Hailemariam Desalegn Re-elected as EPRDF’s Chairman; 10th congress of the front concluded (Video)


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14 Responses

  1. Abay says:

    Ato Hailemariam’s job serving his people with confident, bravery, courage, patriotism, hard work and best results is just started from the highest levels. So, He and Ato Demeke being re-elected in order to continue leading the nation is what was expected. Under PM Hailemarim, Ethiopia must be totally transformed with high speed in depth and width. The citizens must clearly see and deeply understand only they are the ones making or breaking their own lives and the nation overall situation that has the direct implications to everyone’s live.

    Ethiopians must learn and adapt as the natural and main part of them doing jobs quickly with quality, quantity, variety and on time. It must not continue being business as usual accepting the projects or jobs not being finished on time but postponing them as long as years without consequences against those responsible for. Hiring good leaders and workers or firing bad leaders and lazy and incompetent workers must be the rule of the game reacting on time with no merci at all.

    Ethiopian leaders need to learn from leaders in China, Japan, Korea and so on how they are doing their jobs on time and the best ways. The Ethiopian people need to learn how Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Germans, Dutch and so on are doing their jobs working efficient and effective getting very busy day and night till the job is done the best ways. The Ethiopian companies also have to learn how Companies from China, Japan, Korea and so on are doing their jobs with quality and finishing on time or before the time working effective and efficient.

    The Ethiopian leaders and scholars need to work hard to change the people attitude doing jobs. We are witnessing roads that had to be repaired or finished long times ago, still are not done. Electric/power connections that had to be connected or repaired long times ago are still not done. We are witnessing how lazy, careless and stupid are individuals in public offices not doing their jobs on time serving the citizens that are paying their salaries.

    This is the biggest problem Ethiopian leaders have to tackle from day one in 2008 in order to achieve the goals they are having for the country. No one but the citizens doing their jobs on time with quality, quantity, effectiveness and efficiency ways are transforming the nation. China has no raw materials. China’s climate is not ideal as Ethiopia is. China and others in the east including Vietnam, Korea and so on are not naturally gifted as Ethiopia is and very tiny nations in terms of territory. However, there is nothing decisive and useful than having the best citizens these nations do have that are smart, cleaver, hard working, responsible, dedicated, committed and determine to shape their own situation by themselves.

    So, Ethiopia needs to concentrate on its citizens relationship doing jobs in effective and efficient ways with quality, quantity and variety finishing on time if not before the time as the Chinese and others are including when they are doing jobs in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian electric corporation, Telecom, Road authorities, water authorities and others attitude doing jobs must change totally from their present situation doing jobs if they call it a job the first place. They are rubbish, full of amateurish and incompetent. They are criminals and lazy feeling no responsibility at all when they know citizens are suffering and the nation economy is destroying because of they are not delivering quality jobs on time. Ethiopia needs to replace those responsible in the above mentioned and other institutions in order to start with the new and workable managers that are best examples and leaders.

    Tewelde from Ethiopian Airlines, Semegnew from the Hedase Dam and the likes are the good examples taking the nation responsibilities and doing the jobs with sacrifices as Simegnew is doing his job happily in the hostile remote area with great confident and responsibilities knowing only the citizens are doing the citizens jobs paying sacrifices for the next generations.

    The Ethiopian commercial bank could be one of the biggest banks in Africa if not the world and the most profitable if it has competent leaders using the huge Ethiopian market with 90 million customers where the benefits will go back to the people, not individuals as it is with private banks. The Ethiopia telecom can be the most profitable company in Ethiopia with 50, 60 or more billion Birr net profit every year if they know how to do it which is giving the best service and reaching more than 90 million Ethiopian consumers that are owning the company itself and all the benefit is going back to them. It is the same with Ethiopian electric corporation, Water Corporation and many more state owned companies that are fundamental and decisive for the nation present and mainly future where the government has to play the leading and over all decision anything matters in the country including with privatization and private companies particularly the private sectors that are not engaging with the real economy which is with production activities creating the real values.

    Ethiopia handing over the nation breweries to the bad multinational foreign companies that are looters and badly damaging the environment is not only wrong but the biggest blunder against the nation knowing how economically profitable is this sector. Keeping the nation brewery sector under the Ethiopians hands including state or private ownership had to be the law of the nation.
    Who is responsible for the privatization of the Ethiopian breweries in to the multinational foreign hands? How it was done and what was the deal including jobs, salaries, environment, raw materials including barley and the huge fresh water the beer companies are using? Motivate, develop and expand the Ethiopians’ owned bier companies and the citizens also have to consume the products produced by their own people knowing the profit will remain in the Ethiopians hand while foreign companies will take it out of the county in the form of looting the nation and exploiting the workers.

    Bribe and corruption in public offices must be targeted and eliminated publicly exposing those responsible cancer criminal and harshly punishing them till everyone learn from.

    We are the ones making or breaking our situation in our God gifted Ethiopia working together with useful, respectful and trustworthy nations like China, Russia, Japan, India, Germany, Italy and so on.

  2. 21-century Ethiopia says:

    Congratulation to both of them for being re- elected.

    ምስጋና ለዳዊት ለሚሰራው ሥራ
    በዜጎች ጥረት ነው ኢትዮጰያ የምትበራ
    እኛ ለኛ ከሆን በደንብ ካወቅንበት
    የምን እርዳ ነው የምን ወደ ስደት
    ሥራ የሚሰራ ብቃት ያለው ዜጋ
    ከኢትዮጰያ ውጭ ይወድቃል ለአደጋ
    የሀገር ደህንነት የዜጎች ትብብር
    ለዜጎች ይሰጣል ደስታ፡ ፍቅር፡ ክብር

    የህዝባችን ስራ ገና ያልተሰራ
    ከቆላ እስከ ደጋ ሸለቆ ተራራ
    ከመርፌ እስከ ሮኬት በመሬት፡ በሰማይ
    ሥራ ሰሪ እያለ ከታች እስከ በላይ
    ሥራ አጥ መሆን በሥራ መቀለድ
    በሽታ ነውና ጨርሶ ይወገድ፡
    እኛ ካወቅንበት እኛ ለኛ መሆን
    በራሳችን አቅም እንችላለን ሁሉን፡፡

  3. Observer says:

    2ኛው ትውልድ ያመራሩን ቦታ በመያዙ ኢህአዴግ ራሱን ለማረም መልካም አጋጣሚ ሊሆን እንደሚችል ተስፋ አደርጋለሁ.
    በሽታውን የደበቀ መድሃኒት አይገኝለትም እንደሚባለው ችግሮቹ በዝርዝር ተለይተው የሚውሰደው እርምት በዝርዝር በለመቅረቡ የተለመደው ‘business as usual’ላለመሆኑ ወድፊት በተግባር የሚታይ ይሆናል.
    በተለይ የስርአቱ መለያና አደጋ ሆኖ የመጣው ሙስና የሚገባውን ቦታ የተሰጠው አይመስልም በተለምዶ ‘መልካም አስተዳደር እና ኪራይ ሰብሳቢነት ‘ተብሎ ተድበስብሶ አልፎአል.
    ኪራይ ሰብሳቢነት /rent seeking/መነሻው ንብረትን ከማያዝ የሚገኝ ገቢ ሲሆን አጠቃቀሙ በጊዜ ሂደት በመለጠጥ የተወሰኑ የህብረተስቡ አባላት ወይም ድርጅቶች ከገዢው ፓርቲ ወይም መንግስት ጋር ተገቢ ያልሆነ ቁርኝት/ cronyism/በመፍጠር ሌላውን አግላይ በሆነ መልኩ እንሱን የሚጠቅም አዋጅና መመሪያዎች ማስወጣት ,government privileges ማግኘት, የፋይናስ ፈሰስ ማስገኘት ,የመንግስት ጨረታዎችን እንዲያሸንፉ ,አነስተኛ ታክስ እንዲከፍሉ ,የገበያ ቁጥጥራቸው እዲሰፋ በማድረግ ብሄራዊ እሴት ሳይጨምሩ ሀቀኛውን የግል እኮኖሚ ማቀጨጭ እና የመሳሰሉትን ያካትታል.
    ይህ ድርጊት በቀትታ ገዢውን ፓርቲና መንግስትን እንደ ተቁዋም የሚመለከት ነው.
    ሌላው መለየት ያለበት ‘ተራ ሙስና ወይም ጉቦ ‘ነው ,ይህ ደግም ተራው ዜጋ ወይም ኢንቬስተር ጉዳዩ እንዲፈጸምለት ,እቃው ከጉምሩክ እንዲወጣ ,መሬት እንዲያገኝ..ወዘተ የሚያውጣው wasteful money /resources ነው.
    ከላይ የተጠቀሱት ሆንተብሎም ይሁን ባለማውቅ ‘ክራይ ሰብሳቢነት’ና ‘ተራ ጉቦ ‘ተደበላልቀው ጥቅም ላይ ሲውሉ ይታያል.
    በተግባር ግን ይተለያዩ እና መፍትሄአችውም ለየቅል ነው , የመጀመሪያ የመግስትን ፖሊሲ ሲጠይቅ የሁዋለኛው ‘ጸረ ሙስና ኮሚሽንን’and other similar measures ማጠናከር ይሆናል.
    ባንድ ውቅት የተጀመረው ‘አይናችን’ የተባለው የተሌቭዢን ፕሮግራም ትልቅ ሚና የተጫወተ ቢሆንም አሁን በስራ ላይ ያለ አይመስለኝም.ለትግሉ መሳካት ነጻ ፕሬስ መተኪያ የሌው ሚና ተጫዋች ነው.
    የስራቱ ችግሮች ክላይ የተጠቀሱት ብቻ ሳይሆኑ ሌሎቹም እንዳሉ ይታወቃል.ዋናው ነገር ተዘርዝረው ይውጡ ,ዝርዝር እና ተጭባጭ መፍትሄ ይፈለግላችው ለማለት ነው .

  4. firoomsa says:

    It is impressive for epdrf leaders to tackle the phobia of corruption & sweeping bad governance widespread through out the Nation. Otherwise, its fate of staying on powers by force is a game of time. Do not Play with flame like a baby!

  5. Be ewnetu says:

    The bad governance and corruption is not the matter of the EPRDF chairman. High ranking officials are the first corrupted since 1993. Since then all authorities and whole country get worst in Ethiopia history. Now it’s out of control. Bad tribal division. More immigration than before. Bias and injustice system. Too much innocent individuals jailed by current EPRDF leaders in political motiveted. Looks more ugly in some part of administrative.

  6. 21-century Ethiopia says:

    ሾው እንዳይሆን ቲያትር
    በሳቅ፡ በጭብጨባ ታይቶ እንዳይቀር
    የዋነኛው ሥራ ሊሆን ነው መጀመሪያ
    ስብሰባው የተቋጨ በመመሪያ
    ፈረሱም ያው፡ ሜዳውም ያው
    ማንነትን የሥራ ውጤት ይለየው፡
    የኢህአዴግ ስብሰባ
    ውጤቱ ይሁን ፍሬ፡ አበባ

    አቶ ህይለ ማርያም ደሳለኝ
    የሰው ነብይ ሁንልኝ
    የህዝቡን ትርታ አዳምጠው
    ከሰው ሰራሽ ችግር አድነው
    በሰው የሚሆን ሁሉ የሚሆን
    የጥንት ጀማሪ እኛ አይደለን
    እኛን የያዘን እኛ ነን
    ሥራችን ከችግራችን ይፈውሰን

    ጊዜ የለም ምክንያት
    ሌላ ሌላ የሚሉበት
    ህዝብ ይወዳል ጎበዝ መሪ
    ችግር ፈች፡ አሻጋሪ
    ድፍርስ ይጥራ ንፁህ ይሁን
    የሰው አረም መሆን ይብቃን
    ሀይለ ማርያም ሁነን ደስታ
    ህዝብ ከአንተ ነው ሁሌም እርታ፡፡

  7. Gashaw says:

    “ጓድ” የሚለው አጠራር አፌ ላይ መራራ ስሜት ፈጠረብኝ።

  8. Tazabi says:

    Hailemariam elected again there are transport improved
    Where if you look the federal state can not Handel a single bus terminal
    For kifle hager when you call federal it big and getting bigger
    Every federal outlet from every corner of addis in outskirts should have
    Big terminals.

    Weather,mini bus or buses can stationed there
    So this all outdated mini bus will have a job too.

    Let modern bus do most jobs and the mini buses get proper maintenance
    Every year police instead of stoping cars for no reason at least should ask
    Maintenance certificate .

    It’s very funny police asking drivers for not putting their belt on
    At the same time ignoring people packed on the pickup Toyota hailux.
    Which one is in danger the guy on top of or driver inside the car.

    Last time the goverment forcing the mini buse to give service in limited
    Place .
    instead of forcing the authority should put in place buses where
    There are no mini buses because at least this mini buses should get proper job.
    For bus it’s ok if stop and weit for passengers to come .

    You recelected again .transport need more improvement.
    Train from djibouti to addis need a robot train which can clean any
    Danger ahead of the main train we are in age of terror and this link from to addis danger road.

    Addis train same detector need for the safety of the public.

  9. Guest says:

    The government must wake up, listen and do the right things focusing on the long term benefits or consequences because of the decision they are making today.

    The best quality and types of opals in the world are in Ethiopian. Those are engaging with manual/traditional mining are not doing the best mining practice. However at least they claiming as the owner of the mining and are earning money where some of them are having modern houses, cars and so on from it. This is better than being a lazy and primitive farmer unable to become part of the 21-century farming.

    The Ethiopian government is earning about 30 million Dollar a year from opal exports which is a tiny amount comparing the country opals wealth. What the Government has to do is improving the local people/Ethiopians mining skills and the safety of the mining which is easy to do and is the best solution in terms of the benefits the people and country are getting from. It is also important to train and equip with skills Ethiopians that are polishing the opals. It is also important finding the best markets selling the opals directly rather than handing over to the middle man as it is going on with other export products including coffee and flowers,

    Instead the government is looking foreign investors to take over the nation opals mining as private property and hiring the locals to work for foreign company with less money and conditions that can be improved by the government and with no ownership in their country own best opals wealth.

    The questions is if we are handing over to greedy and bad imperialist foreigners the mining, breweries, food processing and the likes our people are doing them by themselves for millennia and with reasonable efforts the citizens can catch up doing them with international standards, what is going to be our jobs in our own country? Is that to be the cheap and unskilled workers and backward consumers for foreigners in our own country buying/ taking everything in without knowing the health, environment and economic implication of the citizens and the country?

    If there is a government with brain, the Ethiopian opal mining will remain always in the Ethiopians hands facilitating the local miners with better training, equipments and tools. Instead of exporting them as stones covered with mud and dusts, the government has to export them as finished products which are the best for more earnings. Exporting them to the best markets and directly to the consumers is also what brave government is doing.

    This way the country can create thousands jobs for Ethiopians and the earning will remain in the Ethiopians hands instead of inviting foreigners to take over from the citizens. This government need to open its eyes in order to see and understand the long term benefit or consequences in the country because of the decision they are making currently sometimes done by backwards and corrupted by foreign criminals that are looking to loot the nation wealth and control the market/consumers getting them through corruption and illegally.

    Learn how the USA, UK, Israel, Canada and the likes mining companies are doing in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Zambia and so on. Locals are suffering as the result. If Ethiopia allows foreigners as expected US, England and/or Israel companies taking the opal mining, be sure, the local people situation will be worse than what is today they are doing the job by themselves9Although it needs supports from the government giving them some trainings and better tools) feeling it belongs to them and the benefit will be for them/country, too.

    Don’t handover the nation opal mining to foreign mining imperialists but assist the locals with necessary supports including delivering better equipments, safety, teaching them the way how to do the jobs and creating market chain with the Opal polishing companies that have to be Ethiopians.

    Learn more from India about it. They have skilled not only delivering as finished Opal products but also they own their country opal and other mining sectors.

    Ethiopians must oppose if this government is allowing itself getting down and down again including by privatizing the opal mining to foreign companies that have only on goal which is profit at the cost of the locals, environment and the country; loosing the money she can get it for her own by doing the jobs by herself training and equipping her citizens.

    Borrow the money in order to train the citizens and get better equipments for mining reasons including opal. Then, you will pay back the money from the earnings coming from the mining owned by Ethiopians. This is how the brave and responsible government and citizens are doing instead of handing over the nation mining for ever to foreigners because of skill deficits and equipment shortages. let the citizens learn and become skillful minors through practical process doing the jobs by themselves with the Government close and direct involvement in order to improve the mining sectors with own efforts and ownerships.

  10. Aduri says:

    Ethiopia is invaded by Jewish so called journalists and ….. and they are too busy spreading all bad images and wrong stories about Ethiopia including

    Ruth Styles for MailOnline , John Stevens, Political Reporter for the Daily Mail and Victoria Woollaston for MailOnline. These are among the Jews from England at war against Ethiopia for years.

    -Hannah Borenstein is another Jew from New York busy doing what they are good at against others and she is one of the nastiest rats against Ethiopia going on for years being behind including USAID.

    When is enough really becoming enough with these racists, greedy and demon criminals have no respect to human values and lives?

  11. Almaz says:

    Dawit mezinanat abezah. You have started working like the kebele on kebele clock. Wher is our regular news from you. Are you on sibseba laiy natchew thing 🙂

  12. Aduri says:

    The school in Northern Ethiopia that is becoming a big trash and ash playing grounds to foreigners like Matt Westerberg (a jew) must be closed long times ago before those things happened to the innocent children.


    “Watch these Ethiopian children learn English by singing Pearl Jam”

    Matt Westerberg for writing this exclusive piece for Alternative Nation:

    I am a Peace Corps teacher in a small town in Northern Ethiopia. I teach English to 9th grade students and run the school’s English club.I am a huge fan of Pearl Jam, and 90’s rock in general (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Rage Against The Machine, etc). I teach them other songs ( we tried a bit of Red Hot Chili Peppers “Under the Bridge” and Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”). If the students finished their assignments on time, I let them practice the lyrics together before their next class.
    I started filming clips of it for friends and family. Another Peace Corps friend of mine saw the footage, and asked to help make a video of it to share.
    For the upcoming school year, we plan on doing it again. My friends and I here are huge Dave Grohl fans, and we plan on using a Foo Fighters song as the next school project to practice English. Probably will finish and post it on Dave Grohl’s birthday this January


    Who gave the right to this Jew to make films about the innocent and ignorant children and spreading it all over the world using the Jews controlled Medias that are 99% all the world Medias?

    How many and what kind more films is he continue making? Porn/pedophile against the children?

    What is the justification this and other evil Jews are allowed in Ethiopia in the name of all misleading names including peace core and they are doing anything they want against the citizens particularly the Children and women?

    Almost all of them coming to Ethiopia from USA, England, Canada, France and so on in the name of Peace core, aid, NGO, Trade and whatever name there is, are the Jews that are known with causing all sorts of troubles and problems against the citizens in any country they are allowed coming in including spreading inhuman behaviors and corruption.

    The Ethiopian government is making the worst mistakes allowing the evil Jews in Ethiopia doing what they are good at which is pure satanic and evilness camouflaging including behind the fake and misleading names such as Peace Core, NGO, media, Journalism…..

    Peace core is another laying and misleading name they/Jews are using to destroy our country. Ever since the USA and UK Embassies in Ethiopia are totally controlled and ruled by the Jews, the Jews from all over the world are invading Ethiopia to implement the evil agenda and behavior they are having and known causing damages against each and every nation they are allowed to be there including Europe. They already destroyed the ME, Europe and North America controlling everything even in the countries they are with less than 100.000 members such as in the Benelux. Slavery, occupation and colonialism in the name of Europe was done by them for their benefits.

    USA has no peace within itself including Canada, England or whatever these Jews are living controlling everything that gives money, power and influence. Look how they are treating blacks there. Yet, they are coming to Africa/Ethiopia talking about peace in our own country despite they are the enemies of peace all over the world. Look Iraq, Libya, Syria, and in all more than 70 nations USA and England invaded and with direct involvement badly affected since 1949.

    Fuck, these evil Jews that are having the worst possible plan and agenda in our country. Christian and Muslim Ethiopians need to face them right now and together knowing they are the enemy of all and everything despite they are targeting Christians for years which is the first faze to destroy our country. .

    Stop the so called peace core which is a joke name elements being in Ethiopia. This is a fake and name intended to mislead in order to allow the evil Jews to come in and cause the troubles they are known with. Protect the children and women from these evil Jews that are invading our country coming from USA, Canada, England, France and so on.
    Ethiopian schools must protect the Children and the school system. Allowing bad foreigners filming the children, listening and dancing with intentionally selected bad rock white musics and so on is a crime. The school principals must face justice for this and other stupidity they are allowing bad foreigners to cause against the children, school and the country.

    Not having the Jews around in the name of anything including peace core in Ethiopian schools is the best thing to do and achieve than having them for anything they are using to implement their agendas and plans affecting the young children and women they are there for the first place.

    The Jews are evils known by everyone in the world. Look at what they do to the Palestinians since 1948, they are allowed to be there. So, be human and part of the world dealing with them rather than being as an animal allowing them to do what every they want including filming the children and spreading it all over the world. Fuck the school allowing this to happen.

    The school in Northern Ethiopia that is becoming trash and ash playing grounds to foreigners like Matt Westerberg must be closed long times ago before those things happened to the innocent children.

  13. Observer says:

    Dear Editor ,
    This is to express my complaint for not pasting my comment . My intention was and is always to educate and learn from commentators putting our country first before the interest of political parties be it those in power or oppositions in a non partisan and independent stance.

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