Video highlights of EPRDF organizational congress in Mekelle


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5 Responses

  1. Be ewnetu says:

    The lack of public election region has no benefits from the same song for 24 years. Inner election system is the same as Dergue.

  2. 21-century Ethiopia says:

    ሀገር ከዜጋ ውጭ ባዶ ምድረ በዳ
    ዜጋም ከሀገር ውጭ ምን ጊዜም እንግዳ
    የሁለቱ አብሮ መኖር እየተዋደዱ
    በጋራ መጠቀም እየተረዳዱ
    ብቸኛው መንገድ ነው የሌለው አማራጭ
    በራሰ የሚከወን የማይቻል በውጭ፡
    አቶ ሀይለማርያም፡ የኢሀአደግ አመራር
    ብስለት፣ ብልጠት፣ እውቀት፣ ታታሪነት፣ ቆራጥነት፣ በራስ መተማመን፣ አንድነት፣ መከባበር…..
    ተግባራችሁ ውጤት ሁኑ ክብር፡ ፍቅር፡፡

    PM Haile mariam is a great leader. Although there is no time and reason to think but always getting busy for practical best results, he is going to be one of the best leaders in the Ethiopian history. But what makes a leader a great leader? Is that being like that blood sucker monster Mengistu relaying on gun and killing own people? Or is that being like the great Atse Minilik managed to defeat the well equipped and racist savage foreign force uniting and relaying on his people and kept his country being the only independent nation in Africa and one of the few in the world? Or is that being like the Great Meles who was born ahead of the time and knew what was good or bad for his people while others were still unable to understand and catch up easily and quickly what he was thinking and capable of doing the best for his country?

    PM Haile Mariam needs be a great leader dealing with the Ethiopian situation accordingly without any bad influence coming from abroad but listening his people call and feeling their internal feelings. Ethiopians are known for loving, respecting, admiring and relaying on the brave, smart, confident and determine leaders that are always relaying on themselves(country and citizens) while dealing first with trouble maker and obstacle individuals within that are most of the time directly or indirectly supported by foreign enemies.

    The shepherds are herding the sheep differently than the cowboys are with the cattle. The cowboys can feed the cattle in the deep swamp areas, too. But if the shepherds want to do the same with the sheep, all of them will sink or catch diseases. The Ethiopian leaders that are the shepherds to their country and citziens need to know what is the best for them rather than accepting and following in their own country with their people what others are doing in their country with their people. Different countries that are having different natural and human made differences and the citizens that are having historical, natural and human made differences need to have to accept and follow what is working for each of them.

    The point is that PM Haile mariam who is on the front and top of the pyramid leading his people needs to concentrate on his leadership roles based on the Ethiopian situation while rejecting any idea or whatever coming from abroad that has own goals to score on our losses. He needs to be wisely tough and determine like Meles was standing for his country (whatever the consequences is and that is not getting worse than accepting them) rejecting any bad idea or behavior coming from abroad to hijack his leadership and infect the citizens with bad human behaviors.

    He and his government need to have at least three personalities:
    1. Love and respect the citizens that are peaceful, hard working and loving their country and committed for the unity and prosperity of the nation.

    2. Hunt down and clean the trouble maker and obstacle individuals including from the higher levels with no remorse or merci at all before they are causing any damage against the nation knowing the enemy within that is supported by foreign powers/enemies is the worst thing to happen and the first to confront and completely eliminate from the country.

    Ethnic policy in Ethiopia must be the past in the 20-century replacing it with developmental democracy principles where all the citizens are able exercise their citizenship rights fully with no reservation while living, working and having good time anytime and place all over Ethiopia. Those don’t like this must be seen as backward enemies and they must not get their ways in the common country.

    3. Dealing with causes coming from abroad in the form of idea to discredit the nations own home born ideas and hijacking from own created national ways that are easy to understand them and very effective achieving results is something leaders and the citizens need to worry about and they need to avoid them by being always vigilant and self confidence relaying on own country natural wealth and the citizens ability to achieve results with own efforts and braveries..

    The 21-century Ethiopia and Ethiopians don’t need any foreign aid or unnecessary debit but faire Trade and knowledge Transfer working with skilled and experienced friendly foreign experts including hiring them in Ethiopia for this reason.
    Smart, wise, tough, determine, self confidence, hard working and always eager and hungry to achieve best result leaders and citizens are what is looking the 21-century Ethiopia and deserves to have them.

    Search, research, find and get the brave and smart young Ethiopians like Redwan Hussien to be part of the EPRDF developmental democratic principles in order to make them able to be the next leaders with confidence and competency.

  3. Gebre says:

    Ethiopians are expecting lots of positive changes and results following this important meeting. You need to be the ones caring the nation’s responsibilities serving the citizens the right ways doing the right things on time by taking bold and decisive measures with decisive approaches.

    First and for most you need to be always yourself. Ethiopia is naturally very rich including with abandoned fundamental natural wealth such as fresh water, nice weather, fertile soil and best location. Kilil is not a boundary but an administration division created few years ago by Ethiopians based on the Economic benefits of the country that time and has be changed or improved every time according to the circumstances matter the country future belongs to all Ethiopians.

    Capital city belongs to all Ethiopians. Capital city rules the nation without any kilil or boundary limitation within the country. That means the boundary to our capital city has to be the boarder of Ethiopia and it has the right to expand all sides without asking any permission from anyone or take time for some reasons. Expanding the Addis Ababa boundary is a must in order to facilitate the nation economic development activities and integration of the citizens.

    Never forget, Kilil was created few years back with no reason but based on the situation that time. Today’s Ethiopia including in and around Addis Ababa is too different than it was back then and it needs to expand all sides in order to facilitate the nation’s dramatic change including the investment and development activities. Ethiopia from boarder to boarder belongs to all Ethiopians. We all have equal rights and responsibilities all over the country. We are not living in the past behaving like wild animals declaring piece of land as its own and fighting for it while naturally and legally the country from boarder to boarder belongs to all of us equally.

  4. 21-century Ethiopia says:

    ጎሽ ሞኝ ሆኖ እንጂ ጅልነት ተፈጥሮው
    እንኳን ጅብ ፡ ቀበሮ አንበሳም ባልበላው
    ተፈጥሮ የሰጠው መጠን፡ ቀንድ፡ ጉልበት
    ታላቅ ባደረገው መጠቀም ቢያውቅበት
    የእንስሳት በእንስሳት ሁሉም የሚሆኑት
    የተፈጥሮ ጉዳይ ማንም ያልገባበት
    የሰው በሰው ላይ ግን ያልሆነ ተፈጥሮ
    ብልጥና ጉልበታም የያዘው በእሮሮ
    አንድ ህዝብ በባዕድ ህዝብ መሸነፍ፡ መጎዳት
    የሞኝ፡ የደካማ፡ የሰነፎች ውጤት
    ሀገር እንደ ሀገር ህዝብ ሲሆን እንደ ህዝብ
    ማር ነው አኗኗሩ እሱነቱ እንደ ንብ፡፡

    It is nice to see all of them together, united and committed including Azeb Mesfin.

  5. AG7 says:


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