea coast ownership is because of the Jews including the Zionist Herman Cohen that are controlling USA, UK, France and so on. What is happening in Ethiopia and the region including these days in Eritrea in the name of USA is coming not from the USA citizens but the Jew controlled USA so called politicians, CIA and anything coming in the name of USA especially when it comes to the foreign policy, media, journalists, USAID, NGO….so called right groups and anything related to money, investment, trade, influence, power and so on.

    USA starting having a relationship with Eritrea is not about Eritrea but the red sea and region to control and affect the people as it has been the case since the 1960s. No one but the Jews are behind this including Israel. Be aware about this and other important issues rather than talking nonsense including mentioning the 1972 and other issues you have nothing to do with.

    let the great German people to talk and deal about the issues related to them that most of the time the above mentioned nations are portraying them with full of lies to make them bad in the eyes of the world for the last 70 years despite Germans are the most generous, responsible, smart, proud and hard working people.

    The western so called Journalists and medias where the vast majority of them (if not all of them) are the Jews from USA, UK, France, South Africa and so on are the greatest danger our society is facing than any terrorist group they are 1000% ready and willing to assist with anything when the terrorists want to affect Ethiopia. Therefore, before anything else, deal with them. They are from USA, UK, France, South Africa and so on having a permanent base in Kenya. The worst thing is that these evils are still allowed to come in Ethiopia while we know how evils and dangerous they are against us for decades.

    The Jews owned and controlled so called western media and the criminal journalists are nothing but pure criminals serving the above mentioned institutions including spy agencies coming in the country always for bad and negative reasons against the society they have nothing to do with but they are the known racists not only against blacks and others but also white people.

  2. Guest says:

    “The intelligence services of the US, Israel, Mossad, MI6 and certain regional states are making attempts to challenge the Islamic Republic Iran’s security,”

  3. Hallu says:

    Guess who is behind the continuous suffering of the South Sudanese people in the past 21 months civil war? The salva Kiir and Uganda unity thing looks like is armed and most importantly secretly supported by the known black people enemies that were monopolizing the slave trade for 300 years and came up with the idea to colonize the continent within two years after slavery was legally abolished. We are talking about no one but the Jews.

    This is the main and biggest fret any nation has to worry always especially in the ME and Africa where Ethiopia is one of the few nations always in their mind and the worst victim.


    Israeli-made rifles are being used in the South Sudan civil war according to a report published recently by the United Nations.

    Israeli-produced IWI ACE automatic rifles were identified in a series of photographs taken on the ground in South Sudan. The weapons are mostly being used by security guards for high ranking officials and senior military officers, according to the report.

    The committee believes more weapons are being airdropped into the war-torn country.

    Egypt’s Interior Ministry revoked the citizenship of three of its citizens, because they acquired Israeli citizenship.

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